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Water Valley progress. (Water Valley, Miss.) 1882-1918, November 26, 1910, Image 2

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Cured by Lydia E. Pink
liam’sVeget able Compound
Milwaukee, Wis. — “Lydia EJ’ink
ham’s Vegetable Compound has made
and I would like to
tell the whole world
of it. I suffered
from female trouble
and fearful oainsin
my back. Inadthe
best doctors and
they all decided
that I Jiad a tumor
in addition to my
female trouble, and
adyised an opera
tion. Lydia E.
xm&nama v cgotaDie tampouua rnaua
me a well woman and I have no more
backache. I hope I can help others by
tolling them what Lydia E. Pinkham’a
Vegetable Compound has done for
me.”—Mrs. Emma Tmsk, 8331'irstSt.,
Milwaukee, Wis.
The above Is only one of the thou
sands of grateful letters which are
constantly being received by the
Lduiaggpfedicine Company of Lynn,
MaM^WTch prove beyond a doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
actually does cure these obstinate dis
eases of women after all other means
have failed, and that every such suf
ering woman owes it to herself to at
least give Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound a trial before submit
ting to an operation, or giving ,-jm
hope of recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham, of I<ynnrMaaL
invites all sick women to win
her for advice. She has guided
thousands to health ana her
advice is fTjge.
No siree,—I never saw I
anything stop a cough I
like Simmons’ Cough Syr- I
up. I use it every time |
I catch cold and it has R
never failed to do the fj
work. It prevents pneu
monia and consumption.
Price 25c and 50c. All
Drug Stores. Manufac
tured by A. B. Richards
Medicine Co., Sherman,Tex.
a samKPiammbmKiAmBaMaBgmaamaam *
Don’t Persecute
your Bowels
Cat rat cathartics and gurgatnrea. They MB k
—harsh—unnecessary. 1 ry
Purdy vegetable. A(3 j
Sdy ou Use Ever,
duate bile, and A
soothe the deli.^le A
wen bean e ci
<1 the bovrel. ,
Cora Cea- /.£
tick Headache and I&difwXioa, as mwlionfl knew.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
Genuine must s«i Signature
it TUU 11AVL
no appetite, Indigestion, Flatulence, Sick
headache, “all run down” or losing flesh, you
will f ind
Tuffs Pills
last what you need. They tone up the weak
stomach and build up the flagging energies.
! Beams. Channels, Angles, All Building Mater
Sal requiring Iron. Iron and Brass Castings,
right and heavy. Pattern Work. Blacksmithlng,
Oeneral Repairing of every kind for Oil Mills,
Compresses, Gins, Saw Mills, and Plantations
•specially solicited. Mail orders guaranteed
prompt attention. Write us. Livermore Foundrj
9t Machine Co. 290 Adams Avo. Memphis, Tenn.
Sk TPRS'I1 your ideas. 64-page book ana
§m I f3 I advice Kit ISB. Established 18S0
■ t^k ■ Loll B l itsgerald A Co. livik, &ak.uglaa,U.C.
i m
THE toilet at the left is of emerald
green satin finished cloth. The
corsage is draped by means of
crosswise plaits in front, and has
a deep yoke of the material which is
cut in one piece with the sleeves. It
is trimmed with bands of embroidery
to match and with passementerie but
tons. The collar and sleeve ruffles
are of fine lace with jabot of the
same ornamented with little knots of
velvet and buckles of brilliants.
The skirt with raised waist line is
made with an inverted plait in the
middle of the front and is finished at
the bottom with a flounce of the niate
^r^il ir nolnts at the *'>n and h ad
ed by a band of the rmoVoldery. "■
The other toilet is of moss green
cheviot, or light weight cloth. The |
blouse is cut in one pieco with the
sleeves and is trimmed with applique
ba^Jg of black satin which are em- 1
broidered with cord matching the
gown. The guimpe and sleeve puffs
are of white tulle or mousseline de
soie; the girdle is of black satin fas
tened at the left side with a pretty
The skirt has an odd tablier which
forms a point at the bottom where it
is bordered with large black satin but
tons with loops of cord. The back
, and sides oi the skirt are finished with
a flounce headed by a band of the em- 1
I bjro^-^r d satin, w hich also trims the I
r !■ -o . M.ng t>->ni '
th t ip to the flounce.
Novelties in Tailor Suits for Fall
Show Smart Styles Sure to
Be Popular.
A tailor stilt has been observed In
Paris that is as common as the chest
nut leaves and which we have seen
seldom in America. Ten to one it will
be the suit of the autumn with us. It
lends itself too readily to the cheaper
style of ready-made clothes, in which
It has already appeared in the hugo
department shops here, and yet it is
very smart.
The skirt, is narrow, more or less so
according to tho inclination, and has a
bias band around the edge of a short,
narrow coat. The skirt, mind you, has
no bias band. It seams are lapped
and stitched, and there Is a row of
small buttons for about six inches up
the two front seams.
Paris it very tired of buttons, so
these are left off in the suits made for
the American trade. The skirt is
about a yard and a quarter wide, but
this will be enlarged by our tailors.
The coat just covers the rounded
part of the hips, and Its bias band
runs from three to four inches wide.
The shoulders are inclined to be nar
row, because they are not padded, and
the buttons, which go straight down
the front, are large bullets of lead
colored metal, or brass if one prefers.
Tho sleeve is long and plain, the rever
short and square at the edges.
If you want to know just how the
majority of smart women look at noon
at Trouville, Deauvill and the boule
vards you must Imagine In your mind's
eye this suit.
The skirt is short, showing dark
gray silk stockings, with heavy clocks
up the sides, and patent leather Amer
ican pumps, with a flat bow, which
will be replaced by heavy shoes with
grap tops. A high collar attached ti
the blouse shows above the coat, and
in the front is always a plaited frill
with lace at its one edge.
The hat is still flat and rather larg
but in tho next week or twro it will
be replaced by a tall, plaited turban
of changeable velvet, bordered with
fur or grebe. There is little trimming
on these hats for noon wear, but for
afternoon use they are repeated w ith
the addition of a pair of Mercury
wings placed directly in front and
made of iridescent pin feathers.
The cloche, shape comes frequently
in black satin, with the trimming of a
wide crush band and a flattened be v
of satin. Underneath the brim is a
frill of white lace.
Cashmere Would Make Up Well in
Model That Has Much to
Recommend It.
Cashmere is selected for our model,
which has a wide panel taken down
back and front which is left open at i
si lea and Is edged with silk that is
t in Vandykes; silk muslin fills up
tie opening at sides; two rows of
gauging ;.re made on the hips.
On thi bodice, the front and back
e cashmere edged with silk, and are
eked on the shoulders, the sides at
muslin. Piece lace Is used for the
ike md sleeves.
Sti hat trimmed with acacia and
i r boon bows.
i Materials required: Four vardscash
: rci r« 18 inches wide, two yards silk,
; three yards muslin 27 Inches wide, one
■ end t tie-fourth yard lace.
Mrs. Cook Says
j “There is not much pleasure in life,” writes Mrs. J.
D. Cook, of Crane, Mo., if one has to be sick all the time.
So many women suffer from girlhood on, all through life,
who could be spared such suffering, and live in comfort,
if they would only try Cardui, the woman’s tonic, as I did.
I was only 16 years old when I first took Cardui. Now,
I am 39. Whenever I was poorly or felt real bad, Cardui
always brought me out all right. I have faith in it. I know
what it has done for me, and I have seen what it has
done for others.”
The Woman’s Tonic
Nearly everybody knows what Cardui will do for weak
women. For more than 50 years, it has been in success
ful use in the treatment of women’s ills.
Thousands of enthusiastic, truthful, unbiased women
have written to tell of the help this remedy has been to
them. Do you still hesitate to take Cardui for your
troubles? If so, why? Read what others say, and at
least give it a trial. It may be just what you need.
Net Income
From 28 Acres
of California Land
The original price per
acre was $40. Planted to
peaches, plums, grapes and
pears it yields $3,000 a year
Tift," afei ^W.i-^igjaheap, at
$500 an acre.
This is only one example of whit
has been done in a climate that draws
tourists from all over the world.
Union Pacific I
Southern Pacific
Standard Route of the West
Electric Block Signals
For further facts and accurate informa
tion about California call on or address
D. P.R. R..871 Farnam St.
IB5f ■ ■■ I —
Keeps the spindle bright and
free from grit. Try a box.
Sold by dealers everywhere.
His Defense.
It was shortly after midnight, and
;he colonel had caught Rastus red
“Well, Rastus, you old rascal, you,"
;uhl he, “I’ve caught you at last. What
ire you doing in my henhouse?"
“Why, Marse Bill," said the old man,
‘I—I done heerd such a cacklin’ In dls
here coop, dat I—I thought mebbe de
ble hen done gone lay an aig, an’ I—1
.vanted ter git it fo’ you’ breakfas’
vliile it was fresh, suh.”—Harper’s
Free Cure for Rheumatism and Bone
Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) cures
the worst case3 of rheumatism, bone
pains, swollen muscles and joints, by
purifying the blood and destroying the
uric acid in the blood. Thousands of
;ascs cured by II. B. II. after all other
treatments failed, l’rico $1.00 per large
bottle at drug stores, with complete direc
tions. Large sample free by writing Blood
Balm C'o., Atlanta, Ga., Department B.
His Luck.
“I know a man who Is always up
egainst it.” a
“Who is be?”
“The paper hanger when he has to
fix a new wall."'
A good honest remedy for Rheumatism,
Neuralgia and Sore Throat is Ilamlins
Wizard Od. Nothing will so quickly drive
out all pain and intlammatiou.
Some folks never feel saintly until
they have a chance to syndicate their
Mr. R. S. Sheltor, of Hill, N'.C. yriite#i *
“I used Mexican Mustang I.iniincnt on
a very valuable horse for swinuey and it
cured it. I always Jtecp it in my utobleand
think it the best liniment for rubs and galls’’
Mexican Mustang Liniment is
made of the best of oils and pene
trates straight thru flesh and mus
cle to the bone. Contains no alcohol
and cannot sting or torture the flesh.
Buy a bottle to-day and be ready
for any emergency.
25c. 50c. $1 a bottle et Drug & Gen’l Store#.

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