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i'* -J • V *
Russian Scientist, Amazingly Vigorous
at 8eventy Years of Age, Tells
How Human Life May Be
Long Extended.
Professor Metchnikoff is again dle>
coursing on beneficent bacilli. Their
Introduction into the system to de
stroy pernicious microbes will post
pone old age indefinitely, be main
tains, with the result that no man
need take a vacation to recuperate
lost vitality. Metchnikoff at seventy
works all the time with undiminished
zest The fountain of youth which
Ponce de Leon sought in 1513 in Flor
ida he could have found at home in
sour milk and natural sugar.
For his years the Russian scientist
is amazingly vigorous. He has been
getting back and keeping his youth
for 17 years. In a recent interview
Metchnikoff seems to have said noth
ing about exercise as an aid to health.
His aim has been to prevent contami
nation of the blood by intestinal poi
sons which clog the human machinery
by contact as they spread to organs
and arteries. Presumably Metchnikoff,
takes the air regularly, but science
interests him much more than sport.
Perhaps it can be Inferred that he does
not .think the usual forms of exercise
necessary if a proper microbe diet is
The active agents MetchniKon nnas
in the sugar of dates as well as In
the laotfcs acid of prepared milk. He
eats nothing that is not cooked; even
his fruit must be stewed. The sour
milk he takes at his “first breakfast,”
which consists of vegetable bouillon
and weak tea, besides the draft of
bacilli. At lunch and dinner he eats
a little meat, free of vegetables, and
always compote of fruit. While other
scientists of his age who do not fol
low his system falter at their work
in the laboratory, Professor Metchni
koff knows no fatigue, finishing each
day fresh and full cf enthusiasm. Yet
he- comes of a Bhort-lived family. He
insists that his physical condition
proves beyond challenge that the the
ory of beneficent bacilli is sound.
Some of the physical culturists
reach the same result by a system of
bone twisting, muscle stretching and
flushing the colon. One of them, San
ford Bennett, a well-known business
man. of San Francisco, is more vigor
ous and nimble at seventy-two than
Professor Metchnikoff is at seventy.
Mr. Bennett, who eats what he pleases,
holds the same theory of the debili
tating and wasting effects Of intes
tinal poisoning, but knowingly he does
not consume certain kinds of bacilli
to kill others. While a successful ex
perimenter on himself, he is not a sci
entist At fifty Bennett was a bilious
and tired-out business man-'rapidly
growing old. Today he has a fresh
complexion, sleeps soundly, moves
about like a healthy man of forty, and
can go through a day’s bird shooting
in the woods without fatigue. Assum
ing that Professor Metchnikoff is right
when he says that the battle of bacilli
In the human system can be decided in
favor of the Invaders introduced in
natural sugar and sour milk, it might
be worth while inquiring whether the
bad bacilli are not killed by the meth
ods of the unscientific San Francisco
priest of youth in old age, although he
makes no study at all of those food?
that contain good bacilli.
Easy to Open Gate.
A simple device for the operation of
the heavy and cumbersome barnyard
gate Is that of attaching a wheel to
the free or swinging end. In many
instances farm gates are so long that
the ordinary hinge is not strong enough
to support the entire weight, and it
is necessary to allow the f£ee end to
rest on the ground.
Lively Town.
First Boomer—“You fellows have no
glt*up about you at all. Why don’t
you have photographs of your town
taken, like we did? Are yon ashamed
of it?” Rival Boomer—"Naw, that
ain’t the reason at all. I want yon to
understand, young fellah, that our
town don’tstand still long enough to
be photographed.”—1Terre Haute Ex
press. ; -
' Alpaca.
In spite of attempts to introduce the
alpaca into countries away irona its na-’
tive habitat, failure has attended
them. It is rarely found below an
altitude of 5,000 feet Its wool is
of an exceedingly fine luster and qual
ity, and occasionally attains a length
of six inches.
Worth While Quotation.
Some people an always grur ug
because roses have thorns—1 am
thankful that thorns have roses.—
r Universal Desire.
All men desire to be immortal.—
Theodore Parker.
I Guarantee “Godsons’ Liver Tone” Will Give You the Best Liver
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had—Doesn’t Make You SickI
Stop using calomel! It makes you
sick. Don’t lose a day’s work. If you
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti
pated, listen to me!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis- #f the bones
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into *t, breaking
It up. This is when you feel that aw
ful nausea and cramping. If you feel
"all knocked out,” if your liver is tor
pid and bowels constipated or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson’s Liver Tone.
Here’s my guarantee—Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a BO-cent
bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone. Take a
Where Man Wins.
An ant can carry a grain of corn ten
times the weight of its own body,
while a horse and a man can carry a
burden only about equal to their own
weight.—Indianapolis News.
But we defy any ant to sit perfectly
motionless in a dimly lit parlor for
four hours with a female of the spe
cies twice its own weight on its lap,
all the time wearing a grin of ecstatic
Girls! Try This! Mskss Hslr Thick,
Glossy, Fluffy, Beautiful—No
More Itching Scalp.
Within ten minutes after an appli
cation of Danderine you cannot find a
single trace of dandruff or falling hair
and your scalp will not itch, but what
will please you most will be after a
few weeks’ use, when you see new
hair, fine and downy at first—yes—but
really new hair—growing all over the
A little Danderine Immediately dou
bles the beautyjof your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittle and
scraggy, just moisten a cloth with
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. The effect is amaz
ing—your hair will be light, fluffy and
wavy, and have an appearance of
abundance; an incomparable luster,
softness and luxuriance.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store, and prove
that your hair is as pretty and soft
as any—that it has been neglected or
injured by careless treatment—that’s
all—you surely can have beautiful hair
and lots of it if you will just try a lit
* tie Danderine. Adv.
So Pleasant.
It was a club dinner, , and Mrs. An
derson, a social climber, was seated
next to Mrs. Murgridge, a society
woman of prominence. Wishing .to
engage in conversation with the social
leader, Mrs. Anderson remarked: *
“I understand that you have a son
who Is studying music, Mrs. Mur
“Yes, my son is a great musician/'
replied the social leader, rather coldly.
"He is now ytuding in the Paris con
“Really 1 How nice!” replied the so
cial aspirant. “It must be so pleasant
to be able to sit among flowers all
day and not disturb anyone with the
Beautiful Recipe Book For Every
5 We have been asked by the Calumet
Baking Powder Company of Chicago to
announce through the columns of this
pubUcation that they have just gotten up
one of the best Recipe Books ever pub
lished, IS pages of which are beautifully
illustrated, showing In the colors a lot of
dainty dishes and good things to eat that
can be prepared with Calumet Baking
In addition to this there are 252 valu
able recipes and numerous household hints
prepared by the most noted Domestic Sci
ence teachers and Cooking Experts.
We know you will find this a very valu
able book, as you will have use for it
almost every day.
All you have to do to get one is to take
the slip that you find in a pound can of
Calumet Baking Powder, fill in your name
and address according to the instructions
on the slip and mail it to the Calumet
Baking Powder Company, Chicago, III.
If you are not already using Calumet
Baking Powder, we Wtiuld suggest that
you try it today. You will find it whole
some and economical to use.
You will find it a Baking Powder of un.
usual merit and the recipe book one of
the most beautiful and useful books of
this kind that you have ever possessed.—
The minute some men got loose they
get tight
spoonful and If it doesn’t straighten
you right up and make you feel fine
and vigorous I want you to go back to
the store and get your money. Dod
son’s Liver Tone is destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it cannot salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson’s Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson’s
LiVer Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine for months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless; doesn’t
gripe and they like its pleasant taste.
One More.
The valiant Sir Knight had been
boasting of his victorious deeds before
the fair company.
"I heard of one engagement whkb
you have failed to mention, forsooth,”
remarked Sir Gregory.
“When I killed the eighty knights
with—?” inquired the vaiiant.
“No; this was a certain charge in
which you were the leader,” replied
Sly Gregory. v
’nut x nave tea so many, x canmu
remember,” said the Tgliant.
"But,” returned Sir Gregory, “this is
still remembered. It was for a suit
of clothes you had from Snip, the
tailor, some two years since, and the
charge still appeareth on the book.”
And then they scrapped right mer
I contracted malaria In 1806, and after a
years' fruitless treatment by a prominent
Washington physician, your Ellflr Babek
entirely cared me. On arriving here I came
down with tropical malaria—the worst form
—and sent home for Babek. Again it
proved its value—It is worth its weight in
Gold here. Brasie O’Hagan, Troop X, 8th
U. a Cavalry, Balayan, Philippines.
Elixir Babek. 50 cents, all druggists or by
Parcels Post prepaid, from Kloczewski A Co,
Washington, n. ft
The Eternal Feminine.
A crowd of negroes, clad in tfeeir
Sunday best, had gathered at the sta
tion In Richmond, Va., to await the ar
rival of a colored excursion from the
neighboring town of Petersburg. One
fat gaudily dressed colored woman
caught sight of a friend arrayed to
match and called out:
"Howdy, Mandy, whot you doin’
down byar all dressed up? Whar you
gwine, sister?”
"I ain’t a*gwine nowhar fum hyar.
I cum to nee and be seed tfv.”
Eat Less Meat and Take 8alte for
Backache of Bladder Trouble—
_ Neutralize Acids.
Uric acid In meat excites the kid*
neys, they become overworked; get
sluggish, ache, and feel like lumps of
lead. The urine becomes clopdy; the
bladder Is irritated, and you may be
obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night When the kid
neys clog you must help them flush
off the body’s urinous waste or you’ll
be a real sick person shortly. At first
you feel a dull misery in the kidney
region, you suffer from backache, sick
headache, dizziness, stomach gets sour,
tongue coated and you feel rheumatlo
twinges when the weather is bad.
Bat less meat, drink lots of water;
also get from any pharmacist four
ounces of Jad Salts; take a table
spoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and'your
kidneys will then act fine. This fa
mous salts is made from the acid of
grapes and lemon Juice, combined
with llthla, and has been used for
generations to clean clogged kidneys
and stimulate them to normal activity,
also to neutralize the acids in urine,
so it no longer is a source of irrita
tion, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot in
jure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink which everyone
should take now and then to keep the
kidneys clean and active. Druggists
here say they sell lots of Jad Salts to
folia who believe In overcoming kid
ney trouble while it ia only trouble.—
Many a man deludes himself with
the idea that he has the world at his
feet, only to have his foot slip.
Cheer up. The fool who rocks the
boat may live to ride in an aeroplane.
% * - * , r
Good Reason
The witness for the defense had
been examined when the prosecuting
solicitor stood up to cross-examine
and crush him.
Solicitor—Why did you hide Sulli
van in your house on that Saturday
Witness—I did not see Sullivan at
all on that night.
Solicitor (knowingly)—Will you
swear your wife did not hide Sullivan
on that night?
Witness (hesitatingly)—Ye-es.
Solicitor (more knowingly)—Will
your wife swear that she did not hide
Sullivan in your house on that night?
Witness (more hesitatingly)—Well
—I—don’t think—so.
Solicitor (most knowingly)—Ah!
And perhaps you can tell the court
how it is that you can swear your wife
did not hide him while she cannot
swear the same thing? Speak up, now,
and tell the truth.
Witness (unhesitatingly) — Well,
you see, I’m not married.
The counterfeiter makes money dis
honestly, but there are others.
Between 1907 and 1912 horned cattle
in Germany decreased by 500,000 head.
' Mr. Andor,
Clinton 13 ace. --
Mo, writes: **1 0 a trnbt
thank you enough for being cured.
For Seven , Jong years I doctored
steadily for my catarrh and cough,
which cost me hundreds of dol
lars. But my catarrh grew worse
all th« time. Even though I was
undef the treatment of some of
the most famous doctors, I still
had a terrible cough and thought
sometimes that I would choice.
1 could get no air, I then
bought a bottle of P*runa,and
that evening and all night my
wife gave It to me according *
to the directions, and I felt bet*
ter the following day already.
Three days later I felt much im- ,
proved, and today, after the use
of the fourth bottle, I feel en*
tirsiy cured. I can conscien
tiously recommend this grand
medicine to every cltisen."
A Good Cough Tablet.
There are people who object
to taking fluid medicines. For
such people the Peruna Tablets
are especially valuable. They
are convenient to carry in the
ALCOHOL-3 per cent
XVegetable Preparation Tor As •
similating the Food and Reg ula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Infants /< mild ken
Promotes Digestion^Cheerful
nessandResl.Con tains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
/Wjsr tfouikSAMuu/rrarB*
/\tmplun S*f4•
lion. Sour SiOtnacn.uiarrnoca.
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep
Fac Simile signature of
The Centaur Company.
A(6 inonthb old •
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Tough Work.
Flatbush—I see that during the 23
years from 1890 to 1912, inclusive, 162,
542 deaths were reported on American
Bensonhurst—Wonder if trying to
open the windows had anything to do
with the number?
Stubborn Throat troubles are easily re
lieved by Dean's Mentholated Cough Drops.
They act like magic—5c at all Druggists.
An lllufctration.
"A shoemaker is a good instance of
the kind of man the classes wish to
meet in the masses.’'
“Why a shoemaker?”
“Because the sole purpose of his
labors is to support his uppers.”
Similar Result.
“Did you nail Jims on that story?”
“I did, and found he was on the
wrong tack.”
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed
For Douches
In the local treatment of woman’s illiL
such as lencorrhoea and inflammation, hot
douches of Paxtine are very efficacious.
No woman who has ever used medicated
douches will fail to appreciate the dean and
healthy condition Paxtine produces and the
prompt relief from soreness and discomfort
which follows its use.This is because Paxtine
possesses superior cleansing, disinfect*
lng and healing properties.
For ten years the Lydia E. i
Pinkham Medicine Co. baa rec-,
ommended Paxtine in their |
private correspondence with wo-1
men, which proves its superi
ority. f Women who have been
relieved say it is " worth its
weight in gold.’' At drugfristi
0Oo. large box or by mail. Bai _ _
The Payton Toilet Co., Boston, Mast

80c A BOX
WOOD'S FEVER PILLS have stood the test
as the best remedy foe Chills and Fever amt
all Bilious and Malarial Diseases. Ones
tried always used. Sold by yonr druggist

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