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The daily Panola star. (Sardis, Miss.) 1871-1872, November 04, 1871, Image 4

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tl-vln'Alplw. .t ,,,,.. r.4 II
turn linn."' to Ui v urns, w
i hihI rliiin lw
- i it of N-w . ntt, HI
i and rr"Tl In (tin amount l
f . Al Ofeenva -inn. S.C., 111
niViTlii( 1 l.'i ni n .
,Vr;,'. r. .n.-N..w -i.uk r,i. in Mt'iii-
liilf, limn HMDO I Hi.
AprUlQ.l I'lltstiurK. l,HHballilliiri;
l,is nli' ci flWIO.UIItl
K aW, I ,' ittli" . fawuta. I Mi
bull ..ii).'", ini.y lrtr, ninl an liuim-tue
itlll'Uint f pftflMtjf lost,
Jum!X, 1.VI5. -In Ivn IIiiiii a in nlh nflrr
wsril. I Btdvt I'i: " In nil. twu-thlrili "I
ilii' dtr Jpttnii i i,
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awl if ' i lllti'jf , I I i - mi. I p,UU),OI)0 1 1 irni
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utrly Mil' whole t i'vii miiofi 'I, 'J.txni ta
I'll1 ii'ir!vnl iij hoaMti
S.pl.n, IMi. t Alliinv l Imllillnifs
'i!i 'U itmboittH. pli'j--, .S. . ; 21 urns
burnt ovor ; liitu fi immi in.o.
M.if 1 7, SillSt. liUll, 15 IjIihIw f
iiinim mkI 23 uli'iinibiwM j to.' -tlnnti.it
. hni (Mm
M I.s ;. -Ai I'iilliiiWpliln. MO linllil-
luj i ienlmM :it $i,i'iini.iHin ; i:irr
" Winn k.lli'l .r Ornwnid. nml li'i
.Miv " " l-iil. Sni I'lini'lsro, ( l.,vcr
Jim bulldtnn ilmtroyed cntiiuaU ii insi
tbout D00 ; mmiv mm kkit.
Juki I ', Ia '1 -bin h mnclnii, WK) tmlld
ng ; MtiniKli'd liiss JIUKll) (HKl
. If l . I . I.. -MontwU, 1,900 hotueii dc
- irnyi d i Kti muted Iom I". OOB.OOn.
AThp. ,s, l,v.;i;.i-tirriuu, N. V. : iwrlvu
:n ri'. nl grminri Imrnt nvi r, nliQM I'm build'
inv : bM I imuiHNl.
Mill Id, l.vj.'. Kt-y WFat, ifinHd ; H
;;. :. m burnt nvci', lln t;Du es ; lus jJ.V.VO,
000. lh. IM.vc; The city of Chijfaitoa, H.
'., wmi idiinul Nitully di'ftriijcd bv llr
Willi glwU itmitKir M nuviil tnd BultWJf
itni'i i.
.y l.stc Tlit; city of I'orllnnd, Maine,
naarli detlfoj'ed by fire, mid 10,000 people
'."Ml ii il luimi'li'iiH ; liws $iri.lMhl,lHKl.
Rnvlow of the Markets.
BttOiM BWMttMd mind U ii' llvo ut 10
erntt and upwin) Kooocdlng in quality.
i 'una. -i,iniii( to n lire row luddenly;
iin order tor tea cupt hti untettlad tin
1,1 u kct.
Ti,WUhywwhy nt n tpoonftil for
wktb perton rutd on lot tin' pot.
Wiika i . -'I'll' Inquiry h.u beon wry
CnjiX. llai itifTered from the prtttttre
ni ImUmt, 'In' retpert, however, r.
l isii.ii I Hilt In tin1 fortnooit, but
toward cvriiln brlglltened iiji C0D1dr
Ml'tcKM. - ptrtf who Kept too tQM nn
eye on pcppi t lu&ertd frettly,
i i-ii--a few tnniionoiM In tt prtDct
ply tor Mcounl of Biddy a Co. Klounderi
inn Hut but ilbpo o I to iMiiw romi'l. I.r.b-
iter qIawi Uiy nt the openibg ind rlotid
lu;i ilv ; thOM kbit bad I hkod in tliem
wtlhou lin'iusf Ivi'nont ajfuln.
lots, -l.imi.nl promi-ing yt itirdiy, but
opened bad Alimotfilns;,
Hrrn-.n. Not o linn :is l.i't inintti. ir. .r
knt mitt,
Mu k. a late rile in ohalli hu u iwtiM
prin'Hof 'reahfrqa Ltweow.'
Coai.. 'l'lii'iT lias been I'tirtln r r r.
In tba liae of a tonto tnoet imall demand ;
1 1 ipan tbo how i ltd propowd that hso
after a ton of ooal ahall neajif tin u haad
PMM, Taken by the tec, are tatlounry ;
by tho win !" bii).',' are lively.
I'l l iv. A cent's arota oi tbll a,tlc!e
can still !)' ha l at the Mmi price it' applkil
pKSna. VTt A- fn idj- tultlri y doubt
ful pr:liM when lb" owners' backs w re
turm rj,
Uraius l'ntiually pour nt a dollar per
pound to parties w ho' could not purchase.
Katnun. -By the slulk, rather llat ; by
the pie, eould he taken In round lots at usual
Ifonnnmajiii Fomlih
OmoN. watery to ocar-sljhtod bujeri.
Tmv vit. Much oi this article wai lost
by a UttadorttaadlnjI UaWM dealers.
hi"N. Klatdrom brisk Tuesday and
Wednesday, but uuict at oloM of'wwk;
Iokv liunyant ami eonslderahlc
amonntl 111 W Iron) the bands of loose bold
era. 1. udersnOtM bashful as last month.
1 he aeci piors of some over-ilue hills were
anxiously Inquired alter, without lunvrver,
drawing any OO.L A party with capital en
:' . I :ii" niarki t this forenoon, but a stran
ger made a rapid transfer of the fund i and
withdraw immediately.
iUTKiMoNUi.. Mnrkct Steady. Liberal
often dlfltcUH to obtain; therefore, ncquaiu
tanoM areatttlnrgodlleniint. Kisses In great
demand nnd haw met w.th fair return,
M".u rnal Frowns neglected and, in conse
quenoa, Unbrgatna are easier of settle
ntert Henvy I'urses Me wanted, but
rtock with small capital are overlooked. In
Hands the demand has been Hat. Sly
Squeezes unusually brisk. Hearts to Its
hud for love went till' unsteadily : those lor
money are intrust. Bright Kyot looked up
occasionally, but aeon fell again. Yes's In
plenty, but no takers. Blushes an vury
scarce ; none on tho market for a long time.
Jcalouny ha risen considerably. Free-and-easlei
havo advanced to a high figure nnd
ilrivcn Genuine Modesty out of the market.
Other stocks, arc quiet, excepting Scandal,
which Is rather on the advance.
l 'I," m
thee ha
iiuMe nne
I'xroim xatk roil Kmu isiimkx ik Tm-R.
A oontemporary says : Tbo Knglish work
man's wile is. In nine cases out of ten, a
woman i ( very imperfect or of no eduea
i. on, who knows next to nothing of dome-tic
economy. Her principal idea of
Cooking is to take a Joint to the neljfhbor
iiK baker, nnd have it baked in his oven
without troublo to herself. She does not
know how to make soup, broth', stews, or
savory dishes, or how to convert a pound of
meat, by the aid of vegetables and condi
ments, Into a dish satisfying alike to the
palates and stomachs of three or four people.
The Scottish women of the same elas are
much better iustructcd. and can do as much
with half n crown in the sustenance of their
families, without stinting them, as an Eng
lishwoman can with four or five shillings.
A widow advertised In Chicago, asking
every Christian In the olty " to send her
ten centi. as the amount would not oppress
them, and tho collection would benefit her
greatly. For a wonder, the class called up
on did all contribute as requested, and the
widow realized twenty cents ! I
itii ii .mll-;f palhvar
tin lira II -oMfh .i.finli llatl'HK
t inarn" In lh wipf hi. rc.-ot.lly
iril l Wlla. A,....) As
ipiiwnu during early riprrliwnta
l! was found that ttw lungnet-
-d In the .olli was .ultlek-ntly
.. .ii I,-!', nffert the liovi-meliU
, he. won, upon the -rin of
nirthein In Wir. A v. ry val
. irrled by I'mfc Norlun waa ren
, ri iim ' ' 'iom ihi ' inn". Hid thw of
oilier ifenllemen were more or Jesn (fel ted
according to their proximity Ihe insg
in I while 'be eifHTlinen's were in pn-
'I he I Ioni se Hie Mi Bill f v i - liigt-
h.in wHh nil their inlglit and main. Al Ihe
. .nous Imp rial arsenila throughout the
euip.re millve (nipils have lately Uen In
struetnl In Hil- lirmu h of knowledge, and
lor the llr-i time in the history of China,
one oi her " lis bai successful1 pawed Ills
cum r. i ot i '.inct. t" v as -I - oiid mate,
ft Is al o now proposed to eslahllsh a sys
tem of aiamtnaWM at the different (lov
ernment n lu.ols of western Ii truing, in or
der that those who mot distinguish Ihcra
eivel mag be -snt to KurotM. to complete
their education. The "heathen I hlnee,"
that Ignoble term which has I ecu applied to
the rai n for in long, ought to tic giver, up.
for, leaving out navigation, China posM-s-es
some of tlic most learned men in the world.
A gentleman of Philadelphia has discov
ered that a strong et of nlr. steam or water,
mixed wilh some 1Mb material as sand, can
drill a bole In, or eat away t'tc lace of, any
most nice, no mailer how hard. In an ama
7uigly short space cl time, with and and
mmw Jet Of 100 Kiimds pre i. ure to the
IMBM Ini h, he made a hole in a block of
corundum a material as Inn. I a- diamond
an Inch and u hail dei p lnles than twenty
live minutes. In like manner, by covering
gla i with perforated paper on some senii
iaStk snb-'a. ce, he has lx en able to work
out the most licaulllul and Intricate pat
terns, sand and compressul air being em
ployed. lnsln.i t. the us. s of this m w dis
covery seem to Ii - :i!in i unliinited. and it
will certainly create a revolution In the me
chanical world.
A Portland. Maine, paper call! tbt atten
tion of the nivalis M ho hold that the tints
of our Ion sfs In aut nun an: due to the ri
pening of the leavi s at Hut season, and not
to th" Influence of Iro-t, to Ihe extraordin
ary coincidence In point nt lime between
the appearance ol frost and the "ripening. "
This year the frost in M ilne c inie early and
ludoenly. Hardly I leal had changed its
hue. Tlie day alter the llr-t heavy troll the
great change licgan. I In the second day
he woods literally burst into It line, anil
now one who journeys In that State travels
through such scenes as have not em hanu d
the traveler';, sight even in New England
for ninny years. The richness and bril
liancy ol tiic hues and the prodigality with
which (he colors an' displayed make the
whole country one wide fairy land. That
(hi Ittdden and marvelous change wa pro
duced bv the frost there can be no doubt.
An iDMakmi method of performing
in cdlework. styled pmtngraphlc emhrold
cry, has h en Invented by an Knglish me
chanic. A in' inber of jointed frames are
aaploycd, each carrying a tambouring or
sewing apparatus. They are o arranged
ad OOOMOtad together that the needles
they carry may In- made to traverse in any
direction Ihe surlaoo of the fahrlcs to be
embroidered, and that the movement of the
several needles may ho simultaneous and
similar. The needle frames are connected
with a pautagraph having a tracing point
capable of being led over the line ot the
pattern which it is desired (o copy, and
vvhen this Is done (he needle will each
trivrl In and work along I path similar to
that passed over by the tracing-point.
Tbu each needle will prodnca embroidery
.'.. ;!! c. 'hough not neeeMa-
rl!y of (lie same sire.
e i ..I .
Menu What He Nays.
I'i.oiigli "confirmations strong as proofs
ot Holy Writ" and as numerous as the
sands on the tea shore, were produced to
prOTI that Dr. Pierce, the proprietor ol
Hr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, is In earnest
and hmm what he says, when he offers
$.100 reward for any case of Catarrh which
he cannot cure, yet there would be some
skeptics and fogies who would continue to
sliuut, "Humhut!" " HCKBUOl I" "It
can not Ik-, because Dr. Homespun laya
i atarrli can not tie cureil. .Now, this lir.
Homespun is the identical good-natured old
fellow who honestly believes nnd persists In
IHOlarhuT that this earth Is not round or
spherical, hut flat as a " slap-jack" and does
not turn over, otherwise the water would all
be spilled out ot Deacon Bascom's mlll-
pouo. ii.iL usi i ouooiii ni m acme, mis posi
Itlvely demonstrated nnd proven that Dr.
BomMpun Is wrong in (supposing this earth
to be list nnd stationary, and medical sci
ence Is daily proving the fact that he Is no
lets mistaken and behind the times In re
gard to the curability of Catarrh, In short,
It has been positively proven that this world
mores and (hat medical science Is pragressivt
the opinion of Dr. UonMtpun to the con
trary notwithstanding. That Dr. Sage's
Catiirrh licmedy will euro Catarrh, thou
Itnill who have used It attest.
fawn QUI it. Hint UM it, ill tfoutt do net stliml.
You will anil it in ilrug tori' nil ovrr tkl Isn't.
i.- mm-
Si u Kki.i.inck There U nothing more
liable to result in the sue vssfiil career ol H
young man than eonlldent self-relianw. Ids
astonishing how much more a youth will
accomplish who relics upon himself, than
one who depends noon others for assistance.
Having first ascertained t he direction In, and
the means by which his object Is to be
reached, let him put his whole energies to
work, and with unthiging industry press for
ward. The young man who, instead of ris
ing at o, sleeps (111 7 or 8, and who spends
Ml t unings on the corners, or in the com
panionship of those w-ho are wanting In
iaubablo ambition, rarely ever wins a posi
tion of houor or achieves a reputation above
(hat enjoyed bv the common masses.
The bed of (he Mississippi river e eemi ti
he tilling up at a rate which threatens lu the
course of time to seriously aflcol navigation
during tho dry season. This year at 8t.
Louis, while tho surface of the water has
been four feet and one Inch above the low
est stage of water attained by the river In
180 1, there was at the same time only about
live inches difference in the depth of tho
channel between these yer.rs, showing that
the bottom of the river must be three feet
and four Inches higher (ban It was In 136X
So in 18J0 the lied ol the river was found to
be two feet and three inches higher than it
was ten years previous.
The reports of the Board ol Pharmacy of
New York city shows tlia(ou( of two hun
dred and fifty druggists, nnd one hundred
and ninety clerks examined by tho com
missioners', sixty druggists and eighty-one
clerki failed to give sufficient proof of the
fuailttoatlons neceatary, and were rejected,
be majority ol tbo leading druggists In
the city havo been examined, and tho re
sult shows that a iargc number of both
druggists and clerks eould not read tho
Latin prescriptions.
, rnr 'firm AO
Ms, a4 M lit laW
lMMrM with 'tit.
M mmm th. total of the
parti, and thave
uienl i'i of biiln an I
i be I M. M
'v .1 g . ni
H.it tills u by
lnjr that fall on other
trWIng from lb
'Ii inability, in many
of ' hkago uwr iianU to nrl I heir
Th following ubl of the
'will pvlially tlroaied
onda'a. whkhmaybo regarded as aflord
Ing an approximately correc viiof the
full ei'entnf the disaster
LOailiH in mi: rmrami riMR.
V ii" of irorty ..lll)'
I . ""mi.'
I Nw t.irlr.,mill'a t
In ail ..lln-r roniiann - i..i."i l-...'
I. .ni waa iiaa.w.ii
rsi im ti n RaMaVnMnM or cuu i(lo.
To New York nMnanU iM.nua.itai
l.iNi-wf.URlwi I mrrliM l ,
In ror. 'fn larrhnu I ..um.iisi
To Wralrrn n 1 HMM
d will be collected.
Imuran payments
x'ent, go to liquid
. 1'i'ic pits1 that
I 'hicago ineicbanls
ItoM will in
I i.'JUH.i ' l."7.lll.ll
T..UI loaw
"la the ultimate scttlrm iit these figures
will probably be considerably modillul. A
great many Chicago merchants will finally
dbu lurge all their atNgltfMh An amouat
equal or nearly iqu il to tin Indebtedness of
Chlesiro 1 1 the F.it II tirobably due to that
city fr uu the RTaaC
This money with the
will, to a Midi IMil
ate ImM hMMM
a large mnj irlty of
will ili-i barge all their obli
one. or at die mo-t. two yen .
" I he UaMMM knar are mole serious, and
will fall with great severity on ihe com
muuily. We do not include in the loves
the !. pi llilll tall in the value of government
and otbiT vcurities, amounting to about
$TO.0OU.WiO. In many cas s stock values are
fictitious, and thelosaisof to-day may lie
offset against the gains of to-morrow. But
a more tangible and serious loss or lucon
venience is the stringency in money, which
mu-t prevail lor n long time to come. The
Insurance comptnics mu t throw a large
amount of stock in ihe ma: Let, and the
graab r proportion of the securities found
uninjured in the bank Vauttl and siifcs In
Chicago must be sold to satisfy immediate
present wants. Thus, every branch oi bus
icess all over the com. try, and nearly alt
interests must be more or less all'ected by
(he Chicago disasU r.
" The Chicago lilow strikes at a moment
when the mercantile community was least
able to endure the strain. The Iletltious
ease In (he money market, induced by Sec
retary Bout well, had caused the banks to
expand their loans to an unprecedented de
gree. They are now compelled lo call on
that! loans, and there Is a pressure for
money tba( compels weak holders ,of secur
ities (o realize at any sacriileo. It is Impos
sible as yet to foretell the full extent of the
disaster, but il Is to be hoped tint the worst
It now over."
Do Not Beguiled.
You go to a wedding, and the fair hands
of the entertaining company prcsentthecup
to you. and vou sav. " Of course you must
drink here.''' Oh! that it were only just
here; but there are so many just It ns I man
after comes the convivial entertainments ;
nd the same hands again present yon with
the cup ; and you drink again. Temptations
follow at frequent intervals, and on each
succeeding occasion you yield more easily
than at the previous one. It does not make
you a drunkard, but it weakens your power
of standing on your conscience and manly
Independence, and saying, " Such things
I disallow, and will not do." It Is thehegin
ging of that incline.! plane down which you
are preparing to slide. It Is one of those
ways which are pleasant, and which seom to
ho safe but the ends of which are death.
To stand in the blooming presence of beauty,
and to he smllod upon, especially If the per
sons (bat smile upon you arc a Tittle higher
In society than you lire, they standing on
live thousand while you stand on live hun
dred, Is very flattering to your vanity. Anil
II, having invited vou. thev offer you wine.
and say, " You certainly will take it from
me," you can not refuse. You think, "If
1 am admitted into that family, my prospects
will be bright : mv lortmio will be made."
What a casuist tho devil is when be wants
to get people In his power ! How delicate
he Is ! I low he makes the road to sin smooth
and delightful l
So, under such beguiling influences
young men take the cup, and drink, anc
drink again, and drink many times. And
many, under such circumstances, are
ashamed of themselves; tliev rebuke them
selves; they go home with an unquiet con
science; tnev led hummed; anil vet tney re
pent the same round of dissipation again
and again. And 1 put it to any man who
has any self-respect whether he ought to be
cajoled or dragooned Into using what he
docs not like, what does not like him, what
exposes him to all possible perils, what is
uutltted to his circumstance, and what is
subversive of all his thoughts of manhood?
Sw kit Pork it is beyond a doubt that
cleanliness has much to do with tile flavor oi
pork. The filthy state in which many fat
tening liots are kept has a tendency not
only to give a rank taste to the meat, Dut to
render it positively unwholesome. A very
common mode ot penning hogs at this sea
son is In a rail pen, without protection from
tho weather. The consequence is that such
pees arc not lit. to keep a living animal in
wet and liltby, cold and uncomfortable as
tney are, hogs will not take on fat, and
great proportion of the lood Is wasted while
tney are kept In them, while the tilth, aeon
sldcrable amount of which tho hogs will
consume, must be detrimental to their
health, and to the health of those who eat
their flesh. It is not onlv safer but mon
economical to give fattening animals good
shelter and dry beds and fitter, and keep
them unite clean. The labor will be well
Few men know of how much thev are ca
pable until they have first thoroughly tested
their abilities. The amount of labor, lit
erary or mechanical, which a person in vig
orous health can perforin, is almost without
limit it a systematic method is adopted, and
tho proper spirit Incited to the eftort. An
hour of each evening spent with some good
author, or in the study of somo branch of
useful science, w 111 In the course of a few years
give to a young man who thus devotes this
small portion ol his time an amount of In
formation, literary or scientific, which can
not fall to tit him for positions to wntch be
could never properly aspire without this at
tention to Itudy. Kxchtmgt.
Sqt'asn, or Pi mi'kin Ph. One cup of
stewed squash or pumpkin, one tablespoon
lul of corn starch, dissolved In milk, salo
ratus or soda, the size of a pea, half spoon
ful extract of lemon, one quart of milk, a
little salt, one egg; sweeten to taste.
mm, mmm vw ti r . a lltik wit ; batw In
t I .!, Ill.lll'
mpm ul f lorax ami pint al -mo mm a
H.if eoM water " h, dt.l..d i -.1 in
pair nt ld.i k.f. .ml ki then, cmaln
.ivr night .Vil day rub and ai them
not. aa4 hang tl rm out lo dry. D i not
wring tli.ni
To Maa I i "i o W usarasn.r In a pall
id soft wa'r put half a pound of a'o . alir
it Intervals until it ht-umra eoii. H en pour
II laU snolhsr pall ami put lb girmnt
ibr. In, mmi i.t ii b In twentjr-four main
i ltlun bang it up to dry without wring
ing It.
I'tci mhrr I ii" I'oow. To.lgbtquaru
l.opp-,1 . ii nil.'.' I I three quarts "lool.a
'' tin. and one pint -alt. Ijit all UikI In
a lere twelve hour. Ih. iipr.ai out as much
of th. brine possible. Put In a veel
and cover with vim gar. allowing room for
it to .W II. a-'! will h -htimk by the alt
at tlf-t. Then add thn-e tablespoons swert
oil, two tahlcapoon black pepper, two tea
spoons cayenne pepper, snr irrqatniiy. and
in three weeks it will be fit for use.
Crrrst Toy uo Picilk. One peck torn
too, one dona onions sliced, layln salt one j
night. Then pour off the water, and add I
one ounce each of pepper, allspice and
cloves, one-fourth pound mustard seed, one ;
pound sugar; cover with vinegar nnd tioll
till tender.
PtCXLIS CaOl ii low Kit. line gallon vin- j
egar, eight tablespoons salt, eight table-
poniH mustard, lour latilespoons ginger,
two tablespoons of pepper, two tablespoons
allspice, two tablespoons of lamerack ; boil
one minute ; pour over hot ; improved by
-teaming the cauliflower until you can pierce
it wall a straw.
Bi TTi:i'.Mii.K BisiTiT.--Take half a pint
of buttermilk and one pint of flour; rub
into the flour a piece of butter half as large
as an egg ; add a little salt, dissolve a tea
spoon of soda In a little hot water, and stir
into the llour. Add Hour enough to mold
smooth. Coll and cut out like tea bilCUlt,
Pol uo Yeast. One teacup hops; boil in
one quart of water nine medium-sized potato,-,
boiled and strained, one tablespoon
sugar, two tablespoons salt, one tablespoon
ginger; if this is not thick en-ugh, stir in
some llour ; put In one cup ol yeast (do not
put In the yeast until it is milk warm ) then
put In a warm place to rise ; use three ta
blespooiifuls to one loaf bread,
CocoANtT Pi ddino One coeonnut grat
ed, pour over it one quart of hot milk; when
partly cooled add six well beaten eggs ; su
gar to taste; bake twenty minutes; when
done, spread with currant jelly, then put
over that the well beaten white of one egg;
return to the oven to slightly brown.
BkkakkastKoi.i.s. Pour luffleient quan
tity boiling water on one pint of cornmeal
to make a thick gruel ; then let it stand
until nearly cold ; then add salt, and one
large spoonful of yeast; mix in wheat
llour until it Is still dough ; knead it well,
and then let It stand In a warm place seven
or eight hours to rise; when light, make
into rolls, and hake one hour.
Arm: Mahmai.akk. Take any kind of
sour apples, pare and core, cut them in small
pieces, and to every pound or apples put
inree-ioiirtna ol a pound of sugar. 1 ul
them in a preserving pan, and boil over a
slow tire until they are reduced to a line
pulp. Then put them in jelly jars, and keep
mem in a cooi place.
Mom .,
HOT i: Is,.
Ifarwrlj a, Sm M. Rh-lkilaa IM.I )
TranaUnt Cue ate. per dar, - ta.O'
tflni' d fM'kinf a i wd i-tv
(.1, .I-,. . .i nrw itlvftn
i i ltr,.lt'.'tl. D-.tlli !. ra-IUi Hi S. U
i . rw fVa.) t ni f .r fall itttrMrtiiara in
(CMMktlM'tKWji'-riMillh II WKim'
HmC lt Mat kt it , M LaU. Mo. MM
$250 A MONTH
Wvlr wl -hnrl 11. A Ml KEY TaOoullt. s.-nl
I naloa-ni anl I'flc. I.'rt.
w atnHn.(o.
-Mi, .14 Olive atnHH. St. (...ills. Mn
III mums, , I . I H UTS WW jT m4 t m
of wiuhicu,
n aai iM.waT-l
a ' 1 CwUHaTJi
llRUvfTT fTULT-HKtr Smm4
ar k"' I
Tub uxiTio or a mni ot mi i. aaai
Ortaatal Taa Unapaar of aa rraaciam .a flaw
Rmn, la at. Ual.. .hi.H b mwieel m I palica
I .a I br Ui. Dublle luaalilM an In -nr. . Ikali
Ta rrom Iral hnti .1 -arse trir. nt Taaaan
D.b rmkrr ikaa iai- .old la Kanara eltiat, w 'ka
are aarcd fkr.- mm u.. iniuiMf Saparlor luiloaa
aaata iard to elaha. UuoilTaa. an -en jr l o ial.
aab aad orlca U.t wot frt aroa appltaado to ava
(iRfiAT 0BIKMU TK f 0HPW1.
60S R. fifth atr .at, St. Lou!, Ma.
; N. 8. Woodadruvsrcd free r Tranapotlatloa lo a
I nana of the UalUil Slaua ami lajuula aasT-to
flWur in 1 :m-oi)i' Kur.ka! Monj ! Kurtka! Monfj!
Grkkn Corn G hiddi.r Cakes. One dozen
ars of corn, jrrated, one pint of sweet milk.
one teaspoon of pepper and salt each, very
nine uour; aaataon uic arKiaie,
li .-.uitaliis ..v. r l "." - "iitnu- nf haute Scene.
an. I hi. la. 1. 1- In tin- V jr. au.l Is 11.. .inly I I II. .M -TrlaMTlC
.ml OKKIi IAI. history of lliat ral turn
filet. Aaent. art. m . nun llh utr,-ce.lt iit. -I siici-cm,
aellln. from 1. to 4tt ..pl.-. per ila). aud il 1. puh
llshe.f lu liolli Kn.lldh au.l lleroian.
f A T TrnTiXT Infr-rlar lilst.irl.-. arr I-li
VyiVU L l.il .-In ulau.l. Ilaa lliat Ihe
ook yon bit. eoatata. I in tine .-iizruviiigs un.l a)
aptei. 8t-n.l for i-lrru'ar. and are our li-rni., and a full
wrrlMli of lh work. AiMrea NATION A I. I'I II
1SIIINU li., el. I.ouls Ho. nets-lit
Averill 1 hemieai Paint.
Pure MU' atiil cmtj hIkiiIu of Mttff for 11 m at
HUNTS m.kelin a .lay aelllnR El REHA WIN.
HOW l lsti '.llls. Hold. Ihe wln.h.w any
li' U-lir: WMirely fAalen. It t own. l'ltt on est''er raaft
I n one ....... ml No . hlaelins Hend 2ft i-t-ida for sam
ple by aiall. ai.i s r n tviin a.i V. H.
l'ATKil a, 1.11 ll ol k'ourui atrect, Clnclanall, t'lilo.
u . v l
Made or Pawr Raaa, VTaaaaw. awJ
andltrfa..' Majaere aljiiriI3
turd to pleaae the lute, aalka.a-j. 1
tr.. Reatorera," Ac tkal Maaa
Irunkennera and rnln Ka raari
from tbo Kattr Root. aaHanaaf
Ira at at t a ira.,iie
Painting !
Tit i .mut durable, beaiittiul aiitl PCOMMlMd Hmi v
Piilut tltBTf Kvi'ry until cad Lis own pxlnllitt.'.
fwa paint ms btcn iti ut aigat yearn. Hit . lis -npi -
i in- nrtt HHHrwMlf nmvLii. tfi iitl for iaaiile curIs
mid clrciurt. Audmig.
fifiu'ral Wettvra Apiuin,
oclC-3m III N. M.ti.i 6tri-i't, m. I.nul.i, Mo.
Greatest Wonder
Of the Age !
Unbounded Success !
direok. by m
Jt lou s.J
$20 A DAY
Mad.' In FelllnK tbi
s'i tlll.e atrent. Ht. I.nnla. Mo
9 'a, SO
a i.ao
nation, raldilllsg mi
flour, apring S.-.5 . B mi
Clour, wialer t ISO a 9 W
Wbi'nt, eprinfr 1.1U (.0 1 in
Wheat, winti-r red I.ao 1 60
Whc.it. whlto 131 m I.U
Corn 43 Mi. m
am E3 i in
Itye, ..I i.j ii;
Harlrv. aiirinir 45 ... :s
Barley, winter U S v(
Pork meaa 1:1 on Mlt.8S
LaJl hK A nils
llnlcii. dry Hint lllHaa M
Hides, dry alt 14 ft
Hides, green aall a lo
Rfti id m B
wool, combing unwashed 41 m 4I1H
Wool, choioe an a m
lllltter, cno'.co 20 u:t
PatnloM 70 B.i
Obioni, tw ft no
t.r.minl alum 1.75 ft iM
i aator lleana I.U ft 1 Ol
Coffee, good to prime 'HHm !:l
Lime, per bbl 1.00 ft 1.15
Cement, 2 OS
rattle 4 75
Hon :i 78
bboep 1.S5
mmmmmm m tei.kukai'ii.
Cotton, mtddlinR
Hour, St. Loitla .....7.15
Wheat. No. 4harum I. to
Uye. new western
uariey m
Corn, mixed 75
Oats, western M
I'ork. itieea 13.00 IB
Lard, steam H a HU
. i mm euuAuo.
Flour extra spi-intt allV
WhrtllNill l.lC
lorn, No. a 40
Onls No 4 is tfa
Bye No I M p
llogi live t
Caltle llT (,
Cotton, mldilllbg lTitui
Flour, finally II 41 (0)
WMM 1.31 4
Corn 43 t
Hogs, live 3 73 (19
Flour, M.00 M
Ham, 14 ft
llran 1.50 (,
llarott HXiltm
Hums .... 18 ft
lotion, Isia
cotton low nii'ldlliut 18 (it
Sugar (
ft 18 H
ft 0.45
ft 1.50
ft 00
48 N
58 H
0 10
More Uiilforiu and Pleasant Heat,
Are more crefttlly fitted.
To be ni' -i'i' i-astly ami uheaply mount' rt,
To be under more perfl-ut control.
To havo .1 wronger draft, an-1 vive better SaAlhrarttou,
amlMOIili Foil 4 MwRI than any sheet lrou
itoTv la the market.
mmmmm SOLI) BIT
613 A 614 M. MAIN STREET,
HT. l.nl'l.-;. MO.
And all live .tore dealers. sepll-3m
Banc t Inat ! ' For Hie years' ' writes a gen
il.'man at lliirrlsliurgh, l'a , "I was on a wild-
goose chase alter remt'dies for dyspepsia. 1 have
taken llrst and last enough "infallible curea" to
ooal a lolly ooal, anil the more 1 swallowed the
luster 1 got no b-tter. Lut-kity, or rather provi-
ilrnllally, it catne Into my head to try On. Wai.k-
aoetit five months ago. In less than six weeks not
a twinfre remained to remind me .u the conmlAlot
I am perfectly well, and have onlv one regret
mat 1 010 not otacovrr tar rnte lpecnc tooner. "
1 1 11 s 1 what! Time taut Kanellone.il.
The maxim thai Ihe voice of the people Is the
voice ol the Divinity, may in some cases, be open
to doubt, hut the testimony of honest and enlight
ened witnesses extending through a series of years,
and all to Uiceuue purport. Is worthy of credence,
admits of no question . Upon such testimony the
reiutatioa of Hosteller's Htomarh Bitters ae all
antidote and cure far many ailments Is based.
During the twenty years that it has been before the
world, Innumerable preparations Intended to com
pete with it, bare gone up Ilka rockets, and come
down the extinguished stlsks. Meanwhile Ihe pro
frets of that incomparable tonic has been swift
tad ..lea.lv- always upward and onward like the
earl's flight. IM Introduction prothtoed a revo
lution In therapeutics, and It proved to bo one ol
those salutary revolutions that can not go back
wards. To-day Hosteller's Bitters It one of the
most popular remedies in Christendom, and coin
raandt a larger tale than any other Urinal pre
paration, domestic or imported, on Ihls tide of lha
Atlantic. Al a curt for dyspeptla, bilious disor
ders, nervous atec lions, general debility, and at
a preventive of epidemic ftvert. It ttkat preet
denoa of every other remedy. This fact should
teach lha ambitions rountry d. alert who rndctvor
tu folat I heir local abort loni on Ihe uubllo fa Its
ali-ad, how nulla Uh ir small attempts Is aalolt ihe
community mutt necitaarily be. Where the gam
Osh have failed, there it no obancr for tht ' 'tuck-art."
One Dollar Store !
Milton Gold Jewelry Co.,
No SOS North Fifth street to the lvfe ami elegan.
No. 402N. Fourth St
OppoMte D. O. .?tverd i a 8tote, where the
will .-: 1 the cheapest ami most eleauf iroatl ev
mm IB mis city ror tine Dollar vacti aith ii-
ami iti-.rif.-i onr gaot
sverywhi're for the largeat Baptist paper In the world.
Ablt; writers, am. tlie new., and constant Improve
nienta. roix Market Report. Kaadav Heluml Mepart
mentleseon every week. An inflexion) advocate ol
Haptlat principle.. ONE mica, only It.ttl per year
The most AStoKisitlNU preuiluui and duelling llat
ev.r oU'red, or lllieral ca.li cotnmlaatoua paid.
tts . iiruji I'liDV and narll.-tilnrs Kits, to i.llwlio
will write lo l.UTllKU at VEAUAN, Title t'xsmui.
UArritr, ST. LdlilB, ft).
IiUt of patents recntly luiioil from the
United SttU-s Patent OlHc. ltporteil by
I'rlmlle ADyrr, attomvyi at law, and solic
itors of American and foreign patents, Wash
ington, 1. ;., and southeast corner Fifth
and Pine streets, St. Louis, Missouri.
Brake for whlclei, II. B. I,oc, MarTvlllc.
Sawing machine, J. A. Kls'.on Kliton
Lubricator for iteam and air passages, S.
N. Ooodale, St. I,ou..
Cylinder Cock, M. II. Mason and John S.
McCrum, Kansas City.
JONATHAN JONES, - - Pre Nldent.
JOHN W. JOHNBON. Frotcspor ot l!ook-ktcilnj(.
TUOB. P. BAUNDKKB, irinclpal ltook-keplnf Dt
partment. JOHN W. ELM 8, Professor Mathematics, lo charge
of Commercial Calculation Department
JOHN G. BOHMBR. Professor Pdimtinshipilnchantf
"Wrltliift Depart meut.
JONATHAN JONBB, Lecturer od Commercial Law,
Ethics. CtC.
Circulars anil catalogues (tWlnfr ail necessary tn for
mation In reKard to tuition, hoard, time to complex,
etc., mailed free.
49-No vacation. Adtlress
J. W. JOHNSON, Managing; Principal.
Family Medicines
Magulro'a BonnePlant, Price 7 0 ct
For inarrncea, liy... i.i.tv. :noiers, eac.
Maguire'sSarsaparillaBlttsr. with
Iron .... PrlcoSi,
Hlood rurlflcr, Tonlo tnd ilystem Henovator.
MaKulre's Ague Mixture, Price $1,
Infallible epeelSc for Chill, and Fever. Intermittent
Vever, Uumt) Ajrue, Diseased Liver, etc.
Magulre's Bxpeotorant Syrup,
Price -. - BO Ota. and f I
The best remedy extant for Ceufrhs, Colds, etc.
Magulre's Buchu, - $i.
For t ses of tie Bladder, Kldners and Urinary Or
gans. Magulre'sHalrRestoratlveBalm,$l,
Tlie oldeat and best In use for restoring rray hair to Its
original color ; prearrvtng It from (ailing off, and
keeping it auft and glossy.
Magulre's Arnica Liniment, BO cts.
The most reliable external remedy.
Magulre's ElectrlcPalnCure,2B cts.
external and luternal remedy. IaslanUy relieves pain
or any Had.
Magulre's Antl-Blllous Pills, SB cts.
For Billons UoDtplalnls of all kinds.
Masuire's Stimulant Antidote, Si,
To neutralize bad efftf ts of alcoholic stimulants.
Maguire s Alterative EUxer, SI,
For Uie pure of arrofula. Hhenmstls b, Nr'jralKla,(lout.
Her,srl.U and ISyphllnld AlTei-tlons, Oolter7eweil
ing of tlie Joints, livers, I'lmples, Blotches, ar.d
''onitltutlonal disorders, arising from Impurity of Uit
Masuire's Jamaica Olnger, BO Ota
l'iiri'.tsn.l atrongest made.
I'rep tred by J. A C. StAdl'lRE. DraggtaU, St. lnl!,
tV-Hold by all Untgiliu.
tail at.
This nook, of 7JO pages. 101 engravings, Is an ex
liaaatlva and standard work, of the highest aulhotlty
em ni'iitly ndapled M the tlmea. It rully ttnoovera the
wlint Itonilil. uvsteio. .inn,.. Ila hdi.ii.a. nr., ......
Ila frauda, lu lieraeeiitlons. Is gross tmnionlitlea. Its
oproslllon to our public schools, anil civil and rell
g oil. llberlv. F. A. HI' NillNSOX 4 IX)., 6113 North
Ma. ocU-Jm
"A vwary traveler hitludat Ciimt)er!anil
tavern ami Htkcil for gotno baooti nml Kroent.
The Umllcrd remsrknl, 1 Wc are out of ba
con; nave sent to Zifictvlllo for some.'
' Why don't you ralie your own pork and
cure your own Iwcon T replied Ihe traveler.
' liaise our own pork raise hell,' Mid the
landlord, why, half a ihott would clnt the
market.' "
Sixth street, Bl, Louis,
H. S.
I Suit dors
Olliec, Booms 2 and 4 Simmon's Buildings,
No. 12 N. Fourth street, St, Louut.
mV When writing to advertis
ers please say you saw the adver
tisement in this paper.
a a s.-No. 3.
i.Dtf in nt mm -i
' sal 1 1
........ . irwsismtllaw
Invlgoratorof Ihe System, earns. aT...
matter and restorlngtli. Moetts t asittji,
iso aaaasjasss-l was u.ea. Baas
lion and remain long tu.welL
ISO irlll ba flyen tor sattttnMi sain.
to. oonea are no, iirsirorra sy aiaev
otnsr means, and mo vital o
point of repair.
Far laOasasaatary aal Caitski
1 1. in nnd ttoai, Dyasenala, till
llilloua. Itemlttentindla
Hieea.es of Ike Blood, Until
llladiler, these Uiltera litis bsaawj
nil. naca Dlavases are tttttl by i
UlaM.wmen it gsncraiiy protatMrya
of tht Illgcst l v e Organs.
acne, earn inineBnonmrra,i;otsa,TfcataBi
Cheat, Dlxxloass, Boar EracaaatMstail
Bad taste In the Mouth, Blllost 1
Of tho Heart, Inflammation ol (
regions of the Kidneys, sndsfiuadntoSTi
symptoms, are tht cats rings ot ByipetS.
They lnriicoratt tut stomach, at
j.ld liver and bowels, which rcoilertkniiftt
efdeacy In cleansing ths blood of tilts
Imparting new life snd vigor to Uuitae
FOR 8K IK DISH AHE, Ersatlotvtt
Rhucm.Btotchet, Spots, l'ln'.rlea.raaaV
bnnclcs, King -Worms, Sctld Head, Son 1
etas, Itch, Scurtt. Dlacolorallonlof tttiUj.Hi
and mseaaes of the Skin, of whaatittttamaf
are literally dug n p and carried ost of thesy
thort time by the nte of those Bitten, i
inch cases will convince the moat laces!
curative effect.
Cleanse the Vltlsted Blood vtwttta
Impurities bursting through tha tklntt
tlona or sorest cleanse it wb u yonftndllol
tnd tlngglsh In tht veins ; cletntt Ul
snd yourrecllngs will ti-tlyouwhea. I
pare tnd the health of the systsai 1
PIN. TAPS tnd other WOttMS.l"
tysttm of so many thou -ami , are affsetstlla
ad and removed. For fell dlrectlat,rltla
Iho circular around ttch bottle, printed It tc
gasges English, German, Frsaet asdsyatt
J. WALKER, Proprietor. S.E.llaDomDII
DruggliU and den. Agents, Stu 1
and 33 snd 34 Commerce Street, ttev Tat
"KIOU SALE. Murn,tt1 v a'llnstett to tbe m. H
V exatuinattOD of that oraH alontj. sou ton
m weu uy kruociuite P" t'jiyti tu, viimmH
",!inK to those or atmut: r aiaUying (
W M ) - AT?.
BY EOW.8. FRANKt. M. 0.
l Tiurer on the Human Fve. mi talMsttsnll
..j .s pect nciea j Lire tjovernortta upucisoonna
l or aye and Bar tntunuarytatattK tat spua
tee new I era Kye and Ear twsuttl.
or pice, ioi s. fifth st. at.
The late Hon. Abraham Llncolt.
United Ht.lwa! Kra. Millard PI
United Statea: Mon. Andrew O
ter to Kuttla; Hon. iw. Ii. u-
Hon. inos. H. aejuour, uOl
Dlsesaes of the human eye
to. SrVNo connecUon vltb
Ing eve and ear do tors
any :
rcirt ulnrs. orteo llitc. and til DCCCf
v ah hu bad by addrcaalit fwhli return j
i'i imi mv T. r.
mm 1
Both are of Ihe
Contttrnctlon, ana
niaiiasm tnai wc
them to aire
A mm article In the i
has n greater iiitlii
moting the health.
Iianniiaeaa of tke I
than Mie Cook Move,
iiny as well a
VERY BE8T t and
..Ia a mi
. rs maa a r.aa uasa, )
e t tine the mnstSu
iar and Perfect
In ttatataT nn EniC
are always tare ot 1
f HIC&ESa. I
Aire its.

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