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1 i
i "i
National Magazine.
Edited ev Mus. AnnS. Stephens.
The I.adio- National Magazine, is now to
well established and so favorably known, that,
by gv.ieral consent of the newspaper press, it is
placed nt the
ll'.lAi) OF I'lin LADIES' HOOKS.
It litsraro rontets, lika thoe of the three dol-
lar Mr.grzi.ns, are all original, and from t!ie STATE OF MISSISSIPPI;
Lands to Rent.
Fifty acres of rich button) land, one
mile south west, of Pharsalia, vi;h
suitahc buildings for family residenc.
1 lie above plantation may bo rented
at a reasonable price, by application
being made to the undersigned, on the
Letters of administration having Iseen
granted to the undersigned, on the Es
tate of E!i South, deceased, at the Octo
ber term, A. lJ. 1814 of the Probate
court of Panola count v this therefore
Probate Court,
Tallahatchie county
April erm 1 C15
Mth day of the
Thomas P. C. Lott surviving admin-
!o(ntrvM C it. . . r t 1711'
is to nntifv nil nPr,, indnt.ll .n snbl u, c"e oi u imam
i-' i j Loit deceased bv Alexander II. David-
3 3w.
most celebrated American writers of both sexes.
The co urinations :o this periodical are a con
tant riool of ibe taste, and ability of our be
loved coiuryvoiinn. io other magazine is m
exclusively a mirror of their mind, or is so gen
erally supported by them. Th? convents arc of
every variety, and while u-oally of the l;ght:r
Kind, do not preclud? the insertion of papers of
nm valai. Fitted alike to the boudoir and
the firee-de, the "Ladies National," p-esonu the satisfaction of the con rt that Use said
Ueerga v Johnson) Tallahatchie coun
ts ty Cir"t Court, A
Enos Harlan. ) pril Term 1S44.
Attachment for the sum of $214 03.
This day came the plaintiff by his al
tornics, run! moves the court for an or
der of publication and it appearing to
monthly an agreeable variety of domestic sketch
es, talcs of las'nionable life, romances of hietory,
loein, critical notices cf living authors, new re
ceipt for the ho l e-keeper, direction for fr.&h
.111 t e.nhr n.le ry, descriptions of the fashion,
goip sf oar eastern metropolis, musical intelli
gonctt, ic, ic, cumprrsi g, in short, ail that a
lady wonld wish to know o objects of interest
transpiring during the month.
These contains, instead of being, like those of
the other t'.rn d'dtar magazines, make up chiefly
by selections from old newspapers and other sec
ond hand sou.ecs, are written expressly for us ;
so taat our
As a ff'.iaranten of the stvlc in which the litsra-
ry department is conducted, the publisher has behalf expended.
Harlan is an absconding debtor, it is
therefore considered by the court that
the motion be sustained, and that publi
cation of the pendency of this suit be
Estate to corno forward immediately and
make payment. And those havmgclaims
against said estate, will present the
same, duly authenticated, to the subscri
ber, within the time limited b law, or
this notice will bo plead as a bar to the
recover v of the Fame.
Administrator's rVotace.
flOKEKAULY to an order of the Hon
l Probate Court of Panola county Mi. April 14 1015
maue at the October Perm thereof A. I).
1814, I will as Administrator de bonis,
non of the Estate of Sarah Harrison, de
ceased, present mv accounts for final
settlement and allowance, at the Deccm-
son his agent and attorney in fact, has
this day filed his account for final set
tlement of said estate, at the July term
JC1$ of said Probate caurt.
This is to notify all persons interes
ted, to be and personally appear at said
GSra hum's Magazine for
The January Number icill be issued
On December Wth.
Now is the time for new subscrip
tions! Graham's American Monthly Magazine, for
131. , will commence a new volume, December
1 3th 181 14 with the January number. Its long
and universally sjcce-seful career, from its eom
mencamant until the present time, when it has a
o t i c e.
term 1845 of the !'
exceeding bv thoustnds anv othir
M.-. J .ij.tb u if.
agazmo in the co.tntrv. is nerlnns as rntiil an brf.ro it, n . r
pjbiishsr has it in his power to oW To hi 1 a settlement so far as h-
old subscribers, he trnsts no assaran:es are neces-
A Tlhc
-i-- bntf f.ur! nfTn!!:i'nfit,.,'n
luMissijipi, the undrsigned adf jjini-t r T.
st rof John liine dee'd with the wi:S S;;
s o ed, petitioned said court for i. .a .
to resign liis letters of admin Vn f,a
said estate: It was therefore rc .n - .r.
ed by the court that his letters be ieu.
i:eu on condition Mint ho
..... ...... . . w I j ' -1 v ,
iisiiitj jA pi I UUOil OI SIXtV r
have adininisterprl
term OI tlie court, and show cause if "ryol ins datennination to maintain its present -1 ins 13 t hercforc to noli fy all nri
any they can why said administrator's a-1,,!l'i:?r a)1 t:'3 rival periodicals of the interested, that 1 shall at the
accoUtlt6 shall not be allowed, aad final tVea ter term next of court, make a fW
settlement of said estate made. Paulding, Dana, Lon-fellow. Hoffman. nUi' ment of said estate so far as ! ls-,vr.
adnCr &-c.
by A. 11. Davidson
made ,n the-W eekly Register; a news- ber Tvrm A. jj 1C44 ()f a:(, Court
t mi Id it- V.-..! ... . h! . .1.-. . C '
paper published weekly in the town of
Panola, for four succcssivo weeks, re
e.uiring the said defendant Harlan to
appear and give special bail and plead
within the time limited by law for his
appearancG, or the esiate so attached will
be sold to satisfy the said pluiiiiiPs de
mand andali costs and char "es in this
All persons interested are hereby no
tified to attend and show cause if any
they have, why final settlement and al- asirf
lowancc should not be made.
de bonis non of Sarah Harrison dec"d
33 Gw.
T2ie nvv
iuancur, ete. oi iugli reouiatio.i in the Litf-m-v
world, as regular contributor!, in addition to A
previous list, embracing the first names in the na
tion. IS a fllifu'Sput ir,lr ra U l .
r . . r ' - "- Mini me urn W ill
ag l atty. in J act. conjinua to be the principal medium of commu
nication between the best authors and the pub
lic 1
Graham's Magazinef has been, from its etab
1 ishmanl, more than any othar , tha favorite pe
noiicalof the people of tde Unitad States, ltis
distinguished from other pul'dications of similar
hims by tha literary an 1 artistic marit of its con
fute Whila those of other works are unknown
ciu'jiiyiinms, me co.Ttnpntors to this ate the
most eminent anthors of oirr a?a an l rAi..-.tr,r.
snlistnntial steamer,
ministered, and surrender ivv ! .;
of administration.
Charleston Miss. ) Harvey Statta- a
July 14, 1815 Jno Uinn decM 1
THE subscriber having been npr: r
ted Agent of the BOSTON
MISSISSIPPI Cotton Land Co-n n'
ARKANSAS Land Company; and t
w i f
A true ropv from the minutes done
at office at Charleston Mi., Mav 30,1014
Attest A. Ii. DETTS, Clerk.
Bailey &i Fisher, At:ornies for pl'li.
jun 1 12 lw
Was posted by W C Uautt, living
twelve miles north cf Belimont, one
black mare pony and colt, the mare is
f toe 1 . ')" c "
t r ...
tt .J n
XV S Keith k. i. C.
nl.nrmi t!ie editoiial chareo ot ha inagazina in thf
hands of Mrs. Ann .S. Stephen", acknowledgnd
by all critics to be, the Lfst magazine writer in
the world. Those who have lead her thrilling
stories of ' Alice Cop! ay," ".Malina irny,"
"Ann Taylor," and " Clara," need no proof of
her exalted genius. She will be assisted by the
strongest corps of contributors ever yet arrayed in
the connant suopnrt of any ladies' Magazine
At the head of this list is Mm. f.ydia II. Sig
ouraay, who will, beieafter, be a rrgilar dontrib
uior, both in poetry an 1 prose. She will ba as
isted by
Mrs K. I Ellett, iMrs A. M. V. Annan,
iMrs F. S. Osgood, Mrs L. J. IVicson,
Mrs. M. St, Leon Load Mrs. Ann S. Stsphens
Mrs. P, W. IS. Carothor, Mrs Amelia Welby,
Mr9 C. Lee Hentz. Mrs. Seba Smith,
VI. F." Author of "Marriage of Convcnienca
Miss M. L. Lawson, 7vlrs. Caroline Orne,
Miss .Vary Davenant, .Miss F.llsn Ash ton,
D iring the ensuing year, anew feature will be
introduced, in the pablication of a series of
illastrative oft'ie niiinnerand stirring incidents
of diif-M.it periods in oar country's history.
The first of these, a st ry of tha re volution, from
the pen of "77. e Jlul'ior cf cruising in the last
far." will aiorar in .lannrv, and 1)3 followed
iri bv articles of eanal interest, from II
bart, a. id otlu-rsofoar be-t writers.
pottrait of female poets will still ba continued,
an 1 st ries of a domestic character, from the weij
known pansofirs, An tan, V. B. F.,a;v! L'Hen
Ashsjii, A ill contiiuially appear.
Great I'hsik. Pk-turiis. In order that the
pictorial department may stand fust in the coun
try, tha publisher intends publishing, in January
and February, two superb premium pieturp, far
c 'pjrior t.j anv vat iisned in tha magaxincs.-
Tne firs:
will annear in January, and hasconfessedlv nev.
been erj tailed by that inimitable artist. The undersigned on the estate of Wiley B.
HeconJ, to appear in Pebruary, is tiie first of a se- Johnson deceased bv the Prob;"e Court
ries of gra it historical pictures, which to main- r,f Tllal,o-.!.; f. .i c '
tain the national character of his work the pah- . . X V Kjytl,lJ wv- pieiil-
lisher his projeceed. Tht je are intruded M il
C O MM E IiCl A I,
t?."i i e m iisr f omni.ic 'IV...
This new and splendid House, with lraG as any boat that has
the very creators, founders, of onr National Lit- ASAW Land Company, hereby r'-
W run thia Pnn nC .,1.. i....iT i" " . uiai ura- ..wnuo iu uiusu lnUCDied
.y . ..... UJ j. ituiai nam a.imgiima Has rcgiiiariy eugacda bitter
PACKET BOAT, between the dtlTernt COiPBof"wntars than any other magazine; rhat
ports on the Tallahatchie river and sil,fie its c"ilbli8hinent it,,a9 bsen the pioneer in
New Orleans " magazine hter.at.ire; a ,d that the contributor of
S ... , , , Graham hi l.V their able contributions, given
Having been built expressly for the a higher national character to periodical litera-
navigation of second and third class ti1ro in United States than it ever iwvr..
l)os-;essa;l. Withsnch n Ikt nf -r;..
paires exhibit, we mav cin!fnra t), .:.:: r l Visit Jlernnnrln tlnn il... . rr-
i. . ' " . . w.luiu
rivers, she is thought bv
seen her to be as well
In P;f!oi
lie above associat.ons, that Mr. Wj
am S. Williams, or in case of his .
tence, Col. George Foote, is auihof.
iuu iu receive monies, and
sieipts for the same,
new furniture throughout, is now open
ed. TllRmMMRIinu urvTi-.'T :
w ho have
to this
ver been
in casfs; tvl .-.
I,r,i.n. .i : - ' i'-
anus me convenience of
pa i !!o-
nd uch re-
in it.
ed. THECOMA! Klifl I T. IIOTRI. ;a The nroorietor Inrs.nnt hiirxn 5n
- M A 4. 1 J X-M SO I ------ - - " " ' - n m lJ I
situated in the centre of the buisness assuring 4he public that she is as "safe
part ol the city, near the Steam Boat as any bat-
in Andrews' fine block of Being entirely new, and built by the
nr i . . . 1 . r t . .
ne proprietor pledges him- uyst OI woxKmen, ana ot the best tim-
im L.cn an array ot eminent wri- ce ptS will be receivr.l nnc, .
tars as J amea hennim ire Cooper, V. C Km,. i ' r rUtl,Ctl as Cds, f 'i 1;
.i riusjbii. i auiding. is. ii. Uana. H. V 1 r,,,-,
fallow, Nathaniel Haw;
. . . o ni M it'. " t
...(;. Hon i it ' imams is n si .r,-,. i
ry W. Herbert, James Russell Lowell, Charles make contracts for the sale of larl- f
1 1 1
HE undersigned, Administrators of
gf the Estate of George W. Haile, de
ceased, having, at the September Term
A. D. 1 CM of the Probate Court of Pa
nola county, filed their accounts for fi
nal settlement at the November Term
A. I). 10-14 of said Court:
Notice is hereby given to all persons
interested in said esiate to attend at the
W. Her- next November Term of said Cjurt. ami
Thecritlcal showcasse, if any they have, why final
settlement nnd allowance ofsr.id accounts
should not then be made.
iV. J. HAILE, Adm'rs'
of the estate of George W. Haile decl.
September 21, 1C-M 27 Gw.
E TIERS of Administration cal. co!-
igendumhawng been granted to the
self to be excelled
Memphis Jan. 29 1815 6
by no one, in
his brs, hr bull. and mucl.inery is o, feTMl: iJ'J)' V?-
afenor to any afloat. i);y, M. Scbi. ,i,i, Mr,. XSm 'Im ln.
Mrs. Amelia. 15. Welbv
Aministrators Notice.
J E. KERBY, having qualified alike
June term 1845, of the Probate Court
ci Panola county Mississippi, as admin
istrators of the estate of Thomos W
Mdison deceased. JNotice" is hereby
given to all persons indebted to said os-
tate, to ;come forward and fmake imme
diate payment, and persons bavin"
cjaims against said estate, are notified
to present them to the undersigned duly
authenticated within the time prescrib
ed by law, or they will be forever bar
Miss Sedgwick.
..in. fin rartr nf. nut OA A 1. - r . n ltra V
w .j. . j nwoui. uuu UillUo OI COl-
ton. tor freight or nnssnrro nli7 n r-lany names of like calebrity are nfic.i -n,r
.w - O "I't'V nmlttar) f.r -o. f ' J
board or to Hunt &Ce, agents.
January 18, 1845. ' 2 tf.
GOSF.t 3 Ml
A dins.
23-6 ws.
1 i-trate g eat event in American annal-. esprciul
ly thosa in wh.c'.i womet li;;nred. The firt is a
En-n ed from a p'ctnre naver before ma le pub
lic Thi -fcil'l.-f iri'i ;n;!;c the fun,?. (lC"Vj!.'c(L
..t i . , . '
nnu inose w ni v i-n 10 sac are tna whole
in K send their money early. We here
una: is uiMen:aD;e, that dunnz ISIJ. we nub.
lished Mezzotints ovtkneh than aw Rival,
and shall continue to do so for 1'13. Those
who 9Jbscrib to the ; N'atio.vii1' will get there
vinaqtia'.la i n&raving3 oftaner than in any other
book. Fot Novemb.ar, December, January and
Febrnary, we alrea ly have i.si:eil, or intend to
issue, an unbroken serie1" of thrse plates, if'ho
rise Itasdone or can ko the rame?
Gallery oi Beauty.
The CaMerv of American Ihaauty will be a
feature ol'this booh, in which M ill constantly ap
pear portraits of the. most beaatiful of.tlie sez.
Another characteristic will be
'llie othar ilhi-tratinns shall rbe executed bv
distinguished either for pictneresVine beauty oi
lor hWtn; i-;al associations.
The osher ilbitratations shall be executed by
tee first American Artists, and le in every va
riety and style, viz ; Linn and Stipple Knxra
ring; Colored -'t''rrs and JHrd.fi JMce If ork
and En'irrnicrv, I'ict.i.e executed in Tints,
iluarre's Superb I) -signs, A:c. '
In short every variety of embellishments, f Xe
cnted by the best nrtiv, shall continue to i;rnco
our book. .We 'shall be the first to seize thenov
eltie of the day!
Paris fashions in advance.
As elegance and economy in dress are equally
desirable, we offer great inducements to country
jeaders, in our monthly descriptions of the fash
ions, accompanied by our cororcd plate, which
ivc give at Teast, two months in advance of eve
ry cotemporary, being enabled to do this fsom
correspondents in London and Paris. So com
pletely have wc outstripped all jivalry in this
point, that the other magazines now only occa
sionally furnish the fashions. Rut ns !ou as
Taste in dress 9 desirable, patterns of tha latest
costumes will be iadespensable to the. sez, in or
der te keep the run of the changes in dres3. But
in order that other illastratiojs may not have to
giyo place for them, we shall publish . -
Our. Fashion Plates Extra,
That is we shall give as many enibeirishnments
;is any other two dollar magazine and the fash
oi plate besides!
And in order that our lady subscribers may ba
acq tainted with the novelties of the day, wc
shall publish. a3 soon as they come out, 'in o-r
"Horns Ovapartmaa,'," new receipts hi Cookery,
new styles in Embroidcry,.naw patters for Lace
Work fcc,
THE TERMS. Tha Cash system adopted
and inain,amed by tne pubhshar, enables him to
ber term 104 1:
Notice is hereby given to all persons
indeb'cd to said estate to make immedi
ate payment. And those persons hav
ing claims against said estate are noti
fied to present the same duly authentica
ted within the time prescribed by Jaw,
or this notice will be plead in bar of the
J AM KS II. JOH NSOX, Adinr Ac. cf
Wiley B. Johnson dee'd.
September 14, I:
S14 2G-G w
II eg' u lar
a J.-J;j, A 4 4'
1 he substantial built Sx-amer
U ill run the ensuing season as REG
ULAR PACKET UOAT between the
various ports on this river and Vieks
burg, and will take cotton for N. Orle
ans at i he lowest rates. The Olive is
is as well adapted to this river as any
bo.it," and will freight cotton "as safely
as any other For freight or passage
apply on board or to AW. Armstrong
a pen
Pat.ola, Jan'y 18, 845. 2 tf
P:nS. Cotton shiped by this boat will
ic.nsu red ot the lowest rates.
Probate Court April Term 1845.
We the undersigned Commissioners
of insolvency, appointed by the Hon.
Probate Court of said county, at the
term aforesaid, on the Estate of S
Wood deceased; will meet at the office
ol Harrison & Vance in the town c
Panola, on tlx: third Monday in eaci.
month, for six successive months, to ex
amine and audit the claims against said
Estate, as is required by-law.
All claims must be presented within
the -time prescribed by law, or they
wiii be forever barred.
O. F. y.ANCFf Corn's.
Wm. . 11ANEY)
Panola Mississippi, April 26th 1G45
15 6rh.
AND LAfiv's linnu- x-nr lo'i;
- rwn I J
i iu o8hi earnest a publisher can gire of what he
can and will do n-sst year is a rel'erene. t
T he has dona lan year, or at any time in the last
- fiUcm years. Under this view of the ca-R it
: - - ' w- : jur vm uary purposes
. .. u, . -.y m a i wiv. niii cnaracter
z:08 lor literary a id artisticr.l
properly nstayie 1. Hat wa ar?
rapid and dazzling saccession of novelti
n . i.nm-',i iorwam wuhm the last few
yaars natiarlly excites a lively curiosttv - vl
every Siibscjtbsr is saying ta himasir what will
Viorley do nsxt.
It is merely with a view to gratify this c trinity
or, tna part of our friends thai we no-.v r,roce.-d to
e-vamerate some of the features f o-i-nWven-'s
an, premising, howe. ert that tha cnnmratio-i
wast necessarily be partial and incomplete, from
our invariable practice of seizing noon e-.-erv new
- . XIl i.-!iiu!?uisnuierii the
ii p esents ifell, as well as securing th
omitted for want of space.
While the most able writers of the ronnt
engaged as permanent Contributors to Graham's
"j'i'""! aai are not overlooked.
The most accomplished American artists
emdoy toeir genius for oar subscribers Th
most elegant engravings that haxa ever appearel
... .ii..na, n.ive u-jBii given to rhe
uraiiairvs Aiagazma. e are now
in a'.i the counties tvpsi nfit,n '
and in thecount.es of St. Francis an
Crittenden in the State of Arkansas
and such contracts will in all cases L
sanctioned and confirmed, unless puMV
notice should be given to the contraV
As it is the object of the proprietors
to bnng their lands fairly into markc
those seeking settlements are invj.t
to call on the subscriber at Pou'uio''
or Mr. Williams, at II
... . , ' . ,ul r-u
of thi inasa'-
tnerit will be
aware that th
ies which
puni-.a m
iw nrenarprl t.i l... : . . . . . '
give the right direction to tna talents f o.ir ,91"5' UM "oerai conditions.
art',. 7 ana are resolved that a national tone
shall be strictly preterved in' Graham.' Here
after w a shall plaea in tha engraved hands
nun out .-vinarican pictures. (Jur
aooan lswith the fma-t
own country
SCBiinrv in 1
It full ef historical asso-iations, of ihriilin
interest, and on every hand subjects start up fit
,U1 "'I''"ws pencil an l the engraver's ourin -Every
patriotic sentiment the selection of
the pen and psnail, anil
he American public will
1 ariety of magnificent
The Holly Springs "Guard," nH
thePonola -Lynx - will please co:s
1 or two months.
Hernando, May 22, 1015.
S hereby given by me J. T. M. B
brif?crr fn,t.Tr nfii..
- " u:u 1 I OU.ITe L-)il l l
national subjects for
va feci asjura 1 that
sjstain. Ma enierorise.
cngr.T-inX Iv.o .Magnzina' in the world has 1,UUola COUr.ty and state of Mississi-
;TM';n,Xf,r" ::,i,rL0,,cJ35am nv muon to me
... ........ ... ....wisurs every DrancIl of
art is broagnt into requisition, and every noveitv
in society, or incident in American h
that can interest or innruct the reader, is seizor!
are still calmly pursuing i.; a stvle that ,;,f,
a.f competition. 1 he not Us3 brilliant idea o
i.listratmg toe heroism of American i.a,E8
bjra,er,esof engrav.nss and narratives which
, serve m place m t.e,r tn,? Jrght the pntrint
,.m devotion aj,d sell-sacrifice of our fa, Jae ai
ess m the revolutionary war, nphatlcally
called Tin, npr.oic AGK OF .;CJ
original wuh us. Other incidents of revp ationVrv
l:storv will nlm f,rn;.i. -..1.: , -.vviuiionary
isi..-, .V.T.;: : ""J1 Ior the cmbe!
.. me turning year. Anion
on t.ve spot, ci tha plaeaa in which tha
larkaine battles have Coon fought
vings will be of tha bigriast order of art-
, ...... ,,, u.u-j, lu ensure a nfrmn.
tht eljgenca for which tUrs
have alrcfldv bermnri-c-.!.iit.,i . s
1 11 ".. -,. . v nave i-.ii-
graved M i. tNrtilie for three years, on American
an 1 lUviu.'nis. 1 remi'im
lil Wrilniit
G. Urewten. unA lM;oi.,,.V.'
IJrewton his wjfe, formerly Eliza! t
C. Wright; by their atto'rnev T.
Turner, all of said county and ta'
who claims an undevided portion
l-anu an mat tract ol laud belrr
ofa!Hheroret.in,L.VKLvANUI.mu0VN.Tu; ; f artists ,n our employ. Among the
the moment t&eir characters a-e aistinctll- devel VJf totfntfonh "! volamet for
oP3d and pmnouaced. The hoIr TJ it ll euu"'.er?t following-American
lira a 1-
.3 most .re- county, l?nown as the west half j
The en.rfS. P ractional Section fom- Tnu n.-k; I
the whole Union, Ins become ote "hal.iMa lo and we Range seven west.
innLviibooi. our ongmal idea cf ill Gratia- n-v-v'; '
Amsucan h: story by views of battle-bounds tLK
1 have
nominated John IT h' ;
E. Q. Vanc, and Albert II. iiu.di
Pfirvimicin-i,-i.. 1 1
""m"M,u'l;i uiviae said trae' iff
land into equal shares or portions, e. ail
niiiess proper ol.ierimna ..m
. .1 .v.i.j ui u iinri
?rav.Ss. in addition to thi.-, we h.-ve entered
uno a permanent encasement wit;, k 1.
J S'ri rVr's 1 '.'h, Kw.-k .for Se July ierm of said
nn.n a e may mention a series of ehant Indian
and Prairi3 .scenes. Got .in in ,'Q t.T?L .
court "ir
rOt im in lllORt mrnrnlK......
styir, and representing fro,,, sketches taken ff0-n
jests already executed are,
The reception of the news of
1. 11... -,.. T ; .
.. . entertainment of the british
on-.cer-by hlte-Female g a ll a xtr y by
Hubert Tos storming of red bank fort -bv
HanMlton-Co.nt Dunop's mo.iument-by Ilam-
1 . . " ....... .,,0 wc.iiiuiiJOWIl hntt 1 ,.
unjersicnc.l. AUnsirM Rascll Smith Ttn i,-..i. " .'."".'7
..-in . 1 : . ... . hiif -.to on. : I . I " iWl-tCl
ia '"r'.311' January Term , V ;i;"r' :.. .X -e artIt3- Another neir
a.u. ltidool the Probate Court-nfPo. " 1 wc Tw ProP0 or the first
.In t.i i - - . ' "'" ' iHi.uig na.i artisti AntA r..,
nib accounts lor "tmal tjvelve-months in working it 0u, '"Z
Term A. D. w'i" P1"8 to :l0tT3 lh? fnte of t!,s -nrt8Ucement
1 icdiatc. it win consist of rM.
a..buit.. hlin llllir,! Mr'. I ill II. 11 CrnMK X"
2 tlia snh- i.. "r'A oar western
llL l uune,,, views, engraved bv tho
. , sai"3 house, wnich have beremoSi .;r,nI,. , ,
mgton fisht nonular. wi!l al h, ':,80JS deJ WI(ic 7
nam county and sta'e, on the first !y
ofsa.d luiv fern,, which is tne - stl
dav of July next, the said io!lH H. K th!
I. il. ance, and .4l!ri tt i.,.,,.i
Returns Ins ihanks to his friends and
he public generally, for the; r very
iberal patronage heretofore, & assures
lllh"m - Pains V
..I 11 in iiuuru
noia county, hied
settlement at the March
1845 of said Court :
"Notice ia herehv nicon u
. 1U4111 persgns co
interested in said Est aP. t(l ilUniirl t of
said Term of Court, and show onuc ;r Tb
anv thev havn. uU r;.,i 1 " . hut
' ocuiemeiii Our nrnf.rn , .""li nates
and allowance of said accounts should $nt
not then be made. . b ,i " 6.Ct VljSi.rat've of American
JAMKS RJTirn-iM ., ..... arrav of talUm : "'"S1" a "Plendid
, , "vi 1 in. Jiunir , J ; " iieid. l ie award lna
. I, T?i. c r- . Iiffn rirtti-.nr.o,l C. .. tivvura lias
"i iiiu uisiuiu 01 i
ceased. January 25
temaie heads engraved
wind, we may instance that
wlncn Im3 never been eqiale
wru oe nrther supplied by
1 1 - ir'tncfi 'i , 1 , t , -. 1
art, are unnvale.I , the worjd. We ,nav safel v
say that we hav, all the best artist Soy
0:1 Graham., Uur. portrait -?ini.
bit tinie of several accomplished artist'' t, .f 1
rst are iVelch Waiter, G . P, t lr' 1 5 w ho!"
r 11 . r '-, -.iaiKer, and othr
for Portraits.of autliops is.n fr,Mm .:!, . . ,
"ill then be appointed by me
sioners tn mnl-n -t:.:.- . '
wuoil OI SP.!,J
1 '
y this fi,inZ: : l'ura o an act, enlitlea an art
of .Mrs s,,i,J! corning the partition nf i-,. i.
. . - i'.ili-j - littlU., Ii' : ,
d iu this remi.-.-t onarceneis. Jomt.tnn.. ,
tq- p - n . ' miauls, ana 1
7 ... . - ... vuiiiui.M. ' 11 vnn n i. . t t
f authors is.a fraMre ori-;r,n 1' ".u!
proprietor cf (.ir.ham, and successfnlly caVied
out. Wc oefv anv m..,.;,;.. .- .. .til-rl'1
state vien in which the ,,Ccin;rit:a c " r. ' .i . v'' "oihus. wir
, ui (c prv tar 1 s
common: given nn,!Pr,m- 1
ana 1 seal, this the 2Ch day of
UAo' ' J- T- M BURlJRIlKi
,n r. Judge of Pro'
. r. D.' TURNER Solicitor for 1
- - . . . .
k -S rTI I i 11 1 i
1 N. 1ir V' ...
Thr,rr2f -itory rnagnincant' mJz lo.n,. V ' T J
is idea will of course ic '1 '11' e n3?J say to the r 5
our readers will nrtf r "7. .1 y. u;?3rs? .iam, Mat these brillian picture '
r m
ionics (.i'"fcl
Panola. Miss. Jau. 1, j c 15
S. KUFFIN. Adm'r ,array 01 lailen! int0 ths fie,(1- Ti aword
Zimry W. Tail de- 1 ?'nthoafo Jonr
of ,. A i 1 tnf hest "graving - w Ml
this day
ho partnershin hRk-ntmi;,
i,i,a.. ,i - vAistm
I'ClirtHI i we
XTIE. plates, ia doMtWo aV rat8 stel
JI G undersigned. Administrator of P-a of envi thi' lSJ
d' the Esiate df(?Qofe. W. Terry, e- Nation will Wrve to f.-m "Tcv
deceased, having, at the Janurav Term VuZT ??sts" of e.-uroliishmeuM
v - . - . .- . e j i
has n i k .i - i . .
j-ios'ctf by Th
1 I V I r . .
"1 townnrihnr.! . .
oi r,id i , ; , V1? &urrci norsc, 5'tt
, I .I.illM C PliT . 11 l l
mezzotmisc.-erisn-l i a..,,---. " "".v - ...fen, Milan Dlazc CP
iiiuin..i. :i i.'i fii ii,i-. in' n i i . . . . i i .
eitOi-tshave.rpp5arcdin this iV0.-k. flower LVZ. '. 't'u u,uu iuot wh.tc and C
romnaiure, 'truthfully draw bv.an . i, lo &20. July
coansrted with f, ,,f i.-A '". lcUc.rs on topics
a feature of ,h- ZVl?webV WjI1 fcrm
10, 1C45.
W. S. KTRiTit r. ,.
m J ratnx of the Esatc of James t
rei deceased has filed 1
A H lOlR r.u r." . . J ' h-now oil"
- - w v. y V . Ul I i U - ' ' . V llrl fj KJUfJ
Panola county, filed his
'n in t;:
accounts lor
the undersigned, has been final settlement at the March Term A I)
dissolved by mutual consent. 1 8 5 of said Court
'S-tYlN WILLEli- '" No,ico is hereby driven to:all person
Xv ILLIA1M SMITH internsfP.l r. e,;,i i?Y., , '
Tn.... or-,... -m- oU,u i.n,mt, .iu ituena a'
i'M recogni
'Aiiscrica in
U TVeal, E A Toe, H II v,i, UJ,".
punish a sartes of amusing sketde;;;; H"e November Term of the ProiH
2 ISfii h'i!aa 1 by Croo'e or Da; ,y Co"rt of Tallahatchie County for al
letirrSo.LoJtiiY-' i ont ofs,id Estate at the ill
c,,,ei 4 .. ' . or r.JL. Grand. Kan inrv T..-.-, i o i r- - - . r. 1
H"""i w iiwivorp. u-h.T-;n , 1 : toto vl said I 'nt! rf f
.1 . . - in 111,111 ii r ncn na tl. All '
uie earnest 1 te.-a ;,n: u" " A
tjpvAS psled by ANI)REV' WAR
liLx, hv.ng four miles Nortl - west of
1 harsalia 1 dark bay horsr ft n
offer a Magazine, in every respect equal to the 'earso!d, A hands high, a small star
old three dollar magazines at one-third less co,t. in the forehead, has a smal ,vh:
In, price ot Peterson's National is th-rfm- ri..-r t., ic. . , . 1 nile
olyTA'ODOl.f.AIW per annum, cash, fn ad CSc . X ,ln0,' has had
.Miisiuia ana swmney. and appraised
interested in said Estate, to attend at
saia term ol Coart,and show cause,
ny tnoy have, why final settlement
auu auowance of said accounts shSui
uoi men be made
of the Estate of Geo. W. Terry dee'd
-auuary zi), 1SJ45 3
zing tnem as t!ie leading w
ni"UD iiicifiiurB-Tnit -t.-:i. .... . - j t1 -viiiiiont-r. ft'vi u.
and essay writing. Jhzzoiints. It
ative, sketch pnffs paid for by Lrer-sterl .Tn v 7
s n.i)v anl rritVi ' e'"8t.5.7Poy,Siw. editorial
and intprnet
persons interested nrn hf.rf.hvi
quired to atfrmr? a t .. C
.. ua iii-., .vn
r: n co ir.n.. .1 . . .
..uuy mey nave why such lit
semcmnt and allowanrenPsaM
shall not b; made. f
formerly Elizabeth Garret. Admxl
jus. uarret, decd.
-3 w.
pp raised "if HE unde
cJOr-,lLZl".0rdr fm a '?iT-i, io,;M- b KEIT.H R' p' c' B 'y !oca himself
- i"iui i a . j
raigried having permanent
interest, which is
Tit. T
ijau-ys Jjooir. tK
persons indot.tj . "
. " ...'v.iing oi merit any cotemprar es Grp-tn, c , . E4 wn.u iu iiir Ulisu
uiv-.uestcu to call and settle
agent, he pnblhaer o.fers the following termscoa
parsons disposed to club, viz'.
1 copy $J,'K) per annum
.'1 copies Jso,')!! ,,cr annum
.8 copies, .10,00 per annum, .
17 copies j1 ftdprjr annttin
For '', 1 1 we will pp I one copv of the S'atur
day Courier and two copies of rhe "National."
This money must be current funds, and sen
postpaid in advance.
To every Postmaster, or o' tier person gettin"
upacltiwewilliulour amual for 1K15, o
any of the new novels! I'.,r every sub-
eoriber w e will sen, if required, n new novel.
Or for every Club of 17, or two Club.' of tf, or for
Cldbspf 3, we will stid a copy of tha Magazine
gratis (or one year.
-w. prepared to execute all
nr ...I.: ,-,r ' "lc an
nfiT U. -ii: ,., -"V ""-'I' 1
rHiefaaluonabl3 world, for tl., n
-el features in the iSSS
Ibis plat-e. i- in course nrenaration. for Li ' ' ,'. . "W
nrnrl- i. , W3 choose to annmnc.. 1-,-f nn .i.:' .... easo;i3
win (ii ,11-s . . .... " in una TOIinprt.nn
IIIC. on tho .Iw...... ...:... viz: Ths boaW i.., Zr """""
pEPT Con..,y on hand, and for " -m,,e,a 'd ,,0 nn 'r SirV2- H3rWh7 Z
uiscussea." In t h s ,i., . .... , ,.
l","rlTJa-.' -rfWthe gent-
. ,Q1IB. a .ircster tins nrm.i ,:.... .
..I.IV.J JlJ
P tf
n Siinprlnr artiftr. nf l. i m i
, ....v.ui i uh uiiu niaaeira
May 23th, 1C45. ig. tf
For sale.
I will sell at a bargain ibn
. ; &
1 -
river, w
. , . "."7 uc 1UUI1U
times. Pann n m;
, ..... .xy. io lU Jo.
2 3w
wm. e. farmer.
street lea,- 7" mting e-rmdifion,, anlfwhe the ex alarge supp W IhS. ",ade arra""
ire to thi Pl?'tsofth3 ftmotH Indian killers nr,fi cnr8:,?P5.r.f"?,n.a,..mu81c with
house fc I'anola,
in which I now
I! Apr rano!a,!3, 15
Irom the mi hi 5 f ploit3 of ths Tr
, djiiuiu l(J lnG - ... ,nn minus
here he may bo four,,! -in 8t,1"ur-n8.i themes fos purely nati.
children by the
lul " j give inn names .ol onr wiitf-rs"
i ' a wm show that they are the
b&stin Auierica.
Terms of Gerdey's Mag'zim.
1 copjr, j year?
2 copies, 1 vear, - - - .
5 copies, year, - - - .
copies, I yar, . . . . 8
II copies, I vear, ... . .
ADDRESS T. A nriTir'-tr
anlG0 6hfl;3"al,. Philadelphia. G'odey's
an lGrnhsnPs Mnazini wirr bo r-..:u,.., i. '
-A i.il,j;:i-a.
arrangements ffir
Administrators Noticl
Ti'.?,55 f adnnisration If
the Uifl annexed. h,'w tl
granted to the undersigned'; at!
me tion. l'robatc C
Tho m a s II. T it r n c a
Wil" pr,aclI? in te Circuit Courts
t . ianoa A alluhatchie, Yalobusha,
Lafayette, Marshall and Desoto counties
u.e nanccry Uourt at Holly Spr
.and the Federal court at Pontotoc
on the cst.itfnf f
ham. npuonto Gyi- Not ce S herehv rriu
Jh.lt US s;o!a f . irtrtkiwl 1 . . i
r:Tiina v.- i . . . ..iuvuitu iu 11 i pcmf .
u - r ., ,n.r nnilurn . a . -is IU
' . AnY tostmaster. nr mi... nersnns rmc 1 J
person, wis lnnr to sc n .t i ..v..,,,- ,aiu!
come forf
ment, anl
. n i i f- on :
will be furnished hv .nJ a BP?mr late, are notified to nrMOM .J
uMfir V. ... ' the under? rrnorl. i J
Tribune Olf;
ICO Xas3aa-street k..v ' t Within the time nresrrihn,!
ontce pt S. 1 v
lhr.Tr umII I.. . . M
H1TST V,,..a .. , "tu 'orcver barred. . R
J COD Fi. . , uncs.' , . v JAMES M. LAMB, a
bv ni v i V '-''VeTy (Ohuie crtatefWrh. Ilovls.d
"j uy JOHN P. JV(jy-j)M 'iT' ; - . - - -
A3 1
'hat c
"iter i
r I"
J 1
or i
rs a
ts I

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