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The lynx. (Panola, Mi. [i.e. Miss.]) 1845-1845, November 29, 1845, Image 1

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"'"ffiftv'rent"'"'' l',(lne,u insertion, i
4 ur'rti",'l "fil l'prs,",aI nnuuc will in i
H,. 1,. .-luirftl loull price of ordinary ad I
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. lt,r who advprtifc by the year to anil
1 ..-..iintM HiaWeit for the' inteiost ol nit r-
tiClf"," ...flUn rVirp.t lull, llf lllixi-
JW Kcilli & Koclictl. licvotcd lolVcivs, Politico, Commerce, Agriculture, &c. Two Dollars in Advance.
-A ("eduction will I)
"Eternal Vigilance is the ru i c i: of Li h e
11 T V
A Ivrrt
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ie yf:irt- ndvertier will lo char;;cl for
rntc'v at tle ordinary rntfs.
I'MlrJ'ionnl cards not alteraUo for the year,
, ' leu linV or l-i!3 ten dollar.
'"lV n-i.M of candidate for county ofin'rs w ill
(';rl,.l ...rf,ved.UarM.ava!,h.aluv,.ncd-
,,,.nnd Svt? nffii-M trn iMlnrj.
VOL. 1.
Wicl circular-rconn,, j' hBlf
dividual ,! .mist l,c paid in
dav a- r.mvenient not later in any
V j ,,0il.lr than Thnr-day nht.
,).VO!ll mint be paid fo
!p . r,;K in.it I.? paid on all letter?, or tlicy wil
tor on
, .
on ,
fie ;
3 IvJ
i i i'j
As it shall Imj unexceptienablc in all re
spects. It is intended to. invest it. with
that kind of well-written miscellany
which will render it eminently quali
fied to supply the. wants of both city
and eountrv rcadersafiordinii an a-
I grceahli amount of choice variety, with
,lvBnce. Mn nia,jird with the mimhrrof j matter of a tnorc solid and important
iSTJill" continued 'till lorhid, and any character.
raf,o.i made alter 'T ' J The editorial dopartjnent has beQn
i'1" . ..... ...,.i,m 1 favor us lv handing - .,
llPril t . I !tlt.!.. .... .1 n't.ni.ihnnn ha
! editor an writer are well known hy the
i American public. n discharging the :
j duties connected with that department, !
i ho will receive, and unite with his own ;
i time and pensoiial attention, the aid of j
some of the best talent in the country.:
i Ajranccmcnts have been mode for
Th. MH fro... MMphi. arfMrson lot-dav extCnSivc Home and Foreign Cor- j
i!Sat,ir(hv-SMtl oo o,-k noon, and depart . n , wfitpM nf pm:nfinre f
arc engaged to .contribute in this man- !
I ner sketches of men and .society with j
j portraitures of all the variety of custom j
i :m,l rlinrnptpr5. to be found in various!
j parts of l he world.
I A striking feature in tire general
jcharnctar of the Saturday Emporium,
i will be its bold and graphic
1 sKFri'MKs ok Mi-ynioHM.rrAN i.ifk.
There w ill appear from time to time,
illustrated by engravings, ana win lorm
D r n jt n y.
Written for tltr. L'n.r.
Addressed to my wife.
When from far distant climes, we
first met, my beloved,
Long, long ago, long ago,
Your faith then was plighted; and
well was it proved,
Long, long ago, long ago,
Chill penurys minds then assailed
our way
Iut love warmed our hearts, and en
livened the day,
Long, long ago, long ago.
I often have mused on the fervor
Jiail Arrangements,
Phill. His facetiousness arid love" ot
fun were proverbial. And although he
has long since been gathered to his fa
thers, -and there has.been no biography
of him, yet he still Fives in tho legjn
dary stories of the country in which he
resided, to .all intents and purposes as
fresh as if a Washington Irving had
chronicled his deds. .
One unacquainted with Phill would,
on first sight, mistake him for a plain,
homespun-clad clergyman. At the da'c
of the occurrence to which we are about
to allude, he was fifty years of age,
though his appearance would not indi
cate more than thirty five. He was of
common size, with a slight disposition
to corpulency, exhibiting a remarkably
doors and ran for hoim; but out rushed
the corpse after him 1 The race down
Thurmond lane was run without any
jockeying on John's side, lor if he had
any thought on this subjec at all, he con
sidered it lus last race. About half way
the lane (and it extended nearly to
Il'imsv's house) John received a blow
Lei" na-ordujary violence. upon his. naked
head for in his hurry he left his hat
soon after another, and then another,
and vhen a fourth, fifth, sixth, and divers
smallor ones. Either of the six bfows
first received would have fell John; bit
for his supernatural ellbrts. Near his
own house, Phill left him, and whilst
waitinir to "ct a little breath, heard
John ru-sh violently against the door,
dii1 at
I o'clock the sanitf day?,
i Uird arrives on Wednes-
, , l .11 Ir
IvJii.i--- o'-loi-k, and d-'pam Tuesday
.,t i nt I n'clock.
M..;i ! n mi I a r. o. I v.i nrrmv
,,-o.-k, n.vl departs
of youth,
If the visions of love, were the p.;c- j clear, light complexion, with small blue ! breaking it open. and falling midway in
eyes. II is countenance, upon the whole, I the room, to the consternation and suc
was preposessmg, and would have been ! prise of his lamily
I si Mai
.f liii; at
on Alondav
,, Ah l for Carrollton closes on Sunday evp-
M iM for (Kfor.l clones on Monday cve-
v1- nt "
. M. I l"..r "IeiiV);llS CIO" 3 Oil
,n i
istiinl-iv at 'l o'clock noon.
Ml I)
'.'1st of Sept. IC l l.
f Tales, S'oetry, Iieends,
hy Skb Smith, and puldishnd l-y S.
p, 'j. Na 1 : Fulton St., Now York,
a new era m me ueveinpuuiu-iua vi
ciety, civil, scial, an(f domestic, politi
cal "and public life. The evils abound"
imr in fashionable society will l tin-
masked, the deep degradation of the
abandoned made visible, the spialt ot
licentiousness which prevails to an a
larmtng extent in all clashes of the com
numitv' walking abroad at noonday
with a'Uild and independent air, will
bo rebuked and held up for public gaze
and, in due, public abuses and private
evils, of whatever nature or name, w
. . 1 I.
Uithout imend.ng or w.sinng iu u.v - ,llirrnntfi(, and exposed, and what
publisuers i . . .i. n.,ur
other works, the
iWiv m the charsrc ol
'n t.i make the Hover the best.
lf h
on , O:
!I U !'!
t mriff
l c r,,r nriee. amoiin tue van-
oas pcriortcals of the country. Each
(Tkly iimnbei contains sixteen large
,.,,'es of U-aJtifuMy printed choice mal
ii,.ritha teautilul steel engraving.
ttiiJUdonc up in a highly emlellish
..Jiliuininat.'d cover, making two vol
umes a yeur, o.mprising C'J'J pages and
ol s!ccl plates.
Tli..- w.irk has now lived to an age to
i i -ti,
u i line
rue' of
is, raid
atpc to
irt ;lr
st e'ay
le ? t
. K- StU
or pints
J Lot!,
c. cn-
l: ; by
J Tea
iv IuihI
f April
bv Pfl'-i,
; GOCi
il of ti
p, ,r"tir
r n ll
A m tuomntfi the nuhuc
1. 11. .-I. nil PliPlMl'n
1 1... r w ei uii iu n i-vi.v-
and support.
! The publishers will spare
alor or expense in furnishing the pub
lie with a paper which shall hcunerpual
j ed. in any attainable point of excel -;
lenee, by any other similar publication
! in the world.
Subscription Two Dollrrs per year,
in advance.
CO" Letters on businc must be post
I : 1 " ; .. nttnntiriil
decree a characier lo r ' w, ,n . nnuatW
- i ii, l r.Q iv .All vv .'ii in .
i . ..ir I w:iit;iiiI . eonn-r . x, ,
m.vaK rr i .-cii, mm , :jll Ann street .ew mri
its stabduy. preler noi
turcs of truth ,
Long, long ago, long ago;
Put our warmth of aflection, and
confidence tried.
Is now with. my wife, as it was with
my bride,
Long, long ago, long ago.
The landscape of morning was
lovely and gay,
And love as the dsw-drops that
sparkled in May,
Long, long ago, long ago.
The calm mellow evening, now cheers
my soul best,
And the sun gilds more pleasing the
.clouds in the west,
Long, long ago, long ago.
Iove's mantle, embroidered bv
fervor and truth,
Long, long ago, long ago,
Knoiicled us both in the spring-time
vof.vouth, -
Ions ago, long ago!
Lovcs garden enriched ' with her
fruits and her vines,
Can now give more joy than Pe
ruvian mines,
Long, long. ago, long ago!
Dost thou remember the evening we
Long, long ago, long ago!
Then, then you. told mb how fond
ly you loved,
Long, long ago. long ago:
strikingly so, but for Us .very serious j .What account "John
of the
and almost solemn cast of expression. rnights adventure to his wife and chil
lle seldom smiled, and when he did, it i dren was never known, as they observ
was with a motive. It was hi 3 invari- : ed a dogged silence on the subject and
able practice, whenever he left home, to j soon after left the neighborhood,
drink freely, which had no other ctFect Some fewdavs after this resurrection,
upon his intellect or countenance than to
sharpen .the formgr. and render more
serious, if possib e, the "expression of the
latter. It was really amusing as well
as curious, to'wituess the eonsumalion
lheprtrti.es met. I nil, with the most
serious countenance the human fucc
ever assumed, expressed himself to-be
under lastin'g obligations to John,, for
that in fact and in truth he was dead,
of one of his plans or tricks. When but that John's attempting to swindle his
. 11 t.i .11--
widow had urougtu mm to nie, auu ui;r.
hf bad always said that such rascality
would make him. ""bile" even out of ljis
he stranaesUmd most ludicrous events
'(brought Hbnut altogether by his contri
vance) would occur, and every one pre
sent was ccHivrulscd with irrepressible
laughter except tho objjet of his at
tack, -who would be boiling with-,rage or
overwhelmed with' confusion there
would sit Phill, wtih a ccuntcnince that
would lend additional gloom to a f moral
but let
to inaKe a maga.iuu
ilcii.r in
lo sound i'iir own praises,
u,-U. if tbev will i)iai-e
lave lairered ban
lor the great mass ot tin.- community,
that should be the best tha' could possi
bly be oil'.' red for th. price, combming
iiiMusciueiit with instruction, disscmi
uaiinga tnste lor th arts and uncour
iigitijju whtdesomc and elevated litera-
llow far wc have been successful in
the tiuaimncnt of these objects does not
ko,o ,,s to sav. That the Rover has
hetn sustained by the public,
j From the. Macon (Ga.) RepuhHcan
Tho undersignod having purchased . owest Judical Tribunal inGeor-
of . A. Tylku Hs... the It ecUfffMcgis- . Juslice Court Limited in its
, . i : il..;. .l.itw in nildrrss . i .!.- i-i
teriy'CT, ccem ii ihvn,u7 - - Jurisdiction to sums unuer iniriy uoi
John, on the other hand declared
most solemly it was a deliberate attempt
on his lifer that it was PhilPs intention
! to kill him with fear or the stick, or
both, and that if such things were only
procession. - - i 'coHisanf in Squire Jo DurhanVs Court,
Although he was well known and , he would .Vnake him smoke for it.
dreaded by a certain class of the com- Whither John went no one knew ex
munity, yet he was always welcome ac'ly. But after, Georgia had enacted
wherever he went. He had"an uncon- n law" which prevented Indians or their
(luorabln tlislike to daubies. loafors, i Jescendants ' from testifying against
idlers, and persons of suspicious char- ; White parsons, and had extended their
acter. It was from among the?e he "se-1 jurisdiction over the Cherokee nation,
loeted his victims. So deep, well laid ' Phill swore that if John was deaj he
and mysterious were his plans, the indi-1 would come to life and move amongst
vidual he doomed to public ridTcule eould , the Indians, as he would have such a
Oli then a pledge from your lips ( never suspect ilcm, until escape was mi- nne cnance in tnc jusuce wuris ."nc.
nave new life. possible. t. QVUAia.
Give the tdedge now as you did then, I Phill studied well the chnracter of v
1 Ramsey, weighed it iu the balance, ana ;
: found it wanting. Ho laid his plans to
1UISHAND. i drive him Irom the country, which sue-;
'rceeded admirably, as we shall - soon sec.
lie became exceedingly tnendly and ,
intimate with him made. Ramsey his";
friend as firmly as posslple for tho lat
ter to be
The runaway, slave, Frederick Dou
glass, lately went out rn one of the
Cunard Steamers, with a design to en- '
lighten the people of Groat Britain, on
the subject of his Lectures, American
Slavery by which he gratifies the Ma
lignity of our enemies at home and
abroad, and what is to him of more im
portance, lines his pockets with cash.
The last day of the voyage, the Cap
tain of the Steamer, with many other
. jgentlemen, and some ladies, hearing
that Douglass was a goad speaker, de
sired to have a "touch of his quality"
on the promenade deck. During his
remarks he opened a iiook, and began
to read the code of slave laws in Sjim'i
Carolina. A gentlemen from Connec
ticut disputed the sentences as they
were read. He was sustained by tho
slave-holders and most of the other
American? on board, while Douglass
was backed by the Englishmen. The
account of which came from one on
board at the time, says: ''The Captain
was Very cool at first, but finding him
self grossly insulted by a slave holder
from New Orleans, (who made his
boast that he "owned a hundred and
tin rty niggers'") he (Captain) order-l
the boat-swain to call the 'watch, uu
have lhrce')airs of irons ready at. a mo-me-nCs
learning. lie then adJressed
h.mself to" the audience about as fol
lows:' 'Gentlemen, I . was once the '
owner of two hundred slaves. If I had
them now I should not bo obliged to
follow the sea. dlut they were liberated?
and it teas rigftt. Frederick Douglass
may ppeak. 1 am Captain of this ship.
No mention is here made of the insult
to the slave-holdets and others by per
mitting a negro slave to make a speech
on the promenade deck of the steamer.
We hope our southern people will take
tins matter into consideration, and those
who have business abroad will avoid
the Cunard line of Steamers which run
from Boston to Liverpool, unless this
Captain is removed Irom his post, or
proper amends are made. It is due to
the South, also, that ofiicial persons
should find some ojher mode of convey
ance. Raleigh Indejtendent.
mv wife,
long ago
The fecret treaty which Santa Ana
formed with the authorities of Texas,
by which he obtained his own liberty,
& preserved the army ol Mexico, nas
While "this neighborly feel-' jut teen published by Texas, of which
i.i - t.i :
.t,r.cMY,: tn ts Patrons niiJ me .uut.,
in relation to the manner in whichit will,,
in future, be conducted. .
i .i ...iim'inif ibe h"h dutv ol
III lllUS U3.- . o
larfl. it is enacted by law that the par-
i ties litigant have the power to .establish
their demands and otfsets by ttieir- own
oaths. The policy of this infringement
. ... t . . - . . - V'lll 11"
. . - .....i.t:. run i ipv mnv. - . . . . c i
conducting a muuv, r , j 1 ol the rules -oi cviuence i54v:.y iuc-
perhaps have presumed too mucn upon i lionnb as ;t gives, the dishonest nnd
ntJit M'am the inuuigenet; w.
, . i.i
, i.; .. ; ,t f.4'an( l ie lnumtieiiiu
public; but they feel assured, that it
application and unremitting attention,
be the chtel retpnsuus iu ...oU.y.
liberal and cniiguienuu
mmfatu-vand up to the present tune,
- . r r in
a to.gh lett to ma.,e : P "' " " 's " r llUter will
ibe world without any extraneous !imbllf),llcsUca-
i)r inllueticc, is a recommendation ol cerlain pP(T;stor
.character and an evidence of public Thc plllical aspect of the Register
. r.... wiiiob makes us ...:ir ...lorrrn no clianoe. lo tne wing
nnsorunulons a decided advantage over
the upright and conscientious, in settling
ihncn minor frnniroversies that invari-1
W. i linn
in g" was at the highest, Phill, just at the
close of a long spree he had tajien at the j
court house, where Ramsey, knew he,
hud been, and from, whence he had j
made several unsuccessful efforts to
take hinVpretended to die one night af
ter intimating to his family what he in
tended,d an instructing them , in their
performance of the solemn farce. Ac
crdingly,a shroud was made, and Phill
laid out in real funeral style' he how
ever .carried into his shroud a good
grow out of the
About thirty-five or forty years ago
there lived in the middle part of Gear-
oLa arf individual who was famous for
niinentin its favor, which makes us j WUI undergo no change. To the Win i aVailin2 hfniself 0r the aforesaid statu
iA ratified and grateful. Without i parJy wc beloirg; and in the Tanks ol , 'pr"ovisio;i. No man could be fotid
.... .B..,:ni .l.nnn in the plan of the I ,tiat ,,artv, .wc intend to do battle, whctli f law-9Uit3 th John Ramsy.
. ii -..i?.- .nnn tiw tniirth I - rinfir norcli nnon our standard, orj . nrnnr;Dlw.A in pnrlv life had
urk we snau imi i'u" ui i.uu.;
Ad m.Oi
mrs La !
o Probati
.- for a fl
it the Ja?:
hereby r
and -sho
sr.eh fii.
id urx'oun
v.'umw. nf ibe wor k with a steady pur
'viuiuu wi .
tHJscto sustain its interest and useful-.
mss, and to embrace every opportuni
ty to increase the value of the work. .
Terms. Single copies three dollars
i year; two copies for five dollars, and
live copiM for ten dollars. Post Mas
ts arc amWi zed by law to forward
U-ription money free of charge.
V Y. Saturday Hinponm"
OfLiteraturc, Agriculture, tho Mcchan
ic and Pine Arts, Political Economy,
Criticism, Metropolitan Life, Do
mestic and Foreign News, Politi.
i cal and Commercial Intelli
gence, Statistics, Talcs, Po- ? ,
etry, Music, Engraving?,
kVc, Nutral in poli
tics and religion.
Pr Courts i where he found the con
v i l.A .lAin.minJ en In
ownW-SO mucn so, ne ulidiuh. i
, r I rncrn nrOUIld US.
aeicat unu : . v
hold the principles of the h.g party
to be the true principles of thc Govern-ment-f-lhe
princiilcs handed- dowr. to us
by the sages of 7G.
Although thc result or the recent .con
test has proved most disastrous to us--although
our banner.has trailed in the
dusMlthough -Us -stars and stripes
l,o., -nrntvil suddenly Uim, ai.u uu,
nrtn; routed and scattered, . every T 1wsiv nrftVided with legal evidence
CI I Mivw w - - . i I CV4 i . j - - w
where, vet, like vauam. Su.u.v..o, j0hn became so nminenuy m.u.
i t n o r ip ' re 'u ii v hl
transactions of I hickory cane with n.nj. une oi tne
! negroes was despatched in great naste
to lnlorm Uamsey ot me mounnui
evcnt,and requested his immediate at
tendance. Notwithstanding John's many
1 faults? he was a kind neighbor, and
particularly so to PhilTs famity. Uver
he cameras soon as he possibly conld ai
the . hour ol midnighl. With tears
streaming down his cheeks, he entered
. the annartment where lay the corpse of
1 cnt th( iiisp.onso-
science of witnesses not so phant as h.s . "r " ,V , :n hfir
a littlp experience in early life had
prejudiced him greatly against the high-
late widow with her face burjed in her.
iY Sai V thv a disputes handkerchiefto conceal her emotions.
"f. -How are you Mrs. Thurmond?-
sobbed John.
with his neighbors and the -world gen
erally should, to use his own-expression.
be "conisant" (cognizable) in the Justi
ticeV Courts. There he could proceed
ithout the expense of counsel, ana
1 I A ll.n
will snatchup our Uann.crnu uruS,.
dust from its folds; and rally for tinoth-
er contest. .
-ru u.Utor will not be devoted ex-
x nv . ...... ,
clusivelv to Political rntelligence. As
"va leiv-is the spice of life," we intend
.... .. i:r.. ,1 insrtrnct anu us
will bom cu.o ".,... .;n.
.,M;hnrs Will COntincmeir u..
to amuse and dei.gnt ou. - "
i n .ii.,. ...mn time publish wnai
we snau bi " . ; , nB fK
tended Spiiro "Jo Durham's Court" ot
the 65Gth District of Georgia Militia
land carried on there- a kind ot steam
law practice to some protit. n was cu
rious to witness his prosecution or de
rann nf suits. If he conld not con-
vince Judge Durham by quotatious from
ninvton's "Georgia Justice," "Prince's
. i s ii&s
- T 4
:ion M
ned, at t
obatc Cou
it ate of VV
3 a','. rs1
ome (orPi
tin st saw
t the sai:
1 bi
d. . x '
S. ii'
r.urrr.D uy edmu.nu v.. gkken ,
Tho subscribers have made arrange
rs for publishing in the city of New
ark, a weekly newspaper, lobe called
'Saturday Emporium." It will be
r 'Leu on a folio sheet of the largest
tensions, embracing thirty six col
Ur"r.s of reading matter. The quality
f tlie paper and the typographical exe
wlion will be orthc most superior char
ac!r. The first number will puplish
,n Saturday Jnnc 30. ..
A3a full, comprehensive, misccllanc
J'Js newspaper, the Emaorium shall not
fje surpassed by any other in the Uni
xf States. It will cmbracecvery thing
,h cm be brought within the range
plte newsgatherer, the literature, the
le'ter writtcr, the poet, philosopher and
ciUc. u w;n prcscnl a daguerreotype
r,le of hfe as i is men as they are
Otters and things as they seem; and
Fhing shall ln wnni!nr to make it a
Lrrv.o the business ofcbnduct-
the paper, they may venture to
Xise their svbscribers. an .ntcrcst-'.-niM
-For the next two years a
,nf- nft.ct for iho Presidency is
political cOn.C-1 ior h
not to be anticipated , and, iu 0
time, we intend to stnv. .
in nlcasc our patrons iw. , - -alwPayrgivingPall
a chance j lo bo
beard, excluding personalities, and giv
in" ofiencc to none. '
The Terms of the Register, will be
S3 00 in advance. .tTir
9 Wm. S. KEITH.
Panola Dec, 14, 1841.
A a tvi 11 anncar from our
have changed the nairofpajn
head, we
pldlarU, Hopkins & Co.
I it & 2 1 B a n k P 1 a c c,
UIUT - o .
- . I . I 1. '
DiSt,77 Or the IU -lpmaaaj,
(which latter authority he always left
at home) he would deliberately take a
swear at the case himself, and as the
.vrlmnn sav, 'knock out the black:'
Hfi became ouite a terror to the young-
limbs of the law vhose fate brought
them in contact with him so much so,
that thev had rather 'have "met as op-
-oHn" COUnseJ-niei JUbuce iuursiuw,
Lrl ir? his judical prime. ' .
t,., .vcnUvaYSon the look-out for a
law suit forhimsehor some one else.
It was an lnvariauiu 1'iuwn.u v.
f his neighbors died, to ex
hibit to the executor .or administrator of
the state an account just under thirty
dollars, and demand payment, upon the
refusal' of which suit was brought as the
law permitted, and the money recovered
1 . t.. o ilinrnnrt was holden.
as certain.y . -,
GKo.roix.viw, Wm.C.IIopkins
aug 10-22-U
J4ist Printed,
WlNIS lot of Warrants, Executions
; xVc. for sale very cheap.
ctm... i;w.r1'JohrK uccessfully snuab-
i", the.livin2.and robbing the
. P Phill Thurmond, about the
Heau'r. ':i write, moved into his
SoS and settled within a half
.. r t ri n mnn. woman ui
'ntlrtol the State with
unknowing or hearing ol
OUl l' "
All she could do was to conceal her
face more completely, and extend to him
her hand which act and silence. John
mistook for unallotted grief.
"Poof fellow," said John, "how sud
denly he left us'. How slender, is the
brittle thread of life! Jn the midst ol
lile we are in death, the good book says.
Let mo see once more, and for thc last
time, the face of my best frie'nd."
Mrs. Thurmon removed ihe folds of
the shroud, when John gazed through
his crockodile tears upon Phill s lace.
Had he not been attempting, to sorrow
too much on the occasion, he must have
seen that the features before him be
longed to any one but a dead man
Phill performed his part with the aid of a
white napkin around his jaws, as well
as a man of his appearance could pos
sibly have done; his features were as im-
. . ! .1 1 I 1 : r.
movable as it mey nau u;eii wrvwi m
4i0h! oh!" cried John, a3 if the sight
Kofnrf? him cave a new empetUJ to his
rief, "how I shall miss him as a friend!
how we shall all miss him! He was a
Iriend to every body, and the worst ene
my tohimsell. tie owed me jusi twenty
nine dollars, eighty seven and a hal
cent:, but .
'That's a We, Ramsey!" said tne
corpse; and at the moment the only can-
.1 .nn time nv 1 1 rl rrii l chf-fl
die in me ruvm o aih.,..
Mr. Thurmond shrieked: John stoou
oack aghast,1 the perfect personification
the following is a copy :
secuet Ireatv.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, a general
hi. chief ot the army of operations,
and President of the Republic ot Mex
ico before the government established
in Texas, solemnly .pledges himself
to fulfil the .stipulations contained in
the fo'lowing article., as far .as con
cern himself:
Article 1. He will not lake up aims,'
or cause them to be taken up, against
the people of Texas, during the present
war of independence.
Article 2. He will give his orders
that, in the shortest time, the Mexican
troops may leave the territory of Texas.
Article 3. He will sq prepare mat
ters in the Cabinet of Mexico, that the
mission that may be sent thither by the
government oT Texas may be well re
ceived; and that, by means of negotia
tions, all di Terences that have been de
clared by the convention maybe ac
Article 4. A treaty of commerce, ami
ty and limits will be established between
Mexico at)d Texas. the territory of
the latter. not "lo extend beyond the Lio
Bravo del Norte
.Article 5. The return of General
Santa Ana to 'Vera Cruz being indispen
sable, for the purpose of effecting his
solemn engagements, the government
of Texas will provide for. the purpose
of effecting his solemn engagements
the government of Texas will provide
V ' . tr. . 1"1
fo- the purpose ot enecung ma so.emu j
engagements, the government of Tex
as will provide for his immediate era-
barcation lor said port.
Article G. This instrument being
obligatory on one part as well as on
the other, will be signed by duplicate,
remaining Tolded and sealed, until me
negotiation shall have been concluded,
when it will be restored to his Excel
lency Gen. Santa Ana no use of it to
lie made belore that time, unless mere
-i 1,1 i. n ;n(VitIiin hv nif hnr nf thtt
SUOuiu uc an j ii 1 1 u.v. j - -
contracting parties.
Port of Vclasco, May, 14, IUS'j.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana,
James Colling lworth, Sec'y of State,
Daily IIardijian, Sec'y of the Treas
ury, P. G. GRAYSONTAttorney General.
Farewell of Gen. Santa Ana to uie
TeXHtTArmg. Z- .
My friends! I have been a witness
of your courage in tne nem u u..,
J 1 .....mis If IV
and know you to De
-.i nciDnw on mv cincerity, and
A Missouri Jtdge A good tory is
going the rounds of the papers, of the
manner in which lliey do things out in
Missouri. It is told of one judge Allen,
more familiarly known as 'Iloss Allen,"
I who once npoa a timi determined to ad
minister the law in due order, for the
punishment of certain offenders; and ac
cordingly the sheriffs jury and witnesses
were assembled. . The first order was
to 'strip and go to work, and raise a
court-house. This was done with a few
and tho court was opened, when a re
mark from some one called down the
indignation of the judge, and he order
ed business to be suspended forTifteen
minutes, and going up to the disturber
gave him a terrible whipping. He then
r&turned to the bench puffing nnd blow
ing from tha exercise; an J rising, 'Peo
ple, said he, 'I am here to adjudge thc
law and administer justice, by thunder!
If you care anything about civilization.
I?m ready to give you a touch of It. If
the sheriff and his officers are not
enough, here am 1, single handed; and
if'Uny one says he ain't satisfied, rl I
adjourn the court again and give him a
chance!' It is hardtv necessary to say
that the etiquette of 'Hoss Allen's' court
was "never infringed after that.
Anecdote Judge Dooly, Df Georgia,
was remarkable for his wit, as well as
for his other. talents. At one place
where he attended court, he was not
well pleased with the entertainment at
the tavern- On the first day of the
court, a hog under the nama of a pig
had been cooked .whole and laid. on the
table. No person attacked it. It was
brought the next day, jmi the next, and
treated with same respect; and it was on
the table on the day on which the court
adjourned. As the party finished their
dinner, judge Dooly rose from the table
and in a solemn manner addressed the
clerk, "Mr. Clerk," said he, "dismiss
that hog upon his recognizance until the
first day of the ne-xt court. He has at
tended o faithfully during the present
term, that I don't think it will be neces
sary to lo lake any security."
Drawing olta Needle by Magnet.
A colored -woman, at Fraqkfort, Ky.
ran a needle in the 'fleshy part of the
palm some months ago. Last week
Mr. J hn". Goodman, to whom the w
maa belonged knowing the needle would
not remain stationary, that it would pro
duce supparation and gradually move
from its imbedment, it struck him that
it might be attracted to the surfanceor
"skin, and , he proluced a magnet and
applied it to the hand. Soon a sensa
tion of pain was produced, and three
das after the neeJle'made its appear
ance just under the skin, when it was
easily extracted.
The hothouse system of education is
doing wonders for thc youth of our.
land. The youth kicks off his diaper
and frock, and jumps into calfskin boots
and a long ttibdcoit. He even chang
es the nipple for a cigar, and the sugar
teat for a quid of tobacco. Tho girl is
either haby or lady. She makes one
jump from her nurse's arms, into her
husband's and of course is 'finished.'
of terror and alarm. His guilty sou ii M haV(j nQ cau3C l0 regrel lhe
trembled at what he heard, he believed J . mQ i. beg. you to re-
" t - 1 1 w . A
it a solemn rebuKe irom me up ... ceiye Jho smceEe thanks ot your grate-
dead Uut wnai wjas.ius uisuj
evenly up rose the dead and made to-
him! - With tho wildest energy
r...i,nr inspired, he rushed out of
IUUI V , 1 '
fnl friend farewell.
Antonio Lopez de &anta ana.
Yelasco, Ul June, U33G.
The Natchez people to think that
their city would be a better and more
accessible terminus for the railroad
which it is contemplated to run from
lhe Atlantic (Charleston) to I he Missis
sippi, than Memphis is or would be, as
proposed. It strikes us as if our Natch-
ez neighbors are not far
right.; JY. O. Delta.
from being

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