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The Mississippi lynx. (Panola, Miss.) 1846-18??, May 16, 1846, Image 1

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3 ra7 K 1 3 -!r
SU'Votcri toIVw, l!iics, Cosnmri-ec, Agriculture, A:c.
Tiro Dollars in t dvancc
VOL. 2.
NO. 13
I 1 1 i j Jill
aubiishr-d every
iirrtfd for one dollar per
IJUPA ,.. iiihsciuiriH iii-ertion. .
.! ttyc,-,u- r o. o nat(ir xviin,
, , .;,.,r--il iK)iilc price ofoichnarv ad
vertisfni.-r.t- . - i ....
Wiitiv VvrnTiiv:.A ,,!f'l ",-: ," b
mi.b t tti-e who a.Wmise hy th yfi.-.r to asuf
i-i ft :..- mak?t for tn." hueicst ol mer-
A Ivfrtivj.nnnu o it.d tho V,irr-tlinc ol l;ui
of th yearly advertiser wili he charged Tor
teremitn'Y at tie o'diiviry raw.
I'roiMVi.i.ial cud-, not alterable f..r tlie year,
:j unai ip li.ies or Iff t"rs hU:f..
i he aaa.? of ,-n.ivli bus Iotiamjimj omces u-ili -,
j i.i4ft( 1 f.r live uoi.ar?
Lr? it'"''. ,0 3 ;i-s 1 .
P.lcviia. : ,-:.usr"-vii: IV-..M lr Je!i-M-f inn !! :
I ! I ti':' i '''' r ' ' -1 -''"'i':' -i - ; 1 ' ' 'i ;
i.-.-i.tt: ' ,:t;rrt '4 ' M ball i.ricf ;
111 i rv .
it', i t iiViAwl vvit t'.vc lr.muicr ol
. . 1 .Ml I..K'. t .n.l
Hratiom mr. io after iiwrtin charged extra.
A lvert'u'mz pntro:n will favor by handing
t'i'.i atio;i d-ivo a convenient not Ir.trr in any j
AM JiKJ-Vl:iIv imit bf, jaid for on detiv-
f T'
? ri-.r uo-theMnld on all letter. or they wil j
! i he r.tnn led t'
Panola, Jt'iss:
rn t j ; i
i' 'SO U'-llJiJ .O.Ji 'i ,
. . . . . .r ; I . t . 1 !
- m." hi -v.
: i. P.
.v.. - M-
I f in i
n t. ? ft , 'T
Hill V mi A
I N 1 m a i ri!'M-."'"!s
j t'.. v ii'-r w t ii souse
oi tie
in .-si !!.. .i t ;.''; i e i s i I 11
. . , . ... .
l.a'!, ;S now
n : i ! e r sit C i o I
' ' ' l ! .u t . I .
j I.IO'S. ;U
; g I i ;? '.: i '
I'.ill'l'l'i W . .C 1
1 JU'J p'r. I..
' o
1 ; :
, S ( I 1
ire, e
I s si--.
a r .
. 1
i 1
'a v
ill I d 'U .
s,. . -s vS: h.
1'JU do. g--e
it. r t, 1 '. s.
I iea's 'io-.V
Men's 1 ii 1 i .
I IT-8-
u :il-
; !-'.-r eii
',1 A and seal
sktil si
w :l.ios Pi-oan-:
. . . i -. 1 1 . . . .
I ill pi.
Me n e l is
ken s'o'le.
l.-l '
I . , . .'I Uil in,;
A i 1 be s m '
small adv ante !
by ihe ca-.- or th n t; ;t
on ma no . ae' u 1 ! t p n e
will :. l.e ;;', (rllAMJ am com
;(,'(' ateotig wlocli are:
Gc'uls. TALL Ib.os a p.erlecl fit,
'DeO 1 -:;
lblHell gai")l'S ;
' Calf and goat Monioetj:
Yel v el Null, lie I's ;
" b-a o'o.
' l-'ai-.ey pump:
i:;a ,:6 01. en s - ,
' latieg tlo. 00.
' loxed buski;ic;
.i u, en do. tlo
" bid w tiled
(jo pern'- a
io".' ties;
1. , ... I- -i
. 1 l. Ill s o
e oha rc bo! hall pnc-'
or b-oking
nt car sua k. and price- which shall be
sa'isiaetorA to a'o who want a good ar
tice. Won'i von cail as you h'.di n.und,
M "the Ibau'eis' and 'i i-aders' Root
Si-u under ibe Franklin lloUe - b rout
Jiow? and we'll ".h. you pr-ud us b r
as the UXDXnSrAXDlXU con-
cci neu.
Men phis Ap.il 25 M6 10-4w.
U F vim desire jo..d clothing nnt
el nt
-E- ej'crs.shun !,no prices, U' me con
strain you to give mt a call. I fan
tmweloih von from and to hot h ext rem
itie. Desirable Hat. ofOih r. Reaver,
Ashland. Silk Plush. 1 well a Cap
of ml Silk. ;i-il Ch'th; Night Cai;
, Shirts of every kind. Si'.k, Co ton. Im
en, and Ruckkin: Draw sff of nil kind.
Coat. Jan's, Yost rd' every di-crip
tion; Socks alid o. g.int Root. and Gai
ters; Cravat: -Russian Girdles; Shoul
der Rraces; Money R.dt. "nd every
thing else; so imiiiiplied that 1 have not
patience to eiiamerate. v ou can find a!
II. Waue'son Madron reet. Memphis,
nearly opposi-e the Post Ollice, and
i;ear the Union Rank. VDE
April.il4C. C"lf'
nAKEN up by Thomas Musgrnve.
A livii.oT abo.it five miles North Lat
of ranolnr"tfl Sorrel Stud Druse, wi h
0 star in Tii-toe, about five
" w'.'.i o l-ngo-o ;' "!.' 'Mended hostile operations fgamst the
nn.l Children', Misses', outln and jfhl - g .,. f)f :, r uu tho ml
Rov'sshojs &c. too numerous lo de- , - r- " , , a r ,,
4 - ' lhoritie ol which, and those ol the
Let ti e ses Iiim once niRri,
Tur u ii. unit nt cr iwo;
Lei him lull n e. lviint'li"
()i his i ui jio.-c dear, do!
Let h'm f!;nr.o in these even
W lii'.e lie lavs out his plan
To uscajx: me, and ihen
11c iiiuy o;u if lie can!
Lei me see him on e more.
L-t nit; give him onesmiit.
Let me breathe but one word
O ! yriv'.-i! i n't nt ! he SV hi !.-;
l;i;l thai inutiiCni
'My !:!' on the man!
Dv.es he lhmk to lorfiei me'
He may if he can!
Iloe lies below,.,", tailor djad,-
II irr nnn.e w as di ward Prim,
lie cabbaged buckram, cloih
Till Satan cabbaged him.
Mork Poktuy. The following is
a gem from some unknown llniuer:
the moon slimes diuibiy
behind the chimb! V
the cat is now a simnllin'
old lioe is m the yard
is i r y i u" ha r'i
on '.htm to be falien'.
l ra t j ii
e C .'s ..lenmmg. love,
W lib ins re t.il ecviue:
Oil. COllhl
neatii ies loving g'anro
My heait woes an I care resign!
I llitii iiiigh: dwell hi peace, love.
And llii.ik oi'i.oight but th e;
And my heuvn g b. ea-st sluu.d cease.
A 0
s'r'.i tl'.u hopeless! v
Tiiv' lips'. 'ir'.i !:keihe ruby, love,
Or tiieied rose in iis bioom,
As iiu.-h.'ig llowers at eventide
More sweet seem V:1d the gloom,
So ihoii to in. dost seem more luir
r. liout 1 be po.np of art ;
Sincerity is beaming where
,buvo captivates my heart.
r.v 0L SMITH.
Cn mv way to the North in 1C35.
in company vviih several nentlemen of
l . -
j New Orleans, it happened 1h.1t the
! siiige. in which we were passengers,
i aioat ed for stumer at a small village.
11 1 ,j
silua ed between ihelowns of Colum
bus and Znnesville,Mi !he Cumberland
road, ii. the State of OI:io. '
j There was a great ga'hering ofMili
j lia Captains, Lieuteoants, Ensigns, Ser-
gcantsaiid Corporals, with a c tisider
I able sprinkling of priva'e, all of whom
j had keen oxiithi'ing their patriotism
; (hiring the day, by marching up and
j di.wn the lo.d, shouldering arms, and
.charging bayou t, preparatory 10 in-
! State of Ohio, were at open war al-
nost about boundary.
For the purpose of amusement, it
had let 11 agreed that the stage driver
should be ijifirmed rnvfidenl'mlfy lhat
1 was Amos Kendall , 'Post Master Gvn
era! of the U. Slafs, tiave'.mg in dis
guise, and assuming ihe very' common
pi t- ' ' .
name of Smith, in order Mo discover
abuses, in the transporting department.
With many misterious hints. ancLMfi
der strict t haiges of seciocy, Jehu wrs
made acquainted with the awful fact,
that be was driving the important in
dividual above named.. The reins al
most fell Irom hi hands! 'What, Mr.
Kindle! Aiiws K ndle!' exc'Aunod ihe
astonished driver 'It cant bo possible!
'h is possible,1 answered the gentleman
who was imparting tho infonnatidit,
and wh:vvas enjoying an outside se;t ;
and, it Is his wish to he entirely private,
iu order 10 avoid ihe atlenlit n that
would otherwise be laMied upon him.1
The driver prrum.--.ed the most inviola
ble .secrecy and proceeded, as usual,
to curry dow n his horses.
We had not Leon long in the Hotel
where our supper was being prepared,
before it was plainly jercep ihlo lhat
sumelhin'Yi going on curious glan
ces were thrown into the bar room
where wo were Viiiing militia officer
(lined about or colltcied into groups
.y landlord end his family began to
v4,p; in brief, it was evident our
- I been confidentially imparted
to l.nlf t lie village. '
Tl'.e first deinonstration that was
made, eonsisted of an invitation io my
j fiieiuU ai;d myself in accept t lie use ol
j a private parlor. rl"his heing at once
j agreed lo, the landlord ventured to surr
j gst that, if not di.n reeahle to me, my
j fellow-ciiizens of i ! village would l.ke
! to pay ilie'r inspect to ine and lake mr
j by the hand.
! No objections hi the world,' said !
Met I he worthy citizens come in.'
! Then followed a scene of the richest
kind of fun but Dickens has deserihed
i a riirnlar one, tod I pas on.
Hup per w;;s uiuio.tt need.
cd at she head of I he table the
viands and preserved fruits woie st
in confusion before us. We feasted!
and during the operation numerous fe
male heads or, rather, leads of fe
males "were continually poping in at
the Windows nuj (.pi n door while t lie i
pn(lpiu7za was lilSmfwiih hoys of all sizes.
wno amused themselves hy bring oil
ing oil
imnese cracuers, .enumg up jowog
I - I " ! I
101 kets, and shouting 'Hurra for Jack
son! and his cabii.e V
Duppe. over, wo rei'.reij ..1 t.-e .-.r- j
room, and demur ded our bill of e.vpen- (
ses. The landlord smilingly answer !
c -
,,1, ... ,., .... i:,.v , ;
us w 1. bout comensat.o:i he le!t h,.n ,
c- ... 1. . .
ored hy my Miiiuga: Ins board, and :.-!V
friends weie etjually welcoie. A I, or
much "rg-inr. i conseirtecl to receive his
hopi'ainy graiioily. since he uisi'td
011 it, but r.vj friend I would not con
sent that th.ry should least at his ex-
penst oil, j.e! Ti,' 1 nai-t le allowtd
. . . , .
10 j rty ior their sjie.mi.lsupier. we..,
;i 1 iH&ixit '( , ne iciitiiu iaie j'-1 11 tail
I he hi, and be did.
'C'oul i 1 av ! w o or three words w i Ii
: i- 1 , . 1 .1 . 1
you 111 pri va e : :i -;a
d ti
a landiori
a low voice, as ho wallet
d by my side
10 ihe coach w ireh was waiiui
P.y ail means,' 1 rophsd- au.1 he led
i-... I-. ., .
me a iiiiie 10 one 6 ne, mm u 0111; pari
of the l tuzza. Alter two or three
hems! to clear Jus threat. the hmdiord
,1 .1
thus commenced.
.... , ,
iiiitever fitters ' inn v think of vou.
1 coi:ider-you no honest man?
Sir. 1 leel verv osueh o!.li'id hv tin,
' j ?s
lavorable csli matt 3011 have funned of
mi, ..pp-" una,
ihej (.ease. 1 believe Xoti lo be a con-
sciemious individual I Jo.V
will, sir, -eonsioermg l.'sis 1 the
n.-i it.... t. I 1 .
vour l.berali'tv is o.x.raordinV v'- u ' L
-. , ' ra"r in'1 r- ' u j
III. 1.1 1, - lOlllilP -. till I'.r i.il:lli. .ill. 1111 i
- - Is ' I i
'Ah, sir, though w have never Virf,
1 know y on, w ell we alt know you for I
. 1 . 1
a mosi omeieni mueer auu very tie
serving nr-in 1
'It is 'rue I am '-ilerahly well known
in the Western s.ud Southern country.
and as for mv efficiency. I believe lclo
push ahead about as huid as a man con- j
v leui iy can.
'Tliai iii (In all parties must ae
icknowletJge it. Vo have ellecled ma
ny impi bvemen's.'
' Vour reinras have been met wi'h
general approval in tins pari of the
Removals? Oh vc
-I do travel a
great deal.1
'Yes, 3 on do. and 10 some purpose.
N.w I wan ed to speak lo jou nuoui
ou r Post masier here '
'Indeed! well, what of hiinV
'Are on not uw are that he is a
strong whig?1
No i hoT
'Yes be is and it is thought by friends
ol ihe adminis' ration becc, ibat lie
ought ti) te removed, and a good demo
ciat appointed.1
V h.a is the office worth?1
About $;oJ0 a ear.1
'Who would be a proper person for
'Why I couldn't exactly say but
Would" yoj accept of the appoint
mem ?1 '
' Most willingly, if you should think
me worthy.'
'Well, Til iell you what you'd belter
do. W rite en to ihe department
state the mailer as you've stated it "o
me, and pei baps'
'If jou would just make a memoran
dum it would be mi Hit-it nt.1
'M) dear -ir. don't depend on nny
thin' 1 hit pas-es between us here here
I tin 1 Sol Smith, as you may see by ihe
way-bill; but at Washington you un-ttt-r.s'and'-r-
'Ves 1 untlers'and. IM write on to
the department.1 ,
'Yes- write.1
'Sir, 1 hail depend on your very
rood offices.1 ,
'Sir, you may your suppei was ex
cellent, your attention shall not be
forgoiten, t farewell write on to the
depai tri)?t) by all means.1
The worthy aspirant to the Postmas
tership of the vil'.ai-e, accompanied me
to the coach, r'uelully turned up the
irps when I Lad ei tered, and then
joined his I'm! low citizens in three !o id
cheers with which our tlepirluro was
d j Tl'p Nfv York Courier and Lnpiir- j
; er of Thursday, Sia April, announce i
I ll!--" U! Ol in ill III'.!!. JMLL III, IIIC u trai I
i ... .i.i . , i
: II Hi, 11. I. II lilill IJ'a,. il f !
oVior k. -. M. We copy its condensed
- ' 1
stniement of her intelligence.
We have only time to' give n few
no es of the new s, which ia not impor
tant. .
TT'elatest zcrfrur ' rrcpt'v.(! 'from ih:-n
country m F.ni!ari. wer !'y ' bn Inde-
()f 9 h Mh,' and
pruilritrp, (. apt. Allen. Irom tins or'.
thy iire spekn of
j as '-relieving the anx'ety"
, as rchev lie? tla; anx etv" ooea-Jioned 1
I ... I I . . Ill . I
l,y 1 IL joeoeumg acoouies. 1 ne spoecn 1
ol Mr. Ilavw'oo,!, nt r. Carolina, is
dwell upon a s, ec.ally Mieonraging j
A new- ministerial rri-i kiphkj u,").
.,, VI,U s;.,,,;,,. A temporary recon-
c.l.ation has h, en omctod .
Another I at tie has t:i;.n place 1 e- !
.ii 1 r l r r
-p;,,. n,ii,.t Jaslcj luo ,ours
;re kd ed.
W e I'm. I no h eg of importance in
the English paper concerning this
Cou !l 1 I .
in parliament
had reia'ed almost entirely to matters
of local inteied. Parliamorv had ad-
jouriK'd for il.e Ivi-tpr holiday. Sir
Rob-rt Peel's tariii'bill still lingers
! .1... I
. .
t 1 n" ill si. 1 1. 1 - ii 11111 iiis oiei-a-ea
the embarrassment at'ending it ,a.
siiyo. Its fate is doubt iul in the House
of Lords.
n T'.e Ererch govrrp.'ient i rr akii "
nt elrt m k(-ep ii na vy in o.-ii-tit
order, 'i'he English preparations have
cebo ! the r Vvloncv
J;lnP, s IV,. m the Caiie of C, .0 ! Ifono,
0 lo h 1 eh hrmg accounts ol meditated
ho-t ii hies oT she Kulu es agamst Gra-
hams Iovvn. - !
1 (..oiioiv I'til id v.m' od id ror lb. on.
' . OI . , , , .. '
1 the f h 111st. ami Indian hum Is. ior
.. ri; r.. ' 1
j elared liyin- .riw,ittee o Rro!,er for
the wot-k eodire-r P. It April, we-- lin-
. . ..... ' ,
" - A v.r.eaas
. -
. beter Iron. Ts,iac P u hannn. on the
n,r (( (:a,i;uj ... m tht,Liv,;r.
,., Titm-s.
-There .. very Hub., news of impor-
lanoo irom an quarter
I It is said that ihe line of-hatt!e shins
''' all steamers on the
hcinc station that are not specially em
V: I
pb ye' I. w iu lie assemi.'od together in 1
aeom a niuiu.i as an e. perimeniai stjua- ;
! 1 on
M. ( inizof. it i said. Ins applied to
Lord Ah, rtioen. proposing to have a l'.nn,encing his breakiast a horse's
consul for each nat ion at Cracow, in 1 r- head, as soi.n as he found he was no:
tier to wa ch 'he proteed ng of thetobc ki.led, but only tied as a prisoner.
three continental power, in regard to; Their tdiect in iva p ished, ou r pen
, . 1. 1:1 . . i- .
.v enc. o.u:,oneni 0.1 inc iiufiues 01
that rept.hlie. I
Rt lu ive to our amtir5, we find onlv I
this pa'i r igra; h in Wilmer Smilh's
I TlllH'S of 1 th insf
The artieh; iu the las number of the
Quarterly Ueriew, on the subject, of
Oregon, is beginning to a'tr..ct inten
tion now that the huhhub. arisiipr out
of ihe Indian vioiori is fist suhsid ng. Uyrs considered, this expedition i.l'Cir
The god ol" 1 h article, i to pronio e , con and Godey may be considered
a compromise, an I ihe reviewer wo.. I.I ! ana ng the L:o,les: and most disinter, s
Leemiteut with "lie 40 H parHflel. We ! ,,.,1 ..1 ,, 1 -.( a .... . ,
i , , , , ' , whit 11 .he annai. ol wesiorn advtn
hit ve eon-pidetl trotnthe hist rny fair .. .
sett erne-! of the divpute would he hai I-1
ed with vjii li y bv t!ie Engiih';oo L.
(' rom Fremont's Journal of his Sc
' cn7 Edition.)
Whi'e encamped on ihe 24th of April,
at a spring near the Spanish Trail, we
were surprised by the smlon appeatanee
among ns'of two Mcxieai s; a man and
a boy llie name of the man was An
dreas Futntas, and that of the boy (a
handsome lad eleven years, old) Pablo
Hernandez. With a cavalcade ofabout
thirty horses, they had cone out fiom
Poebbnle los Angelos, near She Pacific;
had lost half uf their an nials, stolen
I13' the Indians, and sought my camp for
aid. ("arson and Godey, to of mv-j
mi ll, volunteered! to pursue them, with
1 he .'A'oxw an ; am, w ell mounted the
ihtee set olfon the irftil.. Iu the even
ing Fuemas returned, his horse hav ing
faded; but Carson and Godey continued
ihe pursuit.
In th'i afternoon of the next day. a
warwhoop was heard, such as Indian
make when returnisg from a victor. ous
enterprize: and soon Carson and Godey
appeared drivirfg before them a band
of horses, recognized hy Futntas to be
a rnrt of those they had lost. Two
bloody scalp, dangling from the end of
Godey's gun, announced that they I d
overtaken thu Indians n wtll a the
horses. Tliey had continued the pur
suit alone after Fueiitas left them, and
towards ivchtfall en eied the m uniains
into v hich the trail icd. After s inset
the moon gave ligh'. aud they followed
the trail bv moonl ght, until la' e in the
n'gl t, when it entered a narrow defile,
and was d.hVult to lid low.- Here they
lay from midnight ttil m'.:rn:ng
J tV light they resumed llie pui'juif, nnd
at sunrise discovered the 1
nrses; and i
innne ildiely dismounting an J tvi:i up
utr own, ti.ev crept c.mUo)y I, a
. " , .. . I I ( 1
' :s!I,c ground which intervened, umi
which they perceived the encampment
of four lodges close by. They proceed
ed (juicily and had got- wiibin th rty
or lorly yaids , of their object when a!
movement among ti e horses discover-1
od them to the -Indians. (Jivin-r the
war-:yut they iiistantiv charged inio
tliecuinji, rtardiess uf lie numbers
I. a, I...I . 1 :.. 1
"Mil. I lilt J II hHI1' 111 ? ' . I I I II I.
'plH. I1(1,aiJS rove then, wi h n !
. . ,. . . , I
'ght ol arrow, idiot. Irom their long j
hows, one of which passed thn unh
, j-
G deys hi rt 1 ollar la : e! v missing 1 he ',
luck. Octr nun fir. d thciV rifles a
1.. ,1Mi , . , . r , ,
s.cajv uiuiand 1 uh hi iij. i-vo indans
'' t-i :" '- r.'.y ;
pierced wi.h bnllot; the res; "f- d, ev-'
cept a
;o was capiun
ht-a.pes ol the lallen w ere instant iy tl riji
pei itl'; bat in the pret s. one oft I. em
w ho had two hnl's . tin ough l is I oily.
sl'rang to his Ice:, l bo blood si 1 earning
IV em hissKinnel lend, and u'terod a
hideous bowl. The IVghtfn! sj'ec'acle
api ailed the stout hearts of our men :
. . ...
1 1 1 m (iiU iai i.uu army required.
i!Iid 'i,;ck!y terminated the agonies 1 f
, the r.o"V r iviiiie. ' h- v were tmw mas-
. . .1 .... .01.1.1 .
ters tl l' e :;vmp. w h.c 1 was a nrouv
. 1 j
. .
; recess in iluj mountain?, with a
"l,r"'S "IT" """' sa e ir,.!n a.l.
t . : . .1 .
invaion. 1 1 real preparation had b' en
rnaue lor leasip-g a large party, for it
was a very jtioper phe.e for a rondt z-
vous, and for ihe reiel.j mien of such
, ,, . ,
oi'gies. as rob bets oi toe iit-c.-l woubl
65 '
' ilel:rlit in. Fei-rsi! r tl... t .-i ! .-...
had Uen killed, skinned, and cut u;. '
,1,,. 1.. 1; -. ... 1
' i"''i'ius iii,u.j 01 tee nan;;:-
tains, 011 1 only coming n; , ,!1C pi,;,,, t()
r"u ,m,",er' ln;iS'e "il"i' ' I
.:...!! 1 .
horses than to eat ll.em. Lu-eearth-
; em vessels we.e on the fire. boiHn-
; anJ ,lt,vvuig ,ht. J)urS. u.l f. sever
j ,
or sixty
l':urso1 moccasin,- inikated the pros-
',!Cti or ext relation of a hir'-e parlv.
I -
They released ihe boy w ho had given
troug evid-nce of ihe .stoicism, or soh-
; thing else, of the savage ohaiacter. by
iere, n,,. ;!l0 survjvii!T
:oi s?s,
inieen to i viinl er, returned J upon, then- wi I ell ( t the object. We are very
trail, a'::.! r. juntd us at our camp in c nlident lhat the American govern
tae afiernooii o( the same day. They ment will now adopt prompt and effi
had rode alou: one bundled miles in the c ent measure, and thai every dispo
pursuit iuid ' latum, and all in thirty si lion will be evinced by it to prosecute
hours. J he time, place, object and mini- j
' ' ,u" Ul U'",n tU"t'l,s c;Ir' V
p.., 1
i wo men. in u savaee w 1 er. '
ness, pu, sue day and night an unknown !
t.tdyof Iniians', into .hedeiiles ol au un
known o.iiiie.tiiMi um..i t- ,1.. .
. . . v v. ........ iMiu.n u.ttii t.'ij .gill
w ithout coun ing lumbers aid defeat
1 htm in an ins ant and for whi? to
puni-h ihe robbers of the desert, and
revenge ihe wrong of the Mex'cari
1 hey ihd not know. 1 repeat it whs Car
son and Godey who did ibis the lor
mer an American, born 111 "XJoi nslic k
county, Missouri; ihe bitter, a French
man, born in Si. Louis -and both train
ed to Western enterprize from early
It is now very 'well known, o tha'J
there is m impioptiety in snw-ting it.
lhat our whole loice iu Texas does not
exceed twori'V five hundred men, and
that ol ibis minder about five hundred
aie separated fmfli ihe main body o
(Jon Taylor's a 1 my. and stationed at
Sn Antonio and Austin, to prevent In
dian incursions leaving Gen. Taylob
wi h Its probably than 10 tlu u anl
men- Thi number is thinning ofTdai
y by desertion's, and by the expha ion
of the terms of enlistment. It has been
congested all along, hy thoseJvho know
something of .Mexican character, and
what t!iey supposed might Le rea;onc
blv anticipated when our troops reach
el the U o (jiaiide, that any urmv com
posed of not less than live thousand
men, thoroughly provided and' nppoin
ted in every respec'. would be required
lo maintain U-elf at the remote and ex
posed point where (Jen. T.AVLOR has
taken up his position. Others, however,
and Gen. Taylor wc think, amot:2 the
huuiiL - r. have ri in ul. d il.e idea that
the Mexicans wou'd orrtiio ;o n nlrti
u n y i i: j ect a ble t -d v ,f A merican
licop-t, and have di-cuurag d the Le
hef eiiier.aiiied in some intelligent
quarters that reinforcements would be
needed for any emergency short of an
aclua! and prolonged invasion of the
enemy's territory. Such impressions
uemg we may say reneral. the pvpi.
live at W ishing ( ii. relying, as he must
do, very much upon the observation
and opin oa o able and experienced men
: tin. ,.a !,-- ' :. ,;.,.. I .. :.i .
" '" ' 1 - .UiJIIILU. II IU 11 linn ll
il.e M-rn mistaken view, and ha. il.r,.
, .
lot coimtted 10 call upon congress to
Ii-"viue the mean for itlaeii'ir an ade-
. , c- -
S "ate loice 0:1 the Mexican frontier,
ll is to Le hoped tl.ut ti,ee niiappre-
i,,,,,-,,,. ..."..... 1 1 u. ,
n.i.on, enei la ned bo.u at Washing-
' '..'' c;,,. rol
may nut cajae the temporary overthrow
c u. Oisgrace ol our .urns, Jitiu that a
siiu aiy warning will be given loavo.'d
beitul.er any such wo:ul mistake. Wo
may exj tct, on recei;i by the presi
dent and congress, of the intelligence
Lro. giii here en Sa'mday, that net a
moment wid be lost in making every
ntces-ary provision 10 bring this M
1 ... ,;.i7-... . .. 1. 1. 1 1 . .
u.o.mo,, ,,u., wen so loi g
l!lC "uli' cl oi -OMimei!t and discussion
us L:) ,oVe bt come absola'elv nayseat-
' L,''y ant ti luii.tdiirit rose.
1 -1 . ...... ... 1 1 .....
inetounuy nas neartl enough of tt
, -s 1 t 1 t
uetemu iitarit.y. Sick tjnd tired of
the w iiole th ugar.J would rejoice to
1 , . J
Lo 'o.ieifj t r m any f:rt tier lux in
beat ing of war and 11 mors of war,
wt.oie Mexico is the pa;tv wuh whom
u n.- l ..... i, ,.sl..- .
: f
CiiilirrmcullinAt r,:i . ,
u'l that become i; i;i the present emer
1. ... .. . ,
tnn 1. 1. m nut no or 0,0
incut lo snpposu t!u,t
r- -go'.em-
I'tw thousand
I ....
,l I,,"',',:ai ""'" can ch al ba.ws c jiiicient.
- t ii' t i i o u . 1 1 g .ticxjco lo terms.
Any short sigh t d po'i;:y "uf ti.ij U'md
w iii not oaly roloitg the; contest, but
I . . i" . . ... I 11 ' 1
111 '' H'!iul 10 most di?astriotn conse-
outiice-, m il:e unnecessary f(Con of
'human blood, and in the disgrace of
. .
our arms. We can make no imprcs-
sni 1 e enemv. so far as compelling
aim tosuejor peace, to Ies wo seize
his principal towns, and penetrate his
country and no one, we imagine, sup
poses tint this can be b tie with a force
ol less than huii y five or thirty thou
sand men, if, inched so small an army
ihe war with vigor and delerminalion
Southern Jour.
O tr city on yeste-d iy, from morn
until eve. presented a scone of unusul
1 . 1 . ... 1 . . ' ' e.1
pus ' le iimi aiiiina k n. o aliens were
- cro
7 T " 'fV
' ,rece.lrt!on ' -Juo'eers, and in-
r ' - t 4i(JCU
by music and banners, were passing
through il.e principal streets, urging
their fellow citizi ns to lose no lime in
ralU ing utali-r ihe s'ars and stripes,
and marching Jo the relief of their
count rv men iu Texas. We observed
oapt.S. F. Makks, a memjbeV of the slate
senate, iaein the evening, parading a
body of men in front ol our office, at
the coiner of St. Charles and Gravier.
They were a fine looking company,
about eighty in nun. her, and have been
collected by the energy of capt. M.,
who wi!l accompany them as their com.
manJer. IY O. Reformer. t
"A mm catpi help what is dons be
hind his hack11 a the loafer said when
he was kicked out of door.
Said a p rebate r to a horse dealer,
is that an mat." sure footed?
Per feci Iy. sr.id the joeky, when he
puts his foot down. oud think ho was
never going lo lake it up!
A lioy nt a Rchrol in the west, when
called to rt-c ito his lesson in his ory,
was asked what is tho German D.et?1'
He replied :
Sou rk rout, Schnopp? and sausage.
i .
; ': t
i fi
r r
:', .Si
I '1
. j 1
tt 1 1 ,
: ' .I,'
f J
1 1
l t
d - 1
'. . i
' 1
s it
1 1
. 1 -
I !
! f
' 1
. s
- 1

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