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The State oOiississippi,
Panola County.
Circuit Court, April Term 1846.
John Hightou-ek, )
vs. Bill oj Divorce.
IPON opening the bill of complaint in
J this cause, and it appearing to the
satislaction of the Court, that the said
defendant is a non-resiuent ol this State,
upon motion: It is considered by the
Court that publication be made in the
Panola Mississippi "Lynx," a newspa
per published in the town of Panola, in
this State for the Term cf three months,
requiring said defendant to appear be
fore our-next Circuit Court, to be held
at trje Court House of Panola County,
on the fourth Monday ivfter the fourth
Monday in September next, and plead
answer, or demur to said (till of Coin
plaint, or the same will Lc taken for
confessed and set for hearing
Wm. S. KEITH, Clerk.
June 27, 1846. 19-3m.
The State of 3&issisliii,
Circuit Court, April Term 184G.
The Board of Police,
of Panola County.
vs. Original Dill.
The unknown heirs j
of Wm. Hives, deed. J
ST appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court, that the heirs of William
Rives dee'd. are unknown, upon mo
lion: It is ordered by tho court that
publication bts made for the
two months in the Panola Mississippi
Lyi.x,"' a newspaper published in the
Town ef Panola, State of Mississippi;
that unless the deft.njar.ts shall appear
before our next Circuit Court, to v
held at the Court House in ihe County
of Panola on the 4th Monday after" the
4th Monday in bept. next, and plead
answer, or demur to the bill
of com
plaint, or the niie&atu.ns &
Herein contained, will be taken tor
confessed and set for hearing Er-parle.
Wm. S. K Illlll, Cleric.
June 27. I 8 lb". 10-2m.
T2;e Blatc o02Lt.!issippi9
Panola County.
Circuit Court, April Term 1C4G.
Catherine Wil.mams.j
by her next liit-nd
yatt Hams, Bill ol' Divorce
vs. j
Ja's. R. illi ams, J
TON opcn:ng the Bill cf complaint
in th.sciiuse, an. I it appeal u:g to the
satHle' tion of the court, thai s:ud deft
is a nuii-rcsident of this State, upon
ii. Olson: ll is considered bv the Court
that publication bo made in the P
Mississippi "Lynx,' a newspaper
pub- ,
hslw d in tho 'i imii ol P.iuolu in
vi ate. for ti o term ol three months
t.iiil Ufj sid deft, to
rtiipear before our.
liexl Uireuii C.-nri, to bo held at the'
Court IIo!.sj oi Pauo'a county. thn i
4ih Mo.i.l .y i i ti i il.e. :ii Moi'day in j
Seit. next, Mid ph iid answer, or dem r i
to said t'iil of
coiiiphiint, or
the same
m ill 1 e t,.ken
oi coiiicsteu
and set for
hearing .
Wm. S. KEITH, Clerk:
iniG. is-: m.
just nlicmt 1 1 s 0 fincsl
gjpg III. Ill ......
brought into N. Mississippi or any o
thcr country, has just been opened at
the S. East corner or the Court House
Square in the town of Pano'a, where
friends enemies and all who wish for
any thing in the line of .
Drugs and Mtdicires;
Paints and Oils;
Paint Brushes;
Window Glass, a;id
Dye Stuffs,
nn be accomodated just a I c e I U bet
ter and cheaper than they could be at
Memphis or Now Orleans.
The subscriber is desirous of making
nn experiment in the sale of Drugs at
this point, and all that is necessary to
render it successful, is that all those
who desire a good and cheap article of
of any description usually kept by those
in his line, should drift this way and
tloat in.
He docs not believe that a customer
who will trv him once, will ever be in
duced to go any where else for any of
the necessaries or supertluities oi me,
with which his establis hment is so well
stocked; for he doei suppose and he
lieves most conscientiously, clearly &
indubitably that hecan serve a custom
er cheaper, better and more to the sat
isfaction .of all parties than such a
thing has beer, done within the recol
lection r-f the oldest inhabitant.
The period of the year is approach
ing when medicines aro usually in de
mand for families and plantations, and
the subscriber has taken extraordinary
pains to purchase such an assortment
as will enable him to respond in the af
firmative to every reasonable interrog
atory of a customer, and he cannot
see any earthly reason why the peo
ple of Panola and its vicinity should
so far forget themselves as to go fifty
or five hundred miles for an article
which thev might get here, and save
travel and trouble, and of more impor
tance still, get a cheaper and better ar
ticle bv calling at the DRUG STORE
lcf, ;,' -----c.N. PEARSON. I
: - " " i
June !27,
JlfST SEE fill.
flrigiu of every Disease, &
U me means ot cure. in the
year 1795, Le Roy clearly demonstra
ted that every disease originated from
impure or undigested particles, becom
ing mixed with the blood and fluids.
And also, that to cure every disease, it
was only necessary to open the natural
outlets of the body, and allow them to
remajn open, by which means'.the blood
and other fluids will release themselves
from these undigested and impure par
ticles, and a state of health will be cer
tain to ensue.
The Royal Insliute ef France award
ed to him lor this discovery, the Gold
Medal of the Institute.
This is a historical fact..
All which the Brandreth Vegetable
i universal 1'iils pruless to do is, to car
! ry out this principle, and experience
j has fully established them capable of it.
I When, therelore, a bad state of health
i exists in the body, all that has to be
, done is to continue to ruuGEit etTectuai
j ly with them, and the more violent the
( disease, the more powerful must be the
, doss.
j The Brandreth Pills are made entire
1 1 of V ege:ab!e Extracts, known by long
; experience to be perfectly innocent, and
! yet of more power as a purgative, or
: cleanser of the alimentary canal, than
any oilier medicine. Their elfect on
the system is so easy, that it is a remar
j kable fact that tho same dose may be
given to an infant or adult, without the
possibility of doing any injury but on
the contrary good. Therelore in ces
tiveness, either habitual or otherwise,
and in BiHiovs Fevers,-and all bilious
u tied ions they are of the greatest pos
sible benefit.
In a period of little more than ten
years in the United States, they have
restored to perfect health and enjoy
ment oer Jour hundred thousand per-
sonswhu wore given over by Physicians
of the first rank and standing, and in
many cases when every other remedy
had been resorted to in vain.
The great secret is to have the mcd-.
icine by j ou when you are first atack
ek with sickuess; one dose then will
have more good etl'ect than twenty, if
you put it otfuntil disease has enfeebled
the bodily powers; therefore every in
dividual who considers health a bless
ing, should always keep a box of Bran
Pirelli's Vegetable Universal Pills,
w lie re they can be sure to find them
w hen waniecd. Twentv-five cents can
hot possibly bo better disposed of. A
valuable life may be saved, cr a long
lit of sickness prevented.
For .sale by A. W. ARMSTRONG.
.jun 27 3m.
kw -" . , j.;
f FM1E public grncraHy, when wishing
to purchase SADDLES, or any
ihing in ihe Saddlery Busincss.ire ve
ry respect fully solieited to call on IIAR
BEE, In the town of Panola, on the cor
t er north of the Court House, where
an assortment of Saddles, Bridles, Mar
tingales, Girths, Sircingles, &c, 4'Ccan
t-e examined and bought at Memphis
Call arid examine if you do not buy
you will only he convinced of the pro
priety of abandoning the ue of Eastern
work, or the common trash that is sold
bv the merchants of our country.
jun 27 if
Administrator's IVolice.
The Slate of Mississippi ,
Panola Lounty.
MIE undersigned having at he
April term 1816, of the Probate
Court of said county, been appointed
Administrators of the estate of A. II.
Williams dee'd.' Notice is hereby giv
en to all persons indebted to said estate
to come forward and make immediate
payment, and persons having claims
J against the same, are required to pre
sent them duly autr.enticaiea wunin me
time prescribed by law, or. they will
be forever barred.
June 27, 1G46. 19 -6w..
To the Gentlemen of
IF you desire pood clothing and at
excessively low prices, let me con
strain you to give me a call. I can
now cloth you from and to both extrem
ities. Desirable Hats,f Otter, Beaver,
Ashland, Silk & Plush, as well as Caps
of oil Silk, and Cloth; Night Caps;
Shirts of every kind, Silk, Cotton, lin
en, and Buckskin ; Drawers of all kinds,
Coats, Pants, & Vests of every discre
tion; Socks and elegant Boots and Gai
ters; Cravats; Russian Girdles; Shoul
der Braces; Money Belts, and every
thing else so multiplied that I have not
patience to enumerate, you can find at
II. Wade's on Madison street, Memphis,
nearly opposite the Post Office, and
near the Union Bank.
April 1146. . , 8tr-
TAKEN up by David Duke, living
two miles east of Panola, one sor
rel Mare with a " blaze-face, left hind
leg white up to the kneej a small white
spot on the right side of the neck
about fourteen hands high supposed
tn be ten years old appraised to $35.
P. B. JONES, b. p. c.
June 13, 1846. ' 17-tf
In the Probate Court of
Panola County, State or
Mississippi April Term.
18 1G.
James E. Evans,
John Evans, el al
IN this case it appear ins to the satis
I faction of the Court that Lorenzo D.
Evans, John Estis and Penolppe Estis
are non residents of the State of Mis
sissippi. It is therefore ordered by
the court that unless they appear at
the July Term of this court and an
swer the allegations in the petition in
the above case, the same shall Le taken
as' confessed ngu'mst them. It is fur
ther ordered by the court that notice be
given in the Panola Lynx, a newspaper
published in the town of Panola fur six
ty days.
Witness the lion. John T. M. Bur
bridge Judge of said court at the court
house of said county the 20th day of
April A. I). 1846, and the seal or said
atnxed. J. C, ARMSTRONG, CPk.
The petition charges that John Evans
died in Nov. 1542, leaving four chil
dren besides pa'itioner; that dee'd. in
18 an instrument purporting to be his
last will and testament was admitted to
probate on the evidence of one witness,
lhaldecM. left a large estate consisting
of real and personal property, amount
ing to between seven & eight thousand
dollars, that petitioner had never re
ceived but one negro girl from dee'd.
That said instrument is fraudulent &
not the will of the dee'd. and that dee'd.
was incapable at the time of making a
will, that ho was not of sound and dis
posing mind at the time, nor for a long
lime previous, that defendant sought
the advantage which infirmity old age
and insanity had given them, obtained
his signature to an instrument, the con
tent ot which he was ignorant, and
that.dePts by stratagem attempt to set up
the same as his will and thereby at
tempt to secure to themselves the pro
pert' to the exclusive of petitioner, that
petitioner had delayed proceeding thus
long on account of promises by defend
ant that ihey would divide with peti
tioner. Petitioner prayes that defend
ant be compelled to appear at
Term of said court and answer fully
the allegations in said petition and that
said inst.ument and probate be set
aside and that the property decend as
at law as in cases ol intestates, anJ a
general prayer for relief.
itfiiet Chancery Court
of the Slate of" J2iixips5i
at HoSEv Spring April
K tiles 1 S 1G
John Hubbard et al 1
Albert G. Elli
lis el ai
I T PON openirc the matters of the
' Bill, it appearing to ihe satisfac
tion of the Court, that the heirs of Da
vid Boyd dee'd., defendants thereto,
are unknown to the complainants, it is
therefore ordered that unless, they ap
pear before the Vice Chancellor, at the
Court -Room in the Town of Holly
Springs, on the first Monday in July
next, nn J plead answer or Demur to
said Bill, the several allegations there
of, as to them will be taken for confess
ed, and such order and decree made
therein, as shall seem reasonable and
And it is further ordered, that a copy
of this order be inserted it, the Wano
la LYnx'1 News paper, published in the
town of Panola, once a week for two
months successively.
The Bill charges: that said Boyd
purchased lots, Nos. 10 1 1 & 12, in
Block No. 2, in the town of Panola, Pa
nola County, with money in his hands
belonging to complainants, Hubbard
and one William Morgan, since dee'd
and look title in his oVrn name; that
since Boyd's death, said lots have been
sold at Sheriff sale, as his property,
to satisfy a judgment recovered against
him, in his life time, (but which was
not revived by scire facias) and pur
chased by Defendant Ellis, who there
upon took immediate possession, and
has enjoyed the rents and proffi's ever
since; that Complainants, James & Wil
liam Morgan, ure the only heirs at
law, of said WrU!iam Morgan dee'd.
Prayer, That the deed from the
Sheriff to Ellis, be cancelled and held
for naught; that he Ellis, account for
rents and profits, that the legal title be
conveyed to complaiuants and for gen
eral relief.
Solicitors for Complainants.
April 11,'46, 8-2m.
Administrators Notice.
The Stale oj Mississippi, I
Panola County.
LETTER'S of Administration having
at the April special term 1846, of
the Probate Court of said county, been
granted to the undersigned on the es
tate of J. B. Morris dee'd. Notice is
hereby given to all persons indebted to
said estate to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against the
the same, are required to present them
duly authenticated within the time pre
scribed by law, or they will be forever
B. F. MORRIS. Adm'r.
June 27, 1846. 19-6vVi
Kangers Notice.
TAKEN up by Thomas Musgrave,
living about five miles North East
of Panola, one Sorrel Stud Horse, with
a star in his face, about five years old
appraised to $i
!PP P.B.JONES, b. p. c.
May 2, 1846 U-tf.
The State or illississi nni
Panola County, Circuit
Court April Term 181G.
Francis Chapman, by her next
friend William C. Peterson.
No. 980, v.( Bill of Divorce
John A. Chatman.
UPON opening the Bill of Complaint
in this cause andlit appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court, that said de
fendant is a non-resident of- this State
upon motion, It is considered by the
court that publication :e made in the
I anola Mississippi, Lynx, a news paper
published in the Town of Panola in this
Slate for the Term of three months,
requiring said delendant to appear be
fore our next Circuit Court to be held
at the Court House of Panola county on
the ith Monday alter the 4th Monday
in September next, & plead answer or
demur to said bill of complaint, or the
same will Le taken for confessed and
set for hearing ex parte.
. Wm. S. KEITH, Cleric.
June 20, 1846. 18-3m
In Use Froliate Court of
laii o!a -county, Miss.
Duncan C Williams )
Jnnips Erw in Adm'r
Iff II ERE AS Duncan C.Williams has
on the 4th day of May 1846 filed
his petition in said court wherein he
charges that he is security for dlt as
administrator of Willis !Doyell dee'd;
that said dft is a non resident of this
State; that dft has failed to account to
the court since letters of administration
have been granted; that said dft by pro
per process be compelled to appear and
make settlement ol said estate; petition
er prays lor an order to compell said
deft to give other security in discharge
of petitioner, and that on failure there
of that his letters of administration be
And whereas It appearing to the satis
faction of the court that said dft is not
within the jurisdiction of the process of
this courr, it is ordered by the court
that the said dft administrator afore:
said appear before this court on the 3d
Monday in July next, then and thereto
answer said petition and to settle and
account either to the court or to give a
good and sufficient bond with security
lor the faithful discharge of his duties
in the form and penalty prescribed by
the stauie in this behalf made and pro
vided as this court may direct, and that
publication be made sixty days in the
Panola Lynx.
Winess the II jn. JohnT. M. Bur
bridge Judge of said court and the
seal thereof affixed this 4th day
May 1846.
May 9th 1846. 12 60ds.
Administrator's IVolice.
State of Mississippi )
Panola County. )
RH. Nichols, having at the Janua-
ry term 1816, of the Probate
Court of said county, applied fur and
obtained letters of administration, on
the estate of John WaJdrupe" deceased,
hraeby give notice, to all persons in
debted to said estate, to come forward
and make immediate payment, and all
persons having claims agninst the same,
are required to preseni them duly au
thenticated, w ithin the time prescribed
by. law, or they will be forever barred
R. II. Nichols Adm'r.
Jan. 24 '46. 50-6m.
Latr Notice.
rAN'OI.A, MiS9. EEI.MONT, lisS
HAVING formed a jiarlrtarhip i;i the prac
tice of their profession, will give thsirrm
diviiied at'.rntioit to all bu3ine entrusted to thel:
Cars in arty part of north Mississippi. They
will practice in the District Chancery Court at
Holly Springs, til Federal court at Pontotoc, and
and the High Court of Errors and Appsals a;
Letters addres?ed to the liim, either at Tanola
or Belmont, will receive prompt attention,
marc 23 'tf
ENTENDING to change our business
the ensuing fall, we now ofier a large
and very desirab'e stock of goods
The entire stock has been purchased
for CASH it embraces
Dry Goods, Hardware,
Crockery, Boots,
Hats, , Shoes, ike, &c
It is a rare chance for persons in want
Q7No credit will be given in any in
stance. HUNT & CO.
May ICth 1846. 13-3t
pKEN up by David Little, living
seven miles from Panola on the
road to Hernando, two Bay Horses,
one with a lump on his left ankle, is
supposed to be seven years old, the
other is six years old appraised each
to $35,00. P. B. Jones R. P. C,
May 23, 1346. 14 tf.
Administrator's Notice
Slate of Mississippi, I
Panola County. J
LETTERS of Administration hav
ing, at the November term, 1845
of the Probate Court of said county,
been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of Anderson Nelson dee'd. No
tice is hereby given to all peasons in
debted to said estate, to come forward
and make immediate payment, and per
sons having claims against the same,
are required to present them duly au
thenticated, within tho time precribed
by law, or the statute will be plead in
bar to the same.
March 14, 1846. 4-6w.
At the Planters' and Traders' Shoe
Store, Memphis.
HAVING made arrngeinents during
the past winter with sotno of the
best manufacturers in the East, is now
receiving a art of his summer stock of
Boots, Shoes, and Biogans to which
several shipments will be added dur
ing the mouths of April and May
among which are, for the trade:
1 100 pr. mens single and double sole
Brogans, various patterns,
500 pr. womens calf & seal strap
shoes cc boois,
300 do. gent's, good and fine sum
mar boots,
Men's low quarler calf and seal
Men's calf, goat and seal skin slip- i
400 pr. boys Downings & Brogans,
Mens extra size Brogans, to fill bro-
ken stocks, &c.f which will be sold
by the case or dozen at a small advance
on manufacturers prices
will also be full, GRAND and com
plete among which aret
Gents. TALL Boots a perfect fit,
' DeOrsays;
Button gaitors;
' Calf and goat Monroes;
Velvet Nullifiers;
" Goat, do.
" Fancy pumps;
Ladies linen t gaiter;
' lasting do. do.
4' ' foxed buskins;
linen do. do
" kid welted do
" do pumps and low ties;
" white English Kid slippers;
and Childrens', Misses', Youth' and
Boy's shoes &c., loo numerous to de
scribe. We charge but half price for looking
at our stock, and prices which shall be
satisfactory to all who want a good ar
ticle. Won't you call as you look round,
ut the Planters and Traders' Bool
Sign under the Franklin House Front
Row? and we'll "do you proud'' as far
as the UNDERSTANDING is con
Memphis April 2646. l0-4w.
FOil IflAIiES,
Lafayette colwty Miss.
Eleven Miles West of Oxford and
Sixty Five S. E. cf Memphis.
r I MI IS Institution will be opened for
Students in a term of five months,
about the first of March next.
By the liberality of the citizens of
this and the neighboring counties, an
excelent frame building will be ready,
containing abundant rooms for recita
tion and other purposes; also dwelling
houses for Teachers and Boarders;
Out-buildings, Piay-grounds, Garden,
&zc. for an extensive and permanent
Boarding School.
The furniture of the Academy shall
be of the most approved forms, com
bining health, comfort, and usefulness.
An Apparatus for Philosophical and
other purposes; a select Library lor
the use ol pupils; and the most valua
ble Maps and Charts that the Eastern
cities atfijrd, will render our advantages
second to none.
This location is peculiarly dtsirea
ble for a Boarding School.
It was selected by a committee, with
an especial view tc health, from a
high and salubrious region, w here no
miasmata Irom stagnant water, or local
cause for diseases of any sort can pos
sibly be found.
The Board of Trustees takes plea
ure in announcing that, for the man
agement of this Academy, they have
procured the services of Professor R.
Morris, late of De Soto Academy, so
long known to the citizens of North
Mississippi , as an untiring servant in
the cause of Education.
The health of Professor M. being re
established, the Trustees feel that they
cannot better recommend the advan
tages of the Mount Sylvan Academy,
than to sar that he will carry it on
with all the skill with which his ex
perience and talents promise.
Assistant teachers will" bo engaged
as needed.
A Boarding House for applicants
will also -be ready and will be enlarged
as the wants of the school may re
quire. Prices of good board will range from
$30 to $40 per Session.
The Trustees wish it to be understood
that they hold the Principal of the Aca
demy responsible for the conduct and
management of whatever steward he
may select to conduct the Boarding
House. This will be a guarantee to
those who send their sons to the Acade
my that every attention will be paid to
their comfort in health and sickness.
For the sciences in which the Eng
lish language is used as a medium
I ??!
For other languages, $20 00 j
There are no extra charges of any
sort, save in case of actual damage, and
free use of apparatus, Library, &c
will be given to every student.
JAMES BROWN, President,
JAMES G. TRIGG, Secretary of the
- . . December, 1845.
Blanks for sale here.
Attorney at Iawj
Panola, Dlisi.
A mil, lFth 184(1.
1 FOREWARN all persons from trad
ing for a note of the following dis
cription: One note of hand given by me, paya
ble to W. C. Maxwell, for the sum of
fifty-five dollars and fifiy cents, dated
the 18th day of April 1846.
The above note having been cxtor
led from me, I do not intend to pay it
unless compelled by law.
April 26th '46. 10-lw.
Administrators IVoticr.
XET PERLS' of Administration hav
ing be;n granted the undersintipd
on "the estate of Abr. Allen dee'd, by
ty Miss, on the 8th Doc. 1845.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to said estate, to make imme-
diate payment (and save cost) and
j those having claims against said estate
must pieient them duly authenticated
within ihe time prescribed by law, or
I hey will be forever barred, given uri
der mv hand and seal.
Dec. 20 '45. 46-6w.
r SHE Pono'a Light Drngoons are re--t-
quested to meet in the tow n of Po
nola at 10 o'clock A. M.on the fourth of
Julv nest, lor the. purpose of d riling.
W. C. Rakurn, O. S.
By order of Capt. Watson.
AdEuinistrator's Notice
rlHE undersigned hnving, at the
J- June term 1846 of "the Probate
Court of Panola County, obtained let
ters of administration upon the esta'.d
of James Satierwhite deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to said estate to come forward
and make immediate payment, and all
persons having claims against the same
are required to present them duly aut
henticated wilhin the time prescribed
by law, or they will le forever barred.
Juna 20, 1846. 18-6m.
f-I"MIE subscriber wouIJ respectfully
J- inform the citizrns of Panola coun
ty, that he lias in his employ, very
superior woikmen. and materials of the
best quality. Persons wishing to havo
duiable and neat work dono, can do sb
by sending their orders to him.
May 2, 1846. - 1 l-3w.
Ranger's IVotice.
TAKEN UP by Stewart Pipkin liv
ing about fifteen miles east of Pono'a,
one sorrel mare about three j ears old,
with a small star n the forehead; no
other brands or n arks perceivable-
Appraised to $35,00.
P. B. Jones, Ranger
junc IT 46 v2nlCtf
THE subscriber having been appoin
ted Agent of the BOSTON and
MISSISSIPPI Cotton Land Company;
ARKANSAS Land Company; and the
ASAW Land Companj', hereby gives
notice to those indebted to either of
the above associat.ons, that Mr. Will
iam Si Williams, or in case of his ab
tence, Col. George Foote, is author
ized to receive monies, and pass re
ceipts for the same, in cass written
cbetter suits the convenience ofaying
of visit Hernando, than the ofiiice or
the subscriber at Pontotoc, and such re
ceipts will be received as cash, on the
day of payment.
Mr. Williams is also empowered to
make contracts lor the sale of lands in
that portion of the Chickasaw cession,
lyine north of the Tennessee Stale line;
in all tho counties west of the meridian,
and in the counties of St. Francis and
Crittenden in the State of Arkansas
and such contracts will in all cases be
sanctioned'and confirmed, unless public
notice should be given to the contrary.
As it is the object of the proprietors
to bring their lands fairly into market,
those seeking settlements, are invited
to call on the subscriber at Pontotoc
or Mr. Williams, at Hernando, for good
bargains, on liberal conditions.
The Holly Springs "Guard," and
the Ponola "Lynx," will please copy
for two mouths."
Hernando, May 22, 1845.
Dr. Holcomse having removed his
family to the Sinners1 Camp Ground,
8 miles east of Panola, hopes his for
mer patrons and all others who may
wish his professional services will soon
learn where to applj.

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