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I f THE_ _ -STAR
Bey Scout* and Others Started Thursday to (oUeet The
Precious Metal/ House to House
( anease Item* Made.
It. rupmar to request* im »«■
rtou* quarter* Brigadier OHm)
Ttoonuu J Oraysoti stale director
of tokrtlw Service, today author
ised release of a few prrUoent para -
graph* giving tot everyday lan
guage certau. ihghfcghu tram re
cant amendments to Beledtee fterr
toe regulation* It to anticipated ,
ttoot lupptommtan issues of like
character will be made ae Use pub
lic interest jutUfMt
N<x ic- of ebuuittoauon -On the
same day a local beard claoatftea or
change* the classification of a rag
Meant the local board shall mail
notice thereof to the reentrant
the government appeal agent and
to any peraon who baa tued a re
quest to reconsider the ehuauftca
toon of such registrant
Is CiassifteaUor Permanent 1—It
to here again emphasised that no
daaaifteauor. to pemanent Pn>
vtoton to definitely erected that each
registrant shall within ten Uav
after tola rlaaalftratior- and anr
ocher peraon should anuun ten don
after Knowledge thereof report to
the local board m writing any fact
that aught result m such registrant
being placed tu a different clash
Responsibility also rest* upon the
local board to keep informed of the
statu* of classified registrants Reg
totranta may be questioned or phy
tooaily or mentally re-examined
employers may be required to furo
toh tnformaUori, police official- or
other agenda* may be requested to
maxe mvetUgauor. and outer step
may be taken by the tonal board u.
xaep current mformation concern
Om the math* of daaaiftad rtm
Ddaitad information regarding
lb* procedure for reopening (he case
•f a ret let ran may br obtained
flwn any mal board or from State
Headquarter* of MkUw Service
Appearance Before Does Board
Rvery rapwtrant has an opportunity
. be »M wltt. :i> . alihn
ter. day* after the mailing ot Hu
nt* of CtaaalficeiMi. The local
beard shall promptly mill u> tht
rapwrant notice of the time and
place fixed tor hia appearance
Ruga Wing Appeal* A registrant
and perwxi who claim* to be a de
{Modem or any peraon who ha* filed
Wtttten evidence at the occupational
MMaiiy of the reentrant. may ap
peal tram any local board eiaatlh
eeuon or from any local board
SMIbi aa to physical and mental
lHot. afte: physical exam
while appeal to pend
In addiuot. the following may
from any drterwunation of
a laaai beard a government ap
rpaal agent for hi* local board area
a State Director of Selective Serv
ice for any local board area In hto
Mate, and or the Director of Se
lective Service
The Boa re of Appeal shall con
Mtor appeal- in the order m which
they are received In reviewing the
appeal, no evidence shall be consid
ered which to not contained n the
record received frees the local board
and the dedstou of the Board of
APPea. shall be baaed solely
A registrant shill not or ordered
In report !« induction and no order
to report for induction aluUl be ef
fective during the period In which
there is pending any appeal duty
made by him or In his behalf from
any appealable determination of
the local board or during the pr
nod afforded him by the rules and
fWguialMxu in which to make an
appeal or in those cases where an
appeal to the President is made
during the period in which such
appeal to pending
Regarding CorudenUous Object*
or* Proviaior to made for assign
ment to work of national import -
anoe under etvihan direction of
canacien Uou; objector* at such time
ns these registrars* would be in
ducted into the land or naval force
tan for then eiaauiicaticr in IV-F
' A concerted drive or -On* thou*
*nd pound* at aluminum got under
*ay ywtorday Thumdiyr a* house
*.w» «d Jackaon County begat, to
throw -Pot and Both*? at Adapt
Hhlor “
B W Bumhtm County Defeiv
Chauwian dated that ~aB of the
mmmtuaaa have functioned arid that
U» drive nhoukl get underwgy
“AH of the ctvtc arc anuntlott
caUad upon a* well a* the various
ilidlvtdMta have ihmrn a witling
nei to accept raapmutbtlu, a* loyal
Awerrfan ahouJd’ Mr Burnham
***d The people of Jacfcaon Ooun
ty wtU do Uhi! part in this effor
aa they Iwe tn every program *p»m
anred by the due or federal gov
eminent to aid tn national deleft*
Oof) T*« Days
Thurute) and Pnoay July M and
26 are the only two official dav>
in the campaign in solicit and ptek
ut> the aluminum In Jacfcaon c ,un
y a* outlined at a meeting a cntc
leaden at the court hatar an Wed
umtUy night July U
At that time It wa, decided that
• tv most effective way to handle u»
campaign would be to have only
two day* and during that abort
Shne to make a complete bouar-to
iiouar canvaaa of every humr In
Jacfcaon County
Although decided tost to
haw only two Offtaai Day., a
gnat deal of work ha* tom done to
aasurr the success ot the drive
Poster* and placard* were dis
tributed during the tier* of Civilian
Registration to Uiouaands ot Jack -
•on CounUana The patters were
h aded by the moving appeal Alu
minum ii needed to stop little? '•
Civic organisations m the cities ot
the court y have divided their ter
rUory ana every effort u being
madf to contact every person in the
county and give each one a citancr
to contribute to the general drive
Preobiu* Metal
Although it is not gene ratty con
ceded a* such u is painted out out
that aluminum i* dttmi.ely a
Precious Metal in Amenc. today
when the present supply p entirety
inadequate for the budding of vital
rj. planes for national ikisum and
ud or Britain
M7by 19k# Federal fftrmnngni it
•Ui be al least several macros* tie
tore they can turn out aluminum In
any comparative quantity In the
meantime vitally needed airplane*
are bring held up. it was said
Camp Shelby Boys
Will lie Guexth Of
VWBC On Week End
Tfcr Many IwrUUn and Midi
MienUan (liven TW Hoy* Law!
M>«k End Ww Unall)
Pascagoula will be boat again this
week end to another group oi sol
dier* tram Camp Shelby vtatung the
Army Recreational Area here
featuring the prog ram will be a
dance Saturday night in the Com
m unity Houae, under the auspices
of the Young Women * Businas*
Club of Pascagoula Muaic tor the
dance will be provided by the dance
band of the 134th Field Artillery,
one of the beat regimental dance
band* at Shelby Miss Prances
U-atherbury president of the club
is ui charge of arrangement*
Other events tht* week end will
follow In general the prevtow pro
gram* and will include swimming
boating, lulling beset) part lew ath
letic* an tnapecuon tour of the
yard* of the Ingalls Shipbuilding
Corp. and open house at the Pasca
goula Community House
The boys tire butted to attend the
iuouc at the Beach of the Em
ployees of the Jackson Count; Mills
’Continued On Page Tec>
Two Men Narrowly
Rarape I>rownin>? Aa
Car Take# To I)iteh
C T Hlnsnr, ant! AHwn Bttn
mom residents el Mena Point, bare
b mnpNi drowning or wttaa in
jury about to 30 Tli«aday night
whet, the automobile in which they
were riding plunged ever a ntow foot
embankment and into a flooded
dttcti Mtf ttie MTlMfritfttpfH* A
Mate luw according to Highway
Patrolman P H Hudson who tnvws
thrsted Uw aorktant
Neither of Uw men war aeriem
It injured suffering only from
■bod Mr Hudson said According
to Informal**: given Uw patrolman
the automobile got out of control,
causing Uw s«cld«at. and no other
vehicle was involved
Mr Hudson aald that he found
Uw two men trapped In the almost
ubnwrged ear and brought them
•t> their homes The automobile was
badly damaged It was aatd,
til KfferU Retag Made To (Mwl
tllwanM I lenUt* Tkl> Wrrt
Tbreoghewt Nill«
HU Hitler With a Pan" to the
slogan this week for Mississippi
housewlm m the drive for ool
lartittg wrap and discarded alumi
num ware get* underway In the na
tion's drive for XhOQO.aoo pounds
of slummum -precious metal need
ed to release other sloes for the
OtiUdtag of airplane* and tanks
The drive find* Mississippi i H
county defense councils cooperating
100 percent In the pick - up move
mem Col Lea B Robinson chair
man of the state civilian defence
council, announced at the meeting
of the drive Monday
'The men and women who have
been drafted In the counties and
Cities are responding with such good
sort tor the entire civilian defense
program, that tt la our hope that
each and every person will con
sider himself s selectee and coop
erate not only In this aluminum
drive nut in the entire program "
Oof Robinson said "1 believe that
all defense effort* will go over the
top in a big way "
The county defense workers have
enlisted women's clubs civic organi
sations, business roes and many
others in the campaign, which last*
for this week
In the rural sections memMra
of uie 4-H clubs and the Future
Farmer* ot America are louring the
roaos and stopping at the farm*
U> get old pou and pans
Alter Uie scrap ware Is collected.
U will be sent by the county com
mittees to eight point* In the
state—Jackson, Vicksburg Natchet.
Greenwood Oxford Tupelo, Hatties
burg «nu Gulfport Titer the fed
eral procurement officer* of the U
8 Treasury office at Jackson wilt
be advised of the amoun' salvaged
In the Mate
The federal officer will dispose of
the aluminum to a group of smelters
throughout the country. Bunds
from the sale will be deposited
In the treasury to be used for
civilian defense activities in case of
an emergency
Shipyard Men Hurt
As Car Strikes Pole
Three men said U> be employ -
c«s of Uu Installs Shipbuilding Cor
poration -were Injured Sunday night
when the aw m which they were
riding a said to have atruck a pole
on Canty sheet near the shipyard
T o Swendson 36 driver of the
ear. received a bruised chest and
other injuries His brother. Johnnie
awendsoti 38 also of Pascagoula
was treated at the Jsicksot County
Hospital for a broker right ankle
and Mitchell Heed it. wtiaae home
U In Mobile another passenger
In the car. received a lacerated
forehead and right knee and other
Injuries An auendlug physician
took 17 stitches tn Reed s head to
close the wounds
Gamblers In County
Pay For Their Music
Jarkaon county gambler* partic
ularly thaw in Pumoul* unknov
tori' P«KJ tor music which they ye1
haw not baard but Ukelv wtli It
came about when ia*t wf#k end
Sheriff J Ouy (Crete decided ttea
he would turn the fund* be »uhj ab
kAracted from seised hot machine*
ooer to the school band- of Pm,
owoula and Mas Point. Instead of
turning It into the county treasury
A* the raauit of Sheriff Kreto
«hlac the Pascagoula band receiv
ed HOC and the Mow Post! hand
. HO The reason for the uneven du
trtbutian Sheriff Krete erptalnect
was that the machines were amw
principally In Pascagoula and that
Mow Point dial net yielded none of
the eoeftncated property
The ah* machine owner* low
their machino* and the profs: - and
the patron* erf the one-armed band
Its taw doubly Their iHm chance of
regaining ioae* incurred in watch
ing the wheels go around" were
During the early part of last
week. Sheriff Krebs suddenly
swooped down on places where the
machines were operated and confis
cated more than a score at the
Diseased Animat* Bile Number of Persons During Past Two
Weeks Presenting Problem To
Tbe man power of Hi resident* of
Pascagoula k called upon U> kill al!
itny cat* and dog* foUoaloi the
biting of several people In the city
by nese animate during the pul
10 day* Tbe animate suffering will,
rabies have become a detriment and
danger to the cttlsm* it was re
ported by Chief of Police A W
Tl is up to the men ot Pasca
goula to take acts.it in ridding the
city of these ttritr animal Chief
Ear'll stated Tbe women and
ciuidmt. must be protected and
there is only one way this can be
done that is by people taking the
matter into their own 1 lands "
During the last 10 day* the
police department has received and
answered 25 calk from people
wanting cats killed and Tt calk
for dog* Often by the time the
police tan answer these calk the
animal- have strayed off to an
other neighborhood and can't be
“The police department not only
is triable to keep up with these
talk but User* to no law which
enable* them to p*tro< the at>
looking ter thesr animals and kitl
ing them “ Chief Shell staled
The City of Pascagoula and oilier
parts of Jackson County have beer,
under quarantine against rabies <01
the past tea month; and notices
have been posted warning 'he peo
ple ot Its presence Orders hate
been issued staUng that it is unlaw -
(ul to ailow cats and dogs to stray
aboui without being mumied how
ever. only a tew incident, have been
noticed where dogs rusmed the
streets are wearing muales
The latest person reported bitten
by a rabid cat was Billy Bragg Her
ring younget: daughter of Mr and
law W B Herring The child had
been sent on an errand and was
w alking along the street when the
cat suddenly jumped from behind
same busiies and bit bet on the
leg sinking four teeth in the Dean
She was taken to a physician for
treatment The cat also Is mm to
have attempted to attack a boy in
the same neighborhood Officer
Junes of the police department later
JtdiiCCl th* MpIflLMl
Follow in TR's Footsteps
Keeping up th* fighting traditior of the tiiwnlu, Quentin Rooeevelt,
• rewind lieutenant in th* J34 Field Artillery, jeina hia father, CeL
Theodore Rooeevelt (left). eo«maedH«f the Mth Infantry, at Fort
Devon. Miu Col Rohu-v^U i, th. »oa »f the let* Prealdent Theodora
It oner rail (hwiuii r*c*nU> waa graduated from Harvard.
■ ' — ■ m
Moms Point Paper Mill Already Has Observance Instituted
Within It;- nru.mi>■!!■>. Starting
- --- - 4
Various Matters Of
Interest Discussed
At Rotary Meeting
President Read Letter from A
British Kolarlan Maw l.ultci
Outlined Aluminum Drive
The Rotary Club of Rucagmii..
had a good meeting Wednesday d»
«ptte the fact that there were *e,
enhance commiuee, to make same
eraarks on the subject Lee read a
list of absentee?, saying there sms
one more this we-k than last He
asked the members ; • sent to re
mind those absent to go to Mbas
Point and make up
President Jim read a letter he had
received from a R< tartan In Eng
land. and commented on the fact
that the clubs there were haring
regular meeting* despite the star,
though they had tc mange their
meeting place once m a white The
tetter was cheerful and optimistic,
despite the war conditions. Jim also
read the record oi attendance for
the past month .showing that Pas
cagoula was abou, third or fourth
tram the bottom In the District
President Stone also read a letter
tram District Governor Ingram, «*
pressing his di&apiiotn. ment at not
being able to visit Uie dub this trip,
on account of Uie meeting being
held today at Edgr-weter Gulf Huxl.
Mayor Gulley was introduced as
the guest of President Stone, and
Uie Mayor told of the se, up of can
\ aster* m the tie tense aluminum
drive The various club* have each
taken t district or ward of the City,
and Boy Scouts and Girl Reserves
are expected to call at every home
in Uie city to collect discarded
aluminum vessels
President Stone named Ed Banj
Gene Ulmer and Arthur Smith an
Uie Aluminum Collection Own
mi! lee Ed Banj fumlabod taro
truck* to Uie club to use in its col
Secretary George HUUt read eome
extract* (rant ho vary publication*
telling Uie duUes of Koianan*. and
outlining the different classlieaUon
o Rotary He *ta.ed Uiar, he mem
bership of he Club could be great!)
increased oy taking in an avodate
member ol some lassificatton
Jun Stone announced that the re
strtc.toti* of the use of electricity in
this area had been removed utiu.
September first and maybe longer.
Mayor Gulley. Mr Poet Rev Ed
Barksdale and Dr. Smoot ware
guests respectively of Rotiriam
Stone Ulmer Land and Uockard
Jesse Thompson of Mom Point wa*
a vuuung Kotarian
Moss Point Rotary
Club Has Fine
Meeting Thursday
UuM «4 miner* Aumdlag Mary
< (nuu il Her ling at Lt|< water
Gatf H*Mt
In the atonic* ot tte peaatdent.
no**-; resident and secretary, tte
Mm Point Rotary Club waa P**
sided over by Homer Gregory aw
ireni-it-inns The otter offkcn* ol
the ciub acre ,i'.. railing a meeting
oi the Rotary Council at tte Wt*
eater Gull Hotel
Prate Spann introduced tte
speaker Mias Elysbett Lae. atet
ant State Kt-creauocial Ptraetor
Mw Lee made a abort but inierat
uig ute on recreational wort in tte
state in regard to soldier* and civil
ians Miss Lee plated ttat while
moat ol the ellort made at tte
present tune were lo provide far
aiiOkaocue rrtreaubn Of Urattea*
ttat wort with the civilian ptt^la
i Con untied On Page Tern
Residents of Pesca*oul« Mom
and Other part* of Jackson
lUDty along with others through
otu the dote will move their clocks
at one hour next Thursday at mld
ght* July >1. as day lift it saving
mow goes into effect The new regu
i' ion of time will follow that which
has been made m other Southeast
ern states, in an efort to conserve
or daylight working hours
Daylight saving time has been
ui effect at the Southern Kraft
Paper mill in Moss Point since Mon
day Of this week and that company
mmtm m ma immmhmm
r'iiKB. via. me done tn ad
vance of other place? In Jackson
Count \ because It was desired to
have the time conform with other
plan:, of this corporation in other
Daylight saving time went Into
Offer h Alabama Monday. July 31
Prevalent Roosevelt issued s pro
clamation several weeks ago re
(ur-nn*. that the daylight saving
tin.- be instituted as a means of
eon • vi. j usylight and electricity,
durum the emergency period when
electricity is so badly needed m the
paternal Defense Industrial pro
Ow en or Johnson last week is
sued , pi olumatlon setting the date
for the ange and asked the co
Speratior. of all business interests
ant: th. jeople generally’ Ordinarily
an act c: egislature would be neces
sary to change the time but because
of the emergency no opposition Is
brim an : ipated.
Tli* mving tn electrical current it
«xpe ted to be brought about by
pew. aming one hour earher and
fell ting >ne hour sooner at night
thus sa'tng electric power earlier
111 the day
Th- ful cooperation and support
of the program is expected to be
earn'd out in Jackson County and
arrangements are being made by
toanr am; other Institutions for the
ahse- Mince
Bluff C reek Bridge
At Vancieave Nears
State of Completion
Ti» Bluff Creek bridge on Hlgh
w* * leading into Vancieave from
Or Spring* and Pomainebleu. la
OP* .earing <«npjettan after nearly
a year's work by the Mlaauaippi
81 Highway Commission The
atr lure is an important link in
th.. section of the highway and
ret r me old structure condemn
ed nearly two years ago
O ■ 100 feet tn length the bridge
but of rrroaoted timber and steel,
was iroeret constructed a year ago
b> Commissioner Hiram Patterson
l*» • anouf reasons delays were
eoc n.iered and the construction
Wa- drawn out over a period of
■so tr W nmen are now finiah
Uu banister rails although the
brn t was opened to traffic several
*■»>• ago
T cid bridge, which collapeed
m». truu a year ago but was tem
po' restored to iwe during the
eon i won of the present bridge,
ha" teen clrmolitiMt.
T; new bridge is a big unprove
iw >er the old structure It Is
coi ; abiy higher and weli-bank
ed « »aches have been filled in
Thi *ac c.necttng the bridge with
the highway to the south eUmi
aet< hum dangerous curves. It
•tot an* necessary to construct
.amor vmal. bridge and build ap
1 pro a short dlsUnce south
Pi are now being made to pave
I tht ■ -tioe, of the highway, which
I'toao Lucedaie. and Is a much
I to*'-.,«* road
n y. lost an lS-mooth
bar with meir neighbors, a prw
■ * beaver colony when the
I***' lathers had to dose the road
th« nas been continually under
wa;< ,;nc« beavers bulh a da®
laaa: ay
Supervisors Visit
leouisiana Parishes.
Inspect Court Houses
Member* of the JtctMD County
Board of Suprmaor* etched Pariah
•eat* to Louisiana this week to
tpertinc recently conatnacted oowrt
house* Uirrc. to an effort to find the
moat satisfactory type of construe -
turn for Jackson County * new court
K W Burnham prod dent of the
Board stated that they were wel
conied courteously by official of the
vartou* partabea that they netted
and that the member* now base
a better Idea of what they want
alone the line of a new court house
Mr Burnham stated that the
Jackson County Officials were par
ticularly impressed by the recently
constructed court house to St Ben
ard Parish and also the one to
Hamm Official* seemed to ap
prove the modern type of structure
which ha* the jail a* a third story
to the court house proper, rather
than an annex. It was said
Rati Program •( tulwuiawnil
and Friend* At INhm
(••la’s Bneh Park
The Jackaor. County Mills will
entertain 1U employee* with one at
the largest picnics ever held In
Jackson County. Saturday, at the
Pascagoula Municipal Beach Park
It Is expected that 1.600 employees
then guests and children will as
semble on the grounds that morning
tor a full day of fun and froln
Buses and can will transport the
employees to the beach for the oc
The program calls for a day of
dancing swimming boating con
tests and eaung J P Velctch. su
perintendent of the park, has turned
over the western half of the grounds
to the party He also will pre
ps re 1,000 pounds of fish, in which
an he Is a past master There
also will be plenty of cold drinks
and draught beer for the adults, and
for the children there will be plenty
of Me cream The employees are
to bring their own lunches
Slicks and sport suits will be the
order of drew for the day The pic
nic this year features two types
of music Bill Mitchell and his Five
Aces from Bllox; will furnish the
swing music; and Herman Creel and
Ferret Bosarge also of Biloxi two
toMtadlDi guitarist* aad vocal
Contests far Use day will Include
a husband-calling contest, men’s
bathing beauty contest, old-faab
toned waits contest and a Jitterbug
contest. Several novelties will be
presented also
The general program for the day
Is as follows:
B OO A M —assembly : 8 IS to
11:00 A M dancing swimming and
boating; 11 00 to 12:00 all will as
semble at tbe pavilion for contests
and announcements; 12:00 to 2:00.
lunch, fried fish and picnic lunches;
2:00 to 4:00 P M, dancing, swim
ming boating and hobnobbing;
4 00 P M —disbanding
Tbe Jackson County Mills also
will have as guests during the
luncheon and afternoon a group of
soldiers who visit the recreational
camp Officials of the company,
various county office holders and
the mayors of Ocean Springs Pas
cagoula and Moss Point will be In
Minister—I’m glad to see you on
your way to Sunday school, Robert
What do you expect to learn today?
Robert—I expect to team the
date of the picnic
Attempt* To Be Made Ta Ratify StahiNzatioa Apreemaat*
At CmlerwKt la PtMifMbi
Negotiations win be re-opened<
•it« afternoon (Friday > between
official* or the Ingalls Shipbuilding
Corporation and the local A P of L
representative* of shipyard workers
concerning the ratification of wage
stabilisation agreement between the
two parties For several days this
week rumors have beer, circulated
that a strike was to take place at
the Ingalls Shipyards m Pasca
goula. however these were with
out foundation
The Ingalls Shipyard and the A
F of L had an agreement which
exptrad on July I but tt was sub
ject to either party's desire to
make a change If a change was
desired they would make their re
quests known and then negotiate
Negotiations far a new agreement
were started on July It. but were
stopped on July 21 However they
will be resumed tomorrow after
noon The former contract allowed
far 30 days from the tune of start
of negotiations to reach an agree
ment otherwise either part# would
consider the contract cancelled
Thus tt is understood the present
contract will remain in effect
The shipyard and union It is un
derstood have agreed an all re
quested changes made by the union,
except that the Union desires a
closed shop or a preferential shop
clause which stated the company
could dm employ members of the
union except through the union;
and all employees must remain
members of the union in good
standing as a condition of employ
ment In case the union cannot
furnish men at needed or within
two days, then the company could
employ men but they would have
to become members of the union
within 30 days or they couldn’t
continue to work
The Ingalls officials are said to
have declined the clause and sub
mitted to the Union in lieu thereof
a statement of policy that the
company gave assurance that they
will not discourage in any way. any
employee becoming members of the
union or have any men who are
unemployed, who are now mem
bers, or stop their membership
The Union has advised the company
that this offer by the company Is
not acceptable
In the extended agreement, the
standard recently adopted by the
Gulf Coast Stabilization Conference
Ibr prswni scale far sll mechanics
helpers and laborers was granted,
cannot go into effect until the gov
ernment In Washington has receiv
ed approved and ratification of the
shipbuilding companies and all the
lobor organisations In the Gulf
Coast Zone
These standards were approved on
June 18 by representatives of the
government employers and labor,
and immediately thereafter each
shipbuilder advised Washington of
ficials and their ratification and
the new rate can go Into effect as
soon as they are ratified by the
labor organisations
It is reported that the stabilised
prices which would prevail In all
Oulf Coast shipyards provide an In
crease of from 10 to 12 percent and
even higher lor the next year New
agreements U> be made in a year,
18 months and two years, respect
ively. would provide increase in
proportion to tne increase In cost
of living
Until the terms of the contract*
and stabilisation agreements are
ratified, the laborers cannot receive
the scale of wages which are now to
prev ail, It la said
Citizens Turn Out Nearly 100 per cent to Answer Call Far
Civilian Defense By President and
Over 12.000 ciuaens at Jackson
County—whites and Negroes, men
and women—turned their faces to
ward their respective voting pre
cincts in Jackson County Pnday
and Saturday and registered far
Civilian Defense By doing this
patriotic duty these ciuaens reg
istered themselves as allies at "Co
de Sam" and expressed their will
ingness to cooperate in any way pos
sible in the event at an all-out
emergency affecting the date
The figure taken above was from
incomplete returns at the office
of A F Megehee county chairman
of the Placement Section. In charge
of the registration
The number at registrants exceed
ed by almost 35 percent the quota
set by the State ClvtUsa Defense
Council for this county State of
ficials expected an approximate T5
percent registration of eiigtbie civil
ian* ^
Mr Megehee dated that at was
‘mare than pleased" with the re
sult at tor registration for the
We have followed the tradition
of the people at Jackson County by
doing more than our part in any
worthwhile undertaking " the county
chairman said. "I wish to thank
my central committees county and
city official* and particularly the
>-.p«.ir>v of the precincts and the
registrars who worked so diligently
and unselfishly to make the regis
tration go off smoothly he went
on "All at the effort* put forth
by every one taking part was done
willingly as a part at their patri
otic duty with uo thought of per
sonal gale _ .
'Some of the workers nagMctao
personal affairs to aid in pooling
a great human reserve of man
power to be used if and when
necessary It is to their credit
that they made this sacrifice will
ingly and uncomplainingly"
Garda sad Battens Sbert
State officials of the registra
tion failed to realiise the patriotic
fervor of the people of this section
and consequently failed to semi
a sufficient amount of cards or
buttons to cover the number of reg
Only 9.400 cards were sent to this
county, according to Mr Megehee.
which necessitated a rush printing
fob to supply the ensuing short
He expressed regrets that all reg
istering persons did not ecetve a
button at the time of registration
but an additions) shipment is ex
pected within a few days and inter
ested persons may procure a button
by calling at the office of the coun
ty superintendent of education. Mr
Megehee said
Wrecked Automobile
Is Found Abandoned
An automobile said to be owned
by George Malle tie of fancies tc.
was wrecked an North Pascagoula
street just outside the dty limtta
Monday morning about 1 o'clock, it
it reported by Chief of Police A
W Ezell When police arrived at
the scene the car was abandoned
No witnesses were found and so
far no trace of the driver has been
learned by the police The car was
lowed to a local garage where it is
All restriction* on the use of elec
tricity In Mississippi have been re
moved at least until September 1. ft
ft announced by L P Sweat! vtee
president and general manager of
the Mitamrtppi Power Company.
Although ft is difficult under the
rapidly changing condition* to fore
cast the situation with accuracy
several weeks tn advance, neverthe
less we feel that present operating
condition* warrant the immediate
lifting of the reetncuana." be stat
A somewhat improved power
situation resulting from the con
tinuing rams with prospect* of
reMonahie good river flews in the
Southeast during the next few
week*, and the widespread adoption
of daylight savings. Justify us in
temporarily releasing our customers
from the voluntary power restric
tion* which were to become effective
July 21
We realize that it U difficult tar
industrial and commercial custom- *
ers to readjust their operations and
practices every few days: therefore,
we are suggesting an abatement at
the voluntary power curtailment
program for a longer period.
The increasing demands tor
power in defense production may.
after September 1 require another
conservation program In the
meantime we are glad to have all
our customers make full use at
available service At the same time,
we ask them to use electricity eco
nomically and without waste, so
that all energy art actually needed
will be conserved for defense pro
duction and oUter essential pur
poses •
"It will help the general situation
and avoid possible wtfhdrawel of
water from storage to have heavier
operation at night from 10 P it to
SAM and lighter opersttanq»from
AX" ,*,, ■ , . .
ducting operations in this way. to
whatever extent this may be pos
sible. win be greatly appreciated."
he said
County Hospital
Much Overcrowded;
, More Beds Needed
INrwBi Needing Honpulhslwn Caa
Not Me Tamed Away, Bat
Caring Far Them a
More patients than beds!
That was the situation faced
by the Jackson County Hospital
on Tuesday of this week, as the
problem at caring tor 111 and in
jured persons In this vicinity be
comes increasingly acute.
Faced with the problem. Miss
Willie Lee Davis, superintendent
m charge, had beds from the nurses
home near by moved Into the al
ready overcrowded quarters and
took care of the situation tempor
Miss Davis stated that six new
hospital beds had been ordered to
remedy the immediate situation,
but that she didn't know what
we would do" it the people kept
coming in.
"Naturally we could not turn
persons In need of hospitalisation
away tf there were any possible
way that we could take care of
them." she said. "But we have
about reached the end of our means
All o# the wards are filled to ca
pacity with beds and moet of the
private rooms have had to be con
verted into semi-private ones even
when the patient was willing and
able to pay far privacy." she west
"The present congested condition
due to the over crowding of rooms
ahd shortage of nurses seriously
handicaps hospital routine.'1 she
pointed out.
Miss Davis said that the hospital
would carry on a best it could until
additional facilities are provided
Editors note: Oran is for ad
ditional hospital facilities are one
of the important things asked by
local authorities of the Federal
Government in connection with
National Defense necessities for the
legion Auxiliary To
Meet At Beach Park
The Jackson County Post of
American Legion Auxiliary will hold
e picnic meeting on Wednesday
afternoon of next week. July at. at
the Pascagoula Municipal Bench
Park. At this meeting e report of
the State Convention held In Gulf
port uu* week win be given end
also important announcements con
cerning the National Convention
will be made
A full attendance of members is
urged as the district president. Mrs.
A A LeDuke of Bikini wlli be e
nm at the meeting and will have
an important meeiage All attend
a* ere requested to bring amid
Mrs J. 8 Pittman, president end
Mn T L Cabto delegate, attended
the convention as official tlrltgeiia
However there was a large group
of other members present, mwnuiiig
Mrs C. R Brubaker. Mrs C f
Homing Mrs Kline Thornton, Mrs.
Joe Cole Mn C Montague. Mn.
Charm J Ryder and Mn Cart Dat

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