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The Chronicle-star combined with the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1949, January 23, 1942, Image 1

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«K*vi»<; im-kmin qonm ^ ^k^Mt ^k *M,wm
roa M««a than ~ B^ * w»
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Volume x __ Pascagoula, Mississippi fmday, January 2s. 1912 mSTTaonSme _; _1
Ash* Partner* Suffer Severe l-onne* On All Front* An Allien
Shift War Machinery Into
High Gear.
IB? TV /UwrMM Pftl
The find Japanese landing on Aunlralian territory ap
pea red Thumday night to have begun. Hut while the invader
than again rawed ntaken in hi* immense gambit*, hin line
above Singapore wan nwaving before the Brittnh counter
offensive and he han been rampelled to divert huge force* to
the Philippine* by MacArthur'n miracle of defemte.
The fighting on the Singapore front b* taking place
about 70 mile* above Singapore itnelf. Venlerday the Br'tinh
jungle troop*, mixing the initiative for the find time in the
MaJnysn campaign, were reported nmanhing at Japan'n main
iavanion arm tan in a full *caW counter offennive. At the name
time ,750-mlle-an-hour Hurricane fightam nwung into action
over Singapore itnelf. The new Hurricane*, mngle neater*
with the greateat fIre-power punch of any plane of itn type.
iff equipped either with 13 m»-+
chine gum or tear Ught cannon and j
machine guns
The defending cummi of Ra
tmui capful of New Britain Island
some SOD mile* above the Australian
Mainland withdrew and reported
that 1! Jape new ship* were off
In the East IndMa the Dutch
aware that the Japanese were ready
to spring on Batik Papin on the
Borneo Bast moat, destroyed tta oil
wells and ptanu
Chine sent .unit* of ter growing j
air farce min Japanese-dominated
French Indo-Chtm to bomb one of
Usr air bams from which the Nip
ponese supporting the Malayan ad
venture have been operating
An American Government offi
WT than ever before «5TB*t Ml this
was aceompUahed while retnforoe
ment poured into the Bmtthwest Pa
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(■III.1- : .. I
E- H, Steel. fUMhurnMn of
District 3 of Jackson County Red
Croat War Relief drive announced
today that the campaign would be
started Monday morning Mr Ba- :
cot added that Jackson County hi
being catted upon to make a very
large cantrtVjUor toward' the gso- j
000,000 fund bring sought to carry
out oar relief work by the Red
Croat and the people are bem«
asked to be as generous as possible
toward- this end
The entire city has been divided
into dntncu which will be covered
by solicitor'- who will make a
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Slot Machines Play
“Hide ’n Seek”
type had madr their reappear •
anrr in certain Mobile pUce* af
Mmp last night
“It te a mm type af marhinr
fram thr regular old-style ra
ram and te atea tuillhr thr rtgar
cite-vending mrin which faded
fram their stand* here about Mr*
month* ago
"On the new machine* the
wheat*, carrying the different
character* denoting whw ar
I iimn. whirl harteantally Instead
af verUmlty
-While the device*, apparently
have na meehsnhm
mat* pay aft*, thaar
would be provided
The shove appeared in the Mo- 11
bile Register of teal Monday. an
the front page, and indicates that
Moblb- canted re* herself In a eta**
by hermit In the matter af atet
machine* Rat thte paprr a»
iarn The Register that Faora
goals te nat *a far behind We
hare here nat only the -hew
Machines," hat many of the aid
| vintage In fart, a variety of
model], and makes stilt operating
with whirring wheel* and a“ *r
eastenal payoff te same “tnehy"
individual who. perhaps un a
farmer occasion ha* fed hi* last
Mehir. dime or quartet into the
maw af those corse tom one
armed bandits.
The operator* of these rambl
tng instruments are dearly eta
laung a slate law. They play
hide and seek with mm officers—
■'now you me them, now yon
don't.“ Haw long wilt thte con
dition last*
In thte eonnectow. we under
stand that there te not n*w. and
has never been a slat machine
operating within the corporate j
limit* of Mom Fatal, as Mayor
Wood positively will not allow
them to hr operated In the terri
tory Bader hi* ptrtsdb-tioti. and
he te to hr Highly rommended
for hte stand on this glaring aril
As the British checked the Japanese march in the Malay
an peninsula, the United States Navy announced that United
States warcraft had sunk five enemy ship* in the Orient. The
ships destroyed were attacked by submarine* and were de
scribed as three transport* and two cargo ships, bringing In
24 the number of all Japanese ships smashed to date by,
United States naval and Marine action.
In the Philippines (General Douglas Mar Arthur's little
American Filipino army still dung to its harsh and lonely;
positions upon the Luzon.
British official* announced that imperial troop* had en
gaged the enemy along the Burmese Thialand frontier.
The Dutch East Indie* command announced that the
Japanese paid for the taking of Tarakan island off Borneo
with two destroyers, a landing sloop, a seaplane and a heavy
destroyer or cruiser hit by bomb* besides hundred* of Jap
anese de'*d.
The Russian* reported a continuing advance along its
vast front.
The tanker Coimbra was sunk uff Long Island by Axis
submarine* operating in those waters.
The United States submarines operating off Tokyo Bay
claimed further successes, announcing that three Japanese
merchant ship* were sunk today. This brought the total of
Japanese ship* sunk by U. S. Naval nr Marine action, to 27.
The Australian* aiding in defending Singapore against
the Japanese attack were reported to have inflicted heavy
blows on the invaders. The R. A. F„ zooming out in relay**
bombed troop concentration* and train* while fighter plane*
roaring down on a two-mile-long truck convoy straffed h
from end to end. They also rained destruction cm troop-lsden
barge* and small ships near the mouth of the Maur river.
U. S. S. Pascagoula
The beautiful and impressive 1'. 8. 8. Pascagoula is
shown above as she is being made ready for launching, at
the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation yards today. She is the
first ship of the CS-IN type to be constructed here. She will
be used as a transport auxiliurv by the Ignited Slates Navy.
Such ships as these are playing a prominent part in the sea
battle which (he Allies hope to win in the fight for Denote
racy. Seteral other ships of this same design now under con
struction at the Pascagoula yards are scheduled to be con
terteri inlo transports and will be named after other cities
of the t.ulf (oast. Navy officials have announced.
New Moss Point Shipbuilding Corporation
Awarded Army Barge Construction Contract
Announcement made a lew days
•go that in the opinion of Slate
Attorney General Oreek L Rice the
MueuuipfX State Highway depart
ment could take poasrssloi of the
PaKragouia toil onag* at anytime
I it at fit, was made in error, the
Mo* Point Rotary Club member*
were told at their meeting held yes
: terday at the Mae* Pmnl Commun
j tty Housr
K W Burnham president of the
> Jackson County Board of Super -
I visor*, a member of the committee
representing Jackson County at the
Mississippi State Legislature tn
i Jackson earlier this week told the
Rotarian* that Mr Rice staled that
tiir statement * era* a false rumor
and had not been given out by him
seif < Rice- *
Mr Burnham stated that the toll
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Vessels Designed By L. ('. \Vinterton Accept-4
ed By (Government Officials To Be Built At
Locally f inanced Plant Kmploying
Man> Men.

The Mow Point Si upbuilding
CorpormUiKi recently organised m
dnxtrta! company announced last
night through its presideM C B
Wilkervn that It had received a
government contract to build 13
barge* tor the Quarter Master,
Cor ye of uie t* 8 Army The con
tract call* for an expenditure of
apprrmmaieiv (3*0 000
The euntrge* was awarded ltd
lowing several week* erf negotiation.?
between the irmemroetit and tint
representatives of the Mows Point
Shipbuilding Corporation, C B Wli
kereon of M* Point and Lester C
Winter tor, consulting engineer of
The barge* will be of woodan con
strucuOr and wUl be 110 feet long
by 30 feet wide with ", foot-3 inefee*
The yard will be located on the
Mississippi Export Railroad prop
ertv adjacent to the city wharf on
the Escatawpa River A crew of
approximately 35 men began work
th^ mining. clearing the properly
lot ..> lomiructtnc project Tb»
work will or rusiiwd wtlt> crews,
•O'kin* day and night and the
pi«:; i* expected to be ready to be
«u ' ruction attrun the next M
Construe*Jon work an the barges
wH, or carried an day and night
^WdUghta alii be used to Uiunun
ate the yard The yard t* expected to
employ between IM and 3SD men
«JCC the operations are staried.
T r oarge* are t* be of special
dw“-tgn and be tsulll according to
lh' o-ythvatnuto drawn by Mr Wtn
and accepted to the War De
paruient Mr Wmtenen ha* been
u Waanlngton for the past sex
"a day* conferring with official#
Ui'" mauve to the contract
Tt.» cx>n*micUon ml the barges re
turu* to Mss* Point shipbuilding at
Uy»t» a* it had during the World
w“* ! except that the barges will
Bo: be near the atie of the ships
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»ougrrmm.*ti M Uliam Calmer
notified The Chromite Star and
Most Point Uiwtwa Wednes
day. that President franklin D
RmnHt *4W approsai af a fed
eral Marks Agency grant af
•Mt* far the operation of the
Mom Paint Schools
The message did not give de
tails af the appropriation and
Mom Point school officials were
nnahle lo state specif malls a hat
it UK laded
A- L. Monroe sapermteadent
of idnraUan stated tadar that
sesmai weeks ago the Mom Point
school had made application far
fands to pro Tide salaries far ad
dittoes*! Teachers trimporlallaii
facilities maintenance and aper
atiag expenses Hoc la the lack af
Information rantcming the HJjf
allotment, hr was ana Me u. ri
Pia‘n the precisions far iu eg
Mrs Hermes Gautier Named Sponsor Of Newest Addition To
l nited States Naval Fleet Now Ready
To launch.
Pascagoula, the Mississippi city renown throughout the
nation for it- shipbuilding, wil gain signa^ recognition this
afternoon at 2 oclorW when the 17. 8. S. Pascagoula will hr
launched at the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation plant m
Pascagoula. The vessel one of the handsomest ever built
here is to he the newest addition to the l nited States Navy
and will be used as a transport auvihry.
Ships built during the present program at the IngaHs
Shipbuilding Plant here have been tunied over to the I nited
States Navy in the past but the 17. S. 8. Pascagoula is the
first going direc»lv to the Navy.
“ Simple ceremonies, witnessed by a few government of
Pallrnoe AMMMM Appropriation
lor Hard-Surfacing Important
Hrfcwr Workers' Koolr
Supervisor Hermes Gautier, who
with Supervisors K W Burnham erf
Mow Point and A P, Moran at
Ocean Spring* were in Jackson
earlier this week, report* that an
appropriation ol *67.000 for paving
State Highway 57 from Vancleave to
Highway 80 at PontatnWeau. ha*
been made _
State HhtnWsr Commissioner H5
rana J. Patterson Informed the su
pervisors when they called at his
office that the appropriation vm
made In December tew this work The
work was ordered to be started at
that tune All surveys have been
completed and the materials have
been ordered and tl is expected that
the consmiruan will begin within
a short time
A committee ot representative
citizens of Vancleave. who are em
ployed at the Ingalls Shipbuilding
Corporation yards, appeared before
the Jackson County Board of Su
pervisor* during their regular Janu
ary session Monday morning and
appealed for relief from the ue
ptorabie and terrible condition of
Highway 57 from Vancleave to
Hlghwav 90 The road has become
almost impassable the committee
reported Their cars in which they
have to ride to and from work are
being shaken and tom to pieces
after riding and being pulled over
the road.
The Supervisors, whs are without
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Commit lot;, ffrtciito r^jwwnnf
the builders, and employees of the
sards rod a lew specially Invited
guests will mart this momentous
occasion In the history of Pasca
Pawcagaalsn Spa—f
Sirs. Hermes Frederic Oatrtkr.
lias the honor of being the sponsor
ol the slop Her husband has ptav
ed a prominent part to bnngtrsr
the Ingalls Shipbuilding plant la
Pascagoula and ahe herself has been
active in the defense shipbuilding
W R Guest vice-president ol the
Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation in
announcing the selection of Hr*,
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( onuibutmn' livrnw A* f—wit
ter Pat* Ferth t onrerted effort
To • ottipVrlr Campaign In
The drive to raise fund# to pur
chase a new automobile lor Fire
Chief George Granlund of Pascagou
la Is now on in earnest and the
ommutee in clung* of the catu
I paigi; Is pushing the movement to
the fullest extent. The general pub
lic of Pascagoula is being called
upon to contribute toward# this
A substantial stun hat. been raised
already by the fire department for
tills purpose and it te hoped to be
able to raise the necessary money as
quickly as possible
The Pascagoula Ftre Department
, k operating on a volunteer basis and
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Sponsors l\ S. S. Pascagoula
Mr* Henan FrcMt UutW of f»W*|Ml*: ipnaw d lbe C. 8. 8,
PiMlfMb U> hr 1 time toed taday *t the bfdb StUphMtdihf (offwtito*
yard* tt r>uJtfouU Mr* (•aatie*. wife of f oanij Scprtoar OaaUer. t*
a prnauari.t i«mJ tnd etrtc tender «f hwt(vato (the etna ton lake*
aa trine pari ie the defenar ititpfc*rtdiat prufraat to fitodim of the
Paaracmria W ucuci f tub aad pramittettUy ideauHed ia ehareh tad
chant; work

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