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The Chronicle-star combined with the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1949, February 13, 1942, Image 1

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somwr. aowMw m vt
raw how tha*> m v«lm>
•- M
a conm w rm a mrnat
Mmtt m —£ i COMBINED Vim
Wiprr nrtilrrr of Jariuno Cowly (ontniiN>
With Hirti«*y Vimmmee < irnimnin
War*hip Waawag CaetpIrUaci At
ftaidAlirt M**i lard At Orur
Turn T* m* KhmO AaUdL
Herr Orttut U., RM U -Th*
CSt AobcA ftm 0«rj*« erhrd..
re in Id down tbr »«vt lit Uk
Cut.' Ootr. tm (taring U* pttM-u'
i *(ib War WML tr >pcnaoraC try
I Mrs T A Tbamaor. Jr. at Sr*
©rAram, ad* of tm Commandant
I a4 tm MgM)> Sava: im *nrt It vat
1 ***»■
* aw* Ot Utr dralrovr
IVepto A abed to tor War* Utonl In
Worm**. H Daefe totoy appealed to
tee American people foe a pwnw
over autoarrtptlov. of ter Red Ooa
War tunc to mart ter crowing wed)
for Red Cm wrefcm to ter nauan »
raptdri expand** armed force* Hr
aafcro teat tee preetcHtoh announced
mtrumun. goal of HfijHb.aot or over
mltoritotd so teat at towat •© -
tHIK tor ranee in tea eampatgi.
Chairman Davit, pointed tatt teat
hi ter prottamaUan tnttumn* ter
praam; War fund Ounpalg? tee
frtmckn; aided for “a aurutnun
paw a» launched on Deorattoer
•U. ter day after Pear; H»rw«
■at only bar ter war prog r an.
tmalh expanded but mkm ter re
lulling nauto of tee Red Croat Qave
Daeto war. atdr to Male, if tenet ore
teat H to tee expacjaliac of trie Rec
Crewa if teto tncrwuwd ummmi to
SflteU tor twemaapr during !*€»
“The Rad Croat must keep tate
anti aiUttari and Kiduitnai mobUi
»tlor. aaM Mt Davit Our «ghv
tec term* are bmag amt to an in
caeaunf maatotr of fronts through
out ter world and ter Red cram
mu*. g» with them On tee home
fritet M nM aersr the families of
mt turner ran. it mu« help »
iratem* oar elttUai population In
Bier*, tee threat of toatntetro mb
otage and industrial accMenu
Them taek* require mat onh grew;
awn* at money tout atoo * termer.
dam amount of voiuetaetr tender
•ter teto -raanon wr niuat rater our
money quirk n and hr in a poutmn
to gtee added attentauc and energy
to tee actual wort of retoei
"Dp to teto tone MUNMM hat
beat sutoaerteed 1 am riappy to *ay
teat ! ASS chapter* nut of I ?«t have
machec or exceedao Chair quota
Tlut Rise* uf raai hope that ter
•aneeout response already made wUi
tor furteer mcmaard and teat wr
can firing tee present campaign to
a prompt and *uoc*uaf ui aaoriutmm *
rragnua to hcbeel OymJmmT*
On Mm>A>< N«bl
I'tnai preparation* w under'wav
Tar u» tint carnival h*i; at tht
Mow Pums High fechoo. which win
« Sfa'nif or; Monday night
Februart 16. «• the mgfc Mbmi
gymaactuir. under the spomontup
& iT*1 Mom Mat Band Auailiar’
Babonue pi»n» have oeet made aad
U» loyal rubjeru at Urn King and
Wue*i lira are intirril) lautuv
their am raj with the royal court
The drntitta at tfaao* mmunr&m,
•rill be *ep( were- unu: the night
at Qm ball Tht king it oat at the
tnakt powmr WuotnU at the acton!1
and tht queer; tt a vouo* u&\ at
cttmnr, and pononalny and rmtaTfiT
evert auah,flea not. at a lovely quart.
The kbit and queer, aw! iue ratal
MlltlMi were aejmet: by the aehool
rt admit and facolfy became at
their omaiandirig qu*huai and
Mn T 1* TV! ailunei cttaAreBas
M the band mtmimn hat planned
shu carnival celabraUMB at a very
**>* and brUJiar.* oceanon Harold
uaiiaafjy band mattei and a tgweia.
«*■#(« will oaw charge of the
dwxr attoce The decorative liimbe
mn include ail of im ieruia> cm
■nal.eodn aa weli n a paunoca
naie The throne* of the amg and
queer win be elegant
A leading orebeatrm of ue coaat
h** «P«a tor tint ball As
da bora It floor mow Wlli he prv -
wnied (or then royal majeaue* Uie
cxin and ipeclatora The !**»
mem nmsntioe m eompnwd of
Mrt R D Rewton Mr- Ed May*
Mr: A J ptankhn Mn W H Nei
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Another Victim of Royal Air Force Accuracy
Henry E.A.F attacks an An ahipptn* in the Mediterranean yMded than n.ctsne. An enemt wewi »
above an Are after a direet bomb hit by an B A F Hew*. (C*»* *&< T‘r*m t
to voting m boots to (Midm a
new oehoto bunomg anc teachers
bom* at Viwiwvn bo* ton caiioc
by the JadtMJt'. County Boon; of
Supervisor tot Saturday March T
Voters el the school dutrict pre
sentee a petit**. at the rt«uto:
meeting of the boarc asking that
the etocucs. be called
The boob issue has beets set at
Mb MO. which togethai with othes
oaa would finance U« oohstructiots
to a new achoo. house and teach
er* skwot no the purchase of mc
osaary lands upm. which to erect
the buildings
The elect we. wll. be the third the
rosidenu to Vaoctoave tia*e asked
oh the achoo. bene issue m the pas;
w-rrs. yean TWtoe belorr it lulled
to earn by small nuipm
Tfje Vanessa ve resident* pom
out that the proem bunding h out
moded and u entirely inadequate
to cate (or Uvc to<creased enrol;
merit to rtodcsiU and to properly
accommodate the student* The
presets’, school budding there as
erected many yean ago and a it to
a bad state It s pointed out that
teacher* are luntCUcappec to their
teaching to the chddrei, to the
budding because to the present 2s
Besides • new budding ueo equip
ment will be ptocec u. the nr*
structure as w*li os modem fan twee
IhMCMk KrrrauiM < enter u> Hr
(■totted to in nw (l,itt IWJ
Vimim Pra*! >u
aratmd »•* Motn. tor Vat «*>
su-ucubr. at me *ckUUot, to-the Pu
ea*ous*. Comm unit* Hi«k v *u
tm«nc*i! b* Letter M Man re
gsussa. cureeuit at the TVoe-as. Work*
A«e«cy * Du«mw of DeSem* Pub
1* Work*
Thto eon*t.'uctna nH am t IX
kM tm mart, Um Putt* Work* Ad*
nunaunuon ha* (ranted the entire
•mount The appucam lunuw*ee
the the W p Breland -at Pan*
*oui* to toe contractor tc Cbarfr
OouMrortion at Uu* facility wa*
mndc bauraaar* mciim* at nhetaom
tnal datn.ua* cue us oelerue aeUn*
Um to the Paacaatmto arm and
•Mttty of the CUT (d PMcafouis
*• tw waUl tae Uinauen ai«me artth
the uirnaaeo kmc
The additwr, t« the Comn»«au>
Howa *t tenured tfuomfc Use ef*
(on* o' the KurtoiAu UBO nr*
SMUaatiDS: k the VSO ha* takes.
»hr operauoc of the Q—linn
«T «no*e tot anU control toe ue*
The addtoan cals* tar ttie e*
sanhnt at the present .udltorUstc or
t»L rpom 0» *oenst CS per mol: V-*-.
an addHMu u> the ettenen nea ol
tm» (pace and ouw lacbi'.im
AiwrmMv Hoar In H. K. Audi tor imp A Ce**bmt ion Of Pep
And Knlhususn As Tht 1 iHMg Folk*. Do Tfenr
Part in I>* f«*me.
at the Ifea
or tbe most tn
ipmn* Mg»- at tbe preacnt defense]
parted tr, tbe city
The occasion was the sell me af'l
Dctmtm 8m'. .1* S'amp* to tbe pa-i
Utb OS the High School Tbe pupils
acre ell lull o? enthmisarr. soil
uwe err*' poeaunr m marching up
tbe railing is Jroni ci{ tbe slaps
and depositing Utetr dimes and
quarter.* «me tr. aatar instance*,
•enter dsocmJaatlaai at re.«ej. and
ragtsterm* their different amount*.
Tbe betid warn ob tbe stage sad,
ettheetied the studenu with patriot
ic sire suet) a.* tied Bins America,*!
Ameru* u*e Beautiful " and tbe
'Star Spangled Butter' and other
«itiiusii.*jT. arousing music. These'
patriotic »r brought forth chase*
•«d hurrabe tram the young fufita
ah nut* u respectful miute as 10
national air was p*a>*c
In addition to tbe band music tbe
riteering squad at the tuotbaC tease
erUivenec tbe meat with dancing
and cheering and liwij song* t>v
" ..—-——. ■ - —
ft ash ii rton—Si nor (hr mart
mt drlrp.' bond* and stamp sale*
hi th« l oiled states. May l.
vm Mi-MMuppsaas have Uaagtil
njmiK *n bonds and S3MJMW
ta damp.
the pit; .. It was a scene to arouse
tor rethuauam ai the most cam
ptaren tuaer.
Mi Oil. jintietpai at toe Hath
Bchoo called ttw miidatiiy to order
and as each ctam mar eailec tor
mtth gtnl upmilr bad mart puptolet
anti m each dan was called toe
pupil? marched up in Mncie toe
With their canuibuuaae to toe Na
Utmal Deleuse and whet the tnai
caret was made U was announced
bat 1302 bad been taken m dur
ing tor hour The announcement
burnt; mild cheenaf trorn stud
mb and teachers Inter in the day
fill T5 »f taken in. mturh added 1®
the amoui . taken in earlier at toe
weak, made tor total tor iba week
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The skies in the Pacific front darkened fur the AiHes
except the Murine** theatre. Before .Singapore, the menace
of a Japanese attempt to parachute m'HsNm grew, as pre
paration* against the p>«*sibtttt£ «f assault by stealth along
the Johor* Strait increased. Loader* <*n Singapore vowed
they would hold the tonreoa, from which some stores, equip
mrat and personnel had been removed
In the Burmese theatre .American and British pilot*
'C‘lred the must brilliant local onece*-- of the war's aerial
fighting. At Rangoon, sea heed of the Burma supply road to
China, at least It* and probably 29 of a Japanese force of 29
plane* were shot down without a nmgb Allied casual! x.
iht Japanese completed utfpltn-i of the town of Sam
arinda. Ml miles north of the efl port of Balt! papaa to con
solidate an effective control of fear-fifths of the Eastern
Borneo roast
In the Philippine* the war ftapnrtm.nt announced that
enentv gun • nipiat entente on the aout heastera shore of
Manila bat. apparently prepared for bombardment of Cor
regidof Island fortress, were ■naebeci by MarArthw’*
forces. Emilio Aguutaio, unsuccessful revolt leader hi 18PS
against the l ntted Staten, naked MbrArthur and life troops
to surrender.
u> Ku—ut. 'a/i line* were reported stiffening their re
sistance. Syitd* how e'en claused J 0.Otic Nazi* lulled is
irtiur in three dew
On the *■**! < «n»*t of the l sited State- a -n I. marine sunk
the tanker India Arrow, owned by the Soumy !Vius§rhaaia
Oil Co. taking 24 li>ea. Only 12 Mnmbcf - of • he crew escaped.
The Japanese in' idem pnwndrrf ISm»r i. r** *re mtt how bed {
Kangocm bases. The l nited Natl—In continued their fight
ing on a defensive .Mum-mile line nf front* In Bataan penis
-aki on the Philippine island of Luzon f.enerai Mar Arthur
and hi* troop* wiped out suicide haullion* of japanmr
American tank* pa'ed the way far mopping up smashing
A Japanese cruiser and transport a ere *unk and aanther
rruiser and a destroyer »m damaged and eight American
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nrjor toni&htat
Theme «f NiUmwI I nn T» Hr IV
plrinl Friday Night la WWsdiPg Of
Patriot ir and f arnival Osiers.
Thu week the Young Men % Bu.m
nes* Club of Mow Point, with its,
vancgf committee* U busily en
gaged in the cumtfdetkm of final de
tail* far the big Carnival Dance to
be given Friday night in the Mow
Point Community House The pubti' j
u urged to ooene earlv to wltnea* I
the aagaU procession and the coro
nation The program will begin
promptly at nine o'clock A big
crowd has always beer an hand for
the beginning and club official* re
quest that all who pun to be at the
dance to please come early The
door of the haB will open at seven
forty-five There will be seat* for
Epertaum who do not care to dance
The haB is appropriately decorates
in carnival and patriotic colors and
drawing depicting national unity
Rehearsals of the program were (
held Wednesday Bight The court
pnor to its assembly at the Com
munity House will gather at the
home of Mr and Mrs L K McIn
tosh where the duehetses sriB tie
pi eat nted to their duke* At this j
time the regal procession erttl be
formed and will proceed hi club
cars to the community bsuae The
coronation *111 take approximately j
forty minute*, after which time
genera; dancing will be enjoyed
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Mass Meeting Set
On Workman* Bill
the WorkatariTVompcMaUari bill
now before the Mississippi Legis
lature has been railed for tonight I
Friday Februai-r !4 a; me Jackson i
County Court house AH employ- ,
m and employees and others in
terested in thk bill are urger to at-1
tend .
Jackson Man. February 12.—The
Mississippi Home of Represents-1
U>es in a stormy session voted a
*1 .see .000 increase for the comma,
school* of the state swelling the
total for the neat biennium to j
tn 400.900 By it* sctloi the Houar
backed lu appropriations committee j
Oowr. to the final roll call.
Representative George Owens of
Itawamba county offered ar. amend -
man: to the tali to boost the two
by *2.900.000 It was rejected br a
vote of 70 to «E
■nte Mil earmark* 37S0D00 of the
Ujm.000 increase to ratemg the
saMrtea of those now receiving *100,
a month or leas Spokesmen said :
the mesumre a designed to increase
tokmm tSIM a year for the 12
month period. or a monthly increase
of tt.?l School bur drivers alao
share in the increase
The so-called school bior lc the
House aevaral of them prtnnpei?
and classroom teacher* sough- to
increase the amount bv *3,000.001
over the current two-year appro**,-i
atkm of tilJOO.OOC
When Chairman E T Woolf oik of
Tunica county and Secretary Edwin
White of Hturner county called up
the measure u rat immediately
peppered with amendmenu. The
ftoat amend men* ,*34*0.000 Jn
cmmi by Represen Owen! I
and Representative* W C Wahls of i
Tippah, was voted down M to «t
Then in order after debate that
cwnewied mare than three hours (
other amendment* wee offered
It way evMamed that the ear- j
marking of 3736.080 for teachers and
bus drivers » suggested m the meas
ure b not mandatory The re-j<
mainder will be devoted to the "per j
caputs' fund
■arise- the House rated the M
ennhu apprupriacsar tor ntligrr m
the sum of |l 66*746, the same i»
dm the present appropriation Of
the amount *1 jam* to for the sup
port fund and the remainder for in
terest on school funds i i
... - ■■■■-- J
7V Tn-CouBty Zoot Until i nr if ’
the Method us- Church w|B be t»aiy .
at the Krmie church an Weoneadar
Ftobruar* l* oeymnUif at teh-Uiir
ty war Use >»*** the hwr> Tuxj
u» God Hirouit New fiudwmn'
h the theme for the day and tui in- j i
WWMftW program ha* been ar-l‘
r* «ec A sprclaJ feature of the <
program wtB be the ireaenisiim of I
•everal We members to U>e after- <
wot- £>unch wfii be aerved by the i
hoatea* aactetj ft a expected that'
there wlli be a fufi attendance free, <
ah the soaeUM lu the three counties
Singapore Defenders Improve Stand. Score Heavily On
Japanese Air Squadron* Over
A communique from Bombay. India, received by wireless
from Singapore said that Japanese bombers with fighter es
cort fought an unsuccessful engagement against the British
air force over Malaya. “Heavy fighting runtimes in the
Western and Northern sectors.
In the North of Singapore island enemy activity has
been intensified. Enemy air activity ceased during Inst nirh!
hut was resumed early this morning. The enemy attach »
supported by dive-bombing and machine-gunning. Medium
tanks also have been thrown into action against the British
defenders of the island. Counterattacks by the British, who
are bravely and courageously fighting every inch of the way.
were successful on the left flank of the Japanese. However.
Kates As te Hhu Must KffMo*
M Fertfe K<r Merlin Service
Regulations governing the Selec
tive Service regu-trauui. on Monday
J^bruary 16. to be conducted be
tween 7:66 a m. and 6:60 p, m.
throughout the state, were released
today by Brigadier General Thomas
{«J Grayson, -iate director of Selee
!tl*e Senrsde atyssem. '->v. -
“AE male persons not previous
ly registered who attained their
twentieth birthday on or before De
cember SI 1M1, and who have not
attained their forty-fifth birthday
on or before February 16 1*42 must
register " Brigadier General Grayson
•In other words.- be explained,
j "all unregistered men who were born
between February 17. i«yj and De
\ comber SI. 1891. moot register'
Brigadier General Grayson mid
i that men between 21 and » year*
o< age who registered w 1MC and
1841 are not required to register
•While anyone who u unavoidably
away town htt home on Sabruary
H may re* later at the neglstrauoi i
place moat convenient on that date
Mississippi re* u. Iran p are urged to
make every effort to register in their
own local boards to avoid poaaibie
j confusion in the future" tie eau
tamed - Any person who must reg
ister while away from ha home
should be careful to specify his home
“ddrest ae that h» registration card :
may be forwarded promptly to hie i
own local board and to insure that
he will bt included in its potential 1
manpower to fill calls for quotas "
Special registrar* will be provided 1
by local boards to register men who
1 cannot appear at a designated rag
jttratioc! place because* of nines* or
other incapacity. It was explained
that every man subject to registra- |
uoo who » an inmate of an asylum
jail penitentiary, reformatory or1
xunUar Institution at the time at
regwtrmuon is required to register
on the day he leaves the institu
Registrations is Jaogaoo County j
will lake place at all of the gain 11
voting places on that date
AomU Carnival Unm at run
im l« to BrttfeajH Social eCchT
Tor i mean at gaiety amt revelry
will be brought to a elow Tuesdaj
mght at oat seek February 11
•nth a MtoitUating aft a ,r when the
Pascagoula Council KrngbU at
Col, im bus present their annual car-!
rmal ball at the Paaeagouis Com-,
atusuty Howe For the poet aeverai
weak* preparaUpnt have been gOKtf
a bead by me bum commmee tor
Uiu event which «U tottt high
light at social events m Pascagoula
King Cohanbus ll and Queen Isa
bella II wm rule ever the ball with
their flukes and dnetoosee and oiner
member* at their court Tbttor ar
rival to *er,routed tor F:l» ociocto
The tOBW at the enure court, in
cluding the rulm themselves are
being kept secret and theu identity
will not be revealed until U%ry ate
Mated or. their throne*
A special theme appropriate with
thu time wvii be earned am both In!
i Continued Qc Page Suu
batter srrttoni were fighting desper
ately to bald thwtr ground British
warship* alao joined to aiding tte
defender* of Singapore
War flared on the European front
again today a London report stated.
The Oerman battleship* Scham
' horst and Orelaenau and the Cmb
er Pruia Euger. were heavily bombed
in the Dover strati* Thursday
The attack was carried oat by R
A. F and British Naval Units They
were jolted by British destroyer*
and torpedo boat* and the fleet air
, arm took pan to the attack
Dover1* defense* also opened fire %
at extreme range.
The Britten lost 20 bombers. IS
fighters and six other oiaaex to the
raid Tte enemy lost' at least if
fighter* a British communique said.
The bulletin, issued jointly by tte
; that owing to poor ■WIMBty tte re
sult* of the raid, which was one of
tte heavier joint operations to
, week* were iiCtomro. It was added
however that there is reason to
believe that aw torpedo hit ms
made on a destroyer and direct
bomb hits mere made by aircraft oa
the main enemy ante.'*
Foreign Military observer* at Mos
cow expressed belief that the Red
Army had launched behind a cloak
of remit serretlvsnai. new offen
sives intended to set tte Nazis back
hard on their heels before milder
•feather arrives.
Moacew aim report** that Rin
nan hoops have captured the
strong-fort died bill above Sevasto
pol. the main port of the Crimea
The United States In Us darkest
days state the ISM's. saade Abra
ham Lincoln s Birthday anniversary
an oecaafcm Thursday tor renewed
pledges that fovernmeot of the peo
ple, by the people and for the peo
ple shall not perish from the earth
At Washington, the Senate ap
propriation* subcommittee approved
the I1M MOJBO deficiency sppropn
atiens MU providing *100 000.000 for
material* tor the office of Chrihao
The committee retained amend
ments prohibiting expenditures for
flawing instruction and entertain
meal a* OCX) activities and prohib
its* the treasury tram paying
*80.000' tor Donald Duck income tax
movie cartoon
Wendell WUHue speaking at Bos
ton demanded that General Doug
kfci UicArtliar be torocMtixt h<my?
from the Philippines and placed m
Roosevelt WlUkie backed fats de
mands on charges that there was
"Jack of mutual nonfldenoe and cen
tral direction among stir various
fighting forces "
The War Department announced
that the Japanese invaders clamped
a tight control on ail newspapers
and other publications in the PhU
ipptnes. requiring military permto
nen for publication and prescrfMng
Tb* poktsi rut to Tkfejr. maw
tew at uk jwat

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