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Contract Awarded For New Moss Point Schools
Two Paper* Weekly To He Published Starting Tuesday;
(•rowth of Pascagoula And Mnw Point Hring*
New Service To Subscriber* and Advertiser*.
Beginning Tuesday of next week the Chronicle-Star
combined with the Mima Point Advertiner will bring vwi two
Mr paper* each week!
The change over from a weekly paper to a semi-weekly
In being made because of the continued increase in the growth
Mom* Point and Pascagoula, the demand* of the subscrlb
er* and advertiner*. and to keep track with thr fa*ter “break
ing” new* isHirce* of thin neetkm.
Equipment for the handling of the extra weekly bmue of
the Chroaicle-Star and Adverttaer waa installed several
week* ago. Chief item of this equipment waa a Duplex web
prana that print* from roll* of paper and deliver* the com
pleted paper, printed, rut and folded in one operation.
The publisher; of the Chrontete
8tsr and Advertiser believe that the
«pm»i.n of Fwscattmls and Mom
Mm demand this estrs service and
that our auburn her* and advertiser*
Will toe (TeaUv benefited through It
JMginmng near week the com
MMad paper will be published Tues
day and Friday of each week Thto
agmmtnite a change in the dead
bar for the acceptance of both new*
copy and advertising matter Dead
line far both new* copy and adver
tising edit ba 13 norm on Monday
ami Thursday of each week The
new deadline for social Items will
toe 10 A M both Monday* and
Contracts of autoarrUwra who have
paid Uteir -ubs-npnjhv to the
Chronicle-bear amt Advertiser eu
the baste of $3M for the yartoj
' - 'r VRMnllPVVm. »W nr* )n!WI7T|>
tier, prior wtd toe $3Jo annually foi
bou M'ues. and for the first four
week.- todh papers will be sent to
ill subscriber* Then by an addi
tions: payment aM subacriber* can
Obtain both the Tuesday and Fri
day issua* white ail renewal* and
new Mjbserlpttau* will be on the
basis of |>JO annually lot both to
This will give our sutaacriber
ampte tune to look over the new
testtr of the paper, and then remit
Whatever portion of the flJO in
crease that It will take to bring
them the eatrs issue the remaining
period of their present subscription
The total of this amount with re
ly t a.ifirv.s- -tamped envelopes
Will be sent each subscriber tn order
to cause suosenbers a minimum of
W ill Heater f asts
As you know two issues weekly
Will more than double the cost* of
publishing the Chronicle-At*- anti
Advertiser It mean- more news
print. mere coot ptnH loti more pm>
work and the doubling of all Uie
many services that go to bring you
& your hornet™**, newspaper Yet
each u*ur wtl ent you tout a ItUr
m r» that) 3 cant* Where could
duel i small sum to more profit
*My apent?
Then too, you eon look for more
lire feature* better new* coverage
and a paper that to keeping imp
with the growth and expansion of
the community** Its serves.
MacArthur Thanks
State Leffialature
(Ihr TV Amm^M fm«)
The IlkMiMtipi Houee of Repre
•enUlhek received • m savage from
General Douglas Mac Arthur Wed
nesday c* Dressing Ito Ihenki for
etuanded to
the House adopted a resolution j
lauding hta trade rah ip and pressing
hi* men tor their deter in mod stand
against great odds A number of
MiMissirptaru are In the lltUa
group of mot) serving uner him
dati'kdav. rr.h at
Pus Unas let Arthur V smith
w tabes us u> announce to auto own-1
era that tomorrow Saturday, fob
2S t» tin lost day Ui which the
little green $300 automobile stamp*
man be purchased There to no ax-1
(inalon of time, aa podniMten are
required to mall into Washington all
unsold auto stamp* that remain on
hand Saturday night, eo there will
be no opportunity tor any am bo
purchase a stamp after that date.
A new board - like building mate
rial 1* made of excelsior water, sili
cate of soda, soybean protein and
quick-liner It to strong, heat-lnau
ing and can. be sawn, planed or
Japanese forces invaded the island of Bait and threat
ened an invasion attempt on Java. In making the landing
the Japanese suffered heavy casualties, damage to warships
and transport*. Ashore the Japanese troops were met by
stout Allied resistance and in the air and upon and under
the surrounding sea*. Allied planes and warship* inflicted
heavy casualties, but they continued to hind. One or more
Japanese cruisers were heavily hit. two direct hits had been
scored on enemy transport*, an enemy ember and a Iran*
port were hit by lighter bombs. In all this there were no Al
lied losses.
In Burma the British desperately fought to hold a line
along the western hank of the Bilin river.
On the Bataan peninsula of Luzon in the Philippine*,
t.eneral MacArthur*' troops were fighting all along the
front. The Japanese added incendiary bombs to their
weapons of attack.
Russia continued its advance* against the Nazi troops
and the Red Star reported that in the first six months of
the campaign the (.erman army lost 6,040,000 men.
Axis l -boat* sank the 4,WH>-ton Brazilian freighter
Olinda off the Atbntir Coast and dived at the approach of
I nited State* naval plane*. This was the second Brazilian
vessel to go down hy Axis action within three days.
The British reported the royal navy and air force had
sunk two <>erman motor torpedo boat* and smashed a squad
ron of Nazi bomber* in repelling a strung tier man air and
sea attack on a British North sea convoy.
The United 8lale* and Dutch defenders of the East
Indies, thrown back by the giant grasping cbw* of the Jap
anese offensive onto the bland of Java, lashed out in their
mightiest onslaught of the battle for the Indies. Dutch
cruisers, American and Dutch destroyers, fortress bomber*
dive-bombers and fighter plane* took a tremendous toll of
, (Continues on gapr J>
The afco*r It Ute wikNMt‘1 drawing *f |hr M>w Mm* Mm Hlfh
KrNwl building wtitrh will Iw tfcr phnrlftl w»H •( Um •tTl.MP *rh«ml
IxDMing program rwitrwt for whirl* wit let Wodneaday ntgtii C arl
I M«rbwsr «f Nm OrtMM h arrhurrt and U C Wintrrton la cmmIUm
Sew Me*»«re U until Ako fie A wav
With Owrihar Pay far Duration af
t iwvefriw v. Vat# k A»*r«f
i Br Tk AwelMad Pri—I
Washington. D C fVb M- The
Hour# tackled today the eomro
' er*ta! ktu# of rusi* riding th# 40
hour weak and eitra pay for over
■ i me for th# duration of the Nation
al Emergency deaptl# an attempt
to block consideration on parlia
mentary ground*
a££ot* *** prop**! *n *Hl^d
™T#e*- ""**».*
A joint semkn of the Slate-Horn*
Committee ako reached an agree-1
nient thk afternoon on kgklaUon
repealing the controversial reUrr
ment provisions "pension- bill lor
Congress Chairman Walsh (O
Maia.i said that the report of thr
committee will probably be agree*!
upon by the House tomorrow with
<->nate acceptance delayed until
Majority Leader McCormack <t>
Mas*, (haractertaed propoaal u
suspend the 40-hour weak a« anti
kbor and declared to the House
that "We re in a war now and we
don't want to kee our heads We
don't want to undo the work of JO
year*' He pleaded as debate wax - ]
hvg warmer try the minute opener!
cn an amendment offered by Repre
stntative Smith (D Va i to an om
nibtu bUl to grant broad new war
power* to the Prwddem
McCormack said that the Smith
amendment was so controversial
that it would impede swift passage
of the important measure and told
the House that Smith had attempt,
ed uiiMjrceasfully to add anu-ia
tar" legislation recently to the huge
war appropriation bill
Funeral Services
Held For Former
Governor Lonffino
(By Tk» Sumflstml
Jackson. Hue - Thousand* of
persons from all walks of life anti
from every part of Mkausippi at
tended tire funeral Wedn<*mi»y, of
former-governor Andrew Houston
UNigiiM) The funeral was held from
Ihe Stale capital
Governor Longmo was C7 years old
and served as governor of Mississip
pi from !#00 to IXM He died Tue-.
day in Jackson at the Baptist Hos
ptui foUowmg a long illness He
was one of the moat colorful figures
in Mississippi public life anti was
Judge of the Hinds County court.
liokUng Utat position since its cre
i-Uon in 1P27
He was the first governor to oc
cupy the new capitoi building
which was erected under his admin -
mrauon without cast to tlie state
He was the but governor to be
nominated in Mmumppt through
the oid stale convention system*
He leaves his widow. Mrs Manor
Buckley Longine; three sous Macs
Buckley Longtao, 8vire* let Cl win
Long too and James Marion Lon
kino, and two oaugnier* Ma*r
Ann Ramsey and Gay longmo
hi rrai luhh or iingei
Friends of Juks Lea{ are rogret
ung the accident that occurred to
him Thurvda) of last week and
which resulted in injuries that ne
ceMltated the amputation of part of
hk middle finger on the left haul
The voung man was threading the
press when the accident occurred
He was rushed to the Jackson Coun
: ty Hospital and after the necessary
medical a lien Gun went to hte home
■ where be » recuperating nicey.
American and British Aviator* Riant .Score of Kitting Sun
Plane* From Skies A* Invader* Seek To
Win Control of Air.
Washington, February 2ti <.enend Douglas Mac-;
Arthur. dauntless battle wizard of the W’ar'* moat heroic
battle troop*, sprang anothei new surprise and victory over
the Japan ewe invader* on Bataan Peninsula of Luzon in the
Philippine*, suddenly taking U^jggMid** .today, capturing
ssrx ttxr raSSffs! ’.rts
Department reported.
Far from beaten the Defender* who have been beseiged
in the mountain* of Bataan for nearly three months, suddenly
Itogtvlaiarr Again < alM to Take
Stops to Rfie sirtK-tarr at Tate,
As G«*ern»r Johnson Changes !
The MiaaiMippi State legislature
•till had under romtderaUoR y eater
day the matter of freeing the Paa
cagoul* bridge of IU toll* The mat
ter km thrown back into the lap*
of the Senators Wednesday morning
Senator John H Culkin of Vicfca
bur* after a conference of the Sen
ate Highway Committee and Gov
ernor Pan! V Johnson Tuesday an
nounced that steps would be taken
to permit toe collection of tolls on
the Pascagoula bridge until Sep
tember i Although announced a* a
compromise measure this move was
in direct compliance with the pro
posal made by the Jackson County
Board of Supervisors several week*
The compromise measure marked
Governor Johnson* third defeat in
his effort* to free the bridge ami
he u reported to have accepted this
hut one rather than have the
bridge possibly tied up in ItUgKtion
after September l
Representing Jackson County in
the conference* Tuesday were Su
per,i*or Herme* Gautier and at
torneys James I Ford and Harold
W Gautier of Pascagoula
1* »u planned to permit the col
lection of toll* until September I
by tacking an amendment on to the
Senate btl Ipovsed three week* awe
calling for the abolition of ail toll
bridge* in the state of Miasttsippi.
Tito original btl! was held up on
motion of Senator Culkin to two**-'
*ider The matter was. praeanMi hi
the House of Prprp.-entattvm Wed
nesday morning
Attorney* and members of the
Jackson Countv board o.' ,-uprrvMn'
expressed a desire that Uw legti
iaturr would ake no action what
ever, but if any actum is taken that
m months would be given to pro
vide revenue for the 1M2 budget-’
Fouled Parachute
Proves Fatal To
Pilot At Meridian
'By Th* Associated Press1
Meridian Miss , Feb JS Fouling
his parachute on hi* plane (Mr
nailing nut Second Urutenant W
J McOowai Alhambra, CkL feB
to hi* death ju*t north of the Meri
dian airtx-M today, where he war
The pUnr •*> found half a mile
away anti oftmai* said that they
believed the pitot was nable to
land the plain because of weather
conditions and ran out of gatohar
t ime*' arpty ail along Ui€ bat
ik $ii< The surprise thrust was
jpw» miy successful generally, but
giutirin.,:. DO on the right where
the deviie.it enemy’ withdrawal took
Man enemy positions wore not
jwetra-r the communique Mid.
but at last reporta the fighting was
•till in progress and local succesaes
Baers ta- . of War Btimxor, di»
clmcd today also that the leader of
20.000 bolo-iwmgutg Morv Tribes- 1
men in the Island of Mindanao had)
ntadgvd a fight to the teat" against'
the Japanese and declared their'
readme - to a* “for America and
their country" if need be.
Air (erga Victertoaa
In Ute Burma sec lor things were
CUM ao bright for the Allies The
United Nations prepared themselves
tonight to bear of the fall of Ran
goon. Important defense center oft
the all-important Burma Road as
Japanese troops mowed along the
Mttang rtver spread upstream for
Me final stages of enveloping smash
Japan v>» aircraft are flgiitlng In j
vain for control of the sky over the ]
hear; of Burma, but their forces
paid heavily after American and
BrttUi, air defenders brought XI
plan-- down to earth In flames
■osrri.t the new disposition of
onetm troops along the last natural
barrier to Rangoon, M to 70 miir*
above the . itj «m considered most
(Brest*-:..g Military expert* Mid
mat it woiud compel the British and
ladU! defetidm to diaper** their
aBasd- out numbered and battle
cut battalions now defending the
wwsi bam of Stttang near the
Mors mouth.
Monn Point Seniors
Give Radio Program
8u M «v Pmnt High School ana- I
Mrs pres- :r-d a 'i-nxinule program
met rads station WGCM at Gulf-i
pen Un seek under the sponsor
•hip Of u.e F-or; nightly Club of
U» federated Woiuui'l Clubs of'
■Ml Rous:
"Better reunions with Our Neigh
bots Through Better Understand- ’
Mg' *a tf.i theme of the program!
whkT. ciM.,,. .ed of a short talk by I
, Mere- . Harper; several patriotic:
aeng1 and t »t> , mgs m Spanish:
by a bu. uiv, ana m flute oust
o: pa: . A it, mean songs Mem- (
Mr: Of U.e nuartot were Henry
Bvan- h- v iumar, Paul 8u„
ter sne f errtse Harper. The flute -
idur* i« ,.,ied bi Marguerite Col-,
My and Mi,« ButhoCf.
Tin mx ...cuts ah members of ’
u.v Aim: ... Cjup of the Mom Point ;
jawoo a me program them
•elvn a oi
Bsscit Cowan, chairman of the
j ^Mtnis ctufe. Mum Colley *e-1
MBpamn. tne quartet at the inane. 1
EmHoym of iaplk Yard Promise
(i»vrmmrat BagWI BtoUm To
Work Harder to Kwh Mark
Needed War Prod action
Wholehearted cooperation toi put
ting the United State* war effort
acras* was pledged jornly by trork
t-ieti and official* of the logalb
Shipbuilding Corporation yard* at
Pascagoula Monday morning during
a rally at which Cal. A. Robert
utmhurgh of the U, fi. War X>
purtfRftn djvtJitos wsm the
till*Will speaker *u” '
Col Gtmburgfc. tn an address to
the worker*, assembled tn the fab
ricating shops impressed the work
men with the absolute necessity of
putting across the gigantic defense
p-ogram If the peoffit of the United
Stales and Allied Nations are to re
uun their liberties and lives.
The workmen in the shipyard* are
soldiers on the production line"
Col Glnsburgh stated Absence
l orn work when there is work to
bt done is as bad a* a soldier going
A W, O L-. when there is fight
ing to be done. The army needs
the vessels you make here and needs
tnem badly We need a* many of
theer ships as we can get and as fast
as we can get them If you fall us.
we become an army without arms
If we fail you, you become worker*
»* chains working for foreign dic
tator* at little or no wages, receiv
ing what they choose to give you
and doing exactly as they say.
Tells of soldiers
He spoke of the American sol
diers in the Philippines who are
Lghtlng like demon* without
thought of pay or hours, but to pro
tect the American clUaetu at home
thetr pay. their hour*, and their
standards of living They are fight
ing ot protect the honor of Ameri
cans a* ciusens." he added
' Every bit of material wasted
every part you spoil, helps Hitler
Let's not help him or his pals Mus
soiuu or the Mikado." be pleaded
with the men "Keep up your rep
utation for ability and speed Time
lost in building ships means delay
In the delivery of the weapons of
war to our battle aones
"There are people here wno laugh
at the thought of actual attack on
Mils country There were probably
people in Manila and Honolulu. 11
week* ago who thought that way. I
too Remember, it is 1,700 mile*
from Tbkyo to Honolulu And from
Cherbetg. the German base in
France, to New York it is only 3.806
mile* The Nazi are 700 mile* nearer
K America Ulan the Jap* are."
lagait* President > peaks
Monro B Ladnwr. president of
the IngalL Shipbuilding Corpora
Lon was one of the speakers, ex
pressed ha opttuoo that the work
men at title yard had accompiatied
a great dual and Pledged the wnoir -
! .carted support and cooperation of
the management of the yard.
W. B Barton president of the
Metal Trade* Council spoke to the
men stressing their responsibility in
the war production to their joos
and their country and pledged h»
work and labor to cooperate in the
war effort.
Tuny Ceralo, vice-president of the
Cull States Metal Trades Council
who served overseas on the buttle -
ft oat* of the Work! War L tote of
his experiences m the last war aad
expressed hit desire us hare labor
oo ail that it could to help out the
war production program
Mr Lamer at the close of the
assembly, asked bow many of the
men were willing to work harder to
do the great job in their hand* and
the men expreasec themselves 186
per cent to bark the program As
rlie result of the meeting a new spir
it prevails among the workmen to
day and a determination to work
(Continued On Page Six.
City Officials Succeed in Obtaining Additional Federal
Grant To Finance Quarter Million Hollar Cnita To
Relieve C rowded Conditions In Present School Plant.
Contract for construction of the new Moss Point High
School and negro school buildings were let Wednesday night
to Burke Brother* Construction Company general contract
ors of New Orleans. The contract was awarded after Mayor
George Wood was successful in getting an additional ap
prnpriation of *4K,000 to supplement the 195.00® already
granted bv the Government for this purpose: and the *130.
(HHi provided by the city of Mow Point through a special
fooftd iHHtie. *
While Burke Brothers were awarded the general con
struction part of the project, the electrical contract was
awarded to the Joe W illiams Electrical Co- of Atlanta. Gig,
and the plumbing and heating contract waa awarded to i he
Home Plumbing and Heating t’o„ of Gulfport._
, ■ I ..■ ■ ' -
Girls Plan Convoy
To Camp Shelby
The girls from the Pascar*ila
are* will again invade Camp Shelby
when a chartered bus will leave the
Community House Sunday March 1.
at *30 A M~ m> sttend the first
anniversary celebration at the N Mi
di visional Service Club
i The bus will arrive at the Number
One Service Ctuto at 13 36. where
they win have lunch at the Coffee
Shop UntU recently this club was
the 37th Division Service Club
where the young ladies were guests
several week* ago at the first of a ,
ter mss <sf "open house" programs. It I
It now tide ivcreattei center for the
43rd divtooc, new arrival at Camp
Shelby The girls wilt have an op- ;
portunity to meet some real yan- :
kee as most of this division Is ‘
made up of boys from Mamachu
Otilv one bus will go from Paara
goula The first girls to buy seat*:
will have the opportunity to make
the trip Am girl on the regular
mailing list fur soldier dance.- is]
eligible to go
Then** trips are proving very pop
ular with the girls as well as the ;
boys at camp who are always glad
to welcome guests Ttie Military
Match Of Gulfport will be visitors at |
the 3«th division this week-end
The invitations for these affairs
aw extended through the WPA
Recreation Project.
were secured Wednesday by Mayor
George P Wood who with Consult
tog Engineer L C. Wtnterton have
waged a long, hard battle to attain
sufficient money to carry out thts
work Maw Wood. Mr Wintertan
and A. L Monroe, superintendent
of schools, made several trips to
Washington and Atlanta. Oa. to
confer with officials regarding the
additional appropriation
Construction on the new build
ing* will be started Monday of next
week. It was announced yesterday
by Mr Wtnterton This work will
be rushed to completion More
strew will be placed on the con
struction of the high school hukd
ing at present, because of it* Mae.
However the negro school building
will be - pmparted find, .
The new high school building win
be located on the site of the pres
ent aM high school building, how
ever it will be much larger, The
old structure. buUt In 1000, will
be demolished sad much of the ma
terials in It will be used in the new
The general construction contract
was let at tlM.aiO; the plumbing
and heating contract was 12*273;
and the electrical contract. $15.
380 making a total expenditure of
*233 M3
A total of <273.000 1* available tor
the construeuon of the buildings
and the purchase of equipment, with
|:43 000 being provided the Depart
ment of Pub llr Work* The equip
ment far the school* will be pur
chased at a later date.
Large Crowd Hears Patriotic Speech Made by Past
Commander Wilkes H. Daria, of State legion 9
Department. In Ceremonies.
Second Switzer Boy
To Get Navy Rating
8tov* M 8witter, youngest son of
Mr and Mrs Joe E Swiuser of Pee
cugouia, will graduate from the Do K
*d States Naval Ordnance School at
Jacksonville. Pla. Petoruary at Upon
graduation he will be sent to an un
marineed sir squadron where be will
become a qualified machine gunner
and mechanic for all naval gun* for
had and sea planet '
Young Switter ha* juat complet
ed four month* of Uiteoaive study at
the Navy* foremost avtataoc ord
nance school He h not the only
sat of Mr and Mrs Switaer to be
ir. the naval service. Their second
sac W Cruise S witter u e graduate
of the Naval Elect rvea. School at
Norloik Va and the Motion Pic
ture Sound Tecruuoan School to
San Diego Call! Cruise l* on the
first of America * greatest battle
ship*. the 0 8 & North Carolina,
hems transferred aboard her from
the Cruiser Detroit He bed been
suuoesd at Pear! Harbor tot was
t wnaferms from these fast a few
months before fcs dewtrucuaa. Hr
it .to be congratulated sa the pert
be had aa an EM3r IE the teehng
of the great ship when me fired the
greatest salvo in the history of naval
So powerful are the guru on this
vessel that, steel water-tight door*
on the ship were buckled and ripped
from the bulkhead by the concus
sion to her final test* when all nine
of her 16-incn gum wee bred at
Mr and Mr* emitter do not knew
where he » stationed ai present as
poatuceu of ship* or the area to
winch they are operating are milita
ry seem*
• Jack so: Count; Foot Na ldQ of
the American Legion in an biter
loot Sunday afternoon ie-dedicated
Is po-lertt; the Old Spanish FWrt.
and raised the Start and Stripes on
a high flag pole where the flag
fluttered Id the brweae on Krebs
Lake There was quite a large crowd
at a turns present who inspected
the OU Fart and grounds, restored
to some at their farmer beauty by
recent improve menu
f Commander L. L SUgter mif
fed the crowd and publicly thanked
those who had a part in making the
f restoration potato!* He gtw a short
nistorv of the ancseni bulletin*
winch w said to be the oldest bulk
ing in the Mississippi Valley
Hermes Gautier no* president of
the Jackson County Board of Su
pervisors was the first speaker, and
expressed his appreciation on be
half of the Board for the wort
which bad been done Be stated
that the Old Port and grounds are
something at which every ciLaer. of
Pascagoula and the county should
be proud, and be hoped they will
take advantage of the opportunities
offered for recreation
The principal speaker of the even
in* was Hon Wilke? H Dans, of
Jackson Mis* post State Com
mander of the ItMMM Depart
owns of the American Legion Be
saw a most inspirational and pa
triotic address in his usual force -
.ful manner He began by telling the
crowd to consider who we are ”
taring we were “the dswnendent* rg
men who fought and dim for the
gaet a deadly parallel on what we
principles wiuncuued m the Deci*r
auoc of Independence Thet. h*
are and what we would be if u*
Ak« powers eootrohec the world
»«PJ»m.- be mid. “we surrenders
our Americanisir, what would we
horeV For Liberty bondage lor uie
•Continued On p*g* ^iXl

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