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The Chronicle-star combined with the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1949, March 06, 1942, Image 1

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I I ronicle. I I
-.- —- - ■ —-— -.-..— mu. ■-»,,■■■» —* jw?'11111!*"- .. r—... ... ' ■
Ras Line Service From PaiscajrouUi And
Moss Point Now Extended To Mid*West
Acquir:n^ System This Week.
Shipyard W orker
Burned By Electricity
MSTW Alumni Plan*
Annual Luncheon
ContructKT. of Needed Facilities Slated
To Be Started In Several Days to Alleviate
Crowded Condition? Now Existing.
shmcmm m imb&c. ** ^
mi «w* rrnm
Men* Point RoUry
e SB* tuft i
br ■fitriK— at « fit «t
®* *ut» wmi*» ——«2!r«r«—
9 its* star,*- at nai—i tar u*
Organize Rifle Club
At Housing Project
•ounu WMi*
iwmm rurtut
nun of » f»
•■*f*m P«- t*rss *jm^sLm*c
I'nited Nations Hopeful of MacArthur
like Stand On Java As Bitter Fifth tin*
Continue? On Three t'-oAta.
B» IV imimr iiBf .. I
TSr JtoiMMw AirBAfi? am !«*
mm 0* AnM~t ft OoaM tar at »•
hv» imIai n to totonw a***
Jtoas a» Jaw**** mi OStoOH|M wr»
ms one bom a* AmtrmtoAM mr
WCb Mi* rTrsaafi; Mrs apun
to} «tw Rabwari ttnwtn Xix [V.. s
•-£«*» tfe* rwspr of a toaAr.v.- .**
stew omS ttw etmmw of a eowntos
twws—tmw; aaatiw? «M* ’
a* lf» hopoi OboWWB. jatacyr^*
t ffMOTr AfMI; Umr. -Or r> H.
toert* J Vat Moot oaiwc lor twt
nrasmt torotor «■ tow set* m
* two ussa eS liw (tomtit Jrar .
aerorsaow so LxxWOBi dwtroutw, A
i WOT wtmt *»-anwif ar*c
me. it* 6oruwes RursDa-TtaAUasc
tewtow tv ropottotf a a Owe*
tomotoran :no. Tokyo iwaw, in
lm*m ay assn Dm ‘g~ t
’to :.,r ’a.TLTttSt
«*«*® toOnw or Btarro Ha>
mo flow stunuo sir tt as ««»■
tmlmt Srwt wfcir SoiRoodt} to rr
psraps to to*** nteif si* tfrsjwRoir
Kam mu artcy fpows Maw a
g^«M* Otto«T tomw w. ftJt
(X*w«t to Ilfs It* swo**of9
Ooswo* arrmtr •• -« rrpurtoe to
► .... .
Jackson Count) 4-H
i’afly Formulated
IMkimiutiim Of
C ub Pack Planned
?*iM» nre bate* mmat tar iot tt
TltW aS the P»aca«w^* Be-s
Ar-Wd Cub Pack lo tw arm th*
tr-*- tfc. K nc aarxwiisced b? Mrs
H< ray V Gaaur- era© tsw brer.
Pack Mate for the pas; year A
wv-'tas coma, rntmua^tt tot ac
:.r» ttfaa Of She Cate aw: ;te duue*
af :hr janau te carafe their boy*
«t “; am ** offered.
• o'A-rx all! tec :•<•
1 MMX tM wo m ea -- :* be
T«e.r at
of MB traa i u n y»ar> of
•be d* in u aa*e then son* k.
rebrd a be Pat are cordauli »
mtm of aduet wsli be bnaauaere
At preaen. thee are three areve
ted** active anrt as Cut' teaaauc »
SMBMWwi* It a painted out that it
fc acaurt far parent* u attend
tbU that they kae* of the wont
t S be done aod the, iraiauy tc be
fivet three boyt at pre-ewr. bfe
5'- 11 ixwe that taJawine the
'k toaisteoats a dee wffi te
1 a. <*rr. areghharhapd is
«• tnciudtat the Manthae
■C pet-ten
The a.jrw~,'x. tnsttnrt s bare
laalim-i-- it m strand that they
WbWtrpei r»tt rarcctopi » starve
te the" as*< they «
Dressed for Iceland Weather
____ * _ _ __
c. r.
tk rtukrf fuita* Arwy r- a-*-: *«
wmr^g ste iM>t cWCkWf umm4 t* §»t =■ *■*'m 'n« o» ngmt
tk kr( raw w tWft !r<4 mtral.
reroute nafeor tram. E R Martin
pMMrfnr* amgwrtar at Oentcth
that Me odftre * tores' :nx nmpoaato
Maw Routt Roawttwe The two
at ttor tear wweid exited o*e» a
parte at tram five to ter. yeart
Ttor prewar,* Quarter' at ttor Hem
Raer.t paeaaftte new t» ’.he Mtaner
toaUdtw* owners toy ttor Maw Rate
Utter at Maasm* » entirety too
teas and steep uasr to hantBr the
tar*r votes* of Swanns at ttor
prawn: and that ar aiapated far
ttor tottn The tear ta ttor pres
ent ouarten expire at the end
at stole year wad Jane* «iwma»
daimem mast tor toad
It rrtE tor newt soar* to toe re floor
■parr at atonst 1 JBf fret Da the nrw
■paartea e tom at the preccst
Stem ha* onto atona* PM apuarr
fret Ate U mb tot orertaan ta
have at teal aor terfmm;*: mates
At the preaetst there are only tow
and other tiui’weae at the Rasaefttnr
Ratal after toare aeted In the
paw two year* AS at the ten taw
. ij
Aptkicum me to be made with
in the am several days by the
Paacarouia CtrUtac Defense lead
ers for adrmtwnal fire-figfc tin*
equipment, uacSudh* engine* and
appro*iiaately ISAM fact of fstae
Tm* mi be xMofentry because of
Fanrsde beta* oar at the mam
vtuarrabie aerraMt center* us tha
tem A n> announced f«|km
m» a escJfww here with Mayor
MeCe.rar, V E A talma officer
freer, taftu Pruaeai at the earn
!treat* aere Har'd W Gautier
JaeAane? Camaty CiU~*e Defcaee
Oct&aaanter L L totgirr Paacagou
]a aaanmte Hear? w Gaelic?,
a*? raid warden Mayor Walter R
GaBey aad CouoctiaM Lee Becfc
Apphesuoc ado will be made to
secure cat mask* aad other aefenee
tupplm* AH of them wit be turn*
tehed by tae p-nerametw
Tc Purcham SIRENS
At the meeting the types of atr
raid atretu tc be mctaBcd tn P**
capouia uAc awe decided upo%
Them Mreo wtB be purasaaad by
the Clry of Paaeapotu* Mayor Gal
ley mlormec the gkfBartng
PATtbe? d«C cam meaaurm sik
r*»e beer, taker, by the t hubk tee
The Jarfon Court* Board of So
pannmrr ha* agreed tc taatail aad
miwi’iir the oecoaeary tairpnooe
eaBim «hsm* for air raid waru
ts,** TSu* arc ter A to be estah
bnnad m Paaeagovba aac wiL oper
ate under u>r area hnaftqaarwer* at
*#• Orman* The p«K«. eni; be
cparatcd kieafiy by eotuniaert
Mr Henri Gautier. Mr -aid war
den mates 1c reference bo the rm
aeraeur rarMIturic, of Pmuoti u
a print target for ah nude that 8
am be Mtm»n for Paacapoua tc
fle-eentmitt* he fa* fighting rqwp
nm The eaty hat tan onitf
bt uwc A the aarna butMteg asd A
wtE be neciamry be aeparet* tiust
a* wei. a* ocher unite wtuer. oupi!
be *Art*t* tinder urn prewent eon*
dKwea a ttagir bomb could decom
maaeoc the entire department r»c
dac that in* naa tnwiffieiem bam
ms* wtiicfc m constat asy firm
rntiaer. might be maned by tneendi
the prcteaL-y of
r be atatae that
lOnOtaf Oe to)
Dredjres Expected To Arrive In Few Days
To Widen and Deepen Water Route To ,
Gulf of Mexico.
The Pascagoula harbor channel will be dredged to a
depth of 25 feel at mean low tide, it *m announced by the
1’ S Army Engineer* Department at Mobile Thursday This
la part of a huge improvement program planned for tig Pas
cagoula harbor. .. .. _ .
Not only will the channel be deepened but it wtfl be
widened also to 225 feet giving ample channel for the opera
tion of the vessel* which are now using the harbor and those
which will use it in the future The present dimension* of
the channel are 22 feet depth and 150 feet width However
the new improvement* also will provide for an additional two
foot clearance, making it actually about 27 feet depth at low
Officials of the engineer department announced that the
improvement to the channel would extend from the LIN.
Railroad bridge to the deep water outside of Horn Island,
approximately 11 miles.
at the reqdh; at the IngaUi Sh;p
buiidint Corporauori far the nw*»
mm; af the styja which they are
It u part at the «b*
When the new daoari a «■
pirted the ahsps whirfc are drwwmf
art water than those Ont bait
here will be afforded greater mar.
euvertbthtj whtk operating as the
Work ee the new channel > ex
pected to begin within the next two
War Department In order » ex
pedne 4be wort m qmcXir ae pos
able two government dredge* wtfl
be mb here and wtt wort on the
project omuitanooualy
District Governor
Visits Pascagoula
Rotary Club
Dwtriet Governor at Rotary Inter
national wax die honored gumt of
the Phscagoula Rotary Club at cu
meeting Wedneaday a being hi*
rtguAr offtemi not to the Posta
ge uia Ciufc Aii member* were glad
tc met him and gave him a rouatng
reception a* he was introduced
Mr Ingram xpafe* at the pleas
ure it gave tins to meet with tbe
member* of the Pascagoula Club as
it was ic that clue that he first
became a Rot* nan and he bfeased
he learned more at febowanip than
a* migh; have learned otherwise
Re defined Rotary, not as a club
« w u organisation but as an
ideal a symbol at the Ornate at men
for ifSoexup. a* mar. a a *ocj*i
Mima He gave a short history
at ftedary teBmg boar It started
Chicago r year* ago by the de
Pcuieemeo. firemen and letter
earner* are beta* erOuted W the
raa^Mricn bo find adequate room*
and hewa tar worker* ic the etty'i
aey oefetae ixtduistne* tt ra an
bew»aad by Director Berad of the
r^a Haaa Regauauas Office of
the Dsvaior, of Del erne Howto* Co
ordUMUoa * u* C t
Uoubin* Project at ;
D*s.tse mart
• * •* Sated *>a.,*n.e j
^e office «b» r
a* wVtuew*. orfcer* are moving
* t» PMcagmim or are wefcsng ac
»--icr, Urey are employed
Tt keep tbm artwi as the::
■-4p.ru elficieary tt I* rnrnmi they
find adequate and eamfanafcir Br
ing q leaner * ' Otractor Berne *a*d
Other-woe there to arete ******
that •» may fafi hart of acmei mg
Prendeei BhuarUt i objective of br
ber* of aama '• t ub*. Mtotm of
ncreic* and abwref. group*
aid a firxhng tmng quartan tor
auttam a-itrun chew grota*
E'-entuaSiy he aaML B m moped
that * MscB'by -bloca carve? of the
cay can fee mad* and every vacant
Deter** worker > who apply at the
of Bor are tBreesad la at mm too
wmable it nag quartan «ocat*d a*
Lear ta the pmce of employment
•* a pruoblr Dtreeuw Bemd aald
Uuo Office at BM or by caMog ta
per*oB The office 1* not opes
Public Work* System
Opens Contracts For
Local Area Projects
projcm m n*e mUten Matoe wa*
repeated today by LaMar M Marx,
regional director of the federal
Won* Agency* Dtritooa of
Ihaut *72 J
M* Thb
E.-JM 23-113 iw 22 IW bKO one
ha» the eflect of inrreoeinf the rWA
under the deadgnattoB of 22-106 and
grant by DIM.
of a rerbed
22-lM>. « 2273.
006- of which eppHraat b to furnUh
i;»«f and the FWA to grant fl« -
two O & Treasury cSeeat for |H»
already baring been laeoteod ae put
H the government pant
The ppTnf wMbMba leotoH
to Burto Brother*. Mew Oriental
La, tot tiMMO PUanbug and heat
ing contract awarded to Home
r. imbmi t Heatmg Oo.. Ouifport «
Mu* for mm Etoctneai eon
tract awarded to Jar William* Elec
tric Co Jaefcaon. Mb* tor ftbjto
Mra Whe hiflelu 14 la
rebrwary Net Lfltoty to Be
CaBeC far Defy Before May
omrbb af batortiee Serek*
TKe third national Selective Serv
ice VTjrry will he held to Waahmg
ub March IT w£on order number*
for the rapstraam who enrolled to
FeSraary to *well UUa nation * vast
pool of potential manpower win be
determined National Headquarter*
Selective Service Sveterr. announced
1b all tenbpbfmj spprcaamateiy
dghl or r.thf thoumnd mniin wtu
be draws to thh tint wartime lot
tery cnee 1914 and the Gurd ainre
madCbem of (tor Selective Training
and Service Art of 1990
tfnoer pretest piaru the order
number* of the registrant* who m
rc-Hed w of February U win not
be ln-egraied m the aM Barter tMU
!* •«« the order number* of the
mee .who registered cm July 1 mi.
la the second Selective Service Beg.
mrauee! Consequently it h not
expected that any af the February
rtgietranu wai be inducted m the
immediate iuutro
Expert CaS h May
It m -cejiempiatec that regi*
uanta as Oh third regwtrauoc will
not he called enta they have an
awereo tnetr rjumtea i iin and h»e*
town classified Which probably wCl
not be before May tmrtug to ex
Eraa» to May^all'"»*” Drpartmec!c
quotap nrrnmrtly must be flfle<!
from men 2! h> H tncliMve, who
registered m 1M9 and 1441
U walir the February mmrttu
are Sen* tJamtftad the Eu De
poruartM request* men to age group*
frees 21 to M year* the quota* wil
come trues the Ml and 1441 regje
Gama 11 the rogue* t» for mca
of the thud rmtoliah n the *-+1%
wG! *3e f Sited by the February lida,
Serial nimUNn issued to the new
registrant* by the Meal boanfc m
the manner prmcrOjbd by Srtecuve
Service Bsgviettop* will be merited
ar* so ^oo to^lflgr.te
< Corstinwed Op Fags Star

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