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The Chronicle-star combined with the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1949, March 13, 1942, Image 5

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Rt 'iM>s st«tni» M>na
U*t the smart cay etoUm you Med U> keep tw tonkin*
rtur . . by awn* Uh wtnpir diftultrd t*rw*ial taeu m-vke
w olfer
Came to ut. (or the cosh l« buy your sprtn* word robe m* 1
P»> us b*rk am • ton* period to tatali payamat*
Pascagoula National Bank
' #
m B HKRRINC. President
A. FRANCIS JOHNSON. Vtre-Pm -Ctttoiar *
A. F DANTZLJER Vice-President
T. U Dr LASH MET Vice-President
A L THOMSON AiMstsut C*.%Sie.
■ M-pmits «.u»rartreH TlirnKth Imvmn* A Ptetldrd
Ay I Kited States Crosrmment t erUftr«t* N*. SH

Mary Reed Circle
Meets With Mrs.
The Mary Reed Circle of the
Methodist Church Women s Society
of Christian Service oi Pascagoula
met Monday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. S F Warden
The song The Croat It Not Great
et Than Hut Grace." was softly
played by Mr? F A Bishop Juat
tefore the devotional leader. Mrs J
H Weir took charge of the meeting
Mrs Weir read an article headed
He Went About Healing All Man
ner of Diseases" and Mrs Bishop
plared "What a Friend We Have In
Jesus" Folloadtig thit Mrs Weir
read the 5th chapter of John, dwell
ing on the incident of the healing
of the impotent man
Mrs C A Carrier, study leader
for the afternoon, read two letters
from Mrs. Ulmer and Mrs Felts,
tr which they thanked the Circle
and society for the gift* of flowers,
cards and visits during their recent
1 lines* She then talked on the
chapter 1 Milestones On the Way to
Love." from the study book. For the
Facing of This Hour- What Has the
Eibl* to Say?" 8he spoke of the
events in the Old Testament which
' l towed God s love and compassion
toward suffering humanity and
tueir struggle to live up to Hl» e*
pectaturns She called particular at
tention to the 8th chapter of First
Samuel 11-18. in which it is shown
how the people growing tired of
their form of gkm.mem cry out
for change, and get it in a far worse
form—a forerunner of the totali
tarian form of government which
seeks to overrun the world today.
As Mrs Bishop passed around the
stamp book for volunteer contrtbu
i ions she called attention to the fact
that Mrs Cudahec was quite ill in a
liospitaJ in Hattiesburg and asked
all who could to send her a card
or letter
Mr* g. f Warden caused those
present to think deeply a* she gave a
quiz on current topic* a* the to
rial part of the program Mr* F A
Bishop assisted her in serving coffee
lea and pecan sandwiches The ne*t
m«eung of this circle will be at the
home of Mr* F A Bishop
I'asacatfoula Woman
Elected To Supreme
HwagsuU Hwman hinted Ta
"oprraw M oodmaa ( drrle Office
Mrs Alice R Beckham second
audited for the Supreme Pores)
V.-Kiiiian Circle of the State of Mo
‘isstppi ane Mrt Ivon Purdy dele
tate from Woodman Grove 3t re
turned Tuesday from attendance at
u‘r seventeehth convention of the
stau urfan«at»n, which was held
lr Viek*buf» at the Colbert Hotel
Mrs Beckham, who eras re-elect-1
ec to the second a uditorshtp at thto i
neettnf, stales that contention
report* showed that over ilDOQPOO
lie tense Bonds bad been purer sated
"thee in the State of Mb
tyfy that spfirosimstety *j -
wroorjO had been paid out la the
Ma e Ui benefits
Mrs Beckham also stated that the
*tate membership amounts to >000
•OlHm and that there are 5oo mem
bers m the junior organic*non
<»»n tccHerve* Will
Present ‘TniU»d We
Stand” March 2(1
*Uwt Wight nil rear Promise.
Wart* Hhtte IriirtoUMnu
h ttiifc We guid * * UiMTtr
of 'he 1*42 Pascagoula Ciirl Seaerve
£iui,i Night, to tie presented on
rnday March », at • 00 P M, in
the Hun1 School T^us
e'-'-er 'iunai«»t promises to tie one of !
the b«*! popular program* od Use I
•rtwol calendar.
Mar.fred Parker capable dancing
instructor, srtli direct United We
•fsnd" The following girU nave
«*n appointed on nmtan'iee* to'
have rnars* of Stunt Nigj.t ticket
eoouniUgi, Shirley MeKau chair* ’
■nai Makinr Knight, June
PiibLuitf, June Semfc rnalrman;
Mu true Mar Loans? Ooru Megrhee
K»<e Welle Btyron ClrealaijiM
tU-aeu Norms Lee Avtnliaurr
B:<«,c*e %■««. mine K«h Her
■une Her nog Mus Rote Uomey nil
have charge of the ticket* and ad
mwkn at the door on the night of
the play Mr* Warren Seely w;U
have charge of the prtnung of the
programs Usher* chosen by the
club wiM be June Smith Minnie Mae
Lrnnep, and Blanche Spavin
Much of the success of the Stunt
Night depends upon the capable
leadership of the girls named on
these committee*
Ticket* are now on sale for the
show. "United We Stand " You can
not afford to miss ft
Pascagoula Hand
Auxiliary To Elect
The Pascagoula School Band Aus
allary met at tiie high school build
ing Monday night at 7 SO o'clock
Mr* Klein IPomtnn. vice- president,
presided in the absence of the presi
dent, Mr* Henry W Gautier, who
was conducting a civilian defense
air wardens school at the court
Plans were made for the election
of officer* which will take place
j next month The nominating com
mittee. elected Ir<gn the floor t* com
prised of Mr*. N P Emmltt. Ml*
Henry Gautier and Mr* Florence
i O Sparkman The committee wdJ
make it* report at the next meeting
After discussing other routine bus
iness the meeting was adjourned
Vancleave Student
Appears In College
Operetta Tuesday
Brookhaven. Mis# (Special i March
lie-Eleven Mississippi girl# ap
peared Tuesday night in the presen
tation of the Whitworth College
Choral Club of Gilbert and Sul
livan's operetta. H M S Pinafore ”
The glrl| are the Mlaae# Sunshine
Day and Jean Roae Smith of Brook
haven. Lena and Elizabeth Cra
vens of Bov Is Dorothy Boykui of
State Line, Evelyn Anderson of
8umra.ll: Vivian Penn of Baldwyn,
Lysbeth Dees of Vancleave ciiar
lotte Brown of Columbus. Billie Col
ley of Koxir and Julia Godaey of
Uta Ben a
Mis* Dee# who is a freshman at1
Whitworth is the daughter of Mr
and Mr# Clifton L Dees of Van
cleave She has been vary active
throughout the year and has ap
peared in several radio, choral and
dramatic production*
The operetta was under the di
rection of Ml** Constance Thumeri
sen. director of choral and radio
work at Whitworth Tim state set
was constructed by the Gass in play
production The hornpipe dance
w given by student* from dance
clame« in physical education under
the direction of Miss Pauline Brum
Mississippi Export
Railroad Literature
Advertises County
The IfltoiMuppi Export Railroad
bat bad printed and is distribut
ing thousand* of turtcuvr folder*
adeettteiag the tncuetnaj fact Due*
of Jackson County Me pradurt* and
industrial advantage* Tbit colorful
>Herature briefly deaenhe* the ship
uundtng !laning paper making de
coy manufacturing garment factor
ies and plywood product# as aril
at agricultural development* of the
It alto tells of the Mississippi! Ex
port Kai road and other transporta
tion tacURin. and anKa available
ft Xiao cetitaim s may Mowing the
important connection* with north
on industrial center*
First Grade Mae carol Hmeley
Raymond GUI Second Grade -Mary
Elisabeth Green. Charlotte McClel
lan Mary Katherine Rotomn* Third
Grade—Mary Agnet Pierce. Mattie
Pool Perr. Alice Clark, Fourth
Grade—Catherine Maxi Abe* TUI
own, Na'aiir Orwn, Piftii Grade
Team K'age la Thjne K-wXela Cyn
thia Rraarge, Hevemh Grade B
aaer Clark Vwlet LaaXau Irene
Atari Eighth Grade Edna How
ard. Pete* Riviere.
1 i
| Moss Point Happenings [
Art Mwtrn at Tow T+mtis *wUn# Ho** Too Mon »«««»
Ht<« Too (<HM) a Nrtjf (Mo Ut A Rum At *l« Ml IH B*
UlM IO Witt* » MD rw TOO
Mr* Martha O Parker spent Wad
' neadaj tn M-Astir
Mrs H l. Prehan was a 'UltMf
' u> MnhUe Wrdneaday
Attt'Nic (hr out of town relattvw*
and ft tends railed here Sunday by
the rteeth of Mr Manley layman
were Mr and Mr* A W Head and
ww», BtAhwe laurel Mr and Mr*
A K Bhtmer Oultpart Mr and
Mr* Nathan 8 Berkley Sr Writ
('rid. N J ; Lieut Nathan 8 Beri
'tf Jt. New Orleans Army Atr Baae.
Mr and Mr* Mar tee DotnaeU Lure
dale Mr and Mr* Ray mond Bailey
turedale: Mr and Mr* Sam Moipu*
UU Jewel Mtdpua. Mt Btllie M«t
i-u* Mr* Burn and Mr and Mr* L
htumei. Mobile and Mr* Manley
layman Sr. ami Robert Layman.
Bmtwoed N J
Mavor O P Wood spent wiera!
day* tills week hi Baltimore Md
Mr Halt Jr Nod roll of Mobile was a
visitor here Sunday afternoon
Jack Wood and James William*
spent Saturday with friend* tn Ma
yer. MIm
Mr* it L WalUm and Mr* O W
Bowen left Monday fur Jackson
Mia* for a several day*' vtatt stop
pin* en route for a few hour* watt
hi perktnston, Mb*
John Mt Arthur spent Monday hi
Mt and Mr* Leon Nelson wen
visitor* to Outfpori. Monday
Mi and Mr* lewis Dailey of Mo
MB mt fww* ****!•» » **»
tame d M: MM Mr* <1 D taw*
Mr and Mr* * H Ji.
iwot Mandat la Nr* Oftaan*
Mr* T B W«i and rtoM**»«er
Matt *pml the work end »t*S 'tatr
parent* and irndtaww* Mr and
Mr* 4 H McFarland tor Bay
Hi* inn* MB*
Mi* Vrrytnia Poacwk **» railed
tor h<r tawe tn Crystal ®pntr*m
Mias (tunrtar bt tta tuddm death
at tar raltar Mr K A Fwfwfc
MIM Wfcmte Lw Oar arrow patied
Mwe Peacock,
Mr and Mr* N R Berkley Hr
of Wr»meM N J. and iJMkn Na*
lnan 8 Berkley Jr . of Nra Orkran*
Army Ah Barr trued* to tta
Inane of Dr and Mr« J F OoltCT.
Sunday *
Mr* T J Dickson spent Tw <lay
u Mobile
C n ftmtl and Mr* C Pratt
of Outfpwrt *isrrit ita work mi! hn*»
tn tta home of Mr* J J Metnuwti
with Mr* Brail and ano who haw
tan rnyoym* a vtail tn Ita Mi In*
toah homa.
* *
John Brock Of Mh>*uoiw>i Coiiete
tn Clinton. Mu* aprtit tta vwk end
alth hi* lawte. Ret and Mr* J
P Brock , f |
Mr and Mr* J D Uw» were v*»
lt«r* to nutfport Monday afte-tluam
Mr* Rachel McOrudrr of Stark -
idle Mtw and Mta May Mrlnm*
of Miami PI*, were rtailor* tn rels*
live* her* last week
The nicest courtesy you ran shoo your guests ft«g» sut of Uon
U to have their name* mentioned on UiU lore) page. The ntee-d
courtesy you shoo your friend* is to let them learn of your visit
through thU page when you r> away
The Local and Society Reporter will consider It a courtesy when
ever you will glye us an item of any kind Just phone M2,or
drop ut a pootal card.
Mrs W K BoMUgr and daughter
Elizabeth Ann. are sprnding tin*
month with the formers father N
Carey, hi Nettlelon MM*
The Progreetuve Club will meet at
the home of Mrs C A Carrier, Fri
day afternoon at the usual hour of
Mr and Mm J R Watte spent
Stnday tn Mobile where they were
dinner guest* of friend*
Mrs. K W Ulmer ha* gone to
Hattiesburg where she will be the
guest of her mother for the next
two week*
There will be a meeting of the
McCormick Circle of the Woman *
Missionary Union of the Pirn Bap
tist Church, Pascagoula Monday
afternoon. March IS at 2 30 o'clock
at the home of Mr* P K Waiher
Jr., 027 Telephone Road
R B Mcllwatn and C C Him of
Natchez spent Wednesday and
Thursday with the former * parent*.
Dr and Mo 8 H Mcllwain.
Mr* W J Weatherford and small
daughter Anne, have returned from I
b short visit with Mr* Weather
ford's parent* Mr and Mrs T. W
Milner Gulfport.
Friend* of Mr* H D Cudabac will
reqrret to barn that she l* under
P raiment at a Hattiesburg hospital
where she we* to remain for ten
days Mr* Cudabac wa* visit trig
relatives and had nerd to visit a
physician while there and It wat.
upon hi* recommendation that she
j The New
Show Marie at Noon mi W**irv~*
dar* and Saturday* and at 2 P
U all other day*
Bo* alitre ope* until I P U
Sunday* and • P tf oilier day* I
Saturday* aU day 2ft arid tk
Sunday* Mr and tic
All other day* 2ft and lie to
Alter » M P M Me and 1ft
Fridav, March 13
“Confirm or Deny”
Jan Auaufae Juan Bennett
Saturday, March 14
“Red River Valley”
Bay Roser*
Oeorgt OatoUy' Ha>»»
Sunday and Monday,
March IS and 1C •
fin* Tierney Bruce Cakot
Tuendav, March 17
“Close Call For
Ellery Queen”
i SM Oaisan Margaret Undaa?
entered the hoapttal Mr* Cudabac
m not sedmudy 111 but It l* Imped
that 8 chronic complaint Irom which
die suffer* might be ctwickad by thfc
l*rtod of l tewUnciit
Mr and Mr* Alfred JMMnond
have moved Into the GanMi A$»r* • |
ntrnt, Kli Jackson Avenue.
Mr < Hermes Os otter drove to
New Orleans hm Holiday to spend
the (lay with her atm, Ensign Qtilnn
Os utter Mrs Gautier was ivtom - [
p* nied by Bernard Campbell John
r.'f herj Andrew I < uinann and
Percy Carpenter, British flight rttl- {
dents who are * tattooed at the Pen- j
sacota Naval Air Bane
Mr and Mr* W H Guest re
turned from Birmingham Tuesday (
i.fter a visit over the week end in
tfiat city.
Prwnds of tittle Yvette Busarge
arc regret i mg her d loess at the home
of her parents Ur and MA J H
MU> Mary Evelyn M unsell has re
turned from a visit of three week*
fc friend* In Gary Indiana En route
lb for Mtw Munselt .-topped at Bir
mingham where die sprat a week
nth her atstcr Mrs M W ftwaoBd
—------- ■---■■ ■ ■■ ■ ,
I'hunt 2841 Ham Point
Friday, March 11
“Men In Her Life”
Loretta Yowar Dnn Jan#er j
44atme* )M P M
Saturday, March H
‘T nder Fiesta Stars”
Oct* Autry Smiley Burnette’
“Wc <;« Kant"
Alan Curtis ftlwiia Brea;
Matinee J oo P M ;
Sunday and Monday,
Marrh 15 and 18
“New York Town”
Fred MadMurray Mary Martin i
Matinee 10OP M »today
Tuendav, Marrh 1?
“Ice Capades”
Dorothy Urvic Jum Kumm',
Jerry Cotenna
UiIMt 4 M P M
!*e To All S
Btdnawar YWeday A FrMay, j
Uuth M 14 u4 n
it.RI.M11 YORK”
Gary Cooler Joan Mu
Mslmae 1PM Each Day
Msmmt AdmixsSSB
Adults 40c Children _ 30e J
<Us included)
Alter 4PM
Adults ... 4it Children J4»
(tax included»
Mr* J ttowswr «t» •*» nUta'
tn Xnrto *«w% to tt* Utom* m
*M MMU*nr «to» m* tofwtol to •
to* writ** ttaatwgwwta m#n4* tha*
•■*»• to MHiwrw im*# atom*
Wtofc to tt to# MUM HtoM
*>» atotot to nwafr *» *fa# tt *« tom*
Mm J r <*«'« wtoto TMmttt to,
t’oiimtofi to Urn twm to to# p«r '
# to
Caput* iM Mi J h (toff***
*to*tt Mwtof ttttraam to ttto**#
r*»M**» to Mtw Ana RbtottMtt
mu to tomnto «» town wmm #
•to* *t««**Ht * |M*it**S trail *W
XinUto | *»•*•«■*« cyrparatton at
bain**** MW to* warn ttosurtott
titow PwKwtmtia * few nttt »«•> to i
«#>tof (niMat .< tarn) Mb* ton*
WtofttAl tort «n utiftM *i im w
tihalttm If «M iMtnd tttat dp* mto
nto to rwfrwJ to Uial Mtutttttna
tow to a (toUttiwt la tor wm
ttorit nny ip J^jrak#vM;|lii
Captain *nd Mn John MMkm ntti
to tt* pmu to (imtr an i M Mai
•wn. Jf arto hb famtb optatn
Malkin tt m rheic* to tto V •
rti«**» town tb# ' WatoM," wttartt tt
to*«R »Mtt to draft#* Um ttnanH W;
tb* rtanuuk Rim at ttii* *#»•>•,
Mr* i*i* o«to and wnall «mi »
w and Ih# tormcru motto# Mr*
Atarn, topartMt Wadnrmto* tor Oal
mtot ttmr i Hr faiwit* tt at pr*a j
Hit maktnc Itott town* Mr* Of I#
baa to*ft itmwttnc tb* immi ft**
•*#** tort vbtto «#. Oft# ww# tn
W»*hm*t«j»i takintt • ftttW*MB»
to iminina Itt ©oaM (tbtott
*<** Mm tttto a ill to tHtom
to##d *■■ MW An«t# Anr* a* ala*
mu torn and rrarrd Ut PancatpntM
Mr* Alim! Havnuxto Mm Uwtt»
Htchard and Mr* A ft frundtiM
rfmil Part Htttiihtof in Midto*

Tto Juanita Hi t<l Otttt tt th#
Woman* Miwtonarv tlnkin to Ut#
Hind Rnpttoi Ciiurrb PfMRgMflt
aUl lto#i at th* town# to Mr* ft tt
Mr (twain Motxtat aJlrmtton at 1 tt)
Harry HuU >4 New Orkaj* n* a
giui* ut the ikwh- at M> arui Mr*
Oeorwe UM« Tiaater
Prtend* of Mr and Mr* T W
Milner Jr . of Orean Apr in**. will
to luterenad to learn that they are
ito [urml* of T W Mibtrt Jll,
«h* *«- bum <u Oulipurl, I >«**!*>
March tt
Alfrag maple* nt Mobile wa*
groriutg PwMUNPwla trtond* here
lugmm PAMKNT
111 IIAit <>HM Hi*
The rieeUen of nffieen foe Ute
"luiiiHr year *11) be a« Unirortanf
n alter cnmuii; toil** me »a«a«>»‘*
la Elementary Parent learner A*
oebtUnr. at the meeting at the
*)K*r flKwIay UmvIi 17 at litre*
htbN* In the aftetyMon The pro*
ram »UJ be derated to ■ Mafety,”■
WlUt aapwtai *tre*a laid on the
H*ne Pf;»ruc«l d«*WMM I ration* will
* given try a frotifi of leather* and
rt'iMtl* WlftMONAKV
l Nina dgriik kmJOV
tnvitt PRfM.KAM
TTte Ain* curler of Ute Woman*
tavkHiortao Union of Ore Pint Bap
Hat Church <4 Paacsgmtia met at,
h* church oil Monday afternoon for
the monthly Royal tore Ice pio
TTu* *a* under the auwtion of ,
Jte Pearl Caldwell Curl* and the
tubjert a a* Juattc* and laJMdjM
Treward* Prupia .4 other Land*
Ihu wa handled in the form of a
awn wiU» Me Trarta A>»t* w
hdjje Mr I w Hudii.u; a* chit
Mr* 1 my Om n aa plaintiff, wad
U'» f C Mr*'"** *> arttiwAilW.
th» V»•-*«•» MM 4MW IM AtMMa
r< Uw hjn»«a a| far**#? wwrHtor*
nrtl M,*w**> TMt MM-Ilp m<
«*»#**«! to Ml MfC
Ml **»*«•! * HUM %#»
*« I# I1UKIMI «I
A wpad at funks* Apt ha»a *# •
IMP Mr* ItllMA M-* i-r* cip
*MaA **» frwtM aMA pMM Mm*
Ktoto jMpMA *»** ottor tortnc
< Inara*
Wtoi) tha f*M*t# had imMM
lilt to'maw atrvta »» •prHtwp
itowrt etawM at'#* trtwn* a* **•
fitop mrw at ftwitt *•#
la fiaim Mm. A 1 ttoaawe*
m^wp It* IIM tana* Ml Mr*
tfmn itor mwbibi Mm
MJalr a*.** hw rtf prim
Swap* (M* tiaaMnw itsnm par
up «*** Mr* OwaiA Mr* Aar*
t*t Mr* Matr Mr* I O Ktww
Mr* Chari** Mu it* Mr* towai
umato aip Mi'- Mama Pwt
Nrwat '*< t*aa» parrta an* Mr# <t*rk
Raaani Mr* Matpi Itou awl Mr*
IM tVtrrsHJ at Mnta T*iin
< Hiinit- mriM.%#
Mr arid Mf> C K ttMM at Mi*
rmimmvm. Mmiwlpl a*ww*#nr lip
Mptupawwii at itotr romp** <taprh*
let Mato* ki Mr Jtarw** t Ctirrui#
rut Twkp Ok tattMHM
Tto rtoMitp »«l to aoliuantoto
«4 tto laiu*r I ia* Aawrt* thwnrh m
f «*<«•*>* «t» AaturAa* Marrh u
*11 «*< «*■.k ta Up #v#nwp with (tor
A A tt»fw> cfTKtatup
Aim thr (waiwuf tto )'*mi war*
fto rrtSt fa la At ton atwr* Ml
val* oirM# I* atatawto #tih UP
Air CtofM at Mtoi FVM
utTmn miiowMt*
ntu UNUI 4M»
ntr rwitifui 9W0MNM stem of
the HmwmI Hai »t t«t genOat grtaonl
r| PiMittmHK iwM • twninm* *n<t
wrrtl moating M Ho non* of Mm
I) I> ijMmm u 1 M « start m (Ho
at ruing of Morrti I
The Btnlmw* treating took op
uto mrt* gun of no o toning *t*s
o#*m On* »«* cwmoitMM tlw r*
tailnHor of the time *m* agoM mw
H*mm ml otlMO MnoMgnMtto unUI
Uto Mtovtng <*f • roftmhmettt coonr
ti Uto hnetmi
In the gome* prtMM w«t* raptured
•W Mb. Hut HfMorgo. Mr* 4 L
curton mm Mr*. JWmaw Turn
Mr* WlMem Mor on* • vwttur
other* pronoart own Mr* rwrt Hot*
m Mr* At Unroot* Mr* t* I
'Orttont Mr* Outer Attend, Mr*
town ttottnoror Mr* 4 L Mtrgoit.
Mr* 4 P Purest Mr* A B tVono
Mr* fen Monrrtof Mr* Henman
Tram, end Mw* btw iMmt
On the afternoon of Monrtw MM
the Merab IWfUwfi Ctrrtr of Uw
Tirot M.thotfwt Cfconrt of Wo»r»*
or'<tie ottfagog too nooptioiHr of
Mr* W A. mgs mi e mmung et hor
TIi# «t»nHKti pfmidfirt #NNf
t.d tt^ 4 •- g g gjg., ■ *■ II t *ui ii ft i n in Oil
W% %J - *1 , Him mWJPOTII”
«Mh Mr* M M Suitor MrmUng (to
Mtotr penoti Thl* tree on He Ten
hhI <hv MMdtttiMi
•gut m* ji jr tni^ftnunf iwiiftM &***■
turn* It* out A» Ote tewoter
Mr* C ft LoUnor «** tnedm of
4h# rtrvoumiot fottening Uu upetw
Utg of the mooting
Mmoemm Chamber: end Hardy
•err eawomeK oo Boot rnemtar*
UWM tbo «*•*■! portal talitmtfjig
the rtodr Mr*. HutM toroog a
i i fr 111 (non* two.
i iMM *U*«4ut« w-re Mr* Bteli*
Hyrd Mr* 4 P Cstmi Mr* Camp
Kumrttrr* Mr* W U HUiuid K»
*150 KKKHH AVfc. I'HONK »1*»
Specials For Friday and Saturday
Choice Reef Chop*. Lb„ 26c
Choice tleef Roast, M>., 21c
Choice Reef l^in Steak, l„hM 2!h
Oleo, Mavis1 lbs lib.,17c
Roll Rutter, Lb,, 37c
Raeor», Sugar Cured Stabs, Lh„ 25c
Cabbage, U»„ 3c
Campbell's Tomato Soup, 3 for25c
lettuce, l4»rge Iceberg, 2 for !5c
Tomatoes, Fresh, I ,h„l(W
Oranges, Nice Hizc, Doz,, 15c
Apples, Delicious, l>oy., 3<h
Marshmallows, 1-U>, Cellophane, 15c
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< orned Ik rf Hash. No. 2, fan 3k
Upton Tea and Glass, 26c
Potatoes, Irish, 10 Lbs,, 20c j
Octagon Soap, 4 Bart, .. . 18c
Palmolive Soap, 4 Bar Deaf 22c j
Toilet Paper, Waldorf, 4 Rolls, I9e j
Hormel Chili and Beans, No, 2 20c
Sweet Mixed Pickles, 16-Oz., 15c j
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