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The Chronicle-star combined with the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1949, June 06, 1947, SECTION ONE, Image 7

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advertisement -for bids
Notice is hereby given lhat bids will
be received by the Trustees ot Or
ange Lake School lor complete instal
lation of gas heating system and
other supplies and equipment up to
Saturday. June 7. 1947, at 9 A. At.
Yours truly.
i Board of Turstees
Orange Lake School
4t 5-16, 23. J50. 6-6 __
Notice is hereby given that propos
als wilt be received on heating and
cooling oi the Escatawpa school au
ditorium; for a water tank and other
equipment in accordance with plans
and specifications on file with L. C.
Gordon. Principal.
4t 6-6, 13, 20. 27 _ _
Notice is hereoy given to the quali
fied electors ot the City of Pasca
goula. Mississippi, that a special elec
tion shall be held in the City of Pas
cagoula, on Tuesday, the first day
ot July, 1947, on the following propo
Do you approve or disapprove the
action of tne Mayor and Board of
Councilmen ol the City of Pascagoula.
Mississippi, in adorning an ordinance
an electric franchise to
PI." whereby an electric franchise was
gi anted to Mississippi Power Com
pany, its successors and assigns, as
per the terms of said ordinance which
was passed by the Mayor and Board
ol Councilmen on Friday the 3utn day
of May, 1947, and which said ordi
nance reads as follows;
BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of
Mayor and Councilman of the City of
Pascagoula. Mississippi:
SECTION 1. In consideration of the
beneiits that will accruo to tne City
of Pascagoula, ami the inhabitants
thereof, and of the payment by the
Grantee to the City of a sum of mon
ey equal to two per centum (2T) per
year of the total revenue of the Gran
tee from the sale of electric energy, ex
cepting therefrom sales for resale and
tales in interchange of energy with
< iners, within 'he corporate limits of
the Cily. or the sum of two hunt): ed
dollars ($2001 per year, whichever is
me greater, puyab.e quai telly on or
before thirty days following me close
of each calendar quarter during such
period as the Grantee operates in said
City, but not to exceed twenty-five (25)
years from the effective date of this or
dinance. Mississippi Power Company,
its successors and assigns, herein lt
ferred to as the Grant??, is hereby
given and vested with tlie right, au
thority. easement, privilege and fran
chise to construct, erect, suspend,
install, renew, repair, maintain, oper
ate and conduct in the City a plant or
plants and system for the manufac
ture. distribution and transmission
of electric energy for all ) urposae
SECTION 2 The Grantee is hereby
further given and vested with the
right, authority, easement, privilege
and* franchise to construct, erect, sus
pend install, renew, repair, maintain,
operate and conduct in the City a sys
tem of poles, towers, conduits, cables,
conductors, transforming stations, fit
tings and all appliances or appurte
nances necessary or desirable to the
transmission, distribution, or sale of
electric energy lor all purposes what
soever In. over, under, along, upon
and across all streets, avenues, alleys,
■ways, bridges, and public places in
the City as they now exist or may
hereafter be laid out or extended, to
gether with tlie further right, privi
lege and franchise to construct, erect,
suspend, install, renew, repair, main
tain and operate sucli poles, towers,
conduits, cables, wires, conductors,
transforming stations, fittings and all
appliances and appurtenances neces
sary or desirable to the transmis
sion within, into, through, over and
beyond the City and furnishing, sup
plying and distributing to the City
and to the inhabitants and corpora
tions both within and beyond the lim
its thereof, electric energy for lighting,
heating, power and all other purposes
for which electric energy may he used
now or hereafter, and for the purpose
of extending its lines and furnishing
electric energy beyond the limits of
the City
SECTION 3. The poles, towers, con
duits. cables, conductors, transform
ing stations, fittings, appliances and
appurtenances shall be so constructed
as not unreasonably to interfere with
the proper use of the streets, avenues,
alleys ways, bridges and public places
in tlie City and shall be maintained
all ill a reasonably good condition and
SECTION 4. Whenever the Grantee
shall cause any opening or alteration
to be made in any of the streets, ave
nues. alleys, ways, bridges or public
places of the City for the purpose
of installing, maintaining. * operating,
or repairing any poles, towers, con
duits. cables and other appliances,
the work shall he completed within
a reasonable time and the Grantee
shall upon the completion of such
work restore such portion
streets, avenues, alleys, ways, bridges
or other public places to as good con
dition as it was before the opening
or alteration was so made.
SECTION 5. The Grantee shall hold
the Citv harmless from any and all
liability or damages resulting from the
negligence of the Grantee in the con
struction. maintenance or operation of
its poles, towers, conduits, wires, ca
bles and other appliances.
SECTION C The Grantee may. from
time to time, declare, make and en
force reasonable rules and regula
tions as conditions for the sale and
distribution bv it of electric energy to
any persons, firm or corporation.
SECTION 7 In the event the supply
of electric energy should be inter
rupted or fail by reason of accident
or otherwise beyond the control of
the Grantee, the Grantee shall restore
the service within a reasonable time
and such interruption shall not con
stitute a breach of this franchise, nor
thall the Grantee be liable for damages
bv reason of such interruption or
failure ; .. .
SECTION 8 Wherever in this ordi
nance either the Citv or the Grantee is
named or referred to, it shall be
deemed to include the respective suc
cessor successors or assigns of either,
and all rights, privileges and obliga
tions herein conferred shall bind and
inure to the benefit of such successor,
successors or assigns of the City or of
the Grantee . , , .
SECTION 9 This franchise is m lieu
of a franchise granted bv the City
of Pascagoula, to Mississippi Power
Company, its successors and assigns, by
ordinance dated the 6 dav of October
192*1. recorded in Minute Book 12.
Paeeg 16-21. inc.. and Ordinance Book
3 Page** 197-199. inc.. of the City, now
held and owned bv the Grantee Which
upon the effective da»e of this ordi
nance. bv mutual consent of the par
tie** thereto shall he no longer in
force and effect. Thi** franchise is in
addition to and supplemental to anv
rnd all such right** as the Grantee mav
have by virtue of the orovtsions of anv
section of the Mississiopi Code of 1042
and its acceptance and exercise bv the
Grantee shall never be construed as a
waive** nor abandonment of nor as a
limitation upon the rights now vested
in or being exercised by the Grantee
under any statute of the State of Mis
ai««ioDi . ._
SECTION 10. Th right# heraby
granted shall become effective upon
the passage of this ordinance and con
tinue for a period of twenty-five <25)
years thereafter
SECTION 11.-V any clause, provision
or section of this ordinance is illegal,
j or is not embraced within the title
! hereof, or is not cognate to the sub
ject expressed in the title, the re
maining provisions hereof shall not be
thereby affected but shall have full
force and operation
SECTION 12. The Grantee shall pay
the City the cost of publishing this or
dinance according to law and also the
cost of holding an election lor the
approval or disapproval, by the quali
fied electors of the City, of tlus ordi
Section 13. This ordinance shall not
become effective until it is duly
passed by the Council, published as re
quired by law' and approved by a ma
jority vote of qualified electors voting
theieon as rt.qu.red by Section 3b0j oi
the Mississippi Code of 1942.
The within and foregoing ordinance
was reduced to wilting, introduced in
the form in which it is hereby finally
adopted by the Council, read by the
Clerk at a regular meeting of the
Council and thereafter remained on
file with the Clerk for public inspec
tion for at least two weeks before the
final passage thereof and was read and
considered by sections at a public
meeting of the Council and upon mo
tion of Mr. Beckham, duly seconded
by Mr. DeJean, that it be adopted, a
final yea and nay vote was taken which
resulted as follows:
Voting Yea:
Watts. Beckham. DeJean.
Voting Nay:
Whereupon, it was declared adopted
Approved this the 30 day of May,
A 11 IQ4 7
J. R. WATTS. Mayor,
V. P. Do JEAN, Clerk
A TTrCT- •
V. P. DeJEAN, Clerk. •
I, V P. DeJean. Clerk of the City of
Pascagoula, Mississippi, do hereby cer
tify that the within and foregoing
pages are a true and correct cepy of
Ordinance No. 9-1947, which Ordinance
was duly and regularly adopted by the
Board of Mayor and Counciimen of
the City of Pascagoula, Mississippi,
at a regular meeting of the Board held
on Friday, May 30, 1947, as the same
appears on the minutes of said meet
ing in my custody.
Given under my hand and seal of
office, this the 30 dav of May, 1947.
V. P. DeJEAN. Clerk.
City of Pascagoula.
Said election will be held at the
usual voting places in all precincts
of the City.
Said polbng places will be open from
the hour of seven o’clock A. M. until
the hour of six o’clock P. M. on said
day. All qualified electors may vote
at said election
Said special election will be held
pursuant to a resolution of the Mayor
and Board of Councilmen of the City
of Pascagoula, adopted on the 30th
day of May, 1947. calling a special elec
tion for the approval or disapproval
of a majority of the qualified elec
tors of the City of Pascagoula. Mis
sissippi, of the action of the Mayor and
Board of Councilmen in adopting and
approving an ordinance entitled. "AN
Done by order of the Mayor and
Board of Councilmen, this the 30th day
of Mav. A. D. 1947.
City of Pascagoula. Mississippi.
(SignedI J N. COWART
(Signed) C. W SMITH
Election Commissioners.
4t 6-6. 13. 20. 27 _
An Ordinance authorizing the leasing
ol certain property belonging to the
City of Pascagoula, under the Ju
risdiction of The Pascagoula Port
Commission to Elmer Joseph Grant
Fust No. 3373, Veterans of Foreign
Wars, and ratifying and approving
a lease contract heretofore entered
into by and between the Pascagoula
Port Commission and* the Trustees of
the Elmer Joseph Grant Post No.
3373. Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Whereas the City of Pascagoula
owns the fee title to certain real
property hereinafter more fully des
cribed, ' which property at the pres
ent time is under the jurisdiction and
control of the Pascagoula Port Com
mission for operating purposes, and
Whereas the Pascagoula Port Com
mission lias determined and adjudicat
ed that said property is not required
for port purposes at the present time,
and that for the preservation, main
tenance and upkeep of said property
and the building thereon that it
would be advantageous and desira
ble to lease said property to the trus
tees of the Elmer Joseph Grant Post
No. 3373, Veterans of Foreign Wars,
for certain considerations fully set out
in said lease, and
Whereas the Pascagoula Port Com
mission on the 21st day of April.
1947 acting bv and through H. H.
Colie. President of said Commission
and Easton King. Secretary of said
Commission, entered into a certain
lease contract for and on behalf of
said Pascagoula Port Commission with
certain named trustees of the Elmer
Joseph Grant Post No. 3373, Veterans
or Foreign Wars, and said lease con
tract has been submitted by the Pas
cagoula Port Commission and the
named Post of the Veterans of For
eign Wars lor the approval and rati
fication of' the Mayor and Board of
Councilmen of the pty of Pascagoula,
Whereas the Board of Mayor and
Councilmen of the City of Pascagoula
doth find, determine, and adjudicate
that the property described in said
lease is not required at the present
time for port, city, or any other gov
ernmental purpose, and that It weuld
be to the best advantage of the City
of Pascagoula and the Port of Pas
cagoula for said lease contract to be
executed, and to be approved, rati
fied, and confirmed by the Board of
Mayor and Councilmen of the City of
Pascagoula, now then _
the Board of Mayor and Councilmen
of the Citv of Pascagoula that the
lease contract entered into by and be
tween the Pascagoula Port Commis
sion and the therein named trustees
of the Elmer Joseph Grant Post No
3373. Veterans of Foreign Wars on
April 21. 1947 be. and the same is
htrtbv approved, ratified, and con
firmed bv the City of Pascagoula, said
lease contract being in words and fig
ures as follows, to-wit:
1 This lease made this the 21st
day of April. 1947. by and between
the Pascagoula Port Commission, or
ganized and existing under the laws
of the State of Mississippi, and par
ticularly Sections 7546 to 7557 of the
Mississippi Code of 1942. whose Com
missioners are H. H. Coile. Easton King
W R Guest. Sr., E H. Bacot, and
James E. Velclch. and who, by reso
lution duly adoDted and entered on
their minutes, have authorized the
execution of this lease by H H. Colie
and Easton King. President and Sec
retary of said commission respectively,
for and on behalf of the Pascagoula
Port Commission, hereinafter called
the Commission and B F Gorman,
Arnold Stone and William F Hall,
Trustees for Elmer Joseph Grant Post
No 3373. Veterans of Foreign Wars
and or their successors in office, here
inafter referred to as the Veterans of
(Foreign Wars, wltnesseth that
2 The Commission hereby leases ana
lata to the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
for • term of five years from the
date hereof, property in the City of
Pascagoula. Mussissippi known and
described as that certain building
Dealing street number 23s Frederic
Street, and premises adjacent thereto,
:a«u premises being more particular*
| ly described as follows, to-wit:
Starling at tne intersection of the
i north margin ol Weal Convent Ave
, Hue anu me west margin ol South
t red eric Street, whicu is also me
point of beginning anu running north
iJ uegiees east along the weot mar
gin oi South Frederic Street a distance
oi log, 3 feet, tnence North d de
grees west a distance or 238 feet,
mence Ijouth 13 degrees West i dis
tance oi 163 feet to the nortli margin
or West- Convent Avenue and thence
South 62 degrees isast a distance ol
<:*u teet aiong tne north margin ot
West Convent Avenue to the point
oi ueginnmg.
3. ine consideration of this lease ia
the agreement ol tne Veterans oi Foi
eign wars to expend the sum ol at
least l wo Thousand Four Hundred
t$2.400.0(h Dollars tor alterations to
me interior ot the buildfng. and tor
tne upkeep, repair, improvement and
maintenance oi the piemises Alter
ations hereby expressly authorised in
clude me rearranging oi tne present
looms inside said bunding, tne re
i louring of rooms wltera the same
may be necessary, the repainting of
the litter lot oi me building tne •
iaiglng ot the building anu the im
provement oi the grounds adjacent
i thereto. The Commission iias agietd
; lo lepaint ihe exterior of tne bu:ld
| mg. to repair tlie front poich and loot,
and to screen the building, where
necessary. The Veterans ol Foreign
Wars shall file with the Commission
receipted bills for any work done oy
4 The pririaiy object of this lease
is to preserve the leased premises in
good condition, and to afford a meet
ing place, information center, and
recreational facilities, available for
the veterans of tha City of Pasca
goula and Jackson County, Missis
sippi, and while this lease is be
tween the Comimss.on and timer Jo
seph Grant Post No. 3313 Veterans
ot Foreign Wars it is agreed that oth
er'than at closed or ritual meetings of
the Veterans of f oreign Wars- tnat tile
facilities hereby leased will be made
available to all veterans, irrespective
of their affiliation with any recog
nized veterans organisation. It is
agreed by and between the parties
that a club may be maintained in
conjunction with the facilities hereby
leased for the exclusive use of vet
erans or authorized guests, and that
such club will be operated in strict
conformance with the rules aid regu
lations of the Police Authorities of
Pascagoula, Mississippi, anrl the Sher
iff of Jackson County, Mississippi.
5. The Veterans of Foreign Wars
covenant and agree that they will
take proper care of the leased premises
and return the building on said prem
ises on the expiration of this lease to
the Commission in us good condition
as the same now exists, ordinary wear
and tear and damage due to fire,
storm, or other act of God or nature
excepted. During the term ol this
lease the Veterans of Foreign Wars
shall pay all water, electric light or
power, telephone, gas, sewerage, or
otiier public utiility charges furn
ished to the leased premises, and hold
the Commission free and harmless
from any liability therefpr.
8. This lease shall not be assigned
by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with
out the written consent for the same
ueing first had and obtained in
writing from the Commission This
clause shall not be construed to pro
hibit the Veteians of Foreign Wars
from inviting the American Legion,
Disabled American Veterans, or any
other nationally recognized veterans
organization from participating in joint
l use of the premises. The premises
i are not required at the present time
for port purposes or for any gov
; ernmental function of the Commission
or the City of Pascagoula
7. The Veterans of Foreign Wars may
extend this lease, on the expiration
date hereof for an additional term of
five years, on the same conditions
and terms as herein set out.
8 Inasmuch as the legal title of the
premises herein leased, is vested in
tlie City of Pascagoula, although said
property is under the jurisdiction of the
Commission, the Veterans of Foreign
Wars are authorized to submit this
lease to the municipal authorities of
the City of Pascagoula for their rati
fication and approval and so that
the same may be embodied in an
ordinance in tne manner provided by
9. It is further agreed by the par
ties hereto that if the premises here
in leased are hereinafter required by
the Commission for Port purposes,
ihat the Commission may cancel this
lease at' any time during its term, or
extended term, on ninety days writ
ten notice to the Veterans of Foreign
Wars. However, in such event it is
agreed that the Commission, prior to
the cancellation of said lease, will re
fund to the Veterans of Foreign
Wars all sums spent by the Veterans
of Foreign Wars for the repair, upkeep
alteration, maintenance and Improve
ment of the leased premises as dis
closed by bills filed with the Com
mission and as reflected by the rec
ords kept by the Veterans of Foreign
Wars in an amount not expeeding $2,
100.00. subject however to a deduction
ol $20 00 per month for each and every
month that the Veterans of Foreign
Wars shall have been in possession and
occupancy of the leased premises,
which deducted amount shall be cred
ited as rental for the use and occu
pancy of the premises by the Vet
erans of Foreign Wars.
WITNESS the signatures of the Pres
dent and Secretary of the Pasca
goula Port Commission acting for and
n behalf of the said Commission, and
he named trustees of the Veterans of
Foreign Wars, acting for and in be
half of Elmer Joseph Grant Post
Mo. 3373
,slH. H. COLLE, President
-I EASTON KING, Secretary
DAINED that said ordinance shall
at published as required by law and
-ecorded in the Ordinance Book of
.he City of Pascagoula
The above and foregoing ordinance
having been introduced in writing
n the above form on a regular meet
ng of the Board of Mayor and Coun
rilmen held on Friday, the 9th day of
May. A. D. 1947. and having been read
oy the clerk at said meeting, and hav
ng thereafter remained on file with
the City Clerk for public inspection
for mote than two weeks prior to
this meeting, the same was again re
:ead. considered, and adopted para
graph by paragraph, section by sec
ion arid then as a whole on this the
to day of Mav. A D 1947 at a regu
lar meeting of the Board of Mayor and
Councilmen qf the City of Pascagou
la on motion made by Councilman
Beckham, duly seconded and carried
bv the following vote: /
DeJean—Yea _
' Signed) J R WATTS, Mayor.
City of Pascagoula.
iSigned) V P DeJean. Clerk.
I. V P DeJean, Clerk of the City
of Pascagoula do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing ordinance
was dulv and legally adopted by the
Board of Mavor and Councilmen of
the Citv of Pascagoula at a regular
meeting of said Board of Mayor and
Councilmen held on May 30 A D
1947. and that said ordinance has been
dulv recorded in the Ordinance Book
of *he City of Pascagoula as required
by lew
WITNESS my hand and the official
N. 0. Symphony
Orchestra To Play
Here Next Fall
Selection of five outstanding
artistic programs for presentation
in Pascagoula during the 1947
48 season was announced by En
tertainment Incorporated, fol
lowing a series of meetings of the
members this week at which new
directors were chosen, officers
elected, and committees named to
select a program and invite new
members. The high'ight of the
season will be a concert by the
New Orleans Symphony Orches
Mrs. Thompson of Moss Point,
chosen president, announced the
concerts this fall and winter
would be the best so far present
ed, and expressed the opinion
that the fourth year of operation
would bring increased support
and appreciation from music lov
I ers and all citizens who are in
I terested in the cultural entertain
■ ment advancement of the coun
ty. With Mrs. Roy G. Wingfield
as chairman of a large group of
earnest and active workers, soli
citations for memberships will be
gin at once and continue through
| June 20. when it is expected that
I the maximum number will be ob
Varied Program
The opening concert will fea
ture the New Orleans Symphony
Orchestra, composed of 79 mu
sicians, who will appear at the
Pascagoula high school Sunday
afternoon, November 2. This will
be followed later in the month
bv Dr. Kurt von Schuschnigg,
the former chancellor of Aus
tria, who will lecture on the
problems of Central Europe,
which was the hotbed of unrest
and terror during two world
wars, Freda Draper, contralto,
whose voice is praised for its
“delicious velvetv richness,” will
come in January after her en
gagement with the Chicago Opera
Company, and Frederic Balazs,
violinist, featured soloist with the
New York City Symphony Or
chestra, will play in February.
The last number will bring
Henry L. Scott, hilarious virtu
oso of the piano, in one of the
most brilliantly classical explo
sive piano performances known
to the concert stage. This is the
pianist who was featured in Life
and Time magazines as a new
sensation in entertainment.
Jackson County
Shrine Club Has
On Saturday evening, May 31,
the Jackson County Shrine Club
enjoyed a banquet and dance at
the 12th street auditorium which
was' attended by approximately
200 members and guests.
The banquet table decorations
were particularly beautiful and
had been arranged by members
of the newly organized auxili
ary to the club.
Following the playing of the
National anthem by Everette
Stone’s orchestra, which also in
terspered the program with semi
classical and popular music. The
Master of Ceremonies, O. E. Ward
opened the program after which
the invocation was voiced by J.
R. Mullins. Followed a period of
music, Mr. Ward introduced Ben
jamin Frank Hadnot of Ocean
Springs, who gave a short talk.
The singing convention which
is held every second Sunday at
the Eat) Moss Point Holiness
Church, Stauter and Bay Street,
will take place Sunday, June 8
from 2 to 4 p. m.
The chairman, Leroy Wain
wright will be in charge of the
seal of the City of Pascagoula, this
the 30 day of May, A, D. 1947
__V. P DeJEAN, Clerk
Sealed bids will be received by the
Highway Commission, at Jackson
Mississippi, until 10:00 o'clock A M
Tuesday, June 24. 1947 and shortly
thereafter publicly opened for Con
struction of Grading. Drainage Struc
tures and Bridges on 1,460 Miles of
the Fontalnebieau - George County
Line in Jackson County known as
Federal Aid Secondary Project No.
S-106 (1)
The award, if made, will be made
to the lowest qualified bidder on
the basis of the published quanti
In the event contract unit prices
indicate a total cost as planned in
the excess of the allotment to the
project, the length of the project
will be shortened to keep the cost
of the work within the funds avail
Contract Time: 100 Working Days
The attention of bidders is directed
to the Special Provisions governing
selection and employment of labor
The minimum wage paid to labor
employed on this contract per hour
shall be: Skilled Labor. 75 cents: Un
skilled Labor. 40 cents; and Inter
mediate Grades. 50 cents
Plans and Specifications are on
file in this office. Proposals may be
secured upon payment of (5.00 which
will not be refunded
Certified check or bid bond for five
per cent (5'S) of bid payable to
company each proposal.
Bidders are hereby notified that any
nroposal accompanied by letters quali
fying in any manner the condition
under which the proposal is tendered
will be considered an irregular bid,
and such proposals will not be con
sidered in making the award
It M. 6-13, 6-60
20 Beauties Will
Seek Title Of
Miss Moss Point
A group of about twenty beau
ties from Moss Point, Escatawpa
and Kreole, each sponsored by a
local business firm, are expected
to compete for the title of "Miss
Moss Point" at the bathing beau
ty contest to be held Wednes
day, June 11, at 4 p. m. at the
Moss Point pool.
Judgings will be made on a
basis of “Poise, Personality and
Pulchritude.” and In addition to
the bathing revue the committee
plans to stage an exhibition of
swimming and diving
The winner of ttie title of “Miss
Moss Point" will be eligible to
compete for the title "Miss Mis
sissippi Gulf Coast” in the Gulf
-oast Revue at the pool July 15
at 8 p. m.
Plans for the Pascagoula elim
ination contest to select an en
trant for this revue will be an
nounced later.
A bathing revue will be stag! d
June 7 in connection with a polit
ical rally at Gautier, at which
“Miss Gautier” will be chosen.
This elimination contest is being
sponsored by the Woman’s Home
Demonstration Club, and the win
ner will be entitled to enter the
Gulf Coast Revue.
(Continued Prom Page One)
partment, where I have worked
for five and one-half years.
I now live near Gulfport in
the Orange Grove community. I
am a member of the Board of
School Trustees, and superinton
dent of the local Sunday School.
1 am married and have two
daughters, ages 17 and 19.
I am studying law by corres
pondence from LaSalle Extension
I will support in every way
the following:
1. —School Legislation:
(a.) Teacher Tenure Service
Act to give security to the teach
ing profession.
(b) A minimum salary of $2.
400.00 for a college graduate or
the equivalent.
(c.) Revise laws governing 16th
Section Lands.
(d) Revision of Teachers Retire
ment Act to 50 per cent of sal
ary received 10 years average
just prior to retirement.
2. —Labor Legislation:
(a.) To uphold the right to col
lective bargaining.
(b.) A just and equitable work
man’s compensation law.
3. —The creation of a Marine
Research Laboratory and revis
ion of laws governing the fish,
shrimp and oyster* industry.
4. —Improvement of the Coast
5—Establishment of an oil re
finery on the Mississippi Gulf
Coast with harbor facilities.
6. —Better hospitalization facili
ties for the needy.
7. —Closer co-operation with
the farmers, city and state em
8. —Bring to the level of other
states the amount paid through
public welfare to the aged and
9. —Creation of a State Ser
vice Men’s Agency to aid and
assist in the readjustment and
reestablishment of our boys, by
helping to relocate them through
an advisory agency.
10. —Creation of a court of do
mestic relations.
When you go to the polls con
sider my training and the things
for which I stand.
Sincerely yours,
Rape Case...
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fered herself if the man would
not kill the couole, to which the
mdn (purportedly replied ‘Tot
not going to kill you.”
The defense said the testimony
of the girl’s escort relative to
the assailant’s height would not
apply to Brumfield; however no
plea of mistaken identity was
Strong Defense
Brumfield was represented by
the firm of C. S. Mitchell and
J. T. Hill, who were not hired
by the defendant but appointed
by Judge L. C. Corban to de
fend him. All four attorneys, for
defense and state, made final
pleas to the jury. Strong pleas
were made by Mr. Mitchell and
District Attorney Maples, the for
mer emphasizing that the jury
men must search their conscience
as to whether they desired the
state to take a life on the basis
of the evidence that had been of
fered; the latter contending that
the evidence proved the man's
guilt and justified execution,
and that this also was equally
a matter of conscience.
Judge Corbaif told the jury it
could find the accused “guilty
as charged,” which would carry
the death penalty; or "guilty
David; Pascagoula Schools, Mr.
T. R. Wells; Anola Club, Mrs. A
F. Dantzier; Moss Point, Mrs. L.
K. McIntosh; Escatawpa, fllrs. C.
L. Nelson, Gautier, Mr. Verne
Barnes; Lucedale, Mrs. O. Z
Squirrel Season
Opening Delayed;
Sixty Days Set
Mississippi's open season on
squirrels has been reduced from
90 to 60 days this year, and will
open on October 15 instead of
October 1, the State Game and
Fish Corhmission announced Wed
nesday, following an open meet
ing of sportmen in Jackson on
The fight to shorten the season
and delay the opening was Ud at
the meeting by A M. Pelham,
president of the Jackron County
Hunting and Fishing Association,
in an effort to replenish the sup
ply of squirrels, which are de
creasing at an alarming rate.
The October 15 opening date
represented a compromise be
tween North and South Missis
sippi sportsmen, the former re
questing an October 1st opening
and the latter asking that the
season open on November 1st.
The season will continue
through December 15.
The commission also announc
ed that the quail bag limit will be
reduced this yeur from 10 to 8
birds but did not announce a def
inite opening date.
At Tuesday's meeting in the
War Memorial Building in Jack
son, Director K. M. Freeman
stated that surveys in his de
partment showed that both
quail and squirrels were rapidly
decreasing in the state. Turkeys
are on the increase, since the
closed season has gone into ef
fect, and deer are on the increase
he said. He pointed out, however,
that the state could support, 100,
000 deer, and that there are only
an estimated 25,000 in the state.
The Jackson meeting was also
attended by A. J. Franklin,
treasurer of the county sports
men’s group, and Nolle T. Roberts.
Wm. E. Neel. 79.
Dies In Home Of
Daughter. Mrs. Lyons
William Eugene Neel, 79, died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
Chester Lyons, in Moss Point on
Saturday at 5 a. m. Mr. Neel had
been an invalid for several years.
He was a native of Selma, Ala.,
but had made his home with his
daughter in recent years.
A prayer service was conduct
ed by the Rev. N. U. Boone in
the Fails funeral chapel Sunday
morning at 9:30 a. m. and the
body taken to Hattiesburg for
funeral services and burial in the
Roseland Cemetery.
Pall bearers were M. R. Car
penter, Jr. of Memphis, James
F. Harvey of Pascagoula, Claude
Passeau of Lueedale, Malcolm
and Reams Galbrenth and Ed
win Rawls of Hattiesburg.
Mr. Neel is survived bv two
daughters, Mrs. Chester Lyons
I of Moss Point and Mrs. M. R.
Carpenter of Marietta, Ohio, and
two sons, Jfcme.s R. Neel of Los
Angeles and William E. Neal of
Brookhaven; seven grandchildren
and four great grandchildren. He
is also survived by a sister, Mrs.
J. T. Dickerson of Hattiesburg.
Kreole Methodists
To Begin Revival
Sunday Morning
Revival Services at the Kreole
Methodist Church will begin on
Sundav, June 8, and continue
through Sunday, June 15, with
two services daily, the Rev. E.
W. Scott, pastor, announced this
Dr. Ben L. Sutherland, Super
intendent of the Hattiesburg
District and outstanding minis
ter, will be guest speaker at the
The Sundav services will be at
11:00 and 7:30 o’clock and the
morning weekday services at
9:00 o’clock, Rev. Scott said. Lo
ral song leaders N. C. Suddith,
Donald Coleman and Gilbert
Lander will be in charge of the
with life imprisonment;” or
“guilty,” but unable to agree as
to penalty,” in which case the
court would fix the penalty as
life imprisonment; or "innocent."
The jury returned a unanimous
verdict of guilty with life im
prisonment as the penalty.
Defense council's plea for
change of venue had previously
been denied by the court.
FPHA Sale. . .
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The negotiations with FHA
will also hold up the final sale
of the Negro Gulfdale units, Mr.
Hanson said. The sale price of.
these units was announced last
week as ranging from $2250 to
$2,400. Occupants have indie it
ed a desire to purchase the large,
majority of the units, a poll of
tenants showed.
Mr. Hundley also said that ap
praisals of the Jitney-Jungle
building on Market street, and
the Marine Cafeteria and theater
on Lincoln avenue are in pro
cess of completion, and the
buildings will be put up for sale
shortly. ._.... i
Hundred Dancers
Appear In Revue
Wednesday Night I
A galaxy of costumed children
pirouetted, tapped arid did ac- J
robaties before esvi ral hundred j
spectators Wednesday night;
when Mrs. Elizabeth Pollard Hoff- j
man presented nearly 100 of her j
pupils in the Dance Revue of 194i;
at the 12th Street Communit®
The program was opened with
a ballet number in which girls
from two to twelve represented
flowers, carrying out the theme
in tarleton ballet dresses of pastel
shades. Interpretive dancing fol
lowed after which pupils did
dances of other lunds—Dutch.
Japanese, Polish, gypsy and South
The military motif was carried
out in a group of tap dances. A
novelty number was a "Circus
Barade” complete with trainer
and children dressed as different
animals and a baton twirkr as an
added feature. The finale was
furnished by the dancing of the
Virginia Reel and the minuet
while Katherine Wright sang
"Alice Blue Gown.”
Mrs. T. N. Tucker played ac
companiment for the dancers.
Foreign Business
Is Your Business,
Rotarians Told .
"Foreign Business Is Your Bus
iness," Most; Point Rotarians
were told yesterday by A. S.
Bmeggemann, vice president in
charge of foreign trade of the
First National Bank in Moble.
The world looks to the United
States, more than ever before, for
leadership in the field, he said,
and pointed out that an expended
foreign trade is absolutely es
sential in a program of full em
ployment for our war geared
“It is part of the lives of all
of us today,” he said.
Mr. Brueggemann was intro
duced by Jack Turner, chairman
of the Internationa! Relations
Committee of the club, who
pointed out that international
tride bears a very important rela
tionship to foreign relations.
Ten per cent of the nations to
tal production goes to foreign
trade at this time, he said, but
the percentage must increase to
keep full employment and our
present high standard of livng
in this country.
Edward A Khayat presided and
the club accepted the resigna
tion of Cliff Price.
Circuit Judge
Is Kiwanis Club
tuc iii* i('i, opcunti oi A imr
day's meeting of the Pascagoula
Kiwanis Club at the Country
He was introduced by C. M.
Dossett, who presided in the ab
sence of President Thomas E.
Stout and Vice President W. R.
Guest, Jr.
Judge Corban spoke on the ju
dicial system of this country and
outlined the court system from
the lowest through the highest
He said the country needs a ;
tighter judicial system to prevent
inexperienced and unqualified
persons from obtaining offices.
Allan C. Richards was welcom
ed into the club as a new mem
Earliest American railroads*
were built of wooden rails cap-!
ped with a thin surface of iron. |
Now Being Organized in All Types of Dancing
From 3 to 4 p. m., at 12th Street Community Building
PHONE 1139-J
^ - - --
" . v
Correct Vision Mf
Makes reading more pleasant,
To be sure of correct glasses
have a complete visual analysis y^
made today. \
Broken lenses duplicated and
repaired. One Day service
Otometric Eye Specialist
Wigging Building Phone 11
V- ✓
* i
Legion Juniors
Meet Biloxi Nine
This Afternoon
Undefeated in three starts, the
American Legion Junior base
ball team tangles her this af
ternoon with the Biloxi Junior
Legionaires. Game time is at 4:00
The team is virtually the same
as the one that represented Le
gion Post 160 last year, when
they were tunrers up for the
district championship. Pete Sch
neider is coaching the nine and
hopes for a good season.
The team is composed mainly
of high school players as follows:
Catchers—Bobby Hamilton and
Jack Wooten; Pitchers, Jamas
Knight and Don Graham; Infield
ers—Sam Leslie, Levon Ezell,
Frank Branch, Raymond Price,
and Howard Wade; Outfielders
—Sidney King, Paul Ryan, Ken
neth Peden, Jerry Purdy, Pow
ell Meeks, and Hal Lee.
Series Of Services
To Begin June 15
In Escatawpa Church
High Priest William Joseph
Breshers, recently named presi
dent of the Gulf States District of
the Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, will
begin a series of services at the »
Escatawpa Church on Sunday,
June 15.
Services will be held each even
ing at 7:30 and will continue
through June 25. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
Mrs. L. E. Hamilton announce*
the marriage of her daughter,
Nina, to Mr. Maness Bartlett,
formerly of Tupelo but for the
past five years a resident of Pas
The wedding took place in
Lucedule, May 1.
Mrs. Bartlett served for over
a year and a half as lieutenant
in the U. S. Army Nursing Corps
during the war. At present she is
on the staff of the Jackson Coun
ty hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Boyd of
1321 14th street, formerly of New
ton, but for the past five year*
residents of Pascagoula, announce
the marriage of their eldest
daughter, Louise to Mr. Jeff Pig
ford of Meridian, Miss.
Mrs. Pigford who is a graduate
of the Pascagoula high school,
has been a student nurse at Rush’s
Infirmary at Meridian for the
past 20 months.
They will reside in Meridian.
The First Methodist church of
Biloxi was the setting May 31,
for the wedding of Miss Mar
jorie Eloise Pittman, only daugh>
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J
Pittman of Pascagoula, and Jess*
Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. W,
E. Edward of Salis, Miss.
The bride was lovely in a
white silk crepe dress with which
she wore a corsage of pink car
Mr. ond Mrs. Joe Elkins of
Moss Point announce the engage
ment and approaching marriage
of their daughter, Olive, to Mr.
Francis Story, son of Mrs. Jana
A group of eight graduates of
the 1947 class at Our Lady of
Victories school of Pascagoula
enjoyed an evening at the Plaza
at Biloxi as part of the com
mencement festivties.

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