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The Chronicle-star the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1941-1941, October 17, 1941, Image 12

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Traaafen of rmi route In Jack
mm count; (taring the pact sever
al weak* hare been mitered
throughout the count) according
to the record* of Chancery Clerk
Fred Tartar The principal trad
ing. however Involved property In
the wrotin. auction Considerable of
true real acute changed hands dur
ing the period The tranafera In
cluded the fol lowing
Hart P Hall and Mr* Bar! P
Hall to VfSBtma j Rudd lot l« by
Id fen or. Reynoir Road. Sec It
T 7 8, R 8 W
WUUarr. J Rudd to Mr* Mary
Adeie Beaugex Rudd hi* wife lot
IS by 71 feet an Race Track Road.
Sat IS. T 7. R 8 W
Jackson County Board of Super
visor* to J A Pelham, lot 210 by
180 feet on Puaeagou,* River tr 8
Kreh* Traci. Set 1, T B 6. R 6 W
V. L Bartley sad wife. Kwte 8
Bartley to Mr* Pannle 8 Kill vet
West «0 faei of lou 46 and 47 of
Detaoas Brother* subdivision front
ing *0 fact on Ptortl avenue. Faa
Mr* A. J. RobUMon. Draton
Brown and Mr* Let*. Parker, trus
tees. Of the Triumph Baptut Church
of Mow Point to Wilin' Scott and
wile, Malvina Scott lot 12. Block
A at Triumph Church *uodivt
Pred Taylor, executor of rotate of
C. D. Pea then, lone lot* 8, 10 and
11 of MUhcant McLeod tract. Sac
U. T 7 8. R 6 W
Annie Belle Stewart C, D.
Feather*ton San, FeatherMon and
WUham Baker PeathanMoti to J D
Lowe. 2-4 Interrot in above named
Lenunie Agnew to Jerry Bright,
lot 212 by 146 feat cm Elder Ferry
Road and Myers Lone, Sec. 18. T
7 8, R 6 W
Mr* Isabelle 8 Langley u> H B
Stephens tot 100 by ISO feet on
Back Bay Biloxi. Sec. IS. T 7 8,
Mr* W B. Proust and husband,
N B Prou« k>l SS5 by 170 feel.
Bee 26 T 7 6 R 6 W
bAbtiie Badaro Ui Robert K
H Holme* that pan of sti of
NWi lying east of Ron Bayou.
»too 86 acres in Si of NE. and Ni
of BE. Bee 21. T « 8. R 7 W
C. C. Budduin and wife Sadie
BudduUi U. Nathaniel Jr^- ‘
art Jackson street
Dayton Gib**, and Tt
son to Nathan fnhnw __ —....
i Nathan Coleman lot 3 Work C. of
18 Krebs tract Sac 2 T 8 S R «
W. city of PucaiMds
state of MusUMppt to EUe Mc
Ktroy. lot U. Stock J Kate Bar
nett* tract. Sec IS. T 7
E H Baoot to C Hepier and Mr.
Acmes Zahuky lot 1. River Road
; acret tuUli .taotv
Otto Karl Welamburg to D J
Simmon* Block B, Common) Tract.
Sec S. T • R <
j J K Ontham to Mn Cora Rub
eru. tot 1 and 2 and Nt of lot 3
Btock i Lain* townsite 8tc B.T7
6 H 5 W
B W Crawford and trite. Artie
i Crawford to Shelton Parker east
TO feet of tot 3. Stock A. of River
'View subdivision
A W Lassiter and Marybellr
: Laasiter to G O Evaru and Beatrice
1 Brans, lot ISO by 100 feet. Sec 3k
IT 7 S r 6 w
H B PoweU to Mudred Franco
Powell Ids wife, lot 1M by U6 feet
{on Ward avenue, city of Ocean
(toy L Osborne to Mrs L R
King tot 101 by <1 feet on Dewey
a venue Ocean Springs
Walter J Drloney and Mrs Wal
: tec J Dttone) to Mrs Ulhen Scar
borough Curry. 7 acres in Bee 37.
T 6 8. R 8 W
Waller Delaney and Mn Waiter
j Uetoney to M P Delaney and Dele
i Dttoney. 7 acre* tn Sec 37. T « 8,
jit e w.
! Mn. Nora SUgieU to Dr W J
i Weatherford, tot 136 by Joo feet on
8 Pascagoula street. City of Paaea
Dr. W. J. Weatherford to W E
Wiggins, property luted next above
Richard Voting and wife. Eva
Young to L & McIntosh lot 28
of Head subdivision of lot *3. B
Krebs tract
B H. Shannon to William Hung
erford. lot 750 by 1M feet on Foun
tain Road Sec It T 7 8 R 8 W
D Seward to Hill McGee Ni of
tot it 8q D, of Kerr tract. Bee. 7,
T 8 S R 6 W
Hill MeOee to C O Poary 1 In
terest in property luted next above
R C. Taylor to M O Sibley, 7
acres in Sec 17, T 7 8. R 8 W
Charles H Lough to C U Lough.
SWt of BEi and NE: of SEi. Bee
39. T 8 8 R 8 W, and Ei Of NWl
of BE. of Eec k. T 7 6. K i W
E E Denson. Jrw to Mr* P. T.!
Newton. Ei of SW*. Bee 17. T 7. R 8
Bnue L Wilkin* to Mn Helen
Wilkins Salmon. 8Wi of NWt. Sec
*, T 7 S R 8 W
State o! Mississippi to Harold K
White BEi of NWt of NW», Bee
*. T 7, K l
Chimneys Present
Special Problems
Decorative or uUlitartah though
It may be. the chtmney present*
special construction problem* from
the jUndpoint both of sound build
tag and fire safety.
The chtmney should be self-sup
porting and so ooiutrucled a* to be
absolutely independent of the house
framing Boll condition* govern the
«*e of the chtmney footings but i
they should never be leas than 13
Indies deep and should always ex
tend at least ttx inches beyond the
face of the chimney
The wails of a chimney with term
cotta flue lining should not be lew
than four inches thick tf built of
brick, nor leas than eight inches
thick. If built of atone
All combustible material* such a*
wood framing members, should be
at least two Indie* from the chim
ney wall The open spaces between
the floor framework and the chim
ney should be filled with mortar,
mineral wool, or other tncombuaU
ble material*
Plaster may be applied directly to
the brickwork without fire tiasard
but li 1* pom practice beraur* plat
ter crack* are certain to develop
When plaster l* applied in Uus
manner the furring strip* placed
around the Chimney to support the
base or oUier interior trim should
be insulated from the maaonrv bv
asbestos paper at least 1-8-mci,
thick Better practice U to box Uir
chimncy with stud* set two inches
j away from the brickwork and to
apply the lath and plaster on ihdee
Any increase in the wall thick
MAT Says . ..
‘Have Your Houae Piped
For Gas Now !**
laHiy A OeMaW BnM
tea FUUr
Wr cotutruct and tonaU radia
tan and ftp** to bom* and ed
Oaa Let out rvpraaentatlve giw
you a loo estimate
Mat Sumedinger
Phone 304
mi.li_■m'li. . i i ■■ ... IL I
Builders Supply, Inc.
Phones 607 or 608—Telephone Road
^■■■mm <
The Idea of endowing the
low coat hear with charm and
beauty regardleee of lie aiae la
mo longer a new eo«, but sel
dom la (be effect achieved as
soeeeeafally aa here. The
hooae la simple and unpreten
tious. rat It has the dignity
wanted in a heme. The Inte
rior plan off ere nothing new
bat hi a logical and comfort
able room arrangement. The
bring roam la an usually large
with a Ireplace flanked by two
windows, while an the front la
an attractive boy window.
The bedroom* and bathroom
are connected by a hallway
which provides complete pri
T*U the Mid-want tbia prop
arty was vetoed at t&,M* and
was flnancod with a Federal
Rowing Administration ha
anred mortgage of *5,030.
Average BMOthly payment* on
a 25-year mortgage of this
amount, exclusive of uxas and
haaard Insurance, total appror
tmalely $39. The cost of the
grotgwty^ will vary In other
new of the chimney should be made
at least 19 Inches below the rafter*
and not above the roof except for
The chimney should be capped
with atone, terra cotta, concrete or
cast iron, and should extend at
least three feet above a flat roof
or two feet above a ridge roof This
assures a good draft
FHA Offers Digest
of Investment Value
For the information and guidance
of prospective home builders and
buyers, the Federal Housing Ad
ministration has issued a brief di
gest of requirements for maintain
ing the value of home investments
1 The property should be favor
ably located for residential pur
pose* If Uie house Is to be a good
Investment, its location in a neigh
borhood protected for residential
use accessible to work and shop
ping centers and free from otojec
Uocial smoke and odors. U most
3. The lot should be of sufficient
stse to afford an attractive plot
plan The house should be placed
on the lot to take advantage of
natural feature*, such as view,
slope of land, sunlight, prevailing
b reeves and shade trees When
properly considered, these features
add greatly to the value ol the
J The house Itself should be
well planned This requirement pro
vides for ample light and ventila
tion, desirable room arrangement
and economy of space Good plan
ning will add greatly to comfortable
and convenient living
4. The exterior design of the
house should have a character that
It takai “service" to
keep the contractor
and workman going.
It's our business to
furnish this service as
well as the materials,
that's just a habit of
©urs. Try us.
A-2-Z :
p- i
Construct Your Home
For Permanence
The structure of the home often
gets teas attention than the extern
als the finish decoration equip
ment, and planting because care
applied to the building of the inner
structure Is not as immediately evi
dent as the niceties of the exter
ior That* only too human, like
buying a car because of iu up
holstery instead of it- motor, or
betting on a horse because tbs
Jockey ha* pretty brown ever
However neglect of the haste
structure of s home bounces back
vtthtn a few years in high repair
costa as well as genera! a< tenora
thm of the exterior Houses that
are soundly built trom the inside
out not only cost less to maintain,
but took better longer
It la much more expensive to re
pair any part of the inner struc
ture if it Is unsatinf actory. than I
the exterior because it is overed
both inside and out Any bau per
formance of the structure aiwayx
damages the outside ami inside
finish, and often even the furnish
Careful selection of materials and
thorough workmanship will pay
dividends In a satisfactory name
that wlli last a* long a* successive
generation* ol owner* choose to
maintain it.
Attics Serve Many
I’seful Purposes
Sooner or taler in the life of
every family in every house there
comm a tune when someone say*.
{* ... B we only' had a UtUe more
room •
What can be done about this sit
uation if we can t actually build on
to the old house or construct a new 1
ate? There is one more alternative;
left which w by far the least ex
pensive We can make a more c om -
pieu use a the spaa we ulrewd*
IwVs lake the attic for imiiuwf
Most a turn serve as Ihe enerai
stor^re warehouse for all the .xjd*
and ends the family has «u umu
laied in many year* Such uems
are usually put away rather hap-<
haaardly and actually occupy a:
great deal more spaa than nnta 1
s»ry for simple storage
Why not condense the stored ma
terial and add the space gained to
the living function performed by the
rest of the bouse’ Many aujcs can
be made to produce two cancictete
new rooms Powdbh the 5p.c»
gained is not quite «tuiatulT
** other rooms in th< house, but
wUI retain popular acceptance In
general design* that are simple and
direct and rely for then eflect upon ;
Pr°P*r htaas. scale and good pro
portion rather than onmmenuuon
te 22ST* tnMterMs «*«»:
Why not have the furnace fiiag'
♦lean ready for next tall’ Put -me
excelsior ui a burlap bag along with
a couple of bricks Attach a rop*
and drop the bag In from the too
of the chimney , j
I! win take care of emergency re
I quiremenU
Boy's Room nothing means so
much to a growing youth as a cor
ner which he can call his own. in
which he can follow his latest hobbs
undisturbed and without disturbing
anybody else
Ordinary Bedroom ... It is In
sleeping quarters that most houses
feel the pinch of insufficient space
A room in the attic finished as h
regular bedroom will permit some
member of the family to be mowed
there and an extra bedroom on the
floors below gained for visitors
when needed
Girl's Room . Young ladies
these days have just as many per
sonal interests as boys and feel just
as keenly the wish to hate a place
to call their own This is easily
arranged in the attic
Game Room . . Sometimes it is
not convenient to use the basement
as a game room Or sometimes two
branches of the family prefer dif
ferent kind* of games The attic
is an excellent place for poo! or
ping-pong tables Since sound goes
up. game noises are less likely to
be heard in the attic than the base
Kindergarten . . . Anyone who
look* after young children need not
be told the benefit of a place to
which play can be confined Attic*
can be thoroughly ceded and insu
lated against extreme* of both heat
and coki They can be turned in
to roam* just as satisfactory for
any purpose as any other room in
your home
More Efficiency
Needed In Houses
The Increasing importance of
fuel, electrical energy and other
home essentials have placed upon
the building industry the problem
at Increasing the efficiency of both
new and existing homes
In launching Us "Repair for De
fense' drive, Federal Housing Ad
ministration officials declared that
with defense production using vast
amounts of materials important to
home building yet with the need
for additions! housing acute, the
job at the building industry was to
conserve oaaenuais as much as
Possible and still supply proper
bousing tat defense workers
Simple Precautions
In Framing Insure
Durability of Home
la Oofcmlal days few eswmiUs for
the refinement of lumber were
available and the frames of the
(launch old house* of that era were
put together with massive umbers
Utile removed from their origin*]
log state The excellent condition of
so many of those house* today is
proof of the durability of that type
of eonstrucuon The question natur- 1
ally follows' what at the houses we ;
are building today? What will their
condition be la 390 yean.
The frames of modem homes are
constructed of smaller but better
seasoned members and while the
old houses depended upon mere
bulk for their strength and stilf
naat. less material can actually be
made to do an equal and even bet
ter job today. If given advantage
of being properly placed in your
Modern houses have better foun
dations. better roofs, are much
warmer and much more weather
Ughi than the two-hundred-year -
old Colonial homes we find along
the Atlantic Coast today, but. be
came we depend on good framing
design rathe* than mere bulk, mod
ern houses do need attention to
their framing layout*.
Even as the oft-mentinned chain
which is only as strong as its weak
est link so too your home can be
little better than the weakest point
to the framing which may eventual
ly lead to more serious defects
greatly reducing the value of your
There are no tricks to good fram
ing which cannot be covered to a
few Important potnu no more num
erous than the fingers of your
hands To build according to thme
few "musts ' ts no more expensive
than to permit your house to be
thrown together.
Any kind of a foundation should
rest on footings wide enough to
keep the foundation from sinking
when the full load at the houee u
applied Footing* should extend six
Inches beyond both side* of the
trail and be at least eight lncbe*
When there is a basement, the
bearing poses which carry uir toad
in the center ot the building should
have a footing eight to twelve Inches
deep and from eighteen to twenty
four square and the footing should
extend three inches above the tin
lafteu flour.
To tncieose the stiffness of the
floor ami to cut down vibration all
joists should be securely braced
with small members, commonly call
ed cross-bridging; 1" x 4*s” to the
form of an X should be placed be
tween the joists at intervals of not
over eight feel.
No Item it more important than
floor joists. They support the entire
building They should be spaced six
teen inches apart. Under partitions
and around openings double joists
should be used They should be
large enough to eliminate deflection
Hoof rafters should be anchored
to the walls by spiking them to two
inch blacking between the rafters
which has been spiked to the wall
plates. This will furnish s good bond
between the roof framing and the
side walls—often a point of weak
Stud* in walls and partitions
should be sixteen inches on centers
They should be doubled around
windows and doors and tripled at
corners Sheathing on outside walls
should be applied at a forty-five
degree angle. Diagonal sheathing is
seven tunes stronger than tranxon
Utl sheathing.
Sub-flooring should also be laid
diagonally and carried in between
the studs and outside wall Diagonal
subflooring is strongest ami also
permits the finished floor to be laid
in any direction There should be a
layer of water ami dust-proof paper
between sub and finished floor.
Headers are supports over open
ings For all openings of three feet
or less two, 2” x 4s' on edge should
be used If the opening is wider
than three feet, the header should
be in the form of a truss
Remodeling Will
Provide More Homes
As the need for more and more
dwelling units arises bemuse of in
dustrial expansion, remodeling of
older homes can be used to a great
er extent as a method of providing
adequate housing.
Twenty-live or thirty years ago.”
a FRA official Mated, “the tendency
was to erect large roomy housas
which no longer fit the require
ments of the present-day family.
Thousands of these aid houses
stand panaUy idle in almost every
city of America Structurally sound, j
many of them may be converted
into structures of two, three, and
A factor favorable for rehabili
tation of older homes. It was point
ed out, b the fact that the; are
often conveniently located Remod
eling or cmuwiIob would thus
serve a dual purpose In that Uie
house* would not only be restored
a* livable units but would hr remov
ed as depressing influences on sur
rounding values
As the; stand now." the PH A
official asserted 'many at these
older houses are definite drains an
the mun lei pelf ties In which they are
located Afforded police and Are
protection and serviced by utilities
the; contribute Little or nothing in
return, ee the; long ego lost their
value as single-family homes *
PH A repair loans are available In
all pans of the country on rea
sonable terms The loan is approv
ed b; the landing Institution and
then submitted to the PH A for in
surance Approximately 5.000 lend
ing institutions throughout the Na
tion are approved by the PHA to
make this type of loan
.-. - ■-*- ■■ ■- --
Log Cabins Available
Without Cse of Logs
A log cabto buUt without km*
sounds like an lee cream eoda with
out toe cream—but you mm actually
build a eomfortaMe week-end cot
tage which looks euaetfy like a tog
cabin without the difficulty of cut
ting a single tree
Log cabin siding available every
where today In all retail lumber
yards, produces a building which is
wanner, lea* drafty. and less sub
ject to detertoratkxi than a real
log building without sacrifice of the
rustic look which fives tog buildings
their appeal
Plat and square on the back, lag
siding Is easy for even the average
spare time cabin builder to handle
Once in place a lluie brown creo
sote shingle stain is all that is
needed to complete the log effect
If vou eginl to reproduce the
chinking between the logs of old
cabins, you may spread glue in the
•pace between the piece* of skiing
and white still wet sprinkle with
Announcing - - -
Jackson County Rc rfing Co.
Corner Frederic Street and Railroad
Call 781 for free estimate on guaranteed work
. j
House and Lot, 220 Columbus Drive,
3 bedrooms----.—$4,000
House and Lot, 216 Columbus Drive,
2 bedrooms - $4,100
House and Lot, 392 Lincoln Avenue,
2 bedrooms _ $3,750
House ami Lot, Beautiful River Road Acres
Subdivision, Lot 150 x 400,-$1,350
Beautiful lot, beach bou levard,
100 x 256 feet-- --$2,350
House and Lot, 116 Columbus Drive,
2 bedrooms_- $3,750
House and Lot, 3 bedrooms, two
baths, hardwood floors throughout-$3,750
Office Pascagoula National Bank Bunlding
(Ground Floor)
L. L. Stigler E. H. Bacot
Federal Housing
Administration Title 1
Modernization and Repair
Loans Now Available
Sec Table of Payments Below
When |i ** ““**■ j l* ;} »•
MBuUBt W jj AatuBBtH MuntilO AjBuuat af Month., j AaaolUM mt MoaUhr
fiaaoae m- II bom i^iohi J_ BOVe |^i>ia.l. [j BB%B ,^fBBM
|M __J0 63.83 if 408 f 5306 |f 3.00 ul 67.40 $ 100
$00 -.7.(1 _ 63.16 j 507 64 *3 j 338 6830 133
878_„_|j 73.68 j 6.14 jj 7608 4.18 80 48 304
$80 ■, 8401 i 7.02 i 86.15 4.79 8138 236
880. || »4 74 J 700 j 86.82 608 103.48 208
$100 Jj 10606 , 8.78 j 107.68 608 11408 300
8200 _,< 21033 | 1736 j 21508 1107 2280* 60S
$300 . ,j 315.78 j 2602 j 82308 | 1706 34404 838
— "35.08 | 430 77 f~fU4 ~SSMI 12.78
43.86 638.46 2802 57400 1607
6204 j 84603 j 2600 | 68806 1807
61.41 753.85 4108 80406 j 2206
7008 , 86134 , 4707 81804,2636
7806 jj 86803 , 6336 1.08402,28 76
8772 1,07602 6803 1.14800 3104
175.44 ,| 1,16304 | 11806 | 208838 6308
21800 jj 2,88201 , 14838 207430 7806
$2,500.00 limit on any one loan, unless repair is on
dwelling occupied by more than one family.
On multi-family dwellings, with approval of State
Administrator, loans may be made for maximum of
five years ami $6,000,000.
As much as $3,000.00 may be borrowed for term of
three years for repairing or building new mercantile
buildings, way side inns, filling stations, or structural
of like nature.
*f ik>
~iS« n S®3TT“ $»m
M I IU» , *-*!>
MU to m t*
See Us For Full information

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