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May the stars
in the heavens shine fa
h as never before on xx
j your Christmas
^ ^^^^happiness this yoai. 0
606 Market St. &
UV* 4*
° o $
i7ews From E sea taw pa . . .
Christmas Parties And Programs
Planned By Church Groups, Clubs
By Mr*. Frank Bennett
The WMS of the Baptist church
! had a Christmas party at the
\ home of Mrs. Maude Lynd. Games
were directed by Mrs. Bryan
Broadus and Mrs. Vernon Cropp.
Miss Voncile Cropp accompanied
members in singing carols. Candy,
fruit cake and cold drinks were
served and gifts exchanged under
a tree donated by Mrs. Riley. Oth
ers attending were Mesdames Cur
tis. Miller, M. E. Hulbert, Mamie
Kilgo, A. A. Greenough. George
Emerson, Emil Koch, Prentiss
Nelson, Clyde Nelson, Charlie
Hansen and the Rev. Curtis Mill
er and the Rev. W. L. Miller.
The Rev. W. L. Miller, Newton,
spent several days last week with
ihe'Rev. and Mrs. Curtis Miller.
Christmas Program
The Methodist church will pre
sent a Christmas program Satur
day, beginning at 7 p. m. Every
one is invited.
The young girls’ class of the
Baptist church enjoyed a wiener
roost and 'Christmas party at the
home of Mis. Claude Palmer Fri
day night. Roasted marshmallows,
wieners, cake and hot chocolate
wire served and gifts exchanged
by Bertha Eckert, June Kearns,
Betty and Eddie.LeMaitre, Alda'
Rae Williams, Vivian Bennett,
Muzelle Taylor and Voncille
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Graham
and Donald Cunningham return
ed last week after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Campbell in Green
ville, S. C.
D. W Sherman, Abe McQueen
and Daniel McQueen were in Mo
bile Saturday.
Children'* Program
The children’s department of
the Reorganized Latter Day Saints
church will present a Christmas
program Friday at the church at
7:30 p.m.
The 4-II club of Escatawpa
school enjoyed a Christmas party
Tuesday at the school. A talk on
preparation of Christmas decora
tions was given by Miss Vela Mc
Kinley, county home demonstra
tion agent. Margaret Ann and
Mary Jo Davis sang a duet. Cook
ies and cold drinks were served.
The Rev. and Mrs. Curtis Miller
spent several days last week in
New Orleans visiting Mr. and
Mrs. E. D. Catchlngs.
A Christmas program will be
presented at Escatawpa Baptist
church Saturday at 7 p. m.
Attending the 4-H club offi
cers’ luncheon in Moss Point Wed
nesday were Mnrgaret Ann and
Mary Jo Davis, Billy Faye Ready,
Austin Roberts, Johnny and Ray
mond Brooks, Esther Paflerson,
Gloria Bennett, Ma.yzie Eekhoff,
Lester Hill, Glenn Lynd and
James Haire.
Conference In Mobile
Among those attending a Re
organized Latter Day Saints
■church conference in Mobile were
I >
May this Yuletide hold
everything that's wonder
ful and dear! The warmth
gnd cheer of your own
hearth-side ... Jhe fun of
trimming the Jffee ... the
joy of being surrounded
; by your family . .. the
* true; Christmas spirit of
friends coming to call to
* * extend their best wishes!
Lacoste, Inc.
ox 616 Phone 39
Pascagoula, Miss.
r-— - —'— .■■■»
Mr. and Mrs. Abo McQueen, D.
W. Sherman, Mrs. Frank Wates,
Leo Livaudais, Mrs. Elbv Tre
herh, Lavelle Canfield, Mazelle
Taylor, Mrs. S. L. Goff, Mrs. Ma
,ble Christi and Bobby Christi,
Mrs. Hildred Thomas, Albert Goff,
Mary Jo and Margaret Ann Dav
is, Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman,
Daniel McQueen, Gloria and Ettie
Edna Allen and the Rev. A. N.
Miss Flora Carter arrived last
weekend from Blue Mountain
college to spend the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Car
ter. Arriving from Mississippi
Southern to spend the holidays
with Mr, and Mrs. W. Canfield
was their son, Aubry Canfield;
The choir of the Reorganized
Latter Day Saints church will
present ? Christmas cantata Sun
day night at the church.
A Christmas program was pre
sented at Escatawpa school Wed
nesday morning. Darlene Green
ough gave the welcome and the
first Christmas was presented by
Mrs. Carter’s fourth grade. “Santa
Has Visitors” was presented by
Mrs. Byrd’s frist grade.
The WMS met at the church
Monday afternoon. Baskets were
filled to carry to the sick in the
Various Christmas parties this
week at the Latter Day Saints
church are; children's department,
Thursday afternoon at the church;
Zion League, Thursday night at
Daniel McQueen’s home; Wom
en’s Department, Thursday night
at the church; Monday night,
choir Christmas party at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Barnes.
Methodist Party
The WSCS Christinas party of
the Methodist church was given
Monday night at the home of
Mrs. Howard Walker. Co-hostesses
wore Mrs. A. J. Byrd, Mrs. Rich
ard Stringfcllow and Mrs. Max
well Greenough. The group en
joyed games and Christmas car
ols. After exchange of gifts, re
freshments were served. Those
present were Mesdames J. C.
Byrd. Joe Beville, Kate Carter,
M. E. Hulbert, Jr., Maxwell
Greenough, A. J. Byrd, Howard
Walker, Tommie Grjefson, Jonv,
. mie Grierson, Jr., Andrew Khlers,
Jack Mack, H. R. Catifield, Dowe
Oliver, James Williamson, Ernest
Graham and Miss Eleanor Walk
er and Miss Bernice Grierson.
Theme of the evening s program
was “Christ in Christmas.” Pre
senting the program were Mes
dames James Williamson, J. C,
Byrd and Ernest Graham.
Miss Merlea Stokes
Will Wed In Dallas
From Dallas comes news in the
announcement of Mrs. Gene Gor
don of the engagement of her
daughter. Miss Merlea Stokes, to
George Edwards of that city.
The nuptials will take place at
Holy Trinity church, Dallas, at
8 a. m. Tuesday.
Miss Stokes is daughter of the
late Harold Stokes and a niece
of Baylous Stokes of Pascagoula
where she spent her early girl
High Blood Pressure
Hardening of Arleries-Arthritia
Rheumatum-Bronchial Asthma
Pains In Left Arm And Side —
Elmer G. Johnson, President of
Harlingen State Bank, Harlingen,
Texas, writes:
"Please send me another bottle of
Liquid Garlic, also send a bottle to
my sister-in-law, Mrs. Hulsa C. Dut
ton, 45 Atwater Terrace, Springfield,
”1 have some good reports to raa.t
on the effectiveness of garlic used.
Mr. Turner, Texaco dealer here has
taken two bottles and is much better,
his blood pressure down about 60
points. Mrs. W. F. Nelson, San Benito,
who was in had shape, is also very
much better and her blood pressure
down considerable. This garlic works,
and you are doing a fine job of . ro
ducing it for the bertefit of those
suffering from high blood pressure or
heart trouble."
Hundreds of other testimonials of
similar nature.*
Garlex it recommended and for
sale by
Moss Point:
Burnham Drug Co.
Rape Drug Store
Palace Pharmacy
Peoples Pharmacy
Peele-Williams Drug Co.
Central Drug Store
Wiggins Drug Stores
Imtbtsbru Distributer
Miaaral Walls, Texas
Christmas Tree
Planned Tonight
At Baptist Church
By Mrs. Carmel Roberts
Gifts will be distributed to all
the youngsters from a Christmas
tree at the close of the evening
services today at Eastside Baptist
The WMS will meet for Bible
study Monday at 3 p. m. at the
church. Mrs. J. B. Pearson will be
Clarence Smith, Pete Steel
man, Misses Rita Scoggins and
Iradean Moore, students at Clark
college, are guests this week of
the Rev. and Mrs. Steelman and
Mr3. Susie Gandy. Miss Scoggins
and Miss Moore are also visiting
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Roberts.
Mrs. Lawrence Gager under
went an operation at the county
hospital Monday.
Dinner Gueiic Monday
Monday dinner guests of Mrs.
Norman Raby were her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Isham, Grand
Bay and her grandmother, Mrs
J. J. Diffee, Little Rock, Ark.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Ulmer
went to Meridian Tuesday to be
at the bedside of Mrs. Ulmer’s
rtiether, Mrs. George Brewer, whc
underwent an operation.
Major Ray Devereaux and
family. New York, arrived Mon
day for a short stay before he
leaves for overseas. His father !<
Peter Devereaux and his sister,
Mrs. F. Martin.
Recent vis^ors of Mr. and Mrs.
Otis Shattles were Mr. and Mrs.
C. Dunkley, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Bell, Beaumont, Mr. and Mrs. In
man Bell, Atmore, Ala.
Weekend Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bishop, Baton
Rouge, were weekend visitors of
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Bowers.
■ . * !
New York — (AP) — The labor
portion of construction cost is,
about the same today as 20 years ]
ago. Myron L. Matthews of the
Dow Service Building Reports,
finds the percentage of building
cost involved in payrolls on the
site varies among projects, but
the average has ranged between
32 per cent and 38 per cent.
| "For, one-family houses aver
aging under $5,000 without land,” i
he says, “the payroll ranges
around 40.7 per cent, as against1
132.5 per»cent for houses in the
, $5,000 to $10,000 group, and 30.7
per cent for houses costing $10,
000 and over. Labor cost in rela
tion to total cost has been greater
on large-scale operations than on
small projects. The higher per
centages were experienced in the
admittedly make - work housing
projects of the Public Works Ad
ministration in the 1935-1937 pe
Schenectary, N. Y. — (AP) —
Metal shavings so thin that they
are transparent can be produced
on a machine developed here.
The device is the work of Dr.
E. F. Fullam of the General Elec
tric laboratories, and it will pro
duce a metal slice 1/500,000th of
• an inch thick.
Cutting metal so thin makes
possible its study under the elec
tron microscope.
George Fagan, Mobile, visited
Mr. and Mrs. David Shattles Sun
Otis Shattles, Jr. attended the
ball game at Mississippi State
Saturday night
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Martin
have received word from their
son, Sgt. Robert Martirt, that he
is stationed on Okinawa.
J. R. Ellerman, Toomsuba, was
Wednesday evening visitor of Mr.
and Mrs. U. S. Coburn.
J. V. Wyatt arrived home Fri
day from Mississippi State, where
he is a student for the Christmas
" "' "1
Hull, England — (AP) —Some
thing peculiar was going on at
Thomas Taylor’s grocery. Fire
trucks, five taxicabs and a hearse
bearing a coffin all pulled up out
side. Somebody had called them
by telephone.
Chief Constable Sydney Law
rence was called in to find out
just what was going on. He de
cided it was “a despicable hoax.”
According to ECA figures, of a
total of 765 ships, only 317 are
sailing under Greek registry, as
compared with 338 Greek-regis
tered ships out of 427 in 1939. At j
the same time, present tonnage
has more than doubled over the
prewar total of 1,965,146 tons.
Deep-sea shipping today stands
at 3,878,787 tons.
An agreement with the Unit
ed States, prior to Marshall Plan
aid, provided 100 wartime Lib
erty ships to the Greek govern
ment, which in turn sold them to
private interests for $560,000 each.
Most of the ships were registered
in Central American countries.
Under regulations of the feder
al communications commission a
single owner can possess no more
than five television stations.
jj |
I ; *
| Smillie's Plumbing And §
® Healing Service |
-A- - ,
, ‘V '
TIME'S coming when the air is
full of good spirits, and we all
feel pretty chipper—but what about
that faithful Buick of yours ?
Wet winter driving i9 roughest on
cars—and even though it still
handles like a sweetheart, your
Buick may have slipped a notch or
90 in performance, or gradually
acquired a squeak you haven’t
been aware of.
Bring it to us for one of our winter
tune«ui>9, plus a 9pecial winter
LUBRICARE treatment. (This
Lubricare is something you and
your Buick should know about
— it’s an over-all trouble-check,
plus a wonderfully thorough lubri
cation routine!) Between these
two refreshing treatments, you’ll
have all your Buick’s glad and
breezy power back — plentysof
Fireball zoomph to pull you out of
any traffic fuss. You’ll have a quiet
riding body and chassis that make
every mile a glad glide. And you’ll
have top mileage efficiency, with
a motor that starts on the coldest
morning as quick as a scared
alarm clock!
Why put it off? Our service is
quick and expert, our prices
lower than you’d think. The driv
ing pleasure you get is immense.
Phone us now and make a holi
date for bringing your Buick’s
spirits up to those of the scasou!
• * ' *• 4 -
Market and Lincoln Phone 1349
' " 1 11 11 1..1111,11

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