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Yule Party Given
By Woman's Club
Husbands of club members
were honored at a Christmas par
ty given by" the Moss Point Wom
ans club Tuesday evening at the
YMBC club house.
The house was gaily decorated
with the Christmas motifs and
under £? Christmas tree were piled
gifts which were later presented
the husbands. Msdames Harold
Monroe, president, and Mrs. Lee
Lander acted as Santa Claus's
A program featured Miss Edna
Khavat singing “White Christ
mas" and Miss Pollye Franklin
in a reading of the "Night Be
fore Christmas.” They were ae
! companied by Mrs. John Brock.
^ Jr.
Miss Katherine Wright, guest
j of the club, read "Hagar,” which
j she had given previously in At
lantic City.
Following the program guests
and club members joined in sing
ing carols.
Hostesses were Mesdames
Forbes Hays, Lander and A. J.
The years go on and
our celebrations may Lyfl1
change with time . . .
but the wishes are al
ways the same — A ’fill
to You and Yours! 11 I'M)
VerJis G. Ramsay Waj.
* '? right this year $
21 * j and join our ^ I
S jjjJ efforts to give |jj
each other the $5
S| , ^finest holiday jt
S season ever. «
1 g
-3 ft
Social Events
By Alice Colmer

One doesn't need to be a Peep
ing Tom to enjoy looking in the
brightly lighted windows all over
town which are gleaming with
decorated Christmas trees,
wreath and candles. One of the
loveliest trees in town is the per
fectly shaped evergreen in the
lawn of the J. F. Colley home
Bellview avenue, which is gaily
bedecked with shining Christmas
lights. It is a work of art.
Another decoration which has
been attracting attention is the
miniature crech on the lawn ad
joining the Brumfield store. After
dark the nativity scene is softly
lighted and usually attracts both
children and grown-ups as on
The other day Erma Shields
was threatening her small son,
Jimmy, for some minor misde
meanor with the c$ieck list Santa
makes on bad little boys. Jimmy
cut his eyes at her and said,
"Who’s going to tell him.” Erma
explained that the little elves
helped Santa make a check on all
little boys. Jimmy was quiet for
a minute and as he stalked out of
the room he muttered under his
breath, "Ole tattle-tales” . . .
Home For Christmas
Home for Christmas can be a
magic phrase, especially when it
means coming from a distance to
join one’s family after a long ab
sence. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gray
arrived from Spartanburg, S. C..
Thursday, accompanied by Miss
Claire Seidenspinner who went
from MSCW to make the trip
home with them. They will com
plete the family circle of Mrs. G.
C. Seidenspinner for the holidays.
Sgt. and Mrs. William Shields
are expected to arrive from Wich
ita Falls Christmas Eve to make
the family of Mrs. H. M. Rhodes
complete for Christmas.
Miss Pauline Colley will be
first of the J. F. Colley family to
arrive for Christmas, coming
Thursday from New Orleans. Miss
Marguerite Colley will arrive Fri
day from Champagne, 111., and the
arrival of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. May
from Baton Rouge Saturday will
complete the yuletide reunion.
South of the Border
Edwin G. Lennep left Wednes
day to fly to Aruba, Caribbean
Island, where he will spend the
holidays with his son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand
Frey and his grandson Godfrey.
Tuesday afternoon marked the
return of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Seward and Mrs. Norman Mars
to Philadelphia after spending
several days here, having come
to attend the Mclntosh-McArthur
and Bond-Mclntosh weddings.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sienko were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
R. V. Shields.
-^ \£ • *^5. ^ ms. ^ -^g. vt *** >b> -•
Pascagoula Council No. 1605
*/>**"“ Wish To All
* Its Cheer
* Its Kindness
* Its Friendliness
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Monroe
loft Friday to spend Christmas1
weekend in Memphis with Mrs.1
Monroe’s sister and brother-in-1
Tom Lennep. Atlanta, arrived |
Wednesday to spend Christmas at I
his home here. He will give a re- j
cital of Christmas readings at the
Methodist church Christmas eve
Miss Mary Elizabeth Ains
worth, Baptist student director,
Florida State college, Tallahassee,
arrived Tuesday for the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. V. Ainsworth. They will be
joined Saturday by Mr. and Mrs.
Max Ainsworth and son, Johnny
Max, New Orleans, for the week
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spann will
have as guests for the holidays
Mrs. Spann's mother, Mrs. G. M.
Barnes, and Mrs. Jim Williams,
Prentiss, and Mrs. L. M. Blount,
T. L. Stegall, Magee, was guest J
of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Head over j
the weekend, having driven do#n
to bring Mrs. Head holly from
his farm which is called “Holly
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beatty and
son left Thursday for Andalusia,
Ala., to spend the holidays with
Mrs. Beatty’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Beasley. Mr. Beatty
i will return after the weekend but
Mrs. Beatty will remain for a
i longer visit.
Family Dinner
Mrs. A. P. McArthur and Mrs.1
John McArthur were hosts at a
j family dinner Tuesday (follow
I ing the McIntosh-McArthur wed
i ding) for the out-of-town guests.
The guest list included 23 rela
tives and family connections.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lyons
and Miss Virginia Lyons will
spend Christmas in Gulfport
where they will join Mr. Lyons’
sisters and brother for a family
Miss Dora Cirlot, Greenville, S.
C., arrived Sunday evening to
spend the holidays at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davis, Ox
ford, arrived Thursday to spend
a week with Mrs. Davis’ parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Elkin.
Mrs. G. Elkin and son, Davis,
! spent several days in New Or
leans this week returning in time
| to spend Christmas at home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Holder
j and daughter expect to spend
Christmas day in Laurel as guests
of their parents.
Friday will mark the return of
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Broome and
son, Billy, from Winona where
they spent several days visiting
Mrs. Broome’s brother.
Spend Holidays Here
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Beebe
and three sons, Mt. Dora, Fla.,
might be included among those
who have come home for Christ
mas for they are spending the
holidays here as the guests of
Mrs. LeNore Kleisner while the
boys are dividing their time
among their former schoolmates.
M iss Maurine Mclnnis and Mrs.!
W. 1. Mclnnis arc spending Christ
mas in Pickens and will visit Col
lins for a few’ days, before re
Mrs. C. W. Brooks, Meridian,
an ived Thursday to spend a
week with her son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bratt,
Gulfport, were among those from
out of town attending the Meln
tosh-McArthur wedding Tuesday
•morning. Mrs. Bratt’s mother,
Mrs. M. S. McIntosh accompa
nied them home to spend Christ
mas with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Franklin
and daughter. New Orleans, and
Lt Col. and Mrs. Clinton Ander
son, Lancaster, Pa., Mrs. Frank
lin’s parents, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Franklin Thurs
To Nashville
Miss Bessie Cowan left Thurs
day for Na-hville to visit in the
Robert Cowan home. Robert, Jr.,
a senior at Vnndorhilt, was put
to bed this week for a six months
rest cure when a routine check
up revealed a shadow on his lung.
Lt. and Mrs. Leon Bond, Bi
loxi, and Miss Angeline Watkins,
Hattiesburg, were dinner guest:
of the Lewis Bonds Tuesday.
Christmas Day Guests
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward A. Khayat for Christmas
will be Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Hed
eri and Mrs. Graham McFarland,
Alex West, Washington, D. C.,
who is home for the holidays
with his parents in McGehee,
Ark., spent Wednesday here.
Rob Fitzner is reported some
what improved although he is
still confined to bed following a
heart attack last weekend. Mr.
and Mrs. George Fitzner, Mobile,
w’ere over Sunday to see Mr.
Guests in the C. D. Hinson
home over the holidays will be
Mrs. L. G. Martin, Akron, Ala.,
and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hinson,
Monroe, La.
Family Reunion
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Fails will
be hosts at a family reunion when
all of their four daughters and
their husbands and children come
home for Christmas. Coming will
be Mrs. Harry Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Dale Guthier, Dale, Jr., and
Andy, and Mr and Mrs. Floyd
McCray, all of New Orleans. They
will be joined by Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Nelson, Jr. for Christmas
Percy Irving, who is in the
county hospital following a slight
stroke Monday, is reported some
what improved.
Craig Castle, senior at Wash
ington and Lee arrived Wednes
day to spend the holidays with his
parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Hugh
Castle. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Rawls and daughters, Judy and
Jane, Poplarville, will join the
family party Christmas Day.
Bill Blackman, Montgomery,
was guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Price over the weekend. Miss
Helen Price, who has been at
tending Mississippi Southern, re
ceived her degree early in the
month and has been at home since
Gas Refrigerators
Special Price Reductions on Estate —
Brown — Florence
Phone 250
308 Krebs Ave. Pascagoula
Lake School Pupils
Entertain Parents
Children of Lake school enter-1
tained their parents last Thurs- j
day with an operetta. "The Toys |
That Stayed Behind.” in the au-'
ditorium of the school under di-1
rection of Mrs. Ralph Farrell.
The stage was set to represent
Santa’s home and the actors were 1
toys that were left behind. They ]
came to life and danced and sfng.
F.ach was in a colorful costume, j
On Friday at 1 p. m. the PTA
gave the children a Christmas j
party in which carol singing was
a feature with Mrs. George Oliver j
as director and Mrs. Farrell at
the piano. Gifts of candy and1
fruit were presented each child.
Arts And Crafts Club
Has All-Day Meeting
With Operetta. Play
Christmas festivities of the;
Arts and Crafts club were in the
form of an all-day meeting in the;
Community Activities building
last Wednesday when the ru3
making class held a session.
• At noon, members gathered
around a table bright with Christ
mas decorations and candles,
where luncheon was served.
The chair was occupied by Mrs.
A. W. Pinkston, president. An
other session of the class was held
in the afternoon.
ro Visit Grandmother
Mrs. Margie Ermis and daugh
ter, New Orleans, will arrive to
day to spend Christmas weekend
with Mrs. Ermis’ grandmother,
Mrs. Lula Breeland. Saturday
they will be joined by Mrs. A. S.
Whitehead and daughter. Mrs.
Whitehead is the former Marie
Duntz.lt r.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Hum
phreys and daughter, Shelia, left
Friday for Mila, Va., to spend the
holidays. •
Bart DeLushmet will leave for
Shelby Sunday afternoon to
spend several days, returning next
week for the remainder of the
holidays here.
Friday Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Pritchett, Mrs. A. L. Todd, Mrs.
Bessie Todd Vetter and Marilyn
Vetter will go to Baton Rbuge to
visit the D. P. Stevens for a fam
ily party during the holidays.
Blumar Son
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Blumer,
Gulfport, announce birth of their
first son at Baptist hospital. New
Orleans, Monday. Mrs. Lila Blum
er, who has been visiting the
Blumers in Gulfport, will stay
through Christmas with her three
The three Pacific coast states
—Oregon, Washington and Cali
fornia—produce 34 per cent of
the nation’s lumber supply.
Walter E. Pommer
Dies Friday At 60
Walter E. Pommer, 60-y£ar-oJd
draftsman at Ingalls Shipyard,
died Friday afternoon at the L&N
hotel after an illness of three
He had been in Pascagoula for
three months. The body was sent
to Milwaukee, Wis., by Fails for
Hill Furniture Store
"Ask Your Neighbor"
I Gay spirits are more com
monplace during the Yule
season than at any other
time of the year. We hope
you re fitting in.
& .
fcf May you prosper in the
wealth with which Christ
mas abounds , ..
& Peace, love of life, kindliness
^ and the brotherhood of all
^ people.
.* T^j^HufSA

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