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The Chronicle star the Moss Point advertiser. (Pascagoula; Moss Point, Miss.) 1949-1961, December 23, 1949, SECTION TWO, Image 9

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COUNTY-• • '
\Ov~eK ihsi
ach 3cmx£
By Irene King
i —i_i i -.1.———
When Mr. and Mr*. Aksel Ped
ersen went to Denmark last sum
mer it was his first v«sit home in
20 years.
Denmark is the native country
of Mrs. Pedersen, the former In
ger Christensen, too, but it had
not been so long since she had
revisited her birthplace. <
Mr. and Mrs. Pedersan, who
have a poultry farm near Hurlay
on Highway 63, sailed for Den
mark with their three-year-old
son. in July and returned last
month aftar visiting his parants,
brothers and sisters and other rel
atives. Mrs. Pedersen’s family,
the A. T. Christensens, live in the
place adjoining the Padarsans.
Preparations and plans for the
trip occupied them for months
Mr. Pedersen sold his dairy herd
so his brother-in-law, Aksel
Christensen, wouldn’t have such
a hard time caring for the place.
But he left 1,000 chickens, two
big dugs and a few cows.
The Christensens moved into
the neat white bungalow of the
Pedersens and took over, going
daily down the road to keep an
eye on their own farm which they
fi=- : ==
share with the elder Christensens.
The Denmark of his boyhood,
was unchanged, Mr. Pedersen
"There i» no waste land in Den
mark." ha ramarkad. "On# farm
joins another with only a strip
of land to mark property lints.
Thara ia a pervading air of neat
ness, fertility and industrious
Two things particularly im
pressed the Pedersens. One is the
way Denmark takes care of its
old people and the other is the
reforestation program.
Modern, attractive apartment
houses built at intervals through
out the country accommodate old
persons who pay rent from their
old age pension cheeks issued
monthly after the age of 05.
A single parson or a couple can
rant one of these apartments.
They can choose one with a priv
ate kitchan or, in casa they pre
fer not to cook, a communal
kitchan. Shrubs and flowars sur
round tha buildings which art
oparatad by tha government.
•‘Since the innovation of these
apartment houses for the old,
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Samson, Sunbeam, Proctor, #
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Presto Pressure Cookers $11.95 to $15.95
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Wearever 4-Quart
PORTABLE WASHERS $29.95 to $39.95
Hot and Cold
Philco Table Models $29.95 & $39.95
Admiral Table Model $17.95
Crosley Table Model $34.95
Admiral Table Combination $52.95
Admiral Comb. (33, 45 & 78 rpm) $79.95
Admiral Portable $34.95
Zenith Table Model (with FM) $59.95
Girls' and Boys'
BICYCLES $39.95 and $47.95
TRICYCLES $4.95 to $12.95
Revere Ware Stainless Steel Kitchen
Utensils With Copper Bottom
CHRISTMAS TREES $1.05 to $2.25
Boys' Skates
Ball Bearing. Good Heavy
$2.98 and $3.45
i a - • ■ # * ■»
* t
| poor houses have disappeared,’^
the Pedersens pointed out.
Mr. Pedersen was particularly
impressed with the obligatory re
forestation program under which
anyone cutting trees must replant
within two years. The govern
ment protects existing timber by
requiring that inexperienced land
owners must be assisted by an
expert from the state in marking
trees for cutting. They are allowed
to mark their own trees only aft
er 10 years of working with such
an expert, he said.
There have not been many
changes in farming methods in
Denmark except for the presence
of tractors and farming machin
ery of almost every prominent
make found in America. There
are more milking machines now,
too, he pointed out, snd sugar
beets have become a leading crop.
"People grow more sugar beets
because there is a ready market
for them and they bring cold
cash.” he declared.
The climate seemed a little cool
to people who have lived the past
nine years in Mississippi.
"Why, 65 dgrees is considered
mid-summer weather!’’ they mai
After their comfortable house
on a Mississippi farm, it amused
the Pedersens to rediscover the
public baths that are so prevalent
in Denmark. Bathing facilities in
private homes are scarce and pub
lic balh houses in the cities are
big businesses.
"As you go into the bath, an
attendant takas a wad of excelsior
j and dips it into hot soap suds and
| scrubs your back until it is red
I and iingly," Mrs. Pedersen said.
Mr. Christensen came to this
country in 1920 and soon was.set
up in his profession of cabinet
making. The next year Mis.
Hollywood, Caiif. — (AP) —
One Man's Family, one of radio's ■
■oldest dramatic series—it started ;
in 1932—still has several members
of the original cast. They include
Father and Mother Barbour
played by J. Anthony Smythe and
Minetta Ellen.
Washington — (AP) —An archi
tect forecasts that by 1999 Wash
ington “will he a choice place to
live, with everything to recom
mend it except its summer tem
It will be a city of 5,000,000,
Frederick Vernon Murphy be
lieves, with virtually no slums,
few private residences, an opera
house and a large gallery of mod
ern art. Murphy formerly was
head of the department of archi
tecture at Catholic University
New York — (AP) — Unusual
ly short waves of 4,000 megacycles
are used for radio relay of tele
vision signals largely because they
apply themselves easily to beam
ing from point to point.
Christensen and the children. Ak
sel and Inger, joined him in De
troit. V was there that the Ped
ersens met, a few years after his
arrival in 1929. Mr. Pedersen was
employed in a creamery making
butter and cheese.
They were married in 1940 and
while he served in the infantry
for two years she came to Jack
son countv with her family. When
he was discharged they went back
to Detroit but not for long Soon
they were “at home” in Missis
sippi where they plan to remain
the rest of their lives.
■-fflr■«r iiri ■ iMMav"' 'ifii nr yrrrrrr ~' it"-"
Funeral Services
Held Here Friday
For Mrs. Peterson
Funeral services were held Fri
day morning from Fails in Moss
Point for Mrs. Anna Peterson, 74.
who died at Baptist hospital, New
Orleans, last Thursday.
Mrs. Peterson, former resident,
had made her home in New Or
leans for the past 25 years. She
was a member of the Baptist
She is survived by one son,
George, New Orleans, and two
daughters, Mrs. Anna Harris,
New Orleans, and Mrs. Wilhem
enia McGuire, San Francisco. She
Ls also survived by three broth
ers. J. L., Claude W. and P. F.
Williams, all of Helena, and three
sisters, Mrs. Charles Chappel, At
lanta, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Moss
Point and Mi s. O. C. Vice. Helena,
and three grandchildren.
Services were conducted hy the
Rev. Walter L. Bader. Interment
was in Machpelah. Pall bearers
were Henry Williams, Claude
Vice. Raymond Hans, Ralph Rei
ly, Philip Williams and Bennie
London — (AP) — The British
Air Ministry was intrigued Mid
way in the war. an inventor wrote
in to sav he needed minor tech
nical assistance on an invention
that would keep airplanes from
•axploding when they crashed.
John Edwards, parliamentary sec
retary to the Board of Trade, told
a conference of scientists the min
istry quickly offered help.
“He then wrote hack to say his
idea was that there should be in
each petrol tank a capsule con*
taining a substance which would
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U ' • ‘
render petrol non-inflammable,
the capsule to bo made so it
would melt when the petrol
leached a certain temperature,
thus releasing the contents.
‘‘The two dWtails on which he
needed officiad assistance: What
the capsule s'aoitld he made of
and what it shoulld contain.”
Washington — •<AF1) — The Dis:
trict of Columbi a has lost 58 in
tree population. A report to thr
commissioners sold the district,
noted for its tree-lined avenues
went down from 15,274 trees to 2,
216 last year.
Although the tractor has be
come an important item on the
farm, draft horses continue to be
bred in large numbers.
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