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A .J- ,t,.r, .J. . 4. 4. -iI. .T-.B SHIPYARD LEAGUE TO
Organize Boys to Ferret Out Whining
Menace, Says Patriotic
New York,. .Tune 15. Henry Irving
Dodge, author and patriotic propagan
(list, today made a natioual appeal for
the suppression of "The Yellow Dog"
by the establishment in every munici
pality in the United States of a branch
of the Boy Detectives of America.
"The Yellow Dog," according to Mr.
Dodge is the whining native son who
constantly harps on German efficiency,
of our figthing England's war, of its
being a rich man's war, of the crime of
sending our boys over there, of the im
posibility of defeating Germany, of
charging our 'Dollar-year' men with
being profiteers, of declaring that a
large percentage of war tax money goes
to grafters and 'all the rest of thefet
ble minded twaddle.' "
In making his appeal for the co-oper
ation of the mayors, superintendent
of public instruction, members of pa
triotic societies, Scoutmasters of the
Boy Scouts 01 America and Y. M. C. A
secretaries, -Mr. Dodge declares that
"The Yellow Dog" is a menace far
greater than the German army. His
atacks are concealed while the at
tacks of the German army may be
guarded against.
'", speak onservatively, says Mr.
Dbdre, "hen 1 say that every 'yel
ilO ,' .,ual in strength to one
intently ' '.,','u in the Gorman army.
, lies Ite. Yellow Dog1 are sap
llwj tits streugth at home, They are
ie foundation of attack
and lefV'hi Phey are working for the
ini .! lany of (hem don't know
plan for the supression
of "The Yellow Dog" is outlined in
his most recent work of fiction. In it
he portrays the manner in which the
hoy power of a suburban town was
harnessed under the name of the "Boy
Detectives of America" and the town
was cleansed of yellow dogism without
unto Ward friction and without the use
of the usual pol ve channels. Now he
wants the hoy p-wer of every munici
pality la America harnessed in the
same manner in order to accomplish the
same result nationally.
All that is necessary to make the
mnipairp an accomplished fact, accord-
lu fr Dodt determined
meleaaer.a of bl .'y municl
I ho :!'. idke the trouble of ex
. 'he details to the youngsters.
P 'oys are first to be organized.
They are to be regular detectives for
the purpose "f ferreting out "The Yel
low Dogs." "Every boy must keep his
ear? wide open for direct ami implied
attacks upon the government and keep
on the end of his tongue the one ques
tion "How do you know?"
The first move in the campaign is
for some patriotic citizen to arrange
for meeting with the boys and ex
plum to them just what the "Boy De
tectives' of America" is and the mean
ing of tin organization to the welfare
of the United States. Then the club
is to be organized. Every boy is to
be given an official membership card
and every member is to receive a sup
ply of the "Yelloy Dog" cards to pass
out to pei suns who pass along the
"feeble -minded twaddle."
Mr Dodge i at his own exepense. of
fers to furnish membership cards ami
"The fellow Dog" cards to the mam
bars of every club that is formed.
The reverse side are numerous de
scriptions of just what constitutes
"The Yellow Dog." Some of these en
lightening phrases read:
"If a man talks against the govern
ment and can't back up what he says,
he's a yellow dog."
"The meanest yellow dog of the lot
Is the one that stands up and hears
hi country abused without protest.
"Any man who tells the government
about its faults and how to correct
'em is its friend; any man who tells
the government about its faults just
to discourage, is a yellow dog."
"Anybody who says Colonel Vander
bilt loaned Franc forty millions is a
yellow dog He ain't got that much."
"Any nan who won't buy a bon I
isn't Witting to pay his share of the
expenses of our brothers in the trendies
who are risking their lives lighting for
him. Can any yellow dog be yellerer'n
"Anybody who says United States
bends ain't the safest investment in
the world is a yellow dog."
Anybody who says anything that
glW I the Germans a chance to write
Icune as stiy this ain't a popular war
kj a yellow dog. It's popular an' then
" iiylmdy who talks peace by com
premise is a yellow dog. Judas made
a "('.in peace with the devil. Every
body knows where .ludaas (tot off."
"This is an American town. We're
behind the government. Swat the yel
low dog."
1 "All yellow dogism is made in Ger
' many."
A supply of these cards should be
carried by every member of the Boy
in ' ' lives of America and when he
hears any person make a remark in
d" t.ii5 that person is m "The rt
lu bog ' tlits the to-:- detective
B34d approach him with the query:
Gov. Theo. 0. Bilbo and Hon. Zan
Anderson addressed a large audience
Thursday night at Marshall Park in
the interest of their race for Congress
from the sixth congressional district.
The speakers were introduced by Hon.
VV. D. Bullard.
Gov. Bilbo who spoke first based
his eligibility to the office In Washing
ton on three things; his preparation,
his record, and his convicitons. He
bid of having studied long at the
University at Nashville, the University
of Michigan, and Vanderbilt Uni
versity, after which lie served success
ively as state senator, lieutenant gov
nor, anil governor of Mississippi. He
enumerated his accomplishments
while in the latter ooffice. Among
many things he mentioned the estab
lishment of a pardoning board free
from politics, the fight for good roads,
a reformatory school for boys and
girls, the creation of a state tax com
mission to work toward the equaliza
tion of tax burdens, and the exemption
of shipyards from taxation. The Gov
ernor pointed out, that after the waf
there would be a great likelihood that
the millionaires would try to enslave
the people of this country econom-
-ically. He urged the voters to use
their discretion and to elect a man to
Congress who would pledge himself
to protect, the interests of the working
man. He pictured the great future
that lay in store for South Mississippi,
and promised to lend his support to
make this country the playground of
America, into which the riches of the
East and North would empty.
Hon. Zan Anderson followed Gov.
Bilbo. Mr. Anderson declared himself
for the unmitigated prosecution of the
War. and for intelligent reconstruction
w'hen peace would come. He called
upon his efficient record of many years
as a public servant in the state legis
lature to testify as to his fitness for
the congressional office.
There were many innocent person
alities and pleasantries indulged in
by both speakers, and the audience re
celved these remarks with much applause.
The Bridge ('lull was delightfully
entertained on last Saturday afternoon
when Airs. J. A. Tabor was the charm
ing hostess. The lour tables for the
bia; et were arranged on the delightful
porch up stairs, and the lovely decor
atlom, of potted ferns and palms added
a refreshing note of cool green to the
pleasant surroundings. Three inter
esting games were enjoyed. The club
prize, four Thrift Stamps, was won by
.Mrs. X. P, Emmitt, and the guesta'
prize, a box of handsome correspond
ence stationery, was won by Miss
Following the games of auction a de
licious plate luncheon of chicken salad,
brown bread, tomatoes, crackers and
iced lea. was served by the hostess.
Participating in the pleasant afternoon
with the club members were Miss
Adele Krebs, Mrs. J, Blodgett and Miss
The Charter of Incorporation of The
Batson Company.
1. The corporate title of said com
pany Is The Batson Company.
2. The names of the incorporators
X. Batson, I'ostoffice Millard, Miss.
I. mile Batson, PoStOlflce Millard,
:i. The domicile is at Moss Point,
4. Amount of capital stock Three
Thousand Dollars.
,r. The par value of shares is $50.
6. The period of existence i not to
exceed fifty years I is f0 years.
7. The purpose for which it is
created: To do a general mercantile
5. The rights and powers that may
be exercised by this corporation are
thee conferred by the provisions of
Chapter 'H, Mississippi Code, 1906.
State of Mississippi,
County of Stone.
Tliis day personally appeared be
fore me, the undersigned authority
N. Batson. I.ucile Batson, incorpora
tors of the corporation known as the
The Batson Company who acknowli ilt
ad that they signed and executed the
above and foregoing artic les of incor
poration as their act and deed on this
the 3rd day of June, 1918.
Notary Public.
War Proclamati
MAY 29, 1918,
THIS WAR is one of nations not of amies and all of our hundred million
people must be economically and industrially adjusted to war conditions
if this nation is to play its full part in the conflict. 1 appeal to all who
now own either Liberty Bonds or War-Saving Stomps to oontinuo to practice
economy and thrift and to appeal to all who do not own Government securities to
do likewise and purchase them to the extent of their means. The man who buys
Government securities transfers the purchasing power of his money to the United
States Government until after this war, and to that same degree does not buy in
competition with the Government. I earnestly appeal to every man, woman and
child to pledge themselves on or before the twenty-eighth of June, to save con
stantly and to buy as regularly as possible the securities of the Government, and
to do this as far as possible through membership in War-Saving? Societies. The
twenty-eighth of June ends this special period of enlistment in the great volun
teer army of production and saving here at home. May there be none uuenlisted
on that day,
THE PEOPLE of this State will have the opportunity on June 28th, 1fl, of
showing their loyalty and consi'crntion to the great enterprise this nation
is engaged upon by pledging themselves to save and eeonomize and in
vest in War Savings Stamps.
Tlie material needs necessary to successfully prosecute the war can be met
only if the people of this nation deny themselves some of their customary ex
penditures. It is not enough to furnish thousands of yBung men as this State
h doing. Those men must be clot lied, fed and equipped. Surely when they are
so willing to give their lives we should not hesitate to lend our savings.
The people of this State are expected to save and invest in War Savings
Stamps to the maturity value of $'10,000,1)00.00. Similar allotments have been
made to other States and the President of the United States has called on tho
people of the various States on June 28th, to indicate their willingness to prac
tice the patriotic self-denial required of all of us, by pledging themsolvos to pur
chase War Savings Stamps dining the remainder of this year. This" Slate lias
always responded fully to calls made upon it, and
I feel sure tho-present will be no exception.
In order that this State and its people may
not fall behind other Stales in responding to this
Call, T hereby proclaim Friday, Juno 28th, as War
Savings Day, for the Stato of Mississippi, upon
which day all persons shall give their pledge! for
War Savings Stamps at such times and places
and in Buoh manner as may bo appointed by Hon,
F. E, Gunter, War Savings Director for this State,
acting under the authority of the Secretary of tho
Trea-ury, and pursuant to the proclamation of
the President of the United States.
ns to set my hand and caused the Great S,-al of
the State of Mississippi to be affixed, this the 6th
day of June, A. D., 1918.
By tho Governort
Secretary of State.
Miss Bertha Nelson, the dMgbU r
of Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Nelson, and Mr.
G. U Akins were married Tuesday
evening. June ISth at 8:30 o'clock by
Hev. W. H. Carter at the Kirst
Methodist church of tlowison, Miss.,
in (lie presence of a law number of
friends and relatives.
The bride wearing a veil of illusion
in cape effect and a BOWfl Of while
Korgette crepe and carrying Wkttt
d ililias. was attenedd by Mrs. Maude
Davis matron of honor. Miss Nellie
May Nelson, maid of honor and Miss
Faith Cirlot bridesmaid
Mrs. Davis was feH in a blue
gorgette and men saline gown ami
carried an immense ImiU'jucI of pink
dahlias. Misses Nelson and Cirlot
were gowned in yellow gorgftle. and
carried trailing Ixniiiuets of Shasta
daisies. Miss Isaliella Nelson, the
I small sister of the bried was flower
How do you know?"
I'sually the person spreading the un
patriotic libel dosen't know. So and
so told him. The winner is then hand-
d cue of "Von'rc a ellow Dog" i ard
The reverse side enlightens him as to jri M,Sses Itulh DuMa and Velma
why lie is a yellow dog
Mr. Dodge declares thio treatment
soon will stop the unfounded stories
now so rampant. Noliody likes to lie
laugi d as a yellow dog. Nolxwly likes
la l ridi' "led.
The Chronicle, 11.80 jwu.
Lauderdale were ushers.
The groom was attended by Mr. V
Callicun. best man. and Mr Alfred M
Intosh groomsman. The music for the
(wrassion was furnished by Mrs. IS.
y Hell" and Mist- Kflhrr Daniel'.
.!Ur U.c icrcmon"- a reception was
hi it at the home ot the bridt s parent?
where I delicious ll urse was wn- ! NOTICF. OF SPECIAL ELECTION.
ed. Following the reception Mr. Me-
Intosh threw open tSU dooiv of It is Notice of Special Election to vote on
home to the guests and dancing was
enjoyed until a UxU) hour.
The young couple received many
beautiful piescnts among (hem being
a handsome chest of silver from the
office force of The Native UkT. Co.
Mr. anil Mrs. Akfeu arc Mjoytal I
few days in New Orleans after which
they will lie at home to their friends.
at the Hotel Native.
Among the out of town
tending were Mr and Mrs. K. Ituiile of
Bond. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mc Henry of
Mcllonry. Dr. Cowart of llovey ami
Mra. t, M. Cirlot. Jr.. of Moss Mat
Chaplain P. E. Seidler. for the past
increasing indebtedness Ten Thous
and Dollars and increasing levy for
general revenue and for general im
provement purposes one rnd one-half
mills in and for the City of Pasca
goula. Mississippi.
year attached to one of th big C. S
battleships doing service in foreign
aaters. is at home on a short turlough.
Mr. Seidler was sent home on account
or illness and is just out of a naval
hospital. He has :Jxut recovered.
W.8 8.
Miss Annie May Armour of Memphis.
Tenn . is tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. J
D. Crane.
GMBeaNat W. H. I'th Jr ci'im
d Tuesday trum Lt-ksvillc. where a
short term ot chancery court was held.
I Notice is hereby given that the
I M.'ivor anil Hoard at Aldermen of the
Kuests at ' ('"y ot P0!, Mississippi. Bt
their meeting Held on June zv. ivi.
have called a special election toJju
held in said City on Tuesday. July 2.
ISIS, for the purpose of voting on the
uneslion of increasing the indebted
I ness Ten Thousand Dollars, and in
creasing the revenue for general rev
enue and general improvement pur
poses, one and one halt mills, in and
for the said City of Pasoagoula, Miss--ssippi.
The polls for said election
j will lie open from eight o'clock A. M.
I to six o etix k I'. M. and the polling
; pTicin of said election shall he at the
' Mayor's office in the City of I'asca-
Koula. Mississippi.
C S M .ItltlW KTHBIt,
k H. Wll .
Commisciuners of Election.
a t. .j- 4-
At the JawiMi Teniple in MotKe last
Sunday Miss Ida Scharff ami Mr.
Joseph Flalier ' were married.' The
ceremony was. solemnized by ItaJihl
Wsjhttjijav Th.e bride wlio.wore a wert
ding gown of wlilto . gorgeltn crepe
witlC'u veil .of. illusion curried a
bouquet of .rnrnationu and'fehi's, She
wfis riven in marriage Ijy; hor brother-in-law.
fijjr. Bernstein of, l'asejgouja.
After the ceremony a reception was'
given, the' happy young couple ,at the
home of the bride's' aunt, 'Mrs. M.
SChaYff, Mr. and Mrs.' Fisher after
la short bridal trip to New Qrleans will
make their home here with their
mother, Mrs, Eva Scharff.
A sweetly simple wedding Which
was performed by U. v. W. II. WoluV.
at the Baptist church Wednesday even
in;; a I K:;sO was that Of MisH Annie
Bell Stokes and Mr. W. S. Kitrell.
The church, was prettily decorated in
Shasta daises and ferns and the bride
and groom who were unattended came
in together. Miss Jessie Bounds who
played the wedding march was ac
companied by Miss Thelma Harnett
on the violin. Before the ceremony
Mrs. J, ('. Montgomery sang "1 Love
You Truly." The bride is the second
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Stokes.
Mr. Ketrell of Lucedale, is employed
at the Hodge Shipyard. The best
wishes of their friends here are ex
tended to the happy young couple.
Mr, and Mrs, T. A. Garner spent
several days in Guifport last week.
Mrs. Geo. Leather and children of
Hattleehurg are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
D. Vv. McLeod.
Mrs. Richard Belin, Mra. Michel Cir
lot and Miss Faith Cirlot attended the
wedding of their cousin, Miss Bertha
Nelson in Howisot Wednesday.
Miss Rachel Mclnnla left Monday
for the University Ot Ya., where she is
an assistant teacher in atheistic dancing.
Mrs. Rachel Mclnnis is a guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mclnnis in Chicora
this week. ,
Mrs. M. A. Cohen of Hammond, La.,
Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. smiiii
at the home of Mrs. G. W. liowen.
After a pleasant visit to Rev. W.
H. W'elih and family, Mrs. Dan Dull
and children and Miss Clara Whitting
ton have returned home.
J, V. V. Blumer is spending this
week with his family 'in Atlanta. Ga.
Mr. and "" '- 'im Fish r and little
faugl'ter recently ot Culcbra have
moved to MoM Point.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H, Allen and liltie
son motored to Mobile .Saturday.
Mr. and Mr.;. Park Ava.it and baby.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Avant of Leaf are
guests of their parents. Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Delmas.
Mr. J. Bounds spent several days
in Washington this week.
Mr. E. O. Hodge visited his family
in Huston this week. Mr. Hodge has
purchased the vacant lot next to Dr.
Itaper and will begin building a res
Idence there In the near future.
Mrs. F. S. Herrin and Mrs. Norman
Mclnnis were visitors to Mobile last
Mr. an dMrs. Horace Overstreet and
baby of Geneva arrived Monday and
will make their home here in the
future where Mr, Overstreet will
open a mercantile store in the build'
ini formerly known as the Sugar Bowl.
Miss Neta Sullivan of Columbia is
here on an extended visit to her sister.
Mrs. Julian Stewart.
Mrs. J. Hounds and Miss Jessie
Hounds were Monday visitors to
Mis. J. K. Pendola left Monday tor
a several weeks stay at Cooper's
Wells. ,
Norman Mclnnis motored over from
llovey Sunday. returning Monday
with his family who had been visiting
Mrs. F. S. Herrin.
.Miss Gertrude Kennerdy and Jim
Kennerdy of Pollard are visiting thetr
aunt, Mrs. D. C. Avant.
The members of Dr. J. C. Walt's
Sunday school class which numbers
some BftMB men. with as many young
men friends enjoyed a bathing party
at the beach Tuesday night. The trip
was made down in an auto truck, and
a lunch was enjoyed afterwards.
Mr. and Mrs. M B. Ilobdy and little
daughter are enjoying a stay at Coop
er's Wells.
Chairman II. ('. Herring of the Wat
Savings Stamp campaign has had out
this week a bevy of pretiy girls taking
a census of the town. The real cam-
Pasoaoouja and M6ss Point Each Have
.- Two Teams in League and Will
Have High Class Baseball.
The Shipyard Baseball League was
formed at a meeting hefil recentlyOn .
thq TourlBts Weleqme 'club rooms in
Monlle.'- The Dierk "(Blodgett and
International Shipbuilding companies
df . Pasc'agoula, tfee'tfodgip and Danulcr
yards St Ms's Point; and" the Alabama
and Mobile shipbuilding companies of
MoBiJe will each have a team in. the y
new circuit. . " "" ... ,
It was agreed at the meeting fhat
each team iivould Jje limited to the use -of
five professionals, and that they
would be employed aa shipbuilders,
paid - wasps .according, to their- ability f
as shipyard workers, and if there was' .
a surplus at the. close, of -the season in
baseball receipts, M WtibJ be divided
among- the players, lepras also decid-'
ed to scatter the" professional 'players t
among the-dijferent teams iu' unlet- to
have the 'league as well balanced as
Mr, H. Bernhardt, of the Mobile -Ship-- ,
building company, was efeced tem
poral y president, and Mr, W. B. Mc
Atee'the temporary secretary. A
schedule committee was named to draw-.-
up a schedule and a meeting, to hear
the report of this committee will -be
held in Pascagoula soon. .
The formation of this' league will
bring a high grade of baseball to Pas
cagoula. and with the completion of
a ball park at Moss Point, we can al
ways expect a lively and interesting
game somewhere In the neighborhood.
It was decided that the season would
formally open on the last of the month.
W.S.S. : '
Due to the Inadequate street car
service, the Beach park Theatre will
discontinue vaudeville for the .time
being. Pictures will be shown, how
ever, on the nights of dances and on
special occassions. The park is open .
and the concessions are still running.
: W.S.S.- '
1. The corporate title ot said com
pany is The Post Office Confectionery.
2. The names of the incorporators
are: IBPMBWUBMBflllBfe
W, li. Ladnier, Postoliice Pasca
goula, Miss.
Ladnier. restolliie
I'oslofllce Pasca
Annie K.
goiuii, Miss.
Nick Strat
goula, Miss.
8, The domicile is at I
Jackson County. Mississippi.
I. Amount of capital stock Twenty
Five Hundred Hollars ( .f SfiOO.OO).
S. The par value of shares Is
Fifty Dollars.
G. The period of existence (not to
exceed lifty years) is fifty years.
7. The purpose for which it is
created is: Manufacture and sell at
both retail and wholesale ice cream,
candy of all kinds. And to sell all
manner of soft drinks, to manufacture
and sell at both Wholesale and rcla
pies and cakes, to ewn and oper
soda fountains, and buy and sell cigar's,
cigarettes and tobacco, and to buy and
sell all other things usually handled
in a modern confectionery.
S. The rights and powers that may
be exercised by this corporation are
those conferred by the provisions of
( hapter U, -Mississippi Code, 1906.
stale of Mississippi,
County of Jackson.
This day personally appeared before
me. the undersigned authority W H.
Ladnier, Annie K. Ladnier and Nick
Stratakos, incorporators of the. cor
poration known as The Post Office
Confectionery who acknowledged that
they signedi and executed the above
and foregoing articles of incorporation
as their act and deed, on this the 19th
day of June. 1918.
T. G. Hihbler,
Notary Public,
City of Pascagoula. lackson County,
day to confer with the business men
in regard to estabishing a V. M. C. A.
The La Mariposa Club which for
curious reason has not enjoyed a
meeting lately was pleasantly enter
palgn tor the sale of Thrift Stamps tained by Mrs. W. B. Herring and Miss
will begin next Week, where it is need Mnttie Campbell Jackson last Friday
less to say Moss Point
go over the top.
usual will afternoon. A profusion of shasia
j daisies and ferns lent their beauty lor
Miss Louise Cowan attended a house , the occassion and delicious cream and
parly given by Miss Dorothy Ewen in cake refreshed the guests who inelud-
Biloxi last week.
ed Misses Thelma Barnett. Allie Ford,
Miss Hass of Biloxi is in town this I. Ida Merry weathec Louise Cpwan
Dora ( owan. Jessie Bounds. MaT Ada
Stewart. Madams F. A. Williams,- Joe
Montgomery and Munson. ,
Mr. and Mr.,. Marcial Turner and a
party of friends fhotofed down -groin
Mobile for the day SundaJ and wen
dinner guests of Mr. and .Mrs. '. C
Mr. and Mrs. E K Oanttare enter
Ip.ining ibis week Mrs. T. & Stough.
Bernard Stough." Mrs. tt ' Vttf ffli'
baby, Misses Wilmer, Martruaret and
Marie Darnels of Montgomery.
week teaching the ladies how to op
erate the knitting machine at the ited
Cross room.
Itobi. Cowan who has lieen assigned
for rraaining at Camp Sevier at Green
villi'. S. . is spending several days
with his mother.
Hirioh Coffee of the Submarine Base.
San Pedro. Cal.. is spending his fur
lough here with his grandmother. Mrs.
i'abme Cuda'-ack.
Mr. Make Goritrey. state secretary
of the Y. M. & A. will be here Mon-
4 I

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