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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, October 25, 1878, Image 1

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NO. 31.
Dr. A. P. Cham pi in
Has rtt HT uotl to ltll.OXI, uud resumed
tbe practice of his profession.
Olilce for tlm i'cHnt ut Shady Grove
Hotel, Koom No. It.
Sv.il & llloomflelil,
Seranton, Minn.
Will practice in nil the Courts of Jack
ton county, Mississippi. Each partner will
cmitim!'- to practice, lit his iml i viil mil ca
pacity in all the Courts of the Seventh
Juilii'itil District,
Jr. W. ft. Ilragg-,
In permanently located ut Mohs Point,
Minn., uud will practice in the town uud
OlhYe ut C. 8. Stewart's Ding Store.
Otlicc. Ileum from 7 to l u.ui., uud 7 to 9
p.m. " "
Dr. D. Ci. Cae,
HaviiiK permiiuently located rit Ocean
Npiiiijjs oders hi" professional services to
the people, of the town and surrounding
country. Thirty years extensive, cxperi-
,,, j,', the valley of the Mississippi and
In the city of New Orleans, enables him
to oiler hi' prolesoioual experience as con
iiltiii iii.viciitii to the members of the
fraternity who are practicing ut tho towns
along t lie coast .
A. M. Dahlffrcn,
Jl'doxi and Reauroir, JTarrison Co.,
Will practice in all Hie Courts of the
Seventh Judicial District, l'rompt ntten
tioii given to the collection of claims.
Jicl' rencc ticn. Jos. K. Davis, llands
horo ; Hon. Roderick Seal, Mississippi
City; Maj. W. T. Walthall, llcavoir;
.liid'e W. A. Chanipliii, Puss Christian, and
.1. .1. Harry, Jl. D.,
' H Y S I C I A X AND S U R G E O X,
Ocean Spring, Mian.
Oilers his profoiaioiial services to the
cilirens of Oceiili Springs uud surrounding
OlHcr Opposite tllOIcthodist Clmrch.
(.-u?iliii & Iloiitlri'Moii,
Pax Christian, Mix.
Will practi-o in all the Courts of the
Si v th .Inilicial District.
IS. Sf.il,
Mixxi nippi City, Mix.
I'r.ii't ''( in all the Courts of the Seventh
Ju.lkii.l District.
V. II. Voo!,
Moxx Point, Mixx.
Practice in the Courts of Jackson,
Dan. son, Hancock, Perry and lireeue.
J. I arlfr,
Autitxttt, Perry Count ij, Mixx.
Will practi.-e in the Courts of the Sev
enth Judicial District.
Dr. A. K. Aorllirop,
OtHce at Paxx Chrixtian, Mixx.
Will visit a!) points U)ion the Const,
giviip; notice whenever he moves, i.t pres
ent at l'uss Christian.
iTloor H. !.,
Pawooula, Mixx.
Ofiice n'td residence near the Seashore
Hotel.., residence post-oUicc.
11. -
r. . ttloiint
Respect full v tcuilcrs his
citiz. us 01 1 asca
OiFitK On Rascagouln street, opposite
the railroad cniHsillir. Sclallloll. Hours
lu a. m. to !i r. i., mill 5 to 7 r.
deuce al the Sen-shore.
services to the
oula, Scruntmi ana Moss
M. Rcsi-
ockan SFKINGS. . .MISS.
He will ri'pnir u,rkjuiU of Fire-nrins,
Sewing Machines, and (jcuernl Blacksmith
w ork done mi short notice.
Also pays the highest ranh prices for
tioor., ji'eesiiax, hides, ffiis, utox,
MASS, Wl l'hll, LEAD, ?ISC
Jlas on hand Cook Stoves, which he
will sell ut New Oilcans prices.
' April Hi, ltffii c fim
If l X- -T e ltl .l.i. L Prou'rH.
Tim ....1 ,...,,,l..t.. mill tholllllL'hlv
. ...
."pnpiM d estublislimeiit III te c.T-
very purest and uhoiet UOMKHW ami
Dipoiitki) Winea, Hrandy, Rum, (Jin,
I'lSKT, I. Ullllipugllu, Ale, Ieer, rmm,
"it, Cordials Mineral Water, etc., kept
."wiaimy ou nanu.
No better or purer Jionora can lie
"htaiiK d. iit tho Sea Brfceje and see
for yourselt.
Oct. ia-77-lv.
C.iN. Ilutchert,
nr.Ai.Kita ix
rnr r.(is, aK'tcziiiKS, Liqrous,
ruiita, Eeerl, Lumlwr, thingUs, Lime,
I'lsHter, ( emcnt, Laths, Nails, c ike.,
"Iwayn on hand. '
Jniiu if.77. 8-tf
Innwrtt and Jlannficturcr
CIRCUIT COURT Rkvkktii Distkict,
jAMlca S. IFa.mm, Judge.
Thomas 8. Eohd, District Attorney.
In the enmity of Lnuderdale on the sec
mid Monday i f Fehrunry and August, and
continue, eighteen ilnya.
In tho county of Kemper, on the first
Monday of March and September, mid
cnuunno twelve inys.
In the county of Clurke, on the third
Monday of March nml September, mid
continue iweire (lavs.
In tho county of Wayne, on the flint
moimuy 01 April aim uetoDer, and con
tinue nix dn vs.
In tho eounty of Greene, 011 the second
Monday of April and October, and eon
tinun six days.
In tho county of Jnckson on the fourth
Monday after the fourth Monday of April
aim uc tuner, unci continue twelve tinvs,
In the county of Harrison 011 the third
Monilny after the fourth Monday of April
and (letoiicr ami continue six (lays.
lu the county of Hancock on the first
Monday utter the fourth Monday of April
and October, and continue twelve days.
In the county of Marion, 011 the fourth
Monday in April and October, and con
tinue six days.
In the county of Terry on the lliird
Mon lny of April and October, and con
tinue six days.
CHANCERY COURT 7tii Distkict.
GEORGE WOOD, Chancellor.
In tho county of Jackson, 011 tho first
Monday of March and September, mid
continue six days.
Ill the county of Harrison, on the second
Monday of March and September, and
continue six days.
In the county of Hancock, on the third
Monday ol Murch and September, and
continue six du's.
Ill the county of Pearl, 011 the fourth
Monday of March and September, and
continue aix days.
In the county of Marion, on the fourth
Monday in March and September, uud
continue six days.
In the county of Terry, 011 the first
Monday ill April and October, and contin
ue six days.
In the county of Greene, 011 the second
Monday in April and October, mid con
tinue (lays.
In the county of Wayne, 011 the fourth
Monday after the fourth Monday of March
and September, and continnesix days.
In thecoiintyof Clarke, on the first Mon
day in May and November, and continue
aix days.
In the county of Lauderdale, on the
second Monday 'of May and November,
and continue twelvedays.
In the county of Kemper, on the fourth
Monday of May and November, and con
tinue six days
Fur the Democrat-Star.
TUK SCO V 110 K.
The terrible scourge, with affright In ft
train I
Like a tempest it rushes o'er valley and
And hundreds dismny'd are flying uiyiy
From the poisonous bplaguu which no
power can sway.
Troud cities and villages, nhroudod in
The lov'd and the lost have sank to 'the
For tho reaper lias laid his icy hand
On the fairest flowers of our sunny Inud.
Ho has paled the cheek of the maid in her
And tottering age has scut to the tomb ;
Has snatched the liabo from the. mother's
And laid il.Jainong his thousands to rest.
In triumph he rides, unheeding the wail
Of tho sorrowful hearts who sadly quail j
Who weep for the lov'd ones forever gone,
And sigh for each dear familiar tone.
CotiHtiintinople. There lie lett mo
lor dead, but by kind ticiitiiioiit, in
two or three dnys I whs able, to set
up in bed. I now began to realize
my real situation my ntter help
lesmieHs. The chilling- front of ad
versity was beginning to stamp its
inpri'H.N on t lie young and tender
sprout. I thought of home na it
ouee was, of my father and w hat
he said to me seven months before
as he pliteed the medal on my neek :
'Should j on ever get into trouble,
my son, this medal may prove of
great benefit to yon.' Those words
rang through my ears with a sweet
and hallowed melody, and caused
me to consider, un 1 said for the
tlrst time, my real condition, and
for the iirst time did 1 bury my
head in my little pillow ami cry,
thinking of home as it used to be,
of my own dear mother when she
used to take me in her lap and pet
me and call me 'mother's darling
boy.' One day just after I had
finished one of these crying spells,
and while the scalding tears could
yet bo traced down my burning
cheeks, the tending physician of
tint 1 1 a 1 M I 1 1 : 1 1 Cllinn :ll'Ollll(l to 1111V
He has quelled the heart of the fair young , . ,...., ..;si. i.'ro) ilis ,,,;.
The light of tho household a inothcr'i
Aud stricken to earth the manly form,
So lute in glow ing health und vigor warm
Zephyrs bear oil their trembling wings
The widow's wail, w here Death his shadow
His skeleton foot treads the halls of the
And the rich, as the poor, h summons
Oh! sad it is to contemplate the end I
Father and mother, brother, sister, friend
All to the cold uud silent tomb are gone,
And conquering still, the cruel work goes
Tho failhlul heraU.sof the Cross are gone
They've fought the light, the victor's
crown is won.
Firm to their post they stood amid nlurins.
Till summoned to the dear Redeemer's
Pass Christian Miss.
Order, solirij. and proinptly
1'ire mifts.i,,,,, gnsrmiH
Father, it is Thy chnstening hand
That holds the rod which desolates our
land ;
And humbly now we own Thy Sovereign
To blast the hope of mortals in ail hour.
Euch passing day is heard the mournful
As earth receives the victims to the
scourge ;
And brave hearts tremble at the sicken
ing scene,
For youth and bcauly fall in all their
Stay Thy afflicting hand, O Gracious God!
We mourn the thousands sleeping 'neutli
the sod .
Thy righteous arm, and only Thine, can
Thy siillVring creatures from tho cold,
durk grave.
Iit'Utfontautf, Mix.
Written for the Democrat-Star.
The Life of an Old Mariner.
Having moved Into our new mid commo
dious Store with tho iMrgtnt and
He fit selected stock of
Notions, ClotKing.
.Saddlery, , fclioes, Hats
Hardware, Timrare, and Cnttlcry,
At New Orleans Trices.
Family Groceries
The Red Store will pay the Cash for Cot
ton, Wool, Hides, Tallow, Hucwax,
etc., and if opr prices for goods are
not lower than they can be bad
elsewhere, we do not ask
any mie to buy of u.
Come apd see for
c have no branch More.
May 31, ltffrt.
From Youth to Old Age-Why He Left Home
and Started Out on His Own Hook
What a Medal Did Maternal
Tyranny A True Story.
P. CiURAl,
Bilpxi, ..- -
DKAl.F.lt N
fliOKS, ETC.
W WillcoutinnctoC'lt and make clot h
uigtoTdr. .fun :, 1;.:. H-i"
"'.liinmie,' said he, 'I believe
that 1 can trust you with n secret,
my boy, and that you will undergo
almost any trial save death itself
rather than ii"e.lose nnything sub
mitted to j our trust. Desoidways,
my boy ; never oeiray mar. conn
deuce reposed in you j it is sacred
trust, whenever honesty and integ
rity are involved therein. 15e true
ju'rvery sense ot tho word, by
word, deed or act, for 011 it rests
your prosperity and happiness in
this life, and in order to prepare for
that which is to come, you have on
ly to adhere more closely to it in
its various feutnies, ami to culti
vate those traits and virtues;
which, even to the worldly minded,
are admired lor their heaven-born
radiance; but like the beautiful
stars, that illuminate the canopy of
heaven w ith their gentle beams, are
too far for them to reach, only
through that way which 'leadetu
to life everlasting."
" lie uttered these words, as if
addressing Rome one older tbau
than myself.
'I am,' he continued, 'going to
deposit all my money in this box,
Jimmie, and should anything hap.
pen to me, there will be home one
left to impart the news of its where
abouts to my wife.'
"As I said before the cargo was
sold and the money deposited in
tbe 'receiver.' Soon thereafter the
captain died; but no sooner bad
he been lowered down to his last
resting plaee thau the Jirst mate,
the succeeding officer, made a rash
on me for the suspecMMl treasure,
i told him I knew not where it was,
but I did. I was determined though
to keep it a secret from any one
nntil I could see Mrs. Forrest. He
beat aud punished me most cruelly,
but to no effect. When he thought
that my life was about gone lie
took rue to the Mariue bobpital in
bini! hang
and great
himll" was
tenance and the teartnl expression
of hrs eyes, I telt that in this far
away land I had, at least, one sym
pathizing friend.
"'Say, my little boy, what is that
you have on your neck T'
"'As bespoke these words he
wheeled at the door aud came back
to my bedside.
"'Ah! yes, I see,' said be. My
little boy wouldn't you like to go
home !'
"I have no home, said I, 'but 1
would like to go back to England.
"'Well,' responded this good
man, 'you shall go back; that mate
treated you badly, didn't he V
" lie said nothing more to me in
regard to my bad treatment, but
1 could discern in his countenance,
as young as I was, a fixed purpose
a determination to have that
mate sutler the just penalty of the
law. In two or three days after
this conversation transpired I was
able to get up and walk around in
my room, alter winch the doctor
would come and take me out riding
in his buggy in the evening.
I soon recovered my strength under
sut'li Kind treatment, ami three
weeks from the time of my enter
ing the hospital 1 was able to leave
for England. The doctor gave me
two letters one from Lloyd's agent
in Ccnstautiiinple to bis agent at
(ibraltar; the other contain
ed tn v tree passage on board
the steamship bound for
that place. After Caiit. Forrest
died the mate, as I said before,
took charge ot tho ship receiving
a ready return cargo to England
sailed in a few tlavs nearly thre
weekB before I did but with ad
verse winds he was unable to cope
with the speed of the steamer I
was on. I landed safely at Gibral
ter witli my letters; delivered the
one directed to the agent there
was transferred to another steamer
(with t lie second pass and accom
panying letter) bound to England.
1 landed home, or rather at M.,
where I first shipped nine mouths
before; reported at theoflic.e of my
consignee, lhe agent read the let
ter 1 gave him in a breathless si
lence a feeling of rage and indig
nation tl nulled bischeek.
Ah ! my little boy, you've had
a tough time of it. but we'll lix that
man tor his rascality.'
"Home again, or near there
thought I to myself as 1 wended
my way down the streets toward
my sister's. I had not gone far lie
fore tuv father and I met very unex
pectedly. Folding me to his arms
and planting tender, passionate
uiiscs oil !v forehead while the j
tears of joy streamed from his eyes.
" 'You have come iiomri t9 stay
with your papa. Now, my son,
haven't you!'
" I purposely gave him an eva
sive answer, because it would have
been a negative one had 1 replied
directly to his question. I gave
him a full account ot my travels,
uud their attendant details, and
especially 111 regard to the punish
ment inflicted ou me by the mate.
'"Ere this soul shall waft itself
through eternal space, shall 1 see
this outrage avenged V
A few days had passed away,
and while I was walking down the
street with my father two police
men stepped up to us aud patted
me on the shoulder saying
" 'Hang
cried out,
" The purpose of my arrest was
accomplished. The culprit con
confessed his guilt and was quickly
transported to Australia to serve
at bard labor for twenty years.
" Days and weeks rolled on. A
childless widow a christian lady,
mourning for one whom she loved
dearer than life mourning for one
a Christian husband sleeping
bpneath the sod Mobamed trod.
The old ship was hauled and
knocked to pieces, her race was
run, and as people passed to and
fro they would remark that is tbe
old ship the little sailor boy was
beaten almost to death on by tbe
mate, to make him tell wheret'apt.
Forrest had hiddeu his money.
Vague were the speculations and
theories as to its whereabouts.
Prospectors aud adventurers be
lieved as much in the existeneo of
such Bonanza as do some of the
people in this country about the
buried treasures of the pirate
One day as I was sitting near
tue OKI snip looking at her with i
feeling of pity, her torn up condi
lion, and iniiiKing ot the many
happy romps I had on her when
Capt. rorrest was alive, and
musing as to the probable finding
out and disposition ot the bidde
treasure, some one brushed by me
lady in deep mourning she 111
advertently turned her head
around. 1 recognized in her my
Irieud Mrs. ionest who had just
returned to M. to settle up her bus
band's business affairs. I greeted
her; she did not know me, for she
was yet ignorant of the fact that I
was alive, but pointing to the ol
ship I asked her if she knew the
little boy that used to play on that
old ship so much. SI10 drew me
close to her and cried as thougl
her heart would break. After tears
of joy and sorrow had commingled
with each other, and rolled on to
stamp their impress on the tablets
of memory, we turned to talking
about tho circumstances attending
the captain's death aud burial and
of my own misfortune.
" Airs rorrest,' said I, 'did vou
get your money T
"'What money, Jimmie!
" Why the money Capt. Forrest
made oil his cargo in Constantino
" 'No, Jimmie, I did not 1 I have
heard nothing as to what went
with the proceeds ot the sale of his
cargo. I set it down that what he
did receive was gobbled up or else
secured in such away that I will
never see anything of it.'
" You mistake, Mrs. Forrest, I
told you about the mate's beating
mo nearly to death, to make me tell
him where the captain had hidden
his money. I never told you at the
time that I was ignorant of the
plaee it was concealed, for I am
not ; I once knew where it was, and
it strikes me that itstdl rests where
the captain placed it. I see no
signs ot the cabin being disturb
ed by the workmen iu that particu
lar place.
ent to the old ship wbere she
lay on the beach. The sun had
now buried himself beneath a sea
of criniisoii and twilight had come
to place the seal of eternity on an
other departing day. All was si
lence and repose as we ascended
the every day trodden way of play
children and prospectors to the
cabin ot the old ship. We went in.
'"Oh! my dear husband!' ex-
"'Come with us, we w.iut you
tVll I could do was to follow.
My father I discovered was uot at
all excited over the matter. March
ing me down the street apiece they
came to a dead halt at the steps of
a huge building where a large
crowd ot people had assembled, it
seemed, over something ot high
importance. With trembling limbs
and dowucast eyes they marched
me through the crowded audience
to the front of the presiding judge.
I beheld the mate, my persecutor,
iu irons. A fiendish and brutal
look was depicted on bis coalite
uauce. "'Oh! you thought you had killed
me, did you t said I to btui impet
iously. "'Yes," said be aud I am sorry I
didn't !
"Ah! indeed,' retorted the
claimed Mrs. Forrest, and she sank
down iu a swoon.'
"I ran and got cold water and
applied to her head ; she recovered.
slipped n little plank aside. I
knew exactly where the 'receiver'
wits, and sure enough there were
rhe doubloons, resting where Capt.
Forrest had placed them. Mrs.
Forrest was from that day consid
ered well off. She awarded me
highly for my faithfulness to her
" Ten years passed away, during
that time 'I applied mine heart to
know and to search, and to seek out
wisdom aud the reason ot things,
and to know the wickedness of fol
ly, even of foolishness and mad
ness.' I had traversed the seas and
oceans of the globe, with no espe
cial object in view. That spirit
which declared its independence at
the outset of my career, still main
tained its soveignty ; it was the
lever power ot my pilgrimage; it
carried me through scenes aud
trials calculated to deface the moral
faculties of tho soul. I still wore
the medal placed on my neck by
father ten years before, und his
parting words together with with
tbe paternal counsel and precepts
bequeathed to me by Cap'- Forrest
were still enshrined iu my lieart.
Virtuous precepts and examples
inculcated into our coinpotdtiou in
early life seldom, it ever, disap
pear entirely, even though we tread
tbe path nigh unto the brink of
desolation. They are like diamonds
bidden and obscured by the turbid
stream running over them, but are
made bright and lucid by crystal
waters. Thus, iu early youth, when
we are told from the lips ot those
we love that there are certain rules
to be observed, certain lines to fol
low in all our conduct and actions,
Riiih teachings will ever bold :t
snpremacy iu our moral constitu
tion ; whatever storms may beset
us, whatever may be the magnitude
of sin and vice, their banner floats
high above such battlements
fanned by that breeze of reverence
and sanctity, 'which fadeth not
away.' Ten years! ah! how many
changes can take place within that
time. 1 returned home to England
from the United Statvawith a little
fortune. I went to see my father,
his head was bending low, time
aud the cares of life had sprinkled
his head with silver threads. My
little sister, for whom I had ven
tured so much, was now grown and
married with twoehildren Jimmie
and Kebeeca. Iu seeing them 1 re
alized thi' fact that nature is muta
ble that tbe roses of to day must
fade, that those of to-morrow may
bloom in beauty. My stepmother
had undergone a complete change
of character. She had embraced
the Christian religion, aii'l that ter
rible (lemon-like visage which otiee
held high carnival in her every
look and feature had departed, and
in its stead could be descried the
emotions andoutgushingsof a pure
and noble heart. Yes, the purify
ing elements of some great power
were written on her brow a power
I could not comprehend. 'Uow
unsearchable are His judgments,
and His ways past finding out."'
Thus ended the tale of Jimmie M.
Political Points.
Reply to "Vox.'
Ocean frniKOS, Oct. 14, 178.
Editor Democrat Star:
Iu your last edition we noticed
an article by " Vox," 111 reply to
" Liberty," and we are truly worry
to see that "Vox" has entered
upon a controversy. We must
confess, as a mere looker-on, that
we cannot see why "Vox" should
be so angry. As w e see it, Mr. Ed
itor, this is the question to settle
Did the executive committee send
the funds "Vox" speaks of beore
or after "labertys" article was
written f If it. was sent after.
mark you well, Air. "vox," "lab
erty" has not spoken falsely or uu
kindly ot your town.
As proof that he must be right,
the Honorable members ot your so
ciety have reconsidered the dispo
sal ot their ttinds, and in answer
to Ocean Springs' call for help have
aided her with loving and gener
ous hands.
Now, not intending one word of
disparagement to the residents of
your little to vn,for there are many
dear to the writer there, we would
say "Liberty" was right. It tbe
funds were raised with tbe impres
sion und understanding that they
were to be used for the benefit of
yellow fever sufferers, then only
yellow tever sunerers had a r:ght
to the funds, and glad tire we to
see that generous hearts have used
them as they were intended. Mauy
a sufferer will bless the hands that
in their dire want has fed and
clothed them, and as a greater part
of tho funds will be used for the
poor of my church, on their behalf
earnestly thank the generous
donors, aud pray that for their
hanty llod will bless them.
Siirdis Star: The greenback party
of this comity is a shrub of slow and'
! tender growth. ...
) Louisville Courier-Journal: The
j Massachusetts democracy has 1106
1 been bottled up. It has only gone' .
on halt corked.
New York Express: Little Eugene;
Hale does not want to lower tho
republican standard. It could' not
be much lower than it is now.
New York Tribune: If Massachu
setts does her duty there will bo
only enough of Uutler left after
electiou for a choice specimen of
political bric-a-brac.
New York Sun: The republican
party of Michigan is kicking in the 1
traces, but since the Maine electiou
Zach ("handler has been too sick to
Hoston Herald: It is pretty evi
dent that anything that helps build
up the national party helps tear
down the democratic party. Hut
the national party will have only a
butterfly existence. A, veurof suc
cessful resumption would put it iu
the cold, cold ground.
Washington 1'ost : The radicals
are having a good deal to say about
the democracy being swallowed up
by the green backers; but they would
bo williug to provide the dressing
it they could be .swallowed up wi
the same way.
Washington Post: It's not our
matter, but we venture to suggest
to radical newspapers the impolicy
of charging that "lien IS 11 tier rep
resents all that is bad iu American ,
politics." If the radical party cau
be made to believe that, it will voto
almost solid tor Butler.
The lteccnt Elections.
Philadelphia Times.
With elections on the 8th perish
ed the last hope ot the republicans
to reverse the democratic coutrol
of tho next congress. ith a net
loss of four and probably six mem
bers iu Ohio and Indiana, added to
the loss ot one in Oregon, one in
erinout and two in Maine, with
the single gain of one Colorado to
offset the account, democratic su
premacy iu both the senate aud
house seems to be assured on the
4th of March next,
"Captain, please give me a
light" said a private at camp.
"Certainly, my good man, but it
we were in the regular iirnty, such
a liberty would not be allowable."
"Is that so !" said the private; and
then suggested "but if we were
in the regular army you wouldn't
be captain, perhaps."
Ij)t Week's Elections-
Jackson Clarion.
On the 8th inst., elections wiu-e'
held iu four States-, which will de
termine the political complexion of
the next house ot representatives.
The result will assure' democratic
ascendency after the 4tii of March
next, iu bot h branches of congress,
for the first tune in twenty years.
These elections were held in Ohio,
Indiana, Iowa and West Virginia.
These four States have forty-five
representatives- 111 the preseut
house. Iu tho present congress
Ohio has twelve republicans and
eight democrats, Indiana has niuo
republicans and lour democrats,
Ii.wa has nine republicans.-and
West Virginia three democrats.
Making) republicans and 15 den-:
octal s. In the election 011 the C ta
in Ohio, the republicans carried tho
State by G,00t) majoi ity. The coo
gressioun!' delegation will staud It
democrats, 'J- republicans. Sayler
and Ooss, fiotu the Cincinnati dis-.
trict, are reported defeated. In
diana has gone democratic by an
increased majoritv in the popular
vote. The legislature is democratic,-
this securing Mr. Vorheess election
to the U. S. senate. The congres
sional delegation will stand: &
democrats, I) republicans,. 1 nation-,
al. Iowa gives her usual republi
can mnjoiity, and returns a solidr
republican delegation to coin
gress. est v irgina returns a solid
(3) democratic delegation. To stun
up the result, it stands ;ibont as fol
lows: republicans 24, fls of six,)-
democrats 30, (gain of five,) nittion--als
1, (gain of one.)
A Hoston Girl.
Whitehall Times.
She was a lioston girb She was
isiting her Whitehall country
cousin. v line waiting out, several
butterflies, passed her. "Oh dear
me, what charming little birds.-1
They are perfectly exquisite."
"They arc uot birds, my dear7 re-,
died her eountry cousin, "they are-
intteraies." "Oh, you don't say so.
Then these are the dear little crea
tures that tly from flower to flower
and gatbei the sweet yellow butter
that we use! They are too lovely
tor anything."
To Pliysiclaus.
V deKira to cull the attmition of med
ical men to ir. Price' Floral Kiches, us
heiug the UDcftt cologne water made. In
the aick room it in ivfrcshing to the inva
lid, ami a disinfectant, I'hyaieiaii know
that all pleaaant odors an lH-altbful, while
(Usayreeahle smell ittvite disease Or.
I'rice's Unique I'erfuiaoii richly deserve to
he called the lest.
A woman's tall is something like
that of a child. -The first intima
tion that the child baa that it has
tumbled down is conveyed iu the
fact of its being picked np.
Nice little boy (to literary gen
tleman): "Oh, mamma says you
must'ut sleep in your hair to tum
ble it so. Before she used to wear
caps she bung hers upon a nail."
It is said that General Sherman
has shown so much feeling ou ac
count ot bis son joining tbe Jesuits,
and has reproached his wife and
her Roman Catholic friends so bit-,
terly for robbing him of his favorite
sou, that Mrs Sherman has changed
her plans and determined to live
with her husband hereafter and
give up her religious labors. Bhe
has rented her house in St. Louis,
and u(Kin the General's return will
resume her residence in Washing
ton. Mrs Sherman, who has beeu
very ill, is convalesent. - ' 1
High Authority.
Tlx- late eminent chemist, Prof. Jan. V.
Z. Kinney, says, in his letter of lleoeniber
4, 174 : ' " Since I became satisded, by my
analysis, with the nirity of lr Price's
Baking Powder, of its frreduui from adul
teration, the care taken iu its u reparation,
I have bad it used in my own Louse."
One of tbe most remarkable of
American exhibits at the I'aris Ex
losition on the oeuing day was
(Jiuciuuati woman iu a last year's
hat. '
A Western lawyer included in
his bill acainst bis client: "To
waking op in the night and think-;
ing abonl Tnr case, ."."
"Why shonld we celebrate Wash
ington's birthday any moie than
mine V asked a teacher. ' Be
en use be never told a lie," shouted
a little boy.
Almost every young lady is public-spirited
enough to let ber fath
er's house be nsed as a court bouse.
All fWb is grass bnt Tft
widows are not all tlr-.U.

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