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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, April 08, 1881, Image 2

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Kit : cr jmw f-m.
a veks A: I) e i: s
ail: tic n xiixr.
Eujinets M.inazer.
p. k. & Km
- ; otherwise Ift t inr t'fl t ti-ir ti-mil
igoula, Mtss: atci.unt ot snpvtiluons -as ou tlit
April S, lSSl.jUeniociatie party ami the Southem
Fill HAY.
1 . " atw
Tll Demi.h-KAT-Stau is tie old
est i.is:tHt U lue Jl. SM.ssij.pl
Maenut, Iihuji larger hma fat
tnlatioii th.in any uther iH W. aitr
it. tb'i f.rtiot. ; JUerefore it is tie
.....r,,.-!..,; luriliuill, Uer
lisein, War tliis iu ttiittd.
Capt. Kads left 2few Orleans for
Mexico last Mondar.
LtT tliere le unity of itetiou in
tie tlrinocrntic party.
Tue Confederate "raves were
deeorated in ew Orleaus last
LuTLE L'titK, Akk., fleeted a
ilemucralic mayor and otler city
oQiieu on tie Stb.
V'K give an increased amount of
choice reading matter this week in
the J)f.3iockat Star.
The 5IisFis8!tti river is rising
rapidly at St. Lonis, nnd an over
flow of tie Joaer valiey is antici
pated. Thk Wlisviile Kayle is noon to be
enlarged to nn eight page paper.
We are glad to note this prosperity
in onr iu ifchbor.
. A it a.n named It. II. iireiuian bad
bis tlro.it cut huni car to ear in
Jtirksoti, Miss., by a negro Uian
labt Sunday night.
WM. Meaxs, democrat, was
elected mayor of Cincinnati last
Tuesday by 2514 majority. There
is hopes for Olin yet.
Mns.L Yntcitxu Fkkncit, tbe
welltiuowii Southern nuthoi-eHs,
dit tl at her home near McMinm Hie,
Tcnn., ou tie Gl.t tilt.
mat tit Augusta, ;a., last Wednes
day, the Oil. The last animal meet
ing whs held at Atlanta, April lo,
Therk is more tlaii one Cajd.
Colu Dcnhatn on this const. The
"Id pirnto is safely in j;,i at
Rissippi City, still robbeiics arc be
ing coiiimitted occasionally.
CAi'T. Jj. F. Joxcs, prefidtut of
tic Mississippi State Tress nsso-
elation, has learned till the hard
words in Webster' unabridged,
a mi now wants to dispose of the
voln rue.
A i.r.xn.U from Itr.l). L. I'lan
physician of the Agricultural col
lege, to Gov. Stone, states that
tleie is not now n ease of richness
ff ny character j pr nl)0llt ,R1
The State election this fall is
being irccly discussed among our
contemporaries, and an innumera
ble number of names lave been
suggested for (he dillerent State
There is some talk of a news
paper being started nt Snatcbville,
in Harrison county. That is sll
Ibat is needed to make that place
tie commercial ceuter of thel'.iloxi
fiver country.
east Tuesday the large cotton
nnd commission bouse of Sims,
Foster & Co., of Mobile, made an
nwlgnnirnt. Mr. Peter Staik, pies
Klentof tie Peoples' Savings bank,
is made the assignee.
The annual meeting of tbe
"Mississippi Valley Cotton Plan
tens' Association " will be beld in
Memphis, Tenn., May 23lb next.
Tor an iuvitstion to, auend the
oBuimiUee will accept our tbauks.
Mb. Lewis Sciuxtos, of ,c
iifm of Soranlon, Darncy Si Co.
Mobile, died ut Healing Springs',
Ala., lost week. Mr. Si r itlitfiri tvnD
, - a9
one of tlo oldest merchants 'ol
.Mobile, ami was a highly esteemed
" , Let the oh! and tried fleinowatic
'"party in this State resolve to stand'
t-boulder to shoulder in the coming
tail siW;Uoit8 ami vktory; will be
onus. Tlie great trim should be to
lioo.nifile e.pHW nnd honest men.
nut. men ptti nown n dilutions
iirtbo party.
Mr. 'i i fill! .;, t i. i 5L-r ti.it'
lf rt M'ii ii lit l f i : J ii-m of
f'l.i-i luiii his ..iiitu.i .its and
tt.lMuctiug the uu;ll executive
business, lut the t-t.tlwart weni
btet in i ut'il imt to pay moth heed
t till' rUMlit'ht .S !.Iil'S in tiiis
! regaid. Int .r two week- the
time of tin- uikty colons ba been
! absorbed in i-,iteth-iniiki:i: a'ut
! people. This scs-doii vt tit' wiuite
j promised to be a verv important
, oi.e, tiuuh Mi Uvui tlie l.wl tbilt tw?
t two itaitie t re ueailv enuallv tli -
Uu'eJ.aail tie fuitLer and tuipre -
mU tl fact tLat a wimtor t-Iet-ted
- . utf 1MU1 U.l UlIU lit 11 Ultu UT
1 auoilrr. lie pti'eliaseil mutator
was, of tourse, Mr. JlattMiie, of
Virginia, aud part ot the price to
tto paid by the reptiltlientt partv
was tbe tuaUn of one of Ins Vir
puna friends KidJItbarxer ner
geant at arms oi tliencnute. This
portion of the bargain tie dento-
eiats, however, lave tbe power to
prrvent, and thus far lave exer
cised it, and we hope for tie pro
tection of decency in national poli
tics they will continue to resist.
Tbe republicans are anxious to
organize the senate so as to get
their men iu cilice, and us Piddle
barger is one of the men to get
position, so as to pay Maloue for
betraying bis party innl friends,
tbe democrats refuse to allow a re
organization of that body. In or
der to retaliate tie republicans re
fnse to hold executive sessions,
thus defeating tbe very object for
which the Piesident convened tie
senete in extra session. Mr. Gar
field is growing tired of the fool
ishness eanied on by bis party,
...11 i ...
una i- considerably mortitied at
their action, yet lis wishes seem to
be ignored by 'oiikling and his
follower., who are not in sympathy
with Mr. Garfield and tie Ijlaiu'e
faction. In fact a first class row is
imminent, and the bieecb seems to
bo widening each day. Thejrepnb
licau quarrel, however, is not a
new one, but it has taken a new
shape since the senate lias been
convened, and it threatens to be
more crious than ever before.
President Garfield has given the
most iinporkHit th'iNts Xevryork 1
tOTlre twenty thousand voteis who
are known as " independent repub
lien lis," instead ol the half million
more or less who belong to the ma
chine. If the President were
a man like Mr. Hayes, or if
lis secretary of Statu was Mr.
Kviirts instead of Mr. Ulaiue, we
should not think tlis quarrel among
the republicans deserved much at
tention, but Garfield las as many
admirers as Conkliug, and IilHine a
great many more. If, as seems
certain, these two men lave united
to break down Conkliug, or rather
to build up the republican party in
New York, independent of him,
there bio seiious times ahead for
that party.
Day after day Mr. Garfield sends
in bis nominations, nnd day by day
the republicans refuse to go into
executive session to con firm tie
nominations. Tins a dead lock is
kept up tie democrats refusing
to allow tie senate officers elected,
and the republicans refusing to
hold execntive meetings. The side
that has the most tenacity will
come out vlctoiioils.
The rast'ajjMila Dkmocuat-Stab, com-
mmicutgn its 3Ut ) earith its imuv of
the !ir,th of limt month. Long may thin
paper wave in tbe grit tlo hnozi's that fntt
the I'imat people, and lontf tuny the people
of raseagonU, Moss Point, and all tbr
surrounding country live to rtijoy their
climate, tluir frttiu. their nen -breeze.
thoir oysters, tin. They bio a nohle peo
ple, and will be riinembi ind by those who
Httf inlcd tliB I'ri'ss eonventinn bt ls79, as
lung a they have I he power to remember
anything, and their children who come
afUr them will kuow of it.
The above kindly sentiments are
expressed by Capt. Burr, ot tie
Corinth Bub-Soiler, und we assure
him w e highly appreciate his words.
lie w as here ot the Press conven
tion, and will never iorget tbe
many acts of kindness shown him
by our people.
Tub Ilundsboro Advertiser of
last week says the majority of
tbe Mississippi press has ceased to
una lault with tbe code, nnd some
of the pupeig aro apologizing for
what Iss been said," while in the
next column it prints a long article
from nn exchange poking ffl t
that very code. -
IK tl lectio,, VVcdoeHd ay at
fleeted mayor, over Henry
'leinocrat, by 1.1,000 ma.
Joi ii v.
i e t ..iHtt.tj.. . i. J e x.n'i. tie
: -i--';.! ' M. ..- '.f-i .to tu i-
frrat oj "lit ice iu their habit of gratui
tously pnfiiu ai.il i. -. ..I
low big atil! bttle. ruKOlel.t and sllipitl,
clean i.,l 1, y, clever and Mangy hu
1 '.i , tti "unr paiiy." ami who kap
( u t i iu ettke, i t tdj.jjry tt'isli
to want I'.. r. V' are not prp.,!.lt.
iiu-stiou tiicfiNTntin-Nf oi the iif ol the
Kuitur t tiie r, aud r lnuil.1 U !.n!
to -e a '.- As trie, ti.e n rn
l.i e U't-i thr nitt fie,-!- sml r:iitiii(i!y
spp'jH.ieJ by the "-. at Tiieu.eu mho. .
nbiil.lwy j;. t i. ii .;-., f. i..r iTie ! ,.t
use l.tr the liew;t;i , T wliiik !aUnl i. r '
tUtin, a.itt thr ti m. u in imu uuil r. i.il j
tlif j iw.r )riutir hv j ufi't J ii.r tln tu uiit j
; furi.n,!y. WV UIire tt. irm r Ui,w-
1 rt' k W it.,B rt m-wv iu i!
1 8,,a 11 "asail ,ul1"' s.r'"
I 'ff ' "u"by uw" ",l W lthtr'
I'""'" r- -.i,.,iinjfHh.
. 1,... ... .,.:.,
. kt' aud t!.ir ivtiiiutimi. ir.ry, ,.
! ''
I Ves, and tie politicians and di
ut e lnddcrs are not the inly unes
j w ti0 ,Iu 'r backs upon' the
nu hiii'ituir-a ntta.r r......i t I.. ..cili.t
t tun .in. i riuiii.n ....ii...... ti.;
..miimiuvi nistiit-c. jinn
class is bad enough, the Lord
knows, but bow stands the ease
with merchants, inanuf.:cttiiers and
others who engage in busi
ness iu the towns mid counties'
where newspapers are published.
I'very editor naturally tVelsa piidel
in any enterprise started iu the
community in which be lives, and
in season und out ot season de-
votes considerable nmoi nt of sp, ce
iu giving publicity to sucb.'but as
a general rule after the enterprise
is started tbe men who manage it
send otl for their iob work and sel
dom insert an n.lxeriiseinent in the
eonnty paper unless compelled to
do so-bv the laws.
We know ot many such cases,
and some have happened within
our own territory. There never
was a store, manufactory, or any-
thing of the kind started here wish
r ut receiving many dollnis' hoi tli
of notices thiongb tbe columns ot
the Democrat-Star, which would
naturally bring them into notorie
ty, and which were gratuitous ad
vertisements, but iu several in
stances tie tuen who managed
these very establishments, alter
getting under way, turned their
backs upo'i ns nnd sent oh" toother
places for their job printing, and
would not insert an advertisement
iii-oar-c(!rtiis-- -
The speech of Hon, Urn Lane
Posey belore tbe supreme court at
Jackson, Inst week, is tie best
reading .we lave seen lately, nnd
well woitl.y of perusal. We would
like to produce it iu our columns,
but its length precludes it. It
makes over three columns of small
type iu the Comet. Col. Posey is
nn orator beyond doubt, and an
original thinker.
Last Sunday nioi iiing was quite
cold throughout the northern nrnl
central part of' this State. At
Holly Springs the thermometer
was dow n to 20, und nt Crystal
Springs it was 28. Ice is reported
at both places, and it is supposed
the peach crop is killed.
Col. C. P. Atmoke, general pas
senger agent of the Lonisville and
Nashville railroad, passed here
Monday en route for Louisville.
Col. At more was looking in splen
did health, lie is one ot our most
popular railroad officials. May be
live long and prosper.
The April number of the Plttn
kr1 Journil is before us, and us
usual is replete with valuable and
useful information to all classes
planter, mechanic ami merchant.
The Journal a neatly printed and
well edited, mil we hope to see it
well sustained.
Board of Supervisors.
The board of suin'rvisots of
Jackson county did a somewhat
foolish thing at last week's meet
ing wheu refusing to allow the
Democrat Stab the paltry sum of
fifty dollars per ntinuin for printing
tbe proceedings of oieetiugs. Un
less aid tor, tbe Democbat-St Alt
should refuse to publish the pro
ceedings ef the board of supervis
ors ot Jacksoti county. This is
merely our private opinion publicly
expressed. Ifaudnboro Adverlkm:
The merely print the above to let
our board see what others think of
their action in refusing to pay for
having the proceedings of the
board published. We agree wiih
the Adcerti er t hat iCd) is a paltry
sum to pay for publishing the pro
ceedings of the eoard, and they
ought, to bine their proceedings
published nod pay all the law al
lows $10O-per annum, Democrat
Utar. - .
We concur with the Advertiser'
nnd the Democrat. St ao in saying
Hint the proceeding of the boards
ot supervisors, iu form full enough
to advise the public in substance
ot what they are doing, should be
published in 0!R. at ,,:m llH,
t'ou.'.ty ti.,;nis of rrn -tiinf r
I Htfii 1 ilu s," IhuhU l..tt
ln''ti rulari il ! n--;it !s'-iI,in..i,
kihI in iii.tny liix ". li.ir ai tioii t4
;tM:ii iu:jH!tr;mt am! tin.tL WV
Uiiuk a ortiii-r ttlii h wmil.l imt
i'os; tax i;iyt-r 4mt tvnt iu the
Imtnlii'il ilou.iis uioif tL.m tlty
uuw jiiiy noiiM be wfil ri'fi 'il
i. ut 4'kouK'i'l. Holly
i UAV r S -stVKTl! AX-I ;i l!aiWwt.v
ii I ttun-lny. .W.,rili 3!. tJ, l.jr Ki-v. A.
t:. Mvlil,. lr. If. I.. (.iaw. ,f H ,4,-.
linrf, fttxl .l.'4-j, .i wu ii.iri.rt. !... tt
i-uehtrr f Ar. J. t. .-urtmau.
i I.Ku V-Ai l'au inw-wi., Jtfi..ttt fltr
! " 't '.. vu .tay. Aptil 3,
j oi IVirK-i,, nv(.,k-. la T,,
I , i. - Vu,,, otivk-r,
P1arine & Commercial
t'ii.uii'iu Names ot Vrs.se!.
The follow itij; Ait f Connrtwi, a.i.-.,.-,l
Man h 2, i uutlibctl lur the iiili.r-
Rtati of ,.flt..,m ut (hit i-sutotii au4
I'lln-is com i tiikiI :
AX ACT tuauibuiuptlw fi,vlrv of 0i Trt
itj U r Ik.' iuius if atut ,vr
title rtiruiii.iu.v.
Pr it tiwc'iil kf the S,nl, gt:,t Uwtt vt
.''.iTOKiiilii-m t'ur Vihd Matt ia ( "
r.in'. t hat tlit wtr, t:uy of the
tuasnty li.. ami lirti-liy in, antb.".iu..,t to
in ruiit ttitiownrr or ii.r of anv l
July eim!!.. anil f.imiil aiaw.inhy and
frt! Imto li ll tu iliaiij,'t. ,m name i.f the
n.iiiie, h.'ti, iu his iijioiimi, tlu lu shall tw
ii.t)ii ii-iit i ;lii. tor fo ilniii".
.Sf. '.. 'It'ir fhfl iMm ,,f h-
I inn itill ..i..l,l. I. . .... i
j tk.ua ami impure s.-dt v..i" t5 C
f huiitran,i .ei uni.uy
..........j .n uir ,,fM-, ;m hihJT (It'rlU
luntwary t ir-vmt injury tit tu .li.- or
private int.r. t ; ami hin iHrtniviiu
in j,i an t.il by tur H'i r. tary h. shall raiiik'
l lie onlt-r for Ili t liati'rt of tianm tu he
mlliliii ni I, ant in four imiiM iu a,no.
uaiiy or wrpkly piiprr at tli (.lave f
" S""'ii i ui' i-itKt ot iim. tiring fivi-
! trhH.t-Vhl1'!"? Um lh" u-'r
, to nv luni ii tlm -imi or iii rtoim uV-
i ii'h ilimisi- of iiamr.
! Tli0 l,w':'r of any ti ! rf the t'niinl
i States desiring to have li-r name ihanwd
1 .....1 . . . ' I
iinuii in jiiovhiiih ot tins net must
tttiiKe sworn apiila-ai:oi fo the sei ivtary
ot the treasury through, the chief oltli er
of customs at her home jMitt, giving in
lull l ha reason lor the proposed change,
and submit therewith antisfaetoi-y evi-di-iicc
of the seaworthy coiiditiou of the
vi .w, her necihm frotn ,),.i,ti ,( ,u(
time and plaeo of lur buiMiug.
t'AXCAuol'l.A. Thursday, April 7, Is-si.
Arrivals, ( leniaiiees, Kt,..
Kor the wk ending April C
.Vttt lg C E i'i. ki ring. Marshall, ton.,.
Il.ilo Mobile, ill ballast.
Am l.k I m da A Willey, Willi y, tons,
tr.mi New Orleans, in ballast.
tl.KAHi:i roitiaox.
Pi I it i- 1 C I .
j, Ti.amtj.iai. tl, JaJSa,iiM,l Mel., ml, Ihiuies IIulso,. and Joint
.VctlMue. Haiv. W illi f.4lil .1111 t.'.tt
" eil Ik 'llukla, l'eissi , tons, for
BninshaiiKcn, (.er., with Wi,ri sup
il lumber.
C I. R A It r D CO A ST W l K .
An seh Nellie f .Sawyer, Mttriker.84 tons,
e r i orilanil, A'e., with !.'.r.7.VilJ snu ft.
seh John II Krnng, Pitcher, tVl! tons,
lor 1'liilailelphia, l'n., with UH.n.l,-,
sup ft lumber.
VK-!M:i.a is I'OKT
Xnr bk li'agnH, Olsi'ii
.Nor bit Horn, Anderson
Xnr bk Tititen Olm 11
Xor bk Sophie, Christophers
Am seh Iniiiiinolii, Illooni. . ,.
Nor bk Melbourne, l.ntmrd
A list bk Tevi re. (ilii.liiliTli,..
A'wed bk Java, Aiuleision
.."2ii tons
.41'. tons
.'i.l tons
.tj.7 tons
.11:1 tons
.414 tons
.'t-'ii tons
.K'i tons
Ho bl Nicolas, Iiiirghotit ;74 tons
Am si h W A W atson, i Venlig. . 41 tons
Nor l.k I'l.ira, Mililo lsoit 45.1 tons
Norhfc Alfltild, Thovsrn W.) tons
Nor bk (itane, Kiiinli n, 404 tons
Mol bk Aleti.irjt. Vienlrix XU tons
.Sweil bk Ella. Kte:ic!(, (170 tons
"Exempt front eniiumv Bt citstomhiniHe.
C Ii areit (ram .Sept. 1, (o .Snpt.
, -
'.&,.'!, 140 j
Cleared since Sept. 1, lso ...
denied e. nee Mar. Hi, lsjeH,.
. 17..s:t!.r.04
. l,le;,;,v.!
. lH,!4ti,!17
rVev Ad vort i semen t h.
I will si II for rush, to the highest, bid.
der, within legal hours, on Er'uluy,
April 15, 188J,
the wreck and the appuitennncei of the
Austrian llmk TEVERE. which -was de-
stroyeit by lint on the uight of the d of
April, cansisliug of tlm rontuiiM of tie
hull of the vessel, newly coppered or nic-
luiien, composition tusteneil from the enr
per down, five anchors, chains, lnrirn b,f
of iron bolls, three yawl boats, lot of rope
riuKing, etc,
'lite sale will take place at the DeSmet.
oiiue, on j'HscBgonln river. Scrantoti,
Miss. r. K. TARABOIIIA, Agent.
April 8, IM.
1!A.1 BAY
Grist Mills,
Grand Bay, Ala.,
W. V. niarkmnii, Prop'r.
Fresh Com Jeal, Grits, Corn, Itran,
Cracked Corn and Oats always on hand,
Bud delivered at the depot at reasonablo
rates. Orders solicited.
April 8, 1081. 3-tf
Proprietors of
Th So Hive,"
ttrmtiqiiartrr far Infttttiiig
tnd ErtrythiHS in the
April 8, l)l. 3-3m
riW Reward !
REWARD for tbs apprehension and cou-
ietiou of tbo person wlw sat firs and at
tempted to burn my saw mill nt Mosn
roint, ou the night ot Afart h S, 1S1.
1.. X. DANTZI.Elf.
Apnl f, lci-1. ;j it i
-" w ! i"t iit'inn 1 1
Iji- ?f :' I t. ,a:.
I TltS. S.ISI.ALS. R Xt.VoMI t: It
I jO.-CTiCHAfv f,3PPLHtHT.
1' r intend turn daj tu (ot
Contains OTer 118,000 Words,
1928 Pag. 3000 EagmTlag
Four Page Colored Plate.
4800 SEW WORDS and Meaning.
Biographical Dictionary
of over 9 .00 Names.
H 3000 burning. ft.. tT
tiiiw smnanji as sjiy other ls t ry Jri
X'isry school su.l family uoult hara'ii v.
ii eoo.tnt retereooe. p.
Silt t,f WcU'er it o r gfl times the d
of any otlwr series ot Tui tiuoarivs. JS
ttV' "highest aufhoniy of the Courts tu m
JL de fmiliun." C hit Juttut M ailt.
Aaslrooiit anfreniiU authority ia UwiA m
itijt the lueauiug of w.wils. Jk
Naotiwt Dtetinoary lias Iwt ttrtnaht Ly - T
any State to supply it Schools. M
Dtctinnsryon whieh nine-tonths of the -r
hehool books ot the country are lasej. JJ
Anthirity In the Ooremment Priutina A
iWkt at Wasiiinaton. Jan. Jssl. A.
RrmmnewUd by Halo SiloC. fy-h..ls la Ta
3(i Sister and 50 t olHBeln ts. M.
i.'UonarT thut has ti.-n plwert in mm v
JJ than 32,000 foWie sehoolt In l .S. Jj
IS IT NOT THE STAvn a r.n .
Pul.li.h.il7B C.ERRIS.rrnnirf!,M, Mass.
Aim Wslnler'l Njtl.msl pictorial Dictlnrrj
040 Pagei Ocuvo. WO Enjruings.
Land OrricB at Jai ko, M.
FAI K., M.KH.,
April 1. I
Notiee is hereby riven that the follow
inj 1. k nit it si-tt'iti' lots I'.I. i! notiee of his
inteiilioc to make tiual proof in snpiin
of his cluitii. and secure linn I entry there
of, ii itl proof to be made before the clerk
of the circuit court ol firecti enmity, at
the county gi-at, on Wednesday, the 4th
day of .May, IScl, vu.:
Allen ftauteiteler, lb iiiiostcail entry Xu.
J7tiH, for lot 2 and ti Iif of lots 3 and 4,
see ii'J, tnwiisbip 3 not th, rang" H west, and
nntiM s the following us his witiiesncs, via..
Cluiborii linger, ot 11m k Creek pwtol!li e,
. IHIUIMII lllll-l, Ol
W aahitigtoli7-d !.e;ik' tile, f ; r"l ( iittuty,
Miss. K f. KERK, Register."
April 1. I--I. o-ot
.wrif i:.
I.ANIi Otrn.lt AT Jackson', Viss.,
April t, 11. )
Notiee is hereby given thai the follow,
ing mimed settler has tiled notice, of his
iiitetition tu iiinke tinsl proof iii sitmiort
of his claim, nnd seeuie llnal entry there.
of. said proof to be made In lore the clerk
of the circuit cotirt of (in-en enmity, nt
the comity sent, on Wcdiicsitiiy, the 4th
day o May li-.-l, t.;
1'eter E. I'itir'ey, homestead cliiry Xu.
Hi45. for the e Iif se qr see 4 .'Hid n hf m
i)f sec. it, township 1 nonth. ransre M west,
and niiiiies the following ns his witnessed:
John Mn . haul, M. ('. t ow n t ami A. 1!.
Pipkins, of l eaf posteflieo, (ireeit eoniity,
nnd Ii. C. Coebian, of l aiihy's firry
postolliee, of Jackson countv, Miss.
R. C KERR, Register.
April 1. 11. o-nt
MHfifrs Sale.
Eoehtc A Cord
Tiled, )
V. 8. lMilson
By virtue of an execution to me ditect
ed from the clerk of (he eiienit e.uiit of
Jaeksou county, Miss., iu the above stilted
cause, I will sell ut public unction, to the
highest bidder for cash, in front of the I
court bouse ilonr iii the town of ttvraiituu.
Misautaippi, on
Monday, Ike 2d rfttt of My, 1SSI,
within legal hours, hU (hat pint of parcel
of land w ith Hie iinji-iivi'iin ;it thereon, t
ami known a the t ioienliint churi h, nt.
East l'liNCiigiuihi, which is bounded fol
lows : On the west by coimly road, on
the soiilh by Washington street, on the
east by prop Tty of Mrs. C. D. Heriilrick
Biili. ou tlm north by propel ty of the late
Mrs. W. t. lioilsun, us the property of tint
above itcfeiidant in cxeetilion, to satisfy
plaiittitl''g,iiiilgnieut for three hundred anil
eighteen dollars innl sixty cents, w ith to
gal interest and till cents.
J. E. CLARK, Sheriff.
Peinntnii, Miss., April 1, Ivl. 'j-41
NSicrftT's Sn!c.
J. Wyalt Criffiti, )
E. V. GriiTm.
Hy virtue of an execution to me dir sct
cd from the clerk of tha circuit court, of
Jackson rounty and (Statu of Mississippi,
in the above stated cause, I will sell at
public miction, to the highest bidder tor
cash, iu (rout of the court lnm.au door in
tbe towti of .Scron ton, Mississippi, on
Monday, the 2d day of May, 1881,
Within legal hours, the equity of redemp
tion of the ubove-tiaincd defendant, E. I'.
Ori 1)1 n, in and to the undivided one-hull'
interest in and to a certain tract of land
situate iu said county, nnd particular v
described ns being part of section number
'i'i, in township No. 7 south, in range Xo.
6 west, with oue-biilf in ercst in the saw
mill, machinery and appurtenances erect
ed thereon, anil particularly known asilto
E. V. Orillin mill at Aloss I'oint,, Miss., to
satisfy pluintiti's judgment for twelve
hundred anil ninety dollars, with legal
interest and all cost.
J. E. CLARK, Sheriff.
eVrantoii,Misa., April 1, 1H1, g-4t
Land Omen at Jackson, Miss.,
Aureh IS. lMrll,.
Notice is hcrtibv iriven that tlm tollow.
ing numcd settler has tiled notice of his
intention to make final proof in support,
of his claim and secifro tinnl ntry there
of, said proof to be mwdti keforo the clerk
of the chancery, taisrfrof Jackson county.
Bt the county sent, on Friday, the "id
day of April, 18S1, vi,.: Thonms J. Clark,
Uomiwtead ntey No. M.M. for the lie or
see i!4, township 0 south, range 5 west,
and names the following ns his w ituesseg,
vi.: Rolwrt Hamilton, Archibald 3ees,
Charles V, Jones. Thomas (J. Jones, nil nf
Orange Gruvn P. O., Jackson eoniity, Miss,
If. C. K Kit It. Register.
Aimh I Hi. i,iM
I. ft. At..
I'rfitiou Ibr Liceu?
I.i t!i t;..i.u'ulI B....rU ,f SH.-titutr
"!' iii.t!i;rs;tinf, Irfat vt r.Mat
N'n. 3tf Mtkt nilllltV. BIMlUl rr :vr(-l Ii. 1 1 v
r.-v.'mm-ini t'.i. i tv.ii in U- a rl
Shi! mtutilt- i-n.ui tn rfirivn a Ik'rliat; Iu
n til l .... ami j.:rctut:s iiiiiuis in lesjt
'ii. j:itl!h tttuti jln- i.int. at lii III:.,
I I'list; i in i!ir i b .-t kuunti
i !" "-. t (inta Kvti.uint."' n4
vsunlil r. ;m tn.isy r n oinl tlutt liir h i
la if t II if -li
, H ii Kr.
C M ( rum
J. !:! Lene
Emilc Raby
S O Raby
Charles lVtrtsm
ten Aiiib-rsoii
Vim-eiit Uo
K I i.tier
J.evi Johiisiiu
Mam Wright
l'. tifns J.tu.-s
t 1) IWhl
R Weitiach
I hos A l.aHM)
A C Era.lt'ord
T C Ruble
J iio-s Col. man
W J K.iTaut
C Nelson
Witt H Nix
.) tt Krelia
E E H. I.ranl
I'anl i'oitetiti
T. r, uce Raby
Jack Carter
Jo Era ok
Jame li rut in '
Anloinr R.tby
I -on is Kl ebs
II lohltsoli
V H Alley
Y Oregory
S (iregory .
Charles Carlamaa
Jam Lewis
ti W Rwvca
W in Royal
ti l (ilosea
Sanies prnwii
Kuiistiu (.laude
lit 1 1 Roud
Eee Robert
Sum Hatty
Jack .lose'jih
Willi Ernusberry
J l.epaul
Moses s, viuonr
A Dutch
J n Dutch
II M.iloy
C A tireiuer
Vincent HapiUte
1 N Osborn
Isii'mre 1 in pout
A Chanteratit
A de Villei.enve
Cluia 8 Eaiiuit-r
W' A Kivbs
John Y Haptiste
Thomas Croslue
C A Ross
W t.'ooly
N II Sai'nllar
J w Maniinond
John D Uibee
E Percy
4 W wi st Caul
J I. west fa it I
J E Timriihill
Richard Tielicrn
w A Tillman
J M Clark
W A Htaddoik
J ttbrion
J w Andrews
A .Snow
D K .Vui-ray
E w 1) Humphreys
A j Murray
' 1 Jones
E Morgan
I'red j.u ksmi
" Weciloii
Hnbirt llos'irgo
Emiis Vigouraiix
A En lttier
A I'noi
jiin.es Malheiva
A Powell
M Sliepntd
Hum Kriinklin
Rat Natciso
J It Chaetniit
Mike Courtney
John Foster
Miit Mill
.(dm Huideii
Tlleoilnie I.niinier
KremiiM Blown
( lias Chiilsey
j is j Eiidiiicr
H.-tiry It.trner
(ieo l'li-o f jl
I'. t. r Mattiri
H D Viilverde
, Kunott ai;air.
' J it I -k I'i Imnl
' Jvter J.i!;m?ia
T at i'
; JitliM l'i"-;in
I J A Kifi
i i H iVlU-i iu
! II M Kt'rU
j t Nii-h-bs
! t'Ufr Hi-mt ri. t
Kratitnsi i, rVrrt-r
ti W l.n'tni, r
Xi lson Vl t
I Juliu William
AHt.-fl Bt3
3 A R ihy
Jtihu l.rro
.,t.,lpt: Krtli
L Phillip
Auj;uti- (ihiiule
Valuiutit (ilaiule
Aitlmri Ciiuii a
tiro Baz !
Jam.- Kaliba
AiUlisum King
W Hump. on
a: Alrxatiilrr
' lhivid You
t aivi,, iie,in-
' P'
Uui l.-s brj;o
' ' tem-y J, tu
i y Viein
iuiiii-s I'lHher
l'avi.l Saucier
E E Erii-kson
Jain.' Esdnier
1. lt.ipoltt
John Akin
A K I .as
I' II Walker
S ft Henry
dipt Itat'lle Nndop
Miguel (iya
R (i l.'yd.'r
John Uemsite
J line. Slel'anl
iitciiaiil Smith
I'eter Selvis
elms Wilson
John Millut
Tonv Tunis
Tony Ai'tngns
E ti Walker
w H Ri sbeiTy
W E SjieoVt
('has jn i.amithan
t.' h is A l'etersnri
Ch.is Lyons
Cnpt Jim Pavia
A llderstrlllll
W K Lkiilsiiit
Clltis Itoster
1 tennis Nnrry
Rii hard Dennis
Edw 4 lleusoii
W Sticket
John Chustaut
W in Oeorga
s l Hull
A E Krelia
il K Orant .
E J Ctant
John Ciilovieh
C E Chant ant
.laim s Napier
l etcr J.istuti
OeorgK Walliteo
Johtt tlreeu
jtimei chirk
josepli Spareu'oi rg
John Oniony
0 w 7'agert
W . OoiImiu s
Rene Rmiii
S Ciiiinnigliain
Rnliis Iloiiulil
A 1) Hyiler
w in llickson
E Havens
I.ee Roy
li 'ii l'.a.!ir.s
Ruins Clark
(allies w Haii is
V 11 Yi
Arsim Cluii lc
K Harner
1 has uheiilo
E l.iiiiling.T
X j Jottng
Chris Rrandod
t luibnine Riehanlwin Joe Elorenc;.
Sain .McDonald Henrv Ilrooks
John Johnson Dave'lloward
J Miller E Hclaiki!
(ieorge Edwanls 11 M rndabiie
A O Delnias John F Krcbs
H Hl.Milllllelil c II wood
M Ktib.v O Randall
s A Patch John II Turner
J 0 Dutch AFEynd
t.eo E Muggins Oeo N cook
H Oniut
Lc Sailer
Ira Ilrniime.
C D Moore
R l'oil. vin
c II Ihewer
(eo Rnss
D K Archibald
E ustHiiera
D D Jorrill
A A KleliS
T B Rahv
E D Krcbs
J E Ellison
James II Krehs
A Vicmvicbi
johu Me.Kecver
Migtti-1 Autoiiios
W in II Ilrowu
E H llenileisou
Louis Henry
John Hallory
A lick W lliams
Eugene Eiaucis
jnliil Tuhy
W A ens
K D Smith
iS II Lauiiis
wm E .N'leedo
Jules I'eCt
w C Ran key
Jed W'illiuins
E j Oweu
C Valverde
James Parks
wm 1' I'arliam
JT Johnson
C Johnson
Jos U Raby
ti A .Stemiior
II (.' .1llOIV
w M cinity
j F t iissunova
B F Eiekett
S R Thompson
Eeter Linsey
Andre ly
Rufus Hunt
David II, million
jerry Brown
jerry (.rant
A w hile
Eastern johnsou
Thomas callo
joo Eurrett
Henry Robertson
Edward Oniv
Alfred Smith
Fraii k Thomas
Charles Bideati
A'jveviu Bandro
Anderson Browu
II N iSinith
A 1 Denny
w wntkins
L Randall
( has E iS'arrsiin
jnles riehon
win H tJiaham
j c Heidelberg
C K chiilsey
j (i Foster
c h Delmus
V Ih lmas
j F Dehnns
w 1 Willis
J II jonte
Nicholas Kirsh
Ed (iurlii)
Tlieo Rotiscait
C Luce
(J W W ilkes
M Valverde
0 Ociier
w A Hnialee
Jus Tilimuu
TB Wilder
James Smith
R L Delmus
jiimes Burroughs
Miguel capella
B work
E w Morrill
A H Dmmv
8 D Denny
afureu a,-,, isjHi. i-3t
Charles B. Schmidt,
Dealer iu
Family Groceries, Peed,
Also have on band the oeleluated James
ryles' 1'EAhLlXE, the greatest WiiiJiing t in
i .11 1 till!
- r !
itf !
1 I am still at
where may 1, foaaj every a.'"
lower for CASK. 1 UirVl.,?
will pay, the htbr. ,LrCt 1
Country iTx-lnce!" B.i.,r ,b.sk&h
patrflUig, -.lie.t Ibw."
June IX Jissfl. iftit
The New Orleans, Mobile and
Texa3 Railroad Co
Asj-vergsulwd. and 0enite4 by tks
On!,- l.in.
ger trains. "
leaves New Orlean7:50s.m.aad 4 4- -Arrive
Mobile Vi:iO ,,.,B. .,' ten"
north and east.
rin. s the only muuiug pB
Talace Ur, from New OiU-u. ! 1"
fiHe. t inetuuati. Ciiluiuhns, OhiTi?
n."hi,'8"- V., W1TH0LT
HA.M.t.. ihialiua possest, th. fcllo..
mg advantages.- It is Tim KnnRTUT It
is iHtf Qni sm, It is I'ssivALrj) w
(.ONsTItt tTloX AND Eol ir-UKyr.
Til ket oUiee eorner Camu and r,,.,,.
st reets, J. . 8MI1TI, Ticket Agent, whnj
Sleeping Car ceomniotlations may be
ctited in mlvance. '
J.T. HA HAH AN, Snpt.
A. A Stir. w sox. General Ticket Ageut.
July 1.1, It-no. j.(f
Thoiiip.on,a Improved "
Building Paper
Talented Dcmher T, lSSO.
A substitute for Plastering nuil TVs.ll
Titiier couil.iued, fiuished In a misty of
beautiful deaigna. In Ufe thronghont th
Sou them itate;. Simples sent o reclpt
of postage-stamp.
Sole Manufacturer, 1K& 114 Eoydrm St.,
. yfJUIllA 44. iw
i i: X iTi n i v e ii.
Kmin Lookout Station on the N. 0. and
M. Railroad, for I'cnrlingtoii, Lngtowi
nnd liainesyille, the fast propeller,
iSrWl If. 0. Warmoth,
K. S. I10ARDMAX, Idsstur.
Miikes diiifv trlns to Pearllmrtnn. ana
extends trips to l.ogtown siiiUiaiticsville,
Tiievlay:i, Thiirsilays ami Saturdays.
t oentii Is with the roast seen minmln lien
train, moi oing nnd eveninj, and aiso with
the east-bound tram from New Orients
Feb. S3, m. 49 tf
eo. W'C" c5bn m plln,
WithP.tl. HANI),
Wolf Tuiru, .min
Dealer in General Merchandise
Citsh imid for Country Praduce. Wisd
a spesially.
l-Vm-froi lnfrizette
Wolf Totrn, .Wist.,
Dealer in Wines and Liquori.
August la, 1Sm. 8t-ljT
Stuart & Snyder's
Sheep FaEPlfi
Tilt i;o ffi IH1R E D JIER iNOS,
tbe only kind sit. ted to this climate, eon'
stantly for sale.
of superior quality and undoubted purity,
sold at reasonable prices. Address
can Springs, Miss.
January 7, H-l 4J-Sttl
Plymouth Eocks I
The riytiinnth Roek is the fowl for tlt
South, being hardier, mature earlier, lint
better layers than any other breed. Kt
fowls or chicks for sale. Eggs for ills
now ut ii per sitting ot 13. Safa srrivst
of rggs guaranteed.
Nashville, Tens.
Feb. 4, Bel. 4Mtn
Storehouse and Res
idence for dale !
A storehouse, and resilience attached, Ift
the business part of Pasesgoula, is oflerei
for sale rery chmp for cash, or it eqnlvs
lent. For furl hor inliu utsl ion, apply W
.Vrsuton, March 19. 1SH0.
At lower rates than else
wherti in the South, Cards,
Letter and Bill Heads, En
velopes, Programmes, Fost
ers, Briefs, Hlstiks, Pamph
lets, and evorf othur class
of printing. 'Bend us your
ordem tditiafactinn given.
lAfnocnt-Star Job Office.
Job Printisaf
Ililaxi itlrrri Jttiet
WASH C. MYERS, Proprietor,
Geuorsl dealer In .
mm moms'-
OEO0EIUE8, '-f
Hals, Cap, Clothing,
and Shoes. Hardin rre j: i
Notions. Crock erv, , . f.,.l. to. Iu
evecythiilg neeesuiii'v tocontitry trada.!
lit.il.t.wt ...i.f r.,r .i.'.nt.f- nrtslltcs
h or Iu trade. . '
I Ileal Mri ' &IKiilll,l
w iy August 1, l?". '
I Vt... t, 1,4-,

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