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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, July 01, 1881, Image 3

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Af AY E ?E E 8 '
1l A pcnlKIETORS.
goula, Miss:
....July I.
We note tlie tact tli.it the
Mexican Unit Catiuiu,j Com
pany cuntmi-ti cd canning fresh
iis wi yt sUT ! iv. They e xpect to
liv lvmic.
Ml-t.KU.ANt.Ol .
l.,iu l m: a I J li-H't,
J, m l"f
if.. .uCiiTCii Croierv .iMorrill & Merritt,
jiAsr.-roKo, iuss.
,.- v lYl HS, - aanasrer
in advatuv)
lyj.lttinm w
u .'..".'.'...
.....re tint inwrtiou
i .,,.inliituarT Notices, l over
' ... .ml KfMI.V- IVUU il
(r tu ni . - :.
l .nlBiiii-"' insert touoi
" .I,, t.. their publication.
K ;w 'IJnt not bavin tb !:
To comets.
DusiiK'Ss very cooii.
-(.'amp "lectins' .U,na 1;5'
MomlaV w ill b the 4tli of July.
lU'iiHMiilier llecht has moved Ins
lmil r bli '"St of Xo'e'8 Bi,loon-
Piol. I. T. Emery lias returned
to Ocean SiiringH from Tort Smith,
The K,;1SS fc"'t0!'.v is M0W '"
full Mas?. They com mei; ceil blowing-
clusit last Monday.
0r market is well supplied
itli watermelons, yet they are
quite I n ice. An nittinsiry
sized watciiiuloii retail lit ttv-iity-
N'lvii'i'S at Si'faiitoii uuailemy
wnt Sum'.ay. as follows: Sunday
m lio'jl at 5oVlm:k in the al'ienim)!! ;
pivarliiu' at iii'lit liy Kil. I. A.
Hailty. All nre iuvite'l.
Two largo cisterns are ba.ll.v
hfcilcd at the rt house. The
Imanl ot supervisots hoi'lil pass
mi old. r at their next niei'inij;
inaKinj.' ttiu iieeessary apiaopiia
timi for the niiame.
J..I111 V. M ii khain, n laboring
H-ltiU' man, who lias been working
liioiin.l town lately, d'eil last f li.
.lay ui;lit from the effects of s:u.
titroke. His reniaiiis were sent to
Mobile Saturday for interment.
KoaRliiip ea's, to:ratnes, nkra.
mid other vegetables, iiresellinf: nt
still' .i iei s in our town. Corn can
not be had for less than twenty five
tents .er dozen ears, and tomatoes
mid other vegetables lire vqrull.V
us hijjh.
The stoek ot good of J. T.
Jo'iiirion was sold nt auction hist
Monday, and brought good iriee.
In fact, we believe people will pay
more for (roods at anetion than they
fan buv tho same class of goods
IT. retail.
A burlier nhop on wheels W as
the latest novelty in our town this
week. F. Deeht, the tonsorlal art
ist ol our town, has moved his shop
(house and contents) a few doors
cast of his old Hand. He will be
ready to receive calls to day.
, There will be n mite meeting
nt the residence of Mr. J. T. May
Imrv, on PascngouU river, next
Thursday lii),;ht. All are invited
to attend, and don't forget to carry
your mite along. A pleasant time
Is in store for nil who attend.
John, the prompt and accom
modating ninil currier from this
place to Moss Point, and who
drives (.'apt. S. R. Thompson' hack,
is as regular as clock work in his
liip, and always takes time to ac
commodate bis patrons. lie drives
a good team and lias an easy-riding
0'ir citizens are now treated
to two cometio seances daily,'one
comet appearing at night in the
northwestern liorizon, and the
other in the morning between 3
o'clock and daylight in the north
east. We do not tnoW whether
these erratic celestial' bodies have
nnything to do witli causing the
oppressive heat that wc are now
undergoing or not", bpt some think
that is tTie case ;'if so" we w ould like
10 see them curtailed, ecfnelehed,
l'ut out, or something of the kind
SctautcrU tony. not be said to be
on the boom, yet the improvement
ol the" town is steadily on the iti
'fease, and new buildings are
steadily going up. li, J. Jane is
preparing to build a new hotel on
the present site ut' hi old house.
'1'he building will be a two story
lranie, with six sleeping rooms up
stairs, bar room, dining-nmin, kit
I'eu, etc., down stairs He is now
iinviiij; tin, old building out of the
v:v ' P'eparalory to coinuienclng
woik on the new.
,dv one c.iiididali" as set fvi" the
receive bom one to two linndred j otliee ut ' p pti ?t'Htative.
bushels 1 day during the tig sea-1 1 vn.ml. i it tint lit;U '". .mk.'
son. Thiy buy all that is cuuie.l aint going t.noii.c to llainesville.
tothi-p.i. 'lhev are also eiiK'ctiii" Ale we p-iuj: to h ive that oena-
t i.a.-,u. f t.ii.eai.i,l..S.!avJi""'iil "Mention I Do.A rvery-j thi. nlr
.... .,, . I bo.ii viK-.ik ut mile,
which tLej will put up at ouee. . ,
1 l orn C!; reMis !hh Hioity;
Mr. Wm.Mehlo,theenterpii.Niug ! tl, line et Columbia road in this
wiK)l dealer of Oi leans, ! county and Marion, are very un-
thivagh his agent, Mr. K V. U-j favorable.
is, bought in this couutv 5.000 -h'hu Moo.e wi.l stait the mud
, , . .... " , I trom lialiiesviMe to Kice i!!e, there
pounds of wool wUhu. the last ten j tomwt witl theCl4uillbiSi routr,
Hays, tie uas seeuieti an 01 uie ,m tll4. tirt Mninl.iy in July,
heaviest ttlips i the to auty, i t-I j0Un Mone has just received at
eluding that of Co'. A. K. l-wis. l,i eheain st store in town, ; lot ot
When it comes to buv ing wool liob. at nm lous rroni the "Honauza"
take the lead ot" any geit that - They a,e ver, tine,
has been in our section, and if he ( The KU-e Parmer is our mail boat
. Irion IrtM-kwiMMl station now. We
lUkCSU II.U.OII IU u t k.,....-., , ....,.,,....,,,,. ,r to
make it a daily mail, nt.d id re
duce the fare that's lair.
Mr. C. M. laddie, of the Hands
boro .tt'r(!.vr, was here on busi
ness laSt week. We learn that
Ch itlie ia tandidate lor tho olliee
of county treasurer ot Ilanisoii
On 8uud.iv, "dill. Mis. Josephine
Truly, wile of Mr. James Truly,
.lied here front tin attack of cholera
iiiio liiis. A "mtil w ile. a kind moth
lee cream, lemonade, cake and ; ..,.( j, i t'--t I nly has gone the
tithe' refreshments will be prow-led way of ail this earth. Our hearty
by Cue ladies, and besides they sympathy is extended to Mr. Truly,
, , , . the litt e children, and the old
have made arrangements to h.ne M ho luvi. b,,lt s0 MuUie,.ly
a grand pyrotecltnteal ui-piay , 1 .(tjpc,,.(
while en route to the island, which
l'. rri-' l'i.mriln I'tiMti !( U'H iit ( t.iil
r 's
...i-t..i:.at..h.t.-.n...nu-: 1 i . t,,n,.l tttrir b. Bl.-'t ti..t.i- mt hi. ; RAKER Y " I
Mntr auit ..!tW iffi.-es i '"' ii.r.-iiti..!i t uiaWr B..at ff'f hi iti.i 1 X 1 '
rmmty ..t'i.r ' "t In vtaiui. ml mm- :mt 'Hlrv ihHe- '. tf1vi 1
i it aa ! at m. , (, Mut i.t..t in i mt ii.r ih rink i XiUS. M. It. rei V aiv.a, (
T-i ... . i ... :.i ... ... . .,.. i. ..t th. . li:,n. .rv eutirl f ir- ruitnty. at j
( ,1 !, iW I'H. . l -fr it.. " j ' ... , 14, I I
m i:t r'llllill .... ...m. ----- ;
llaT lit JlliV I""!, vii :
.Vuiiui-1 I'aiit. v, hiiin.sti-ad eutrr X
-... .....!... . f I'mmI.I. TS."4.. Ir thr HI " i, luwifh
: i!ith. rat. 'i- " .-:. a .i. iwm.s Lie
i - - - ,14.
Ii.b oi a in niifiw n 'ii, v , i -
tnniir.1 ia tlir jiaiwr. .'. il. i iatin in..
W r a. aiitlnri?iHl t aimur f Ca.t.
!i. AU. ti Mi-t.rwt. Hjrry .tJV .i-u.liii ami
i . , , T".r I' ' t;itt.:.i.l IM!..!t IWUV. tVtry !-
Hi AUiLt.it t I'.lhUe Aifnlil. fciX'J .VI Hi jj-j. Ir..ti-r.
tue Mrit.ni hi me ih-iiiwijik .-iw - vw-V-lltillU.
not bow heavy it may be, he takes
it in.
Save up your money for the
ladies moonlight excursion tu Horn
Island, Monday, July 1 1 tti. Alarge
barge has been secured, which will
be fitted tip with seats, a guard
built around it, and all necessary
arrangements made for the pl.-as-ure
and comfort ol excursbnists.
Fmr Sherir.
1 liTliy nnmmni-e my-li at riintiilate
I'm til iiii t .Nhvrirt ami lax I ullrctur
ut lix Uxi.i .imity, milijiHl pi tin- latiuti
nf tlie Kiu,iatif i!irty.
lhfluiu. Avi-m.e,
liavp o;iM.i-t' 1,1 U f fa ner f IVI-
June III. lt.
lor TrrHturtrt
'f r- Bi.tliiirize.1 tu ai.iiii.iiu'r !!!. J.
t.. Mcl.KoUtta ramli.Ule tr tB-. hr
lit.ii tu lf iirtiie f TivaMiivr f Jjekill
iiim.ty, miti.tfi l to uomiuatiim liy the item-wrath-
Waruat' Safo Nrviun at Chiilae)'.
will add much to the occasion.
lr. A. II. Ilil.hei.n, of Jack
son, Miss., will be in our town next
Wednesday, the Oth, lor the pur
pose of attending to any business
tu the line of dentistry, and will
remain so long ns his professional
services may be rctjuiicd. We
have known Dr. Ililzhcim since
boyhood, and lake pleasuii! in
com mending hint to ur citizens as
a gentleman in every respect and a
line dentist. Wnile here lie will
have his ollke in Cox's drug store,
where nil orders left will receive
oroiiii.t attention. Re id hisadver
tisement in another column.
Next Monday is the glorious
Fourth. The Middle Kfjlulrr says
it will be big day in the Gulf
City. The First regi ueut, Ala
bama State troop?, will give a
grand military celebration at Fras-
call, and among other attraction.
there will be an exhibition drill by
those bull-dog of war, the Ala
biiiua Slate Artillery, taiget shoot-
. ,.l -!, .ltd
nig, sports ami K...1H-.. in 'i'"""
kinds, pyrotechnic displays, bal
loon ascensions, shell firing, and n
dramatic entertainment by the
Huutley-Kctiiiedy troupe. Any
otto that cannot get amusement
out of all this will bo indeed hard
to please.
Mr. Chiis. l'L Sarrain, as will
be seen by reference to our an
nouncement column, announces
himself as a candidate for sherifl
of Jackson county, subject to the
action of the democratic patty.
Mi. Sarrazin is, perhaps, too well
and favota'dy knowu in this por
tion of the county to require any
commendation ut our hands, bi.t
we will state that he i a clever
centleman, well qualified to fill
the office of, sheriff, and should he
be elected w ould make a most eflt
cient and competent oflieer. He
was born and raised in this comity,
conies from a fine family, and al
together i a young man of much
promise, and worthy to hold any
Pi.w'ii Cnhlen Medical l'iscovery nt
i.M.ANIl-KMI.KR At Piliixi, Miw.., OH
TeMl.iy.Ji.ii' '.'I. I"" I, at the rmintrv
iih-m-i" in' tlf liti.lrV i:.l iiUtiy I.Vv. JMi
Mathews, K. I". l.Kt mi s'.'t Miw Mv
Tllli. kt.UKR, ilaituliti-r f J. H. Kelh-r.
lUuh t New nrleutta.
Tti. vr.oiui hi a natnm ef lh' lKVo
CKat-Sti tut immf tin ist ii co. fill
anl rnt rrriii.i; im-n htoo ef il' rity.
wUil" (It lirh'.o i the lovrtv ilanuhter nf
an nlil cat ron nf ouia ami aui-ivsn'u'
hiiuirt matt f Ni'W Uih-ioii.. wish
thrm i.iurh tiapiiiiii'W ami nriwn.'Vitv.
no i i:ia rou ia:.
Mis. Th r-al I'am aimia tlonw, m
well knuwn for it ilrlii;littiil mtimthin
ami i.ha!i tr's ete u ai-rimnt of th
ih-alb f the pruir!etrM. It he w'ht
hiw ami m"''. ea.v r.ii. itm rai.niau
rnniuattv having n-ihuvit their fare lo thi.
Ilar-. ..iialitlnw it will :;uiu l lint lt
nslt.it reisurl, Ih-iii l ue uni-i naimus
l.lai-e mum the emit. Ajuily 1" i.
IxiDKlN, Tam- gmla,Mii.
m;is avenue- a;iu mny treeia a ureeii
tiiiKt-rv, llakery ami I'imfect lottery, hi re
w will tee), at all tilllel. the Inst fresh
Uvf, freih breail, rakr, uiea, rte. Wttli
iu a IVw ilaVs we wilt he prepared to Ue-
tiver fresh livf ami hreail at the bntwa lit
riliyen. I'liblic patriiiare retie tfiil!j
M.luitt. I'OI. & VALVELDK.
Aitili,IH-t. 5'
W. V. . CAKKY.
J. W. I.At'H':'tIN..
Pnrrhavi ami ?ltilier l
IIcmii and Vnun Timbrr,
P. O. A.!Ure,
MII.-8 PltlXT, MISS,
lfcf. 3. l-t. " :
Drusitt "ini ApMlik-ary.
Ilealer in ' '
lh vj, Ckemicah, l'uttt Mcdlrinr
Painti., Oil. Ilye-Stttft, Tnilet ArtiiU,
t a.itliia, Uartlen Si'ed, PnJ', Wiml
t.hiiw.eto. " ...
S1b ageitt fi Jarkmn rnnnly for lu
Hohnan Liver Pail ami nrrltriiiBS.
IM. 3. t-Ti). "
arlnc & Commercial
Ciieo. W Chainplin,
WitUP.lt. HAM).
Weir Town, .Tii.it.,
Dealer in General Merchandise
Cash ruin" fur Country Prixtuce. Wool
a iii-i iiilty.
I'VanooiM lnrrizotto,
iro" Toini, .lit.,
Dealer in Wines and Liquors.
AniNt It, I .-Hi. 21-ly
St ran Ian, - - .Wm i.,
IK-iihn in . . ,
hoots, shoes, wjts
Fresh Onk'orios and Foetl,
Caiuteil U.hmI. Tinware, Hardware, anil
everything couiteet.Hl with a Eikkv-Cim
Srutm, which will bo hJ low ilua l"f
theiih. . - i,
I r"AU Wiuen, Lhn'.or, Ale, etc. love
n a rail ami aee tot yuumulve.
j t'iui 1'iin. laraMIf,
ilknutl Knee Tic.
Kcirtv. Larr. I'tchns
I!ocr. Ui!!on.,nni!
Lnditvruucy Uood
KCiU'ratlj .
H uter'n bull Tmiie at Chiilnfy's.
A Siinith I' tml-x(.i in tx" t'Bil bv fvrrv
liv wh will r. in-r-r I'.Miie.
.1.. ...i.uit.iT Hie lir.r astt nil imi.
! i, !'., is, tj..l t her.- U iHitliinc ' It. '"i'I lti
,r um, liv il " 'ii'l' '.I i""'"' lilmpl"1 auit
given a rwiy liUmi tut.ie i ll -K. S tinlh't'.
m Fusty km
As Ciuni? usttw ( lii'jtposl!
ll,KU ili llviTnl Fire of t'lmi ii'.
Winner's Fitl'i! Kiitm y nml Liver Cure
at t'hiil ey's.
)D8ISES8 J!e3
Ulank Xoli'R, Koccipt.s and
Drafts Coin in? Ink,
Copy in;: Lead IVnciln, and
Rlatioii'M-y, dc, at
ot:. W. WILKES & ITS.
WarinrV Safe Hitters at CliiitseyV
m i l K (IF THE lil'.JI'H'ltAT-STAR, I
I'AHi AOol t.A. Thtirwlay, June , 1"1.
Arrhtils, learanees, l'.tc.
I'm- the we, l; eiiiliiig June S".J
ak' r li.
tu- t,L lVi-i venoife. ienti;e 4"3 tolia
tiiuii Vii t.iria, r.i.-ticil, il. liallttst.
Hi- h" Al.tiie Cliffnrcl, Store 4.".! hmi
.,r ll e,toii, Mann., withyi'),0oci.n ft
Am m-hr liniuiinihi. IUihuh ''"
f.ir l'.nni'i Chtl.ti, Tex., with 5, i '0
i t.i.l tteK.
vrsMi t.t in i-ciitr
Kr hk ft. Pierre, l'ltilil'l'h-
Nor liH lliinnoiii.i, Sieiuln i j,
lint Si (.'orni lilt, Nun i.ii.tf.
Hi- hk A.hi Marker, Keihly
lier hk PanliitB I'nviil. t)it
t.i r lik Mo, tileiin. M'tttner. . .
Sil lik Viihan, Mi llii.
Ann lk t tuno, llmai ieh
lr hk Anna, l aw
Ill hk W. J. W hitinc Cutter.
l.fMmat siatkMkst,
Cti-areit fiiii-f Sept. 1, IW 3t,M.l 'i
t'kineii .iitcv June !ia, 11 t,.i.i.
Total 31.4U7.Hhl
Itartet'a Liver Pill, at Ch'ulwyV.
Tropii-.il I'Viot Laxative- at Cltiilsf.vV
Pioilie'a Cofilia st Chiilwv'a.
) hotel's Elixir Wild Cherry nt Chhl-
wj s.
..4 it tons
. . .tmi toiiH
.. .f.U ton
.. ,ti-.ti tons
.. ,!tS tons
...Wii tons
. ..:inl" toll
...4.ii tun
...a ft tons
.tiH tuns
I nftrr my re'nh-me fur mile. It is itn-
Hteil in pleamint part nt town. 1 lie
hoiote hat aix eouiliutalile romiia Hint all
tieee.aiy ntfliiiihlin., jjutilin ami some
fruit tree. AUi a
C'otlngr and Saloon,
tteiir theiteiMit. Apj'1' to i. AAKIK,
!tllo.vi, .tiirft.,
or the loiilet'.igii' ll.
,its lin i errcr,
Nef Olh ltni.
Man b IS. 1 'St. b'i-ti
Tonsorial Artist,
I'.tW.UUH'l. I (DKI'on. .VISS.
With NEW CHAIRS, New Kajurs, i te
he will h hnjijiy tu rtteml his oht rim-
touieni ami miiiy new i)i.e. tiipiiori in
in: mocr at-STak amt rut tmrht r.
Hair Cutting Xi cetiht
Shttvinjt -J-.' "
Sliamti.M'hi'r "
..... I " .14 .1
Hair tlrossiiii i"
Mmistiu he ilj eil -r'
!t"Tlie Ceh-hnitiit lloyt'a (hrman Co
logne always hmnl, ami the best Hail
(hi, for al 1-tieiij.i.
JulyS, 1-K. My
Hos.srl HousC)
J. L. .YOlirilS, Proprietor.
This Itiiiimi in epii fl" lu', r''''l,,i""
InoiRieiit ur iteliitaai iit bounleis, ami la
Sejt Opsa aU tia Year.
Steei:il riiten for families.
Mn.vti, lnsl. .
The ll.vtTsiclc!
.nv fStorrl IVew oodI!
DEMI AS liROg, IVojw.
. Matnifai tnreta ef
STEAM .. ,.'
Saw MWsi
Brass and Iron Castings, .
Foitcirs a s, etc.
American T wist Drill Co,'
CtltitraUd Etntry lVheel,
I'ot (Imnti.ing and Sliarpcuitig Saw.
Ttn ami tiea, AfiwliinUti. Fnitaliiiig,
Eli-., Oan I'irte ami lia Eitlinjr, all rri
lloltn ami Nuta, from i huh to H inthea
Kuuhvr ami LeathcV Pellma, ve.
1 It
liiloxi Hems.
Qiloxl, TcliSS.
'tnns rnv.MODlors HOTEL has Imm-h
1 tiioroii)hly reiiovaietl. Viitirs will,
an heretofore, receive tltn best attention,
ami till the ilnlh'iti'ieS f '
iiioileiute rtttt-a.
Jime tn, t.t. w-y
We li.iva Junt built lifw tore anil
np.tie.l im the river, near lKliiuw mill, a
new ami complete Mock ut
t oxsti rtsd ok-
Dry C.oiMls; rsotionw.
C rum-lie. Shix Clutliina.'Crockeiyw.iro,
I'ltintH. Oils, Hri.xlii- ami etiet;u !.uii
fhaiHtlt-ry, all nf which will be ohl as
Cmi Ihe ( htuimt.
Call ami mi- uur atat-k befon piirelmiM)!
eU-whem. Country produce t ken in i-x,
i liil-KC for jromla.
Si rantou. Mis.. Nov. 5. UJ. --lv
All work In rtr lilt ihmo as cbeap 1
cau Im ilone South. Monthly paymenM
required, ntxl jswitirill n 4lviliu irora
Hit rule, l'rniiipttuft, liinpattb aml .low
rutin i our ulottu. ' '
June ll.lHiO. i"''
ui'iy m i
Dr. A II. Hilzhoim
of j iciiso.x, miss..
Will vinit Ri-rantmi, Mi., July fi, 11,
and remain for few day ouly. Part.e
ilenirii.t! his services should make apiihi'
tinn iiuuudiati lyon hi arrival. All tho
hiti-Ht Improvement in dnntitry. Ti-rim
ieaoui.lile. Satisfaction iJ-uarii.iWeil. t't-H.-c
at Cox's limn tore. '
July . l-i-l. T
ioii-Itcilcl Notice.
The State nt Mi-wiHuippi
To Charik Mc'Ih kev.
You lirs rommiouh-d to njnieur before
n... i-i,.iiii. ( on it, of the eon nt v of Jaek-
aou in aid Station tho Hint Monday ;f
Seiitemhor, 1SHJ, to iletoml tlie sun insula
. ourtofL V. HimHeit, wherein you sib
,1. lemlaut.. A. U. Di.l.MAS, Clwk.
Scrauton, July 1, ll -'-J,y
IVah-r In
Boots ond Shoes,
Family Groceries,
Unbent h.arkct prico piild for Country
J iunary 1 i, l't.
4:t-1 y
(Jeo.W. Wilfccs&CVs;
Itarter's Fever am" Ai;uii Pills at Chhl-
ey .
Moss l'oint Items.
Weather excessively warm.
Tn excursion trains Suntlny
nml quite ft goodly immbcr ol cx
Our hotels fiirtiislt exciirsionists
with ft Hup (linnt-r liiclinltii wine,
for tlie sum ol one dollar.
Tlio work on the enmp ground is
progressing rapidly. "l'w n's'
taurant tlmt is beinr erected tiiidcr
tlie supervision of Mr. J. K. ILirk
ncss is (ipproneliiiijr coin pi .'lion.
It is indeed a tine building and
will lie mi ornament to the Krotiiuls.
i.,i,.,,, nn.iiV davsllie wlmrves will
i, eonmletcd. and nil will be in
readiness by the time of eoiiiinouec-
meiit. July 13tlt. A very laryc u
teiidance is expected.
s the time of conventions draw
etb nigli, it behooves all wlio asp.ro
totliedillerenti.ositionsin the Kilt
of the people to aunouuee i -selves
throtish the co u.niis o the
papers, thereby not dying thd?
trientls ot their political aspira
tions, and .ossiblypreve.u..sr""
fiimuls Iroiti pleduinUtiienisclves
h fit
have known of peisons losing
noiiiiiiation by procrastih Uiou m
this mat n-r.
Watermelons lileulilul, high, ami
IJlnsliain It'asjiist received" a tie
Htid choice lftt of candies.
Oh. lot- some " heathen Oliince,1"
or t-omebody else, to statt a laun
dry at Mis l'oiut.
The neirroes have an excursion
t, P.iloxi on Siinda v. Hack Kelt on
is boss ot t In; excursion
:.Sr. 1). Iv. Mclnnis is nuttiiig np
11 nico resilience on Kellevieu
street, next lot to Dr. aughau 8,
Thp iionearancfl of a comet Moil
ilav and Tuesday night, "rendered
nsstirnitce iloulily sure, to uie o
tarics of Mother Shiptou.
iMiidame Miinior reports the mar-t-iit
ue bells to Hug the latter part of
next week. . So new residences are
going up for a purpose.
Thn l'nsc.naoiilrt class works are
in lull blast. The specimens oi
glass turned out compares favora
bly with any made in the United
Another representative of the
New Orleans Jirnwrat visiieu .uoss
Point lust week, and he made quite
n ditleieut impression upon our peo
ple from that made by the last rep
resentative ot that paper.
We are clad to see our friend
Mr. lit-ruurtl Meiikin . his poM
liming the i"l Season wo shall he cash
buyer of tin flint, when m-iiyereu m our
1 iietory, in Eat Paie ngoultt, in proper
o.iililioii lor canning,
'ft.... .1...11I.I lie iriithered wbi-tl full
crown. lt ' kfr tuning nine, and
... 1 , . A..rikla tl.
Willi a lime. Haunting n 1......v)
liven-d at the factory without delay.
Shrimp ! Shriap ! I
Ilav St. Lonit, !fli.,
Shan Im,
Other Woolen Goods.
Wont.! Im n'h-a-ed' to h v.- m rehiiut l
u tie o ol tho almve k-huI. onipare I he tit in
tnicc ami quality with those-inado fufthei
fmni hotne, and if found .; good, anil
littto CHKAPEIt, I would ho gh.d to be
tayoreit WHU oruein. , . .
1 hiivep.ooiin-d tho best skilled labor
that mulil lie loiinit, ami n--
... .:u.:.. i-... t'... ttii-iinr Ml tin tilaee.
001 HttNKST (KM IPS, a
1 iiiii'ii., i." 1 . .... . ...... .1.... .1....
CHKAP, IF NOT CllliAI I.lt, 1 mm i'
tan ho lirl iN"rtti or j-.um.
11,. not fnil tu take a-lvantauo of tho
SPECIAL BAUGA1XS otlen-il by (Like
A- Co., on ttci-iiuut ot removal.
m M 1 m
corn ana uiss m
I'anniKOHlft (S' Muto.i.i'. u.) .run.
f-ftttW ITiT lt (1R1TS. MF.AI
nml lilt AN always mi ban I, or delivered at
the depot, nt pnee as low as can bv any
win-re out aiiieii ,
ah 01 iler from tiointa aloni the Kat.
fowl tifomptly tilted, ami nni respretfttlly
SOlll'ltml. J Vll, II. l'4il.4n..,
rioprn lor.
R-rmiton. A'prit 8.11. - "-'.v.
WV will Kive New Orleans prices for
SHIilMP, in Utge of sniiill tjiiantities.ile
n,...,l to iis ill irood onh r.either frridi oi
on Icis Puitie having Seini-s ami Cast
...1. tifn uuMiii-iiil we will buy nil they ran
hri.iK at all times, cm-ept on Saturday af
Scrantoii, Mis.. June 17, '81. L'-lm
to support another for ut " -
iinHl 1 Kill. A lia j ' rii'i iv no - juii - - 1
eood uiedium through which to uoai.i, alter an absence of seyera
'V. A". ' ..: 1 ii.tvo, notion. We "ha fr the purpose ol ivei'uitnii?
jjivu l ue ." ,. '",;.,.,. Vii.,, .,.'.. Kt,,r looks
HIS lll-ll.i"- . -- -
natural with lii l-''l nd stately
friii'nionarch ol all he survey
Hr.t ttnlr r bmwrahl. but fl
111- ui.liuiiuil' in mll' il.A. -"'',"'".' .,,t-
torm "nion
behind the counter
I wrai imJmliu iorileimtmMitnapi-omiilly I c,iiv
' Ini lh vwitafalcolut.
U.i.ti' Fever and Aitne Siwiiic
Fairvicw Cottage,
mwxt, MISS,,
Private Hoarding Home,
Mur. J. SiLlMAS, Proprietor.
Open tiummtr and Winter
l m.tn ami airv rooms. Excellent .
commodatiou for familie J"''' 8
(looiltahh-. I.Jmie3.1HHLlW..t
Family Boarding' House
MM. JULIA WAltl), Propiiereg9
Mayar.issi. . 10Jm
Crescent Hotel I
VVilliin five minutes' walk front thn le
Virstchu board and polite attention,
etu (-iiaranteed. Prices to suit the tune.
,!. V. lOl.Lirfii, rropuuiui.
tune iit, lel
Bi-pl, 'li,
A: A. Ulman.
(Sonlh side railroad).
R. P. ELALACK, Piopnctor
... . Healer III .
Pure Wines. Umi Fri'jlf l.ngcr Diet
( inns, lolmeco, ran.
t hi,-.. I 1 eoiiuection with my saloon
liverv atnolo, whe'e will be kopt the best
of liorsB and Ttshicli-s, wnieli can ne nan
at nil liiseV T. 1LALA(K.
Nov. W.
1 wisli to rail the attention of th pub
lic to th fact that, In additiott to my al
ready vrry larne stock of , . . ' ,
... ' ii I
And Ladic' Gooil oC all Itinda, . ?'
M Tl M. , 1 1 L tJM 12 It
lia ro-om-licit tk , , '
, .-. ,, .1- t
Millinery and Dress-Making
Establishment, . t( 4
te from lite tutc, awl liaS,
selected her stock nf ,Mltifiirry ,OirWl in,
person in New Yoik.and wtllroccive thm.
.ntie.tsntIy,rresU iMiilof,.tUo ! tle
and designs, wtue. 1 pcuiore!..
paMeru alway on nauu. . - m
Pitiprletor of tlie "'
Hinsisnippi Slcani Taimcrr
And Shoe Manufactory,
moss roiT, snssissirrt,
'AUodeal.-jlft." " '
Haviiiifinv ho faotory sgann in rI
operation, f liv npeticit ,1a !".' shoe'
st.ito, where lmw ill be Mi! h4 tor.r
prices, and any person wishiuK i puiruir
honest, homo-made biM- at retail can ge.,
thcni at rock-'iuttom price. All 1 s. 19
a tria'. ome.and convince yourself.
Set.t.'2l.lSS0. . 'J V''
: , . f--
N Uel n
minti hivtr, ,T.,
WASH C MYERS, Proprietor
.General dealer 111
aid shoes, Hardwai e,
Notions, Crockery, Fee.!, etc. In fl
evervthiuK necessary focountry trade.
IliKhi-st price paid fr country produce
in cal.or tn trade. . ...
Wool .Jlatua rn it
rust 1, lnan. lJ l
Charles . Schmidt,
lu iilor ill '.
A'ls'n hi. vi on hand tlie celohrati-d James
r.vle' rEAKLlNE, thn create!! Wsr-hoig
Compound evjer iuve.iitetl. i-
v.h. . issi. . , .. . - 4(1-ty
- .. Af-MOSS POINT, MISS., '
Geo. K. Cook 8s 7. P. rwUU,'
Wv"o are 'now' ready, to'receiv'e tho.pit
ronage ot hM Bshiie( Mil atrree to gt
satisfaction both to welaht and qnsli,-
IV-. Our wagon wtl . ileliver every n,
exeopt, r"undy. Itnmd. Kolla,, R.isJksf.
CakeV nncl l'ii constantly on hand.
Kumy l-ako nunle ami triuiifen m .
and ontersh-ft with its will receive prompt
attention. Please (five n can.
' . . TOOK & PUHTELL-f
ioavlinRtm Htalles.
Cii'Tiace and Saddle Horse always ift
Special rachitic for Comnienaai ; toy-
. r. i it..... ...."M'tll ntio
c.ejs. i-ersoiis icoui nmi""iwj -
irood accoHiniiMlBtFilu tor titer uorses.-.
I . .. ... . li........ I.... Wr.
IV URpt. Hoariliiiaii, oi nie""'
month, will give all necessary infor.na-
uoo. . ....
A,.,.a if. rssr . - ' , i i"
The New 'ri-stnli-nit Uevis.1 Edition
from an cents to M.f', at. Il ilke (;o.'s.
TeQ-ardcn Hotel,
Mrs. E. P. Hutchison, Prop'r.
Thi coniiiiodhins and ilh-asant house il
now open fr ths reception of transient
anil pcrtnaiioui' U"e"'fi, m't -
MayiiiMl- "
- . m & -mr rn ml rfl Wo
April 1."
4 ly
Lkcnj tStHhU'8 !
iv. s.ifrci;i:,'
ilavi's established lireey Hbt ftf. v
nt,.... l'oint, we are prdiiareil to furMiU tb
puhlio with biiHKies nd hore at reaaoti-'
ablo price. Persons from tho country
witl'tliid Rood aceoinmodatlon f.hr their
stock- on our yard. W wilLnttt, In con
nection will, our i.vj-j pi;iui, o-
tweeii Muss Point and Scrnton, and
wagon for public battling. Tho patron
age of the nublie repcctfu!ly solicited.
." ft W.8.MCLEOO. ,
May 6, 1881. 7 'm
Tue New Testament Kcviseil Kdtttnn-
tlif ftotii -il cents to ff o" al II lilies iv mm,
Grand Bay,' Ala.,
W.W. "Blackmail, Prop'r.
' Jfeitl. (irita. Corn. Bran.
Cnieked Com and Otits alwaya on band,
and delivered at the depot at reatstnable
rates. Order solieileti.
April I -el ln
' l'ruprletor of ' '
-"The Bee Hive,"
f Irndq Httrttr to, fl''
April H, 1SS1.
w.. Tf il.lwo.i Ties and Inlio.' fivnej
go.al ill every variety, at WlM & U.'.
Slid at astotiiaWngly lowprio.1-, fbr th.
eash. . 't '
"The New Tesliunwit -Keylwd Edition-
from cent to 1' ' iniko 4 Co

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