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hc ihmccr;iffnr 1
J. uri.c . f Mat ion,
y, Grven and Jack
son Counties.
T. .. VtllM. I.HM..M.
M B. ElCHVi'M'"--.. I'mtor.
P. K. MAVF.lt! X . Jv. Mv.r.
AJli btfr au4 ronnraHieations of
rry rhar I'- MAVEKS A. l O.
S;aA.vros. Mi-.
Paseagoula, Miss:
FRIDAY Oct.r., 18811
Democratic Ticket.
Tot Pistrict Attoreer SrBth Judicial
Of Keuipr,
Kot Keprewntativt,
For Cterk of the Court,
Yoi StteriH,
For Treasurer,
For Assessor,
For Surveyor,
For Corouer aud Ringer,
T. 8. HOUGH.
Fwt Supervisors,
Beat No. 1 A. ALI.MAS.
Boat No. 2-d. Mcdonald.
BeatNo. 3-C. D MOORE.
Beat No. 4-GEO. W. DAVIS.
:BeatNo. &-W.K. KING.
The following geutletueu are au
thorized ngents for tbe Democrat
Star. Their receipts for ull does
to this office will be ack now lodged :
Lewie J. Owen, Moss Point.
A. O. Webb, Columbia, Miss,
51. Biitehert, Pass Christian.
II. II. Miuor, Ocean Spriugs.
II. M. MeCallam, Augusta.
John II. Bynnm, Ellisville.
The Democrat-Star is ihe onl
st uewspuper on the Mississippi
aeaeoasl hns a largei bona fide cir
culatien than auy other newspaper
in this section ; therefore it is the
bent advertising medium. Adver
tisers will bear this in mi ml.
Vote a straight lickcf.
The two-cent stamp law went iu
to edict last Monday.
Lord Coleridgk, of England is
traveling through tho United
States. '
Fall gardening has beeu great
ly retarded ou account of the
- ..... i .
Brother Bukkk, of the Slag
uolia Qatetfc, has organized a tem
perance society.
The Mississippi State fair will
open at Jackson on the 29th and
continued six days.
The fourth quarterly .meeting
for Ooean Spring circuit will con
vene at Ilaudsboro to morrow, the
If you are going to scratch, do
eo before you go to the polls, and
theu you need uot scratch' your
Walter 1 Taylor, a well
Tsuowu young man man of Mobile,
suicided iu that city last week by
taking laudenuin.
Col. A. M. Nelson, who whs
Drivato secretary of Gov. Stone
during his administration, died in
Wjnojia last Tuesday of pneumonia-
The locomotive which ran iuto
the draw-bridge at Bayou Sare, on
the L. and N. a few miles east of
Mobile, has ben raised and taken
to that city.
A one-half interest in the Ofeo
loua Mvusenrjer is oflered tor sale.
Tho purchaser must be a good
business man, a practical priuter
and possessed of a few hundred
dollars iu cash.
ins Ilaudsboro Advertiser is
oflered tor sale In whole or in part
Here is a good chauee tor an iu
vestment iu a newspaper. For
particulars address the editor 0. M
Liddlc, Ilaudsboro, Miss.
The Cfanon of last week admin
isters a severe and just rebuke up
ou tho acting eoilor ofth Vkks
burg UetnM, which sheet has been
eritioUingr theeonrso of tho Vlari
Oh' late editor, Maj. Barksdale
ruce his retirement from tbo tri
me uwald should have
"red ofl its lmle gun at Maj. Barks
uaie be was editor of the
Cforrfo,,, or ootat all. It, Is in very
Vvl Inst to do so now.
f S uee flif d:tiiihil article on t rt; :
uudet tbsiaptKKt "la Order,''
was fut in type, we have received
1 ; HfJti hr itiivf li'tfrr th;tt
Mr. Jas H. Neville was too uuwell
to til his appuiutmeut at tt'ayues-
boro last Monday, a nd that Judge
Whiuker, iu behalf ot Mr. Neville,
made a telliug stKcch, aud in it
came square out tor the nominee,
and stated that be would give him
hid Leai ty support.
In the course of his remarks
Judge Whitakersaid that when he
apiieared betore the people t
Wayne before, be did so si a can
didate for district attorney, but
that now he appeared ia behalf of
one of his opiMiuentH, the nominee
of the convention for district attor
ney, Jas. II. Neville. He said
that as to the question whether the
eonveutiort was fair or otherwise he
had nothiuR to say that was for
the people to decide but that he
'eut iuto the con vrtition, agreed
to abide by its action, uud that
now he intended to do so. S ml Le
had received petitious from each
end of tho district asking hitn to
rnu against the nominee, but that
he uow wanted it understood i
that he would do nothing of
tho kind, and that bo iuteudcd to
earnestly woik for the nuccess ol
Mr. Neville. That bo wanted to
do right, that he did not want to
do wrong, and that he want
ed his friends to keep him
right. Was einburr. ssed by the
appeals of his fricud, but this was
a question not eflectiug any per
sonal wroug, but it eflocted the
people, that he would do nothing
to divide the people of the State or
district, and that he wanted his
friends to give Mr. Neville a hearty
support. lie said that Mr. Neville
would make an acceptable officer,
that he had becu an honorable op
ponent, uim! he could and would
give hi in his cheerful support.
The speech, so wo are imforined,
was well delivered and took well
with the people, and no doubt will
bo tho means of giving Mr. Neville
additional strength in Wayne
county. As we said in our other
article, wo did not believe Judge
Whitaker would run as tin indepen
dent cundidate, that wo had too
much confidence in bis fealty to
the Democratic party to believe he
would nttt nipt to-divide the people
upon this iajstic, and we are more
lhau glud that he has given us on
opportunity to set nun In n true
light before tho people of the
Seventh district. There is now no
probability of an independent can
didate entering tho race, and the
election of Mr. iNevillo is assumed
beyond the shadow of ti doubt.
A rumor hns circulated along the const
that JudRC Whitaker ha becu petitioned
(rotu this and other parts of the district
to become nu independent cundidttle for
district attorney. Tlio Judge vent iuto
the Democratic nominating convention
end wns deft atod, mid is thereby pledged
to do all ho can to Bcenre the election of
Mr. Neville. It U in order for him, now
that the charges hsu'iotc Iibvo become
so loud and frequent, to say something
upon the Buljej.-t. llandabort Adrtrtltr.
Since there has beeu so much
talk about the probability ot Judge
Whitaker becoming an indepen
dent enndidato (and a good deal of
this talk was caused by paragraphs
published in one of tho Meridian
papers),, we think Ire should, iu
justice to himself ami friends, pub
lish acaid denying the rumor, if
iudeed he does not intend to run
as an independent.
Judgo Whitaker, us did the other
nspirauts, went into the nomina
ting convention, aud therefore
pledged himself to abide its de
cision, and we have too much con-
ttdonce in him us an honorable gen
tleman, and as a good Democrat,
to believe lie could bo induced to
allow his uaine used as an opponent
to the regular uominee ot the con
Wo think the reply of Mr. M. M.
ran's to Judge Morris' letter
which was published iu our issue
of last week, fully eiploded the
theory ot Judge Wbitaker's pos
siblo nomination before the con.
volition, and Bhowed conclusively
that he was not nominated, and
could uot have beeu eveu If the
majority rule had been adopted in
stead of a vote of thirteen, and
therd is nothing to be gained by
agitating tbo subject farther.
No one uas had the temerity to
charge that the nominating con
vention was conducted -unfairly,
that any fraud wps used, and as a
consequence every man who went
before it is inMuty. bonud to stand
square up t tho nominee, We, in
common with ethers, now think
Judgi V busker should not longer
I fit
u f
i 'i .l '
v i.U
THE Timt-Ih-mitcrvt always
abre.iitof the tliries. ccicmenced
taking cablegram, and wilt pub-
lUsbfult tfb'traiihic rvrH'rts of tte
Hews from aM civilized jwtrtimiiot
the Old World. T!h T JK is the
only pnper antb of Louisville that
i furuishel ith cable news, uud
is there ahead of all other papers
iu the South. Tl.ere is no enter
prise too huge for tho T IK to un
der take, consequently its eotirse
has beti up raid and onward from
the day it wrs first established.
Tins is the way a mean country
editor tries to crush a man who
thinks he possesses tho divine
afflatus:" "An esteemed citizeu,
who is sending about fifteen pages
ot original poetry every day, is
respectfully informed that il he
doesn't let up, one of Lis pieces,
with his full uama attached, will
bo published. This warning is
given iu the iuferest of Lis family
arid frieuds."
On I of the (tlitont, u he vm rrluruiiijj
fnnu th recmt ext arsion, coniil:iin.il of
rtieuni.iliiiu in unstthtmlrirr auil n win
p.Ufl to retire to tli iKij-nf tar ih't-iw-ionslly,
to Imtlio the RtTot'tvtl urt ith
nut liinuiont whkhhe rnrried ta set
tle. It lt'atoj oit, however, that he in
variably spiilied the liniment inwardly,
Mini tubbed hie nioalUer wtt'i the bolt I.
tWiMlA Submnltr.
Come, Bio. Il.irr ; yoa should
uot tell tales out ot school just be
cause you were uot invited to rub
your "in wauls'' with that liniment.
Gov. Lowrv, offers a reward of
$2(10 for the capture of Maitin
Sance, who murdered John M.
Grady, Jr., iu Harrison county on
the 15th ot last July. Sauce is a
French man, about 5 feet 3 or 4
inches high, dark complexion,
weighs about 130 pounds, (W years
of age, ami speaks ' I'ngUsh imper
foctly. Gen. II. K. Williamson, of
Holly Springs, will be it candidate
for ckrk before the next house of
representatives. Tho General Is a
w holo souled, clever gentleman and
we1! qualified for the. position.
In New York the other day n
butcher's sen "married tho fat girl
in the museum. Her urine is
Blanche Grey, and she weighs 517
pounds, while the young man
weighs only 100.
Hon. Jas. II. Neville is on
the rounds filling his appointments.
District Executive Committee.
List of the Democratic Executive
Committee For the Seventh
Judicial District.
H.iticoek county August Keller,
John l oitevcnt.
IlHiiison county F. S. Ilewes,
J. J. Thornton.
Jackson couuty J. Wyatt Grif
fin, Wm. Martin.
Green county Jesso Byrd, D.
W. McLeod.
Perry county W. D. Cocheran,
U. O.Clark
Marion county T. D. Ford,
Geo. Baylis.
Kemper couuty J. II. Duke, W
E. Pearson.
Lauderdale county C W. Gal
lagher, M. It. Temple.
Clarke couuty Geo. L. Donald,
M. W. Buckley.
Wayne county John T. Sea
brook, M L. Mcltae.
Public Speaking.
Hon. Jas. H. Neville, Democrat io noin
inee ot the (Seventh Judicial District
District Attorney will address the poople
at the following times and places !
Bay St. Louis. Saturday, October 6.
Leakesville, Monday October H,
i'ass Christian, Wednesday, October 10.
Biloxi, Thru-day, October il .
fctonewkll, Friday, October 12.
Uandsboro, Friday night October 12.
Augusta, Monday, October 15,
Kcrantott; Thursday, October Iff.
Ocean Springs, Friday, October 19,
Hlull' Creek, Saturday, October 80.
Columbia, Wednesday, October 24.
Hclvestion's Store, Monday, October 29.
Everybody Is Invited to attend these
appointments. Other appointments will
bo made soon.
Chairman Dem. Dist. Ex. Com,
Another Madstonc,
Meridian Observer,
Rev. J. W, Moseley having come
into possession ot a madstoue has
presented it to Dr. Henry mid, of
this city. It is of a round, oblong,
oval shape, very smooth and htiud
some. Since Dr. Dozier, iu Jasiicr.
tmved his boy by one of these stones
from tho dreadful effects of by
tiropnobia, ttiey nave risen very
greatly in value iu that region. It
is said that one will almost iiutne
diately relieve the very dangerous.
aud we may say mortal, bito ot a
rattlesnake. You make a slight iu
cisioii iuto the wound uud apply
tue stone, atter Its porosity Is iu
creased by a gentle bout either in
warm water or milk. The scien
tific principle on which it acts is
that the virus is absorbed aud thus
taken out of the blood,
tt'UI I'.! Mlelt,
! -t tt.r , ! !
s r.iu: m: .v.
Butter t'elis at -Jctuts t pou Od
in Conath.
Surdis wnts a wind mill. Where
is the Vf(ir aud JVt xi !
A geuuiue ewutrpede has liesu
captured :u T.te tonuty.
Crysul Springs shipped 1 100,000
worth of fruits ana vegetable last
Hon. Geo, M. Govau U a candi
date for floater for Pike aud Amite
Meridian rip rets to handle ?3,(HM)
bales of cotton this season. She
handled 63,000 last year.
Senator J. 7.. George bas pub
lished a list of aptHiintnientg, and
will siM)it enter ntou the canvass.
At the recent term of circuit
court iu Clay county there was ouly
oue cou Ictior. of a criminal nature
by the jury.
The Natchei lkmocrat denies the
report that the Illinois Ceutral has
purchased the Natchez aud Jack-
sou railroad.
Last Monday night the principal
streets of Jackson were lighted up
with, guv for the first time since
the breaking out ot the war.
The interstate levee convention
met at Vicksburg last Monday.
Gov. Lowry and other prutnlueut
citizens addressed the meeting.
In Warren county tho Demo
crats aud Republicans decline to
make any nomiuatwn. They will
have an open race and a fair field.
It haviug proven Impossible to
get sufficient depth of water in
front ol Vicksburg by dredging,
the plan now is to turn Yazoo river
into tho lake through Chicasaw
Last Monday circuit court opened
at Vicksburg w ith ouly 103 cases
on tho docket. A dozen or more
hangings in Wurieu county would
improve the morals of that vicinity
Hon. II. C. Champhi'll, mayor of
Magnolia, will soon move to Cen
tenille, Amite county, on tho Mis
sissippi Valley road, and another
Mayor will have to he elected. We
nominate dipt. Burke as bis suc
Last Monday Bobert Wilson,
one of tho oldest and wealthiest
citizens of Yazoo county, died at
his residence iu Satarxia, aged 75
years. Hehad been a merchant there
for about forty years.
The entries at tho United States
land oflko at Jackson for the quar
ter ending September 30th were
135 cash sales, amounting to $27,
144; 390 homestead entries, amount
ing to 1741, and 47 homestead
proofs, u mounting to $173.
From tho Natchez Democrat we
learn that thetenauts on Col. J. F
n. uiaiiioriic's pl.nitatioii. near
Natchez, have voluntarily paid
their rent in clean, good, merchant
able cottou for the current year.
delivered nt his gin. Their no
counts with merchants will soon bt
squared up.
December 27th tlio Mississippi
State Teachers' association will be
held in J icksfitt, at which time n
number of interesting add cesses aud
lectures on school matters w ill be
delivered by some of the most able
and experienced instructors in the
It is not often the case where
public office is thrust npon a man
against his will, yet Hon. E. P,
Briscoe, of Port Gibson, is a living
example. Ho is the mayor of Pott
Gibson, nud finding the duties ot
his .position too .onerous tried to
resign, but the board of Aldermen
would uot receive his resignation
Smith Shaw and Dick Shaw, un
der indictment for the ftssassiua
tiou of Gen. Tucker at Okoloma,
have obtained ft change ot venue
and will be tried at the February
term of the circuit court of Ton-
totou county. It is said Smith
Shaw procured the killing, while
Dick Shaw, with the assistance of
Matt. Simmous, perpetrated it
Simmons is already convicted aud
under sentence Of death.
A fusion ratification meeting" of
the Democrats and Republicans,
ot Hinds county whs held in Ray
nioiid last Saturday, John li
Lynch and Dr; G-co. W. Bryant, an
other noted colored maiij made
speeches and advised all the color
ed Republicans to vote the fusion
ticket. Their speeches re well
received by both white nud black,
and it U said many converts were
made among the colored people for
the fusion movement.
The Juckson Ledger saye the et
hibitiou iu the Mississippi depart
meat of the Louisvrllo Exposition
is shockintly poor and a disgrace
to tho State. The exhibit consists
t'f m r.it-.'M ".tik, U bunch of mi'St t.
lotxwca sUik, to or ttuee
pieces of wood, a rocking cb nr. a.
table and a fila of Suta papers.
The d.p!.ty baa doao more iujary
to tbe Sute llua aivtbuig that
could h ve beeu suggested.
The Okolotut Mt t-tritjfr srys :
Pubaps no tow n irt the State, has
eiHr;eti.'ed a mare steady and
permaneut growth, during the
past five years, than Okolonji
There is no railroad being built by
our doors, or manufactory erected
iu our midst to which this grutitj-
ing state of affairs can be attribu
ted. We eouelude, therefore, that
there is a geueral improvement iu
the country surrounding.
I'ainier Creek tamp Jleetlu".
Meeting commenced on this new
camp ground Thursday week audi
closed Monday night last, and we
are glad to bo able to aunouuee
that it was a surccss in eveiv
respeet. The camp ground is sit
uated about seventeen miles north
ot Mississippi City.ia Harrison couu
ty, on Palmer Creek. The location
is pleasaut, the water pure nnd
good, the laud some twelve acres
was donated by Mr. J. J- Cowurt.
Tbe taberaelo is 40x50 feet. Eight
comfortable teuts aud one large
one lor the preachers. There were
about fifteen present, among the
most ditinguished were Rev. Dr.
J. B. Walker, of New Orleans arid
Rev. J. M. Weems, of Moss Point.
These, two brothers preached some
powerful aud Scctive sermons to
largo congregations. This cam it
meeting was conducted ou the old
style of camp meetings. Xueie
was tit gate fee to pay or collection
taken up. It was free gospel, free
salvation, free eutiug aud sleeping.
The attendance on Sutiday was
supposed to bo one thousand end
one ot the most quiet orderly body
of people.
Thirteen, conversions uud acces
sions to the church. To Messrs.
Geo. W. Wulker, Rey. Alex Scar-
bioughJ. J. Cowart, Rev. Wesley
G. Evans, Samuel Walker and
others their bietheu and neighbors
are indebted for the capacious
tabernacle nnd tents erected ou
Ihe camp ground. .
P. K. M.
Dr. AliliMirn's Lecture,
Mom 1'otsT, .Sept.. 27.
Bdilor Democrat-Star :
And what shall I siiy about it t
What can you s.iy ot the blue,
cloudless sky t You can g.izo up
into its mysterious depths uud ex
claim, how beautiful 1 how sub
lime! and that is all.
You may bo deeply awed by a
peal of thuudei, entranced by a
strain of music, charmed by a beaa
tilul painting, or perfect marble
statue, but you cnunot describe it.
So it is with true eloquence ; it
cannot tie descru ed, il innsi In
heard 1 might g,v.- you in sub
stance an outline of ail thnt I)..
Miloiiin s.ii't tibout til.- " b'iuli
times of Mississippi,'' and the lean
ii g incidents in the litu ol S. S.
Prentiss, iu w uich every true Mm
sissippiau ought to feel interested.
1 might tell you ot ad tho interest
n g things be said about Paris, and
vet give you but a slight uoiiceo-
lion of tho lecture. In order to do
this you must hour him deliver it
It is not simply what a great ora
tor says, but the manner in which
he says it, that a fleets ds. J he
purity of diction, the wonderful iu
touatiouct he voice, the trcfivn ol
the man, the expressiou of the
counteuauce, the soul of tho man,
in what he said these were not the
least interesting features of Dr.
Milburu's lecture.
1 am well aware that there are
some people who have but slight
appreciation of such things. They
hud rather spend a dollar to enter
a fourth-rate circus thsn to visit n
first-class tut gallery, where the
finest paintings and statues ot the
master artists ot the world are ou
exhibition. But this is no reflec
tion on the artists; neither was
the small attendance the other
night any reflection upon Dr. Mil-
Why don't our people improve
these opportunities of expuuding,
enriching and refining their intel
lectual nature I Why live for the
gratification of the gross material
part to the neglect ot the immortal
mind 1 il.
Anirm'i llazaar tor October, just re
ceived, is a striking rtample of What push
and a knowledge of the people's uec1
will do. Ihisnuniber is tBe third pub
lished under the new management and
shows a great improvement over previous
Issues. The Illustration on the first pane
is equal to any published iu the highest
priced papers of its class. The ladies of
America will ulway i well dressed if
they take this sterling fashiou journal as
a guide . Its low subscription prioo, only
(1.00 a year, is bound to make it popular.
Every subscriber is entitled to a choice
from a list of valuable premiums, 67 in
number. Sample copie lOo. Seud for
it to Tho American Bazar Co., iiOj Broad
way'. V V
Loss Ol hull' lllld irvw vni.iiu. ul.ir.1, ,.rt..
mar tlio prettiest faeo, nre prevented by
I Fsrkwr'k Hair Balnm.- J
n nii.il Fleets. mi ot Oflit-er.
The regular annua! election held
by Ocean Spriugs Fire Co. No. 1,
at their hall on October 1, 13.33, re
sulted as showu below. The tioiu
inatiutis, which are required ta be
made one month be lure tbe flec
tion, were as follows:
For president
Jo. Kotzuru.
-li. A. Vauc'esve,
For viee -prrtddeut 1
M. West-
brook, II. 11. Minor, Jr.
For wevretaty Jos. DcBourgh,
F. M. D:efc.
For treasurer- Chas. K. Schmidt.
Fr foreman George 11. Tardy.
For 1st ussistaiit I Minis DolbeaV,
Geo. Mathiea and Daneati Minor.
For 2d assistant Del n;is Sey
mour, Nmi.vse Seymour and li. J.
Fr steward Beauregard Ryan,
Joint Heangez.
l or giuuu marshal J. B. Sim
There was a large meeting uud
the election was close and hotly
contested. The followiug were
elected :
Joseph Kotzuin. president: II.
II. Minor, Jr., vice president : Jos.
DcBourgh, secretarv : Charles E.
Schmidt, treasurer; Geo. II. Tardy,
foreman; Duncan Minor. 1st as
sistant; Narcisse Set mour, Ud as
sistant ; John Jjeangez. steward :
J. B. Simmons, grand marshal.
Palmer Camp-Meeting.
Editor Democrat-Star : t
'Palmer camp ground is situated
in Harrison con tit), Miss., about 17
miles north of Mississippi City.
It is the property of Whittington
circuit, Seashore district, Missis
sippi conference, M. E. church
South. Ample grounds for camp
rut etin( purposes have been do
nalt d by lion. J. J. Cowart. The
following persons have beeu prom
iuent in projecting uud executing
the enterprise : G. Wesley Evans,
Gcorgrt and Samuel Walker, 0.
Hudson, Lube it Miles, aud others
whose iimnes 1 failed to get. Some
three weeks ago a virgin forest ol
pine trees graced the ground where
to day yon will find buildings and
properly dedicated to the sole wor
ship of Almighty God valued in
some twelve or fifteen liiiinl.etl dol
lars. The people bad a mind to
work." Xehemiufi. The grounds
are laid otf in thu.i'liupe of a hollow
square. The tabernacle shed is a
substantial structure, 40.50 leet.
with planed seats, peimaiieiitly
fixed, with coinfoi table sitting toi
350 persons. It was thought that
this would be ample iiccouiniod.i
tiou, but the congregation of a 1000
or more baluiiluy mi l ouiulav
proveirit was a mistake.
There are eight large tents, III
by 50, w ith open hull fur dining
tible. Twenty iatuilies tented am!
fed the multitudes three tunes each
day nnd gave sleeping place some
where at utght without ehaigiug
one cent for the entei tiiinneiit.
No collection on Sunday or unv
oilier day. Tins was a mistake.
People entertained as royally i.
Wiiv all who ittten led, would Imve
felt better to line been nllov.-i t..
heii pay for llie plibli llMioln;g
Water ol the HIM" t kii.l tl
past the i-1 1 ; ii m : tin-il i Iroai t . -v r
failing - KpI'inv'S burning P Ion
creek water a' oi.e poiti 7 l'
deep, clear as cr st. d. H -v. J. i'.
U'allier, D. D., said ol it : "1 i
like a good iiruiliienl --ileep n
yet clear." The sanded, In-'jol.,
bottom, waving tresses or gue
grasses ever in moliou by the rip
pling water, made me sigh that i
was not bom u poet, so its praise.-
might be sung. Rev. Chas. F. Gil
lespie, "Undo Charley," as vvecnli
him, was the pastor in charge.
Rev. B. S. Raynor, P. E also tin
following ministers were iu at.ten.l-
I',..- T 1! W..II,..,. TV 11
ot LonisiEtna conference; Revs. J.
M. Weems, Joo Xicholsnu and R.
B. Downer, of the Mississipi Con
ference y and the following local
brethren': Revs. D. M. Dunlap,
M. D., G. W. Evans, Alex. Scar
brongh, S. D. Gotf, 0. J. Philliiis,
A. P, Cox, Michael Cox aud James
King. -The
first service was opened by
C. F. Gillespie. The preaching was
plain, practical and efleetivc, re
sulting in 50 cou versions and 14 ac
cessions tip to close of 11 a.m. Ber-
vice Monday when I left, with the
altar crowded who seekers utter
Christ. There is no estimating the
moral,'retliiing nnd Christianizing
tntliieuces ot this meeting. Many
persons" attended this, their first-camp-meetliig,
and were surprised
that such a concourse of people
Could be held together for four
diysand not hear nu oathj see a
fight or a drrtnkeu man. The spirit
of love cemented heart to heart, so
that peaee and good will prevailed
The Democrat Star was retire
sen ted by Uapt. P. K. Mayers, who
touuu a host ot friends up in Hsr
rison welcoming him to their hospi
tality. Only one mishap occurred. " tin'
ole Charley," in conveying two
preachers from the railroad, had a
buggy wheel to succumb to the
heavy load, putting ull afoot within
2jj miles of the grounds. Nobody
hurt. Rkpoutee.
Meteorological Observations.
Kan go. of thermometer and barometer at
Dr. 8. Moore's office, Scranlon, Miss., for
the week ending Hep. 1. lW; Mnximnm
tho mometor 8S; tliiiilinn'iri thermometer
B4' maximum Uarometci1 :ifi; ininirrnm
bsrometer 30.10, No rainfall, rciiiarkalily
dry, ma ny wells dvy.
Fall Session Opened Sent
Ttt Sliv point Kditeatittust Amo;,.-'
h ltd a comtod.oa l
bmldioK, oo aa eligible t, , '
purp.1-.., and bv wenred ltert li
Mr?' ilxlt.'rZ
A. KCK.r.ti u aiant, Mb .
U 'tu-r.
'Ike si'IickiI u hiIi.i
-.ht-d In
tVU want at M,. rB
livr.tbU au.spicnl. ,ilh , w -.
W lf eBiMjrm Tt.
determined tt every wkite child
Ihebeattiuof tte acliul. r iiXll I!
he own fault or that e their pareaut
uardiaii l!ie pnrt, ..i' taitum Urwf
Utt m U-l.w. A'l who ate able
ptl to pa," thew prion, but b1t 1
riih;l to ttiu abtluy .,f tb.e Z
pay, aed th.M onal le U pay aavthim
are allowed to mtt.-nd free of tlurire w
peYiuitiskm of the -hid trustee.
huUMii-r .r m dividi-d iato UU wi,
ter and aprinj; term, cmaistiuii of'thri
ro.ntt,ea. h. iU fall term eommesceJ
on the 17th uf Septemtwr auctend.ua ,k,
7th f IWemkier. va-atioii one week T,
winter term begbw D. ttmUr KthlCkrix
iu us v u-ation 1 letmber SI tu Jauuarv si
aud ends March H, vaeatieii ou.
Kprins term bgui AJarcb SI and .ad.1
June 13.
T here are five grtale or departmentt i
the scl-ool, as follows :
Frtmarj, itiehi.Uu. first reader ub1
eiptlvaleuU, $1 pr renstb.' ,
iuteruiediate, Iiwludinir seeoud sad
t'uir I reader, J'J per niotith. ,
fon'inon English, im-ludea third and
loiuth renters. V. 8. history, arithitwin
ReogMptiy and tiva goverumeut, ft! J
lllel.Ul. ...
ItiKl'cr FugliaU said Mutbeniatic, i0.
eln.les algebra, geometry, botaovrfooliv
per uionih.
crassital, Include ancirtnd modera
iRiiage and their eiiiraleDl..
Tuitiou payable at end of each month.
The patrouag-, asaijtauce aud ro-omr.!
tion ot every eitiiea is solicited , ami
(pleated. J'eraoua at a distauee, will gntr
it to their advmataga to patroniia Uu
school. Board eau bo had near br m
reasonable rate. y -
1 or further particular, address A. Illu.
mer or the uuderigned,
E. f . UKlr H.N, Prerdent,
Mom Point. Mitt. -
Septeiulier 'it. !.
Land OrncB at Jacksox, Mini., I
Sei-t'iuberiW, WS3.
Notice is hereby aiven that th follow
ing uuiiK'd settler lias tiled notice nf hit
inleiilion to make liuul proof iu support of
his t liiiin. and th t suid proof will be mailt
iH-ii.ru v. i. iimmu, circuit clerk, at
Leakesville, Miss., ou Novcmbir 10, 1HSI,
vis.! Uroige M.illett, homestead No.
tl,:ilO, for the e hfswqracd nwqrseqr,
ecriiu y, ,tovrn-kit i soutfc. raug i
west, ami imnuB the fotlawiug wtturssesKi
prove his continuous residuuee Upon a nil
1'iittivutioii of said laud, via.: Jurtm
Br.iiiiuiu, Ira M. Brannan, Louis Adunm,
iJormdlu .. Vor'v, all of Coatavillo f.O.,
tirecue coaatv, Miss. ..
K. C. KERM. Kegister. t
Sept. 2h, m :w-st
Land Omen at Jackson, Miss. 4
. t September I I. lX t
Notiee Is hereby given that the follow.
ing named settler has tiled notice of hi
intention to n.ake li.-ml prmifof hi elaiin.
aud said proof will be inndo befoi-e A. (J.
Lielnms, circuit clerk it( Hcranton, Min
on M 'ptenilier -J-;ili, lilvl : .Sebum far
ter liounst ad entry No. lll.'W, tor the
11 hull' n-.e i iind nw i tie J nnd ue i
section '7 tnwneliip 4 south range U went,
and iiuineB the ft. Hawing w ituesses to nV
hi l ontitoiiiiiH rcnideiiee upon and cultiva
tion uf. -aid laud ir: Mosi s (ioff,, Job i
t nrler of Mc.ns 1'iiiut postollice, Jiickmm
comity, Miss., (inlvin (iolY, Charles W.
Garner, Aun ricHs poKtotllee.Jaekson couu
ty. Mi we. H. U. KK UU, Uegister.
Sent, tl, 'JS-flt
TfTTi is to certify that w bonghl
over Four Thmuam Dolldrt worth of
Dr. Drnmstrole's Bnglith Female Bit,
tew and Bailey's Saline Aperimtixe
Ing the year Wi, and from penoaal
obeemition r.nd pvtblie opinion, take
runch ple&'ure In recommending then
as worthy of public confidence ana favor.
Wlioloftla Drnggista'Qalvegton, Teiu.
I j- yon don'tlike tlie useof a sickening
Jiill for your headache and constipstioo,
ubt try one dose of Bailey't Balin
Aperient, and you will never UM toother
pill for the ame purpose.
"Toush on Chltta,"
Cures S case for 25 cts. In cash or stamp,
Hailed by John Parha,Atlaata,G.
The Chancery court having appointed
me receiver f the tirm of Bailey, Khode
& Vih!er, I nm fully, authorized to collect
ftiid receipt i'or uilvdillsand acconuttof
.'aid til in and business. The creditors will
please se.tiln tlieir indebtedness at a
early dule, as I am forced to aiake collet
tiens immediately.
1 lie b,uk an aocounU bavo been turn
ed oer oil. Bloomliold, who is autor
ized to settle with atl parties, f account
are not settled soon, suit will be brought
all delinquents,
I. B. PAYNE. Receiver.
Scrantou, Mm., Sept. 11, ltWX 8H-tt
" Notide.
I hhVfl a supply of the Mariner's Mcde
cal l-tuiile, aud am prepared to fill shil
medicine chests on short notice. ;
3. W. 8TEP4RTt .
i Druggist, Moss Point, Miss.
Aug. 31, ld3. v 26-3m
Cheap for cash, a two-third Intersil I
tbe Bakery known as Pot A. Valverdt't
Bakery. Apply to
, MRS. rot,, Scrantrrti.MiM.
June 22, 1Sj3, 16-tf
Public Notice
All parties indebted to E. k) Krehs, on
ncoouut, will please calf at onee and act
tie, as the busiuoss nilist be eloeed up .
Scrantmi, Sept. 28, 183.
A Varied PerferaanDce.
Many wonder how Parker's Ginger Tonl
can perform suflb varied cute, thinking
it essence of ginger, when in fact it "
uiade from many valuable inedlcinf"
which act beueftoially on every disesn"
organ, .
fiiatlsfactloti for Ten,
In our family dl ton for over two yoa
Porker's Ginger Tonlo ha cured hert
ache, mabirta and other oomplaintt w
satisfactorily tliat we ar jo- moo11""1,
health an I no eipense for diietor or other
medicine. Ckremrkm
C4Ws Little Liver rills will positive
ly cure mk headache and prevent it 1
tnrn.Thiu Is not talk, but truth.. On
a diwi. 'lo be iiart of ull drugglut.

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