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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, July 25, 1884, Image 3

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- ired at rtottie Nrrmuluo.
yi3t, MfCUQd-clAa. -ix I matter.
p. & MAYERS, Proprietor.
.July 25. 184.
Caast ; Tlffit-TaJsU L.&.N. R.R,
.Vyuu-i-uv - HIT-
Until fanner nx: f"'5" bibb
the L. and K.mlnl will arrive and
ietsirt follows, running by ataadint
, u .1... ...... - NaBr Or I anna
tiaa. wim b " - - .
No. 4 Leevtsf Sw OtUseaait a.a.
,m,M t Bv 5. Loan, l P"
!TJTr... luMie-eaiwiCity. 11: W; Bi-
Dr. E. ElooojSelJ, fbraieily
ona of th editors of the Orange
(Teia.) Tribune, has sold bis inter
est io that paper aud moved to this
couuty. 11 o now charge ot the
stock of goods assigned bjr Mr. W.
A. Dawson, and will dispose of the
aaae. ,
Scrauton is bow a postoffiee
money order office. Tbe first bos
toese done last Monday, and the
first postal Bote was issued to the
editor of this paper. The estab
lishment of tbe uouev ordrr aud
postal order system is a great con
venience to oareitizens.
The coamueiooeis appointed
by the board to mark and lay out a
Soldier's Home.
lA$t Wednesday dpt. Jacob
Gray, boardiag officer at Eigoletsj
CapL J. H. Lw!er, chief inspector
of customs at New Orleans: Mr.
Fred H. Whittaker. clearance
clerk in the cas'osn house at w
Orieaua, aud Maj. A. .Vie Ward,
boarding oScer and postmaster at
English Lookout, cami oat as a
committee from the Grand Army
11 Grl MobiW, jnm .B, 0f Dolmas are-
1: k Ja!!LTina New (Mean at 8:00 f .m. Bue down tbe rWer to south side o(
arrive, at B-y V8"' 7 :5 JlTfu r Vil1 Ad performed that duty
lrriv Ji.r il Thursday ot last week. The road
Ww, yv r;-i7-,... ull ... . . . ...
r.rand Bay.VH
bit, Jl:-
coma wist,
u.JLeeTiDf Mobile 5:00 SJB., ar
rives l tterautoa, fc5o., Oeeaa feprtngs
:V Riloii. 7:04.. Misippl City, 7:51,
paaaChrialieu, 7:47 ; ly 61. Louis
v.- iMmu. 1u 'e
No. .-Leaving Mobile at 4:15 r 7
rives at Oraad Bv. &., S;
lliloii. t:-Z7 Mis-
M.iDiit Citv. Pa Chritia.T;lA
Kay fit. LB.i.T:L. New Orleans, t 50.
larked out leads along the bank
of the river as near tbe water as
possible to build the road.
We call attention to tbe adrer
tisement in this issue of Fisher &
Caul field, liquor dealers aud lobar
eouists, 34 38 Canal street, New Or
leans. Mr. Jobo L Boggs is with
this bouse and is traveling sales
man In tha 111 In II III B PdlU
I auui. .u, . u V -. " . w
LOCAL NE AV b. Christian gentleman, is well knowu
1T,-1 ou tu4 cott aua a popular youn
g 00 T02303 I0J OwUS. maIl.
. . t
n...i...ir.4inmr.r.inndiilnii Last Tuesdar uiuut buenn
UUQ i i U I vJ tuiu ivimvm " - -
Mil linail ureaa. W 11 be sold lars capiureu i wrm. iur,:u
..u.ninrmh to make room fof tine orchard a negro desperado
other presses. Address,
1Y BiiXIK.
The betels are filling up.
Town lull of excursionists Sun
day. Sherifi Clark vtiuted our toi
last week aud took m a boarder.
Coffee was cheap here last week ;
sold on the streets at 5 lbs tor 10
The Creuieu's bull will soon be
Citation etire.
Tbe Hie of MisuMippi, Jacket county
T A. Crff.rre it Sm. SL L. Carriere, C.
J. iSmre. Citiwaa iUnl a( Lom
iaaa, and Jaa. J. TrUa.
Toa ato ftxajuudnl to' afipear before
tk cbaaeery rt ul tbe emiiitv efimk
tut. ta Haul h'.jle, ea tbe int W hiiUt ot
September, W drlasod tbe Mil la eaM
cuurt ef Etaiuk, VoaUra4 A. Dane el ai.
wbercia yo are deleaditata.
W. M. Uexst, Clerk.
knutoa. MUa., July 453, Isei. SMI
of the Kepublic, to look at the land completed and thea the fireuieu
owned by tbe government on the will be nappy.
beach where it is decked to build
the Soldier's Uotne.
Id the afternoon tbe.se gentle
men, accotupauied by several o(
oareitizens, drove tothegroaods
and went over tbe trout. They
were charmed with tbe location,
and after an inspection and con
sultation decided that no more
beautiful, healthful or desirable
location could be found. They
will make a favorable report, aud
do all within their power to have
the Home located here.
Mayor Guillotte aud family of
New Orleans are speudiug the
summer here.
The Catholics will have their
lair ou Angnst 2d. Will expect to
see Mr. Editor there.
Fishing ia quite good. Messrs.
Davis. Minor & Simmons stayed
them Tuesday evening.
There will be an entertainment
at tbe ancleave hotel Thursday
niL'ht, July L4th, for the benefit ot
the M. E. church.
Citation ftotirt.
Tbe SUM ef MWwippi, Jji-keue, coauty,
To Ewile L. Carrier auj Char lee J. Car-
Vea are ruuuya. rl tu epixsir before
the cbaaeery ruartef the euauty of Jack
tea, U eaid Stt, ee I be Ural Monday el
bcpteaiurr, l4, to urieiMi tae ni i
cuart of a. (Saaiaeia el ei ,
yoa are aefeadaate.
Scran ton, Mie.,.iilj i5, l--t. !-
W U w o..iire tbat kave perteetea arraagesest bah aU "
Ice by the Carload, Ton, Hundred Poundi or Xlctel'a
At Prices to Meet all Competition I
At oo ice coot ia eakea weiirrtiac from 100 to 3W U , ?M?ciJf
Bert tbe vaute of KISHEBMES. ICE-UEAUJU) aud lU)OS-J.irM.a.
gaarautee a cvutaut aappty aud lull i(ule.
WANTED Tomatoes and Figs !
ia qoaatitie for casniag.
Juao IX 1-M.
PruprieUra Faatasoala T-ab aad CaaniueC.
La-mo OrrKS at Jacmo. Miss., i
J an 13,14. f
Kotiee it hereby iT tbal tb follow-
int. m.bmi Miller ui aieu emwe w
iulentiua U auk tual proef ia aapport of
hie cUim. and that euiJ proof am b
The iustice Court ba been Quite a.le beforo W. M. Denny, eirtait ilerk,
' . . . I VI
Town quite lively last week.
busy for tbe last week. Judge
Minor Is determineu to upnoid toe
law to tbe letter.
Tom Doroughty. the prize fight
er, aud bis two trainers are now at
tbe Oak Cottaze uakiug prertua
tions for the prize fight
P. K. Mayehs,
Bcrnntou, Miss.
named Alfred nicks, and landed
him safely in jail. Hicks is char;
Sunday excursions still coutioue Oooltl and Dorooghty at New Or-
to bfing large numbers ef guests to 'esns ounmj morning,
this place. Bobbery In towi Weduesday
-.t;.,w !- e.p n niaht. While the east bound
i Mm,rir.!i emnno iv. Ireicht train was taking coal some
that the gate fee waa a sucoess. If unknown parties broke open two
..... ..?... i.-. -i,o cars and took 2 sjekscoflee, 1 box
i tl, ren-nil o, union of the svs- of salmon, 1 box ol corn-bear and 1
torn I think it would be abandoned. "0 oi g"g nuts.
.t ivnnlua. Miea..oa July 1K4, vit.:
i .k. li Wl,h. kooiretead No. 9JUi, for
the w hf aw qr auction It's towuhip S
aoutb. raug n weal, ana uarae id iuuow-
iu vitneeaea ta prove fiia eonimaoue nw
ajid aaltivalion of aaid land.
vii; Chrintopber guaivo, Erank Bniith,
W u Willie. Janiea nooiea, au vi
between eleav. poaWUico, Jackaun eounty, Mia.
Juue 13, 14. 154
Delmas Avenue 8CRANTON, Ml S3.,
Dry Goods and Notions,
rything eonneeted with a Fibst-Ciam Stoks, which mill b auUl law dowa
caah. r" AUo Wiuea, LiH". Ale, etc. Uiva bm S call and are.
id evei
or the
Jaaaarv 19,
One of the
I a . . mI e .... Im.r.vtb twailllak I'll a. tt.
Our streets are so crowded with "J --:. 7::"T.. .Tm'
rtni'l'l .1 iTUal
etl with shooting into Tobe Cole- 4V))Ut lralu time, that pedestrians 8ac
mail's bouse and wonuding his find it difficult to navigate. Ililoxi ' i,ut jjr W
wife, aud with shooting at some can boast ol as flue roads and more d ' . bin
a sack when
Oue American sewing machine
new lor sale at Mrs. W A. Daw-
sou's. . '
-Mrs. T. W. Brame will leave to
morrow on a visit to Kemper couu
white boys. It is also charged that
be killed a woman lu PeiiHitcola
about four years ago.
citizen scared uiui
ihvI the coffee and
iuIsu the railroad
i m line: ii at Nran.
uac.s, carnages, ein iuu uj d broa-ht hlul bilcU uere
otuer coas. town. .I..,, i. k.i . i,.lliri,i.r iir.un
...... I WVUSiSVa II V HUM aw -
Joues&Co. have established a ju,iir8 Minor who committetl him
long ieir.wau. in mis towu t vua. t0 awB,t bis trial ut next cir-
is, a uign. ciera in tueir urug aiorw cut COnrt.
where prescriptions cuu oe nueu
C. T. IRVING, Proprietor,
Would annouuee to tb. pablic that be b prepared U 111 oniera fa
At rakaODsble ratea. Aluo . .
All klwla of VeeecU haaled oat and repaired it abort notice,
renwae vuktie VeMlter BerfH baUt, wlBde wU U f Irt avt D. Setlefartiea faaraatecS
enrycue. vii .
l'rompt attention puiu (.an prucre. e"ai ij. e-y
..a, a I . . eaa aw. fW I . n a lSll ft ftil t ! aa III irll f T I U Ta4 1 le
i?-aV ltJ. Jones wi I prcacu The lwsmci iua jioyvr x xam uuuj uvuivsim
We I , . ..ittt Alts faallllPlllir 1 111 (Vft hlill
UIUI I'MillsenV Ml nstelTirai I IU1 w uuu a-, uun na
wt wrtiir iiiirn nisis sii ur iianiisin uir i
could be procured. Jones & Co. ed the pastorate of 8nrantoo Meth
ucxt Sunday at
at Scrauton on
5 o'clock p.m.
Ladies' pattern hats nt Mis.
w. A. l).i son's at Xew York
Jeflernou, the infant son ot
Oeu. Joa. B. Davis, diod at Biloxl
last Sunday uilit.
Suudnj-8cbool in Scraulon
academy every Sunday afternoon
at half past tour,
Kid. K. N. Hall will preach in
Si'ran'on Academy next Sunday
uigh. All tire invited
They Brought.
Change of Pastors.
ite. J. J. Lovett having resign-
T'je last week bus been quite I certainly deserve tie patrouuge of otlist church, lie v. It. J. Jones, of
prolific with the sale of mill prop the public Moss Toiut. has bceu appointed lu
erty situated at Moss Point, and at I boldly make the assertion that ui8 ,,llue yjro. Lovett will con
tinue iu cburge ot the remainder ol
the chnr-:bes in Scrantou circuit.
B. S. Baynor, T. E.
Scrauton, July 18, 1884.
a-x . i t a t .:.i. a
eacn sa.e uv, , ward in the way ot permanent im
around to witness tue oiuuiug. Dr0VemenU iu tuo ,)H8t year than
i The first sale took place lu trout ot ne uag for mnny previous years,
the courthouse door last Saturday, " Frog Iloru', to the contrary not-
tt-beu the
; logn, lumber, etc were sold by Mr.
I J. J. Tailetou, trustee lor tbe Citl
sens Bank ot New Orleans. Sherifi
withstauding. All oue has to do to
be conrinoed is to take a ride
through the towu aud along the
Fire company No. 10 from Nei
Orleans, urnved on Thursday eve-
inc. On Friday they were enter-
ltond Summons.
Koud overseers can have roiid
summons ptinted at this office on
shoit notice nud atreasonaoio puce.
. ii .i ..
........i. nt.i. lit tfiiiiiiiir iik ipmi
cliinerv. etc e,uw vu i ,i. i.
U..ii.e . mco nud buil.lin... 300 0 loasrs ami siwocu-iuiiaiujj iu i-u....
I'lmuix mill, machinery, etc... 10,000 00 rapidly disappeared,
DuSiuet reiaMiet, auiijuci to
1.000 00
6,000 00
minora' lln of I'i'iOO
lMiiiilne mill
All the taw logi at tho uiilla, In
the rivura and triuuuMlel no
iniinbor atatod 8,000 00
4 f
Clark was the iiuciioiut'r.uud cried
W'l.tlA m...1m Itiu'iia ttififie.. rib. nfl tin. nniiimtv. The follow n 2 Is taiued by the Uiloxl Ore uoys. liie
f III I C LWU'inj n " -"i i I ' I 1 - , 1,1.. ...
t 1 1...11... r...n ntJtlrr. . Ilt ..f t.roilv sold and the companies paraueu rurClo,
wiiiiimi ,..l-. - uffa. i i-1 l iiv mare lied to tlieeil
XV. A. Dawson's ut tuo lowen prices outaiucu : lne n08e wuere ft cj,Hinpagne
111 ll'PB I DO twruuil wt iil min, una-
TU're will l a shooting-match
f.ii- it ilniil) e barrel snot, smi ut
iliiiii",. Onivo on S.itaid.iv Ail
gust 2d.
Wo had it pleasant cull last
Tuesday from Mr. Ucu F. Liiulsey, x ti,e lumber lu and about the
............ ii... r ...... ....... ut Tli nine, aboard all ip, ami at
ail J'UI J JW 't l V w vvr - a
St. Louis.
-Prof. Leckey, ot Port Gibson,
was In Moss Point this week. He
is uu applicaut lor the position of
principal of the academy,
Capt. John Poitevent, of the
K.iiiTiiN Ri.ackwkU At the rvgiileue
of the briile'e narenta. it Mill roiut,
Mnrrium enillltv. MIN.. llV IWV. 1'. UurV-
alier.Mr, W. if, Norton and Mian JVioiiie
111, rW.-.ill.
Forcet UtgUttr and N. 0. fimyaiic ilae
3,000 00
Mover Tain' and t'rura-
Imrn'i milU, laid to be about
6,000,000 foet
All the bargoi and other watvr
crafti, eifi'Pt the tugs Beuii
mile and Wild Oaxclle uuiu-
ber not lUted 3,000 00
Total W.300 00
All the nbove iironei tv wa bid
Very flno weather is ou tho pro
Ileum i kit lily good weather pro-
vails in this section.
The Bay prospers liberally for
the efforts put forth.
It ia rumored the Bay is to be
nfflicted with a luiustrel show.
Mrs. II. S. Hyatt has siteut u
1)1 KU.
lf.m.v.t Rul.l.v Ktore. Jurkson
comity, iliiw., AHKimt rcari
a .in. ...oil 4 vi.erK. 8 month! aud 11
T , - , . , , , .
v, theouiy cniiaoi onn o. aim i.iua
Mobile, New Orleuui and Texai paticni
lileaw copy.
firm of Toitevent, Favre & Co., of in by the Citizens Bauk. The few days visiting at Uaudsboro.
Pearliugton, wus hfcits last Satur
day nttending the sale oftboDe
Suict mill property.
Mrs. Katberiue, wife of Jo.
Snyder, died at Orange Grove,
price brought is considered very We have not heard ot a Hancock
low-the rbenu mill alone cost- eounty farmer attending the iusti-
ing more than all the property sold l0' ,
' . , , ,i An excursion to Slur island from
tor-but inasmuch ns there are peariugt0l)( (ue Bay and Tass will
several suits pending agaiust the be In order on Saturday.
Miss., ou the 17th. She lelt a bus
baud and six children, the young
est five days old.
Mr. M. A. Dees left last Mon-
day nfgbt for St. Louis, where he
will remain about a week, and will
then go to Cleveland, Ohio, in the
interest ot his patent,
B. F. Pickett, proprietor of the
Star stables in this town, has re
centlv nurobaabed several new
ar a
vehicles, aud is now better pre
pared than ever to accomodate his
Last Wednesday afternoon
Carlos Joseph, aged one year, three
months and twenty -six days, infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. B W. Val
verde, died at their residence in
this place.
Gov. Robert Lowry bas been
spending several days at Pass
Christian this weelf,amlH. looked
tor over here soon. He comes to
inspect Lowry's island, which is
now being surveyed.
We are told that oue day last
week one dozen chickens were
sbippetfby express from Pearling-
ton tr Rev. Joshua Heard, at
Brandon, the express charges ou
which wero 111.75. Tbe chickou
were not worth more than 13.
To morrow, the 20tb, the fast
and Al steamer Heroine, will moke
an exenrsion from Fearliogton to
Ship Island and return. The boat
will leave Penrllugton nt 5 n.m
toaching at Bay St. Louis at 8 a.m.,
and Psbs Christian at 9 a.m., and
return same day. Fare for the
loundtripfl, N
proiierty, people were suy aoout
On Monday the Moyer &Tara
mill, machinery, reul estate, and
persoual property were sold uy Mr.
We are requested by Mr. Edgar
Delery to state that his conuectiou
with the rrogresi bas ceased.
Hancock county goes to the dem
ocratic congressional convention 30
Btroug enthused tor Van Laton.
Messrs. H, S. Hyatt aud Ben
John I. Boggs,
Fisher & Caulicld,!
iquor Dealers, Tobacconists!
And Commission Merchants,
Aud proprietor! of the celebrated Wlfr
uonan r ine vut touoacco.
Noa. 34, 30 and 38 Canal Street,
July2o,li4. . 81-ly
B. Tayue, receiver, lu trout ol the T Po(,ev U14 ve been at Missis
courthouse door, nod was cried oft Ljppl City attending the Farmers'
h thn aherifif. The tollowlng is a lustitnte
. I ..... i . . i. - vr r
air. iwoert, engineer oi tuo jj. v.
and . 15., and wile, anu wrs.
Ilooke.of Chattanooea, have come
ta thiii delightful resort for a few
Wm. Ames, of the M. V. rail-
ist of the property, aud prices re
alized :
The iaw mill machinery, and
roul eatnte..
Oue iron safe
One cart and harness
....110.070 00
io ou
SO 00
30 00
Vnnr loir
Hnllnwiand blaokamith tooil
Tor Wm. Crippen lubject to a
lln at A386
Old iron about the mill
One horae
Tliee mulea
iv w i Annnin oi wefts uv biuruccks. io wu-
I ern loiini 11 ft 1111 W thn treatment of
arm net I " -
10 00
6ft oo Tht wife and daughter of Mr. M
844 oo a posev. asfiistaut engineer ot
1 1 Lt.. a XT l.nra anna tt tlST
BflA AA I I.1IH 11. AAlltl ilM UU O ftUUU V WVB-
Total w w .ij uma Tnilnn. Kv.. for a tiro
... . ... -!... tena
Ail oi me o"'" yiu.j ""1 tractedvisit.
bid iu by Mr. Oscar A. Simons, ui Ju(J rjenders0 witla a party
Foit Wayne, lna. ine mm 0f trieuds iuciudiug uen. o. u,
i. mn bv Mr. Silas Tn. nresident of the A. and M. col
of It.
Fine Marc nnd Buggy tor Bale.
A fine, sound, gentle, kind and
TIm turaier, the aiMhanle. the vurkaua, the
BMKhaiit, the luBefMiiim mrrMM la ever
ran IM la Ilia, awailienet ererr aMMheM.
the wik il iim Bwikw (a4 the iliHrea ea
will Iwl
Tli3 Times-Democrat
The MMl aeiaMr far the eMi, the .lie.
aae tan hoeia. It la aiMTitr.atailc.a
lowlli t.T.M f.'Tiy will Bn4 it eetia.
em,. Ii la a leinrjr la wln. h all ulnar leiarle
aheuUl reailllr anlmt lliiala.
Com,U,lr lu mii, lnUiMiiilrnl ami lartlble la
Alraciloa.eleTaieil la lone, reliml la Mirratara.
Immwi it all fwe eerk, aBirirlalB la all
Uilnft, It
Recommends Itself to the Consid
eration of the People.
The DULY Hit. l:OI UT..lhl
lotculr lonrtlM,aiBiiul Ilia yar, la
maildianiMilu-ral TWKI TK liol.LAKS
1' k, K A N "S U M ana 1' rup "' pneea lor .
lew ptrlixta.
Th Wll lir TIJ!tt.lKM T.
la.lY.lo.lilTh ii.fi-a, helilinlinl Baiuraua,
la biiImI to anlia, Hiwi-a at tlMK DOLL a
Tae'eir OA ILV anl VKKK,.r yeail aub-
Tie Times - Democrat Almanac,
Will li nt fiee. TtwT.-n. AI.M tXit'haa
drarrrnlljr allainnl a wlila NMnUrilr. It
aautii i& a eunilf iima aUaie a laraa aMnnit ot
liiforainiluB. ! I. arriloiial ami inral. wlikh
lain almoat reaiilai riir.t lr tn aiuirat. Ilia
polltli'ian. thv tiii.Hiftrt. niau. ami by al I Intatlt.
eantcliiiMia. Thl. yrai alaaaa. bolilca an aa
aanal onantiie nt Unalr maravnl ami a".re
prlaivlllniratlen, nlllinntnia alnrer ilmttili.
uara. arriiratvlr arnlrnnl ana anitiiranr re.
aravtd blnl'a'TTa vlrw of tli Biill.llnra,
arminilaanrt Inrallun nf ilWmlil'a Imlaatiial
audcoiioa leutonnul :iiMi.liltii,
Rrnilltaneea ran he ainile lfh hnt llitla In.
eefivenlance or truuli! Irtiin aur m-tofl1ra, if
peital now. money unli i ei n ai.tannl lattar.
For all Burn-Me nrt,lraa
the timi:s-ii:.mocj:at,
Xf tlrlBBna. Lb.
East rahcagoula, ifllaa
Dry Goods and Notions, Groceries
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Feed, Hardware, Tinware
Wines, Liquors, Tobacco, Etc.
Highest market price puid for Conutrv frodnce.
Juuuary 1U,
1 BtnJwe 4
Citation Notice.
The 81 ate of Miwiiaippl, Jackson county.
To A. Carriere tc Sons, E. L. t'arricre,
Chai. J. Carriere, t'itir.ene Dank ot
Louisiana and Jul. J. Tarleton.
Yon are commanded to appeur be fore the
clrcnit coart of the county of Jackson,
In said State, on the Third Monday of
October to defend the imt in ami
court of Hniitu, Houlemet JLiarn wnuro-
In J ou are defendants.
- ... . r ,1 I.
W . Al, LIKnnif Vim.i
Bcranton, Mia., July 85, 18r34. Mt
Citation Notice.
Tbe State of Mississippi, Jackson county
To A. Carrier at Bona, E. L. Carriere, C.
J. Carrier, Citixens Bank of Louis-
iautt, and J as. J, larmton.
You are commanded to appear before
the chanoerv court of the count of fack-
son in said State, on the first Monday of
8cptemhr, 184, to defend the suit tn said
03Un OI tne reopies mui iu new vubbub,
wherein you are aetonnants.
W. M-Dknsy, Clerk.
Bcranton, Mia., July 25, 1H84. 81.4t
ALftHArtAUHLAl JUUTMlHrl iit b i
tfood-conditioued mare, also a sec.
nnrf.hand. side-bar buggy. 1 8K1
tor sale at a great bargain. For nnaniinon8iv nomina-
W. H. McClintock, chief engi
nnr of the L. and N. railroad, has
changed his headquarters from this
place to Montgomery, ms iamuy
has irone to Louisville for a few
republican congressional
' ..ouAniiAn hui,i ar.
tor sale at a great Bargain, xu. Tl...,,ftV nnaDia,ously nomina.
terms, etc., apply at B. F. Pickett su, ex.coneres8man John B.
lirervsUble. Lynch. The Issue will be, as two
" I T U XTA,
trin In anntber oolQinu win u l nu. KH.M..A tvaj In attuniltitip.n.
found an article in whlob. sU (whether " , -m-
they wiU or no, an, ""T- There Ii no oue article Ip tba line of
l2ArJi7 .S,. aftir v"e rkor to medicine, tbs gtyd large return for
.i.. .j..i.nint of Prickly Ash Bitters,
. v. f tm merits and the benefit
Tott or jour family may derive from usjn t
It trill sav no only henlt0 mT. 7 'i
bill.." ,,m
4k mnna bb a nod Doroue strecsthen'
lna piaster, inch as Carter's 8mart Weed
and Belladonua Backache Plasters.
Job Printing at this Office.
monition Notice.
U. 8. District Court, Southern District ot
DT. Archibald
Buries Sunday, Friday and Anns.
Under a writ to the above suit I have
seized and taken into my poseossion the
bareos Sunday, HTlilay ana Anna, uow
lllMHed bv D. T. Archibald for the oausol
set forth in the libel on file pending in
aaid court, I hereby cite and admonish tbe
owner thereof. Emlle DoSmet, and all
neraons haviDa or claiming any Interest
in said banrei. to appear before tbe United
Htute distriot court for the Southern dis
trict of Mississippi, to be held at the
-iit.hniiaA In the citvof Jackson. MihhIb-
ainnl. on the Second Monday aud Uth
day of August, 1HU4, Ike return day of
aul Birit. to show cause, if any they can,
why a decree should not be entered is
favor of libullanU In said cause.
Marshal So. Distriot Miss.,
By 8. K. Thompson, Bpec i Deputy.
T. W. BnAMR A L. Bhams, Proctors.
I ii
1 "JVaV
rrriuriip i i rr -S
TORI SCOTT, . . S F"0,
rmL JcGacI MaMfW n-'ir.
6aa'HBMUaiia, Caa'iriallBlAtBat,
Job Printing.
id V At lower rak-s than elsv
Si X whore (n tbe Honth, Cams,
9 I Letter and Bill Heads, En-
v velopes, l'rograinmes, Post- ,1
1 era, Briefs, lilauka, I'auiph- i
M x lets, and every otuer cluse
9 t of prluting. Send as yonr
5; V, orders. Satisfaotien given
v v n i ct. i.i. run,..
ueiniKiai-diar juu viin.et
Job Printing.
im tw r
aS V
BBIl a to IlKSTa. VSm moa CKBtMa ana WHUImUt au
milillal, aoaniuc I'tata enitB Tha trtlcla os JHarkBI Claranlaa Baff I.Uaa ia BBttk
(waulr tiims lha prica. Thia twins OIK ON! fllNUUF liTit TRTK. Bajibliaa Hits
Uraaie barn aw 1.81-8-8 aaa bbtbb. io aii aaron u. ii.iir.im fiaajipai
wa Dull a r-ier. .nil ob imkmfoi and will alTB andU lot that ibsuI AJdrna
LANDRETH ft SONS, lewd GUrwwera, Look Box.Phlla.PSu
Landreclth's lVesh Oarden Heedi !
A. GOELZER, Soranton, Mlst
iint.l-ll..tiilv M. IhAI. . sa-atenw
TJaa mmlfUm tils wftkt km
UW arm Was alfBiait f
la sraar sa ma m wmmm, a w
A Really Pure Stimulant
This whiskey Is controlled entirely by
Venable A Herman, Mew Turk. It is dis
tilled id Maryland in the slate water ro
giousof thatBtate from the imp 11 grain
grown there. The distillation la superin
tended by a gentlemau who thoroughly
understand uia busiuoss. Nothing de
lete! ions ia permitted to enter into IU
composition, aud none of it is allowed to
be sold nntil fully 3 yean old in order that,
it nioy bo entirely free by tvuporatioj
from fusel oil. Venablo 4 Kryman offer
these goods aa perfectly pure to fill s bing
felt want for medical parposne. It is their ,
own brand, and they stake their reputa
tion ou the trnth of this issertinn.
156 Chamber street, New York.
The Buckingham whiskey can be had
iu tJuranton ouly at S. U. Cole'. Casino-
March S8, 13M.; . . 4-3m.
lar auul -eataw mf l Bbb,
4 IM flaw urn ZMnt, efcu, tmUf skal
thUrmimfmat,mm KbI BBaairar
t lra aainaa a saaatl tfct erwaa s
Oraat faaayritisa.
rrUUy Aata ttteTBoraaBiaii
mimMmdedlwrthmtmrnrmwrn. Xmmrnn
mU taaV aWtB atBMl rJWlH aw
awrai mrt Btiaiawl ta Ifce Sasls an satia
aaslly K IMf aaat aalailaaj w
lan bbIbo a atimMMU, taavarraa
OenssrsU Debility, HabttwaU con.
tlpattlosa, DiaaMl KldncyB,
ctcctc jb Blood rarlfleT,
art BvpeHer as ss, thr aaaaMctiMf
(laama Ub awaSaw aui aytr
4Br4 T Ufi rnr fUfim
BaiiaV. Jll a mediclM auul not a
Intoxicating taasrafa
si nss nnsist rst nmiT ts smtu,
anS bbbb M sshsa, STUCTUSLOOaBTBBBtta.
Mcai kh Birms ca.,mt sopiieto
fa. Laaia aaWI Tan City. .
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Graham & Adams was thia
day duiaolved by nintnal cousent. W. M.
UkahaM having purchasoa tne eutlie in
terest ot U. C. Adams is responsible fur
ill indebtednea of the Into firm, aud is
alone authorised to collect the outstand
ing Indebtedness of tbe same.
Moss Total, Miss., July 7, 144,
I will continue bnsinos at tho ikiiw
stand, and having added new stock ot
groceries, dry goods, eto . am prepared to
give my customers goon Bargains.
n. n uiuiiiAdit
July 11, 1884. llKH
Luxury, Health I
Montross House!
Biimxi, Jtti:
P. J. MONTKOSS, Prop'r.
For the summer visitor seeking recroa-
and a good tabli
tion, rest, sport, bathing, fishing, pure air
tne MouiroNs
is une
ul& ly
Dissolution Notice.
Citation Notice.
The State of Mississippi, Jackson coauty.
To Entile L, Carriere and Cbar'ea J. Car
riere, surviving paitser ot tbe Brtn
of A. Carriere A Son, aud tbe Citl
sens Bunk ot Louisiana
Yon are commanded to appear before
tbe chancery court of tbe couuty of Jack
eon, ln said State, on the first Monday of
September, 18d4, to defend tbe suit in said
eoart of Fred Lehrkind et al., wherein
yoa are defendant.
W. M. UKfiH V, vler.
July 11, 1884. . 19-4
The law partnership heretofore existing
between tbe undersigned U this day dis
solved by mutual consent.
July 1. 18B4.
July 4,1884. ' m
Nice Furnislied Hooins,
in private family, ainzl or m suits ; with
or without board. Taring to tuit the
times. Apply to
Oci'ta Sprliips, Mis.
July 1, im. " 1 'in
Admiuimtrator's Notice,
In the matter of the estate (if Josephine.
KoUKtue, deceased.
Whereas letter of admlulstratlon hav
ing been granted to the endund&ned in
the above estate on the 89th of April,.
1H81, notice i hereby given to all persons
having claim against (aid estate, to ft
ante with the clerk of the chancery
court of Jackson couuty, Mute., witulu
one year or sums will be barred.
M. r. KKCtW, Aiimiuitrwr.
8oranton, Mis., July lii, ley- ; SQr4l
The sail barge Ora and acnuonot Kt,,
ttiuitk. Also some valuable tiniNrcd land
In Jackson rounty, and town luta in Moos
Point ajid Bcranton.
March HI, li4. -tf
lr twlr t tliiaodlce

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