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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, November 20, 1885, Image 3

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Entered at toa pnwtolnas at her aotou
Mi-, asaeennn-elass rami nuutet.
FRIDAY November 20, 185,
Coast Time-fable L. & N. R.R.
Until further notice passenger trains on
Hie L, mid N. railroad will arrive anil
depart na follow, running by ataudurd
time, which ia the same as Now Orleans
time ;
ooino east.
No. 4-LeavingNew Orleans nt 7:45 a.m.
AiTlves at l)iv St. Louis. 11:50 a;ni; Puss
Christian, WJ-U7 , Mississippi Citv, 10:33;
Biloxi. 10:51 ; Ocean Springs, IHW !;
Horaiitou. 11:32 u.m ; Grand Bay, 12.00;
Mobile 1. OS p.m. ,
No. 2 Leaving New Orleans at 7:00
l.m. Airives at Bay 8t. Louis, H-.55; Paa
Christian, 9:12; Mississippi City 9:3o ;
Hilo&i, 9:51; Ocean Muring, 10:02 p.m.;
Scrun.on, 10:34; Mobile, 11.-55 p.m.
uoixo WEST,
No. 3- Leaving Mobile at 3:15 a.m. Ar
rives at Scruiiton, 4:3S a.m. J Ocean
(Spring. 5:14, Biloxi, 0:22 ; Mississippi
Pity, 6:39; Pass Uhriatiuu, i:04; Bay St.
Louis, 6:15; New Orleans. 8:15 a.m.
No. 1 Leaving Mobile at 2:25 p.m.
Arrives at Scra'ntou, 3:50 ; Oceau Springs,
4:21; Biloxi, 4:30; Mississippi City, 4:34 ;
Pass Christian, 5:13; Bay St. Louis, 5:25;
New Orleans, 7:30 p.m.
local Notices 10 Carts i Line br Each hstrtioi.
r-Severa white frosts this week.
Fish and oysters fine and plen
tiful. Our oyster shippers seem to
bo very busy now.
Business is not what it sfjould
be this time ot tho year.
Since the recent rains oyatct$
have become very fat and fine.
Annie, Current and Peach Je nyV,
at A. Goelzer's.
Mr. L. N. Dnntzler and wife,
nf Moss Point are at Healing
Spring- for fbeir Imulilj.
A huge office stove lor wood,
for sale, cheap. Apply at the
Democrat Stae office.
Miss Lucy Oirard returned
Wednesday, Jroi'n Poitersvilie
where she was visiting relatives.
Mrs. S. Booth was Jiere n a
plinrt vinit Weiliies-day. Mr. C S.
Merriwether is occupying her cot
I age.
Mrs. I. A. E.n.ues nod daugh
ter Mainn-, of Ahtaunl:i, Ohio, are
nt Mrs. i. T, M yUury's l-.r the in-
tl-Mr. I!. l Baldwin of Mobile.
Ala., has acwplci I a sitnaiion as
lmk keeper at of Mr. M.
V. B. Carey.
Mr. Paul Harraziu and ife, of
New Orleans, spent n few days ut
Paseag.iula last week vi.iitiug their
father Mr. 11. Krebs.
Mr. Tom LVntiir'" of Porters
ville, Ala., spent a le v days here j
this week vi.siiing b's ivlativ.-, Mr. '
M. V. B. Carey.
Mr. A. Blumer has taken
charge of tho Moss Point postoflke.
mid lias fitted np a very nice and
convenient office near his store.
Capt. S B. II ill has Enclosed
bis property adjoining Mr. G. W.
Taggei I's residence at PascagoTnla,
with the view of building thereon.
At a special meeting of t lie
Hoard of Pilot Commissioner held
nt Pascagoula last Tuesday, Capt.
Win. George was reinstated as pi
Jot O'l Horn Island bar.
Mr. E)JJie Backhanan, of At
lanta, Gt., has accepted the posi
tion of night operator at tho L. &
N. K. 11. depot at this place.
If .you. need bill head, letter
eads, cards, circulars, or any
thing in the job printing lino send
your orders to this office.
Mr. P. B. Hand, of Hands-
boro, was on a visit to his brother,
Mr. L. M. Hand, of Moss Poiuf,
last Monday.
A orotracted meetinff is coing
on in the Methodist chateh as Moss
Toint. Itev. It. J. Jones is assisted
by au emiueut divine from Ala
bama. Send to E. K. Qnattlebauui's
,87 Danphin St., Mobile for sewing
machines. He will deliver you a
No. 1. machine and extra attach
ments tor 30 dollars.
Mr. W. M. Canty, of tbo firm
of Phi bara & Canty, left yesterday
for New Orleans to purchase a new
lot of goods. Mr. Walter Deas will
be found behind bis counter in the
interval of bis absence.
Two car loads of Alabama coal
kave'reccntiy been distributed in
Scranton to take the place of wood
for fuel. It Is considered cheaper
thaa wood although the latter srti
tide is only two dollars n rord.
Tho Pascagoula J nil Club, not
altogether satisfied ith the result
;of tbo contest of the animal bunt
of last week, will takesnolher hunt
on the 13tb of December, a
between the same teainsv
Lat-t 5(HTliO' night meethiK
jpaV . bettl at I'.iMsoiil)t Ht wliicli
Hie boys i on ileir war pnint to
Hiiclt nil fx I cut Hit to orHiiix tln'in
Kt lvcM iiKu ii Company, which it is
intemli'il i-liiill no do ii to i-osU-i iiy
iiiitler I bo name mid stylH of "The
Pasciigoula Light Guards" ItinV
Company. There wim a rery Urge
attendance for the first meeting,
and torty one name, were enrolled
for membership. After organiza
tion a resolution was adopted pro
viding for ft proposition to Moss
Point Iiifli'8 to unite for the-purpose
of forming a Batalioii.
Tho following officers were elect
ed for permanent organization : 4.
D. Krebs, On pt a in; H. L lx-aa,
lt Lieutenant ; A. O. tfrailtoni, m
Lieutenant S. G. Cole, Orderly
Sarseant ; W. H. Laduier, 2d Sar-o-eant
; F. A. Laduier, 3d Sargeant;
K. M. Grant, 4:h Sargeant; W. A.
George, 5th Sargeant ; C. B.Torju-
n, Color Bearer ; Geo. W. Lail-
nier, 1st Corporal ; A. K. Dens, 2d
Corporal; E. F. Grant, M corpo
ral ; Peter Eobilliard, 4th Corporal;
VV. A. Cox, Surgeou ; II. F. Krebs,
The stables of B. V. Pickett,
north side of the railroad, are opeu
day and night audjpai ties wishing
vehicles ot any kind can ue accom
inodated. Mr. Pickett has some
fine turn outs and will please his
While out an tho annua) hunt
oflhst week Mr.p. D. Moore had
the misfortune to burst his gun.
He says it was characteristic with
the piece to kill or "bust" uod as
011 ibis occasion the game was be
yond its range jtsuufoituiiute fate
was the result.
Mr. A. Blumer, ot Moss Point,
informs th'public that bo is pre
pared to lurnisldj at New Orleans
prices, nice double ginned moss in
any quantity desire). Bememuer
that machine cleaned and ginned
moss is iiiiu:lililner and better than
hand worked.
The llev. B. J. Jones delivered
a very interesting lecture on tem
IM'innee last Wednesday night be
fore tho lodge of tiidefU'le't Or-
v-, 1 it ' I ..... t.itja
l.er 01 WiMHl jempiain hi. um
Point. This Lodge was organized
on Ilie 10th of last September, has
now about ubiety members and is
gradually increasing.
Kev. H. Ii. Downer is closing
bis fourth year on 0:enu Springs
ciroiiir, mid his lime beiti out he
will be removed. His last appoint
ments are ns follows: Cceau
Springs, Dec. 0:b ; Biloxi, Sih Sun
day, Nov. 29th; Hau.lsboro, 4th
Sunday, Nov. 22. Let all who
wish to hear him bi present. Mis
sissippi annual conference meets at
Me11.li.1n, Miss., Dec. ICth, Bishop
II. N. McTyiere presiding. Kev.
Joe Nicholson is very feeble. Let
bis fiiends not lorget hh'f
A friend informs us Ibat on
last Monday Messrs. hmdo ii.ngr
barth and JaU Woodoock, of
Ocean Springs, went out fishing and
in about two hours' time returned
with G5 pounds of tine trout caught
with hook and liue. Hard to beat.
List Saturday niirbt ---,'e
and quiet ot Scrantou wB "
fully invaded by a party O . '
ous youngsterif, who made itigbt 1
deous by yelling, swearing and
shooting ot firearms in a most out
rageous niauner. We understand
they came from Moss Point, and
that Sheriff Clark has given them
due notice not to repeat the insult
to Ihe cood citizen of our towu. If
the boys think our people a set of
heathens the sooner their faulty
vision is cleared the better it will
be tor all concerned.
Sheriff J. E. Clark is settiug
au excelleut example in the way of
improvements which many others
of onr citizens would do well
for themselves and the town to
emirate. He has had all the ditches
around nnd about his residence
cleaned out and repaired to secure
perfect driauage, and is now bavipg
similar work done about the Court
bouse, where he is also' making
nice raised walks and other im
He-No-Tea at
A. Goelzer's.
For tbe bepafit of the Catbolin Cbnrch of
Herauton. Dramatic November ICId and
24th. Tne Fair will close wit-h Dancinc
en tbe evrning of the 25lh. Ten prises
to be drawn by Coupon on tleketa. A
hmwlimiBa tirike to be contested fof by
vote by tlie frtenrie of Moes Poiut Bide
and Smnton Fire Coiaiiaiiy No. I.
Ailmissioa 25 eta. CUildren noder 12
years 10 cts. Doors open at 7 p
Hcrauton, Nov. IHsg.
il'M'ATW I1AI 1" " r. inr. umv-
,CBK .-. v. f ukul AST
. .. . ....... ,,1-1- .-,11- T . T f
Hf: pAsi'Aot.A. oy cixh
Tho tnemheis ot tbe Pascagoula
quii Club camu in Friday with
louils of game of nlinost every
variety exisiingin our native woods.
There weie, so (ar as we have
heard, very few Ciisualiiiet. during
the hunt worth mentioning. Those
who scored heavy coulj have scored
more "it," and those who scored not
could have scored lots Hf,' but re
alizing that "the mill never grinds
with the water that is past," and
some must be Hist and some must
be last, no one ileigucd to cry
spilt milk. The following
is I ne
score that was made:
Capt. J Wj itt Griffin's Team
A B Krebs
A 1) Krebs..
O C C'owau.
M M Kvuns.
H tiautier
L N DanUler, Jr., no hunting.
R P Blalack.... '
G H Howze. .
H D Smith ,.,
Walter Gautier.....,...-
A Soderstrom
J K Clark, no lmutiug
C W Bnckuer t
M V B Carey
.1 W Stewart
Capt. J Wyatt Griffln
Dr.WA Cox..
Capt. B. F. rickott'a team.
George Freuta
H V Krebs
C HWood
H 0 Vaiighau
J L DuUzler
C D Moore
8 8 Henry, no bunting
8 I) Denny
J M l'eluiain
C Brandon
. 100
. 150
. 380
. 370
. 45
. '100
. 255
. 2:i5
. 2rtT
. 30
. 20
J I Friar
C A Gi oilier
8 Tarn....'.
K BloouihVId, no hunting.
H lll.Mirntii'l.l, no hunting
Capt B F Pickett
Total m
On Friday night, the 13th lust.,
Ihe most Interesting and, generally
speaking, the most satisfactory
part of the programme was enact
ed the supper. It was prepared
and served in the most superb style
at Noy's Hotel, with Mr. B. J.
Jane, proprietor, master of cere
monies. In this mine host came
fully up to the mark of his high
repute, and midst tha high convivi
ality ot tho festive sportsmen the
following bill of faro was duly
served :
Gumbo (a la Creole.).
Ducks (Ktoufe an uave).
Ducks (fure.ie).
Kqiiirrnlls (broiled).
Squirrels (etont'e).
Vuuisou (ttoiif'e an vuo blanc).
Lettuce. Cullrry.
Wines St. Julien Meiloc.
California Grapes.
Desert Viia Angelica.
The gold medal, value 2j, was
awarded Capt. J. Wyatt Griffin,
and the cup, value $1 , wi S .ward
ed Mr. O. C. Cowan, I ho two prizes
tor first and second best score.
BY bi'ttkhfly.
The Bay is quite dull ut present
No demand yet I01 houses from par
Noi'thera friends.
Our well known New Orleans
voting friend, Capt. Jules Tuyer,
Jr.. was on a visit hero lately, and
his many friends were delighted to
see him.
The old Jackson home was sold
recently by a partition sale. Uue
of the buirs bought it in and is now
willing to dispose of it at a model
ate itrice. The location mid site
would do splendidly for a good
hotel or infirmary. Edgar Delery,
real estate agent, at this place, has
the phase in charge.
Of late years tbe Bay is improv
iug rapidly and the properties are
well-kept and in good order, and
when one rides down the Beach he
has a beautiful sight of those ele
guut properties; such 11s the. La n
aux brothers, Messrs. Balentine
Gragnon, Martinez, Dugazon
Uiucks, A. A. Ulinan, Leaio &
Bro. and many others. Mr. John
B. Fell, who has just bought the
Logan place, will soon hare a nice
residence erected near the old one,
We are proud and happy toee the
old Bay on tbe boom.
Tbe Bay St. Louis Insulator Com
pany have just been notified
through their ageots, Messrs. Munn
& Co., that their application lor
patent of tbe Tieleso Insulator, has
just been allowed. I his iieleso in
sulator, made all ot glass, is the
iineution ot onr lesimoted citizen
Judge Beni. Deblieui, who is also
President 1 of above named Co,
of which our well known druggist,
Mr. E. Delery is Secretary and
Treasurer. The moulds nd 1000
Insulators bate just been ordered
sud on receipt of said Insulators
they will be put on trial at once
and it a success, and we bone it
will be, our little city will have a
graud afiuir 011 baud. Success to
the above enterprise is our great
Our Circuit Court convened here
last Monday and was wall attended
Hon. Jcdge bauiuel H. Terral
pretnidins. whose charge t) the
gland jury was forcibly delivered
ind right to the jtotnt. Our popn
lar Sbentl and Cleik were on hand
busily engaged in faithfully er
lorming their onerous dntimt. Our
elever and much -esteemea young
District Attorney, Mr. Jares H.
heville, was also a; bis ikwi ready
to go for our evil doers with his
usual alaciity and fti nines. I'll
Imrwas was well represented by
(he following gentlemen, viz: Tho
veteran, K. Seal, D. B. Weal, lie.tj.
Deldieux, B. L. Piey, L. H.
Chainplin, Ed. Watkm-, , v ll-
cox, E. J. Bowers, Elliot llendcr
son. and our old Woitli.V friend, W.
G. Henderson. The Dl'.MOOitAT
Star was a!s well iepresut-il in
the ikmsoii of the haiidsiime P. K.,
who is as rosy as ever. His num
erous friends are always happy to
meet him and extend bim u cordial
General Johu Newton, Chief of
Engineers, in his annual report, in
vites the attention a f Congress to
the defenseless, condition 'of our
seacoast and lake frontier, a sub
ject which 00 reiuaras . receieu
careful attention in the last mutual
reK)t t of the Chief of Engineers.
As the question of tho iletensive
system ot the country, so tar as
the forts at which fortifications or
other defences are most urgently
eqmred, has bee") referred by Con.
ress to a board of which the Sec
retary of WhI- is president, Geuet
al Newton restricts his estimates to
what is required tqr uu repair
ml niQdineution 01 existing mw,
and for torpedoes tor liarimr tie-
fence. He, however, expresses a
hope that the commencement of an
hiborate system ot tietence may
no longer be delayed for lack of up
nrni.riatloiis.. The limited amount
of funds available during tho past
year has been mainly applied to
lacing 111 serviceaoie uuihuuuh
the platforms of heavy guns and
niorters bearing npou the channels
of entrance to the various harbors.
TUB St. Louis Republican says:
"It is so nething to have a Presi
dent whoso hands nr-5 absolutely
clean, whose purposes ore pure, who
cannot be thrust or coaxed away
from what he believes to be the liue
6f duty, who is 11s plain in his hab
its as in his talk, who works as bard
as any ot his clerks, who is as sim
ple and svste natie i" his daily life
as was jeuerson, mm uu, vt mo
I '...I.!. I.r- tl.n
influence of his example, has crea
ted a Ji flei souian atmosphere in the
official circle of which lie is tne
Wkbstkb's War-whoop. In
YWhster cotiutv. Mississippi, tne
mlf pendent voters voted for Capt.
P.it n.mleii 01 Governor, ami uar
den carried theconiity,receivlng97
oiesto 071 for G jv. Lt.wry. jlih-
Webster county voters periiapsjust
wauled to show the rest ot the Mate
how tln v could h ive l4iii"iit in tne
eve nt ot an actn-d contest for the
Governorship.-1 ielnburg Pont.
Tnv. Dkmocuat-Stak dtm not
club villi any other piHdicaiton
The subscript iou prige is $2 a year,
a advance.
pijoM ill Ullll BIIIH
Land OincB at .1acx. Miss.,
ly ovenilier t, l. J
V,ilin is lierebv ctveli tliat the follow
ing lis mud settler lias riled notice of Ins
inteuliou to make final proof in support 01
hisclaiin, and that said proof w ill lis made
Itrfuro' t'le Judao or iu his absence the
Circuit 'Clerk at Scrantou, Miss , ou lie-
e.-niber 12. 15. viz.: John W. Ji. tanner.
homestead entry Ko. lOl'.Ki, for tli se qr.,
section 1. township 3, south range 5 west.
lie names tho lollowing witnesses to
prove his coiitiu'inus residence upon and
cultivation otsnid land, viz.: Tims. How-
I1 John W. Howell, Clinrlea Crawley
l'linnius J Howell, all of Americns 1'. O.,
Jackson county, Miss.
JAS. V. BTJiWAKi, itegisier.
Nov. C, 15. -! Sl-ttt
Bad-aeoi is Price to (2.00 psr Annum,
A First-class Magazine in every respect.
A Popular Monthly o( General Literature.
With the issne for January, 1H8G, im
portnnt changes will be made iu the liter
irv character and tvioeranhica! appear-
.. i.f I.lnniucott'a Mairazine, which
while more than maintaining the former
.luniUnl'a of Hxeellenee. will, it is expect
ed, materially increase ite popularity and
B-i.lti itji anliHra nf nH..fillliess. The dis
tinctive features of Linnincott's for the
nmhifr vear will be as follow :
H w ili be a live periodical,-, interesting
itself iu all the current topics of the day,
literary, artistic, politicpl and social, and
onliotiiit- in their iliscnssiou tho ablest
.v.im In" Kni'lnnd aiid America. A fair
healing will be accorded to all sides of a
controversy, tliougn rue magaziue
strietlv preserve its own neutrality.
It will t especially strong in fiction
A n novel entitled "Hone," by V. E
Norris. aut hor of "Matrimony." "No New
Tiling," etc., who is perhaps tl cleverest
of tbe rising authors ot t,ugiauu win mu
through the year accompanied by a bril
1. iWlinir wit h the literary and
dliiinatio life ot New' York City, from the
wn nf a. writer who ureters fo keen bis
name a secret, but'whose every touch re
veals an intimate acqnniniauce wivu vuo
scenes which he desorioos.
It will be rich in abort stories, poems
nil tlrtJliM.
By special arrangement it will be the
anthnriiu-d medium throueh which the
Intent utterances of the most eminent
transatlantic writers reach the American
public simultaneously with their appear
ance aiiroait.
It will nnmher among its American cou
tril.n Ion. snch writers as Gail Hamilton
Julian Hawthorne. Harriet PrencoU Spot
ford. John Bach MeMaster, "J. 8. of Dale,'
J. hraodcr Matthews, ete.. ett
It will be the cheapest liist -class maga
zine isaned in America- Recognising the
ueods of the time tor good literature at
moderate prices, the publishers havo de
cided to lower the subscription price, coin-in.-ueiiii-
with the new volume, to a sum
that will place Lippiucott'a Magazine
wittiiu the resell or ail.
For mil bf U .Vwsdealcra, 33 cftiti ptr ajy,
per aaaasi.
.1 P. LIPPiNCOTT & CO., Pnh'm,
715 sod 717 Market St., PUibxlelphia.
Jpb printing at this Office.
ilississippi Coast.
Forty-One Years Qld.
Home Printed.
Official Journal of Jackson Co.
1 Bold Outspoken, Democrat
ic A'eimu family Paper.
lis circulation iu the Counties nlong the
Coast and iu those of the Interior,
is very good and constantly in
' creasing, which, therefore,
makes it a spleulid al
vertising mediiiin.
TERMS $2 a year, in advance.
Should Talrouize the
Not simply because it ia s home institu
tion. but because we cam and witx
do nil kinds of Job Printing
as nratly and us cheaply
as can be ilono else
V,'ill do well to examine our work and
pi ices. W e keep constantly on na nu tne
lutcxtuud bcststiitioiiery,such as ia gen
erally used in printing
Vlyl,L,-Ul., A n&
Etc., Etc., Etc
I'orWeddings, Balls,
Parties, Sociables,. Ke-
unions, UBlennuiouB,
neatly executed.
f .vcrv kind will le print
ed subject to order, aud all
other printiug that county
orticials may need.
of the latest style,
anpplied on short no
tice and at reason
able prices.
and wrell-selected stock
JOB TTl'E of vry kind, C'ata, riia-
ments. etc., togotner wau "v
mil PRKRSF.S. ws'ara iHmseseeil of facil-
ties for the eieutiea of Job Work lathe
latest stylo. Thojs wishing
Any Style of Printing
from the ainsllent "1,1 a" to tbe fall-siied
poster eau h sopplied at thia office for a
verv nonunil aaai. Commercial printing
will done at prices that defy eompetitlou
Editor aud Irjrif'tor.
f t,t 3,h.
M. . 11.
Delm Avenue
Di-y Goods and Notions,
loots; siwm uats, cumin-a. iuksij gkocfjl.,
' " fEEp, fylWED QbOIhi, riXWAL'I, hardware;
d yeryUilgeaiBectMl with a rmsT-l.!
for the cash. nTAUo Wines. Liquors, A!
January H, lhi.-
KJtZK-ti -L
fsXT . J
In an.
JOHN V. TOULD2E, Proprietor.
Beautiful Isolation for a JViuter Resort, facing directly
the Gulf. TERMS MtE.iSO.tf!LE.
Novemler"21, tfc4.
Moss Point, Miss.
ffii)SS"P01NT & SciUNTCa
Ufiuiflly kept iu a firt-class store.
Furniturs and Eonsskeeping Sood. cf all
Einda s Specialty.
STOVES are sold lower than New Or
leans or Mobile prices, as I buy them for
spot cash direct from the manufacturers.
STEAM UKIbT MILL Fresh Meal.Onts,
Hominy, Chops, Cracked Corn and Feed
of all kinds sold at lowest market prices,
and delivered free of charge within city
limits. Buying feed in large quantities
enables me to get the benefit of wholesale
puces, and con therefore sell in cheap as
.he cheapest.
riisl'iiu SHOE DEPAUTMEM where
a person can cot tho best Shoes for the
least mouey. no jnici o,
counters or wimhiuii uldti.
mySli oe Fettory none out genuine oaa
taimed leather, and I defy competition as
... .ci.... mul mi:ilirv.
Alsi, ha.e always on baud first-class
hand-uiado Shingles formic at reasonable
I liallKIll, niwuim '" o
ivite acoiiliniiauee of same. .. '
Respectfully, A. BLl.MEU.
Goods JkUrered Free of Charge,
October 2. 1-5. 3-1t
Th fnrmw. tT nirrhwic. lb. w.rkm.n. Ili
atsrrhaut, the munufsf-tiirwr perwMi. Id svfffjr
SToealimi is Ills, mrrutartof every hoaMlioll.
Ihe wlf nt tbs aiaihcr sad Ui efcililren stl
li: ami
The Times-Democrat
Th MmiI taflw.ftr Its- the fflc, tlis alien
tlt kwua. It Is lf,UlM
kw Hi t em BT.rtj will rinS iu umhi rr.s
nr. KUslaintTM whkhsllalhM' laiarta
boultl rowlllr .abvr-lluau.
CeniHtelu aw. ladefMwul.nl (! for-nil. la
atrttcliea, l.vsisil Is lne. rrSneil iu lit.ruisrn.
(nrpmoat ll all aood wk, MUirprtslng is All
tliluf It
Recommends Itself to the Consid
eration of the People.
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Teerary DAILY sad WKCK..y yawlf aak
The Mi-Democrat Almanac,
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othwr ppor of il oorahmed. Price f 2l
r. liisMfnnt to (Mob, bold b? 'I e-wraeaierv
UWH CO., FubiuHera. 3tlrodrar, n. k.
fmmmmmm uxji'-tic Let or
iunre than One Hundred Tftoa"
and Appiicanorm n.r paieui m nv
niid SiatH nnd foTeijn c ontnest.
Caveat. Trade-Mart', Copy-rirata,
Amigvmmnt, and all other pap? r ivr
aecnrtnir to iDntors tnur ner.ia in me
VmUk Statea, t an da. En-iand, IraMioe
Germany and other foreign foiititrtpa, pre
pared at abort itic and on retutouabie tfrni,
Information ai ti obtaiam u.rots (rhser
fnllygiTu without rtiarg. Haad-book r.f
.n.,rmil.inn aent frfn. PatetlU obtr1U'il
ifaronith Mann A Co. re notwd in ih F lentina
Arucncan free. The dvWlteof sat h nn-A, eli
well understood by ail perao&e wiio wiu todis
poBe of their patents,
AMkJUCir, 3ti lrodwy, mw lork-
From Loottont Ktntion on ihe N. O. ami
M. Railroad, for l'earlingtoii, Logtowii
and Gainesville, the fast propeller.
.liSiblW.C. Henderson,
R. H. BOARDMAK, Muster.
Makes daily trips to Puarhngton, l. g
towu and Gainesville.
Connects with the eoast nccomnioilati. u
traia, morning aud evening, and alio with
the east-bonud train from Xuv Orleans
daily. .
October 30, lw.
PoitRvenl & Favre,
rcoshi dhhi? mm?'
Shhgh, VttiMler, Lalht, ffetnd Timber, Ele.
; nit
JlKiich KhMffiri ami Oitiui:. Lumlwr aawa
to arUer. aud u t-.rl a.t ulUm taid w 1mi-h
sjm! htiip Awl I'-tii!- 1-nuilH-r. Alw
Citi-TieR, lliwn Tinibi-r, I'jluig,
etc., uruiHln-d.
M!!s at Pflsilalos, i Ceart Eatr, Missisjif
Hran-ti IHIic.. l-.'S Cimnmm St.. l-mri-ians Kni"B-
al Hank BaiMliK. VAI1 ORl.h I V. 1.1.
Cstt'p A.ldrfy.. 1'!.i;vbct, IVsiliugVm.
Octob r lt, lets. ?3-3ui
Adnilsiisfrnlor's Salt.
By virtue of the power vested in aieby
a iltnree of the Chancery Court ot Jsck
vu county. Mississippi, at rules therein,
Novi iiiliei' 2, 1" -.'i, J a ill, as Adwinistmtiir
of the estate of J anirs Napier, tleci-ased.
sell at public outcry, ia front of tbe door
nf the Conrt-honse of Jaeksan connly, at
(v i an ton. Mins., within legal hours pre
mril'eil tor shi-rin's sales, to tho highest
bu'iler lor rash, on
SiitinUty, (he 2Si day of Xorember,
t-.i, all the rights, title and interest of
thesoid James Napier, deceased, ,in the
pilot-boat slattio ocorgo; now ppynig m
the waters ot -lacks, n eonniy, sam mar
est being a el e ln:.ttli mtIivulcl iutemt
in ssiil Unit. I y til ! tnareto is tnongn
to be itihmI and I wiil convey such inter
est as ia vrtfil in ut so such ailiniuistia-
tor. H. r". kfc't-l"5. Administrator.
.Sciai t.i. Mi.. Nov. fi, iNsi, 3d-4t
W. H. Graham,
Moss Point, Miaa.,
LValir iu
Groceries, Canned Goods, Hardteare,
Ha i nets, Sod d!er g, Etc.
Shoes, Clotliin;, Feed,
And General Merchandise.
Cttkk Salt tsl Sxall 7rcU.
October 18, 1 ""?. " f i
I ' Suhsrriise
tor tht;
1 i "
K '-XT W
I day w.
'J8;. i m Vondsya aad Th
n tt ' JS. C
t vemm ',.- .
i aroauil all day.
h tober 31. tfM.
nrmlilT at 6 a to.
rmxv rtntnatlphut Fa a-7a j i Vr.
CAtelAMtSA, i. M,
fckroe hlf Wwim

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