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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, December 18, 1885, Image 1

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Tcrme Two Dollars per Year in Advance
P. K.MAtE3iS,tProprietor.
1 t
-II U I 1.
ft $5"V - --
m irani' in wi
Uar romovBd doom nbavo their old utauil to
Look at the wontleiful rwluctions made since our removal :
150 pairs ?5o wool Rwy Wankfta now at 50o pr pair.
150 pair 75 wool 1. wliite bluukvts 10-4 now nt SK)c per parr.
bed comforts reduced from 75 to &0c. , '
ffl naim 1 1-4 K ull wool California while llankit,now nt
100 pairs 10-4 wool whitfl liluiikcta were J3.50 before our rvmovul now at J2.50 pr pair
100 pieces nice wlt era ilaii(l domestic t 4 per yard.
100 niecex bloaclicd doim'Btio warranted no dressing yd wide nt 4 and Do per yd.
100 pieces best round tlireail Georgia liorauspmis at 5o per yard.
f0 pieces all. wool tilled Casliimeres all colore and black 3d lucbes wulo at l.'to.
100 pieces single width Casbimeres all colors at 5e per yd .
tOO pieces wool plaids new styles usually sold at Hi uoW at 7o per yd.
6 cases full 10-4 best brown sheeting at 15c per yd.
6 cases full 10-4 best brown bloaclied shooting at 15c per yd. ,
100 pieces best Simpson i uioiirninn colicos nt 5c per yard.
100 pieces best standard ealicoo worth 7 and Ho now at 4 and 5c per vard.
Rodman'tall wool Doeskin
nut down at 25c Der vd. This Is the
50 pes 15c Ky Jeans slightly damaged at
50 piecet pt'0c Kentucky Jean at lOcjycr yd slightly damaged
picca left of our 40c wool (Jotoimerct at 2ic per yard.
3.") pieces warranted nJ trool lied Flanuel at lijc per yd.
20 pieces j-ny wool twilled ilaunoi at So per yard
10 puces entia heavy ull wool white Shaker flannel at 2ro per yd.
10 pieces geuuiue tiilborfs 7-8 white Uaiinel all wool at 'Jac never soid less than 50c.
" pieces celebrated Fit! red twilled flannel at Sifc per yard. 'Ibis is an immense
job lot we closed out. They are Bonds that are enl.lju'ljover this place at 40c pi y.u
50 piuees heavy moss tiekiu ut 5c per yanl. 50 pes J5 fu thcr ticking at 12io.
100 pieces I40;."d Me Canton Ha.inel at 5c per yard.
liXl pes sea island doiuetio :fs ini he" wideut 5e per yd. Never sold less than 8c.
!i!0 pieces heavy (Jeorgiu lloniespuus round thread ut 5c. Never sidd less than He.
IM U-4 whit uprenda at Too eaek. 50 pieces tic crauii for toweling reduced to 4c yd.
6 pieces double widih water-proot H yards wide al 50c per yard.
'fi VAVlJorWo roil THUStlT. 100 DUX VEXTS MKU1SO SUlll f at iOc.
200 ihwu L'Ki.ts lull regular mii'lo rroneli iJaibrijrau socks at 10c per pair, 'luis Is a
sock tlmt'has been d:l as cheap at Oc. We now offer them at 10c.
1 DO dozen L'enrs wool socks at 10c per puir. Never sold less than 80c.
lisi.loi'en cents sock ill colored, striped mid unbleached at 5c per pair. , ..
lilfi duf t ii niixses full n ahir mado hose in dark colors at 10c per pair.
50 iloz lirciiklust shawls ut lOe each 60 irro Ivory c.diar buttons at 5c pni- uo7.HH.
r... ...t ... -1. ,.., ...,. r.i. iurnir. -JI0 i-iiiss -20c uielal -Iress butrnos all colors
... r .1....... -liiiaim :i lii.'Miive as
1'Oiloieli genuine Alexai.ders ft kid gl'vt- all sizes hikI culom ill 50 per pair.
100 ilojieu belies iiill regular made.Hjlbrijrnn hos.. at 15o per pair. ,
tiiOO ilozeu rick rack braids one number only nt 3c pur dozen. ''
Ke.ad this. 2 line-loot h comb and 1 coarse-tooth combund I (food hair brush all foi-20c
101) dozen best, toilet map. 3 cakes neatly dono up in box w ith one wash rajr for 20u.
We are closinjj out our over -stock of jjoiiuiho l.ousdale Domestic uever sold less than
10c fur 7 clier yanl by the Inilt only.
1 lots Rents standing collars pure liiion odd sizes at 2$o each.
100 dozen jri-iits pino 1 in n 4 ply lauding and turn down col'ars at & and Cc each.
M.iiiu. ..iilh.i- dm vim tire nuviiitr l'Jc for.
inn ilnz ireiils ,1 un Inuni ilei Wlinesiiiri J niy linen wmims, cum noil connrs;iuc en
3 papers best English pins book fold with 1 row black plus ill each book for 5c each
15 iimiihis best KiiL'litih hianiiiis for .'in 1 i-oss dust of pearl dress buttons tor 10c.
1 ' rtn. ilr.-Hs China lint tons for 5o. 100 dor. 1 idles pur j linen heiiiued hilkfs nt 5c each
uxiiln. l lii-niiii il eolm iMt border hdkfs
Onlj a lew more lef . nt thoso beautiful nickle plated hand-bags ut 20c each.
Come early and don't uiiiul the rush as we aro always rushed.
Removed to U'J Dauphiu Street, 3 Jours above their old'stand
October ti, ISBj. cm34-ly'
Tt'M. I-AmiAM.
w. sc. civi r.
Parham & Canty,
'lhis is to inform the citizens of Seiau
ton and vicinity that we have rented the
store formerly occupied by W. A. Dawson,
on Krelis avenue, north side Kuilroad,
which we will keep well-lil'od with, good
assortment of
all of which will be sold at the lowest
iigures for the Cash, (live us trial I
r a Kit aji tttwu.
Bcptembe' !8, l-i5.
- Scranton, Bliss.
niave'opencd iu the Btore.formerly or
cup'ied liy Bailet, Ruouks & Wiuiicn,
and will keep on band good assortment
t Staple and Fancy Groceries, Feed, Dry
Goods, Notions, Hardware, Tinware,
Crockery, etc., which will be (sold at the
very lowest market price for CASH only.
Call and see for yourselves.
. A. M. JORDY.
March 20. 18S5. 3-1 j
Tonsorial Parlors
Fritz D. Bccht,
Having recently built a new, comforta
ble and conmicsliont barber shop, I am
prepared to serve customer In the best
Banner and at city price. Ncne but
First-Class Artistes
re employed in my establlsbmeEt, and
customer, can rely upon being promptly
" "rustically served. Shaving, hair
re-ing, shampooing, dyeing. etc done
the beet style.
-U.l-y4. - 45-ly
If Son rtcfd bill head, letter
k'HJs, carjg, circulnrsi, or aitr
tliln2 in the job riutii) line teod
Aurora era to tbUonw.
" f
Jeans, always sold at 50c per van
a now
biecest drive ever offered in this City,
7c pr yd. Just think 20c for pr Pants fe
Oi&t 10
orettv as any 2k) metal button ever sjld.
at Vie baeh.
Blalack's Hotel
Livery Stable,
South Side R. R. Depot,
Hcranton, iMisHissip pi.
Jan. 19, 1885. 46 ly
European and American Plan
CHWS. HINCKLE, Proprietor.
Dee. 14 "8S3. to -nil
W. H. Graham.'
Moss Point, Miss., .
I , Dealer in
Groetri, Canned Ooodg, Hardware,
Harness, Saddlery, Etc.
Shoes, Clotliins;, Feed
And General Herchandiae.
Ctiicl SUh xt SzaH rrcitt.
Oct. 16, !. - 33-m
I Job rxiiitinsr. - i
At lower rat than eT
where in the Sonth, Catoa,
Letter and Bill Heads, tn
Teloiiea. lro;rninies. Post
ers, Briefs, Mauks, Piph
leta, and every t her ei
of printing. Seeid ns your
orders. basiUeioa tiven.
Democnl-Stir Jeb QW.ce,
1 JS ! -
m ;.
' 3 ','
i . Civntifiui . M ill.
Win m-actJfft in all the ocutto of the Seventh
JuillrlHl riitrtcc and
the KiHli.ial ud Buprein.
Artl3, IW5.
Serantm. Jfif.
OfliMi sjotnln)? nssldenco on Tsucsgoula 'r't:
MttiehUl. ISoS. J lv
i. l. UAirrzijut.
Will pnwtios la the counties of Jackson uU
Harrison. , ...
OfiMf Bcranten, Jfu.
Deoomher 14, 1884.
y G. EVANS, JR.,
ltitiiitifpi City, 3fi.
1- Gnanfl.
practice in su tn
alililrUt. Will sttenil pinuilly to ejUn
by ti leuraub or otherwise ,luui:u win
1st, Louu, Pass CUrintum, B!lox, Ocean biiruigs or
8c aatou. 0mrf jjm)t
November 16, 1"H3.
Jit'jijji City. Hist.
Prartlees in all the courts of th Feventli Jnitl
ciltl di.tri.t. ; ; . ..
nonsaiiK skal. uuxtuniiui,
Scranton, MUt.
Will practice In all tho cotirti of .Tatkson connty .
Each waituur will continue to piuclico in lu i iuili
rUleaf" pieity in all the courts ef the Sovouth J
dieial diHtriet
Jimuaiy 1. 1S34.
ITou Point, UUt.
Practices in the court, of Jackson. Harrison,
aucock, IVrry aua liwunc.
Juuell. less.
t4 ly
Hetitlmee: Mull Toint, Hit!.
n, e,..rt'a iliitir atnrR. lllollfl Point, Mits
M ill niai iicr at Mihs l'olnt. tknuiton, tho
hIioio und Ticisity.
14 Baronne ttrcrt, Kcw Orleanl.
flavin" rmcntlv roturned to the city can be
to uil at the nhevo minilr, pn-paretl to uo any
woik ill the l!Ui) ol ilcuiistiy.
urpt. s. i let. fcb. i6, m.-m ly
Fire Insurance !
E. W. Morrill, Agt.f
Liverpool and London and
(jlobe ins. uo.,
Moss roint, Miss.
Insniance on
Oct. 10, 15.
dwellings specially 8o
33-1 y
kiss' Si Tn Hstel,
Mississippi City, Miss.,
Midway between New Orleans and Mobile,
oil the Louisville and Nashvillo li,K.
Magnificent Lawns, shaded by live-
oaks, ten acres iu extent, iu perfect order.
liallii);nd tishiti;; nustirpassod. Only
Spanish M ackers I r.oihhIs on the coast.
All nasseucer trains stop at the hotel
station, distauue but a plcasuut walk.
Burgage tree.
A brass and string band of selected art.
tists. Cuisine eannot be surpassed. Every
comfort aim luxury of homnauu hotel lite.
The finest ball-room in the South sep
arato from the h-itel.
Bar, billiardB and ten pins, and all other
amusements for old and yonuK.
Perfect cletuliness in all departments
the prime object.
Extra dinners and snpiH-rs a specialty
Hon. Simkox Toby and Wiluam F.
Passmiikk iu office.
1 Col. Octavk Lakdrv, Asst. Manager.
Per month.
l'er wewk......... ...... .......
Far day ...
R0 00
. 17 SO
1 0
Coatrart Rate, with Families.
C. E. KMEDES Proprietor.
July 10, 16. 19-tf
filontross House,
Bil0Xi, .Uisl.
Open '. Summer and. Winter.
The undersigned proprietor and mana
ger of this delightful tk-uside resort, re
peotfnliy infoiius the tiaveling pnblic,
espeeially winter tourieta eomiug Sooth,
that be is now prepared to offer FIKM -CLAS.-1
visiiiug liiloxi. This Hotel is situated
directly ou the beach of the Gulf of
Mexico, and affords
m tflTBG, FlIISG, iraiNG 15D KITBC.
The sfoessibility, pure sir and freedom
from malaris, render Bitoxi one of the
miwt desirable spots on the Gulf shore.
Ectel Flret-CUn Ettta Ebascsa!,
AppiK-stions for rooms by mail or tele
ffrapa will receive prompt attention.
T 1 twtv -nj,,l:a
October St. 14.
now is Tin: timi:
rnos. . FOHU.
Circuit Court-Seventh District.
JAB H NEVILI B. Distrtet Attorney
Clarke cimntv, nrst Momlay ill February anil
Ausust, !outiliuili! twelve da.vs.
Kemper eoiuity, rt Mnnday in March and
September, coiitinuinjl twelve !
tauderdalo county Hist Monday In July and
January, wmtiuuiuit twenty foiu- juiiiiiai days ut
buwineaa requires. , , , . . '
Wayne county, flirt Monday, in A prll and Octo
ber, couliliuinjr 'nix days.
Orwino county, second Monday in April and Oc
tober, cmitluuiiiK six days.
I'orry county, seventh Monday sfter pmrth Mon
dav in 'April siid Oc.tolwr. , !.,'
Marlon coiintv. Sixth Monday after fourth Mon
dav in April ami October.
Hancock countv, third Monday after fourth
Monday in April and Dctober, continuing twelve
"Harrison county, flint Monday sfter ftmrth
Monday in April and October, continuing twelve
" 1? . , . w J . II .... J
j acKwm connty, tniro rtionuaj ui ajhu v..-.-ber,
coutinuini; twelve da.v.
Chancery Court -Seventh Dist.
SYI.VANUa EVANS, ChanccUi.r.
Jaekwui conntv. first Monday of March and 8cp.
temiier. conlinuiii!ix davB. ,
liiirnftou county, neci.no .Mnauuy bi -aarcu
gttnteniber coiiliuuin six duya.
lliuicock cniinlv, thiiil Monday in aiarcn ana
Scptetnlier, coutinuini! six flayn.
tiioeue county, secinu .uouuu;, u pi" uu
tober, coiitinuiim wis diiy.
Marion countv, fourth Monday in aiarcn ana
September, contimiiua six do.VH.
i'eriy runuty. tirt Muiulnv after the fourth Mon
day in "March and September, coutiniiinu six day".
uviieenintv, loultn Jlonu!iy alter m louiiu
Monday of March and ficpteuiher, eoutimilnj; six
Chirke county, flrnt Monday inMay and Noj-cm-ber,
continuing ix dayi.
J.aiwlrilalcMoniitv, tluril Monoay oi may aim
Xovember, conlinuinl twelvedti.
KemtMir county, HfM-onu juouuay ui aiay muu r
vflnber. coiitiniuuir iix dii.Vfi.
Monthly rules of Chancery t ourt on nrst .Mon
day iu each month.
Official Directory Jackson County.
Clerk of the Courts Walter M. Benny.
Hherilf John K. Clark.
Treasurer S. K Thompson.
Surveyor K. V. Morrill.
Assessor A, A. Vautriian.
Co. Supt. Puh. Ed Dr. II. L. nowze.
Postoillcc Honrs.
The followina aro tlie nosioflico houis of the
Scriiatoli pohtit'.lce:
Opes tmm i o clots s.m. to i p.m. -iwiu owti.
Sunrinv Office open half au hour before and after
departure oi man wain.
JllKK. &1AKY u. IjAIUK, r. oi,
Justice Courts.
,udue J. W. Starr holds rcjnilur terms
of court ut tho courthouse in hcranton
tin lirst and fourth Wednosilays iu each
mouth. At Oraniro drove 1st und 4th
Tuesdays in each month.
Boui il ol Health, Jat'KSon Co.
S. S. Henry, president, Dr. W. A. Cox,
Dr. M. Joore, . W. Stewart and W. S.
Dodson, sr. Dr. W. D. Brag;;, port phy
sician and health ollirer.
Governor Robert I.owry
l,:oiitcnimt-(iovernr -G. D. FUnnds.
Treasurer W. L. Ileiiiingway. '
Secretary of Statu 11. t. Myeid
Auditor S. (iwin.
Attoniey-Geneial T. C. Ciitchiugs.
Snp't of Kd'Kiition .1. A. .Smith.
Librarian Mrs. M. Morauey.
f up't I'diiteiitiarv T J. MoQnislnn.
Snp't Insano .Asylum Dr. T. C. Mitchell.
Sup't Deaf and Dumb Iuatitute R.
Snp't Blind Institute Dr. "V. S. Lang
ley. Revenue Ascent -Wirt. Adams.
Land Commissioner P. M. Doherty.
Chief Jastice J. A. P. Campbell.
Associuto Justices James M. AruolJ,
Tim E. Cooper.
Clerk Oliver Clifton.
ISAIU'.OAU commissioxkrs.
John M. cl J.:e, presidunt ; W. B. Au
gustus, W. A. McVVillie, mciubcrsj C. C.
Campbell, clerk.
Scranton Directory
Baptist Eldor O. D. Bowen, pastor.
Preaching first and third Sabbaths in each
mouth at f p.m. Pubbath-scbool every
Sunday nt 3 p.m., J. Ncilson, superintend
ent. Fire Compnny.
Scr.ANTOH Film Company No. 1. S. R.
Thompson, president. Goo. Freutz, fore
man. Regular meeting fii-st Afonday
uight iu each month.
Moss Point Directory.
METHODIST Eer. R. J. Jones, pastor.
Preaching every Sunday. Prayer meet
ing every Thursday evening.
Baptist- Elder O. D. Bowen, pastor.
Preaching tlrst aud thiid Sabbaths iu each
pKEsBVTKitiAji Rev. D. O. Byers, pas
tor. Preaching every second and fourth
Sabbath at 10:30 a. in. Prayer meeting
every Wednesday eveniug at 8 p.m.
Gctr Lodge Knights op Hosor No.
811 Meets on first and fourth Saturday
n. glits of each month. W. D. Bragg, D.;
IrW. Broome, V. D.; E. T. Hendon.A.
D. ; J. K. McLeod, R. ,- E. W. Morrill, F.
R. ; O. J. Anderson, G.; Jos. Schetller, .;
E. B. Smith, 8. Medical Examiners Dra.
W. V. Brairg and I. K. McLeod.
Pascaooi-la Loihjk A. F. and A. M.
No. 202 meets thiid Saturday night in
each mouth. T. A. loulson, W. M.;
W. Watkma,S. W-; J. L. Dautzler. J. W.j
A- Blnmer, Treus.; C- H. Wood, SecV ;
J. K. McLeod. 8. D.; H. G. Dempf, J. D.;
O. L. Howie, S. aud T.
R. L. Bowk R. A. Chapter No. 1S
Meets second Satnnlav night iu each
mouth. T. A. Coulsoo, H. P.; J. W.
Morris, Kiuj.
Podtoftiee and MUh.
Posrofiios open from tf s.'oi. to
every luy.
On Suudays open from 9 to 10 a.m. and
from 1 to 4 p.m.
Letters for register will be received
dnring the week lrora 8 a.m. till 3;:i(lp.ni.
No letters registered on Suudays, nor after
boars on week days.
from SirnnUm Arrives at 8:35 .ta. and
1.15 p.m. Departs ut 9;1." a.m. and
3:45 p.m.
ieJleti! Semle Arrives en Wednes
days and Saturdays at 6 p.m. Departs
n Mondavi fid Tbnrs-lsvt at 6 a.m.
A. BLlMER. P. M.
Cod give." ns men A time like this dc
niauds Strong minds, great hearts, true fuitb and
willing lianda;
Mcu whom the hist of office does not kill;
Mm whom! the spoils of office cauuot
Men who possess opinions and a will
Men who have honor; mcu who will
not lie ; "
Mcu who can stand before a demagogue
Aud damn hiu treacherous (latteries
without winking; -
Tall men, suu-crowuetl, who live uhove the
In public duty and in private thinking!
Foxwhilotho rubble with their thumb-
, worn oretds,
Their large professions aud little deeds
Mingle iu selfish strito, lo! Freedom
weeps I '
Wrong rules tho land waiting justice
sloops !
For the Democrat-Star.
In chikihood I oiit'U turned to
Ilie picture of tbe Hindoo widow,
iiiioluting beist-It uion tbe funeral
pyre of ber husband, aud my ro
mantic fancy conjured it beautiful
picture ot bii'uau love nd devotion.
Iu ituaginutioii I 8tood on tho banks
of tlio Gauges, and nbove its inur-met-
beard the passionate words of
two who were entering into the
holy bonds of imitriiBony. I be
held ibem glide down tbe roseate
path of life lo tbe hint awtnl scene,
the funeral pyie. With what ml
miration I leyaided the beautiful
widow, who wishing no other con
solation, mounted tho ftineial pyre
and olleied herself a willing sacri
lice on the niter of love. I olten
produced the case to support tbe
theory, that 'Move is stronger than
death 1'
One cheerless, ini.-dy afternoon
a lew; weeks ago, I was perusing
the paws of faded, worm-eaten
book, to w hile away the tedious mo
ments, entitled, "Customs and Man
ners of Jinny Nation." There I
found an essay that explained the
o.iin of i he cruel Hindoo custom.
It seems that iu oaily tiuies, Uimloo
husbands were taken off mysterious
ly ; it was (bought by poison, und
wives suspected. A leiuedy was
sought, and a wise ohl husband
prompted by a desire to prolong Lis
own Iife,snggesled a 1 wo fold ore mil
lion. Could human cunning' have de
vised a be.tier plan I A woman must
have been possessed ot great courage
to have uudeitaken marriage with
the prospect of being roasted alive.
1 imagiue that medicine become ber
constant study, livery means to
prolong husbands' lives waslsonght.
How safe and cheerful must have
been tho feeling of old maids iu
those troublesome times. Human
horoism and devotion, when silted,
may usually be reduced to selfish
ness. 'The smiles of joy, the tears of woe,
Dcceitlul shine, deceitful flow,
There's nothing true but Heaven,''
Across Florida.
Great chauges are taking place
in Florida and a vast amount of
Northern capital has been invested
there within a few years, the es
pecial attention of Northern men
being directed to transportation
facilities. How to 6borteu (he
route for ships between New Or
leans and New York aud Liverpool
some 500 miles by cutting off the
distance around the great peninsula
is a problem now under considera
tion, and as the number of coasters
arriving at this port from Southern
ports during 1884 was 3,643, or
nearly two thirds ns great as the
number ot foreign arrivals, tbe
achievement of Hie desired result
would benefit au immense traffic.
Cap!. Ends lias ordered a survey
trotn a point two miles below Jack
sonville to Head mau's Bay, a short
distance bortbward from Cedar
Keys, bis project beitijr tbe construc
tion of 120 miles of railway for tbe
tratisportion of ships across Florida
between the Atlantic aud ibo Gulf.
As tbe rival ecbeme that of a ca
nal large enough to permit tbe pas
sage ot two first-class ship woold
require au espenditnre ot $46,000,
000, there is au opportuuity for tbe
man who opened the mouth of the
Mississippi to show whether be cau
save jiillious, aud at tbe same time
provide better transit, by the con
struction of a sb'P railway. It is
ceitaiu that sncressiti tbe Florida
enterprise would ensure tbe con
struction of his Tebauntepea ship
railway, but reports from Mexico
indicate that be may hope to re
verse tbe order or achieve tbe gi
gantic projects simultaneously,
opening a shorter cut not only
at ross Florida to the Gulf, but also
from the Gnlf across Tehauutepee
to tbe Pacific Ocean. Smc York
Maritime Reporter.
Job woik neatly executed at this
o$ce. '
The Last C;ir!:tbasr;rt'r.
From the Allanta Constitution. I'ifir 'iavt'8. DoilblleHH Ibis i-i tbi
The last i-aietba?j;pi l T-vi-uty niniii icanoii "by tlin IhsI c.tn.ft
yemu iigo lift witsi a pot etili.i I force bustii r iliut i fo wiy, our Mat cur
in tlii woik (if dfstiueiioii uml re- j.. t-b iryer siir.t u a ripple of hi
coiiHtiticiion. (Suites wi-ie then u-n ut when lie if poinroil out. Ho
nu'tvlv the M un i-f.sot thebi uliess-1 pizo nt hitnwitb much tlie Siimo
hoard on which hu plityed Un diii iti"; ' curiosity tbut wotibl atfucli to one
KHiiie.witb Gover'nire, Seii.itors uml j of John A. Miinell', biindit." Tie
Jtidi'8iaatoadol ivory Uures tfeii-j Uhs niiiny of the iivi!eoe8 of an
eriillv nsi-il. 1I . wii.H it rc:klei8 i bistoiiual Bsure. tie belongs "n-
player, having everything to gain
and nothing to lose. It needless to
say fortune was against him.
lie attracts attention even uow in
the crowds hurrying to and fro
along our busy streets. Ho seems
to stantl apart from his fellows, and
they unconsciously shun him.
There is uothiug vicious in bis
countenance. He is simply a bent
and broken old man, with a strain
ed, iuteuse look, the look of a bunt
ed fugitive in a strange land. He
is lingering ou the border line be
tween the present and the past,
just ready to flutter and flit. This
carpetbagger has a stirring history.
At the close ot the civil war be laid
aside bis blue uniform and Bwotd,
and with a number ot congenial
comrades went to work to shape tbe
destination of the uew South. From
bis point of view the Southern
States were conquered provinces
and the inhabitants defeated rebels.
Trained in tbe uarrow-miiided
school of the Puritans, whose siugle
object iu life is to maintain their
rights and prevent everybody else
from doing the same, bo felt that it
was part of the conquerors mission
to force ihe civilisation ot New
En"lund upon tbe South. Indus
trious, temperate,, serious minded,
it never occurred to him that ho
was a crunk instead ot a reformer.
Selfish ambition aud tho greed of
gfiin entered more largely into bis
schemes than be was willing to ae
knowledge. Ho expected to profit
by the results of tho social and po
litical levolutiotr iu which be was
engaged ; Englishmen rose to
wealth und power in Irelaud and
India; why, then, should not the
venturous Yankee rule the unfort
unate descendants of tbe Cavaliers,
niake their laws and divide their
broad acres f
The carpetbagger aud his friends
soon made their purpose known,
and ualurally the Southern whites
stood aloof. They could not have
done otherwise. The strangers pro
ceeded to organize iuorance
against intelligence, to foment race
tiouble, fo tear down tbe social aud
political fabiic. It was evident
that they intended Ui put the bot
tom rail on top. As they weut
along they stripped the people of
everything. They stole votes, stole
counties, stole Stales aud stole rail
roads. They emptied State treas
uries aud piled up a mountain load
of debt upon future generations.
Dressed iu a little brief authority,
they made their victims feel tho in
solence of ofuce. There could be
but one ending to such a travesty
on government. Acouvulsiou rent
the laud, and when it was over the
carpetbaggers were in jail, dodging
requisitions in Northern SUtes, or
iu close retirement at borne.
From bis standpoint the carpet
bagger was au honest reformer.
He took otber people's property,
but bo was foraging on the enemy.
It took money to build .up a new
civilization and liepnblicau States,
und it was a bri'liant idea to make
tbe rebels toot tbe bill. It was bis
view of it. It took a certaiu kind
of courage, physical as well as
moral, to carry out such ideas. In
tbe excitement of the" lime our peo
ple hastily pronounced tbe carpet
bagger a coward, because be sub
muted to an uulimited amount ot
kicking and cuffing. He was uot a
coward, because be deliberately
faced tbe consequences of bis act
ions, and after being kicked and
cuffed, tie bobbed up serenely the
next day, a candidate for the same
punishment. Mob lawj violence,
bullets, had no cflect- It took
brains and ballots to put down such
Sometimes tbe carpetbagger
would disappoint public expecta
tion;". When be was crowded by
tbe boys be Mid :
"I do not lesent insults now.
Once under tho impulse ol tbe moment-1
shot a man through tbe
heart. Siuce Iheu bis face baa al
ways beeu before toe. 1 will sub
mit to almost anything rather than
have tho blood of another fellow-
being on my bauds.'' j Diffeeencb a IIoS. If the
Then the boys laugheff heartily. boy of to day is built Jon the same
It was a capital joke. It sounded j pUu and the same caliber ot Ibe
like a coward's lie. And they I boy of liltv years ao it is his trains
crowded the. fellow relentlessly ! ing that is out ot joint. Tbeorchio
than ever. But one line day he set-; who nse-l to loe to go trapping,
tied a difficulty with one of bis t fishing r bathing; who used to
own gang by wxlkiug iuto a hotel ! kick up bis bans heels in the field;
dining room, Hiid shooting him j tbe by, even, who nsetl always to
tbtough tbe heart. The lawless-1 run w ith tbe old (ire-engine and
ness of the times made it easy for : read dime-novel India it stories
biin to obtain an acquittal After wasn't in the habit of booti2 Llin
tbis affair be was reiwrileil as au : self or taking poiseti. Life was too
Dnsafo man to tamper wltb. i full of the essence of good time
Tbe members of tbe can have j tbe youngster was too full of viial
dnfted far apart during receut ty ever to xU.m hi tiiind nny
years. Some of tbeoi have settled thoughts of death. spring fit id .
down into respectable citixens. 'ew.
NUMB Ell. 42.
. 4Mp:it"'f iln-in, liowi-vt-r, hav fine
itreilecuiitlilv to lite butt, or h re in
titcly in lb past, and cat: never
again take an active part in human
iifl.nrs. Vague rumors ieuli nt
now a id (hen that be is still a re
foimei, and is expecting some u;i
heaval to bring him to the to;
again. His past experience should
warn him. If this looked for e rup
tion comes, it will bury bini under
the debris.
Duck t anners in Cidua.
From the Belgaria Magazine.
One alternoon we went a most in
teresting expedition up the river
aud then turned aside into one of
tho mauy creeks, to tbe village of
Faa tee, and thence onward i:i
search of the great duck-barcbing
establishments, where multitndin
ous eggs are artificially hatched.
The first we came to was closed,
but the boatm.in told us of another
further o:i, so we lauded and walk
ed along narrow ridges between
large flooded fields fu which lotus
and water chestuuts are grow n tor
tbesiikpot their edible roots. IJotb
are nice w hen cooked, but tbe col
lecting of these in this deep mud
must be truly detestable for the
poor women engaged in it. Pass
ing by amaziug beaps ot old egg
shells (lor which eveu the Chinese
seem to have as yet toiiud no use;
we reached the hatching house, in
w hich many thousauds of eggs aro
being gradually warmed iu great
baskets filled up with heated chuff,
and placed on shelves of very open
basket work, which are arranged iu
tiers ull around tbe walls, w bile on
the ground are placed earthen ware
stoves full of burning charcoal.
Here the eggs are kept tor a whole
day ami night, tbe positiou of tho
basket with reference to the stoves
being continually changed by at
tendants who reserve their apparel
for use in a cooler atmosphere.
After this preliminary heating tint
eggs aro removed to other baskets
in another heated room, to which
they are dexterously carried in
cloths, each containing about fifty
cuts. No one but a neat banded
Cliiiiani'tn could carry such a bur
den without a breakage ! Here tin
eggs remain for about a ton night,
each egg being frequently moved
from pi ice to place to equalize their
share of he-.itiug After lbi they
are taken to a third room, where
they ate spread over w ide shelves
and covered with sheets of thick,
warm eoilon ; and at tbe end ot an
other fortnight, hundreds of little
ducklings .Miutiltnticously break:
their (-hells, and by eveniug per
haps a couplu of thousand fluffy
lit I le beauties lire launched in:o lile
and ate forthwith fed with rice wa
ter. Duck farmers (who know pre
cisely when each great batching is
due) are iu attendance to buy so
many huudreJs of these pretty in
fauis, whom they at once carry off
to their respective farms, where
there are already au immense num
ber of ducks and geese of different
ages, all in separate lots. Tho
geese, by tbe way, aro not batched
artitieially, owing to the thickness
of their shells, consequently they
are n t so very numerous as ducks.
Still, fJ u-ks numbeiiug'JiOO are 800
are reareil, and are provided with
wattle slit lies on which to roost, as
lamp ground is considered injuri
ous to t lie young birds. A very
large goose market is held every
monii ig iu Cau ton, wbicb is sup
plied by geese boats, each ot which
biiugM 200 or 300 birds. As to tlie
baby ducks, they are fed ou boiled
rice, ami alter a w hile are promoted
bran, maggots and other delicacies,
till the day comes when the owners
ot tbe duck boats come to purchase
the ball-grown birds and commence
the process of letting them fatten
tbenwelves, as aforesaid. This con
tinues till they are ready for tbe
maiket timr are either sold for im
mediate consumption, or bought
wholesale by" the provision dealers,
who split, salt and then dry then,
in tbe sun. vTbe heart, gizzard and
entrails are also dried and sold sep
arately, and the bills, tongues and!
feet are pickled iu brine.

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