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flfflrlal Journal f JlfKSOt fOMTT.
ooitui j.nroii r towi or sritmoi.
P. K. MAYERS,----Editor.
T Advertisers.
The Democrat - Star is
Hie oldest newspaper of the
Mississippi Gulf Const; has si
larger bona-Jitle circulation
than any other newspaper in
this section: therefore it is
TtoBest Aflyertisini MM.
Aavertiscrs. Bear this in Mind.
Scranton, Mississippi :
Register before tlic 5tli of July.
There nre $107,000,000 invested In
cotton mills in tlie South.
Mississippi outfht to be represented
nt the Atlanta Exposition.
Traveling men say they see the
Dkmocrat-Stau everywhere they go.
The police at Meridian are doing up
the blind tigers of that city in great
The Carnegie Steel Works have ad
vanced the wages of 10,000 men 10 per
Attorney (.ieneral Johnson has de
cided that where United States bonds
form a part of the capital stock of
banks they are liable to t axation.
The President and his ramilyhave
removed to Gray Gables for the sum
mer. A man ir. St. Paul Is reported to
have a free silver family sixteen boys
and one girl.
Finances, or the money question
seems to be now the all absorbing
question of the country.
Hon. James II. Neville, our able
District Attorney, candidate for re
election lias no opposition.
The Isabella Lumber Co's mills at
Kentwood, La., will be sold at public
auction on the 22d of June.
Judge Judson llarnian, of Cincin
nati, has been appointed Attorney
General vice Olney, resigned.
Attorney General Olney has been
appointed Secretary of States to suc
ceed Waller Q. Gresham, deceased.
Win. P. Wallace, Vice President of
the Irish National Federation of
America died in New York last Fri
day. Senator Palmer of Illinois declares
that he will hold himself bound by no
Instructions from the silver conven
tion of Illinois.
McKinlcy is still talking about the
Aiiiericin tin industry, destroyed by
the Wilson tariff. It's a lively corpse,
but a very dead issue.
A local option election will be held
in Jefferson county on the li-d Inst.
The petition was so numerously sign
ed that no contest against it was
Spain has 17,000,000 inhabitants,
and 11,000.000 of llietn can neither
read nor write. Probably that is the
reason so much garlic, is consumed
The Baptist Stale Convention will
be held at llazlehurst, beginning July
18lh and continuing five days. About
five hundred delegates are expected to
be present.
NatSewell, of Silver Creek, Law
rence county, claims to be l.'iO years of
age, and also says that he knew An
drew Jackson and George Washing
ton personally.
Capt. J. W. Morris, wife, tnosea
nien and a cabin boy, left, San Fran
cisco last week in a boat 45 feet in
length, with the intention of going
around the world.
Rev. J. W. Chambers has taken
editorial charge of the Mississippi
Leader, a prohibition paper at
Brookhavrn Mr. B. T. Hobbs is now
business manager.
The Jacksonville Times-Union says:
The Florida girl is a combination of
orange, pineapple, japonica, persim
mon and sugar cane, with a half
dozen watermelons thrown in to make
An officer of Carrollton, Miss., ar
rested a man on the streets of that
town the other day for profane swear
ing, and now the Democrat of that
place wants to give the official
chromo. Correct.
From the following It seems that
the Oxford Globe Is supporting Vur
daman for Governor: "We are for
Jas. K. Vardaraan for Governor first,
last and all the time both far
and near up and below sideways,
straightforward and perpendicular."
The new Attorney General, Judge
Judson Harmon, of Cincinnati, seems
to be unknown to national fame, but
he Is said to be an eminent lawyer
with a large practice, and Democratic
to the core. President Cleveland
makes few mistakes In railing men to
his cabinet.
We are indebted to Miss Mellle
Peterson for an Invitation to attend
the commencement exercises of the
InduRtrlaMnstitute and College at
wiumbU8, commencing 16th Inst.
After the close of the school Misses
Mellle nd Emma Peteison will i-
turn to their home here to spent the
vacation. ,
A Sbort Talk About Advertising.
It Is a first rate rule never to do
any advertising from which It would
be impossible to trace results. There
Is a great deal of talk about the mys
tery of advertising, and its uncer
tainty, but there iu'Uany more mys
tery or any more uncertainty about it
than there is about any other busi
ness undertaking.
A grocer may buy a box of soap and
place it under the counter and leave
it there until it gets so hard as to be
utterly vulutless. This same man can
buy advertising space and so use it
that lie will derive no benefit, from it,
and there is no need of his wasting
either the space or the advertising.
Run your advertising with the same
common sense that you do the rest of
your business, and there will be no
guess work about it. It will pay
every time, but don't buy space on
bill boards, do not buy little tin signs
and tack upon fences; do not hire
some perambulating painter to dis
figure the public places with your
name and address and patronize every
advertising fake that may comcalong.
There Isn't one time in ten thousand
that you can tell absolutely whether
this kind of advertising pays or not.
The dinners are one to one that it
does not.
Put your hopes in the newspapers.
Talk about some certain thing and
get ready for the customers. If It Is
a good tiling, at the right price, and
you nave told about it plainly and
forcibly, you will sell It, sure. If
your business is not large enough to
justify extensive advertising, better
conline your work to the columns of
the best paper in the town. Better
turn a deaf ear to everything else until
you have made a strong and deep Im
pression upon the readers of the best
paper. It Is a pretty sure thing that
the best people in town those whose
trade is most desirable are the ones
who take the best paper. Its circula
tion Is made up of the cream of the
community, and you had better get
all the trade you can out of that cir
culation before you turn to something
Monday of last week there were
ten deaths from sunstroke in New
York city.
The Tope has deposed Archbishop
Kendrick. of St. Louis, and appointed
Rev. J. .1. Kain to succeed him.
llishop Hendrix, of Missouri,
preached the commencement sermon
at Millsaps College, at Jackson, last
Prices of everything are going up.
Wheat reached 82 cents in Chicago
last week, and green cowhides are
now selling at 10 cents per pound.
''Free coinage of silver means a sil
ver basis, with silver as the only
metallic money, and a loss to the cur
rency of the country of $220,000,000 in
L. P. Yerger, of Greenwood, has
planted an acre in wheat as an expe
riment, and it Is said to be a complete
success. The yield is large and quali
ty fine.
Bishop Thompson, of Mississippi,
preached t he baccalaureate sermon be
fore the University of Missouri, Co
lumbia, Mo., last Sunday, extolling
virtues of poverty.
The people of Grant county, Okla
homa Territory, are in a bad ilx.
They have no grain, vegetables, or
grass for stock, and it is feared that
many will perish unless aid is given
A Dallas (Texas) syndicate has se
cured the signatures of Cornell and
Fit.simmons for their prize light to
take place in that city. They offer
the champion bruisers $11,000 for the
There are now 24,OO0,OtK) silver dol
lar In the national treasury that are
ready to be exchanged for treasury
notes, but no one seems disposed to
call for the big "cart-wheels."
While crossing the river near Daisy,
La., Tuesday of last week Rev. N. H.
Norwood, in charge of the Lower
Coast Mission of the M. E. Church
South, fell from a skiff an was
It is stated that the Illinois Cen
tral Railroad is seriously considering
the project of building a branch line
from Raymond to Cooper's Wells.
The distance Is about five miles, and
during the season it is believed the
road would pay handsomely.
The white Baptists of the South
now number 1,431,041 ; churches, 17,-
803; ordained ministers, 9,907. The
contributions during the past year
for foreign missions were $12.5,417 ;
for home missions, $R8,fi40.20. These
gifts were larger than for any year In
the history of the convention except
for 1892, "the centenial year of Bap
tist foreign missions." The Sunday
school board Is not only self-supporting
but yields a small amount for
missionary work.
The jury in the case of Citilfield
and Haley, boodle council men of New
Orleans, brought In a verdict of guilty
as charged, last Wednesday morning.
What with the. Sunday law being
rigidly enforced, malefactors agalnsl
law and order punished and prize-
lighting no longer a leading feature
New Orleans will cease to be hiss a
and by-word and will take her place
along side the best governed cities In
the Union. The mills of the gods
rind slow, but they grind exceedingly
Japanese Liver Pellets are an In
fallible specif) of or constipation, bili
ousness and slek headache. Small pill.
Fifty doses, 25 cu.
Edgar Wilson, the Jackson corres
pondent of the N. O. Picayune, draws
this unhappy picture or the situation
now confronting Mlssisslpoians. every
line of whiJh Is literally true:
The time has come t .) speak to Mis
sissippians plainly. The situation is
not one ol pride lo high-minded sons
of the State.
It lias been said that the Legisla
ture, which assembles in this city
next .I.muarv. will not find a dollar in
the State Treasury. Those who know
best say this Is literally true. Nay,
more. The treasury will be empty in
a few months, and the State will
again be compelled to tide along until
the tax-gatherers report on its promi
ses to pay. In plain terms, more
warrants must Issue.
On top of this heavy load under
which the State Is sweating and
grunting the State-house is toppling
down. The next Legislature must
either further tax the people to build
a new one or repair tlie old one. it Is
confessed with humiliation that, the
Capitol of Mississippi is spoken of as
unsafe ; that it presents the most 'un
sightly appearance of any Capitol
building in the nation, North or
South. Its inotely walls have not
seen a paint brush in twenty years.
The plastering Is blistered where it
has not parted company with the
ceiling ; great cracks a foot wide grin
and yawn at visitors; walls 17 inches
out of plumb are held together by
hog-chains and supported by monster
pieces of timber; and but why go
on? The heart sickens and the eye
seeks less unpleasing sights.
But, alas ! what do we see ? Melan
choly thought ! A sad commentary on
the situation. We behold candidates
for State ollices yes, even for govern
or, the exalted office for chief magis
trate of this proud commonwealth a
position tilled by a Polndexter, a Mc
Nutt. a Runnels, a Foote, a Quitman,
a McWillie, a Brown, and now graced
by a Stone running over the State
predicating their claims to a Dem
ocratic nomination for that office upon
a single national issue, "the free and
unlimited coinage of silver at the ra
tio of 10 to 1, without international
agreement," to the utter exclusion of
a discussion of State issues. We see
candidates for be it constables doing
the same thing. They do not do it
quite so well as candidates for gov
ernor, but they do it more naturally.
We see Frank Bnrkitt, the apostle of
Populiteism in Mississippi, accusing
t hese persons of stealing a plank in
the Populite platform, the shibboleth
of which party is "Hi to 1." We read
column after column in the Slate
press signed by candidates for the leg
islature, claiming that tlie country Is
in the throes of death, and that "10 to
I" is the only cure; that they will
vote for no candidate for the United
States Senate who does not favor "iO
to 1." And some of them evidently
do not know that the Senator to be
chosen by the Legislature next Jan
uary wi1! not take the oath of office
until March 4, isoo, and that unless
there shall be a called session of Con
gressa most unlikely thing that
we will not vote on liny question be
fore the following December, four
and a half years from now; and that
If half tlieys iv ab iul the condition
of the country and the necessities of
the people is true, we will all be dead
long lielore tout time "starved to
death." Like some of the candidates
for governor, they are utterly Ignoring
State matters with which they must
deal, vital natters, and are prating
about matters with winch they have
nothing on earth to do. If there
shall boa change in the financial pol
icy of the united States it will be set
tled at the presidential election in
18H0, or by the legislature following
immediately thereafter, long before
the Senator to be elected in Jauuary
next ever takes his seat.
The next governor of Mississippi
will be called upon to reorganize the
judiciary of the State. Every circuit
judge and chancellor will have to
walk the plank or he reappointed. A
successor to Judge Cooper, on the su
preme bench, must also be named.
Already it is openly talked that this
man or that will get this judgeship or
that ;-that this chancellor or that
will go to this man or that, and so-aud-so
will be appointed supreme
court judge. Tills is scandalous.
Time was when a mere hint of such a
thing would have caused public sen
timent to gorge; to apply to any such
supposed cabal a sedentary farce suffi
cient to spread the actors nt rest for
ever. But, O, the times ; (), the man
ners. The appointive judiciary sys
tem was kept in the new constitution
that the judicial ermine might be
kept out of the slime of pot-house
But bad as the situation Is repre
sented, there is yet time for reforma
tion. It is never loo late to do good.
And all the indications point to the
fact that the patriotism of tlie State
is fast arousing; that endurance has
reached its bounds.
A devoted Mississippian, after la
menting what he termed a day of
small men, in conversation with the
Picayune correspondent, said : "Oh,
for a Lamar! He would flutter the
time-servers and place-hunters, like
an eagle in a dove-cete."
What we would like to know is
when the "ouecr story" was found
on an Island out from Biloxi corked up
in a bottle if P. K. Mayers was with
the editor of the Grccdwood Enter
prise ? Like a tlsh story it sometimes
requires witnesses to substantiate
tlie statement. Newton County Pro
gress. We were not with the editor of tlie
Greenwood Enterprise when he found
the bottled up story, but the picture
drawn of men and events are so true
to life that we accept Has such, and
deny that it has the semblance of a
fish story.
Maj. R. A. Vaneleavc, candidate for
Auditor of the State was in town
Thursday. Mr. Vaneleavc is the af
fable gentleman wtio presided over
the Pass Christian Convention last
year. He will make a big race for tlie
office he seeks. Woodvllie Republi
When Ex-Governor Lubbock, of
Texas, shook hands with Miss Win
nie Davis at the confederate reunion
at Houston, Tex., hesald : "My child,
it was I who carried you in my arms
Into the prison to see your father."
Miss imvih tnrew her arms around
the old man's neck and mingled her
tears with his.
By reference to our announcement
column the voters of Beat No, 3 will
see that the name of Charles W. Gar
ner appears therein as a candidate
for Justice of Peace of said Beat.
Mr. Garner Is a plain, practical busi
ness man, and If elected to the office
to which he aspires he will execute
the law as he finds It, notcarelng
whether it pleases or displeases the
party before him.
State N ews Boiled Down.
Smith comity has len candidates for
Forest isenjoyinji the greatest building
booiu in its history.
Tlio M iy It'l l" f circuit court cost Lin-
coin toimiy ill 12.95.
Win re n cointy will vote ou tlie silver
ipu'sliou in hoi pi'iui.ny.
Greenville n noon to have a 1100,000
stave and c.Miperue pljul.
Lust week tlie police ol Meridian ar
rested five blind tiger operators.
Friday of last week at Knleipi ise the
the thHiwMiH'tiji' stood 9J decrees.
Two negroes made their csc.ipe from
Ibe Yuaoo comity jail hist Wodnos lay.
Warren county appointed fifty dele
gate to the lioness money convention.
Almost every town in the State have
or are preparing to orgtiiizo silver leagues.
The Head-Mock of Inst week say con
siderable sickness prevails at Lumbertou.
A negro was recently killed In Madison
coni.ty by ii trap gnu sot for u corn thief.
The Jasper County Kevin- flops o"er
to I be silver aide of the financial n,nesi ion
II. G. West is innkhis an ellort tore-
orjjiinizo tlie Alliance onior hi this State.
Several comities in tlio Sluto a.-e ship
ping carloads of surplus bnmo-raiscd
A Jackson ordinance forbids tlio riding
of bicycles on any street in the coporale
Last Tlmrsi'.ny Stirdia was visitud by
Are in id the loss thereby is said to be
Tim weather last week is reported to
have been unusually hot all over the
Judge J. If. Wynu, of Washington
county, is the latest possibility ior gnu-
ernatoiial honors.
W. II. Roy, h ii old and highly respected
ilizeii of Meridian, iliud at his homo in
that city recently.
The President of the Warren county
Hoard of Snpei visi slias baen authorize.!
to borrow 810 000.
Last week the grand jury for J.uies ex
amined 110 witnesses and returned l-
bills of iuiliuMnoiits.
Win ren enmity c.iudidatoMiio required
lo ptitup 9 in order to get their names
on the primary ticket.
The lull 4 have taken down their shin
gles iiinl closed up shop, says the Merid
ian Coinmerc'uiu 1 1 cm.
A masked white man robbed the mail
rider of tlie sucks between Kaleigh an I
Forest a few days ago.
The shipment of IrUli potatoes from
Huzlcliiit-st is lare, and the prices re
ceived for t Li 1 hi are good.
dipt. 11. T. Sanders, of Staikvillo, uud
Miss Mary Minor, of .Macon, were married
it the latter place last week.
- Circuit Court for Holmes county was
in session only three tlaj i tin 4 sour, six
convicts to tlio penitentiary.
Will Hart, a juror iu attendance on
circuit court nt Canton, dropped dead in
the court-room one day last week.
The Coiilinina county Democrats uic iu
w lanulo over the plan adopted for the
tioiuination of candidates for ufi.;e.
The prediction ot the Bay St. Louis
Progress is that McCain) or Vurriiinia.il
will receive the nomination for Governor.
J. W. Garner, u prominent citizen of
West Point, was thrown from a bicycle
last Saturday uud had his skull fractured.
Enterprise has a brass hand, mid the
Times says the boys are "getting there
with both lect" iu the art of making good
Misses Bertha, nml Alma Wondell, aged
respectively II and VI years, were drown
ed while bathing near Cairolltou last
Saturday. ,
Mr. Gore, Hie Populist lender of Web
ster county, recently congratulated Hon.
A, J. MeLiiniiii upon having made a good
I'opulite speech.
Tlirco negro murderers nre to hang iu
Issaquena county on July 3d. The Hoard
of Supervisors have ordered tho execu
tion to be public.
Kdwnrd K. Saucier, of Day St. Louis,
and Mis. H. J. Feruor, of New Orleans,
were married at the latter place Wednes
day of hist week.
A grand picnic is to be given at Artesiu
Springs, iu tho Northern part of Madison
county, ou the Fourth of July. It is to
be an hum esc n flair.
J. F. N. If uddleslon, assistant post
master at. Williamsburg, was arrested
and jailed at Meridian last week tor tam
pering with the mails.
The commencement exoreisos of (be
State University were, it is said, the
moat brilliant and successful hi the his
tory of that grand institution.
Two Italians recently foit;lit a steel
duel at Greeuville, Oyster knives and
pistols woie used and ns R result both
combatants are lying at dentil's door.
"Aunt" lihody Carr died at Forest a
few days since, aged 110 yours. She
claimed to have cooked Gen. Jackson's
In oak fast oil tho day ol tho bat tle of
New Orleans.
1'iof. P. H . Eguu has been oleoted pro
fessor of Greek in Mississippi College.
Prof. J. W. Provlne will a-)t as President
of the institution until a successor is
elected to Dr. Venuble.
Miss ilattie Polk is a candidate for cir
cuit clerk of Talluhitchie county, beiug
represented hi the race by her brother,
who proposes to taru the office and eniol
uinouts over to Miss Hattio if elected.
'I be State Grand Lodge of Good Tern'
phirs held its Hint annual meeting at
Jackson hut weok. Fifteen lodges have
been organised in the State within the
lust two weeks, with u membership of
about (oar hundred.
W. G. Souttiufl killed a nogio woman,
a foimer cook, at Greenville last Satur
day. The woman had been discharged
and returned aud attacked Mr, Southall
and kuocked him down with a skillet,
w ho in turn drew hie pistol aud shot the
viciou nejices through tlie heart,
At pi'cinl muting of tlie Mayor A Board
of AlUerman held June II, 18'Ji, thert being a
quorum preaent lilt following ordinance were
pasted : ,
Ordinance No. 9.
Be it ordained be the Mm-or and Board of Al
derman nf the Village of Paacagimla, Thai no
house of prostitution will he permuted In re
main within the corporate limits of said Vil
lage, and any person nr persona keeping any
such house shall be ordered to remove inime
diatelv. And in case nf refusal to do ao, ahull,
upon conviction, be fined Dot more than ten
Ohdinaxci No. 10.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Board of
Alderman of the Village of I'ascagonla, That
any property bolder who ahall knowingly
rent a house to any person or persona for a
house of prostitution in said illage, ahall,
upon conviction, be fined not more than ten
doltara. That upon fnmplaint of two or more
citiiena of any house of bad repute being sit
uated within the corporate limits of this Vil
lage and injurious lo their neighborhood, ahall
be ordered by the Mayor to be immediately
Okmnanci! No. 11.
Be it ordained br the Mayor and Board of
Alderman of the Village of Pascagouta, that
it shall be unlaw ful for any lewd women, com
monly called prostitutes, and generally known
to be such, to be on or about any public
thoroughfare) in said Village, or found loiter
ing in or about any barroom or public place
after seven o'clock, p. in. Any such person
violating this ordinunco will be fined in a sum
not exceeding ten dollars.
The above ordinances to ti.ke effect imme
diately after their passage.
I certify that the foregoing is a true ropy
from the ordinances of record in my ottice,
(his 11th day of June, A. II. IHtl.i.
Village Clerk.
Lscvnup.1 itehs.
Next Sunday is Children's Day ot Zion.
Tho "bitnanny" man conies along on time.
The hake Mills extensire repairs are nearly
Mr. Craft Smith has moved into his new
house on Cedar A yen ue.
The man with the patent broom has can
vassed our town and look in many.
The man with the trick bear passed through
lo the admiral ion of the small fry.
More festivities for the young people are in
sight, a tacky party and a surprise party.
An elegant ice cream party was given at
the residence of Mr. Ira Wvatt Tuesday eve
ning. bast week was moving week in Escatawni.
there being about fourteen changes of family
residencea made.
The protracted meeting at the Baptist
church is still in progress, Her. h. N. Urnck
of Moss I'oiut preached some fine sermons.
The bicycle crane has struck our town. Mr,
tiartie C. Herring rides a fine wheel, Mr. Kd.
Hiinegitn likewise, what time he s not tailing
oft". Kd. looks well on a wheel.
A pic nic party composed nf Esratawpians
and Moss I'ointera spent t tie day at Wilson
Springs last Sunday. It was a select few,
and strictly private. They had a most eu
jnyable time. Mayor Wilcox, of East Side,
was of the number.
On Friday evening, May "th the young
folks enjnvcd a sociable at the residence of
Mr. Joe. Wilson, No. 2 Magnolia Avenue. The
belle of Escutaivna lent her charming pres
ence, they were honored by the attendance of
lour wuiowers, ana. Dy-tlie-way, our town can
boast of us handsome and "catching" widow
ers and widows ns any iu tho State.
Elder J. V. Hyntim and Dr. K F.
Duk are attending the H.tptist Asso
ciation at llutidsbnro this week.
The dollar bonded is a useless dol
lar. A dollar spent may pay a dozen
debts In a d;iy and do the work of a
hundred dollars in a week. It is the
money which circulates that aids the
wheels of commerce. Brother, take
home the moral with you. If you
owe any man a dollarand have or can
get the dollar go and pay him ; ho will
pay some one else, and tlie self-same
dollar may bring liappiucss to a dozen
The champion liar of this section is
a lumber man, who savs lie was out
in the bottoms lust week when the
mus'iultos made it so hot for him
that he had to crawl underneath a
wash kettle which happened to boon
the river bank, winch was soon cov
ered by the blood-thirsty insects
which stuck their bills through the
Iron kettle trying to reach tlmlr vic
tim, and happening to have a ham
mer witli In in lie clinched each bill as
it appeared through the kettle. Fi
nally so many were thus fastened
that they flew away with tlio kettle.
He also got off a yarn about the ticks
that abound In the bottoms. This
yam wc give In his own language as
near as we can. Shifting his quid of
tobacco to li is other Jaw, lie began :
"Gosh, boys, you orter seed them
thar ticks down thar. I was a pass
ing through n thicket when a great
big un reached out arter me an
when I Jumped outen his reach, he
picked up a hand full o' little tins an'
Hung 'din all over mo. Never seed
sicli ticks." Aniory Argus.
At the residence nf the bride's talher, Mr.
Andrew Crane, Kscatawpa, Miss., June 5,
18'Jd by Key. 0. K. Ellis, Mr. John 8. Thomp
son and Miss l.i'KUA Ikank.
At Eacatatvpa, Miss., June 9, 1895, at 5 p. m.
Mr. Ik C. Smith and Mrs. May M. Dickson
were united in malritnony by the pastor of
me iiaptist church in tlie presence of a num
ber of friends.
The attendants were Dr. B. F. Duke and Mra
If. Cohncr. The guests were treated to an ex
cellent repast of choice cake, wine, etc. May
peace, happiness and prosperity ever attend
them. B. F. J.
At the residence nf the bride's father. Mr,
Joe Wilson, of Escatawpa, Miss., June 11,
1H5, at S-M p. m., bv Dr. Win. T. Beall,
air. u. (j. uonuit and Miss Laura Vt ii.son,
A pleasant company nf twenty-Are or thirty
ladies and gentlemen, ranging from the bloom
of youth to atlyery locks were present to wit
ness the ceremony, and every one seemed
happy, especially around the sumptuous sup
wr board, upon which were served in profit
sion cakca and lemonade, the former tastefully
decorated with beautiful flowers of many hues.
How happily does nature and art blend to
gether under the touch of woman's band In
adding cheer and beauty to these festire
gatherings. May prosperity, usefulness and
happiness attend them. W. T. Biall.
At liia home, near Wilson Springs, Miss.,
nay u, ibvj, air. John m. iouno.
He waa born Feb,y 27, 1830 in Jackson conn
ty. Was married in Alabama in 18G1 to Misa
Charlotte Parker, and waa the father of nine
children, seven of whom with bia wife are loft
to mourn tbeir loss. "We will nioct beyond
the river, whore the surges cease to roll."
Ilii Children.
We wish to express the sincere gratitude of
our heart! to those who so kindly aasisted in
caring. for our husband and father, John M.
Young, through bia last illness. May God
bless them for loving services rendered. -
. His Win and Cbildrin. '
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwiattr Fair. San Prandsce.
No slop work is turned out by the
Dkmocuat-Stah office. All Its Job
Printing 1 flrst-rlns. 4
o o o o
Two Blocis from Canal-DAUPHINE STREBT-Ti o Blocis from Cam
May 31. 195. 15.w
Tne Bamain Mammotli Store
: stock of 1' runny
: Dry Goods, Notions, Hats
"Ploiliinrr "MiMitit nml Slmna
- -w rt?
Hardware, Tinware, ' Crockery,-
Sor.'.1 .a.,n::' SWii
DcJean k Mitchell Company.
Si'l tcmbei 30, 18'.l.
For Wounds, Burns, Bruises, Etc.,
Is Unequalled by any
It C URES COLIO, too, in Man or Beast, It makes Friends
of ALL
PfBvis, Miss., Sept. 21, '1)3.
There is no belter Antiseptic on the market
than Dr. Tichennt-'s, It is a pleasant and relia
ble medicine for its claims. Dr. W.H.Davis.
Pass Christian, Miss., Sept.19,'92.
Having handled Dr. Tichennr's Antiseptic
since I hare been in business, 1 Dud it one of
the best sellers on the market. It is far sutierinr
to any of the S"-rnllfd Antiseptic or imitations.
J. Kiiwakd Hanson, Druggist.
Mississippi City, Miss., Sept.tP,'92.
Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic cured me of a
very severe rase nf Neuralgia of the fnrer"
.Mis. I.n.i.v Alexander, I'm. Hotel.
Sold by Drag-gists,
Dr. W. A. COX, Scranton,
Mnreli lo, 1S95.
The besL MEN'S S SSO
shoe, ever made.
Inquire of your slice fM&
August :;i, ikji.
.Vfte ttSirtrUsrmtnis.
Card ol Tliank.
1 lie 'lnileisiiH-il desires to llnink his
friends nml tlio pulilio of PuHedgniilu uud
Sci niiton for tln-ir vulnulilo nssisfuiiRe in
saving ns iiitiub its possililu nf liis ho:se
hold efl'i-els ut, tlio recent liiiniitig of liis
resilience. Also my nnrueciulion ol the
prompt ami liliernl stttlemrnt of my iliiin,
njiaintt the Liverpool uud l.nuilini und
Globe Insurance Co., of which Col. K. W.
Morrill is tlio a gout.
Ptuicngniiln, June II, 11)5. 17 It
Lano Or kick at Jackson, Miss., )
. June 10,1895. i
Notice is hereby (riven tliat tlie follow
ing mailed settler hue filed notice ol Ills
lutein ion to mnlta tjmil proof in gnpnort
oi liis claim, uud that an id pioof n.ti be
made before t he Circuit ClKi k of Jack
son rcuittv, ut, Scruuton, Miss., on July
47, 1895, viz t
Pier Ruljinger. of Vnncleuvn. Miss .
homestead No. 19,93), tor the NJ hW'i,
section '29, township 5 south, range 7 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon mid
cultivation of, said land, vix:
.lunies Carroll, Josrnli Uarllc, Peter
Ilillio nml Maddison H. Parker, all of
Vaneleavc, Jackson countv. Miss.
: KOBIiKT E. WILSON, Register.
June 14, 1895. ' 17-fit
Manufacturers of
Sasb, Doors, Blinds,
Till tied Columns, Newels, Un I listers.
Scroll Work of all kinds. Wood Mantels
anil Stair Work. Window mid Door
Frutues a Specialty.
114 A 116 North Royal St., (P. O. Box 93 )
Mny 31, 4895. 15-4m
Pule, tli In, bloodless people should
use Dr. Sawyer's Ukatlne. It Is the
greatest remedy In the world for
mak I tin the weak strong. Sold by
Scranton Pharmacy, Scranton, and J.
TV. Stewart, Moss Point. ,
Groceries, . .
Ohaiaicry, Etc.3
3o )ln
Remedy on the Market.
Who Try It.
SAt.MS, Misa., Xnr. 17, 1892.
I have found Dr. Tichenor'a Antiseptic 1
gooa lamuy meoicine. Mrs. Lizim Boyd.
Hooi-e Cnrrro. Miss.. Dec. lfl. 111.
I know Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic to bet
spiennui remenv tor v;iuic in horses.
Jok. E. MaOke, Pro. Lirery Stable.
Vi-w fli.i r 1 u tl. in loco
I hare witnessed the effects of Dr. Tiche.
nor's Antiseptic and know its Yabie, and can
inert line conscientiously recommend it.
S. D. MnFNrar.
Ex-fior. and Associate Justice Supreme Court
01 ijoinsiaiia.
Wbolcsalo and Retail by
J. W. STEW A RT.Moss Point.
Moss Point, ifc
Dr. If. O. Talbot,
Will be in Scranton on
of each week, prepared to do all kinds nf
Uenlal norK in tae Desi manner rimmtii mi ,m
prolessinn. glnSatistaftinn guaranteea.
(IIHca a l Ur. W. A. Coi'a drutf Hole.
Scranton. June 7. 18U5. 16-3in
The Neatest kept on Ihe Mexican Gulf const.
tare unsurpasBea. wine rree nt tumor.
Fine, airy rooms. Bait Water Batulng.
Per Month $40.00
Per Week 10.00
VVr Day 8 00
CHA8. BOSTEK, i V f Proprietor.
Mav 3. 1895. H-3m
Lasd Offigc at Jackson, Mis., (
. May 15, 1895. S
Notice is bere'ov given that theYollowing
named settler has filed uotice of bis inten
tion to make ticul proof iu support
of his claim, und that said proof will
be made before the Circuit Clerk
of Jackson countv, utScrnntou, Miss , on
Jnly li, 115, vie:
John W. Kodcers, of Cross Roads. Miss.
homestead No. 84.ri fur the i sw sec
tion ;)0and n i un j seciion 31, township
S south, inline 8 nest.
He name the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon ami
cultivation of, said land, viz i
Axuni Korlner. Rubin Cooper, Chester
K. Moony, HiiObura rurBer, all oi iro."
Koads, Miss. "'.,
ROBERT E. WILSON, Kejrister.
May 4. 1895. - H-
Bridge Contract.
Nolle is hereby given that contract for
the building nt a cauaeway, with a waterway
to same, on Lako View road, will be let to the
best bidder, on '
Mondav. Jul 1, 1895,
at 12 m.. at the front door nf tht Conrl-honar,
in Scranton, Miss. Plaos and specification!
nn AIa in ih. lark's nfflf.,. '
F. H. LEWIS. Clerk.
Jan. 7. 18HS. .. H

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