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OflkUl Jearaal f JUKS01 conn.
Octal Jearaal ef TeWI OF sCKUTOJ.
P.K. MAYERS,---Editor.
' To Advertisers.
The Democrat - Star is
the oldest newspaper of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast; has a
larger bona-jide circulation
than any other' newspaper in
this section; therefore it is
The Best Aflyertising Medium,
Alyertisers. Bear this in Minfl.
Scranton, Mississippi:
Hon. E. J. Bowers will be the next
State Senator from thin district.
The fruit crop of the South was
never better than at present.
The financial question is still the
question under discussion in this
Hon. James II. Neville and family
are spending several weeks at Hay
St. Louis.
Debs, who was instrumental in rais
ing 'so much rain in Chicago some
months ago is now in jail.
It is reported in Washington that
Trof. Lanjrley has invented a flying
machine which is successful.
President Cleveland has signified
liis intention of visiting the Atlanta
Exposition sometime in October.
Tippah county has only one candi
date for one of lier offices Superin
tendent of Education. Remarkable
Two men were hung at Danville,
111., recently for rape, and the work
was done as neatly as if it had been
done in Mississippi.
Wm. C. Whitney, Ex-Secretary of
the Navy, says If the silver men car
ry the next Democratic convention
the party is done for.
Ex-Gov. Lewelling, of Kansas, says
a man is happier on the farm selling
butter and eggs than managing the
affairs of State.
If it really be true that Senator
Cameron wauts to "go up higher,"
how would it do for him to climb up
to the top of Mt. Elias?
New York school children are like
the rest of us were when we were
hoys.' During the year 184 there
were over fiO.000 truants.
Judge O. Randall, of Moss Point, is
a candidate for Hoard of Supervisors
of (Heat 3) and will make a splendid
member if elected. "
Col. Clias. Hanlictcr, the oldest
printer in Georgia, who has worked
at the case for tin years, celebrated
his 80th birthday last Friday.
It is a baseless report that E. J.
Dowers, candidate fur the Senate in
this district will not obey instruc
tions from his party constituents.
The whisky trust has been knocked
out by the Supreme Court of Illinois.
It was properly known as the Ameri
can Distilling and Cattle Feeding
J. L. Hand, the watei melon king
of rclham, Oa., plants several thou
sand acres of seed every spnng, and
in the summer season ships hundreds
of car loads of melons north.
In changing from a free silvcrite to
a sound money advocate Henry Wat
terson was asked to give a reason,
when lie reniarkei: "Must a man
huld to his ignorance always?"
Will Tunis, the condemned white
cup has been resentenced to hang at
Columbia, on July 31st. Sheriff Ma
(Jee will have another chance to try
ills hand in the hanging business.
The President has issued a procla
mat Ion warning all citizens that any
violation of neutral laws existing be
tween the United StatP9 and Spain
would be vigorously prosecuted.
A great many shortcomings can be
laid at the door of the Republican
party, but it Is not composed of fools,
consequently It will not make the
Recond mistake of nominating Ilenja
mln Harrison for the presidency ir
The Blloxl Blizzard, after a suspen
slon of some weeks has again made its
appearance on our exchange table. It
has "ensmalled"' somewhat, but
"Rosey" promises to come out In
great style in the near future. It
rery seldom that his nationality ever
get behind in the procession.
We are Indebted to the Vardaman
Club at Greenwood for one sleeve but
ton with the picture of Hon. James
X. Vardaman on it. The button
looks like silver, but It is only white
metal, it the Club will have us a
pair of buttons made of gold with
Vardaman's phiz on them we will
gladly wear them until after Varda
man is elected Governor.
On Tuesday last a fatal hollar r
Plosion occurred atthe Union Cotton
rress in Hew Orleans, which result
in the wrecking of the building and
the instant death nf Mr n.m n
- - vivui wi
reorose, olKew Orleans, anlurlea
to Messrs. M. H. Turner, of Voriburg
mq n. B. sibly, of ElliBvllle, thi
ids accident toe place dur
o inspection of the machinery
nd boilers previous to a aai, whir
u almost concluded with the Kelly
According to announcemeut Mrs,
Mollie Mi-Gee Snell, the woman evan
gelist, arrived in Scrunton last Satur
day evening and commenced her scries
of religious meetings Sunday morn
imr In the Ouera House, "and has
preaclud two sermons every day since,
and us we go to press the meetings
are st.i'.l In progress jnd- the interest
mansfested in them by our people
and those contiguous to Scranton in.
creases at each succeeding service.
Mrs. Snell Is a native Misslssippian
and her home is Columbus, and a
widow with three children. To that
the lady is remarkable in her chosen
field of labor does not express the
idea. She is wonderful, and methods
employed in bringing souls to Christ
is somewhat out of the ordinary way.
She is devoid of all studied oratory
and well-rounded periods, but goes
among her auditors and In a manner
that Is irresistible and earnest points
the way to God and pleads and per
suades them to accept Him. When
preaching she continually walks back
and forth in front of the rostrum,
and the impassioned words, which
flow from her lips like rippling waters,
seem to sink deep into the hearts of
her hearers, and notwithstanding the
inclement weather which has prevail
ed during the time, the house has
been packed nightly, and Iter success
in causing sinners to see the error of
their way and others to accept the
religion of Jesus Christ, Is almost
phenomenal, and hundreds flock to
hear this saintly woman.
Many citizens of Scranton, who
have not attended a religoiis service
in twenty years are regular attend
ants upon the meetings and in various
ways expressing the wish that the
convicting power of God would open
their eyes to their true condition.
The fact cannot be denied that this
consecrated woman preacher lias
worked a marvelous reformation for
good in Scranton. There is certainly
a magnetism about Mrs. Snell's ex
hortations that seem to draw men to
the cause for which she is so valiantly
The earnest and convincing appeals
of this servant of the Master that
men be brought into the fold of God,
must cause the most skeptical to be
lieve that the motives which prompts
her to leave home and friends are for
not fur the accummulation of wealth
or personal agrandizement, but that
men bo confronted with the awful
truth that unless they accept the
Christian religion and turn from
sin they were damned already. We
know our people are better ror having
had Mrs. Snell with them, arid we
hope ere the meetings are brought to
a close all will realize that to escape
God's wrath they must allign them
selves on His side. The harvest is ripe.
We are no advocate of woman's
rights, in the common acceptation of
the term, hut we believe that God in
tended they should assist in reform
ing the world, and in whatever sphere
they may engage that is not unwo
manly they have our hearty support.
The Cat island swimmer is not In the
political swim.
Mr. John Leland Henderson is no
longer a candidate for the State Sen
ate from tli is district. Bowers is the
right bower, and the only one in the
ice for the office.
Lay aside personal prejudices and
ote for the best men in the approach-
ng election, in tins way we win
best subserve the interest of our
county anil state.
The Fops have called a'Statc con
dition to convene at Jackson, on the
list inst. to nominate a full State
ticket. Democrats, stand shoulder
to shoulder and work for the success
f your parly.
lohn H. Lamar, chief of police of
Americus, Ga., took strychnine one
ly last week and died In thirty min
utes. He was financially cnibar
assed. He was related to the late
ustice Lamar, of Mississippi.
Dr. Todd, of Abbeville, S. U., a
brother-in-law of the late President
Abraham Lincoln, now 79 years of
ge, has gone blind. He was adivis
ion surgeon in the corps of Gen. Long-
treet and served all through the war
as a Confederate, while Ills brother
n-law was thcl'rcsident of the Uni
ted States.
Henry Crockett, 50 years of age and
a bricktnason by occupation, fell from
the top of the new City Hall building
at Blloxl, last Friday morning and
broke both of his legs below the knee.
He was sent to the charity hospital
at New Orleans where he died soon
after his arrival.
Col. Churles E. Hooker, the silver
tonged orator, for several terms so
ably represented the Seventh" Con
gressional District of this State in
the National Legislature, has yielded
to the solicitations of many friends
and consents to stand for the United
States Senate to succeed Gen. George.
Col. Hooker has been an earnest ad'
vocate and friend of silver. This is
four good and true Democrats con
testing for the place.
Rev. Nelson Ayres publishes a card
in the New Orleans Picayune, of June
10th, addressed to the Bishop and
Episcopalians of the Mississippi Coast
from which we excerpt the following
"My Dear Bishop : This Is to place In
your hands my resignation as mls
slonary on the coast, end with It my
resignation of the ministry of the
Episcopal church. It Is unnecessary
for me to go Into my reasons tor this
step, further than to say that I have
tt last seen tne rouy or trying to oe a
Catholic and a protestant at the
same time." Mr. Avers isaientle-
man of red nement, of broad experience
oa spienaia literary attarnmenw.
Hello, Dkmocrat-Stau !"
Well, what do you want?"
Would like to know the reason
why the merchants of Pascagoula ig
nore the M. P. & P. II. It., and con
tinue hauling their freights from the
pot at Scranton, when they could
utilize the M. P. & P. H. H., and re
ceive their ireignts at a mueir less
cost at their own depot, and Kave the
time and wear on tueir stocK ami
wagons, hauling it a distance or
nearly two miles through a heavy
sand road. I don't think it is treat
ing an enterprise of this kind fairly
and use it for a convenience only."
That won't do. Call on the mer
chants and solicit the business."
'Hello, old reliable !"
The L. & N. Railroad Company
will fence in their entire right ot way
on this division, but will grant any
one an opening upon application to
the Superintendent."
"We supposed the railroad would
do what's right'
Hello, Capt. P. Iv.":v
"Hello, talk away I"
"The water craze has again struck
town. The town is against water
works, but mightily In favor of re
moving ponds, lakelets, holes and
other wHer reservoirs from the mid
dle of our streets. So says a respecta
ble irentleniaii, who several nights
ago while returning homeward took a
header Into one or tne (lams so com
mon in our avenues. He spoke of the
d d place in rather immeasurable,
terms compairing It to the delta of
the Nile when engulfed in Egyptian
"The Dkmockat-Stau lias always
kicked against the useless expendi
ture of the people's money In trying to
get water out o? a well which had no
water. Anil afterwards spending the
people's money In building an im
mense tower and tank over a well
which had a How of water entirely in
adequate to the purposes intended. A
short wliile alter building tue tower
and tank and purchasing a boiler and
the necessary piping the well voted
the prohibition ticki-t and went en-
irely dry. If one-half of that money
thus spent had been used in itn
Drovinuour streets, the town to-day
would have been a dcngnt instead oi
n eve-sore to both citizens and vis
Hello, Demockat-Star !"
Hello !"
This is Cant. Volncy Brown at
?ascagoula. I just wanted to tell
on that 1 have received a letter from
he Quartermaster's olllce, United
States Army at Atlanta, Ga., author-
zing me to have the temams of the
Union soldiers buried on the Asylum
lot and Greenwood Island exhumed
ind placed into a box and shipped to
he Superintendent of the .National
Cemetery at Mobile. The report
made by Mr. u. van.virta. civil en
gineer estimates the number buried
on the Asylum lot at about 105, as he
found a head-board bearing that num
ber, but only Ml or 85 could be definite
ly located. On Greenwood Island
there are seven graves, which lie be-
i eves were all the interments m ide
Guess that's the best thing that
could be done as the graves have been
left unnumbered ami unknown for so
ong a period that it Is time some ac
tion should be taken to preserve the
memory of the dead."
Our neighbor the Hiloxi Herald In
speaking of the gentleman whose
name head this article, speaks out In
glowing terms of Ins fitness for the
position of State henator as follows :
A few weeks auo a nattering call
from this county was made on Hon.
E. J, llowers to stand as a candidate
for senator from the seashore district,
it being understood and conceded that
Hancock county was entitled this
time to the honor. In response to
that call Mr. Howcrs was put forward
is her choice. He should be ours.
Should lie prove a failure, then let
the blame rest with Hancock. Hut he
will not prove a failure. Look at the
record of this brainy young man and
Hnd the answer. Starting in life (not
yet out or his teens) on the small sal
ary of $12.50 per month, ho applied
tnmscir studiously to his books, ana
by close application, and controlled
by an Indomitable will, gradually rose
in his chosen profession, the law, to
his present high and enviable position
ranking to-day with the best legal
talents In the .State. Not within the
boundaries of this (treat State can
there be found a lawyer of ills aue and
experience Ills equal, and certainly
few superior, even among the older
members of the bar. He has met and
defeated the best and brightest. Of
wonderfully quick perception, he
grasps at once all the points in a case,
ana presents tnem witn it real clearness
and force to judge and Jury. His
wit is as keen as a Damascus blade,
and flashes as the sunlight from its
polished surface his principles as
firm and true as Its metal the sym
metrical proportions of his mind as
shapely. In one respect only does he
differ from this emblem of beauty and
strengtn his conscience is tree from
its elasticity. He wears not the badge
of serfdom the little brass collar
with Itstlntlnnabulating attachment.
His name is a household word in MIS'
sissippl. Wherever the political fight
wages fast and furious, in the fore
front can he be found. Persuasive
and eloquent, each rounded period, is
met with applause tbe spont aneous
trtnute to merit.
Such a man is this gallant Missis
slpplan. Gifted by nature with all
the splendid attributes of man, the
orator, the statesman, he deserves
well of his countrymen. In honoring
nim tne people nonor tnemseives.
By the force of his luminous Intel
lect, by his unswerving devotion to
auiy, oy nis ooia ana roaoiy position
on all nubile Questions, he Is destined
to rise higher and higher ; and It Is no
Idle prediction that the nails of con-
fffees will yet be honored 'with his
Ht)ndr-on Not a Candidate for the Senate,
Editor Penocrat-Ktar.
Bat Bt. Louis, Miss.. June 19, '98.
Dear Sir : Make no siinouoeemeiit of
my ciniliiUcv lr tlm State Senate. I
liuve withdrawn, from the rjn-e.
Ynms Irnly,
John Lkuv.nd Hk.ndrrnox.
This loaves the field to Hon. Eaton J.
Bowel, ami ns we have heretofore stated,
is a mnu eminently n,unlilied to repre
sent the people 1 tlie Seacoust district
iu lb J Slate Senate.
Some enemy of Mr. Bowei-s has circu
lated a report tir.it he (Bowere) bad said
tliut he would not obey instructions from
bis constituents should tbey desire lum
to vote for John M, Stone for the 17. 8.
Senate. Mr. Bowers sajs le will obey all
instructions coming from the Democratic
State News Boiled Down.
Magnolia is soon to buve a batik.
Talk oi acompiess nt Hiizlelinist.
The first cotton bloom bus made its ap
A cat with three eyes was recently
born in Ripley.
New industries aie reported springing
up nil over tbe State.
Halelnirst and Wcstville are to be con
nected iiy telephone.
Cen. E. C. Wultbull is tkc tbe stump
for free silver, so said.
The linplist Slnte Convention will meet
nt Hiizlebnrst on July 1 et It.
IsMiqneim county will run her free
schools seven months thin year.
The report that Senator GeorH was se
rious ill pioved to be ii n foil tided.
Kiilchez is to haven new cotton oil mill
ii nil Kllisvtlle a cotton compress.
Tbe Liberty Herald is another recent
convert to the sound money idea.
."emit oliia is making nil effort to organ
ize an Kpworrh League string hand.
An iiisiiriiice convention is to ho behl
at Vh-.kshnrg on the 201 h of August.
The Ai'sns snys tlmt Monro county
bits a good nutiircd lot of cnniliihiti'S.
Five negroes were sentenced to tbe
peiiiteetiiny Irom Port Gibson hist, week
'I lie Lender suvs the mnjui'ity of busi
ness men of West Point are sound money
Jndje Van K.iton, of Wilkinson county
is visiting the scenes of his childhood
days in Ohio.
Crystal Spring trtnk farmers have
shipped over S(K) ear loads of vegetables
North this sei-son.
Hon. T. A. Wood, of Enterprise, is n
candidate for State Senator from Clarke
iiinl Jasper counties.
Aberdeen's summer Nornvil opened np
Inst week with 150 teacbora present, iiinl
that of Meriiliun. Tir
A uegro boy, 16tb years of uga. U to
bang nt Port Gibson soon for rape on u
negro girl five years old.
K. V. Sbeeks, of Corning, Ark. and
Miss Willie Brooks, of Biooksville wore
married on t ho V2ih inst.
Vii'ksbitvg is to have bicycle races on
the. 3d inxl 4ih of .Inly. 'I he occasion
Diouiiscs t.o be a xratid one.
Mis, Surah Cooper was thrown from a
buirj! in Oxford hist week, receiving in
juries from which she died.
Evangelist. Mcintosh recently held a
protruded meeting nt Bonneville, which
resulted in over '.'00 conversions.
Attalla county nil! hold a mass meet
ing on the first day of August to select
delegatus to Hie Slate Convention.
Aimer Gildjii w;:s shot and killed at
Woodville by S. S. Johns a few days ago.
Whisky was the cause of the tragedy. .
Mississippi has eiltt daily newspup'-rs,
one tri-weekly, two semi-weeklies, three
bi-weeklies, nine monthlies and 154 week-
It is reported that the Mary Holmes
College for negro ;ii'ls, which was bnmed
nt Jackson some months ago, wiil be re
located at Meridian.
Prof. T. L. Truwick.of Crystiil Sp.iings
and Mit-S Mary Lou Keith, of Newton
were married at the latter place Wednes
day of last week.
A correspondent writing from Mi Comb
City says that Congressman Calhings'
speech has made many converts to the
cause of souud money.
While putting up a telephone wire one
day last week nt, West Point the little 10-
yeiir-old son of Ii. M. Trotter fell from
roof of a house ai.d was killed,
Four or five fellows of Dry Grove re
quests Cougressinaj-elect Spencer of the
Till district to resign his position because
lie is espousing the cause of gold.
Wednesday of last week W. F. Jones
of Columbia, S. C. and Miss Woenoini
Spillniail, a prominent society hello of
Columbus were married in that city.
, Flunk Willi, i'plniiter living near Holli
Isprinss bns discovered that a well in his
yard possesses '' hire medicinal qualities,
nud thinks there is a fortune iu it for him.
The' Kosciusko Star says there are no
hi no birds lu that county this season.
Among the theories advanced for the ab
sence oi the bird Hie that the cold weath
er fioze them out and the English spar
rows drove them out,.
Bub Cook, a brnkeman on the I. C, K
R., wits found dead Thursday morniii'' of
lust week. His head was literully sover-
ed Irom tbe trunk and 200 yards away,
one shoulder was badly crushed and the
body otherwise mutilated.
The f'Hcctlmt
tlm body had been robbed lends to tlie
belief that tbe man whs murdered,
John Leland Henderson saw the
hand writing on the wall and backed
out from a further canvass for State
Senator, v
The fake advertisers are along the
coast putting in their work. A word
to the wise Is sufficient.
Col. J. If. Jonos, of Wilkinson coun
ty is the only candidate for Lleuten
ant-Governor. He 1a a true Democrat
and well quail tied for the position he
Bead Scranton
State liaak state
rnent In this par
r to-day. .
smnwrA ITCW.
Rata! Rain! and the s&rdens enjoy It.
Mr. Wm. Heard bad bis hand hurt In the
slab chain, lost part of one linger.
Some of our eitlteos attended tbe ire-cream
festival at Orange Grove.
Mrs. Smith and daughter hare returned
home after a long and extended visit tn
A complimentary Ice-cream sociable was
given to the young ladies at tbe residence of
Mr. O. C. Dodge, on Tuesday evening by
some off! be young men.
The weather is remarkably cool for this
season of the year.
She said "Darling, believe me before yon
believe your own eyes."
It has been reported over this sen
atorial district that Hon. E. J. Bow
ers, candidate for State Senator that
he would not obey instructions from
his constituents. We interviewed
Mr. Howers Tuesday and he says the
report is false, that he will always
obey instructions from the people of
his district and the Democratic party.
See list of managers of the coming
primary election In the Demockat
Star to-dav.
IV'iv .Itlrettixtments.
Showing the condition ot the
Scranton State Bank.
Of Scranton. Miss , on June 8, 1H95.
Published by direction of Chapter II, of
Annotated Code of 18J3.
.rains and discounts on personal en
dorsements, real estate or collat
eral securities J7i.91l.4l
Real Estate 2139.15
Furniture and Fixtures 2741.41
Expenses IB74.18
Taxes IU2.SS
Sijrht Exchange B22.4v
Cash on hand 6M07.C0
Total 'J9,ti08.1l2
Capital paid in $ 23000.00
Dividends I. lipoid Sj.lll)
1'ndividctl l'rolits... 73V9.SS
Individual Deposits subject, to check 472001
1 ime Certificates ot Deposit 9S6.0I)
Rediscounts 18872.73
Totai, $1)9,608.92
I, Hazen M. Plunimer, flashier of Scranton
Mate UanK, nl Scranton, Miss., do herein- cer
tify that the forcoinc is a true, lull arid ex
ant statement of the Assets and Liabilities of
said bank on the day and date named therein,
as snown dv ine dooksoi same.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, F. II.
Lewis, tiers or the Chancery Court ot Jack
son county, Mississippi, this) the 14th day of
June, itflio. v. H. ,EW is.
examined and round correct.
V. V. STONE, Auditor.
This 15th day of June, 1893.
June 21, 1895. 13-H
Jackson County Primary Election.
Managers Appointed.
The Denioein!i! Executive ('ommil.'ee
of Juekson 'county met nt lite Coiiif-liouse
on Siitunliiy. the lotli of June, l!'i.iurmi
tint to iidjoiiinnient. A quorum brinx irrs-
enr tlie tollowiux iiruueeiltii'ts wore Ii.mI
On motion tint followiiig-mmiMil p.Tsous
wciti Hnniiiiiteil as nllluei's to conduct, t
Piiniaiy IClectinit nn July till), to-wit. :
Malingers F. D. D.-iitt, A. T. Fiueli nnd
I. ornnito Wind. (,'lnrks -C. K. Wind anil
Hubert Jiofiit. Ilnilitl llitok Cowmt.
Malingers Alex Ooclnsin, Jani"H How
ell. Jr. iimi Duvid Fairlnv. Cl'-rkA T.
II. Moodv n nil Kielianl Alliuun. liailitf
II. J. tioil.
JON Kb'.
Manager Alfred Jonos, William Ham
iltou end C. Kiirria. Clerks lintlur J.
Got! mid O. 11. lirowu. fiailitt'-Julin II.
Malingers S. H. Johnson, Jus. Cnnudii
nnil c'ulviii Goff. Clerks -John Kly.'Jr.
id C. G. Steodc. Bailtfl VV. K. dleede.
moss point.
Mauaieiu T. A. Conlsoii. Jr., J. F.
Carter uud John Hill. Clerks John
Ueui'ilslee and Chas. W. Durtiett. Uuililf
I. J, Cniiuingliani.
Managers J . H. Jnckson. J. K. Mur
ray uud cleo. W. llancer. Clerks A. J.
Murray uud W. J. I'arker.
Manujrcts Cobb Bosarge, R. D. Smith
end Harry Mansfield. C elks (Jen. K.
Thompson uud Hurry Krebs. Bui I ill J.
L). Minor.
MaUHjrers David ttuuuier, J. 11. Tuvlor
uud Henry Crautier. Clerks Kilgnr Hull
and Kugitue Uauiier. Bailiff Waller
Moimei-s W. 8. Vaimleuve, J. L. Clark
and B. 11. Tardy. Clerks C. K. Pabst
uud A. 1' Koiziiin. Uiiilill A. V. Uuseu-
Managers Matt. Caldwell, E. Tihlier,
Sr. uud W. O. Mucin I, Jr. linlili-8.
Managers -J, P. Biondns, Simon Coch
I'liu mid 8. Bradtord, Clerks T. C Kuble
uud Samuel Ware Bailiff lid. M. Taylor.
Managers P, B. Carter, H. O Flurry
aud W. K. Hiimsuy. Clerks West Broome
uud H. C. Moore. Bailiff-J. U. Wilkin
son. HKi.vise'.
Managers Jus. Huvurd, Reuben Byrri,
nud S. S. Bond, Clerks Kicburd Hi id
uud Aip. Reeves. Builiff Oeo. S. Leuth
bury, Jr.
The following resolution was adopted :
KeSulved, Thai tbe niiiuiiaeis ivud uai
lift's ut the several election precincts be
requested to enforce the lollowiug law
coverninu miinaiv elections. Section
3175, Code Wti : "All dram shops and
other places for the vending or intoxicat
itig liquors shall be closed pending n pri-
miirv election. And it sun i ue uuiawiui
lor any neisou to sell or give away spir
ituous or vinous liquors, beer or eider,
within three m lea or a itr.uiary eiecnou
polling pluee, from 12 o'clock on tbe
night proceeding to IU o'clock on the
night succeeding the primary election,
nuder the suine restrictions aud penultion
us in the general -.ieotiou."
It was moved aud carried, That the
committee pay to the returning officers
desimiutMl i the mauuaers at Heire
tinii'a. WnnlV Ouk Grove. Jones'. Wllker-
1 son's uud Kavea' nreolnots teu cents Per
mile, one way ror bringing toe returns oi
I be primary to scranton.
There being no fnrtber business before
tbe committee It adtonruea,
J. W. bTUWAKT, Cbairniuv.
J. I. Ford, Chairman,
Jane 81, 1895, ' l8-8t
No slop work', la turned, out by the
Demockat-Star office. All its Job
Printing is first-class.
Two Blocks from Caoal-DAUFHZNE
May 31. 195.
A Fresh
Stock of
t Dry Goods,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, 2
Feed, Paints,
DcJcan k Mitchell Company,
finplcnibel 30, lS'JI.
For Wounds, Burns, Bruises, Etc.?
Is Unequalled by any Remedy on the Market.
It C LTRES COLIC, too, in Man or Beast, It makes Friends
of ALL Who Tiy It
rrnvis, Miss., Sept. 2t, 'M.
There is no belter Antiseptic on the market
than Dr. Tichennr's. It is pleasant and relia
ble medicine for its claims. Dr. W.H.Davis.
I' ass Christian, Miss., Scpt.19,'92.
Having handli'd Dr. Tichennr's Antiseptic
since I have bern in business, I find it one of
the best millers on the market. It is far suncrior
to any of the nn-mlled Antisepticnr imitations.
J. Edwakd Hanson, Drujririst.
Mississippi City, Miss., Sept.19,'92.
Dr. Tichennr's Antiseptic cured me of s
very sevrre case of Neuralgia of the fae.
Mrs. Lilly Alexander, I'm. Hotel.
Sold by Druggist.
Dr. W. A. COX, Scranton,
Mardil"), 18U3.
InquirE of yunrsTi
Anitust ol, 1HU4.
Land 0kich at Jackciv, Miss.
Jiiiiu 10, lS'JO.
Notice is hereby jjiveu that the follow
ini; named settler has filed notice ot liis
intciilion to make Hniil proof in siiipi t.
ot his claim, mid that, said prnnl will be
mado buloie tlie Circuit Clerk nl jmsK-
sou county, ut .Scranton, .Miss., on July
27, lriUa, i. t
Pier Uuliiujter. of Viincli'iive. Miss,
houicsteud No. 19,159, tor N'i SWJ,
section SO, towiiHliii5soutli, runge7 west.
He names the following wituesses to
prove his continuous resilience iqion uud
cnttivation of, said land, vist s
James Carroll, Joseph linilic, Peter
Bilbo and .Maddisou ii. Pinker, ell of
Vancleave, Juekson oounty. Miss.
KOr.lCliT E. WILSON, Uegistei'.
Juno 14, 18J5. 17-Ct
Manufacturers of
, Sasli, Doors Blinds,
Turned Columns, Newels, Balusters.
Scroll Work of nil kinds. Wood Mantels
nud Stulr Work. Window nnd Dour
Fiuuies a Specialty..
114 it 116 North Royal 61,, (P. O, Box 09 )
' M011ILE, ALA.
Ma J ,836.
Pale, tliln, bloodless people should
use Dr. Sawyer Ukatlne. "lt Is the
irreatest remedy in the world for
making the weak strong. Sold by
Scranton Pharmacy, Scranton, and J.
W. Stewaft, Moss Point.
Pimples, blackheads, freckles, tan
and sunburn removed. That oily and
rough skin cured and the fice and
hands beautified by Johnson's Orient
al Soac. Medicinal and toilet, two
large cakes, 25 cts.
. Children wltb pale, bluish com'
Dlexlons, indicating the Absence of
the requisite red globules Id the blood
should take Dr. Sawyer's Ukatlne.
Sold by Scranton Pharmacy, Scran
ton, and J. If. Stewart, Moss Point.
STREET-Two Blocts (rom Canal
.4. -A- S UJCAKJM.
Groceries, . .
Notions, Hats 3
Hardware, Tinware, Crockery
Ship Chandlery, Etc.SS
, Si tini
Sallis, Miss.,N'nr. 17, 1892.
I hare found Dr. Tichennr's Anhseptie
good liniily medicine. Mrs. I.luuRoTn.
lioot'i Chitto, Miss., Dee. 1, '91.
I know Dr. Tichenor'a Antiseptic to be
splendid renirde for Colic in horses.
Joe. E. MaGii, I'm. Livery Stable.
Nrw Orleans, Dee. 12, 188R.
I hare witnessed the effects tit Dr. Tiche
nnr's Antiseptic ami know its ralne, and can
therefore cnnscientioiislr recommend it.
' H. D. McEneky,
Ex-Ooe. anil Associate Justice Supreme Court
nt Louisiana.
Wholesale and Retail by
J. W. STEWAItf,MoHS Point.
' - 4.Cm
Mi Point, Hiss.
Br, If. O. Talbt,
Will be in Scrunton nn
of each week, prepared to do all kinds of
Dental Work in tlie best manner known to the
profession. fVSalisfsction guaranteed.
Office at Dr. W. A. Cos's drug store.
Hcranton, June 7, 18tt. l-3n
The Neatest kept on the Mexican Gulf Coast.
rare unsurpassed, n ine r rou at uimrcr.
Flue, ally rooms. Salt Water Bathing.
Per Month J40.00
Per Week 10.00
Per Day . 3.00
CHAS. BOSTKlli . t ! t Proprietor.
May 3, 1895. U-3m
LandOfkici: at Jackhos, Miss., J
May lfi, 1S5.
Not li e is herttliy giveu that the following
named settler hi Hied notice of bis inten
tion to make Hr.nl proof in snpport
of his elnim. nnd that snid proof will
he made be tore the Circuit Clerk
of .lackson ooiinty, ut Scrautou, Miss., on
July U, W, vie: ,
John W. Rodger. Of Cross Roads. Mls.
homestead No. for the swj sec
tion :W aud oi uwi seoilon 31t tpwnskiu
9 south, range Jl west.- . u 1
He names tbe following wisaesses to
prove bis oeptiooott residence apon sod
cultivation ef.tMd hrtd, t Is:
Axnra Former, KvWb Cooper, Chester
B. Moody, Rnbbjsrd Parker, all of Cross
Roads, Miss.
ROBERT E. WIL90X-, Bagister.
May4,l5. - " -M
Brldfe Ce)tttlmet.
Notice is hereby glrea Ibst s senttset for
the bnildlnt ot a esaseway.witb a wsterwsy
to ssma. on Lake View road, wiD be jet to the
best bidder, oa
Jfot&iy, Jtsfy 1,1885, ,
st 13 m., st the frost door of tbe CoeK-boose,
in Seraetoe, Miss. Plsnl U sptej0"
oa lie ia the Clerk's efliee.,
By seder of the Board.
JsneMtW. ; ,
gfc "A, . .1 ft- -. , f.j"'" - - . , ' ...
. .

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