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fflrial Journal of JHRSOI COl.UY.
Official Journal or TM .1 OF aCKISTOI.
Tub Democrat-Star is
the oldest newspaper of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast; has
a larger hmn-fide circulation
than any other newspaper in
this section ; therefore it is
TtieJdAilyertisiD2 Minin.
Aflycrtiscrs, Bear this in Minfl.
Scranton, Mississippi:
Cumberland Telrphme,
I ltpmnrrnf.Nliir
(unirv, Ko. I4.
Vote the straight Dcimtcrutic ticket
on Tuesday, November 7th.
Yandcrbiit's Income is said to have
been $10 a minute nlirlit, and day.
There are 4.174 names on the Con
federate pension list this year in this
To vote against the Noel amend
ment the voter iuut put a X opposite
the word "nay." grit
Aliout?.,000ltalian Immigrants have
arrived at-Tijjjv Orleans. That is mure
trouble for Louisana.
Don't fail to read the able article on
"Our State Hoard of Health," by Sen
ator hen II. Wells, of Jackson,
There arc six candidates for Gov
ernor of Maryland, ranuitijf from a
carpenter up to a bank president.
Floyd county, Georgia, boasts of a
mule that lias been mortgaged
eighteen times. And he never kicked.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer sug
gests that "what Oom Paul really
needs in bis business Is a rousing old
rainy season.
True Democratic newspapers al
ways publish the State, district and
county Democratic ticket at their
Mark Ilanna Is calling on the mil
lionaires as well as the laboring class
to chip in their casli to the corrupt
campaign fund.
The Democracy of Ohio seem con
fident of electing Hon.. John 11. Mc
Lean, although Mark Hanua is buy
ing voters as usual.
Our Congressman K A. McLain is
In Washington on business of his
constituents. McLain will be a hard
man to beat for re-election.
The Doers claim to have nearly 100,.
OOOnien in tbe field against the Brit
ish, of whom 4,000 are said to be
Americans and 6.000 Germans.
Though Sir Thomas Lipton will not
take the cup back with him, he will
carry the hearty respect of 70,000,000
of people.
Mrs. Helen D. Hell, our efficient
State Librarian writes us she is just
recovering from an attack or dengue
fever. This is gratifying news to her
many friends all over the State.
The fall term of the Circuit Court
for Harrison county, which would
have convened on Monday, November
13th has been pretermitted by order
of Judge T. A. Wood.
The McComb City Special, a daily
paper, has suspended publication on
account of the quarantine and lack of
business. The editor has gone north
to rest and recuperated.
There will appear In next week's
issue of the Demockat-Stau a letter
by Mrs. Ida M. Converse, entitled
"Cuba: That God-Forsaken Country,"
embodying a reply to the query, "How
did the people or Cuba impress you?"
Congressman Champ Clark of Mis
so uri, says if Hon. Jno. R. McLean Is
elected Governor of Ohio next month
the Democratic presidential ticket In
1900 will bo Itryan and McLain, and
predicts their success.
Secretary Root says that he will or
der the portrait of General Robert E.
Lee, placed on the walls of West Point
soon as some of his admirers provide
the picture.
President McKinleyhas Issued his
'proclamation, designating Thursday,
November 30th as the day of general
thanksgiving and prayer to be observ
ed as such by our people on this con
tinent and our newly acquired islands,
as well as by those who may be at sea
or sojouitiing in foreign lands.
Mr. Ilenry T. Crosby, formerly con
nected with the Greenwood Common
wealth, Is now editor and publisher
of the Greenville Times. He Is a man
of clever talents and has Improved
the Times materially since ho took
charge of It.
The habrtat of the Southern Home
Journal Im been transferred from
... Jackson, Miss., to Memnhu p-
This excellent monthlv nuhiou .1
edited by Miss Ida V. m ...
Mississippi's most clever and facile
writers. The Journal should And Z
y Into every household In our State.
Fhu caobe raised In this State at
Stw ..,C,PeD8,e COraj,ared
other thlDds. It will mature In 12
weeks; It must he cut ith .
SfUUy 'Ucked can be
iv?n. 8!ter 11 Bltur " oas-
Wy spoiled bv h twin.. 1. .1
t . - nm rain.
ume of oar farmer, try a crop of
A few short years ago, our three
separate towns stood aloof and apart,
and each set of inhabitants sought to
work out the problem of life in rare
seclusion, one from the other. It has
proven a ease of "the sleepers awak
ened." No one dreamed of the treat
possibilities lying at their feet until
the truth was thrust upon them by a
sudden and very substantial increase
of business.
Awakening to the fact that "no
man can live for himself alone," the
Commercial Club of Scranton and
the Merchants Club of Moss Point,
composed of the most Influential men
of both towns,, united forces and real
izing their Interests wore Identical
they went to work. The grandeft
achievement thus far. Is the appropri
ation they obtained for the deepening
of our channel. The dredging is al
ready begun. The increase la the
lumber trade within the last year is
beyond compare. Our ship yards re
semble monstrous bee hives. Our
merchants, fore-seeing the demand
upon them in the near future, have
laid in a larger stock of goods than
was ever oeiore oroiignt into our
market, and thequality of theirwares
denote the class of trade they expect
for patronage. The ladies are learn
Ing the futility of seeking other
markets, as upon Investigation they
II ml their homo merchants fully up to
date, with a complete stock in every
The increase in the milling business
lias called to our portsan Inllux of la
borers, which creates a demand for
more houses.
It is wonderful to contemplate the
great progress in all departments of
business In this community within
the last year. In spile of quarantine
curse the united action of our enter
prising citizens has achieved great re
liut the greatest of all achieve
ments will have been accomplished
when the bcautirui village of Moss
Point, with its hills and valleys, its
gigantic oaks and magnolia, Scranton,
with its large, business and commer
cial institutionsand splendid schools,
and Pasciigoula with Its grand beach
mid its many natural sources of en
joyment and rest, united now by the
elegant dummy accommodations.
will permanently unite under one cor
porate seal bearing the name
A long pull, a strong pull, and a
pull all together will accomplish this
result, and make this the strongest
and most powerful cit.v in the South.
The recognition and subsequent
canonization after death of persons
as Saints, remarkable for their piety.
has been observed in the Christian re
ligion from the commencement of the
era. Great veneration has always been
and is still shown their memory for
the holiness of their lives, and they
are regarded by the devout with lov
ing reverence, and are implored to as
sist the living as mediators bv their
prayers and intercessions with the
The indelible impressions of an
guish made upon the hearts of Chris
tians by the deaths of cherished ones
excite into constantly recurring rec
ollections the phantom forms that
share the tenderest undying adoration
of their beings.
To associate all departed Christians
in closer communion with the Holy
Saints and tn invoke Sainted inter
cession in their behalf established
long ago the beautiful custom of year
ly decorating the graves of the Chris
tian dead with flowers us a sweet of
fering to all the Saints, and In their
honor the first of November of each
year Is celebrated as All Saints' Day.
The day Is always observed here
and In the vicinity at the several cem
eteries, where a profusion of flowers
i nd many religious ornaments are dis
played, and which bring to mind the
expressive words of tho poet:
"Tis not the whole of life to live,
Nor all of death to die,"
George M. Lee, son of Gen. Fitz-
hugh Lee, has been appointed llrst
lieutenant in the thirty-ninth volun
teer infantry and ordered toaccom
pay the forty-ninth infantry from
New York to the Philippines, where
he will Join his regiment.
On Tuesday, November 7th. elec
tions will he held in the States of
Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massa
chusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New
Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylva
nia and Virginia. Great interest is
felt as to the result In Kentuckv.Ohlo,
Maryland and Nebraska. The chances
are In favor of the RcDublicans in
these States.
The editor of the "Old Reliable"
wishes to extend to the Chicago ex
cursionists a most hearty welcome to
our gulf coast country. Wa have
much to offer by way of Inducements.
climatically and financially, and not
withstanding our three years' course
or curse of yellow fever expertlsm,
we are ready to prove our ability to
come to tho front.
Mr. J. D. Lusk, one of the largest
merchants of Jackson has filed a bill
In bankruptcy. Llubllltle aia.fi.io.
EVT0; The fullure ,8
uted tn Hn.u.no.. t .
uepression on ac-
count or yellow fever and q Uruntirte.
uroqaoiy follow for the
mow cause, throughout this .and ad-
. M. StawSSTTSJi I, reported
km llute m,A wd nearly
bllud at Charlotte. N. C . 1
Heavy frosts aTe reported through-
uu Hujuiumg mates
-: '
Isolation does not belong to the so
cial system. The anchoret In his cell,
or the misanthrope wrapped in a robe
of solitude, violates a cardinal law of
his being, Hnd so far as his power
goes, frustrates the benign influence,
which springs from the golden rule.
A wise Creator has connected all his
Intelligent creatures by a chain of
sympathy, which vibrates at the
touch of kindness, and sends forth
harmonious sounds. A sullen refusal
to swell t his music by generous touches
of love, forbearance, assistance, or
any of their kindred virtues, is a blot
on human nobility as Its Maker form
ed It. The wife is In ene sensedepen
dent on her husband, and he In anoth
er sense is dependent on her. The
child Is dependent on Its parents for
sustenance and instruction, while
they depend on this child for grati
tude and love. In like manner all
the relations of life were designed to
harmonize and smooth the rugged
way. But we have digressed from our
llrst Intention, which wa to speak of
social business relations.
How much does the farmer or "log
man" depend on their merchant, and
how eagerly does tho latter look for
them. Without the horny-handed
sons of toil, commerce would stag
nate, without the active merchant
much fruit of the earth would slum
ber and decay. We should study this
matter in Its different bearings, and
see how jiiuuli we might benefit our
selves as well as others by a more dili
gent practice of tho courtesies
and kindnesses of life. We should
help each other when occasion offers,
and by so doing we shall often gain
positive advantage ourselves, as well
ai the delightful consciousness of do
ing good.
This theme might be lengthened to
an essay, and every thought would be
laden with importance, but we for
bear further thoughts on this theme
at presea t.
Mississippi Raises Embargo Against
C New Orleans,
Jackson, Miss. Oct. 31. The order
of the Mississippi State board of
health, raising the quarantine against
New Orleans, Mississippi City, Key
West, Miami and the infected locali
ties, went into effect at midnight to
night. Already notices are being re
ceived here of the removal of the lo
cal quarantines against this city. . By
Thursday, it Is expected, Jackson
will he free from all embargns. Mer
chants who closed their doors are
Olienimr for business, nnrl tho flrot.
signs of returning commerce are be
ing made apparent. The detention
camp north of town was abandoned
this afternoon, and the Marine Hos
nital Service has rlisni-nsi.H wit.u ihn
services of the corps of train Inspec
tors. .Discussing tne situation to
night, Surgeon H. 11. Carter, of the
Marine Hospital Service, said:
"The froSIS have rendered Miesla.
sippi a non-lnfectible territory, and
wlille there is still fever in Jackson
and New Orleans, I don't believe t here
is any clanger of a spread to other
towns from cither of these nnintu tt.
is now too late in t he season for fever
to spread, and there is no further
neeu oi quarantines."
Meteoric Shower.
There will he a nintonrli. clinumr nf
unusual brilliancy on the 13th, 14th
and 15th of November (this month).
it, is me regular recurring or "falling
stars" so often mentioned asoecurring
In 1833. Between midnight and day
of the three dates mentioned many
people will helieve the world Is com
ing to an end. From S:2fi nVI
til day light of the 14th will be the
inosi lavoraoie. ml up unrl watch for
it. The configuration of the planets
from the 13th to the loth will be the
most remarkable ever seen watch af
ter dark for tlieru. On the morning
of the 28th of May. 1000, there will he
a complete eclipse of the sun. vlsihle
from New Orleans to Norfolk. The
moon will completely cover the sun.
Don't forget it. Keep a sharp eve on
the 13th. 14th and 15th of next month
as stated above and you will see what
many never have aud never will see
BY Sf'ltllllTS.
.lank Frost Is not far off, and is expect
ed every morning.
No use swinging 'round the circle
you have to come to taw at last.
She suys she patronizes a certain
butcher because a handsomo knight of
thoknife and cleaver drives the wagon.
4til quiet in court circles, but not in
courting circles.
The public school oncned Momlnv
morning with a large attendance, and
more to como.
"dranclma" Kirkwood died nt the
luuuo of her daughter, Mrs. Aikens, af
ter severe sulterinii for several ihiv.
and was laid to rest in .ion cemetery on
Kundav evenlnir. Thn fnnnrnl , o u..
ly attended by relatives and friends.
Her sweetheart came a longways to
make up friends with her, aud now they
are happy again.,
The mills will shut down again soon
for want of logs.
Little Willie Horrlng is quite sick.
Mr. Seward Kirkwood, of Saucior was
here to attend the funeral of his mother.
Don't fall to read carefully the con
spiclous advertisment of Mr. W. M.
Canty. He Is asafo man to deal with.
Try him, and we know you will be
treated right.
Admiral Dewev tow tnium mini.
slon of his $50,000 home at Washing
ton. The Admiral announces that he
is to marry Mrs. W. B. H7..n. of
Washington, a fair anil
widow of forty. The marriage to take
jmv auiuouras in is month.
The NewAtorlc Post has been keep
Ing tabfnOtls, and has a record of
casualties in the Philippines which
Rives tir total number from August
Bth to October 23rd as 2,817, of which
J,0i4 were deaths.
DITURES and' work.
He Also Had Something to Say About
"the Amount of Protection
" Afforded.
Hon. Ben. H. Wells, the present
State Senator from Hinds county, da-
tei Jackson, Oct. 27, 1S!)9, has the fol
lowing truthful exposition of the do
ings of the' Stats Board of Health,
to which we direct particular atten
tion: "Ten years ago the Mississippi State
Board of Health was an organization
which looked alter the health jif the
public, its duty being then, as it is
now, to provide reasonable rules and
regulations for the protection of life
and health, and to prevent the spread
of contauiotis, infeci iousepiriemic dis
eases In tile State of Mississippi.
"The worky of the Mate Jjoard of
Wealth was then accomplished in the
office of tho physician who acted in
the capacity of 'its secretary, aft n
nominal expense for clerk's hire. ao1
a large proport ion of the money which
had been appropriated for the main
tenance of the Hoard of Health, was
annually covered back Into the treas
ury. 1 .
To be more accurate, the amount
of money expended by the State Board
of Health during the years 1889 to
1895, Inclusive, was $35,489.49. or an
average expenditure of $5,007.07 per
annum. a.
"The public health was as much
protected during that time as it is
now. But t he. State Hoard of Health,
while not increasing its efficiency tn
any perceptible degree, has grown'out
of its obscurity in the oftlce of the
secretary, and now occupies olllces on
the ground lloor of one of the princi
pal buildings on Capital street, In the
city of Jackson, with a corps of as
sistants. "In 189f theexpenditures of this In
stitution began rapidly to increase,
and from 1895 to 1,899, inclusive, the
State Board of Health has .expended
$121,390.47, or tin average of $31,847.54
per annum, with every prospect that
the legislature will be called upon to
appropriate a large sum In addition
to make up a rieticiii for t he year 1899.
"The attention of the Legislature is
respectfully called to the. question,
what corresponding benefit has ac
crued to the State of Mississippi for
this lavish expenditure of public
"Along with the vast increase in
the amount of money necessary to
maintain this Institution, its. powers
have been largely increaserl,: So much
so. that on Sept. 15, 1897, there was
issued by this 'apparently omnipotent
power its famous order: "Until fur
ther ordered by this Board, no person
will be allowejl to get off trains and
boats at any station or point in the
State of Mississippi.'
"At the tirue of this order there
was yellow fever at a few-points on the
coast. and at Edwards. By this order
the wheels of commerce were abso
lutely locked all over the State, on
railroads, where the inhabitants had
scarcely learned that there was any
yallow fever In the State, and where
the public was safe from any infec
tion. It caused a stampede such as
had never been seen before.
"in 1898, when the hill making an
appropriation of $28,951.55 to cover a
dellcit for 1897. and of $50,000 for the
year 1898 was under discussion, It was
urged in favor of these measures by
tho President of the State Board or
Health, who was a member of the
Legislature, and by others, that If
these funds were placed at the dispo
sal or the executive committee of the
Hoard, upon the appearance of yellow
fever the cases would he Isolated and
put in quarantine, and the business
interests of the State would he pro
tected and not allowed to suffer as
they had suffered in tho past.
"These arguments prevailed and the
appropriations were made. In the
meantime the State B lard of Health,
aided by other physicians in the State,
had been industriously engaged in a
campaign or education, and the peo
ple were taught to believe that de
population was the only avenue of es
cape from destruction upon the ap
pearanceof yellow fever.
"As the result, In 1899. notwith
standing the enormous appropriation
of $50,000, wherever yellow fever ap
peared there was a stampede of the
people, ruinous to the Individual arid
most disastrous In its effects on com
merce. The $50,000 appropriation dis
appeared, like mist before the rising
sun, but the corresponding benellt to
the State has never been made to ap
pear. "It may be claimed by some that
other sections of the State were pro
tected from Infection; but, if so, it
was through no effort on the part of
the State Board of Health, for the
whole State was locked in the em
brace of a shotgun quarcntine, which
again paralyzed commerce, and which
recognized uo authority save that of
brute force. 'v "r-j "
'The Legislature has made an ap
propriation of $20,000 to pav the ex
penses of the State Hoardnf Health
for the year 1899. During the earlier
months of the year, at various points
in the State, a disease, very mild in
its character, but which was promptly
declared to he small pox, made its ap
pearance. Tho frequent appearance
of small pox did not cause any public
uneusinesss, hecause the people bad
not been taught, by 'experts' to run
whenever a 'bulletin' was Issued an
nouncing Its discovery. It Is but rea
sonable to suppose that a large pro
portion of the appropriation for the
year 1899 has been expended In discov
ering and reporting small pox. But,
on Sept. 10. It was announced that
yellow fever had made Its appearance
In Jackson, and since that date the
number of cases has increased from
time to time, and it Is therefore quite
probable that the Legislature will be
called upon to make an appropriation
to coyer a deficit for the year 1899, and
to 'tiprupriat3 the further sum of
$50,000 to keep the machinery in o De
ration in 1900. . i
"During this time, since Sept. 10.
the people of the State, outside of
Jackson, have been allowed to believe
that the city was plague-stricken by
an epidemic worse than was ever be
fore known, and publications to this
effect have never been corrected by
any statement issued by the Ileal th
authorities. Thero has been nothing
done by the State Board of Health to
protect the outside World from Infec
tion, except that in a number of In
tuneee pertoa who had been in cIum
contact with the fever were huddled
together tna single house and kept to
gether for two weeks, none of whom
had the fever, thus demonstrating the
fallacy of the leaching that the only
safety from the infection lies in pre
cipitate flight. Not only so, but. af
ter none of those who were so con
fined developed thik.fever, but oilier
cases appeared In trMfclty to the num
ber of less than twenty in a ttly of
12,000 nennie, the state Board of
Health throws up Its hands helplessly
and announces to the world that tt is
impracticably if not Impossible, to
afford furtlret protection, and warns
the towns of the State to f4'A out for
themselves, k
"Do nut let the people outside of
Jackson imagine that this Institution
should be maintained on account of
the protection which it affords tbeui,
for, since Sept. 10, up to this time, the
country surrounding Jackson, west of
i'ear I nver, has been wide open, and
there lias not been a day when any cit
izen of Jackson could not drive out of
the city, aud. by muVIv avoiding in
corpoiatcd towns, travel without let
or hindrance from one end of Ibis
State to the other. e
"What good thing, then, lias' been
done by tho State Buard of Health in
1899, to protect the people 'outside of
Jackson? ,
,. "If the good to the. people outside
does not readily appear, let us see
what has been done for the inhabit
ants of the city. A0out 80 per cent,
of the population were unable or un
willing to abandon their homes and
their business, and remained in the
city,Son:0 of these, upon the facts
as they uppuareij from day to day, did
not believe in. the existence of yellow
lever in the city, and hud the audac
ity to say so. Thereupon the State
Board of Health proceeded to an
nounce the number of new cases, but
declined to give the names or places
of resilience of those who were sick.
Tbeciti.en who bad wasted ills sub
stance in tlighOH in former years, who
is urlable to leave the city when ad
vised to do so, and who is compelled:
to remain In the city, l told in each
afternoon's paper that there are a
number of new cases of yellow fever
in the oily, hut ho Is denied all infor
mation as to its location and the Iden
tity or the persons who are Infected.
This Is the action of the lawfully con
stituted guardiausor the public health
toward the inhabitants or the capital
or the State during the prevalence or
yellow lever In the city.
"if the state Hoard or Health Is un
able to cope with the situation In such
a manner as to prevent the spread of
disease, and tn allow the business in
terests of the people to go on without
annual paralysis ar.d stagnation; if
the State Board of Health Is unable
to afford any protection to the people
of the State, when , there are only
abont twenty cases of fever in a city
ofl2.00u inhabitants, and publish their
inability by warning other towns in
the State to take care of themselves,
If the State Board of Health Is un
willing and refuses to gUe the people
of a stricken community the namesof
Infected .persons and tne location or
the disease, what corresponding bene
fit accrues to the people or the State
for making large aud annually in
creasing appropriations to maintain
A'rw tlilverHm-niftsts.
. Commissioner's Sale.
Man. E. J. Wton, ET Ala., I CliHiwcry Court.
No. ell vs. Vjitrkmrn ceuuty.
. 1). E. Wmm. Mississippi.
Jly TiitiiB of tho mfthorlty Trnti-d In ni,tya
flfHsnw nf ili I'hnixwry courr. f Jnrknmi uoiintv.
MfHtnAii,i. rcurlptril in Ui4atovt'pr.vlt niiMtnltlbn
Auj;nt I nm nf suiil i-mirt, im Hib llith cluy of
August li'J. 1 will ni'll for cash nt thu front door
hI' tint coiin-hniiHu. in tho town of Scruuton, Miu-
HirtNippl, Oil tlld
Firt Monday, the 4th day of Ih ct mbrr, 1S9
within li'jrul hoiirn. th uortiiuHfter l,.H,i-il,o I rHl
estuto iritiutO'd in Jxckrtoti remit y, Stut-t, of Mil.
HiHHi,pi, Hint liioi-H imrtiruttrly ili.iwrlliwl hh lot
Iowh, to-wit: Wi of hw$, hi'J of tw, m-t-tioll HI.
towiiHhip V. anilLli. nui(, 6 wi.Ht, Hli'l liv oftM'i,
uii-tioim township 1'.' rtontli. tiwiw 7 writ,
V itnusH my hiiinl thin '.'xtli iluy nf Uclolnr, ISM).
K. II. LKWIa, CoiuiniKttioncr.
November 3, lwm 3n-4t
Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given that an election
for State, District, County and lleatotll
cers in Jackson county, Mississippi, will
be held oil the
First Tuesday, alter the First Monday in
November, W).
The following officers nrc hereby up.
pointed to serve at tmid election, thu first
named at each precinct being designa
ted as custodian of ollieial ballots. At
said election an Amendment to the Ton
Ktitution relativo to an Elective Judicia
ry will also be submitted.
Ward's Precinct V. Ward, W. L. Me.
Crary, T. .1. Evans, managers; A. T.
Finch, bailiff.
Helvestlon Precinct John Ilelvostion,
Isaac Gardner, Wesley Bird, managers;
J. It. Ooff, bailiff.
Jones' Precinct A. F. Jones, J. T).
fialloway, T. A. Roberts, managers; It.
A. Hoberts. bailiff.
Oak tirove Precinct ,T. P. Ward, Wllev
H. Carter, tliilvln UoiT, managers;
M. Ward, bailiff.
Kscatawpa Precinct K. 11. Smith, O.
A. Mourk, W. .1. Graham, managers;
John Aiken, bailiff.
Orange Urovo Preclnt S. K. Kouns,
W. K. Ntrock, .1. K. Murray, managers;
W. J. Parker, bailiff.
Moss Point Precinct K. (i. Borden,
II. O. Walker, John Hill, managers; J.
J, Cunningham, bailiff.
Scranton Precinct W. M. Denny, Jr.,
Geo. H. Gould, G. K. iteneieke, mana
gers! II. i'. Kiowiie, bniliff.
Pasciigoula Precinct Hubert F.Krebg,
Geo. LaUnier, J. V. Uuptiste, managers;
Wm. Cooley, bailiff. ,
West Pasnagoula Kdgar S. Hull, Dav
id Kancier, Walter Gautter, managers;
Ktigeno Guutler, bailiff.
Ocean (Springs Precinct V. K. Palmt,
D. W. Hal stead, J. L. Clark, managers;
G. II. Tardy, bailiff.
Jacobs' Precinct M. Caldwell, Bunk
('rut birds, U H. Manuel, managers; W.
G. Hulloek, bailiff. .
Fort Jtayon Precinct A. E. Lewis, J.
S. 1,06, W. W. Willis, managers; W. O.
Parker, bailiff.
Bluff Creek Precinct S. tt. Bird, T. J.
Clark, H. K. Woodman, managers; K.
M. Taylor, bailiff.
Wllkersou's Precinct A. L. Havens,
J. M. Flurry, 8. H. Wilkorson, mana
gers! D. K. ftorry, Hr., bailiff.
Reeves' Product E. U. Moody, T. .1.
Micelle, W. II. Wllkerson, managers; J.
W. Rogers, bailiff.
Witness our hands this 16th dav of
October, 1899. J
Election Commissioners.
October 20, 181W ao-llt
John Hill, tel Es"te
Will soil real estate Improved or unim
proved, and attond to all business pertaining
to real estate matters. Rico lands tbntcan
be Irrigated, a specialty. Persons Imvlng
lands for sulo will do wall tn list thorn with
tne. Correspondttoca solicited.
. IWOfflce at residence,
August us. im. , as-iy
Don't forget when yon want any tine
job printing dot to call or send your
orders to the Dimoomt-Star offloe.
JVev 1drrrttemen
Kiivrinlipr 3. 1NUII.
I Dollars
I Dollars Made,
4 And you can save them by buying your
3 " At Wm. A. MURPHY'S, 3
Ej Dter Furoitiire, Stoves, Mailings, Wind w Shades, Rugs, Etc. 3
Corner Canty rt. and Delinas
Duccmlwr 0. 1H1K.
O. RANDALL, J. I. KOR1). A. F.
I'reaideut. Vice-Vraaident.
Ji M
Capital Stock Paidin, $50.000.00. . sipiu's & Net Undivided Profits, $14.000 00.
0. W. STEWART. 'ashler Moss I'iihTTilrniieh.
1 F. il LUNDY, Cusliler Ocean Sprint's limnuli.
' Transacts a pcncral liankinir. Business. Safety Deposit
lioxos for rent, raniiinjr in price from $1 to 7 per year.
Interest paid on Time Deposits in our Savings Department.
Dirootora i
.1. W. Stewart. Rd. Mitchell, O. Randall. O. M. Luce. .1. I. Koril. L. I). Herrlck. 1'. K. Mnyrr
AiiL'ust i. mail. :'-iy
At Lowest IribeH.
Hardware, Crotkery, Glamicarr, Jewelry, Feed, Produtt.
.1 vents for Standard Patterns.
Nm-MiiW 18. 1H98.
ComrutnrliiR Monday, December 4, 1HOO
The regular October (1H99) term of the Circuit
Cnnrt for Jackaon county, MlwlMlppI, having
been pretermitted on account of quarantine ll'ii
In force on the MIMaslppl aea count, and a apodal
term of Bald court for Jnckson county beliiK. hy
petition, etc., reqneated, K la ordorod by th un
dersigned. Judge of the Second Judicial District of
the State of Mlaalaalppl, that a apeclal term of the
Circuit Court for Jackaon county he held, begin,
nlngon the llrst Monday, the 4th dny of December.
A. D. l"9fl, nt nine o'clock a. m. thureof. and to
continue fora term of alx days or to long as the
bualneaa thereof may require.
H la further ordered. That the Clerk of the Cir
cuit and Chancery Courts of aaid county, and the
Sheriff thereof draw, aa the law dlrccta. the names
of fifty persona to aervc aa grand and petit jurora
for aald apecial term.
Wltncaaj my hao4 tbla, the 20th day of October,
A. 1). 1899. H ;t
, ; T. A. WOOD.
LHIganta, wltnoaaea and all partlee Intercated
will be governed according to the above order.
Circuit Clerk of Jackaon County, Miaa.
October 27. 1899. 87-M
Administratrix Notice.
Wlioreafl, Letters of administration
on tit eHtftte of J. H. Greene, dereaHed,
were granted to tho underpinned by P.
II. IiGwig, chanrery r-lcrk of the county
of JankHon, State 'of MiHultmlmil, In va
cation on the 2Hh dav of September,
1H1HI. Now, therefore, all persona hvlnR
alaima. against said estate will present
the same aud have them probated and
registered within one vear from this
date, or they will be forever barred by
This October 10, 1899.
Mra. P. B. OKEENE.
Dknhy & Woods. Solicitors.
October 30. 1899. 30-4t
The void Democrats nf Maryland
refitun to return to the Democratic
party, and nave decided to support the
Republican Slate and Legislative
Is prepared to fit y.,u and
vour Ih)vm u hi. u .'u
OccrcoaL f
Thers is none heller.
' ' FASC'lXAToiis,
The largest slock in tun n.
Gents' Furnishing Goods, 'i
Krt''o. Arriiui', Si iuut.in, lllsn.
Saved I
1 888
Casliier. Assulwit.
O A M if I
I M KB. I W II . v. f.
8 A. M. TO 6 P. M.
On our vy to
DeJean & Mitchell Co.
To yet the
on tho market.
8 ..y$
Chas. L. Krebs, t
Dclmaa avcuno. two donra went of u
Beat brandeof
, -""
October 13, 18119. ai'"
Notice Is hereby given
stils for the uurchiwe of 16 ;K"'" h. mi
bunds of the denomination nf J
able In five years from di.te nt !;"
bearing Interest at the rate of pel ,,,,)
annum, payable annual, will
ann openea ny me ,... ".- ,,
Jnckson county. Mssslsslupl. on the
Flrtt Monday, f m y J --
at W o'clock m. Raid bonda i will be lap
Mm niirn,4 of n, tig for the.new .'"
triMted for by the Board. glV,w"Board
celved and fAcd by the clerk : of tl "o
nn to 19 in.. December, J"""
V order of the Board.
H. LEWIS, Clerk
Octobers, 18M. '
Contract Notice.
Notice Is hereby given
sals for the supply of '"'"'i 2 inmate"
leal attention to the prison; " 'Noveni
of theptwi-houaeforftniontl afroni g w
ber 1. Wi. wl bo recei ved and op '"""th
next meeting of the Board of Bupervi
" Viral Monday oj Ntmmbff, '
at o'clock m. Bids for mortlcsl ajten
and supply nf medicines should tie ni d bf
parX 'Bids will r.oldai lr,i
the clerk any Muia WaVeJoc t
Monday of r"" A; k
By ordorof w ;a'WWI9, He
October " '

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