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Offirinl Joiimnl of JUhNOV f 01 TV.
OHlclnl Journal at TOU OF Nf KtftTOS.
Tug Dkmocuat-Stau is
the oldest -newspaper of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast; lias
a larger bona-fule circulation
than any other newspaper in
this section ; therefore it is
Advertisers, Bear this in Mini
Scran ton, Mississippi:
4?iinberlitnd Telephone,
I l)MiiMrMtKtMr
I Omrr, No. IIM
The Deacon and Timed, at Waynes.
lmni, are throwing-bouquets at each
other. '
Mules will brine a high price-next
Spring. Foreign ien:atid is reducing
the stock In America.
The sutfar cane ciop of Louisiana
lias been danumid by the late frosts
at. least ten per cent.
Quarantine is a thing of the past.
Husincss lias revived, so our people
are feeling very happy.
More newspapers are printed in the
United States than in England, France
and Germany combined.
Ninety-nine thousand pairs of rus
set shoes are being shipped to the sol
diers at Manila by the government.
llcv. Sam Jones, the evangelist, is
ill at Louisville. He has cancelled all
bis engagements until January 1st.
On Saturday last quarantine was
lifted from this and adjoining States.
Travel and business are lively. Drum
mers are on the jump.
A protracted meeting lias just closed
at the First Ilaptist church at (j lus
ter, this State, whicli resulted in sixty-one
additions to the church.
The unveiling of a statue to the
late Zebulon R. Vance, United States
Senator from North Carolina, will
take place at Raleigh, N. U., May 20
For til tin nil, md If r tin sun,
' There In t remedy, or tlmro l mine ;
If tin-re 1m one, try ami Hud it,
If thiiii) be none, never mimt It."
ibe great evil which Judge Camp.
oeii foresees as a result of the eman
cipating and education of the negro,
ana one that can obliterate the dun
ger ho apprehends, is by compulsory
education of the children of the white
race. Compel the sending of all chil
dren between the ages of six aud four
teen years to school six hours a day,
live days in the week. Enforce the
leveling of all taxable property for the
purpose of building comfortable
school bouses for the children, and the
extending of the term to tcu months
In the year instead of four months
I his is the great need of the Gulf
Coast country. Hut the time to ap
peal to the Legislature for this most
vital change necessary to our educa
tional code Is now. The negro is ad
vancing phenomenally, while many of
our own race, through the everlasting
struggle for existence, and the many
bitter discouragements on account of
droughts, quarantine and the general
depression of business, have become
lethargic with regard to the political
A little judicial force will awaken
them to the needs or the hour and the
necessity of personal action. Judge
Campbell's fears are well founded, and
the people of Mississippi will do well
to hearken to his words of warning
and appeal to the members of each
community throughout the State to
net In unison on the mighty ordeal
which confronts us.
Uroenwnud Conmionwciiltu.
I f our lawmakers tie not men of vir
tue, uf integrity, of diKiilty of char
acter, of intellect., and Inspired by nu
bility of purposes, what can we hope
or the republic? If the source be
Impure the whole stream will bo con
taminated. It is foolish to expect the
bad to produce the good. y0u cannot
gather roses from Unison weeds, nor
Call you extract, tlin liminnmim i.i.r.
fume of the lilv r
dogfennel. Nor is Intellectuality ml
that is necessary to tit a man for pun-He-
Station. 11(1 m:tv l. purl
the wisdom mid ienriilnir nf
and yet bo absolutely Incompetent to
State Elections Tuesday.
"The home mcrcluint,"siiys the Car
ronton Conservative, "is the man who
gives you credit when you have no
cash to buy the necessaries of life
lhe home merchant Is the man who
helps you to pay the taxes that run
your schools and keep your streets In
condition. He Is the man to whom
you appeal in times of distress for fa
vors, men wny should you Ignore
him when you wish to make a pur
chase.-' lie sells as good goods at as
low figures as the man who does busi
ness in the big city. Patronize him
Gov. McLuurin has returned to
Jackson, after having spent six week
at Urandon, nursing his carbuncle an
keeping away from the so-called yel
low fever. s
The late frosts have knocked out
quarantine, killed the microbes and
started busi ness again. Farewell, we
liope forever, to this stupendous fraud
On the first page of the Democrat
Star to-day, appears a very interest
ing and descriptive article on Cuba
by Mrs. Ida M. Converse, of Mosi
x'oini, wnicn is well worth perusing
Private John Allen did not bea
"Guv Anse" McLaurin for the Missis
sippl Senatorship, but it appears tha
ho succeeded in scaring his opponent
into a bad case of boils, says the St.
Louis Republic.
Though Senator Hoar is notconsid
ered a stingy man, he Is none the less
a very careful one. He makes it a rule
to buy six street car tickets because
in this way he can get a ride for 4 1-6
The famine In India, which has re
suited from the failure of the mon
soon, threatens the existence of nearly
fifteen million natives, for whose re
lief the ltritish government has or
dered 83,500,000 to be expended.
We are glad to note that the Con
federate veterans are coming to the
relief of Mrs. Stonewall Jackson, who
is In a destitute condition. This is
right. She should be tenderly cared
for by the vets.
Some three hundred men, who en
listed In Chicago in Mississippi regi
ments, are instituting claims against
this State, under an old, rorgotten
Jaw, granting a bounty of $50 for ev
ery soldier not a resident of the State
enlisting In its regiments.
- Candidates for Congress are crop
ping out already in some of the dis
tricts of the State. Id the First; Can
dler is going to try to oust Private
John Allen; In the Fifth district
Chancellor Adam Byrd is going for
John Sharp Williams' scalp, and in
the Third there are several candidates
for Tat Henry's place. In thirdis
trict, we believe, McLaln will bare no
opposition. He will have a walk-over.
We hope the Legislature, when It
meets In January next, will not fall
to legislate the State Board of Health
out of existence. Mississippi can get
along much better without this use
less and expensive appendage. It has
. never done any good for the State j on
the other hand, It has destroyed busi
m or crippled it ; therefore, we say,
wipe the thing out, and If necessary
let the Federal Dovernnmn . i.
charge of the health affairs of the
One nf t.hn ki nii j.
. , " """""us running
out of Chicago has changed t.h ...
the coaches
' i:V TO "" "'eepers and the baggair,
express cam nt. v
hTJ reversed. It. .as been demons
5 M1" u,ecars next to the engine
ttthan those that are furfK
Mitor It. H. Henry has returned to
Jackson, after several weeks' outing
in the north, on account of the "pre
vailing" sickness. The Clarion-Ledger
comes to us this week n ts usual
form, full of choice reading matter.
We hope that this is the last year that
Brother Henry will have to shut up
suopanct leave the capital.
Mr. Win. B. Parker,- the well known
and affable manager of the Parker
Drug Company, of Mobile, has pur
chased the interest or Dr. Henry D.
Jackson. The Parker Drug Company
has one of the largest and most com
plete stocks or drugs and fancy arti
cles in the Gulf City ; also, the most
popular soda fountain resort, which is
patronized by the lovers of those de
licious hot arid cold drinks, which viv
ify without intoxicating.
Vie MurdocK.-of Kansas, tells this
story: A preacher said that- Mark
said: "To him that hath, unto him
shall be given ; but, to him that hath
not, from him shall be taken awav
even that which he hath." A sleenv
learer rose up and asked. "Who said
that?" "Mark." said f ho i,r,.i,or
irn, '
mats just iike Hanna." said t,b
sleepy hearer.
The philosopher who presides over
the Hernando Times-Promoter throws
out the following advice for the bene
fit or his readers:
"If you are a spendthrift, the wnrt.i
adds that you are a ne'er-do-well. If
you economize and accuinul ;lt.p. whip
... j v '
ne.gnoors win say that you are grasp
ngand stingy. It were better to ac
cumulate, and then you can tell the
WOIKI to UO to I, II! devil if It rl .....
., 'W u.iuo I1UU
life your way."
perforin properly the functions of a
ouice. i he career of Lni-ri itm-mi
the wisest and meanest of men." is
n i-.iso in noint. lie know Imw h
work should be done, but Im hurt nut.
the moral ballast which is sinaoua
hull I I i .1 1 ,. I .
ins uisnuiiesiy una immorality
wrought ins rum. He misused the
power of Ids place, he prostituted the
luticLions OI his Oillce to till his nnck
ets with til thy lucre, and as i remit
ne disgraced himself, betrayed and
piunnerea his country and shadowed
um nation with shame. In nil Mm
usMjiy ui mis country mere was
neer as great a demand or more ores
sing necessity for pure, upright, learn
km ana patriotic men in oillce as there
i touay. lucre are many unworthy
uiL-ii ucciinying exalted olllcial sta
tions, men whose lives and reputa
tions are so black and full of iniquity.
mat, compared with which, a tin horn
gambler or a cheap prostitute would
stand out resplendent with virtu
anoojector ineffable admiration and
love. The enthronement of stnii men
is a menace to the Deuce, nrnsnnrir.v
no perpetuity ot the reoub ic. What.
is the country coming to? . Are the
people mad.'' Here in our own beloved
state the people are confronted with
a most serious case In point. In the
ast Issue of the Coffee villa Courier
there appeared an editorial eimririnur
Senator W. V. Sullivan with a crime
more mneous jn Its blackness and
more sicKening in its crue consenuen
ces than hell itseir. Is it true? 1 am
niormea tnnt senator Sullivan says it
ib nut., nin s nin e nen in iv i m
sumee.' 1 think not. If it. h f;iio
then it will be but. litt.ln t.mnhi.. rr
mm to demonstrate it bv human tes
timony. He can get the testimony of
mu young woman to wnom the wrong
ib boiu to nave ueen none. He can se.
cure the testimony of her mother in
act, it win he easy to stamp out the
tie, ir it be a lie. To say that "this
man toon the girl from him (the Sen
ator) for his own use," does not an
swer me charge. To denounce the
statement as u falsehood, and kill
the editor who traduced ills charac
ter, will not wipe out the stain which
this charge puts upon the character
or SenatorSullivan. The whole thing
is susceptible or proof, and Senator
Sullivan owes it to himself, the peo
ple whom lie would represent in the
nation's council, and to truth, to re
fute the charge. I hone it is not, true.
As I have often said. I have no per
sonal III will toward Mr. Sullivan. 1
would not wrong him knowingly, but
I should not be doing my duty to ray-
stir and to mv countrv were I to re
main silent when a man. whom 1 hi-
ieve totally unfit for the place, is ask
ing for the suffrages of the people to
put him In the most dignified office
within their gift. Ir Cant. lilonni..
the eriitorof the Courier, lias wronged
Mr. Sullivan, proor or Unit, fin-twill
elect Sullivan and damn Blount for
all time to come. Let the truth be
developed ; let the facts be told. It
may he hard upon the guilty, yet the
pi-ci)ie uemanu ii, anu tuey nave a
right to it.
Mississippi went Democratic by per
haps 30,000 majority. A very small
vote was polled, as thore was no oppo
sition to the Democratic ticket.
Massachusetts and Iowa went Re
publican. (l -
Tho Republicans elected their State
Treasurer in Pennsylvania.
Virginia has gone Democratic by a
large majority.
Maryland went Democratic. John
Walter Smith, Democratic nominee!
for Governor, is elected by 15,000 or
20,000 majority. The Legislature is
Democratic by a good majority.
Kentucky lias gone Republican. The
dissatisfied Democrats and Republi
cans In thatState succeeded In de
feating Goebel,Deiuocrat,for Governor
by from 10,000 to 15,000 majority.
Ohio. went Republican, as Mark
Hanna opened barrels and bought
votes. John II. McLean, the Demo
cratic candidate fur governor, was de
feated by Nash, Republican, by a plu
rality of about 40,000.
The Fusionlsts In Nebraska, under
the leadership of W. J. Bryan, have
defea ted t he, Repu bl ica ns.
i'he Republicans." carry New York.
outsldcof. the city, which was swent.
by the Democrats. ..
Although we arc somewhat disap
pointed in the.resultnf the elections
In Ohio and Kentucky, still we are
hopeful that Some sweet day the De
mocracy of this nation will triumph
anu mat Mark Hanna's intolerable
dictation and corrupt methods will be
relegated to the rear. Hanna is the
roost unscrupulous and degraded fig
ures on the political stage. Such
corruptiouist Should be blotted out or
existence by'1 an overwhelming tr
unjpn for the. Democratic ticket next
year. Let us not be discouraged. Let
Democrats stihd shoulder to shoulder
anu we wur.eventua v sucpppH in
routing the Republican party.
: IOm.mil I
Board of Sunervisois
Board met Mundav.
All members present.
tiona or James Nob es
While passing through
Market on his return home from N.
i leans, iasi Hunnay night, the Dem
ocrat-Star reporter noticed a small
xniup or Tcuuruncta river iYidlans
settled for the night under their Mar
ink uianKets, upon two vacant stalls.
opposite each other. He wasdepniv
m pressed by the perfect
tnesleeping Indians had in their sur
Windings which reminded him of the
pmey woods of St. Tammanv Parish.
where ,Jiet bad often met them in his
urnoics. - iheie Is something sad and
umime about these passive cre.a-
tures of nature which appeals to the
sympatnies or every one. Soon thev
...ill ..ii l . . J
m an nave passed Into thatobllvlon
rrom which they sprung.
Mr. Philip Werleln, the oldest nlann
emer in new urieans. d ed ATond
If- nr.... . . J
on. ueriein was Horn In
Miss., Feb. 22, 1S47.
ine vicKsuurg Post wants t.hp.
uoara of Health of that city to pros
ecute the yellow fever liars before the
Board retires to winter quarters.
Col. W, L. Yerger, a distinguished
rer and citizen of Greenville, died
Monday night last, after a lingering
Generals Lawton. M ac Arthur and
Wheaton, with 30,000 men, are closiug
In on Aguinaldo.
A camp of tho Cnnn r..inni. di.
at Nerval's Point bridge lias surren-
uereu to tne t ree State Boers.
The transport Indiana hn..i...t..
Tennessee regiment home from t.h
Philippines, is overdue at San Fran-
. A compact has been reached for the
Thl th Samoan Question.
lludUDlled SUte8 ".tulla
A dispatch from New Orleans, da
ted Nov. 3, states that Atrent J. W
Hampton, of the British nrmv, has
Just finished purchasing the last batch
of mules for the British army. This
batch consists of 250 animals, which
were obtained at Abellne, Kanpas, a
town near the Cherokee border of the
sunflower State.
A large proportion of all the an I
mals whicli have been purchased by
the British agents have come from
the northern porthm of Texas, the
Indian Territory and Kansas. The
mules purchased in Texas are collect
ed ni Galveston and other Texas
points, and then shipped to this city
for loading on the transports. Mr.
Hampton himself has purchased 0,700
mules, while the total number which
the British army lias secured in this
country lias been about 7,050.
The llurona, with 1,300 mules, is
expected to leave to-night, and the
Manchester will sail with the last
batch on the 12th.
1 Mrs. Mollis McGce Snell Hall did a
good business while . holding a pro
tracted meeting here last week. Ac
cording to her own statement she took
In from five to ten dollars every day,
and on Saturday the receipts were
nearly fifty dollars; while, on Sunday,
sho took In one hundred and nine dol
lars. But it was a good show well
patronized and thoso who "chipped"
In, perhaps, got the worth of their
money. Mrs. Hall and her piece or a
husband took out of the city over two
hundred dollars. They were not here
for their health only. Hattlesburg
in hiillH
bridge over Cypress creek approved.
Ueport of C. E. Chldsev. ueMnir Mtr.
oner on body-- of unknown negro an-
G. W. Pierce and J. II. Goff excused
as commissioners on Itkr i,,i,,t. u,t
Orange iGroveoads, and B. A. Broome
and John Robinson appointed in their
Resignation of W. u. ttirkor lid p,ttl.
tallc of beat 4 accented unrf .,r.
flee declared vacant.
Petition Of J. II. Tnrnpr nnH nlhin
for change in road 46 granted.
Bond of J. E. Roberts to build
bridge over Monu-er'n ei-p,.i u
ecl - ii, yy'"-
Rcadvertisemcnt ordered for sraiori
proposals fur-" medicine and medical
ttention to lail and poor linnet,, i,p
rI 0 """"'"y December, 1899.
.,u..K ukibcu l0 m specifications
oi ui mges over .Monger's creek by th
board and contiactor.
i 1 1 -k r..it.....: .
iiiiiuwiiig allowances were
mime; t ;
Miss A. Walker, teaching T3R9
school . ..,
,1,Uoo.m flelrt trustee foes '. Y. '. '. '. .' .' fl)
). liaiKlall, supplies to poor house U
J as. Nobles, repairing bridge on
Little creek
Jiio. Oasslbry, lumber for road'iai.'- 5
U80; frnard Co. table forC. H. 83
. H. Mclnnfs, supplies to small
pox patients .... fi
'U XRUlrKa, 'height and haiiling 2
W. U. Ke 11, health officer, services
to Nov. 1. Wm ' 5Q
Same, medicine to prisoners. ".. . 4
G. II. (lould, keeping poor house',
Oetober.... jo7
T. Cannan, nurse at poor hinise! 20
Nnrnnhui Hnm.... ' n..i
.. ..... IIIUU, , uiuuiuiiia to
Door lioilfio- o on
J. A. Tabor, medlplnn
poor house n i.
T ,1 i.
'TV "'"unweii, moving paupers. . 1 'Jo
xi. u, nuninmi,' repairing bridge
uii mine croon 45 00
D. D. Cowan, Supt., stationery: ' '. '. '. u 50
r. Iv. Mavnrs. nluil,,n,.r., o
it it ' : J o w
ii. ivuiiiHuv. rerLi'iiiiifi. t r ua
. , , .. . " n v
m-nooi.ij moiitiis... (jo oi)
'r ,,,fyHon inquest K. Uarie . . SOU
. D. I'OllillH. llOllKlllhln W ll-l , ,u
, , . V. ' v.iii... i
Whereupon board atljoumed to term
'fl. RANDALL, President.
F. II. Lewis. Clerk.
A series of
in n teccnt speech at Dcs Moines,
Iowa, W. J.Bryan said: "Every Dem
crat should take the Democratic paper
puoiisned in his county and pay for
it. The county weeklies have proven
faithful when the dailies have desert
ed usv The country weekly Is near to
the people and wields agreat influence
in shaping public opinion. We owe a
great deal to the country weekly. Sub
scribe for your own weekly, pay for It
and urge others to do the same.". That
platform, of Itself," ought to insure
Bryan's election, and It would If the
newspaper men held the, balance of
power. V
A story comes from Jackson. Ml
that Hunter Johnson, a white ciMcs-
of Jackson, while hunting recently lb
reari river swamp, east of tbldiv
discovered a. Jbox containing nearly
150,000. "Tflioney was In an Iron
case airt In gold pieces, nearly -all of
thel2r(Jenomlnatlon. It la thouirht
the money Is a war treasure. All of
the colas boar datu prior to 1850.
Major Count Esterhaiv. i-hni-,.
vfM swindling, has been sentenced
in Paris, by default, to t,hrp
tent meetings wlilrli
Mrs, Mollie McGee Snell Hall has been
holding In the city for the past ten
"os, cjosea,, hunday evening. The
tent was packed and Jammed at all
three serviccsSunday, many people
not bclng"able to get in at all. The
meeting reached its climax at the Sun
day evening service and there was a
geqeral outburst r long pent up hap
piness ; old men and women shouting,
young men and ladies weeping, boys
climbing tho tent poles and turning
summerstiw Daflkwards-ofl. tbe ros:
trum. In 'fa It was a regui artel Ig-
ious staippede. i iTatllesville Progress,
The Jefferson Buzz Saw, published
ni rayeue, mis state, for eight
montns, has suspended. It was a well
edited and printed seven column news
paper, with a good show of natron.
age, but MrJpcn C. Knapp, the ed-
nor, says: ;
"The paper was established In Feb
ruary of the present year because Its
founders thought that another paper
in jcrrerson county would be a paying
investment ; It has not been so, there
fore, after buying deliberated the mat
ter, we have decided that It Is best to
close down. : T, p those of our mer
cnants and business , men who have
been so liberal to us with advertising
patronage,.we return sincere thanks."
Mrs. Richard Griffith, wife of tbp
shier of the Merchants' bank at
Jackson, Mis., died Sunday night of
the "prevailing' feyer. This Is the
twelfth vlcthn to succumb.
An emergency mounted corps has
been organised for the defense of Ple-
termarltzbeHf. - :..; . , . v .
In a naval engagement the Colum
bian Insurgents lost two vessels and
200 men.
mere la a scarcity of food Id
Island of Guam.
Educational Column.
By guperlntemlout D. D. Cowan
"Don't supiose there's always safety
Whera no danger shows,
Don't Biippuse you know more
Than anybody knows,
lor each content In his place should
And euvy not his brother,
And any part that U acted well
Is Just as good as another."
If you do not take interest in votir lit
tle country Behool and make a success of
it, you will never be fitted for a larger
or more advanced one. Don't imagine
for a moment that you are wasting your
energies, it you are ny account the
wonu win nna it out.
Your success will depend more on this
than your knowledge of text books
You may advance your pupil, but if rou
allow profanity, fighting, and keep a
disorderly room your patrons will do-
mantt a now teacher next year. Your
reputation will not be confined to one
neighborhood. Now, don't think that
school management consists alone in
keeping a quiet school room, but you
must keep your pupils busy. Have va
riety, but above all things, pleaso do not
be fussy. Josh Hillings says, "Fusg g
nan sister to Hurry and neither of them
can do anything withoutgetting in their
own way."
I don't know anything more unbeara
ble than a noisy school room, and it is
impossible to do good work unless your
school la orderly. If you can succeed in
having good ordor, good lessons will fol
low, it would bea dlfllcult matter to
name everything .that should be done,
but here are a few "dou'ts" that it
would pay to heed :
Don't lose your self-possession.
Don't fawn or flatter.
Don't scold, frown or find fault.
Don't read a sot of rules.
Don't ask the children to do aiivthina
unreasonable.and do not be too dignified
to join your pupils In their games. A
little recreation will do you good. You
can play with them and not lose their
respect. You can prevent quarrels by
this association. You are their iruardian
during school hours.
Make an effort to secure the cc-oDera-
tlou of parents. Manifest an interest in
the children without this your school
will suffer. Get acquainted as soon as
possible with every patron; visit them.
Lot them realize that you are interested.
Invite them to visit the school. Have
exercisos on Friday afternoons, such as
readings; recitations and spellinir
matcnes. The children will enjoy them
and you will find that they will pay for
the extra trouble. If you can succeed
in getting the patrons interested, the
children will take more interest in your
woikiuiu youriaoor will be lightened
ana good results will follow. Remember
this. I speak from personal experience
"V- .. . i. . i - .
iuu uaiiuuv iiiuko a success or your
sciiooi without the co-operation of pa
The teachers of Jackson count v are
. ... . ....
iortunate in Having a' high school which
does pedagogical work; The Teachers
Training course of Ocean Springs Hlch
School was organized last year, and the
cnaracter of the work done met with
such unanimous approval by the stu
dents that Prof. Mauls has been encour
aged to make the course broader and
more comprehensive with a view of ed
ucating (not merely cramming up for ex
aminations) the teachers on the sub
jects taught in the public schools.
The great trouble with normals and
institutes and traiulng schools for teach
ers Is, the time is too short, a person can
not discipline the mind and form habits
or study and culture in a few weeks.
That thing has been tried by the three
months commercial schools. It requires
time and diligent study to learn the sub
jects of history, civics, physiology,
grammar and arithmetic. And then
when a student has learned a subject
well enough to answer the questions
and stand an examination, in many
cases he is not competent to teach it.
ith all these things in view tho
training course of the Ocean Springs
High School has been broadened to cov
er the entire session's work. Prof. Sauls
has arranged a course for the teacher to
study during the four months of the
winter, while they ore teaching and will
rurnish any teacher, upon application
rree or cost, a typo written circular.
mapping out a course of study. Write
Prof. Q. D. Sauls for full particulars.
You can't keep up with the education
al band wagon unless you s,tudy.
Dollars Saved
Dollars Made
j "- mu mum iiy ouyng your
Dealer rnrrltiirii Ctnirno M.ii nn.j ... n. .
Iu uiimuit, owns, judiuugs, num. w anaaes, Rugs, Etc
Corner Cunty tt. and Delmiu ve
Ueceintier 0, ls-.s.
-8CKANTON, Miss.
it- 6k
On our wtiy to
1 , . , VJV
uowpsi Jf rices.
ttarttwarc, Crockery. Glatsirare. Jewflru, Frrd, frodur,
isml for standard Patterns.
UUOUS BE 1,1 r ERE It ftlKP
Xoremlier 18. 189S.
He is reconciled.
Molasses makine and txitntn rileirlnir
time is here.
Rev. J. II. Havens preached an inter
esting sermon at Mount Pleasant last
We are clad to note that, Mlsa Trt Onff.
who has been quite sick for some time,
is improving.
The bovs had a little raon wwnnttv.
which came near proving disastrous to
themselves and others.
Mrs. M. h. Carter and son. of Rnsfn am
visiting Mr. Orifflii Carter and family
Mr. 0. J. Smith. Who WHS (hrnwn fram
his buggy two weeks ago, has recovered
from his injuries. , .
Mr. Wiley Lyons, of Ramsay was a
visitor to our community this week.
Mr. J, P Smith was a visitor to Brew
ton last week, v . ,
Mr. Neilson, of TMIoxt was in onr
midst last week taking pictures. Mr.
Neilson is a line photographer and our
people .would do well to patronize him .
Chas. L. Krebs,
Delmai arenne. two doors went of Ibe
Best brands of-
I ' 1 1 111 t t a
S MALT UUrnttli.
a , hoars.
jj uciuuer in, imro. jj y
omen Dkmochat Star, i
Scrunton, Miss, Koveiubiir 10, lsilli. f
Report for week endlnu November 0, im.
Nov. 2. Hrit ship Kings (lonnty, Salter,
2.IKI1 tons from Barbados. ,
Nov. 0, Am sch Nau M. Dantzler, Deth-
loff, 17(1 tons from Vera (iruz,.
Nov. 7. It. bk Adclo Accame, Ollvare,
l.lso tons from New Port, Eng.
Nov. 7. Am sch Nantasket, Uuptill, I7
tous from New Orleans.
Nov. 4. Brit Sch Lady Shea, hv T,. V.
Duntxler Lumbur Vo, for Nassau
with bio.227 feet liimhpr. vl. i rjn
Nov. Am sch Cora M. bv L. N. I)
Lumber Vo., for St. Lucia, with 1 10,
tHtlfoetof lumber valiiHrl m r,.-w
Nov. (J. Am sch Oscar U. bv L N. )a.nt.
lor Lumber (!o. for Havana with 22,
071 feet lumber value $2,511), and 17,
470 feet sawn timber, value $Mfci
A'cut mtdrrrtisrmnits.
Commencing Monday, December 4, 1899
The regular October mm term of the Circuit
Court for Jackson county, Jliwiwlriil, bating
been pretermitted on account of qnanuitine tlini
In force on the Jl Isslfsi'iipi sen const, and n specinl
term of uld court for Jackson county Imlni.', by
petition, etc., requested. It l ordered by the m
dcrslgned. JuAgu nt the Second Judicial District of
the State nf Mlnelsstppl. that a special tcrraof Ibe
Circuit Court for Jackson county lie belli, begin,
nlng on the first Monday, the Ith day or December.
A. D. 1SW, nt nine o'clock a. in. thereof, and t
continue fora term of tx days or to Inrtj at tic
bunhiuw thereof may reiitilrc.
It Is further ordered. That tin- Clerk of the Cir
cuit and Chancery Courts of suid comity, tnd tbe
Sheriff thereof draw, as the law directs, the name
nf fifty persons to serve as rand and petit Juror
for said special term.
Wltnesss my hand this, the SOtlt day of October,
A. D. U9U.
LltiKanU, witnesses and all parties inlercated
will be governed according to the above order.
Circuit Clerk of Jackson Counly, Mist.
October 2T, 18911. 87-51
John Rull takes the piwition that
the powers have no right to Interfere
with him In his determination to
wallop the Boers.
The average man is always wonder
ing what others think of him and the
rohances are tho other never give him
a thought.
A Kentucky girl has invented an
mprovement In pocket flasks. If a
girl can't catch a man one way the
can another.
Gen. Wheaton, with a brigade, has
been sent to Dugupnn to advance on
the Filipinos from the north, while
Lawton and McArthur uttack from
the south.
It Is reported In London that the
Busutos have risen against tbe Or
ange Free State.
Persistent reports that Gen. White
has capitulated to tbe Boers have
reached Lhbon.
Mark Hanna's barrel did the busi
ness In Ohio and Kentucky elections
A special term of the Supreme Court
will convene at Jackson the first Mon-
ay rn December. The regular term
lapsed on account of only one ludire
being present.
The strength of the candy null with
the fair sex Is evidenced from the fact
that a Chicago candy drummer has
been able to mobilize forty-two wlyes.
Texas iegalTy iiange(l"a Meshodlst
minister of the gospel last week for
giving a poisonod apple to bis wife, i
Ttv virtue, nf tlin nut.linrOv ..t.M i
" uxecutnr of the lust will uiid te-Mtiumwt. of"
J. .1. Parker, (licensed. lt nf .wit..,,..
county.r'liite) of MMmilppl. which suld will
hug buen duly probuleU and rec-ordod, I will
lis Hiilrl e.xecuuir, will at pinllo nuwry to the
hluhoat bidden-for ciisb, at the front door of
iiio i-diiii-iiuiise in me town or Scranton.
county of Jacksou. Stute of Mississippi, at 12
o'clock in., on
Monday, December 4. 189!),
the lands belonging to the estate of said J.
J. I'lyker. iIhwh-si-iI, nltiiHtd In suld county
and described as follows, tn-wlt: elsci seo
tlon 85. townshlu 4. rnfo S west, sej of si i
section 32. and wj of swi section 33, and si i
of NeJ. section 35. townsliin 4 siiuLh.'raiiirn
west, and swi of nw$, si of nel of swj. and s
He. HL'CttOI) 5, llllfl ei 4
Administratrix Notice,
on the estate of J. II. (ircene, deeeased,
were granted to the undersipneii ny i.
H.Lewis, chnncerv clerk of the county
of Jackson, State of Mississippi, in va
cation on the 2lth duv of September,
1WH. Now, therefore, all persons liavinit
claims against said estate will present
the same and have them profited win
refristered within one vwir from this
date, or they will be forever barred by
Tbis October Hi, lsfKl.
, Mrs. P. R. (iKKEXK
' Dmjny Woons. Solicitors.
October 2D. 1809. 3641
st of swi. seetl
or nwj ana nej and H of sw) and nw of aef.
sect oS.and nwl. section B. and nwlof nwi.
section 10, and of net. section Hi townshio
B south, i-anito 0 west. Tho proceeds of such
f , . ' MnouH!a anionx the heirs of
said decedent, hs provided lu his said lut will
Scranton, Hiss., Nor. 10, ISW, . w-n
- Contract Notice. '
Notf(o ts hurehv irlvRn thu. anuiuj'
ff the supply f inedlolnfts and for Hied
IcHli Httt-utlon to Hie prinunrtii mid inniutw
SC.1, l.T"1 b.e .r.ecul.cd 51 opeiTed at tl"e
on the """
Firtt Mouthy $ Dmmber, 1899.
atl2oVlockm. Ijids for medical attention
and suDPly of merilclmmsh,,i,i ,., .....a.. '".
sepai-ate. lllds will be received nnd Hied by
tl.e clerk an v time up to 12 o'clock m. the rl
Monday of December, S9I. . .
ujr uruur oi me uoard.
November to." 1890. "WIB.Olgk. .
The Head of a
Large Firm
Whether nsed on a lanre scale or on a
smau scale, the telephone service,
. weighed bv its performance, is the
cheapest thing In modern life. This
applies to residences as well as
business houses, and a telephone is
Just as necessary in a well equip-
Ked dwelling as in an office and can
e obtained at as low a rate as
8ic per day by .
Cunbsrland Tcbphons &
"Notice Is hereby given that sealed propo
sals for the purchase of 16 Jiicksns "wwjr
hnriu.. ti.u .i.,..,in,.Mn i.r fcsHj een. 8 .
. . . .. . j . .. .uhA.!
ame in nve years irom pine m
bearing Interest at the rate of 8 per eenj m 1
and opened by the Hoard of Siinerflnorxs
Jacksoo County. Msssissippl. on the
First Monday, the 4i day of Decrmhir, 1W
at M o'clock m. Said bonds will be b'f jj?
the purpose of paylnu for the new Jul 1
tmctedforbT lhe Hoard.. Bids will
celyed and filed by the clerk of theFonro"
nv time np to 12 in.. December 4, lm.
Byorderof tbe Board. .u rl.,v.
October 6, 1800. -
, ' Commissioner's Sale.
No. 801 vs. Uackson county,
1. K. WBB. I Mississippi--i.i...
i wflBf,t In mP.l'y1
decree of the ohsuoerv eeurt of Jsekson
Mlsslutnnl. rendered In the above styled '
the AiiKiwt term of ssld court, on tho ''."""j' . .
August 1MIIU. I wiU sell for cash nt the iff
of the coui-t-houBO, In the Uiwn of Scnuifni '
stsslpiil, on the .
IHrtt Monday, the ith day of, December. '
within lecal hours, the hereinafter descilliet rn
estate situated in Jackson ceunty, m
s' particularly neTOri.. --
aisslppi, and more
lows, tiew It i Wiorswt. sej oi "- ii.
a .f .. a ami ml 01
cectlona 3. towusiilp 12 south, ranire 7 a M
Wltneumv hand this 28tll diiyof OetelK r, P
r. Ha lOYf AO,
.n u r ciu ire r o, jdvmi
John Hill,
Will sell real estate Improved or uslm
proved, and attend to all business pert
to real estate matters. Rice lands tht"
be Irrigated, a specialty. Persons b' "
lands for sale will do well to list them wim
me. Correspondence solicited.
' fFTJIHce at residence.
August 25. 1HU0. " ' j
Merchants and business men 1
,rn inhorlntlngdono
Bond your orders U the PKMOonAT-STA
office it you want artistic work t "
sonble prices. No "lop" work tunw
out of this office. .

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