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.r- e-.arfe. .:..: T- - ' --.I
t V(
jTKJlAYKUS, Proprietor.
Terms Two Dollars per Year in Advance,
K fPMfli
(!. Ki" II II III 1 A A A a.V
I f; m, 1 LTM HLM1 JH I U 11 M
-r WWW II I Ki l l IS H i Mfiti
Court 2nd Dist.
TRAP. A. WOOfl. Juikik.
f illKK A. WIUTK- AlTOKKItr.
, of Warm- on triH ncemm iij
W Kiver on the thinlMnn.
' ',he.""!u ,1 t teb ,i 'una emit". anv.
V ? ,f r . n '.".1 aisti ict, .... tl.(
11 tl o HiHt .li-tri.-l on Mi tin.., ly
v ,l 1 Amu ami continni. '
Clark. "I. Hie necond Mni.ilav
fnth rniinty o n,lt,11, twolre rtnv.
j awry aim - . Btrt Mn.liiy of
Jl?::;'s' i,,Xr and emiti.,.. twelve .lay..
nf tneelie Oil HIP
JIT S,;.'ul.pranaro,,tin,.1
,1 Xr..n.l'ra.l .." "
, ;,. nf Greene on uip " ""
.nip rix ..nyi.
fourth Monday
in mini, ": , .ntlniip tbv
' 'i'-liv .'. "lark... on the fourth Monday
(April iiiihk-."""
l"'r. , ...I ml .'imtllllU- IWDIVB UI.
Chancery Court-2d Dist.
V P. llll.Ii. ClIASCRUXIK.
...i.. ,',',,.v.,f I'fiirl Klver on the flrat
Hnniliiy of Jiuiuary una ..my ""....:
iM11?- ,ni Mnrlnn Hint district, on
r.W'rdMSnV.rf i.t"" and July
"i4X'S?r!l,f,yHnrnlc on the fourth
MonnllyoTKaryand July mid continue
"'""Is: .,,. of llurrlsnn on the first
Monnay n(Kpl.rury und Auuut and con-
.1vMon on Hie ae.-nnd
MonriHVnf February aud AURiist und ram-
??!!!!!:.. ,t Wn on the aw.ond
M ,V,di vof 4un''.nd December, and continue
,,?AaJ.' . ni lonos on fie first Monday
of March and' epteu''f H"" continue six
'V.'!!,. fnnntv nf .lHiier on the second
u,mAunf Mandi and Suutemlipr and con-
vl ".L'..L,rt Pi-rrv hold In Auiiista.
the Klrst District, on Hie third Monday of
Marrri and1 Si-iifpinlir and rimtlnue sIxdnyH.
'MatMesbiirir. the Second IMa-
trct, ni. tlic first Monday of .1 line and lleceui
fter Hiid continue mI d :iv- ' ,
iniiinmiiinivnf Smith on the fourth Mod-
dnmf M.trcli and Seiileniber. and continue
lv Huve
in t.h(imnntvnf fireene on Thursday after
thi'm'iind Monday of April and Uuluuer and
continue three diivs.
In the rniintvnf Covln"t.nn on the fourth
Mondayln April and Oclolier and continue
In Hie rniintynf Newton on the first Mon
day of April and November and continue six
I'nhWniinty nf I.Hiiderrtale on the first
Monday of May and November and conllnut'
tviintv.fnnr d:(VK.
In tlieemintv of Clarke on the. third Mon
day of April and No vein tier and continue six
An Anirel tl' Mercy to Suf
fering Women.
A Sure Relief for all Female
l roubles.
Take in tlie Privacy of your
own Home.
Me guarantee this prepara
tion personally.
n.M'KWAUT. Moss ri.lnt.
fioiemher 17. lm. 4u-am
W Every person oujrlit to be
a, ,ju FREE TO TRADE where
they please, hut now the
ftft'EajlisUIannlactnring Co.,
Mobile. Alabama,
mL ..I,, i
"r"0 '"'""fferlng such low prices and
lllieral terms on
fif, '.hat they are forcing the poo'
jrt "fllyfobuy 'mil them.
Write them for catalogue and
AUst 11, 18119.
Ella Berry
Price, 25 Cents.
"oW medal awarded by Louisiana Indus
trial Suite Fair.
IfliHlli,. Z i, y"" nowel Troutuea. r or
nni!i.m..n,: "11nueiie. Malarial and Bloud lie
At 3, , ..."! BBrr,' Creole Tea Is oneqnaled.
"HtniiniA.,; . "I."'" from Mm. Ki,la Bburt,
SS Simp Sw
hsmav'for "Sleat
uPtalr.0yer No. 11 South Commerce 8t.
"Mldeiice.JiBSoMth Claiborne St.,
Moblln. Ala.
Jooa work ud (food Material.
.P' 'oroet whn
you wantanrflatl
flon. to r:ior --lTrt
r.oim east.
No. S tuavtwNpw Orlpana at 7:45 p.m. Ar-
rivoant Scrnnton nt ln rittp. in. AlTivniu .Moliiln
at. -iM. m.
No. 4. Loavpa ftpw Orloana at H-.l'iH. m. Ar
nt fwrantun at 2:0? p. tn. Amvea at Mobile
:t.W n. m.
xu. ii, t.pavoa Apwurieana at 7:.i. a.m. Ar-
at Sriiintn at 11:23 a. in. Arrives at Mobile
t 12:40 n. in.
yo. 1. l.i'Rvea Moliiln 9:15 n. m. Arrirea at
Scnuiton :l:84 n. ni. New Di-lcana, 7:10 p. m.
Ku. II Leave Mobile :):15 a ni. Arrlvea at
Sernutiin 4:21 a in. New Oi'lemia. 7:4U a. ni.
No. 5. Leiivea Mobile nt 4:111 D. m. AnlveB at
gernnton AM i. ni. New Orleans, 8:81 p. ni.
in eneci d uuo :i. iftiiH.
.Iohn II. Santa Chiiz. Airent.
(M.V.JU. Curey, Prop.)
Fine Wine LiqnorK, Cigar and
(Mrs. Kligu Sinitli),
Koitrd, Luiliug, Oystern, mid Meals lit al)
(Geo. Frmify,. Pfotirimor),
Vchsl'Ik Built mill l,'eiiral.
Gulf OvKteitt. Fish mill Slirimn.
(Ex-.Iudi;e 8th District.)
Drattilnn, Miilppl.
J.'L Ford.
Soranron. Mim.
Will nractlce In all the coiirtsof the second
ludlcliil district, and the Supreme mid i i'il-
eral c.iiirts. Ollici) In Scruuuiu stut.o HaiiK
W. M. IlkXNV. W. H. WlHilm.
Soranr.on, Miss.
riaet.lces in all the mini of the Second Juilii inl
tlllirr ill Fredel lu lillildllli:.
fjt H. Wood,
Mnu Point., Mini
Practices In all the courts of ,l,ickon
Harrison. Hancock. Hewy and Greene.
Qhas. S
tsorsmenu, M i
Office In the Frederic building, near court
EL Bloomfield.
Snranrnu, Mimi
Ill nrae
ond .Iiiillcinl District
Olllce in ivTanUin State
Bank hiilldliui.
Will nractlce in the counties of Jnrkwin and
Harrison. Olllce In Kill liuildine. second lloor.
E. A. Clark,
Ocean Hprinn, MIm.
Q TtTTaTTl 1? 1 PHlPlTl V tiirnr. of
i m i ki.i ni i n ii i Mini -
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mould
ings, Window & Door
Frames, Plain and Fancy
Dealers In Riillders' Hardware, Window
Olasa Putty and Pure Mixed Paints.
K. C. TURNER &. CO.,
Cor. 9t. Anlhonv and .
wauir streets Moone. Ala.
Jillv 111. IHUH J41v
Blloxl, Mississippi,
MRS. M. A. ANDREWS, Proprietress
Formerly of Bay View Cottage,
Regular or
Transient Guests
Fnrntshcd with first-class accommodations at
moderate nitea, Iiot and cold hatha. Also salt
Dan I J. McDonald
Building 'Stone.
Havinir the largest ana
most completo steam works
in the South we are enabled
to execute larce or small or-
derg expodiously at wholosalo
rv j. m ebons 14 & Co,
. , nUmi(Mi4r Uotui ui St. Uvu Su., ,
Editorial and Otherwise.
Wo hoar of horsi-less carriages,
Propelled by unseen wing
AIho of loveless niarrlaKes,
Which are not quite the thing.
We hear of wireless telegrams,
A wonder of our day,
But we don't think armless courtships
Will ever come to stay.
Sore places meet most rubs.
We need clean men for olllce,
So many imitators In this country.
An old man in a house U a good sign.
As a failure many a man is a success.
Onions make even heirs and widow
One must take his medicine as it
A grain of honesty Is worth a ton of
Somebody Is always getting disap
Never count chickens before they are
You may talk too much on the best of
No more elections in this State until
next year.
Some people will gossip about their
A good thing may be cheap, but a
cheap thing is seldom good.
"The world moves," but It sometimes
moves in the wrong direction.
The man who Is looking for trouble
oesn't have to advertise for it
Somehow the father-in-law never gets
much of a comic-paper reputation.
If you don't care for the things you
can't obtaiu yon will be fairly happy.
Without difficulties tosurmount many
people would never take any exercise,
Kentucky takes its whiskey straight,
but evidently prefers its politics mixed,
A candidate never discovers the good
points of his opponent until after his
Some folfts are like a bar of bad soap
they make alotof lather, but they don't
do the work.
An old friend used to say that "com
mon sense" waB the most uncommon
sort of sense.
The- man who can make other people
ut up with thi'ireecentricties is called a
A married man would have more mon-
y if his pockets were as hard to llnd as
tiiose of his wife.
A rich man needs a wifo to help him
pond money) and a poor man needs one
to help him save it.
The Poor rangers find those long-
range Kngusii guns in iaysmiin ae
cldedly objectionable.
HniiDiness lies in our wish to make
others happy; but we want them to feel
the same way about us.
The liar will get his reward hereafter.
He will abide near the lake of fire and
brimstono we read about.
A Now York newspaper announces
that fat people there can be compressed
by riding in a Broadway car.
Some young men would get along bet
ter if they had lesij point to their shoes
and more to their conversation.
Friendship Is that feeling which keeps
women from telling one another when
their shirt waists don't fit in the back.
Imperlalsm comes high. Our army
and navy is now costing $050,000 a day,
with more prospect of increase than of
A philosopher says: "Wise men hesi
tate: only fools are certain." li tne
philosopher is certain of this he must be
a fool, according to his own Jheory.
Cocoa fiber is used in manufacturing
the Bombay rug a kind of heavy mat
ting especially made for use in smoking
rooms. It keeps clean longer than a
woolen rug.
It may safely be said that Sunday
saves tliousoims upon tnousanus mmi
the madhouse. It is the one break from
week to week which thousands of na
tures demand.
The Chinese wero the flrrt to discover
a process for glazing earthenware. The
Oreeks and Homans used bitumen, tal
low, etc, to make their clay vessels im
pervious to wine and water.
To tell the truth about a person is not
slander. Slander is a false tale or report
maliciously uttered, tending to injure
the reputation of another; the malicious
utterance of defamatory reports. , 1 j.
The man who will support a Jt
polioy for no other' reason than 1-TM
It will put money Into his pocket Will
become a highwayman whenever he
thlL'k a aafeopportunity presents itself.
No one ever heard of a mule having
yellow fever, at least not black vomit.
And yet the enlightened health officer of
Texas refused to permit one of the ant
mala to cross the dead line Into
A Raleigh, N. C, paper thus speaks of
the ; singing of a local amateur: "Yea,
every note was as pure as the soul of an
angel's prayer, and sweet as the breath
of vernal breeaes when whispering love
to violets. '
More than 40 per cent, of the'people of
Great Britain could not write their
names' when Queen Victoria ascended
the throne. At the present time only 7
per cent, of the population are In that
condition. , ,
Canada lacks only 237,000 squar miles
to be as large as the whole continent of
Europe It Is nearly thirty times
large art OrMt Britain and Ireland and is
800,0 t BCilsa ltrw than . the
When you are gone, my dearest,
The house seems like a tomb;
I wander in impatience
From vacant room to room.
A frame, without the picture
A bloom of scent devoid
Is life, whose iirocloua metal
Seems suddenly alloyed.
When you are gone, my dearest
The universe seems dead,
With labyrinthine males
That we can never thread 4k
To span the separation
And 811 the empty vase,
Ere cruel death discover
Our happy hiding place.
He Writes an Interesting Letter from
the Philippines.
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 2!). The
following letter hus been received from
General Joe Wheeler, In the Philip
"Santa Keta, Isle of Luzon,
"Sept. 18, 1809.
"Van Leer Klrkman:
"My Dear Young Cousin I have
now seen much of the country and the
people in that part of Luzon for about
fifty miles north of Manila. In every
town there is a ninu-n itlcent stone
church and a convent or monastery.
The insurgents have a great antipa
thy to the priesthood or friars, and
they have dismantled many of the
churches. The value of the church
and monastery of a town seems to be
equal, in niaoy cases, to the value of
all the rest ot the bulldluss In the
"The more I talk to the people the
more I am convinced that the insur
gents are actuated, in a measure, t.y a
spirit of communism, and in their
talks their most serious objection to
tho church seems to be the fact that
ecclesiastical organizations own so
much of the property, and one of Ag
uinaklo's most earnest demands is
that all the church property be con
(lscited. . "There is a general Impression that
tho insurgent army Is made up very
largely of people without properly,
and that people who have property de
sire the Americans to control, so that
they can have protection, and feel
that their property is secured to them,
but I llnd that there is also a fear or
apprehension among some of the
wealthy that If Americans control,
and give universal suffrage, the power
of the wealthy people would be taken
away and their hold fin property very
much impaired. I think that if the
wealthy people would be assured that
they would be protected In their prop
erty rights by the United States it
would have a very good effect.
"The friars and priests are charged
with all sorts of oppression and mis
demeanors, but it must be remem
bered that friars and priests are very
numerous, and In so large a body
there will be found every possible
phase of character and disposition.
Some of them, no doubt, are oppres
sors of the people, exacting In the col
lection of rentals from the land, in
dulge themselves In many ways, and
lead lives very . different from what
should characterize the li fe of a priest.
Hut there arc very many good men
among them. The statement that I
have seen that 70 per cent, of the peo
ple of Luzon can read aud write is a
great mistake. It may be true of Ma
nila, but it Is not true of the rural
districts, and the percentage of Illite
racy in the other Islands is much lar
ger than In Luzon. The appearance,
mode of life and method of perform
ing work Is to-day very much like it
is described In the Bible at the time
and even before the Christian era.
The people dress very much as they
did 2000 years ago. To-day 1 spent
sometime in watching natives clean
inn shucks from rlee. The method of
shelling and cleaning is primitive and
no better than it was two thousand
years ago.
"Nearly everything can be grown
here, but oranges and bananas are not
so good as In other localities, therea
son, no doubt, being that they seem to
give them no cultivation whatever.
Coffee is grown, which is said to be
superior to mocha. Eice Is the prin
cipal product, and a failure of that
crop would cause a terrible famine, as
the people depend almost entirely up
on it for food.
"Sugar is the principal crop for ex
port. The greatest amount exported
in any one year was 281,681 tons ; this
was in 1893. Corn grows very rapidly
and the cars reach their full growth
about sixty days from the time of
planting. There is a great abundance
of very valuable timber In these Isl
ands, and many varieties of beautiful
bard woods under their native names,
such as mahogany, black walnut and
ebooy. Gold, copper, coal, iron, sul
phur, lead, building stone, petroleum
and guano are found.
"We are now seven or eight miles
from Forao, where an Insurgent force
bas been stationed for suuie" time, but
arouocftiere aud through tbls vast val
ley the people are actively engaged In
planting rice. I have been riding
around the outskirts of the place and
the fields are dotted with men, women
and children planting rice,
"I am satisfied that a brigade of
cavalry could easily travel through a
great part of the Island.
"The Suez Canal brought the Fili
pinos much nearer to Europe, and has
greatly increased their commerce.
"The exports of hemp have greatly
Increased. In 1882, 44,205 tons of hemp
were exported, which has increased
until there was exported in 1897, 1 12,
7"i5 tons, and this output can be large
ly increased.
"The shipments of coffee gradually
ncreased until the year 1886, when.
the amount exported amounted to7,
337 tons, and from 1880 to 18i)0the ship
ments averaged about 6,000 tons a
year, but from that time they have
fallen off, and from 1893 to 1897 the
annual shipments averaged only 200
"I learn the following about cotton
from reliable sources.
"The cotton tree is found growing
In an uncultivated state in many isl
ands of the arehipeligo. Long staple
cotton was formerly extensively cul
tivated In the province of lllicos
Norte, when many years ago large
quantities of good cotton stuffs were
exported. This industry stiil exists,
The cultivation of this staple was,
however, discouraged by the local gov
crnors, in order to urge the planting
of tobacco for the government sup
plies. It has since become difficult to
revive the cotton production, though
an cssav, in pamphlet form (for which
a prize was awarded in Madrid), was
gratuitously distributed over the col
ony in 1888, with that object. Never
thcless, cotton spinning and weaving
is still carried on at a reduced scale in
the I locos province (Luzon coast).
"Wild cotton is practically useless
for spinning, as the staple is extremely
short but, perhaps, by hybridization
and careful attention, its culture
might become valuable to the colony.
The pod Is elliptical and the cotton
which bursts from it at maturity is
snow white. It Is used for stuffing
pillows and matt rasses.
"It Is a common thing to see wild
cotton trees planted along the high
road to serve as telegraph poles. Ity
the time tho seed arc fully ripe every
eaf has fallen, and nothing but the
bursting pod remains hanging to the
'With regards, sincerely yours,
The United States Court of Ap
peals has rendered a decision that Is of
much interest to Insurance companies
and the public, because it bas settled
the question of the validity of life in
surance where, the insured has com
mitted suicide. In brief, the court
holds that unless it Is shown in proof
that the Insured contemplated suicide
when he took out the policy, the amout
of insurance must be paid. To escape
payment the burden of proof is on the
Insurance company to show that the
nsured contemplated suicide wheu
he made application for tho insurance.
The London Daily Mail says that
if a flying machine could be invented
that would travel 680 miles an hour
and you would start toward the
west at that rate of speed you would
arrest the passage of time. That is If
you left here at 12 o'clock, wherever
vou might be. it would still be 12
o'colock. Figure it out.
A Minnesota woman was so anxious
to reach church on time that she es'
sayed to climb through a freight train
that obstructed her path. The train
started off and carried her thirty
miles down the road, she hanging on
to the coupling bar with desperate
determination. She says she was
Jolted so that she nearly lost her re
ligion en route.
One night little 4-year-old Flossie
was being put to bed, and after repeat
ing her usual evening prayer, much to
her mother's astonishment, she added:
"And please make me a better girl;
and ynu might as well make papa and
mamma better, too IX you possibly
It will require 60,000 enumerators
to take the census of the. U. S.
in June next, for it roust be com
pleted by tho first week of July.
That means that abouut 76,000,000 peo
pie must be recorded in thirty days, or
t tho rate of 2,500,000 a day.
In bis sermon last Sunday, the Rev.
Frank Crane, pastor of the Hyde Park
Methodist Church, Chicago, declared
that "the depth of hell In one's creed
ts exactly the helghth of bis heaven."
A lady who has a great horror' of
the tobacco habit got on a, car the
other day and said to the passenger
next to her:"Do you chow tobaoco.iirr
"No ma'am, I don't, "was the reply,
"but lean get a chaw it you wnb
one." Ohio State Journal.
Under the above caption the Green
ville Times contains the following:
"Mississippi should hang her head
In shame at her treatment of the old
Confederate soldiers, whose acts of
bravery, under Walthall, George, Hin
ford, Ilarksdale and her other fearless
leaders, make the heart of every son
and daughter to-day beat with pride
when they read of it on her pages of
history, and the outside world looks
on with amazement at their grand
No other Southern State pays her
sohjicrs as small a pension, $7.14,
which you might term a widow's
mite) as Mississippi, still there are
few States that can show greater ad
vantages and agricultural resources.
For their acts of bravery, their devo
tion to principle, monuments of gran
ite and marble are being erected by
an admiring people, but while they
are erecting these monuments the old
battle-scarred and disabled veterans
all over the State, too proud to ask,
are ending their last days In real
want and suffering, when they should
be the happiest class on earth. Noth'
ing is too good for them, and now, be
fore too late, as to-day we only
have about 4,000 of them left, let
the State prove its love. Put not an
other dollar into a Battle Abbey as
long as one can be found wearing a
cut-out wooden leg. Subscribe not
another cent to a monument until you
know yourself that the children of
the old soldiers of your own town or
county have the necessary books and
clothes to attend church and school.
Remember that a contribution to
raise the mortgage from over the
home of the old soldier is more appre
ciated by him and his little family
than the raising a monument to bis
"If taxes can be increased to edu
cate the negro, they should be Increasd
to give the old gray-haired veterans of
the Confederacy the pensions they are
entitled to receive. Let the work be
started at once in every county in the
State; let petitions be gotten up and
signed to present to the coming Leg
islature; let the county boards be ap
pealed to for help in fact let nothing
be left undone that can be done to in
crease the pensions ot our soldiers to
at least $100 a year, and show them
our true feeling of their patriotism,
fidelity and bravery."
Baton Rouge Advocate.
The route of the British forces at
Ladysmith and the capture of two
regiments, together with the great
loss of life inflicted upon the British,
will serve to indicate the character of
the fighters which the English have
to face in the Transvaal. The Boers
have had the fighting Instinct rooted
into their natures by generations of
fighting ancestors, whose whole exist
ence has been but one prolonged strug
gle against all kinds of opposition.
They have been compelled to protect
their homes against the depredations
of the fierce and relentless savage
tribes by whom they are surrounded ;
hence, about the first thing a young
Boer learns is how to fight. Under
such conditions the Instinct of self
preservation, the desire to dominate!
have conspired to produce a manly
andtself-reliant race, eager to defend
their rights and swift to resent any
encroachments upon their social tra
ditions, their peculiar type of civili-
tion and the homes and firesides of
their wives and children. The Boers
are the real "Rough Riders" of mod
ern civilization, and their habits of
life, and the continual struggle for
supremacy against the wild and bar
barous hordes which surround them,
have developed a sturdy stock of yeo
men, whose equals can be found no
where else in the world. The British
will doubtless win in the end, but we
fear that they will have a long and
hinnriv evnArioncft before them, of
which the Incident at Ladysmith is
but the beginning.
An exchange give, the fellowlog ver
sion of how base ball started: " The
devil was the first coached. He coach
ed Eve whon she stole first. Adam
stole second. When Isaac met He
becca at the well, she was walking
with n oltcher. Sampson struck out
many times when he beat the Philis
tines. Moses made his urst run wnen
he slew the Egyptians. Cain made
a base bit when he killed Abel.
Abraham made a home run. David
was a long distance thrower, and Mo
ses shutout the Egyptians at the
Red Sea."
The editor ot the EltisvlUe New
South Is a philosopher, and reasons
thus: ''It .you say that all men are
liars, everybody accepts the state
went, but Just go out and single out
ope fellow and call htm a liar and he
wants to fight right now.
Hawaii It Is said has more telephones
la use in proportlou to the population
rn any other locality in the world-
J.A' .'" ' ' ,..-' . : '.': ''
A somewhat superlluous law of tlii
country shuts out John Chinaman
from citizenship. That Is no grief to
John, says Leslie's Weekly. He does
not yearn for the enlightenment of
western civilization typified by foreign
devils who attempt to restrict his use
of opium, and even go so farasta
deny him the right of gambling.
What he wants to do is to live here on
20 cents a day while making $2 a day,
and, as soon as he gets enough surplus,
go back to his ancestral halls, where
he can support a family in great com
fort on something like 12 cents a day.
The copyright on this article doesn't
prohibit persons with a taste for
mathematics from using these figures
as a basis for calculating how lung It
will be before, under present condi'
tlons, America has a permanent Chi
nese population. Of course John some'
times marries here and settles down.
His wife may be a Chinese woman tc
who he was betrothed years before,
when she was a baby, and who comes
over her in the steerage and under
chaperonage to fulfill the obligation
entered into by her parents, and to
find herseif the center of very consid
erable celebrations extending through
the three streets of the quarter. In
the last wedding of this sort the
bride was 21 and groom 54. The be
trothal bad lasted since her second
year. More often the bride is one of
the debauched girl of the quarter.and
the ceremony is after the American
custom, for which the Chinaman has
small regard. It matters the less in
that the wife commonly dies in a year
or two, rarely leaving any offspring.
Opium does it. To the Mongolian it
is one of the blessings of life. To the
Caucasian it is mental, moral and
physical decay; then death. There is
a third class of marriages not pleas
ant to contemplate the union of
Chinamen to young Sunday school
teachers. There was a time, when
association of this kind resulted in
several weddings. Many more might
have followed bad not several out
spoken and courageous clergymen de
livered warnings from the pulpit of
the folly and danger of such alliances;
whereupon they were, as a matter of
course, denounced in round terms
from many other pulpits as enemies
to the propagation of the Christian
Chicago, Nov. 6 More than three
hundred former members of the Sec
ond and Third Mississippi Volunteers,
who enlisted from Chicago, held a
meeting to-day in the Unity building.
A law firm of this city claims to have
discovered an old statute of Mississ
ippi which grants a bounty of $60 to
every soldier who recruits in its
regiment, and who is not a resident of
the State. Accordingly the volunteers
have organized for the purpose of insti
tuting proceedings against the State
tor the payment of the money alleged
to be due them. It Is said that sev
eral huudred Chlcagoan volunteers to
fill up Mississippi's quota, and were
In service from July, 1898, to April, .
1899. Col. J. L. Power, secretary of .
State of Mississippi, has declared in a
letter to the attorneys who are hand
ling the case that the claims are un
tonnded, and will not be paid. As
soon as the necessary papers can he
prepared a formal . demand will be
made, and If that is not granted suit
will be brought. '
Cuba is Improving. The Cubans are
tractable and quiet, and the revolu
tion has given them self respect and
self reliance. Their impulses are
generally in the right direction : but,
nf course, both In theory and practice
of self government they are wholly
without experience. There is among
certain Cubans a deep seated preju
dice against some men whom the Cu
bans think oppressed them under the
Spanish rule, and if given free rein,
the Cubans would make short work of
them. The United States government
is pledged to grant independence to
Cuba after the island has been paci
fied, and I believe that promise should
be fulfilled Just as swiftly as we can
in reason aud Justice.
Among the stories that cluster
bout the name ot "Oom Paul" is one
to the effect that In his youth he
strangled a Hon with his bare bands.
He was unarmed and driven over a
country attacked by a Hon. Seizing;
It fty the throat he never let loose till
It was dead at Ills feet.
It ts said that President Kruger has
sent seven sons and fifty grandsons
into the Boer army to fight the Eng
lish, in addition to taking the Oeld
himself.' With that kind ut tplr.lt
animating the Boers do wonder Eng
land fluds tho UJc she ia set herself
trriose. '
" 1
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