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U0 Jeana af JUtiei WITf.
k.JMVERS. - Editor.
The Democrat-Stak is
the oldest newspaper of the
Mississippi Golf Coast; has
a larger bona-fide circulation
than any other newspaper in
this section ; therefore it is
Tte Best AflTtrtisins Mtdiim.
IdTertistrs, Bear this ii Mind.
Soranton, MiMiMippi:
Caakartaaa Taleahaaa,
r rat-Star
, Ifa. ,
Washington Hand Press For
An 8-column Washington Hand
Prets in good order It offered fur tale
ata bargain. Apply to the
Seranton, Misa.
With tlili issue closes volume fifty
six of the Democrat-Star.
Chancery Court at MrfsisMippi City
this week.
Rubber, spun glass, steel and ivory
are the most elastic substances.
MisseuriW. C. T. T. has adopted
resolutions condemning the action of
Mrs. Nation.
Queen Victoria's estate is valued at
160,000,000. Her income was 12,000,000
It is stated that Queen Victoria had
between 14,000,000 and 15,000,000 life
A. Nashville is suing the Cumberland
'Telephone Company for 14,970 back
The cities and towns along the Ohio
kriver have began a crusade against the
W(irtlile8 negroes In that section.
The sales of Land Commissioner
."'all, of Mississippi, during the month
6f January amount to 18,579.07.
The Illinois Central Railroad has
p'uld the State of Mississippi the sum
yit 1750,000 in settlement of back tuxes.
' The recent census shows that about
12 per cent, of the population of the
United States is colored.
Vrse .1HrrrHemtnii.
IT the surpercllious Inheritors of;
imaginary Important self would look!
back and try to discover wont deeds UJ
of magnitude were at-couilished by 2C
their progenitors, lead in to tuecolos-
sai power oi me combined weaito or
to-day they would doubtless find that
individuals without commercial acu
men are but as motes In the air or
grain of dut from the eartu to be
wiped away from Die clear business
eye of wise and mure industrious con-'
Hervmlv men.
Regard the. scope uf valines that
has been nude to quiver with the
animation uf trade between the four
p ints or the compass of this great
Is not tue prolilem li'-ing S"IVe-.:
thniugh concerted action Can m
sentient stand in the way or niov
in trains, drawn by heavy and pow
erful locomotives, the coaches filled
with passengers, or the cars with
freightcoming and going thousands o
miles between North, South, Eastand
West? The primeval methods of slow
development must disappear before
the onward movements of equipped
progress, and the South Is being In
vaded by a grand army of occupation
every one of which relies upon
others, in comity to perform the dut
of modern acquiescence.
All aboard 1 for this way or that.
the aFiicEnsrxx:,
Th National Editorial Association
will holds its next annual Convention
at Buffalo, New York, commencing on
Monday. June 10, 1901 and continue
three days. The Mississippi Press
Association will arrange for an excur
sion to visit Buffalo about the 10th of
June. Many other State Press Asso
ciations will also be present on that
Bayou Porto, Jackson county, Miss
Feb. 5, 1901.
Editor Democrat-Star.
If our Northern friends, or rather
critics could be brought to realize the
true condition under which we live
or breathe, I am loth to believe that
their severe criticisms would so often
Secretary Long has
House naval committee
no hazing at Annapolis.
written the
that there Is
The Cuban constitutional conven
tion has voted in favor of universal
suffrage by a large majority.
The New Orleans Picayune, one of
the best papers of the South, has just
passed the 64th mile stone. May the
tvod old Pic live through thiscentury.
Mayor Trowbridge, of Vickshurg.
has ordered Chief of Police Price to
close the pool rooms of that city. It
created quite a stir among the gam
bling fraternity.
The much talked of wonderful re
sources of Uncle Sam's new island
possessions will be exhibited at the
Pan-American Exposition at lluffalo
next summer.
Walter Roane, a Claiborne county
farmer, who killed a negro at Martin
Station last year, was convicted of
manslaughter and sentenced to fifteen
jrears in the penitentiary.
Senator Money has favored us with
copy of his speech on the army bill,
4llwP.t1 In tl.A Cn.. t. f... if inAi
'f llf LUC OCIIdbC, J.ll. 41, 1I7V1.
- rle contends that the Republic needs a
large standing army.
Rev. Sam Jones in his lecture at
Fort Worth, Texas, the other day took
occasion to vigorously endorse Mrs.
juration's anil saloon crusade. He said
that she was on the only path which
would make prohibition possible.
Ex-Congressman Geo. O. Tillman, of
South Carolina, died on Saturday last,
after a long illness, aged 76 years of
age. He was a member of Congress
from!? to 1893.
Tlx Lily White Republicans of
Louisiana announce that they will
not desert the Republican party be
causelhe President has turned them
down In rejecting their candidate for
postmaster of New Orleans.
The old reliable, clean anlaterest
, ing daily Mobile Register has just en
teral upon Its eighty-first year of ex
S " Istencc. It Is one of the old stand bys
t the Gulf City. May It live and
prosper many, many more years.
Mrs. Jessie II. Jackson, of Grand
B accompanied by her charm-
lng friend, Miss Bessie Nixon, return
V .'. alwjroro Mobile last Saturday on No.
.' .t VlafMd N. train which makes a
f aeccmmodailoo stop to let off
C" ,l station; remarked
. ?fO0RAl-STAB reoorter that
, ",eH"t there it a paradise or
t' :t-wl beauty, and It noted furlU
ktalthruloeas. The land art rol'.log
nd fertile, the scenery plnturesque
v Bvvr.uviTt tea iiM moral ataad.
- . r mm (DbablUnu la very high.
; ; rr P!iHy aaitedfor
-NUiose in delleau health
tU a hotel for the rseep-
be found In the prints of the day. It
has actually come to the pass that we
can no longer feel safe in letting our
children get out of range of nurguns
and now the idea prevails with us that
as a matter of safety and prudence
our sons will be compelled to strap pis
tols In their pockets that they may
more safely scort their sisters to and
from school, and even in the school
we have no assurance of safety. Our
school houses are often so far removed
from a settlement from which succi
might be hoped for tiiat the parent
may well be excused when prudence
dictates the child h id better forego the
privilege of an education than the
possibility of outrage ana butchery.
This, as I can truthfully state, is not
an idle fancy, as the event of the past
week in this community will substan
tlate, nor is this an isolated case, as
your readers are well aware. Even in
our homes, around our firesides and in
our beds we are not safe. As a matter
of safety and protection we are called
upon to fortify our homes with the
best weapons and ammunition to be
had in addition to making walking ar
senals of our sons and daughters
Our woman cannot under present
conditions stroll through the woods,
or call upon unattended by brother,
son or father.
The history of bygone days when the
red man made short work of the
white-skinned victim appears to he
repealing itself. The conditions upon
which to base a possibility of these
shocking, heart-rending occurrences
are, a lone female with a white skin
and a negro wit.li au opportunity.
This, I state Is, the condition under
the present hour finds us. Conditions,
I say, you of more thickly populated
places do not realize what we in the
country are contending with, and I
fear the conditions are very unequal
when I consider that It is left to the
ferocious brute passion of the negro to
begin the attack. Well may we con
sider the ad visibility of deserting our
homes and surounding and moving
Into more thickly populated parts of
our country. No longer can we feel
safe In leaving aged fathers or moth'
era nt home alone. . The only safe
guard against these occurrences is to
guard against an opportunity. The
Frenchman, after a tiger bunt In
Africa when asked for his experience
and Impressions said : "It is fun for
ze Frenchman to hunt ze tiger, but
wheo ze tiger hunts the Frenchman,
It. la rina oranH riiffaranna 1"
As long as the negro only attacks a
lone or helpless Southern victim Ills
all right, but when the victim's suiviv
log friends punish the hell-born
brute, our Northern critics raise
their hands in holy horror and
with a wan and a cry or pro
test that makes even the negro
believe that surley they are victims
or Injustice. The pretended friends
of the negro, in my own mind, are well
pleased Wiethe picture of the future
that the conditions Justify In draw
ing. "Coming events cast' their shad
ows before." In view of what this Is
surely leading us to, may we not be
pardoned wheo we ask these critic, or
rather InvestigalMrs to these crimes to
ponder well where" responsibility will
rest when th fruits of thelrcrlticlsma
and teaching aarveatcd. Who Is It
that are driving us oh? Answer. The
critic. Where an tour drivlniu io?
Echo.an.wem where? The vicious
erltlddoe the sowing time will" har
vest we fruits of their labor.
Thank to Senator1 Money for um.
gaweo seed of speoia) variolic.
214 to 220 Camp St.,
Febntary 8. 1901.
Board of Supervisors.
February Term, 1901.
Report of Superintendent of Educa
tion accepted and approved.
Osbofn Willis, prisoner, released
from custody. '
Bond of the George E. King Bridge
Company for building bridge over Big
Creek, bridge in Beat 1, approved.
Proposition of John L. Coggins to
remove dead bodies from poor house
Bond of S. Cochran for building
bridge over Bluff Creek approved.
S. II. Shannon, A. A. Vaughan and
Albert Scarborough, appointed trus
tees of Sec. 16, T. 5, S. R. 6 W. '
Hearing of Big Point road report de
ferred until next term.
Iron an1 steel bridge over Red
Creek built by Geo. E. King Bridtre
Company accepted, and payments
ordered as follows: 1500 cash, 11,087 .13
1-3 Feb. 4t.h. 1902: 11,089.33 1-3 Feb.
4th. 1904; 11,089.33 1-3 Fb. 4th, 1904.
Wm. Mansfield appointed to keep
we earnestly desire to espres. ojr
beartrelt thinks and appreciation to the
many friends and acquaintances for their
kind asatstancein the sad bereavement
at the death of our dear mother, Mra. F.
Ltndinger. Also to Dr. Tabor for his
untiring attention, and to Rev. C. O.
Smith for hi kinds words of consola
tion, and to all friends of the family for
their kind attendance and numerous
floral offerings. "'
February g, WU . ,62-lt
, r Jackson, Mis.
.huiuury 17, !ll.
Nrlii-c i-i hi rvl-y Livi ii (hut tin follow
inu-nniin-.! i-u'.-r Ii ,s nli'd n.nii'r uf lii i
HH.-iitiim to tutu;-- iliwil I'lvof in iimirl
of hi ltti'ii. and ;!i:ii -;ud iinof w ill he
mailo U fori, thu ifii.-uii (''i rk of j,-kun
t-uuntv, iti .S TiUium, Miss., uu March
12, laoi, vii:
Andrew J. Cowarl, homestead entry
No. iVti."), fur Uu- n '-i ni'h, section iM,
townxhip 2 south, rmiirc U went. ' -
lie names the following witneoses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of ttaid land, viz:
! Hubhurd Parker, Ituben . Cooper.
a j John . Kou-erH. '1 lioina J. Mizelle, all
! of lienndale, Min.
JAMES HILL, Register.
January 25, V.M. . 6U-4it
Land Okficr at Jackson, Mihu.,
January 5, 1U01.
Notice in herehv piven that the follow-ing-nuined
settler lias filed notice of his
Intention to make commuted final proof
in support or Jiih claim, and that earn
proof will bo made In-fore the circuit
clerk of Jackson county, at Seranton,
miss., on aiarcn li, luui. via:
John B. Bane homestead entrv No.
34,W1, for the bw, section 7, township 4
Buuiii, ranue went:
He names the following wftnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz :
Bruner Breland, Alex Belton, Henry
rubers, jen ivaitman, au oi uaisy.
JAMES HILL, Register.
January II, 1901. 48-6t
Bridge Notloe.
NotiflA la Kprphv nU-.n II..I. AAn.A.
for the building; of an Iron and steel
bridge, with a draw over Fort Bavou, at
Francos Ferry, Beat No. 4, according to
plans and specifications on Hie, will be
let to the lowest bidder for cash at the
ironi uoor or the court-house, in the
town of Seranton, Misssissippi, on the
Fir Hondas, theith day of March, 1901,
of 12 ii
Bond in double the amount of the bid
signed by a Surety CpmDany authorized
to do nimlnpsa In iUia .m w
, " .abo wm ui re
quired. -'
Jr,r,Ve,serve8 the ri8ht t0 'eject any
and all bids. ' J
By order of the Board.
F. H. LEWIS, Clerk.
February 8, 1901. 52-n
Contract Notice.
' Notice is hereby given that a contract
the uoor house for 1 vear at. the rile ' r ,no"i"nBl nureet of Pine street,
trie poor nouseror near at the rate, or road No. m, just north of Seranton
of 17.50 per month each pauper. land the building of a culvert thereon.
Clerk directed to advertise contract
for building iron and steel bridge over
Fort Bayou In Beat No. 4, to be lei
1st Monday In March.
Notice of Issuance of 110,000 10 year
bonds in denominations of t500 each,
interest at 5 per cent, payable an
nually, ordered published, said bonds
to be used for the building of neces
sary steel and iron bridges.
H. O. Flurry appointed to inspect
Mongers Creek bridge and have same
Clerk directed to advertise contract
to fill In 170 feet of Pine street, north
of Seranton in Beat No. 3, to be let
first Monday of March, 1901.
Overseers are appointed to-wit:
Beat No. 1. No. 115, Lewis Ferrill,
vice Marion Taylor. No. 14, Law
rence Evans, vice Jas. Mallett.
Beat No. 2. No. 25, B. L. Barron.
No. 33, W. J. Johnson. No. 27, W. W.
Goff. No. 29, M. C. Goft. No. 28. J
Barria. No. 26, W. G. Mizelle. No.
135 and 51, Arthur Cowan. viceS. S.
tienry, ar. no. 3, U. Al. alrley, vice
J.B.Taylor. No. 41. Wm. ' Coulson.
vice V. G. Robinson. No. 45, Dallas
Trehern, vice James Trehern.
Allowances made'as follows:
J. B. Carter, repairing Lone
Causeway 1150 00
Mrs. A. Barnes, keeping poor
house for January 38 70
Dr. J. A. Tabor, medical atten
tion to inmates poor house
Seranton Pharmacy, medi
cines to poor house
Jas. Ilelveslion, J. P., Inquest
E. E. Howell, serving as
W. J. Rogers and six others
Inquest E. E. Howell, serv
ing as Jurors 6 00
Thompson Bros., labor for
Black Creek bridge
Geoorg D. Barnard & Co.,
stationary and blank b'ks..
L. Coggins, burying pauper
A. All man, inspecting bridge..
H. O. Flurry, " "
S. George, " "
Brown, ' "
olinson Ware, J. P., annual
allowance 2 20
A. E. Lee, blanks, etc
S. Cochran, building bridge on
Road No. 64
Geo. E. King Bridge Co.. 11 d-
prach to Red Creek bridge
W. Grayson, J. P., inquest
W. Mathews
Sam Slinks and six others,
Jurors inq. Mnthcws
W. D. Bullock: constable, In-
quesl W. Mathews
Casper Valile, witness, Inquest
W. Mathews
G. H. Tardy, witness, inquest
W. Mathews..-
O. Carver, witness, inquest W.
Felix F. Doane Duplicator Co.
for duplicator
F. H. Lewis, clerk. Insanity
proceeding C. Lin....... 5 00
R. J. Loughrldge, sheriff, In
sanity proceeding C. Lin ...
W. P, Ramsay and lx others,
Jurors insanity proceedings
C. lit..v.,.,
J. V. Morgan, burying pauper
J. Y. Morgan, coal for C. H.
and J
R. Cbugbridge, sheriff, con
raving prisoners..
Walker vans & Cogswell Co.
O. T. Spent, repairing ham
mock John Webb, repairing bridge
Road 100
J. F. Voile, repairing
ltr n 1 1. .... . :v
. vteicn, ounaing iMiikhxao
1 , fUoiiferrrotfl.,
accoraing to plans and specifications
ui, mo, win ueiet to tne lowest bidder at
publio outcry, at, the front door of the
court-house, in the town of Seranton,
Mississippi, on the
Fir Ja(My. the 4th dati of March, 1901,
(if 12 M.
Bond in double the amount of the con
tract, will be required, and the Board
bid?" r'ght t0 reJeCt any and 8,1
By order of the Board.
. F. H. LEWIS, Clerk.
February 8. 1901. 52m
Bond Notice.
For the issuance of Bonds of Jackson
county to build Steel Bridges.
Bv order of the Board of Supervisors
?f ,KSo? c?uutf . That at the October
term (1901) of said Board, they will issue
tow oonusor said Jackson coun
ty, bearing interest at the rate of five
F. ctniuiii r annum, payable in ten
years from date of issuance. Said Bonds
"u u,r e purpose or huilding Steel
Bridges in Jackson county.
"3 wiuci ui tue uoara.
v k o ,.F- 11 LEWIS, Clerk.
Februarys, 190J. 52-4t
Drs. Betts & Betts & Dvar
2.4 H. St. Charles street, New Orleans '
km UK-r p auu a ir. .
. In the trt
.mama Mal.aiu
'"'". nt .nrt cur, , th(we
'HUlM aTa
:$i?MPl MERV.OU8,
. fill III TF ir' V aa. a .
We Cure all c... T.
RyphllU. rrm.leWa,.w Pllr.
tileet, Nominal Wrakaeia ' - vrteocale.
And ET,r form f BWVTT.r Hdro'le,
Land OrFicp at Jackson, Miss, f
' ' ' January 6, 1901. J
Notice is hereby civen that the follow'
ing-named settler has filed, notice of hU
intention to make commuted final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the circuit
clerk of Jacksoncounty, at Seranton,
miss., on March 14, iuui, viz:
Henry Roeers. homestead entrv No
34,872, for the nw, section 18, township
'4south,ran)ce 7 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz :
John B. Bung, Jen Waltman, Alex
Belton, Bruner Breland, all of Daisy,
Jauunry 11. 1901. 4Mit
" Land orr'icc at Jackkdk. Miss.
Jiiimart 5, 1U01.
Notice is hereby plven that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make .commuted final proof
in support or nis ciaun, ana that sain
proof will be made before the circuit
clerk of Jackson countv, at Scran ten,
Miss., on March 14, 1901, viz: .
Bruner Breland, homestead entry No.
.n,n, iui hi? uw, e w, section
11. townshio 4 south, run ire 8 went.
He niimo the following witnesses to
prove nis continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Jeff Waltman, John 11. Bung, Henry
iwgnn, nwi nuiuill, H 1 1 01 imisy, MISS
JAMKS HILL, Itegister.
January 11, 1901. 48-Ct
1 65
5 00
6 20
75 10
8 00
2 00
4 00
10 00
4 00
69 75
50 00
26 00
5 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
5 00
3 00
6 00
10 00
13 00
3 00
6 00
' 45
Land Ofkice at Jackson, Miss.,
January 19, 1901.
Notice is herehv civsn tv.c ,i.ii
ing-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
a 1? ?lm' and tl"-t 8aid Proof will be
'""""" nie circuit clerk of Jackson
?.?l,oJ' V Scrntn. Iiss., on March
12, 1901, viz:
Moses Mixon, homestead entry No.
L' T.! ur li,e w ne' section 25, town
snip S2 south. rAllirn O urVa
He names the following witnesses to
r' ,,, cominuoua residence upon and
sniu muu, VIZ!
John vy. Rogers, Axum Fortner.
a irLl' J Cowart,
-- wa UUHUUaiD, 11 ibb,
JAMES HILL, Register.
January 25, 1901. 8 M-6t
ueguiar allowances to officers and
me ni Iters.
uenny Woods appointed attorneys
tor me county at 8200 per annum.
List of Jurors ordered died and
dealt with according to law.
1 ( a .
Boara adjourned to first Monday In
V. H. Lewis, Clerk.
a. - 15 00
fittiutt.. 65
Those of Seranton uod Pascagoula
who formed the acquaintance of Major
Eugene Soniat, of New Orleans will re
gret to hear of bis. death which occur
red at 1:25 last Monday morning. He
was a gentleman of the olden school
Of SOCial artJbilir V and unnumameri
nospitaiity extending to his friends
and.acQualntnnces .(.lie kindest Cuomo
eratlon of a noble-leng. He uod his
gifted wife, who Is a grandfliiugliier
of Uol. Resin How te, the celebrati-d
lexas revolutionary miMli.i, ami i,t
Bowie knife fame, wero fond of spend
ing the Major's 'summer vacations
here, or at our watering place by the
sea. He was twice hreivt.eri nn th.
Oelds of battle duing the Civil wa
for gallantry.
Attention is directed to the adver-
llsemciir which appeals elsewhere in
this issue of tho Democrat star or
the Phoenix Furniture Emporium,
New Orleans. Kvery description of
tine and cheap 'furniture cuti lie oh-
tained at low prices from the Phoenix
Queen Victoria's body was Saturday
taken by train from Portsmouth to
V ictoria Station, London, thence es
corted three miles across West End to
Padditigton Station, thence taken by
train to Windsor, and escorted by her
own troops to SI. George's Chapel,
Windsor Castle, where services were
read. The body, was interred Monday
at 3 o'clock p. in., at Frogmore. The
German royalty remained at Windsor,
other royiil personages returning to ;
London" The arrangements were all'
correctly executed, except the horses
t Windsor were ao fractious that
German Bailors were employed Instead
Land Office at Jackson, Miss., )
January 5, 1901. j
Notice 1h hereby civen that the follow
ing-named settler has (lied notice of his
intention to make commuted final proof
in miiiHl ill (ii ouillll, hiui tnat said
proof will be made before the circuit
olerk of Jackson county, at Seranton,
u.,uii murcn -ii, ihui, viz:
Jeff Waltman, homestead entry No.
34,807, for the nwj nw, section 14, e
uvyt, iib how, sectiou 10. towiiHhin
south, ranges west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
vuibivuuuu ui Bum laiui, viz:
Jon B. Hang, Henry Rogers, Alex Hel'
ton, Bruor Breland, all of Daisy, Miss.
JAMES HILL, Iiogister.
January 11, 1901. 48-6t
Land Office at Jackson, Mrss., )
January 5, 1901. j
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has fllml not.icn nt hla
intention to make commuted final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
prnof will be made before the circuit
cierK or Jackson county, at Seranton,
iiw.i "ii wmruii it, iwi, VIZ ;
Alex Belton. homestead nntrv NVv
84,800, for the wj nei and se, seo
Hon 11, township 4 south, range 8 west.
He names the following witnesses to
prove nis continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Jeff Waltman, John B. Bang, Henry
Rogers, Bruner Breland, all of Daisy,
Miss. ,
JAMES HILL, Register.
January 11, 1901. 48-6t
At a meeting of the stockholders of
at the office of tho Company on the 17th
day of January, 1901, of which meeting
all the stockholders had notice, and were
present, the following resolutions were
Resolved, That Article III of this
Corporation be amended so as to read as
follows: :
The Capital Stock of this Corporation
ie hereby fixed at fifty thousand dollars
($50,000.00) divided into five hundred
louu) snares ot one hundred dollars
($100 00) each; but the Capital Stock
may, with the approval of a majority of
me otocKnomers, be lncreasd to one
hundred thousand dollars (100.000.00. 1 ,
ttcsoivea, That Article V of the Char-
ter of this Corporation be amended so as
to read as follows:. ; :
The corporate power of this Corpon
tion shall be vested in a board .of seven
(7) directors, each of whom shall Own at
least one (1) share ot stock in the Com
pany, and who shall be elected by the
Stockholders on the third Wednesday of
O .--.I . -
oepiemuer in eacn year.
A true copy of the oHginahY'6''
January 18, 1901... .
January 25, 1901. so-3t
Kffectt .
Marrledn,en.ortho.eete,,fn ttoVwm??-
.Xf you hav. Stricture we Our. It wltho-t ... '
Gonnri-hfln. fSlnnt. Vii.l.M.in mi.. . . .. ... .
, Hna a KIdne d Bladder n
,B,, CCRED--.ucce?uV
and add Kolden year, to life . Office hour, g attL11n,,yv " 'utuS SH2LW"T !
m. to I p. in. Address or call on 8 o p. ox. and t to n uf Sn5d ""a
a,5)BetiDyar;2i4II su Ch.He. si v.
A.uvruiiwr im . . i .. ... , wv., LiKvr liritQnji In
1 will sell at public outcry' to the biKbet bid.lr , ' " " "
conit-house, in the town of Scrsntou, Jackaoi connty, & 0 fu flUf th,
; Monday; the 4th day of March, 1901,
oomineiioing at 11 o'clock, a. m . the following described lands ,.,i . ,
thereof ns n:u. be necessary to make the ainuuuii of TnZ ,?, '!' ' ,o1?- or"iuncli
for the risciil rear 1900 m ml all costs : : wutncipul taxes due theiWu
'7 Kliziihetli Jones.....
5S Old Kellows Ans'h . .
59 G. K.A -Mansfield.....
77 I. W. Porter estate..
90 MisxLHuis Pel man..
114 Mrs Caroline Brown
li7 Lens Jumes
1:19 Kd Watson
149 Catherine Cohb....
150 Sophia Sanders... j.
100 Kobt spencer
l(.SJo.s Weikle
172 David Preston..,..
Ill C.H. Hudson.......
m David Kli
1H7 V. & M Robinmiu..
I88O111P. Rolls. .......
190 Shi nil Johnson 4
Miirthu Iiignnn
191 MisB V. Aiideisnu.
195 Mrst! W Green
lOi Bplle Jseksou est...
m IViinv Brooks
210.Alrn. Coggins
216 A. J. Lui'hcii .. .. ; ...
"i7 .lis. M. Davis
207 Gel Old & 1,'eqnei'be.
.Februarys. Mot..
i lot 67 K. Krebs tract
lor. K. Krebs tract
I(lt, 39, k lfw.1 u .,.. . '
Porter tract except l.itV sold
piirt lot 8 V. Delinas truer.
si lot 41 V. Delnins tract.
11 pstt lol 4 V.Delmas tract
HeioflotS. sor D Kert
lot lOsqr D. Ker tract
sj lot 15 sqi D, Ker duet
lot 13 V. Delnnis, Jr. tract
lot 12 sqr A. Hebmril tract
house mul lot Unrlie tract
part lot 33 s Krebs tract
72 feet of s side lot. 10 s Kwbs tract.
tart. 01 f of lor H, s Krebs tract...
ot 14 sqr 2, V. Delinas heirs tract. .
pni t of si of lot. 11 a Krebs t.rnet
sej of lot 13 s Krebs tract
jnrt lot 33 s Kivbs tract
lot 2 sub div of lot 35 s Kieba irm-t
lots 67 Bub div of lot. 35s Krebs ft
piirt mi. 4li n Krebs tract
Fred Lewis place, Pol tract
lot 56 V Delinas tract
Roy 11 1 place M. A Dees tract
F. L. LINDINGER, Marshal and Tax-Collwtor.
' ' ' 841
30 00
2 50
6 00
3 09
2 00
2 20
2 00
3 00
2 40
3 00
2 Oil,
5 00
1 50
3 00
5 001
5 00
2 00
3 001
202 4."
202 lrt
20 2 40l
202 II
802 M
202 0;
202 05
202 15
202 20
20 2 05
20 2 33
202 00
2012 VJ
20 1 90
35 05
4 70
5 33
4 47
4 69
7 5.i
3 70
5 35
20 2 05
20 1 9S
ao a tn
Wi 711
2011 9o
20 2 35
2fl!2 05
202 101
6 45
3 70
S 10
2 00
7 51
4 25
5 30
Delinquent Municipal Tax Sale.
I will HI at public outcry to the hlizhest bidder for cusli. in front of the
Mayi.r.s t.mcA ln the Town of Pascairoula, Jackson county, Mississippi, oc
. . Monday, tho 4th day of March, 1001, ,r
coniraencins at 11 o'clock a. m., the following; described lands and lots, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to make the amount of municipal taies
and all costs due thereon, fur the fiscal year, 1900:
T. I1'. Bournes
Geo. Jackson est. .
P. II. McGinw....
E Priest
Demi & Wolfe.. ..
11. Nai'cisu est..
H. A, Dorr
C. St I Sullivan..
Est- I. E. Priest..
Iioiish and hind ou river......
lots 1. 2 & 3 & house Ron III ft
lot 5. limit b tract
lot 7, Baptists tract
old hotel prop'v ex. lots on f l
house and lot tiuiclisid tract.
Part lot 16 Baptists tract
lot 9 and house canal street. ..
lot 1 sqr C .1. C. Krebs tract .
lots 20 and ,11 Market street,
lot 43 uiiena isia street....
I 6 00
U 00
2 41
3 15
1 91
1 8!
1 93
1 93
1 09
1 89
I 87
1 S6l
I 8 65
2 71
2 9:1
9 93
2 49
3 49
2 23
3 48
Febrnar? 8, 1901,
WM. OOOLEY, Marshal, Tax-Collector.
- .. . - 1
Lati l'BBBB1iaMaMaalaaaaiaaaaiaasiaaaaB m
- Pascagoula Doom Com pan v, )
February 1, iuoi." (
Mr. Gaston Pnltevln la th ..i ...
- .... .D v.,u uu i , au
thorlied auent of the above Company
to pick up lots and Timber drifting in
the Pascairoula river from Crooled
bavou to the mouth. Ha .i.n ..,.u-.
lied to deputize anybody for the purpose
mentioned. Any one caught plckintruo
these Ions without permission will be
February i,iwl 61-3t
Assignee's Notice.;
The accounts due 8. T. Holmes will ha
at the office of Clrlot-Ollver Lumber Co
on Live Oak street for settlement until
February 25th, on which day I will cell
at the front door of the court-house at
IV m all nttnulil at...... .. . . i. . , .
"uwuiiia hi un niKnest
bidder. All persons Indebted to the said
Holme will take due notice thereof and
govern themselves accordingly.
O RAN D ALL; Assignee.
February 1, looi. , , B61-2t
Phone 06. .
Besjjlne of Sundries, guch ag .
. ....... - .- . i - - .
Yonr Neighbor trades with us aud is Satisfied. ' -
g na-f
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to drajr, the (m carriage from th It (rlvea the news or the State and
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