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The Pascagoula democrat-star. (Pascagoula, Miss.) 1878-1920, August 14, 1914, Image 4

Image and text provided by Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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Kil For Thit Samaert Mr. Via
cat Wi 1'aalle to Atie-d to
Kaj of Her Housework.
rVrj-t f! :. N C -"I tJ'.'tti U
trt s-"'v" '- .''. ''.'.et
rfnt. f I!: s t;n. i.-.J C-.t t -i J in-l
L1 ! ' : - y Mt
I raj (J-ri rtj (f, re lii.rM arti
fr vri! n. a- it J ; y a' e t
tn av ,i. C'.'i.-J r. t cl try
1 ...:.
1 j vi r.jj (.! !' . p.-. m r t.Kk
I ,' s. v 'i '-"" -e f t se cj',
I r , i e en re, I
'..'i h..e to k ;v It Cn,
I r...l it : i '!
I n i"!. r'y In 9 i'- i .! s .'( i '
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l ,?. - V - I ii t t, .. . I!
., r.t f - Im- .
Mt.V.-r 1 III. 1. 1. I I.Ki I.M 1 ' M'
Tr .-t. . f I.I !. - t. i f r
i I .! Ir 'l-f '-
ir.i,.,.' -.VAMl' !.,M I I .M'
i,'.'lr. N rin i I, -.1, a i t.
4i, , f ,r ., s,.n 'i I t ii m
Tru-tw X- l. ,i, mi
ft'l U tit cf x'lr I ni I II
I II i"
M. r.-t ; M. 1 I IN K 1 1 V N 1 1 1 1 '
. U VM.K', I I M'
St ' tli.ri I'i. T fivil. IU- ,!' T,
lul h u n l . iini'iiitit i rr in1 1,1 y
1 1 1 1 i. lit, w.nr inl Sn till ,'i imi
II A Uniii.u'l, I'rui lnit,
V I.I t TaM.hi:, 'lt'tk.
Mad-Man Plunges 300,000,000
People Into A Bloody War.
It is tlii" .n N i f I'm' in. in, a ni.iil
in.ii), iliunti with powiT an J nt.tJ
with iiiilil.ttyisin, Hut pltiueJ nil
I uiopc iiitu w .1 r. Hit' Cn'mi.in r.m
pctur Jijiiiiii.itin tlio triplf iilh.ituc
iiMiMstitii! of ( ii'nn.iny, Austn.i an J
Italy, lie twpoiti'd to tn.tUe liiinsi'lt
the m.istiT nnJ JkUUir el Lutnpi1,
But alas It.ily .-..lys she i- nut ;isMt
in in a war nf aiiussinn and nut
w itlistaiulini; Ins pitiful pli'.klini; for
lu'lp, ami Austria m'ciiis to Ve kti't
tni "cnlj U'l-t," altlunu'h it was
slio, tluouh whom ('n'iniany pn1
cipitateJ thi' War, thouli l.niporor
William is auily trying to Waini'
tlie war first uti Kussia anJ then on
Piles CurcJ In A to M t)u H
tmtf itniit nll rrfunl nmnry It
I 1VTWKN r lil lo flltf nr t ol II. Inn,
Whiwl. Blretllnf vt I'mlnntlnf Pllr, if-to UiUv
Iht fint i-ilutiua ! hi ul Hot. .
I til b rtiwiMi viiJ li hi i'irttw itrhvf. I
I ilk. iki. At hrurfit. I
Sold Hogs by Telephone
A South Carolina farmer had a lare number
of hogs which were ready to kill. The weather
was so warm that killing was out of the question.
He went to his telephone, called a dealer in
Columbia over Long Distance and sold his hogs
at a pood price. I le then called the local freight
othce and arranged for shipment.
The telephone is now a necessity on the farm.
1 ou can have one on your farm at small cost.
See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
send a postal for our free booklet.
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph
t fv I have if U I L'sl
l:'ta it
A"rr ! f'.-.a t2'-j C-J'J .!. I J$
;-rj'.' hf ',-? J, ar.,1 .: th;e t..:ire
:.! r i e t-.: :e .
I U'te-.e.! tp, i-J p w i r:
.'..' ft ;rv.j j : -if.rr"
t'.'.TA, cn the :-lr. )r cm!.!'..- 1
CuiJ e-tktt I f incre4w4
!:r; r.M V t a, 'e, t ,ne up the :.tf
ani ff';t (j rj.t j e,
vi '. v chrf5, f. r sh a.-ij f-.y.
t'a.'J.:i has he'; f i r .re t' Jn a r- "(
f ,ik 'j:::en, J .'.r tie JJvt ! )e.l:.
It sjrc'y ilj f r )ou, h..t it
il re f r t' ri. Try Ci.'c-'ai toJjy.
Din mi Mine
WAT Nlilil m
Rumors of Peaceful Settlement
in Mississippi Are Not
J-'kv n. Mi.. A nit . 1" -Att.tricy
; -tiiT.ii U' A i ' ill lii 4 ii 'I 4t tiiriif )
i i.iti i it h lorn in tin' 'riM'i'u
li' n nf tin- drill t r u -1 ult ntit
tlif 1 1. ri-f ;i;,i fc" I "trut, luiiis" anil
t in ir utii.i,ir ir-, t'li-trtfititr vniUtlnn
uf ttn' auli-tni-t lawt nf M i-ill'ii,
(Icrluii' in ly win ll.rr dr ri t ny nf
thf tlirri Urr-t, n tii i rtu Invulvo'l In
tin- lilU ill ii if i w In tdi' I'n'iits Imvr
uiii'le any mt'rtiirc t'i-iris m'ltle
iin tit nut nf riiiirt. It w is li'iirtii'il
I i-t liiuhl tli it rvrr.it inure Cotton
oil mills are utinil to otttle,
ini'l r u in-1 r has it tii.it ( fi oe two
i ek wh it an- eniiimuiily li rtntvl the
"IimIi i'i iiilrnl" inllls all will Ki ttle.
I nrt-tilnf sui'ii C'lini" iiile alreailf
li.ive lull tint's In m-ttli'tiH'iit, ami
thirty ri'in iln mi the rmirl ecorils as
(ll'f.'llll I nls
It vihl t hut there are fourteen
"trnM hills." with pniirliuU anil suli
111 I ,ii Irs In the 1 1 -I i if cli friiil. int , ,iml
I ti it I In ri' It i.,hilillii li s nf ni-ltle-iiii
IiIk In nut iif rmirl. As mine If the
nl Iniiu'i will I ilk iihiiiil the ihiiiiiis
ri'itunliiirf (iriili ililhtli-s iitm'ttli'iiii'iit,
vslu Hut the iiiiiiiiis are Inn r un any
Ihliiii iiM.ie t,uifilile tliHii merely
v u'iii' r. ( mi t s n nut k iiiirtii.
The inllla ttencraily termeil "truit"
I'liiireins aic the Snultiern ami Its a I
h'Ki'il aiihxiihary.lhe Itcfiiitc, nf Waiii
Inittnii cniinty; Hie American ami Its
aililffil Milixlitliirles, InrliidltiK the
MIsIkiI'i ami the I'rnetur u ti ri
tiiliuhle, nulil lo Incliiile I lie lliiekeye
its it siilisiilmry,
34,920 Cattle Dipped.
AiTiittttiut tn a ii'i' .it tlii- l with the
Imanl i f miiervlsnrs, at.'.ijii hcul (if
cuttle In Hinds euiiiity were put
thrniifc'li thu nlppliiK vnts iliirinit the
niniith nf July reprcseiilliitx 2,ill
There were 'J:'7 iiuuraiitlned lienls
In the cminty ilurlnit the month, I'I
iiu.irnnl Iniil heiils imt tn-peeierl, and
it. i lii't'U I-ui imi in ks. Tlirre wrc
:;o ili. iii v iis in npetat Imi In the
'. iniiy ninl tin. t.ii.il cnl uf the dip-
rinil nr h fur the ni niili was uiily
tiuiliiit the iimiiih of June . Vis i;3;
tiiiiil nf rattle were ilipin'd In the vi
llous enmities nf Hie Male. Coplali
i.iiiniy I d with :iii,s.!s he.id ilipin'il.
ii fx Ik
Hy : ,t "g Ta at ' cS Cc';"
Set &: .J Soli tr Ci. LjUrr t-t
C'-n E V i-'.,:..r So m e
. r:.;r.t-l I.i e..rr-5i nf . 'Kl't'ij
; .-tici r ..'), -m ir. ;i5 t tS'
I rmr k a.-.d f,if li r f.s.rr.t Mi !
If ii a-.? c f.rsj rr.ay ka
j . ,ft.!i to i!a .!"! tft r. ck
r - t It n: t h'-i fi -It li ta
I. 1! tx'i-.'T. t:.- 'it it-ril
t i."..-.r r.f ar rTH'E. tor it
' r fct:a
j V. ti- tlr Pt-sni't. - i'l'i'int"! at
i Tort 'ira.Lt. Ar!i . a 'y r rnr-.ll
. At : t i tr. x K:.-4S ( ! At
lia-iat. Ih ri.fi p rf i'. -1 h.ra fr-:a
afart H r-'u-rtd n.t.k:y (n -s
th ortjr.kr.e ..rt-s ;tb rh inft-rasa
t oil tfcit " Iff. I j t r.n.r. .t." t-rf
'J -'t.. :h'fit bit!ir. a;i yUfi,
t r; rtt it.at th at-ra-af.t la
i l,i.'r ' th t nr; at hlra fc-n
h- aj;!lt d for t.s ' t :( r tterka"
Tht y i,, t.:i Ut to b.'. anav from
h. tn In it," riiiit.-fti In a:ii t,ou-l-ttrij
ir:it' A't.-r u(t-r b
' t:.ir,k.-t tut... i u.M.l i:,h rrtu of th
t''M..ri rt iary; r.J tt.ru- t.ni.'t
(tat i.U-M Hi I una tnl'a; ..-.1 an.ldst
lonr of tin rr'.n.t nt. Th rt-.-ruit tht-ri
ft" up t!i nruKa' and Uy nh;frini
u n th four un'll moir.'nit
II" tit-i'hir Biurmurtit nor enm
i i:;ii i In fin t, fct m t-rntd to b ac
uiio;'hUtlratt d that ht-n h k-d
lo f iu roroinal if rt l.r could h
aomo a.tfi In k dnn. t!i curuorat. ltl
a 3' rk of M thumb IndSmtfil thf corn
R.ar.dltiR oflif r' hmiMt no tin' corner
nf t!m i.ir t "(io tuer to that bin
liouse,'' tint corir,il directed "Tak
5 our I'jiidl" lih you. and axk for
old Hull lie tuk.n in sll thn wanliln'
at this mt "
Cir.ini li.it h! lltllo bundle, the. Rreen
l.id from KaM.oi ( Hj nhambltil irrmi
the oarade, numr.lid the Colonelt
froT itimip, and Inm-rently iuUe the
diiort't II Tim Joke aa un old one, an
Old Hull had m ver been knon to no,
ft the bell In I" rson. and tnoro than
nnn recruit hud learned the way to
"Hon ii-tinl How" urter a timaiieUsh
Inn from the roiiiimiiidarit'a dusky,
mild (f nil ooik Arid aa tb had
(hri'iiti in d to M .,lii the net man who
bothered In r i In ut his wanning, I ha
tp ;is . -siii uloin from troop ts
roop, mid Hi" men ::rjned out on
thn vi r ii diis to nee the fun.
Tut jui-t an tV recruit pulled ttu
li 1! vim should H.-'i rut but Old Hul
'..i'!f, booted hi I 1 1 iirred for hla
. -on. in,-; ride
' What do i 'i want he:, ?" ho thun
.hriil, mi'ir d to o an i nllstej
"I' ll lit 1.11 fn i.t i!i or.
I I v. i-i.t- d tn .i en about gettltl'
In s.t i-'i 'ilrr's rod aos ks done up.
'.mWttr," i I,ih;;iit 1 the fr'ghti'ned
leriMlt "Tiny told rn to rmun over
i if nrd in-k for tild Hull," he added.
V,!I, IM Did Hull"" ronred tin
oh in I "Ycu romn nloiia Mlh me
i ud iml it out the i it. n tin. I tn tit you
mi r I In- mm n, fc1 h.t grasped
i. e d ,i nl, hid ; -'ii i nrd hurried him
ti v l td the troop ii.arters.
Tin- crowriH upon t!n virundaa melt
i d nv.ny ns Col mi l Su inner ap
proaihed. but the guilty corsirnl win
found lurking In the troop burtier
chop Pome heated langunxe rnsued,
nnd then, at thn end nf the painful
Intel view, Old Hull delivered hlmsalf
"I'orporitl, I ought to have you court
ttiartlnlrd! I could have your alrlpel
taken away, and aen thnt you got
nlxnit M diiya Into tha bargain, dr I
could have you fined. Hut you'va been
onn of my best nonroma. You're al
w nya sohi r, and a good thot, and to
I'm not going to take your chevroua,
your liberty, or your money any
from you. Hut alnee you're aueh an
ejpert on laundry matters, I ordol
you to do this man'i washing on the
front porrh of theao quarteri every
Mondiiy morning at guard Mount.
"And you," he bellowed, turning to
the recruit and ahnklng hla gauntleti
it hlui, "you aee that you hs.T at
hast two auita 0f underclothea and
even pal'" of aorka for him every
a nek! And If ho doean't wash m
clean you report to Old Hull, that'a
And thereafter for aeveral months,
until hand of Totito Haaln Apnchea
went on a rampage and gave thera
morn aerloua things to think about,
the men of the Seventh looked for
ward happily to Monday morning
guard mount The noncommissioned
latindyman became known il "Cor
poral Buds," and waa teased about
the affair until the day i piece of
Spanish ahrnpnel cut ahort hli txl
tenre. Y'outh'a Companion.
"Say. pop," inquired little Tommy,
"what la the lull before the gtormr
"The honey moon, my ton,' replied hli
Stopped By Uncle Sam.
Washington, Aug., 8. Deporta
tion of undesirable aliens have been
stopped everyw here in the United
States, pending war developments.
The only exception are in the cases
of immigrants coming in on lines not
affected by the war, and these can
only be ordered away after indivi
dual consideration of each case by
the Washington authorities.
a.a t iv.irt for cmrnR-Ti a a
HIAMOND hKANU riLL 1 an ttii
Corn MMslllc b-n, cll wuh lwr0
ibha Tae ho omit. .rai..wv
twM aak Ur rlll.rUKS.rf R a V
i sunisn aus rn.l.a, fur tTnt(l
yrT rririnmi ri .irl,baltit, AlwT RflUbla.
c 15 is
tcr il form of
LI - rati pm MQMir
S Rhtymatic Cur Ce
r r ! rt.ff
Ihru (. 1. ha
-;ritri-lt f l i ,r,,u,i
In.urat ( niip ,t. n.r
I ttiitl ( sinii.w..ii
I "t 111 S),,,.,.. I ,(
Vi'n: .Vltu
tr I . N,rt
I "l rteiilliir.
,mm,nr ii u. i-ukr-ir,
Aiikw odi
A'llH(tlt It.lMNj
I loiM-ry Omi I 1,-ik
Krt Tk
w . I' U,,M
1 L l.iatlmtftr
II l'.M
W. W. WraallUB
.... (HI) 1 l'-o
. . K. N . IUnifcy
I li. aiU'Miiri, ik
(" rl 4Hj T 1.1:- i.ir
1 n iMurr
unriiiM,i f K.lm.n
Vni U M .1.. i.f :r!i V.mlli.
Is.trl. t N I VT. J JhlMa
hi.iri. I N. j r. KriUt-iilwr
"'-"" K. A K.ihrt
I'Klili t Xo. ,i
liuui No. J J.J rirtcWa
justices or THI PUCt
l'..(rllXnl li.d li.if
Il .trKI X 1 I J. J. i niuiitfhm
J. il. I urm-r
I In- K I li'iU y
K IHln,
J II. Murphy
lli.lrlt l . J
lii-lrtal Nil. 4
lirk:t So J .
l.nr. , , , ,
I n rk ml lall'nllittiir
Mn nli l null Ktrwt t uia
, Jt bn V. Mutirsn
L. Ii ll. rrik
. . fc-ui,'i Hi- Ii4iii,'r
Mt'H Ut Tiimlsy of Kai h M.iiith.
W'unl (hm w. J irnn.
'nl T W. t, ,k,r
Waiil Thrra . i ,.,.h
Ward Knur 1, Col
AliU rinau-at-I.Kiu't a. II lltijutr
f. II l.i'.l". Clulrm.in; W.J. Murtla. Xrlary;
MiVm ViihiiK, (1 II. ( l.ii.,iiti
IU J1.9. 1'liliiittau.
S.rTl'fiB lli 1.1 and 3nl Siiml.,, ,w.n
niniiili. al II a m. ami ? tu la Urn i hun k ua
N ru.i at. tula .ih-h..
Sntiila) SiIuhiI rw-rr Kurilaf ni.iriilnu ut U
u i liMk. Mr W. J. Miirrla. Suirrlninili.it.
I'rnjrttf Mratlng Mrh Wr.hia.ila) main at
S II I'MM k,
"lh imi'llf mnllally InrlU-d In wur.lilu wuh
ua at lill avrviri-a.
KKV. W. I). MAI HIS I'.1W.
Thr (Irilar of K-rt li-.
Tb Ititly wrrlHi of lli Maaaarrrv Si.nrl.
r art-jit ilia atiunil Kumla) of lli ninnlfi at J and
u ii t-IiH k a. m.
(iailirarnii.il SiiihUt of I lir ainiiih the trat
,ii .t ia in hum ninti ai i .at a. at.
h.ini Ma la at .M a m. in Hup 9f
. .... , ,,, , . nr-it ,m. i iM .ingi,
VtH,. r. ami llt ntilli linn al 4 i. hi. aat hSunilaT
llapliari. rvi rv Siiiitlnv hum (n 4 p m
KKV. Ut. II. (I KKII.LV. I'aaUw.
St-rli ! .it St. Juhn'a ilinnh SntiiUv. 7 a. m
iniijr ' "iiiinuu on rvrry .-uniliy lint tbr (ml in
lilt- nttmin.
Ii' a. m Similar Si-hnol.
II a.m. Mmulnii snrira anil Si-mion. rr
Stimlm lint ilir fimrth In tlit mnaih.
i. m. Krinlnn l'rayer nntl n-raiiiD ertri
I'n-ai lnnil al 11 a. 01 anil 7::l u. al. the fn-illid
ami t mirth ttunilnTa Id rrrrj' Blitlitb
Suuilay hiatl at ;4 a. m. rr Snntlay.
W, V. MosiliK, I'aalor,
St-nli-,-. iii ciul. Kvanuflkal I nlhr-an rharrh
Si.tiih ri-ia.-imla arntit, (titj ii Suuilaj iu
Ilia niniiili al In a. Ill
K.iiltt- hie sunilava at Trial p. m.
suiiilai Si'biail. suoilajr at a a m.
HKV. 1'. K. .SK1IU.KR, J'aHor
SitiI nn Ida wl and 41 h NalttMlh nf rarh
mnnih in tin-rhan-h oa ( aniv atm-t. Morn ins
at-rvit i' at II n. m. and i-venin- at T 4. ). in.
SnniUv Srltiitil rvrry Nalinalh nmrnlnir al 4j
Thai iiililir ia 1'iirdlall) InvlUtl tn all at-rTH-pa.
1'iayi-r miH'tin arrry Wpdnradnv at 7 -:u p at
KKV. W. A. UALL, l'aor.
I For every
little ichemd
YigP " " -" "si
-! . l.: i
bg pons
b Oiiif kry srVanrbeil flned rnr snrrj, (If urlj!l,
II i It joints, rheumatism, etc 25: it druggist.
Kor Sale hy
L lt'EAGO. t
if. C7JT . c::.
f iti' IHt rAimi.pZf
urn m v-iar-
I I hold Louisiana State License for Embalming.
I Telephone Wo. 35. PASCACOULA, MISS, f
I Tm ia a ffcr&xm anyrtj ptc.
j f. or -I 4oc btttt tsy cue. aad
, a! ukea taca m a leak f tcr iJ am
1 efj.n. It acta ea li Ler fcsrtie tiaa ,
Ctac aid dsa ao( or Kkra.
WhyN:tHe!p The.u by EivL-2
Them Advertislnz
If i rrtrrter tf ur firrtily d.ed,
-ju!J you pra-.t t i mJ.Jt'r.s cn a
t.ot'.jrJ If war wife er.tertilneJ,
WvuU you send an acco-r.t cf it to
t!.e theatre pr'.-j-am man.' It you
J were goirg to enlarge your tusi.iess,
J v ju'.I ycu iJvc::.m; it in a h.tei
J regter? If yuu vsere cilr-i to have
a weJJtnz ia y.jcr faTi.!y. would
you get out a handt.li?
You would ser.d such iteis to a
new 'paper, wouldn't you? Then,
j. r.. , why don't yuu put your advertise
KA ' M" ' rr.er.ts in a newspaper? livery man
!. L. Tin. j '
r M...n t no uses a tulbvarj is aJd:rg to
i n i-,.w ; nature-fak;ng. Every dollar spent
r i ii..rj .
j h i.ru,, . in a theatre pr rgran, in a register.
In ., .1 -,..- ,rv r,r t h in.-'h
y cr a handtul is a
" iini."e vii i.jr iaen away irom
new-paper oj your town.
The newspapers ba ld your town.
Why not help buildup the news
paper? There is no better adver
tisement in the world for a town
than a good newspaper. A news
paper is the barometer of the tow n's
industry. Show us a gnxl news
paper full of advertising, and we
will show you a good -town full of
live merchants. Billboards are an
eyesore; handbills are a nuisance;
theatre programs a r e worthless;
hotel registers, from an advertising
standpoint, are ridiculous. News
papers are to n-builders, tow n ad
vertisers, fortune makers, news
Jisseminators, sermon deliverers,
prosperty forecasters. They are a
necessity, th a luxury, They must
be maintained,. Without them we
would retrograde to the mediaeval
days. Don't patronize them from a
charitable standpoint. Patronize
them because they deliver the
goods that is, if they are tMe right
kind. Cut out the foolishness and
uorkfor the upbuilding of your
tow n and the State by upbuilding
your new spapers. Ex.
There la mora Catarrh In thla action oi
tha rnuntry than all nthrr tlla. aara pul
tmradirr.a an-1 until tha Inst ffw y .
aa auppttai'il to Imi Inrurablr.. For a art ai
many 'vara iln turs pronnunrnl it a Im-nl
disvaaa anil prfarrilM-a Incut rtrnt-illt-a, an. I
by ronstantly fullln to cure wltli Inral
iratmrnt, pronounced It Inrurablc, a g.
n- haa priivrn Catarrh to Imi a conatl
lutlnnal dlaraan, and therrforo requlrra
ronatltutlnnal trealment. Hnll'a Catarrh
Cura, msnufarturnl by P. J. Ch iav A
Co., Toll-do, Ohio, la tha only Cr.iPlltu
tlonal cura on tha market. It la takt-n In
ternally In ili-s from 10 drnpa to a ttn
apoonful. It acta directly on tha hlnott
and muroua aurfncea of th avatem. Tln-y
prTt-r ona hundred dollars for any caar It
filla tn rur. 8nd for clrculara and tca
Umonlala. a.
Addrraa: T. i. TDKNEY CO., Toledo, a
Hold he Pmrelata,
Taka HaU'a railr PUia for aoaatlpaiioa.
Times Picayune's Songs Lovers
Picture Game.
The TlniesPlcsyutieof Sew Orlcau
Ii offering a ourubcr of Hie cisli prlzet
for tlie solution of 77 puzzle pictures,
Comprising lis Son Lorers Picture
Tills la one of the most Interesting
features offered by toy paper to this
territory for a number of yeara, tod a
trreat many people of Louisiana and
Mississippi tre at the present time
playing the game.
A picture Is published la each Issue
of the paper, representing the title of
some long. A list of these soogs Is
gotten up Id catalog form. One does
not have to know anything about,
soogs or the words of songs to solve
the pictures. All that Is necessary Is
to get the picture and the catalog, and
then look through the catalog nntll
you find the title that, lo your notion,
best (Its the picture.
One thousand dollars Is offered to
the person sending In thr nmst correct
answers to the "7 pictures, and twenty-five
hundred dollars In cash is the
total amount of all the prizes origin
ally offered.
In order to stimulate Interest lo
the picture game, and tn add new
subscriber", Ibe msnMirement of the
Times Picayune has offered to double
the amount of any prize win by any
person who sends In a new subscriber
paid six months In advance.
, ShonldbrslTMithf ttrlntnrtoprw
par ttarra for aorcraa la hualnta.
faraonat Inatrnctioa, Frra Emptor
pent Dcaartmart, Camplat Colic,
Bank, Collect Stor and Wholeaait
Mo miarrpreaentatloaa to aecwe atn
tfrnta. Thronh lh ticctli ollli
22000 former atndrnta, Cloala-Cottrve
Is rvrofnlttd trnrakm aa a Wide
". 'tactical. Popular and Sac
ocaalal fkbool.
ti.- H. r'.'-i-
Distributing Co.
"Ferry Years on Comrrerce Street."
Wholesale Liquor Dealers
Cook's Celebrated Beer,
Old Srit, i Wkl-tey, Old Quaker Whiskey, MarvUnd Club WbUaey,
Castile Whlkey, Greeo River Wbikey. Louis &Jerer Ct.am
fia'ne, White Top Cturcpagne, Wbite Rock Waur.
P. O. Box 5
Our Special Mail
Express Prepaid on
1 Gal
Richard Red LaUl I7)
tf j.
Kii-hrrt White La!
1'anama. giaid whiskey
-Jwiitled in linnd"
RicitAKij's XXXX
Real (jijtjd.
Ol.n Qt AkEK
a no
4 00..-..7
"Hnoesl at Ita Naine"
Oi.dSakaTis, "Fine" 4 ."id .
Mt. Veknon, 'very Doe' 5 00 ...
Brandies, Gins, Rums, Corn
Whiskies, Peach and Honey,
Rock and Rye, Cordials,
Sherry Wines, Ports,
Clarets of all Grades
Cook's noldblume
Cook's islaodard
Ao illowance nf 2.00 for empty halve and 11.00 for quarters wl.cn
returned. Remit by Express Money Order or I. O. Order.
Orders Shipped by First Express. Our Goods Guaranteed.
.Sometimes a man pays empty com
pliments when be Is full.
To f ft tti trnulnt. call for fall asm. LAXA
T1V BROMO OUI.NINB. tooklotaifnaturtef
H.W. CSOVR. Cum a Cold In Oa Dar. (op
caoah aad btadacka. aal works e8 told, is
120 acres on Psscagoula river and
river road, four and a half miles west
ot nig mint, eleven north of Moa
Point. 120 acres rlpsrail. apvnral hnuaua
giMid store building, carrying a large
swRa 01 itiHias ano enjnying an estab
ll'lied trade, building wn-s with the
tiltce, pecan nursery, several bearing
iruit trrpa, inn inn top grartm pecan
trees. Tbe soil of this pU'-c Is ixccp
lionalty good, and It bas a One laodlog
on the river. $.12 50 per acre.
h0 acres one and a half ml In of Hur
ley, excellent land, with clay subsoil,
well drained. 115 per acre.
120 acres mile and a quarter nf Ag
rlcols, Oranueburg land, no better pine
land anywhere. 120 per acie.
33 acres. 1.50 grafted pecan trees
In orchard, large 8 room bouse, 4 room
Lenpmttnt,. larie ham 9A art., in
slate of cultivation, one quarter tulle
or inieruroao ann r.a-Msttle stations,
00 shell road nodway between Pasca
ifoula and Mos Pulot, perfectly
draloed; oranire, komqiiar, pesr, tigs,
quince, apples and irrapes for bnme
use; two cisterns. M750.
80 acres, 7 under heavy wlro fence
In cultivalioo. Good slzy pecan trees
arouod bouse, floe na sliade. Excel
lent water, clay subsoil and good
drained surface snll, 4 room house,
stable. 3 miles of Vancleave In con
solidated school district. tioo casb.
70 acres. 6 room house, One water
front, 15 acres cultivated, orange and
pecan orchard, peaches, grapes excel
lent soil; cattle, sheep, goats, horses,
Imifs. tools, etc., g' with place worth
1500; entire place 11400.
rHI acres clme to f.a inn anil flr.jn.,
Grove. fO'iidisiunt, from each, ex-
.-eiiedt rHcan-iinu orange luoo, lio
per acre.
100 acres, rl vs ri.nm tinned I..,, 10
acres Jn cultivation, llilrleeii besr'tnj,
cniiicrsi irrarterj pecan trees, excellent
rtver lanrllmr. 11 no hmir'a rMn r...n.
city, church and school close by. 125
irrr auie, oan liamniOCk.
40 acres near Itlir Pnlnt fnttv nn tr,
average oflaofj lo vicloity. 17.50 nfr
7"0 MpL rlror frrinlaP In thi rir
Fine 8 rnnm hnna thro frmi.,a-r.
. ... i.-v v aj i v IUUI I sn m
houses, two three-room houses. Near
ly niny acres or lanri. This Is the
nest, uargatn in the city. 7,000.
These are only samples. For best
bargains go to HENJAM1N H.
ELL18, the agent outside the ring.
Hnuscs fur rent and property fo tblg,
Mobile, Perry and George counties.
Krebs Avenue,
rascagoula. Miss., Aprfl 17, 1914.
trad narka sua a,i.inaina oftaahml ar ao
ft. aaiat aaolri. akxrdaa ar atmse am .
anipuoai ft FI SCAIICM a rapert
a patmlaailtty. Bank nrf n-aaraa,
Jan. Oar ft took Ma Irll htm, wkaASalBTaaS
aaaaantraaaaMar- Wrtati.
f ATINT Lawnai.
303 Sevea'.k St, Waihingtoa, D. C-i
Pj ;k. G. P .-.-j
Lone Distance Pi-. ,.-,e
Order Department
all Orders Except Beer
4 (,U 9 QU 12 Qt
I l't
s (
4' i I ts
. il DO
. 3 40 n il()
3 j .S
H.'A 9 2.)
10.00 19 SO.
10 60 11.00.
4 SO 8.50 .11 50I2.00.
1.' )
W.....4 50.... 8..70 .11.50 12.00 .
8 00 . 9 00 12 00 ,U.flt
.H.W.. 5 00 ... 9 00 12,-Vj .13 00
.850 5 50 Vi'). U 50 . 1100
Cask 10 Dm. Pts.
4 Do. Pts
- 4.00
or 6 Dot. Qts.
J 110.50
8 50
Of proposal to Issue bond of Van
cleave, Mt. Pleasant, Ft. Ilayyu and
Itrlar Crest, Consolidated School Dis
trict, Jackson County, Mississippi:
Pursuant to order entered at tbe
August term 1014 of the Hoard of Sj
pervisors of Jackson County, M.smh
slppl, said Hoard will al the regular
September term 1SU4 thereof urder
tbe Issuance of Vancleave, Mt. Ple
ant. Ft. Kayou and Briar Crest dm
sulidated School District bonds of
said County, in the sum of Fifteen
Hundred Dollars for the purpose of
equlplng said school, uoless twenty
Bve per centum of the qualified elec
tor! of said Consolidated School Diss
trict shall petition-against the Nu
ance of such bonds, lo which event
the Board will order aa election to he
held la said Consolidated School Dis
trict to ascertain by vote If a major
ity of tbe qualified electors will au
thorize the Board to Issue bonds for
such purpose.
By order of Board. Aug. 8, l'.'U
R. A. ROBERTS, Pres.
Ao ordinance entitled an ordloan.e
providing for the preservation uf tWi
lo Districts one and ' five, Jack' n
Couoty, Mississippi.
Be It ordained by the Hoard of Su.
ptrvlsors of Jackson County, Missis
slppl: Section 1. That It sha'l be unlaw
ful for any one to catch any ftsh la
Districts one and five for the purpose
of sending some out of said districts
fur tbe purpose of tale, that It shall
be unlawful for any one to sblp or
transport, orcaused'to be shipped ur
transported, any fish caught In the
water of said districts one and five
for Bale outside of said districts, and
it shall be unlawful for aoy one to
9cll any fl.sli caught in the waters of
said districts fur transportation out
side of said Districts for tbe general
market or commercial purposes.
Section S.-That . this ordioaace
does not prohibit tbe catching of fish
la tbe waters of said districts one and
Ave and sale thereof to Inhabitants uf
said district for dome-tic purposes
and use wltblu said districts.
Section Three That any one vio
lating section one of this ordinance
shall upon conviction, be guilty of a
misdemeanor and punished by a One
oot less than ten dollars unr nire
than two bundled dollars, or by Im
prisonment In the couoty jail not
more thao six months or by both Doe
and Imprisonment.
Section four. That all ordinances,
or part ot ordinances, in cunlllct
herewith be, and the same are hcr ii y
repealed only Insofar as same coolllct
wl'.h tbis ordinance.
That ibis ordinance take effect and
be In force from and after its pas
R. , ROBERTS, Pres.
JREDTAl'LOIti Clerk,

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