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VOL 27.
MUto toll
August I], to Wilier 4.
W 0 Williams, Newton Graded
W L MoMullax. Clarke College.
Miss Tvna A. Rate, Gulfport
Graded School.
The purpose or this Normal is
two fold; lirst, that the teachers
of thes e counties
may acquire a mre thoro
ugh knowledge of the public
school branches; second, the best
methods of presenting tliesubject
to the pupils. The Hand Rook
will be used as a Basis for the
rocition, so it behooves each tea
cher to bring her text books
Arrangement has made for all.
teachers to secure board at $?
per week. Teachers wishing to
secure board in advance may
write W G Marby, Decatur, Miss,
who has the boarding arrang
incuts in charge.
During the Normal, arrange
ments have been made to have
wirii us Superintendent Rowers.
President Whit held. Prof. G. G.
Hurst, Prof. L’erkius and Super
intendent Boyd, and probably
TheOountys and statewill payflie
instructors and Hie only expense
to the teachers will lie the board,
and we, the county superinten
dents, realizing Hie importance
of better trained teachers, do
expect every teagher in the two
counties to be present every
day and do the work assigned.
Teachers who are not sufficien
tly interested to attend this
Normal show a lack of interest
in the great work in which they
are engaged, and for that reason
will not deserve that they other
wise would. We hope, to see all
teachers present and doing the
work preparatory to better ser
vice and better pay.
Superintendent Neshoba County.
Superintendent Newton County.
Examination at close of normal.
The Board meeting of the
Pearl Valley Assoda=
tiers, to be held with
Remus Church on
Sat- before the
Fifth Sunday
in August
Recitation by Miss Gladis
llecitation by Miss Jodie
Recitation by Miss Sadie
Lecture by T. I>. Williams,
on Church discipline both
formative and corrective.
The fol owing quarries will
be discussed:
Is it the duty of the Asso
ciation to provide for the
education of the ministry'.’
If so to what extent?
Should a church deal with
its member for non-attend
f K. S. Clark.
Committee-J Z. M Dunn.
( VV. tV. Grealmm
John Sharp hi Lcs Angles
T!ie Los Angles Times of July
•ID teatnres” .loim Sharp Willi
ams as “Lest in Log Angles” and
conducting a minority inquiry
ihi to the whereabouts of a street
i "named uft. r a duck.”
j Although lost, the Hon. John
;Miarp,or John Bhawp, as the
j Times has it, took hold of the
situation to the confusion of the
opposition and to the furlher
ance ol his reputation as a lead
er against odds that are big and
and after measures that are de
iho Honorable John Sharp,”
says the limes doesn't look like
a celebrity. He is shambling
ami loose at the joints, and
walks lackadaisically and rather
aimlessly. No, he doesn’t look
like cue (celebrity) but he
sounds like one. He is often
considerd one of the most brill
iant men in our congress and his
casual curbstone conversation is
“He scintillated, looking for
Mallard street. ;
"U hen we offered our service
he was lost and glad of it. He
wasn't worried about it. He
had got as far as being lost and
was prepared to complacently
report pi ogress
“ 'ihe hotel clerk,’ he Said iir
a gentle reproachful.drawl'says 1
canfind Mallard street somewhere !
on a Sixth-street car. Ihe con
ductor of the car says 1 can’t.’
‘■Wherefore the minority lead
er had come to a stop with Ins
feet projecting over the curli
stone at Sixth and Spring
streets, and was waiting for
something to de\ Hop L> the
“ ‘I reckon,’ he said softly,’that
being named a after duck, this
must be the closed season for
Mallard street.’
“Someone, as a very common
place conversational spur, said
that this must be Mr. Williams
lirst visit to California.
“Lie took a couple of sly puffs
at his cigar and his mouth curled
into that little crooked smile.
“ ‘Cali-fo'na, 1 he said sioly.
'was to’ a long time without
“He took another slow puff at
his cigar.
*■ ‘She wated fu’ a, long time
without wine.’
“ ‘Site lifts been waitin’ IV a
longtime fo’ me. Well I’m here,
and I can’t find Mallard street.’ ”
Then, according to the Story in
the Times, the Hon. J din Sharp
lit into the scribe, who was to
“write him up,” and Hie artist,
who was to “do his picture,”
asking about this street that D
“named after a duck.” He got
on their nerves. They confessed
that they were Republicans
both of them, and, therefore,
ignorant; but tried to make a
showing against the Democrat
leader by steering him against a
‘•The Democratic gladiator,”
so the artical reads, “watched
the copper and his book with an
amused satirical expression ; the
blue coat was excitedly fumbl
ing to and fro in Hie book.
“ Hi a criminal were to be
repo’ted at large on Mallard
street,’ he reflected out loud, ‘I
don’t see what the police would
do about it. Tno safest place in
the world to commit a crime
would bo on Mallard street—
named after a duck,’ he added
Of course the policeman got
hot in the collar; but he, too
was a Republican, and John
Sharp must !::lve very
"at home,' indeed, while “Lost
in Los Angeles,” seeing that lie
had the Republican majority on
Hie ragged edge of nerves and
stumped to a standstill.
This, if we remember rightly,
was the conditon the Democrat
ic leader brought about in the
house with a view to forcing a
Republican committees to report
-nine important measures. It
worked in W ashington, and it
worked in I.os Angeles. The
Republicans, scribe, artist and
policeman, were forced to deli
ver up directions leading to the
droet “named after a duck.”
John isliarp had won again.
And had won handily. We know
Hiis from what they said, which
“M e hope the next time you
get lost you will stay lost. We
are Republicans.”
And this is an honest and
truthful expression from the
Republicans; for every blessed
me of them would stand on their
eyelashes if, (hereby, they
thought they could keep this
same John Sh iwp staked out
and lost in the tail timber of
political obi iv ion. —Com mercia!
x\ ppeal.
■ ■■■ —n. ——
Vinditta Items.
The people of this Com
munity were glad of Hie rain.
Crops were differing very much.
Quite a crowd attended
preaching at Bluff Springs Sat
urday and Sunday.
Miss Terrilla Smith and her
sister Miss Lida were the guests
of Mrs Disk-!! Saturday and
Sunday. Miss Terrilla is Vin
detla’s teacher ami we were
glad to have her in our miast
Mr. Lewis Tyner is on the sick
list with mumps.
Mrs, Lu lie James of Mehand.
is visiting her mother Mrs Red.
Air Jep Germany and wife
were at his mothers recently.
Sim OHnirn, Luther Driskell
and Tom Crocker made a living
trip to Union Saturday and re
port a wet time.
Miss Donie Driskell has re
turned from Mehand, While
there she attended the W. O. W.
picnic at Chiinkey.
Several boys from here atten
ded the \V’ O. W. Picnic at Me
iuvml and report grand time.
Mr. S. E. Dollar is gone to
Hattisburg where he will stay
for several weeks.
Mr Bara held is in our village
this morning.
Miss Gertie Oslnirn was the
guests of Mrs, Driskell Saturday
| night.
{ don’t want to worry the
| editor. Many good wishes to
j the Democrat.
__ —— .
Sister Stewart is no More.
Sister M. N.’Stewart daughter
of Elder J. G. and DrusjJ+a Cre
celius was born Dec 2(>th 18a9
to and was married J B Stewart
Sept R.ltli, 1877 and joined the
Primitive Babtist church at
Now Bethel the Second Sunday
in May 1887 and was baptised by
her father Elder J G Grecdins.
Brother Crecelins was moderator
of the Bethany Association for a
number of years but passed away
several years ago.
Sister Stewart departed (bis
life July 2nd 190S, and was buri
ed at Philadelphia the following
day ot I p m. Funeral services
were conducted.by flu- writer in
| the presence of a largo concourse
of friends and relatives. She
£'■ : —& zr- &S & SSei &e- 1- %r %r. &&-:Sr -: £-: S; *£ £.; •;-S-: e-'^SL
g %
ijl S - H -STP.'UMNO, President. Iv I’. DONALD, Vice-Pros. J. F. McCauley, Cashier. JJJ
Authorized Capital $100,000.00 W
$ Capital Paid Up 40,000.00 M
■ ■ * •* ■
; t j Profits Since January 4,300.00 W
f $
U *
ijj \v do a Mfo Banking Rnginoss, Loan on Real Estate and Pay You Jg
i/ 4- PER CEN"? ISMTEREST on Your Time Deposits—COME TO n\
VV US .and we can interest you and you can interest us—We can assist i|\
if you in having your idle money make you something. -v. f^\
W m
% f\\
!l . ®
ili Discount Committee, 2J
t?/ jay
& u. p. DONALD. 8. H. STPJBLTNG. J. D. KING.
rr7c ~7:rsa£^Xsaem*F**R^^^Vi^a^wimiax^r3ae^f=n^.**o-- ir-w'mvrr^aMOKswawr n*®* 3W(Ssm | ia <W nßm l | L ,| JU _
'rr- ' —-:-——' ——E
\{f M, P. RODGERS, PAUL J. RAINEY, Pres .1 W. GAULDING,Cashier i
j; G. W. MAIIS, Vice-Pros L. R. McDONALI), Asst-Caslir. }
| The First National -Bank of Philadelphia. j
\ 'f Capital Authorized $50,000.00, \
i[li Capital Paid In - - ss'o,nonoo. h
!■: Stockholders Liabilities - - $50,000.00. X
Undivided Profits - = $3,000.00. \
Your accounts solicited, no business to small for our careful 1 $
Uj consideration nor too large for correct accounting and proper A
r ;1 handling-. —u--v a
A Give Us A Trial. A
|| . .. |
irjj &
;b 1 )ireetors A
ifi] (i. W. MARS. J. P. SPINKS, A
A W ■ 11. M A RS, Pi J. RAI NE Y, A
!M 11 M-OLPPS, .J. 15. STEWART, A
jW N. A-CRAMP,R, L, (5. HESTER. |
’ Finance Committee. I
leaves a husband threedaughters
ami two sons to mourn her loss,
but we feel that our loss is her
eternal gain. To know her
was to love her. She was so
kind we always feel at home at
her house. She suffered a great
■ leal but bore her suffering well.
She had told her children all she
dreaded Hie sting of death and
desired to die easy, which prayer
was-answered. She died in the
rocking chair without a struggle.
The last enemy that is to be
destroyed is death. Blessed are
they flint die in the Lord fori
they cease from their labors and
t heir works do follow them. Oh
that the Lord would cause hei
dear husband and children to
follow her in her example as a
true and faithful member of the
Primitive Baptist ‘Church lor
we feel (hat we need them.
Now, in conclusion, can’t we all
join the Lords servant, where he
said the “Lord giveth and the
Lord taketh away and blessed l.e
the name of the Lord.” Way the
Lord bless us all with a recon
ciled mind is our prayer.
8 E Pennington,
Do- • ——*
Foley’s Kidney Care
\aakes Awfecyi5 and bladder right
|; T,T J'
| y : Repairing done 1
It While You Wait. 3
I! TT _™ A __ . :
.> ■ J
Philadelphia, Miss. q.
j L*>^—-Aw r -.-•• - At... sa t
aw^*JM(*.-wiiKs-antr*.(Tß I ■Hum n m ■ hir— —-TrTrrmronr———■
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