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,V'McN fcOi-Ko I MARBLES..
Political Prisoners Amused Them
selves Like Schoolboys.
How the grave ojd Boer leaders
.played marbles like schoolboys is
told in Carl .l.:p(*c's new book on the
Tran,-van I. The oi.l gentlemen were
in prison for political reasons at the
.time. Mr. .leppe says: “The re
formers congreaated all day long in
the large central square of the pris
on. which pn- Mud a most animated
scene, in ever. J revrion you could
see men j\vc“- mg their relations,
friends or ■ . ors. Between tliose
eager kuo,s cN > walked, or
loim-.ul on r. -■ ' a;.ke : ,s. read
ing. writing r.. ._r tin > with
< ar.is au u • -s " .vorfoogame,
Jinwvrr. • J >.
“It was a ST:;- g - u- see mid
dle-agv! km-a, ~•> • fiafov <>• 111 na
tion had beta a gu.;:e which the
counters consisted ..f many thou
sands uf j*Kiud>. riy .ontemiing
for the possession ■ a f,round
,stoncs of tin* value o: a si.tiling or
so to the doueii.
} .
“And it was re: u rka’dc too. as an
illustration of the fallacy of the pop
ular impression that the acquisition
of wealth is ‘all luck.’ that it was
Iho big capitalists who held all the
marbles when the and >ors of their
prison opened."
'''A _
The Caddie —Tut. .at, tut, wot m n -
KUidge! Try your luge-glass j;tf tbo
other eye, sir. .y'
T.it tie Howii whose age is five
years, 'nns afTolder brother who has
recently been admitted jo member
ship iu the boy choir of a fashion
able Episcopal church. One day
Howard heard his mother taking his
father (o task because he had never
gone to hear his older son siiur.
Howard had frequently been taken
to services by his mother or liis
grandmother, and lie seemed to lie
rather proud of the fact that among
the but] diced hoys who marched in
at the beginning of the ceremonies
and out at the close was Palmer, his
“big brother.”
One Sunday morning Howard’s
father, somewhat conscience strick
en, mayhap, said, after getting up
from the breakfast table: “Well, I
think I’ll go to church to-day and
hear Palmer sing.”
Howard looked up at him very
gravely and said: “I would advise
you to go in the afternoon. They
don’t let the preacher have so much
to do, and it’s shorter then.”—
J udgo.
TTitp is an amusing talc from"
Germany about a man who thought
ho was a very clever financier, and
yet does not, seem to have had quite
as much sense ns a boy who knows
enough to go in when it rains:
A h|fge was being towed up the
Neekar from Mannheim to Heidel
berg, and a shoemaker on the tramp,
with a large, knapsack on his back,
panic up and asked the bargeman
how much he would charge him for
0 ride on the boat. The bargeman,
who was a hit of a wag, replied:
“Fifteep kreuzers; but if you help
null, only six.” The shoemaker
thought the matter over for a
niinute or two, and, calculating that
fie would save nine kreuzers by
helping to pull, threw his bag into
|hc boat and cheerfully tugged at
the rope all the way to Heidelberg,
tvhen he forked out the six kreuzers
gild shouldered his knapsack again.
Stoekson—One day last week old
frotrox bought a lot of those “Do-it-
Now” signs and hung ’em around
|he ollice.
Bond—How did the staff take it?
Stoekson—Almost unanimously.
The cashier skipped with $30,000,
the head bookkeeper eloped with the
private secretary, three clerks asked
for nnjnereaso of salary and the of
fice boy lit out to become a highway
man and got as far west as Pit’s
burg before he was caught and drs
gfaEfr- ..
It Is In the Latter Part of May and
in June.
Fish bile best iii the latter part oi
May and in dime, according (o a
writer in the Outer's Book. This is
due to their mode of protecling
their spawning beds. In midsum
mer liny retire (o deeper water dur
ing which time fishing is very had.
After the first few cool nights ol
date slimmer they may he found
again among the weeds or on (lie
shallows. Incidentally, it mav he
• r
said that any Law which permits of
fishing before duly I is little pro
tection 10 the bass in North lake.
Them is little to he said in favor
of any particular part of the day.
It was never found that the early
morning or later afternoon hours
were he'll t than midday.
Easterly winds are host. The
northeasterly for pickerel and south
easterly for bass. While still weath
er and southwesterly winds are least
favorable. .
Times of low barometer, and. tfr
may conclude, of nnsettlei 1 whither,
arc much heller for fishij/fg than
periods of high haruuifofci'. Cloudy
weather favors pickerel, 1 ! while clear
weather is better for bass. Both
kinds considered, there i.y no ehoieo.
From this it would foAlow that a
good day for fishing would bo one
with an east wind, low karonuier,
clouds for pickerel and clefir if you
want bass. (!o out late in .May or in
early dime if yon want fish and in
early September if you are a Sports
man, and then shirt fishing i after
you have had a good break foist and
read the morning pppojv'if there is
one to lie had. and coupe in ala rea
sonable time in I lie/evening. Wheth
er these condili.i'ins would repeatedly
give us good,Wishing is the question.
The ffgmy6 shown in my tables
could havte been obtained only from
the i iti( , t,tliai gooil fishing did repeat
edly occur under just such condi
tions and with the opening of an- 1
other season it would he well to
make notes on just this point.
A young man who had become
much in forested in spiritualism was
called io tlie denililied of a very
dear relative.
On the night after her death,
wlien all hut the waieiiers had re
lived. lie began (0 wonder if the dead
one would return.
Just at that minute (here were
several quick, muffled (humps under
the table at which lie was writing.
He started, paled, and sat rigid. In
ten seconds a world of thoughts
whirled over him. Then the thump
ings were repeated, longer and loud
er. For a moment —which seemed
an age—lie was beside himself, ex
pecting (o see or hear he knew not
what. But nothing further hap
After a full minute of suspense he
gathered all his courage and. bend
ing down, looked under the table.
There, on another chair, he discov
ered the family eat, still scratching
her head, hut no longer striking the
table with her foot.—Hamer’s
Wifey—Let’s move farther up town
1 Hubby—Yes; and let’s move mother
up with him.
• “I suppose electricity will cven
, tually take the place of steam,” re
marked the mechanical chap,
j The man who lived in the apart
; ment. house shivered. “Something
j has already taken the place of steam
in my radiators,” he remarked. “I’m
| to ask the janitor what it is.”
Mrs. Gasser—l was outspoken in
my sentiment at the club this after
Mr. Gasser—l can’t believe it!
M'ho outspoke you, my dear ?—Fgek,
Ch; ncu’y Summons.
T. X. Crockett )
Wrn. U. Moon; Dry Goods Cos. et al. )
State of Mississippi, I
County of Neshoba, J
To Win II Moore Dry Goods Cos.,
Memphis Tenn.; The Globe Tailor
ing ('o.. ('jiieinnutti () ;.1 Lenfo'd
& C 0.,; Jackson Vinegar Cos., Jack
son Miss; Clark Grocery Cos,,
Memphis Team; Standard Oil
Cos., Birmingham Ala,; Clarke &
Courts, Gadsden, Texas,; Schmidt
Ziegler Ltd New Orleans La.; .1 K
Orr Shoe Cos Atlanta,Ga ; Louse-
Wiles Biscuit Cos., St Louis, Mo.;
Jacab Cohen & Sons, Petersburg.
Vu.; Murrey Dibrill Shoo Cos.,
Nashville Tenn.: Colin Bros Ml'g
Cos Meridian Miss.; Louisville
Clothing Cos Louisville Ky.; Ste
phens Putney Shoe Cos i,liclmoiul,
Va.: Mill Trunk-- ( v b Nashviille
Tenn.; S ACo i't Wayne
Ind;NVW ,/ Albany Clothing Mfg
Albany Miss.; Gauss Lan
aferhery Hat Cos St Louis Mo ;
■' Aug Wright Cos Pittsburg Va.;
Gray <t- Dudley Hardware Cos Nash
ville Tenn.; The Warren MfgCo.
Atlanta Ga.; Special Tie Cos., New
York City; Shultlewortli Clothing
Cos Louisville Ky.; D Anconia A
Cos Chicago 111.; E W Del Bandio
& tto Ltd New Orleans La.; Morris
&Cos E. St Louis 111.; Carr Wil
liams Tobacco Cos Jackson Miss.;
Mrs.) Car McCool Miss.; Mrs s S
Massey Brook vile Miss; .1 B
Hughs Stallo Miss; K B Massey
Stallo Miss; Ami all other credi
tors of the late S .1 Massey of Phil
adelphia Mississippi.
You are hereby Commanded to
app; ar before the Chancery Court of
said County and State on the second
Monday In July, 19(H), to plead, ans
wer or demur to the petitson in
Assignment Hied against you by T
N Crockett, Assegnee. S J Massey
Wherein you arc made parties de
And further to prove your claims
According to law before the next
regular term of this Court to he
hidden on the second Monday in
Nov lilt,ll.
Given under my hand and seal
this lire 27th day of May ISKIH.
F B Dewees
Chancery Clerk.
Eve ry Cos m m u n i ty need s
j a first class Drug Store.)
j You never know at what
hour you may be desper
ately in need of one of the!
thousands of things, such ■
a place must keep to be
first class.
Then everthing in such
a store must be fresh and
pure. No dead drugs,
that are powerless as
curative agencies, and fail
you in time of need. Our
effort is towards giving
Philadelphia and this
community as good Drug
facilities as can be had
any where.
Cadenhead’s Drug Store.
On Improved Real Estate,
In The
Town of Philadelphia.
Easy Payments.
Earl S Richardson.
Spring Jewelry.
A ring for the baby,
A watch for the lady,
A fob for the man,
And everything grand,
For all, young or old
Made of the purest gold.
Call and see our line
before you buy
W. M. Dansby
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Rural Diplomacy.
Judgln from the price ye charged
mo, neighbor, ye put three gallon uv
m’lasses in a two-gallon jug. Naow I
aint b’grudgin’ ihe money, but 1
don't cal-late ter hev the jug
Ar.cJ. Listen to Its Dic.atec.
Washington: Keep a lve in your
breast that little spark of celestial
lire called conscience.
A Thrilling: Keseue,
| How Bert R Lean of Gheny
Wash, was saved from a fright
ful death is a story to thrill the
| world. “A hard cold," ho:
| writes, “brought on a desprate ,
j lung troubld that baffled an j
j expert doctor here. Then 1
paid |lO to O' 15 a visit to a lung
specialist in Spokane, who did 1
not help me. Then I went to
California, but wihout benifit. :
At last 1 used Dr King’s New .
Discovery, which completely!
cured me and now lam as well j
as ever.’’ For Lung Trouble,
Bronchitis Coughs and Colds,
Asthma. Croup and Whooping
Cough its supreme. 50c and SI.OO,
Trail bottle free. Guaranteed
by Mars Bros.
Trespass Notice
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons not to trespass on any of the
lands owned by Watrons & Snyder
It is not the wish of the company to
deal harshly with anyone hut all]
trespass must cease.
E. M. Werkheiser,
Women Who Are Envied.
Those attractive women who
are lovely in the face, form and
temper are the envy of many,
who might be like them. A
weak sickly woman will
be nevous and irritable. Con
stipation or Kidney poisons show
in pimples, blotches, skin erup
tion and a wretched complexion.
For all such, Electric Bittiers
work wonders. They regulate
Stomach, Liver and Kidneys,
purify the blood; give strong
nerves, bright eyes, pure breach
smooth, velvety skin, lovely
complexion. Many charming
women owe their health and
beauty to them 50c atMars Bros .
—• a—
Wanted to Lease.
Any one wanting to lease or re
lease any of (lie open lands of tl.o
Deetner Ml’g, Cos. for 1909, can do so
by applying to
E M. Werkheis. r,
Land & Timber Agt.
Could Not Uo Heitor.
No one has made a salve, oint
ment, lotion or balm to compare
with Bucklen’s Arnica Salve.
Its the perfect healer of Cuts,
Corns, Burns, Bruses, Sores,
Scalds, Boils, Ulcers, Eczema,
Salt Rheum. For Sore Eyes,
Cold Sores, Chapped Hands its
Supreme Infallible for Files.
Only 25c. at Mars Bros.
Administrator’s Notice.
State of Mississippi, /
Neshooba County. (
To all persons having claims against
Ihe estate nf W. T P. Warren, De
ceased :
j Von will prohate and register the
same with the Chancery Clerk of
said county and state within one
year irum the elate hereof.
| A failure to probate and register
any claim within said time will for
ever bar the payment, of the same.
This the 22nd day of May, A. J).
W. A. Stockton,
Trouble Makers Outstead
When a sufferer from stomach*
trouble takes Or. Kings Now
Life Pills he’s mighty glad to see
his Depepsia and Indigestion fly.
bnt more-he’s tickled over his
new, fine appetite, strong nerves
healthy vigor, all because stom
ach, liver and kidneys now work
right,. 25c at Mars Bros.
Qet a fit.
Eyes Tested Free.
Call and See
W. M. Dansbv
Flie Jewler.
Neglecting the Eyes.
oniTin nnn 01 V't eyes ma y result not
NeLct of th ' bUt ,n a )00 >’ Wn.
neglect ol (he eyes, weakening of the
evofl. causes wrinkles, screws up [I
ami id.m m ° St Unbea,lt) ‘ vl '>K fHsiuon.
about S! r ,,OH ° r liny rr owafeet
about the face and forehead.
I See About It Now. I
You have a lot of worn shoes and per-
'1 chance some good harness which need £
1 *
just a bit of repair. .lust gather them h
\\ up and bring them to me and I will A
p t ] repair them for you. Ido all kinds ot hi
>j leather repair work and make my work •{]
ji .
A give satisfaction.
I ' P
|[| Ax® JL* i l{j
liol ■ pi
ji|lj McKinney Building. Philadelphia, Miss. ( [{J
M _ _ l|
■urmTii mm —■■TMMaiBB'WwaM—eCBWM——■■ ——l 1 ■ ——MB ■ kmeb MMWUKWbORMMtfi junq
jo zoßntsx wild 'jest'Toi'* wstiffl v*% sjcks® y-xtw!asTO3XPOTCMxwfiHwadc?®Amia^iptnn''
j|U Coffins a "d Caskets j
I will sell anylhing in a Complete Line of
('olVins and baskets.also Ladies’ iimH rents’ |||
I IXoxapatjsr, - - - - - Miss. 11l
& JL -. * M
t rtarw).r>-iw> ~r.<.tear, ytn. >. m*u jlw.i r 7r^*.*iarra>’w<K^rxra
STOV E lllAf.nf
i"® 01 s c ,j, “ WO vW ,1 Mis M eT
r § H a, w w a* a
|A. Ja &H.Bn HU rc HINSON
Jut . ~ - ■■■ ----------
I Commissioner’s Sale.
The St:iti- of Mississippi, k
Neshoba County. j
JCMcHeath. f
MrsM (' H en-on. S
B,\ virtue of a decree of theCban
-1 eery Court of said County rendered
I iii tlieabov* sty led cause outlie llt.li
I iluy of May. A. 1), Itiaa at the May
Term, A.!) I;;.;!) of sa id Court, i, the
Hitch rsigned. duly appointed Special
Commissioner of s ml Genet. will, mi
(heath day of July, A. I>. I!)(>!). he-■
twee It the hours of eleven o’cleek A,
M. illiil four o’clock, I‘. *M„ sell at
Phthibelphia, Mississippi, in said
Neshoba County, to the highest bid
der or bidders for Cash,, the follow
described real estate, sitnated in the
Conttfy of Neshoba, in the State of
Mississippi, to-Avit: N. K 1-4 of S. E. ■
1-1. See. 8, T 9, 11 HI, East, Said Sale
will he made to satisfy a decree of
said Court for $.‘'61.25 and all eo-d in
the above styled cause,
j Dated this the 21th day of May, A.
I). 1909.
F. B lie wees,
Special Com miss lone
Chancery Summons.
The State of Mississippi, /
County of Neshoba. \
To P. S. Barber, John Unaeld, W M.
Hall, J. A. Saveli, A. \V. More
land, and .1. M. 110..pe.r and all
persons having or claiming any
j interest in the following clercribed
, lands, towit;
I SK 1-4. & E ,kj of 8W 1-4. & SE 1-4,
l of NE 1-4 of Section 17, & \V r.. 0 f
i S\V 1-4, & S k, of SW 1-4 of N\V *l-4
of Section Its, all in Township 11
North, Range 10 East, in Neshoba
County Mirsissippi. You are here
by commanded to appear belore the
Honorable Chancery Court of said
County at Rules on the second Mon
day in Sept, 1900. to defend a suit in
said Court of .Mrs (V A. Slaughter
to quiet and confirm her title to
said land wherein you are made
parties defendants.
This 12th day of May, a. 1). lotto.
F B. Dewees.
Civilization Advancing.
The introduction of fried straw
berries marks the furthest roach of
c vilizatlon. When people crave a deli
cacy that is a desecration of all that
■J® n ’ eßh arul swee t and wholesome in
(he natural life, they are far far
gone In civilization.— Ht. Louis Post- !
Dispatch. .1
homestead Notice.
i . S. Land <)filet' a t .L;eksom, M iss. /
May 21. I fit (9. i
Notice is hereby given that Leoni
das McMurry, of Jvi Libiirg, Miss.,
who, on Mirch 7, 1994, made Home
stead entry, No. 09)19, Serial, No.
1)1017, for the N l.j of NKLj, amt SF’-j
•and \ld |. and NF, 1-4 of SF, 1 4, Section
di, Township 12 North, Range HI
East, Choctaw Meridian, Ims filed
notice of Ini mtioii to make Final
live-year Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before th * j
Clerk of the Chancery Court of
Neshoba County, at Philadelphia,
miss., on tne hid day of .Inly, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
S. S. Barks, .1. N, Shtimaker, .1. C.
Pushing, and C. L. McMurry, All of
Edinhnrg, M iss.
Ij. Q. C. I i*t him r.
Petition for Pardon.
State of Mississippi,/
Neshoba < lotto (y, (
To His Excellency K. F. Noel’
Your petitioner, Ed Willi?, res
pectfully represent that at the July
i Term of the Circuit Court of Nesh
oba County, 1908 he was convicted;
ot manslaughter and sentenced by
the < ottiT to hard labor in the pettc-|
i Wit tin ry for a period of lifteetil
1 years. Your petitioner
mlie lollowing reasons for pardotjJ
; ' vhi( ’ il i,,! P< titlons at your Kxcelll
j 1 ne\ - hands; Ist Me is ni)t guiltw
lof the crime for which he was coni
i viered. which is manifest from the 1
| record in the case. That he wal
j convicted upon the testimony of|
I the father of the deceased, and a
'eiy small negro boy who was
under the Influence of the
Roth of these witnesses state that
they saw the homicide and made'
petitiouertheaggressort herein while
the testimony of Mr. Joe Farish, on|
of the most prominent white menaucl
reliable citizens in the eommnnty
shows that nether of these negroe*
note in a position to see the homi
cide. Petitioner is a pore, hardwork
ing Indian who Ims always sustain''
ed a good character in the neight*"
borhood in which he has alwaV
lived Pettioner will persent to yof
Excellency petitions asking for his
paidon embracing every white in aft
m thatsection being citizens of N
ehobaand Winston Counties whft
know your petltoimr and the dca|
man in his lifetime,and the witting* 1
es in the case.
Respectfully binitted
Ed Willis!
iiy Jones S' Jones Any-- tov I’et-1
t P' 'it l . | * 'tfmlzi/'

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