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.*55 rr " “ :\ 9
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iLIjT Srmprraij:
• i
Local News. „<
% .#
Mr. A. J. Patterson has a
sick chihl.
.Mrs. J. P. Cooper is visit
ing in Louisville.
Mrs. F. 1,. Bryan is on the
sick list this week.
Mr. U. ('. Byrd was over
at Meridian Saturday.
.1. B. Hughs at Stallo is
putting on a. sale today.
Mr. L. Mutt and family
visited at Fnion Sun lav.
Mr. .1. B. Hillman at ten
ded court at Stallo Satur
Mr. Albert Kirkland has
sold his barber shop to a
Mr. Roberts.
Mr. Bob Smith was here
this week si* 11 i lie' musical
hist rumen! s.
Mr. .1. A. Myers and lit tle
son spent Sunday with Mr.
Myers' parents.
Mr. W. R. Hart spent
Saturday and Sunday visit
ing in Meridian.
Mr. X. A.. Fox was down
from near Xoxapater Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. >l. L. Lester is having
a home built on his lot near
Mr. .1. F. McCauley's.
If you want some cheap'
goods visit •!. B. I lushes at I
Stallo in the next 1 0 days, j
Miss Rachel 1)a vis. of Mer-1
idian. \ isit■<| here ! his week
the guest. of Mrs. W. 1. Lake. 1
Mrs. Dr. Rush and child
ren visited at 1 >ecat nr Sun- 1
day. the guest s <if M is.
(idles] lie.
Mr. Wilber McMinn and
1). I). Lee were over from
beat 5 yesterday transact-:
in<*; some business.
We sympathize with Mr. I
and M rs. A b I)e Weese in the
dea t h of t heir baby which ,
died yesterday moraine;.
The meet me- begins a I the ,
Ba.pt ist church next Snnd.ay.
Rev. Luther 1!olcomb will
lie here to do t In? preach hie'. :
The M a.ssey stock < if goods'
was sold Monday to the
highest, bidder. Mr. M. A.
Henderson being the parch-:
Mr C. L. Mclva v placed a !
• . * *
piano in Ihe home of W. M,
Lewis last week and another
with Mr. (). B. Fox this
The convict gang was re- i
duced to one last Fridav
night by the escape of a
negro trusty whose t ime
was nearly up.
Miss Lyda Robert s, of j
Meridian, and Miss Lizzie I
Hussey, of Lockhart, are
visiting’ here, the guests of
the Misses Clayton.
Mr. A. ,1. Terrell visited
home folks at Picayune tin?
latter part of last week, re
turning’ Sunday accompani
ed by his sister. Miss Nancy.
Mr. W. T. Crawford and
Mr. Sam Young’ were dojwu
from Xoxapater Mondavi to
attend an Interesting u?et
ing of til3' Knights of B vh-
Mr. R. L. Farmer is over
from Meridian this week.
looking after the music in
t hi s section,
• ■- <*
i Sheriff R. C Mo ore and
deputy sheriff .!. C. Moore
went down to Neshoba Sun
day and brought back Mr.
, Tom Laugdou who was
t ried in ;i lunacy c<mrt Mon
i day and committed to the
i asylum. Mr. .1. C. Moore
ca cried him (ivrr t o Meridian
| Monday afternoon.
Rev. \\ . Ij. Hamrick re
(piests us to annoniici' 1 hat
tile Protestant Methodist
will begin a. meeting of da,vs
in Ibe M. L. ( 'hnreh here
at 1 1:')() o'clock on S it,urday
1 iehire the second Sunday in
duly. Rev. R. H. M. Wat
son. of I 'riel, Miss., will do
the preaching.
- a -
I’lie local hull team cross
cd bats wit h the L<HiLville
team in ihrcc games last
Friday and Sal urday, win
ning’ one and losing Iwo We
understand that Louisville
w ill be down Sat urday for
ain’t her bout in the aft er
iioon of t hat, day, while Dee-
Uier will ill (crest, the locals
in the forenoon.
Aliy, and. B. Hillman spent
Monday and Tuesday of t his
week m t lie eastern part, of
t Ins county and in t lie west
ern part: of Kemper county,
looking after some legal
business. He reports crop
com!it ions bet ter l here than
•1 A Myers made an exten
ded trip lust week on the
look out for a violator of
t Ik- law. hut wit hunt succ
ess. < >l l lhe t rip he stopped
off at Newton. Meridian.
Laurel, Unitislmrg. Bnrvis.
Mt. < Mlive. dackson. Durant,
Kosciusko and Ackerman.
Wit h the exception of the
crops in Lamar county, he
reports everything in as
bad way as here, and in
some sect ions, worse.
* —-x) -
M rs. and . W. Ca aiding re
turned home Saturday,
after spending several weeks
with her mother at New
Albany. We art 1 glad to
not a 1 that her mot her is
d'he many friends of Prof.
•I. M . Wadswort h are glad
to welcome him hack in onr
midis!. T!ie Prof, is now
an at torney, ha ving comple
ted his law (“ducat,ion at
Li'bamm. and having taken
the examinat ion at duck
son. We are not advised
where he will en ter Ihe ae
-1 ive praetice.
Mr. and. B. St ewa rt, of this
place, and Miss ( dara • 1 Vrry.
ol Ldinbiirg, wen* married
Sunday morning about B
o'clock, ret ni'ii(“d here and
left of tin* afternoon t rain
for a I rip. t along t in*
train at I teenier to a void the
congratulations of friends.
They will go to Brooksville
|a ad out from t here (o where
I Mr. Stewart has an interest
in a, mercantile business,
i ' hey a,re expected to return
about s ( ,i. urday. The
I Democrat joinstheir many
| friends in wishing* them a
long and happy life toge-
I ther.
Special Premiums.
The following special pre
miums have b“en offered to |
lx* competed for at t in* Nesh- i
John. Fair, viz:
For the best old time fid-;
dler, perfoi mirg on the i os
t rum, aS! < t (.H i tiddle. — 1 .L.
,\I i • K a v.
I'or the L? 1 1 (i best pair ol
R, I. Red chickens, sa me to
he mine, one pair S-> at) “Red
M ’ shoes.—N. A. dohnson.
Mr. il. L Rav came on I
from Birmingham Sunday
,uml went out to Mr. T. B.
■lay‘s when* Mrs. Ray and
| ehildn*ii have been spending
11 in* past two weeks. We are
deformed that Mr. Ray is
1 1 hiaking of moving to this
plan* in t hi* no distant fn
t are.
Mr .1 M Fulton of < 1 rang(*r
Texas is here.
EM—- V ->
I Ankli* strap pumps. All
1 sizes, at 1 Miiladeiphht Sinx*
New Books just received
at I 'mienhead. Drug St ore.
Tin* famous “.Inlia .Mar
ti >we'' an* sold Iy the Bhila
del pi iin Shoe to. Snap,
comfart. stvle ami (pmiity.
&m— £ --.<J
d'he cha rt er of t in* i Mii la
- 1 lonselnild , of
('olnmbinn Woid ma a
Ims been reopened and
Deputy C.meal <Jem-ral F. !’>.
Cammage’ of Newton, spent
a few days of hist week
li e rt* in the interest of
order, res n 1 t in g
in a meet ing being held Fri
da y night aml eiglit new
j members being added and
| several others reinstated*
; This order was organized
: here about two years ago
i with a good membership,
| but from some cause very
i few meet lugs have been held
land mosi people thought
\ the local organizat ion had
ceased to exist. But quite
I lie contrary is found to
lx* the case. Twent y-f(mr
inemhers ha ve held t o the
fait h ami arc well pleased
| wit It t in* order which will
i doubt less hereafter be kept
in working shape. Another
meeting wili be held Friday
| night and more new mem
bers u ill be init hired. Mr.
i ,
Cammuge is expected to re
t urn for the meet ing.
W*- 9
“I've got ;i woiulcrt* ll l buy." said
i the father of live. "My oldest,, i
: mean. lie came to me the other
j night with a subject for composi
: lion. He asked me oH'luuul to write
iit for him. I pal down mv paper
I and wrote it. I fiattered myself
• that I did raiher well with that
| coiapovi j ion, it lacing been some
lime since I had bad occasion to
■ write one. tint I hardly expected
(la'encomium I got from him. The
1 next day at dinner I hue be came
rushing homo, hurried up to me ,
i ana slapped me on I lie back.
*■’Hurrah for yon, hops!' he
: cried. 'Von are all right 1 You
[ stand third in the class.' "
Considers Us Optimists.
Americans, boll) men and women.
! are more callable. Rental and . ■ u<• tli
tempered than Kurnpoans b'ciu-e
they do noi take li v an ynmd serious,
but always see live humorous side
of every siinalmn, however untoward.;
in which (Ivy happen to find them* j
selves. —London g!-cich.
A1 ’■*, .. ■ * . , .
A ■ a. ■■■•■! h ■ ’ dovn
i ay gru f i/' and r. ' mu' • ... . •. e”/t io
! Ini: some )ii:.*!:! ’e. ' dm- ■> 1 1; j■ ■
1 iif| pnliic dr;. \vh i diar.o lose ecu.us ■
lin I'eej haapry for a h-uf-st: ak. — ■
I Thai h'erav.
Interesting Things Concerning Their
Nature and Gualmcs
If a box six n-et u .■•.-p was (illej
with sea water, which was then al
lowed to evaporate, there would be
two indies of sail 101 l m the bottom
of the box. Taking the average
depth ol the ou an o be three unics.
there would lea laver .>1 -U
feet thick covering tb- 1 • ,u
c.a-t all the water i .
In nuny ph x < .■■ p
far h, ilc- w; i .. ,
tiie liott.uu upward.
Vi lives aiv dccejilive i' '. ;;. To
look ai them one won! 1 r a
- that the v. k . a ,-r
I raveled. This, howevt >.
The water slays ill Ihe ...
Ini! the fnol ion goes oa. i ;
storms waves are syinel k
high and their crests tr. •i*, t
an hour. The base of a \..<• ;
distance from vallev to \ ''. . ) is
usually considered as h.. I,">
times (.he height of the wave.
Therefore, a wave '.’o f.■; ;k h
would have a base extendi; ;,;
'I he force of wave- hr--a’ *' on
the short* i- 1 i ions i > ilu i
in. h. —Sum In v Max', h tie.
£tv AT • -s
\i \hs4 • : A
Xy ■ ■*. -,X r\
jr /: . >■ : v\
T-.u-;: y t.\
i'd V
s#, A;#
L :
Was your \ ilo angry with you for
gelling home late lasi night,?"
Angry! Why, m.v .]-nr man, she
aelually threw (lowers at me."
"Well, how do you a. .-.umt for that
black eye?”
"Oh! She forgot to lake 'em out
of the pots!”
A well-known artist was engaged
upon a sacred picture. A hand
some old mode! mine and Sg.kih a
for the head of Sr. Mark, hut when
the picture was finished he was PT
sight of. The other day, hov.-eter,
Ihe artist, wandering about Iho 7, .o
legieal gardens, came upon bis old
model with a broom in h - land
looking very disconsolate.
"Halloo. Smith." a ; d h-*, 'Aon
deni look very ehterv. Thai are
yon r! dug m,w
"W ell. I am t doin' mneh. sir,
aial lliars a lad. I m e;i■ agi din
thi i■ 'ei* gardens a-c|eari n‘ honl Ihe
helepha ill -s( allies a niee o ■,-n pa
lion for one o' the Ik ano.-a !.-s, ain't
it, ■iT?"- The Taller.
Haniel Lord, ,!r., a.- 1 ■
signed his name, year ■ a v a
shining light of the New York bar
and bad no small idea of bis o- a
impoi'i a nee. On one o . - ; on lie
was arguing a ease belorc ike eonrr
of appeals when a conii r\ hr r
ash .1 l'harlos (’('..nor : I of
the gent lonian who w; ■ 0.-.i!; i mg.
‘‘That, sir." replied M;• (ft
who was raiiier Jieltled at -■ > 111 < ■ 1 1 1 : n g
I ( I had aid. ‘'is 1) el I
ami lie puts the ‘jnni >r* ;. " r his
name so 1 hat he ma. me I e
laken for iln’- Almighty."
dnliim (trenixner, of M l ic nort,
Pa., brought some medicine from an
agent to eiiiv a cancer. It did not
cure the cancer, hut it grew a line
crop of hag ;■ on his l;.v I, tl .nigh
for 15 vears he had b< cn k : ;!d. He
is i I years old. The medicine
p' ne ! IPs scalp -tv.relv for a few
day,-, \ Inn the hair broke through
and began to grow soli and line.
The agent thinks lie has a fortune
in Ids earner medicine, antway.
"Miss llnssie goes in for everv
lIU eg. (militant IV doing
son;.-Ilung. ’
’A es. Imt the one thing she is do
ing im. t leadily she won't admit,"’
"WJiatT that?”
“Growing older.”
fpf mm ? r iT: v s ff-:m
| ICM Time Fiddling Contest.! 3
!£ \l SIO.OO Fiddle Given Away. j S
g l:i _____ :! I
Ip- 1! i |
t ! 0
!>. ■<> l or the best “OLD TIME 1; 3
FIDDLER”, performingon k 3
the rostrum at the “NES- o •*
HOBA FAIR”, this ses- fl
sion, p.t a time ap = \\ ti
( ) \<
pointed in the Program, j,; g
I win give to the success- || H
<■ s'u 3 Competitor a SIO.OO j b
iF iS , I IDUU:. g
The Committee to decide the 3
>i >) Contest will be selected bv the II iS
*■- o * and
i'C President and Secretary of the b a
|i £ ' a!r ‘ ji |
A <\ "'-■ I ti
I I C. L* McKAY, il |
m ii Oeale-in I 2
F ‘k
Musical instruments, c .3
it ;> Philadelphia, Miss. |
ffzzl 1
!. , ••. * y jktkA^agijQttQHq^ag
—■ -
deport of I Ik> ('.unlit ion of
Ml i ’! 1 iI; I<l < ■ 1 jiliiii in I Ik* Slop* of Mississippi,
At llli* Close of i lllsi Hess. .1 II IK' do. 1000.
! c‘ss< n ! ives.
n -!?>;• 1 i;-.: , sso 712 77
</ • ri . i . .1 !•■•! .1 in I Uiistuninnl . ... 21.0-1727
1 • .I: ml > •.•■• ■i • ■ d.c, *n 50,000 00
P." ill 1 Cil.*-- •>M |}o.Js I ;<7(| ; } j
ii<Mint , loii iiilu;. . u;.u 2:.* 7.tM2 11
I’ t' • Bulks Mini !'. nk-r.-, . . 1,052 76
I ' 'in a. ,* .-••! r rv 1.l - O.IMTJ 01
1 " . s \ll (I 1, t) 1 . •j • 1 •, •, ; •1 i 1 .■, 225 11
N- •?' *ti r N.-il:i Banks . . ||J5 no
1- ' •>■*:*! c,i:> *r 1 m ■-li. y . iii- kfl.s. Mini coins M 25(52
l.AWin. Moniiv Ur.sCKvi-: in Bank, viz;
L . i-! i * 1 not- ISO OH 1,27(5 70
li (!• ri ;1 "i I mid with l S. Tjv cii-ei' sj. r o.hil of idrcuJ.T
I*i <ll >! ii t i ets:
( ' ' ‘ ! ‘ 1* 1 •' m . $50,000 00
S; 'V l '* Fund 2,500 00
! '* !'■.'! -; ,In. 1 and L'!■:<•.; '.lid ... il Util -12
■Cm 111 c n"l 1 - ■ ml,- 1 mdin:.' ........ 50 000 00
I) • ’- - t 1' ■ 1 : oiks :• id 1 *;;.-i . .‘11212
IaC• : -11 ■: ■: I. i:i 15 ■I! dm -1 ! . 55.(100 05
r. ''•! ili* • '-I 1 1 i it .. 12.H0 00
Cal ! \:•)I 1 . 1 -i*■; eli -1 *.,• r■ i .(l ■ • 1 1.• •.• •i dp in for money borrowed 5,000 00
Laib.id j • r 1 li ni tin.>- ;iloV'- sl;il<stl
Sen nl' .V NdT-i{>pi, (dimly >t’ Ncsliohji, ss;
! .W . (*;t uiß in;:, ('asiiicr of 111 < nhovc-nonuul hank,
ti >t.\ "imil;, s\\( irlli.i: tic ;thd\ • is true to tlw
h s( i. 11 y know ! < ; ami hHiel*.
and. W. < i t Hiding. < kisliior.
Snh - I ami -WMini id Imlniv in. this day <d’
.Ini.' - ! 11. V. H. I )d\VddS,
< noric.
(’* .itcl .\ t(- - 4 :
W . Si; \V. fi. Mai-. 11. i(. Mol pus. Directors.
ill ; ’ tilt VIH'XS. liellS 1 1 11 ( i
i.o-o-s 'lk ir s ail*. Sim* Walter
1 >:i vii Isi in ala 1 ;gel Il ls [11 ires,
I Mi ila(i(• i j >llia, iss.
ilall a i; sin ics Uu - men and
Wimail ;j Ii 1! tila 1 1 f * 1 1 1 1 1 i a Slioo :
t >. These a re* tin* I'li il limit
in .-line iaa king:. See t ln*iu.
For Tvpeu idler supplies
(/a.! iat litis (ill in*. \\ e keep
riidnats for all makes of!
macliim sas well as earhon,
, ;i] n r ami writ iag paper.
i ki ii on t , I McKay, IMtil - j
adeipida. .Miss, tor tin* itest,j
in I’arli tr and I 'lia|)i*l or |
ft*- w -■;
Han't forget i aat Cl. Mi
ld ay si'll,s tin* 1 test 1 ’ianos on
I lie ma tTel. Set* (he list in
this week’s pa per it ml write
or eail on him for terms ami
Nice line 11,1 1 the latest lie
t imt at I adenUead. Drug* pp
In lousiness Again,
1 desire to inform mv
friends a ml enst oniers tint t !
have purchased my grocery
hasiness back, and t lint, I
am ready t > > serve yon as in
ihe past. 1 nm now per
manently located here, ha,'’-
M'.gf :t handom'd all idea, of
ever leaving. My present
;i rr;i 1 1e'entei 1 1 s ('iiit inbles me
I" serve yon better than
ever before, and 1 trust I
shad be able to merit a
share ol your patronage.
Bet me t hank you for the
very liberal patronage von
hn Vi* accorded me, anil as
sll in * y oii t 1 1a I I will <n n i iniu*
lo show my apprecation
by richt prices ami conrte
ott-s t,refitment.
Votirs Intelv,
A .1 Idattersi>n
\ new line of washable lap
‘in. lets fit I*. IT Horne’t*;
( fill and see them.

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