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V Wild Blizzard llaging
brings danger, suffering -often
death- to thousands, who take
colds, coughs and lagrippe-that
terrior of Winter and Spring.
Its danger signals are ‘‘stuffed
up,” nostrils, lower part of the
nose sore, chills and fever, pain
in back of head, and a throat
grigging cough. When Grip at
tacks, as you value your life,
don’t delay getting Dr. King’s
New Discovery. ‘‘One bottle
cured me,” writes A. L. Dunn,
of Pine valley. Miss., “after be
ing ‘laid up’ three weeks with |
Grip.’’ For sore, lungs, Hemor
rhages, Coughs, Colds, Whoop -
ing Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma. |
its supreme. 50c. 81.00. Guar- |
anteed by Mars Bros.
. By vjrtue of authority confered
upon me as trustee in a certain trust j
deed executed by Laura Strihiing I
Dec. 21st, 190 T to secure an indebted
ness of 1300.00 hearing 10 per cent
and due Oct. 15lh, 1908 to W. A.Clat k
which trust deed was duly recorded
on the records of the Chancery
Clerk’s office of Neshoba County in
Mortgage Record Book No. IT at page
133 on the loth day of Jan. 1908. and
on which trust deed there is still due
the sum of $252.11. 1 will therefore
on the Ist Monday and Tth day of
February 1910 at the north door of
ttie Court House in the town of Phil
adelphia, Miss., within legal hours
sell to the highest and best bidder
for cash the following described
property towit: E 1-2 of .S \V 1-4
(Section 18. Township 10, Range 10
east situated in Neshoba County
Miss. .Said property will be sold to
satisfy the above indebtedness and
tue cost of executing this trust.
Witness my hand and signature
this Jan. 3rd, 1910.
H. L. Austin, Trustee
■— <♦- ♦

A Wretched Mist tike,
to endure the itching, painful
distress of Piles. There’s no
need to Litsen; “1 suffered much
from Piles,” writes .Will. A
Marsh, of Siler City, N. C. “till
I got a box of Bucklen’s Arnica
Salve, and was soon cured.”
Burns, Bods, Ulcers, Fever
Sores, Fozema, Cuts, Chapped
hands, Chilblains, vanish before
it. 2oc. at Mars Bros.
mi ■ m Mm
Road Notice.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received until 12 o’clock
M, on the Ist Monday and Tth day of
February, 1910, to work the public
roads of Neshoba County. Miss, not
already contracted, according to
plans and specifications on file on
page 459 minute hook 5, Chancery
Clerk’s oifice Neshoba County Con
tractors to give bond in amount to
’double the bids, with two or more
sureties, to he delivered to the Clerk
of this Board within thirty days af
ter contract. [Subject to terms here
in proxided on page 259 and 260.
Said roads are as follows, to-wit:
All roads heretofore ordered to be
advertised and not advertised and
other roads, to-wit:
Philadelphia and New Ireland
road from fork of Philadelphia and
Dixon road near Good Hope church
to beat line.
Philadelphia and Dixon road front
Kentauka bridge to heat line.
Meridian and Edinburg road from
fairground to Lonesalaka swamp.
Bcisson and Daniel road from in
corporation line to beat line.
Road from Bethsadie 'church via
J. K- Smiths to beat line west.
Road from Nowell’s mill co O. L.
Williams place.
Road from V. B. Greens to near
Salem church known as Plattsburg
and Burnside road.
Edinburg and Louisville road from
• near Barrett-, mill to Leake county
Philadelphia and Louisville road
from river brfd'ge at Lake crossing
via W. A. Moores to Winston coun
ty line.
And all other roads not heretofore
The roads heretofore ordered to
be advertised and not advertised
and which are to be let are as fol
Dixon and Walnut Grove road
from Dixon to County line.
Road leading from Edinburg and
Luke road via Brack Harrisons mill
and Jim Turners to Meridian and
Carthage road.
New Neshoba road from beat line
to Will Waltons.
And all other roads not already
F. B. Dewees,
J/'feylt Board Supervisors.
Trustee’s Notice.
State of Mississippi,
Neshoba Cos.
By virtue of the authority vested in
me in a certain deed of trust execut
ed by Eugene Strihiing, Laura Strib
ling and Annie Lewis to M rs. Annie
Henson on the 19th day of Not.
19l)b to secure an indebtedness due
the said Mrs. Annie Henson, and
which deed of trust is recorded in
Book lb, page 11.10 in the Chancery
Clerk's office of said County and
State, and in which trust deed ! was
made Trustee. I will on the Ist
Monday in Feb. 1910 offer for sale
and sell to the highest bidder for cash
in front of the north door ol the
court house in said county and State
within legal hours, the following de
scribed property situated in sad coun
ty and state, to-wit; S 1-2 of SW
1-4, Sec. 7, I'. 11, R. 12 E. The
said property will be sold to satisfy
the indebtedness mentioned in said
trust deed and expenses of executing
\\ itness my signature, this the l.lh
day of Dec. 1909.
G. E. Wilson, Trustee.
A TraveLii" - Salesman
H. F. Beers. 617-6th Ave.,
Peoria, 111., writes: “1 have been
troubled for some time with
kidney trouble, ,oC severely at
! times I could scarcely carry my
grips. After using one bottle
of Foley’s Kidney Pills I have
been entirely releived, and
cheerfully recommend them to
all.” Foley’s Kidney Pills are
healing ar.d antiseptic and will
restore health and strength.
Sold by all Druggists.
By virtue of the authority con
ferred on me as Substuted Trustee
in a certain deed of trust executed
on the Bth day of August, 1908, by
Charley Penry and wile Mary Pen
ry to secure an indebtedness there
in named to J. I). Milling which
trust deed was on Nov. 10, 1008 duly
transferred to A, DeWeeseand was
on tin* 6th day of June, 1909 duly
transferred to Chap Duncan in
which trust deed J. 1,. Milling was
made Trustee, who on the iilst of
December, 1909, refused to act, and
I was duly appointed substituted
Trustee, which trust deed together
with said transfers, refusal and ap
pointment appears of record in the
Chancery Clerk’s office in the town
of Philadelphia, Miss., in Deed Book
1", Page 417. 1 will on the Ist Mon
day of February 1910, in front of the
north door of the Court House in the
town of Philadelphia, Miss., sell to
the highest bidder for cash the fol
lowing described land situated in
Neshoba County, Miss., to-wit;
Beginning at the SKcorner of the
block of land sold to J. M Leach by
J. D. Milling in the year 1900 and
running S To yds, thence W 70 yds,
thence N 70 yds, thence E To yds
along the south line of the land sold
J. M. Leach to starting point in Tec.
25, T. 11. R. 11. Said .-ale will he
made to sati-fy said indebtedness
and the cost of executing this trust.
Witness my signature, this Sth day
of January 1910.
K. S. Richat dson,
Substituted Trustee.
K v®
f* 1 * uuuj \xS.
F armers
r* Beg n Now to Study j
Their Land for next
Year s Crop.
For twelve years we have experimented
and tested different crops all Mississispi,
Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and
Louisiana, keeping careful accounts of
Jesuits in order to c help the'farmer secure
Viest results and to perfect our brands for
use in these states. This information is
at your service. Write us your needs.
Tenn. Valley Fertilizer Cos.
Trustee’s Notice.
Suite uf M iisissippi. \
Co. I
By virtue of nuthority vested in
me in a certain deed of trust execu
ted I>\ C. A. I’edeti and wife A. S.
Pod on to J L Smith ou the 10th day
of March 11*00 to secure an indebted
ness due tin said .1 !. Smith of ($o2o)
three hnmlre I and twenty-live
dollar .and said trust deed i- re
corded in book 20 at page lid in the
Chancels ( Terk-olliee ef said coun
ty and state, and in which trust deed
i was made trustee. 1 will on tiu
first M onlay in February Him. s •!!
to tin- login -t bidder fn <*ash in
front of the non li doer of the emit
lion e in said enmity an t st.ite will -
in legal hours, the Roving d< scrib
ed property 'ini in said county
aml .i *e,t i- . t ; r \ Tot N A ', t .
See ;Jd i I! U ! i-t eeiilaining 4d
acres more or less. The said p: ipm -
ty will he sold to satisfy til - above
n.nn and indebtedness and exiienses.
Siieii i• as vested in me will he
Witless my signature, this second
diy o Jattua ry 191 b.
.1. ii. 1 in-lon.
r— • -*■
The busiest and mightiest
little thing that ever was made
is Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They do the
work whenever you require
their aid These tablets change
weakness into strength, listless
ness into energy. gloominess
into joyousness. Their action
is so gentle one don't realize they
have taken a purgative. Sold
by All Dialers.
Ity virtue of the authority confer
red on me by a certain deed of trust
executed on the !6th day of January
190S by W.T. Harbour and wife S. K.
Harbour to secure an indebtedness
therein named to J. N. Harrison in
which trust deed I was made trustee
and which appears of record in hook
17, page ICO of the records of deeds
in Neshoba County. Miss., I will on
the Ist Monday of February, 1910. in
front of the north door of the Court
House in the town of Philadelphia,
Miss,, sell to the highest bidder for
casli the following described land
situated in said county and state to
wit: S 1-2of the SK 1-4 less 15 acres
ou the west end and 5 acres on the
SK corner of the NW 1-4 of SK 1-4
and all south of the Jackson road in
the NE 1-4 of SE 1-4 all in section 1,
T. 9, it. ia K., being ItK) acres more or
Said sale will be made to satisfy
said indebtedness and tile cost of
executing this trust deed.
Witness my signature, this St 1 1 day
of January, 1910.
W. T. Harrison, Trustee.
Have you a weak throat? If
so, you cannot be too careful.
You cannot begin treatment too
earlv. Each cold makes you
; more iab e to another and the
Hast is alwavs the harder to cure,
ill you will take Chamberlain’s
iC'ou. h Remedy at the outset you
will be saved much trouble Sold
bv All Dealers.
simple Remedy fur t.a
LaGrippe coughs are danger
ous, as they frequently develop
into pneumonia. Foley’s Honey
and Tar not only stops the
cough, but heals and strength
ens the lungs so I hit no serious
results need be feared. The
genuine Foley’s Honey and Tar
contains no harmful drugs and
is in a yellow package. Sold
by all Druggists.
Trespass Notice
Notice is berm y given , ... j•,
,-uii- not to ire.-pa.- ■ a ,iiij • .In
ia mis owned by atrmm A, m.>
li i- not the wish of the company to
deal harshly with any one tun ah
trespass must cease.
K. M. Werkheiscr.
It is a dangerous thing to take
a cough medicine containing
opiates that merely stifle your
cough instead of curing it.
Foley’s Honey and Tar loosens
and cures the cough and expels
the poisonous germs, thus pre
venting pneumonia and consump
tion. Refuse substitutes and
take only the genuine Foley’s
Honey and Tar in the yellow
package. Sold by all Druggists.
Attorney at Law,
And Solicitor in Chancery,
Philadelphia, - - - Mississippi
Office over Mars Bros.
i’lK'iiiuoiiht Follows n Cold
but never follows the use of
Foley’s Honey and Tar, which
stops the cough, heals the lungs,
and expels the cold from your
system. Sold by all Druggists
For Typewriter supplies
Cfili fit this oilier*. We keep
ribbons fur nil makes of
machines its well as carbon,
paper and writ big paper.
Foley’s Kidney Remedy will
cure any case of kidney or blad
der trouble that is not beyond
the reach of medicine It invi
gorates the entire system and
strengthens the kidneys so they
eliminate the impurities from the
blood. Backache, rheumatism,
kidney and bladder troubles are
all cured by this great medi
cine. Sold bv all druggists.
Any parties wanting to lease or
re-lease any of the open lands of the
1 teenier M’f’g. Cos., for the .Year 1910
can do so by applying to E. M.
Werkheiscr at 1 teenier. Miss,
K. M. Workheiser,
Land and Timber Agt
Rev. !. W. Williams Testi
Rev. I. W. Williams, Hunting
ton. W. Va., writes us as fol
lows: “This is to certify that I
used Foley’s Kidney Remedy
for nervous exhaustion and kid
ney trouble and am free to say
that Foley’s Kidney Remedy will
do all that you claim for it.’’
Sold by all Druggists.
Philadelphia, Miss.
Dental work tit reasonable prices.
Making Life Safer
Everywhere life is being made
more safe through the work of
Dr. King's New Life Pills in
Constipation, Biliousness, Dys
pepsia, Indigestian, Liver trou
bles, Kidney Diseases and
Bowel Disorders. They’re easy,
but sure, ana perfactly build up
the health.2sc at Mars Bros.
j. k. qilLisT"""
Attorney at Law
Philadelphia, Miss
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy
is not a common, every-day
cougli mixture. It is a meritor
ious remedy for all the trouble
some and dangerous complica
tions resulting from cold in the
head, throat, chest or lungs.
Sold by all Dealers.
'• _ Y
j 8
Save Work, Worry, Money
) | _J f - ADr R ’
: m .ml GRiNDERS. I
.Snj. ■;,.-.. ji
Stover Engine Works, ™KiSpoln : !' Illinois. |
- ______
i Up-to-date Goods I
fw f’,*
H you wish to purchase anything in W
| Hardware or Furniture I
• CALI. ON |
I They h;i vc just- reeei veil ;i now linn l
. uf goods ninl will be pleased to show j|
h yon through their stock and give
|m von ]) ri(VvS.
I PHONE NO. 45. |
' I
rflfeQSiS£2a2Sua.>. f . _::i*usL-L! X A - Li T -
, - U
!C5 C" ffT El A ET*
Oli.lL IVI CL j
About repairing your humess while in town.
Al)out harness made to order. Ifi
; About a good eollur or pud. |
Oioat Riding' Saddles, Gin.- Saddles.
About casteroil for yonr buggv. !
About harness oil th;it will make old liar- '
I ness new. |
8 About Lace leather, Back skin, Goat skin. >|
I About any thin**- made of leather. b
Special attention given repair • I
work. Call and see ms. ; :
R. E. HORNE. j
lE®a!HS®a!s®fflß*BßESKas^!BEEaaz'iSS!ssrE','''^;'’tt^m3E , 3ain:sa2i!ais®
I . S. Land Ottice. Jackson, Miss,
January 10, lull).
Notice is hereby (riven that Juclson
N. Shoemaker of Edinburg, Miss.,
who on June 1904, made Home
stead Entry No. 39710 Serial No. 01742
for the E 1-2 of the SW 1-4, and the
Nil 1-4 of the SW 1-4, section 30,
Township 12 North Range 10 East,
Choctaw Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final proof, to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before the clerk of the chan
cery court of Neshoba county, at
Philadelphia, Miss., on the 17th day
of February, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses: R
(1. Barrett, Leonidas McMurry, John
('. Kt shiny, S. S. Burks, all of Edin
burg, Miss.
L.|Q. (Lamar Heads ter.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
never disappoints those who use
it for obstinate coughs, colds
and irritations of the throat and
lungs It stands unrivalled as
a Remedy for all throat and lung
diseases. Sold by All Dealers.
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy
is a very valuable medicine for
throat and lumz troubles, quick
y releives and cures painful
breathing a dangerously sound
ing coujh which indicates con
gested lun*>s Sold by all Deal
.iii <* —..
( bentlniin, (Jillis Sc Pilgrim
luive syrup in bottles for
sale. IF you wont, something
good and sweet, t ry a bottle.
Money to loan on improved
real estate in the town of Phi la
pelpliia, 5% interest, easy pay
Have abstracts to properity of
the town of Philadelphia.
Real estate for sale, both
vacant and improved Houses
for rent. ISee me for bargains
in real estate.
Earl Richardson.

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