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| “Easy Riser” and “Late Discovery”
EASY RISER and LATE DISCOVERY are brands of high grade Flour with sufficient amount of baking powder
to make them rise, and what we wish to impress upon your mind is, that the word “Self-Rising as commonly used
to designate flour packed with baking powder in it, does not mean Easy Riser or Late Discovery, as “Self-Rising” is :
being used as a name for all grades of flour. Do not be confused by thinking that EASY RISER or LATE DISCOV
ERY means “Self-Rising;” but let the brands identify themselves to you as Quality and also prepared for Self-Rising.”
When ordering flour from your grocer, do not order “Self-Rising” flour, but order EASY RISER or LATE DIS
COVERY if you want a very fine flour that does not need the addition of baking powder; but if you want a VERY
FINE FLOUR without the baking powder, order
MERIDIAN, MISS., Proprietors of Above Brands.
We wish to call ynur attention
to the fact that most infectious
diseases such as woohping cough
diphtheria and scarlet fever are
contracted when the child has a
cold. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy will quickly cure a cold
and greatly lessen the danger of
contracting these disases. This
remedy is famous for its cures of
colds. It contains no o[inm or
other narcotics ami may be given
to a child with implicit confi
dence. Sold by Irby Llrug Cos,
I will gin Mondays, Wed
nesdays, and Friday after
noon of each week.
John Harrison,
Drives Off A Terror
The chief executioner of death
in the winter and spring months
is pneumonia. Its advance
agents are colds and grip. In any
attack by one of these maladies
no time should be lost in taking
the best medicine obtainablejto
drive it off. Countless thousands
have found this to be Dr. King’s
New Discovery. “My husband
believes it has kept him from
having pneumonia three or tour
times,” writes Mrs. George W.
Place, Rawsonville, Vt., “and
for coughs, colds and croup we
have never found its equal.”
Guaranteed for all bronchial af
fections. Price 50 cts. and SI.OO.
Trial bottle free at all druggists.
Land to Rent
Any one wishing to lease or re
lease any of the Deemer Mfg. Cos.
lands for the year 1913 can do so now
by applying to E M Werkheiser.land
and Timber Agt., at Deemer, Miss.
Famous State Beauties
look with horror on Skin Erup
tions, Blotches, Sores or Pim
ples. They don’t have them.
For all such troubles use Buck
len’s Arnica Salve. It glorifies
the face. Excellent for Eczema
or Salt Rheum, it cures sore lips,
chapped hands, chilblains; heals
burns, cuts and bruises. Unsur
passed for piles. 25c at nil drug
Prepare To Make Cotton Despite The 801 l Weevil
tatSteM tatw'sllT Thk 12 SCTeI ?' OENUINE SIMPKIN COTTON SEED oi the-crop ol 1911, m
. ener l ian ” ew s f et *- iIIIS variety needs no introduction, as they have been tried and ar a wHI knnwn
nd us your orders at once, as we cannot furnish any more of the 1911 crop after our present stock Is exhausted. Subj
being unsold, we quote as follows:
5 Bushel Lots at $1.25 Per Bushel. 10 Bushel Lots at $1.15 Per Bushel. j
25 Bushel Lots at $1.05 Per Bushel. 50 to 100 Bushel Lots at .90 Per Bushel
..n ,-Krrmr iifim'rnMHrcmTnvi
iinfam—— m r M|ll |>IM n .
1 mi.iNßMHMntuiMis muamjautu.iMrar*uuMiu*im
Could Shout For Joy
“I want to thank you from tlie
bottom of my heart,” wrote C B
Rader, of Lewisburg, W. Va.
‘‘for the wonderful double bene
fit 1 got from Electric Bitters, in
curing me of both a severe case
of stomach trouble and of rlmma
tism, from which 1 had been an
almost helpless stiff rer for ten
years. It suited my case as
though made just fur me.” For
dyspepsia, indigestion, jaundice,
and to nd the system of kidney
poisons that cause rheumatism,
Electric Bitters have no super
ior. Try them. Every bottle is
guaranteed to satisfy. Only 50
cents at all druggists.
Tressptiss Notice
This is to warn all persons not to
tresspass on the lands of the Deetner
Mfg. Cos. Wedonotwisb tobe harsh
but the cutting of our timber must
cease, or we will be compelled to
take steps to protect ourselves.
11-14 i3. Deemer Mfg. Cos.
— ♦ * ■
A Des Moines man had an at
tack of muscular rheumatism in
his shoulder. A friend advised
him to go to Hot Springs. That
meant an expense of $150.00 or
more. He sought for a quicker
and cheaper way to cure it and
found it in Chamberlain’s Lini
ment. Three days after the first
application of this liniment he
was well For sal* by Irby Drug
“After four in our family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved and I gained
87 pounds through using
W. R. Patterson, Wellington, Tex. |
Foils A Foul Plot
When a shameful plot exists
between liver and bowels to
cause distress by refusing to act,
taks Dr. King’s New Life Pills,
and ends such abuse of your
system. They gently compel
right action of stomach, liver
and bowels, and restore your
health and* all good feelings. 25c
at all druggists.
Dr. Wm. Sadler, author of
“The Cause and Cure of Colds,”
says that common colds should
be taken seriously, especially
when they ‘‘hang on.,’ Foley’s
Honey and Tar Compound is a
reliable household medicine for
coughs and coulds, equally effec
tive for children ami for grown
persons. Take it when yon feel
a cold coming on. It will avert
danger of serious results and
cure quickly. No harmful
drugs. Irby drug Cos.
iectri© I
liters j
A New Man Of Him. *
suffering from pain in my \
head and hack,' writes H. |
T. Alston, Raleigh, N. C., “and my j
1 iver and kidneys did not work right, j
but four bottles of Electric Ritters |
made me feel like anew man."
Local people are surprised at the
QUICK results received from simple
buekhorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed in Adler-l-ka, the German ap
pendicitis remedy. J. B. Turner
states that this simple remedy an
tiaeptieizes the digestive system and
draws olf the impurities so thorough
ly that A 8 INGLE D()8E relieves
sour stomach, gas on the stomach and
constipation INSTANTLY. 3
* ■■ -
You will find ihat druggist
verywheie speak well of Chames
berlain’s Cough Remedy. They
know from long experience in
the sale of it that in cases of
coughs and colds it can always
be depended upon, and that it is
pleasant and safe to take. For
sale by Irby Drug Cos.
Cf~ '
FREE $lO In Gold
To Person Holding Lucky
Beginning Nov. 15th, wo will give with
every SI cash purchase a numbered tick
et, one of which will correspond with
ticket In Bank o£ Philadelphia, and we
will give to the person holding the cor
responding Number, SlO In gold, on the
21th day of December at 3 o’clock.
This Is a fair contest as no one will know
the lucky number until contest Is over.
Spend your cash with us and you may
receive the prize.
- =—J
The Sccre" error
The ha . o ,ear of sickness
and heipiessness is the secret
terror of the working man.
llealili is his capital. Kidney
diseases sap a man’s strentgh and
vitality. They lessen his earn
ing capacity Foley Kidney Fills
bring back health and strength
by healing the disease. They are
the best medicine made for kid
ney and bladder troubles. The
genuine are in the yellow pack
age. Refuse any substitute.
For Sale Cheap
Sixty acre farm, and ten lots in the
thriving little city of Philadelphia,
Miss., cheap for cash . or part casli
and balance ori time. Farm, e lif of
sw qr of ne qr, of Sec. 31, T. 11, R. 12.
farm se qr of ne qr of Sec. 31, T. 11 R
12. Lots; E hf of lot 1. block, 40
Herred’s survey. Lots, 2& 3, block
-40. Herrod’s survey. Lots, 1,5, (>. A
B,block, 187, Stribling addition. Al
so, two lots south of Negro chrch.
Stallo, Miss, Block 11, Sec 6. T. 12
R. 12. Apply to Mr. M. A. Render
son, Philadelphia, Miss, or to Dr. J;
N. Tucker. Meridian. Miss.
- *—■■
If you are troubled with chron- 1
ic constipaytion, the mild and
gentle eflect of Chamberlan’s
Tablets makes them especially
suited to your case. For sale by
Irby Drug Cos.
IrTm^^^RKSHnd or no fc
H fee. Send model, sketches or phoios and brief BSJ
m description, for FREE SEARCH und report oq Bn
B P 'Snu^cen'tstampor* NEW BOOKLET. pi
■ full of patent information. It will help you to
B READ PACES 11 and 12 before applying B3
M for a patent. Write to-daj'. U -
Sq. SWIFT & 00.1
K 303 Seventh St., Washington, D. C. M
Croupy Coughs And
Wheezy Colds
The quickest simplest way to
rid the children of dangerous
croupy coughs and wheezy stuffy
colds is to give them Foley’s
Honey and Tar Compound, it
gives almost instant relief and
stops a cough promptly. It
soothes and heals. Contains no
opiates. Irby drug Cos.
Get a nice box Samoset candy
at J M Young & Cos.
When you h ive a bilious attack
give Cha niberlian’s Tablets a
trial. They are excellent. For
sale by Irby drug Cos.
THey Always Help Eb
derly People
Foley Kidney Pills give just
the help elderly people need to
tone and strengthen their kid
neys and bladder and regnl.-te
their action. .John MclMasters
Streatnr, 111., says. “I feel b-t
--ter and stronger than I have for
many yea's, Foley Kidney Pills
did if ” [rhy drug Cos
BLISS Native Herbs, by its
simple composition of
roots, herbs and barks
its wonderful cures of Rheu
matism, Dyspepsia, Catarrh,
Skin Eruptions, Kidney and
Liver Disorders—its popularty
in millions of households, dur
ing a quarter of a century,
secured for it the highest
award at the International
Exposition in Paris, France,
Make it your household
remedy today. 200 Tab
lets SI.OO. Ask the
Bliss Agent.
For sale by OpUa li ,lUHN
SDN Philadelphia Route 5.
Anyone sending a sketch and description mny
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communion-
Mona strictly confidential. HANDBOOK onPntcuta
bent free, oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Cos. receive
Special notice, without charge, lu.tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest clr
dilation of any soieutlUn Journal. Terms $3 a
roar; fou.-months, |L Bold byull ncwsdoo.crs.
MUNN & C0. 3618r °® dway ' New York
Branch Office, C 25 F Bt, Washington, D. 0.
Professional Can
Veterinarian, ‘
Hays Stable. Phone!
Philadelphia, Miss.
J. R. BYRD, j
Newton, Miss. PlUladelpp
Attorneys at Law
-—— ——
Philadelphia, Midp
Dental work at reasonable,-
Earl S. Richardson z,S;
Philadelphia, Miss. Loulsr®
Attorneys at La||
Office over Rank of Philafe;;!-
Never retained in any caser'f 5
is paid or secured.
J. P. N. Huddleston. |j>
First Floor Rush BiA':,-
Only Arm that has complete Abstit..
Titles In their office or accent;
Litigation concerning Land orUmK
special and earnest atteip
County Prosecuting MS',
and Attorney at It
Office over Spives-RossP ■
Philadelphia, Mii|||
Recognized agent befoul
• A '
States Land Office at Jack .
H. I. QUINN| ;
Justice of Peacl
Office with Supt. Edi®|y
Hours from 7 to fey
Court days Ist and 3rd
Attorney at La>
and Solicitor in Chat ■
Will not be retained fajfc
till fee is paid or
Office over Bpivev-RolS|

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