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j. i.
Reports From Representatives and In
spectors Show That New Slaughter
Houses Have Been Built and
Hotels Have Improved.
•, The representatives of the state board
ile f health are active in the various sec
tions of the state in closing out the work
upfor the year. The results which have
xj-Seeu obtained by the chief sanitary in
spector, Dr. W. 11. Rowan, are most grat
ifying. A1 •■’suit of the inspection of
the va r ‘ . nd cities of the state
i>f ft. " f 'ts and over,
Adams, ret tin. ’
®® C .. . T ... 1.0
lith Justice cl I lie l eiu iOi]
day of Jnit. 1913. 1 will oiler lor sale
in front of ti.c North dour cl the
Court house in tile town of I hiladel
jiliia on the first Monday and the (ith
day of Jim 1913. To the highest and
hestbiddei for cash the following lands
leviedon hy me situated in the above
name county and stale 10-wtt: s\v qr
of se qr of sec. .VI, T. It), K 13 and the
of s\v qr loss 10 aeics in See. 3l
T. It), R 13, said lands will he sold to
satisfy said Judgement and all costs
and interest at 8 per cent.
This the iith day of Dec. 1912.
V,. .1 Rrantley. HicrilT.
Election Ordered
This day the matter of the issu
ance of Momls under provisions of
Chapter 149 laws of 15)10. authorizing
the Hoard to construct roads, provide
funds therefor, coining on to he
heard and it appearing that 20 per
* ‘’• •> Kiuilitied- electors of said
°> ! 4lakeslee Warns Railroad.
co iW^kson.—Commisisoner of Agricul-
H. K. Blakeslec is convinced that
1 c -taany violations of the law regarding the
nvnsion by tick-infected cattle into ter
11' nl>ries where the tick has either been
'' ‘Vipe l out altogether, or where tick erad
-01 isation work is in progress, are being
a “Tpde by both railroads and individuals,
" "tnd he has issued a warning that ho is
"'going to do liis best to put a stop to the
Pardoned Bigamist.
" Jackson. —Gov. Earl Brewer pardoned
fill Waits, a young white man of Cov
rihgton county, from the state peniten
fcury, wlicrc he lias been serving a sen
is *ace for bigamy.
111 The petition for pardon was signed by
' CI I4B prominent citizens of Covington
Uffi 6unty and, in addition, the trial judge
re Vho passed sentence and the district
who prosecuted the ease
"Against Waits, recommended the pardon.
rt*te Senator Killed.
1° Wesson.—Stato Senator E. A. Ito wan,
pr years one of the best known figures
easot * "
, t T Mississippi politics, was struck by
a Illinois Central south-bound train and
aH atally injured. Dr. Rowan's skull was
I fractured, both legs and hsoulder were
l ®*w>ken, and he was horribly mangled
" merwise.
ms ® -■
Voman Given Pardon.
Jackson. —Mrs, Lula Ezell, white, of
' lomper ooutny, was pardoned by Gov.
" Jfewcr from the payment of a fine for
nil? 0 sa ' e whiskey. She is a resident
I Kemper county and the petition was
jhanimoualy signed by people of that
She was convicted with her
“usband, who was given a road sen
" [Pie.
Meridian. —Nothing new has developed
l/;the future of the Union Bank and
jteiat Company, which was placed in the
II ,'wids of receivers, after tlie bank closed
''fvdoors three weeks ago. The stock-
and others arc still firm in their
( that depositors will be paid in
sudsy School Meeting.
'^Jackson. —The Sunday school conven
t(jjn of the district comprising the ten
11 .unties of Copiah, Simpson, Hinds,
"Pzoo, Sharkey, Issaquena, Madison,
Claiborne and Warren, opened
r(r ire Although the unfavorable weather
editions interfered to some extent, an
thusiastic mooting was hold.
on Monument Completed.
—Work on the monument to
.ih’women of the Confederacy at the
lir lie house grounds has been completed
J, j||lihe exception of the bronze shaft
0 " stiis to complete the structure. This
'to .come from Germany.
Hit Tiger Hard.
AjfSplseon, —Five hundred dollars and
' v ’°, Mnr days is what Judge Henry meted
'*!. to Will Turner, colored, convicted
18 ft jury in circuit court on the charge
for Postmaster,
rest ®tifdian.—A movement has been
IrownWted to hold a primary election to
the question as to who shall have
j in Meridian.
rt, !%’Residence Burned.
( °®!*Po|p|arville.—The residence of Mrs.
J M. Keeton, of .McNeill, in this
was entirely destroyed by fire
'”8 and the entire household effects were con
we JBd. The inmates of the huose barely
l > JwMd with their lives.
* om Prize ’
Vlij, m ® rano^- —The first prize of the
JJW County Boys’ Corn Club was
J/Hud to Benson Stevenson, pf this
n |ho grow ninety-nine bushels and
on one acre.
Their Total Value, Including Groundi
and Buildings, More Than Half
Million Dollars,
Jackson.—Development and improve,
ment in the agricultural high schools ol
Mississippi is constantly increasing, and
figures recently compiled in the office
of J. X. Powers, state superintendent of
education, will be of much interest.
Mississippi now has 2G agricultural
high schools, and five more are in
course of construction. They will doubt
less be completed within the next few
VpA in ( i '}U<noif being
certain indchtetlness due Mrs. Annie
1 Henson, Guardian, in the sum of one
j thousand, eighty-seven and 90-100
! dollars, said tl Use deed appeal lug o! j
record in the ( hancery clerk’s office |
of Neshoba comity, Mississippi in j
Deed I took 20, page 173, and which
said indebtedness was due on the Ist
day of .Nov. HKil.indii still due tin
paid w ith interest.
1 will, on the Ist Monthly in Janu
ary, 1913, within hgal hours, in front
of the in rth door of the court house
In said county and state, sell to the
highest bidder for ea-h the following
described land and personal proper
ty sirnati and in -aid county and stale,
to-wit Sw qr nw qr Sec. 13 and K).'.
of tin* ne qr Sec. U, all in T 10, R. 13.
Said piopi rty will he sold to satis
fy the said indebtedness and cost ol
executing this trust deed.
Witness my signature, this the 7lh
day of Dec. 1913.
A . I lees,
of the Most prdiinnc..c > uu
families, Messrs. Lee and L. C. tmn.pj*
whoso daughter was murdered nearly
two years ago in Hie community of
Rural Hill, and for which crime Swintnn
Tormentor was on the first trial sen
tenced to (he gallows and the second
time was acquitted. Leo Sharp exerted
every effort to connect the crime at the
door of young Permentor, and, on the
other hand, Elbert Vowel!, nn uncle of
Permentor, believed in his innocence and
stood by him'until the Inst. Both fam
ilies spent nearly a fortune in the case,
and which wrought ruin to the finances
of Winston county.
Rich Field Near Enterprise Will Be
Enterprise.—The citizens in this sec
tion hre elated over the report of Dr.
T. N. Louis, state mineralogist, in re
gard to the iron ore deposits and the
prospects to develop them in this sec
tion. It has been known for several
years that the land in and adjacent to
Enterprise was underlaid with au iron
ore vein—being an ore of superior qual
ity. At one time an Englishman pur
chased several thousand acres of land
here, with the intention of developing
the iron, but owing to his demise the
land fell to other heirs and the proposi
tion was not carried out. At that time
several official analyses were made of
the ore by mineralogists, and they re
ported that the ore would make a gen
eral average of 40 per cent iron. Last
summer Dr. Lowe’s attention was called
to same, and he paid this section two
visits of several days’ duration, made a
thorough investigation of the field, se
lecting specimens sufficient to make an
analysis, and after ranking same, at his
annual report to the state, lie gave out
the information that the tost showed a
general average of 32 per cent iron, that
the quality was excellent and, consider
ing the unlimited supply and many nat
ural advantages, that the ore had a
commercial value and could be handled
at a highly remunerative profit.
Prosperity Despite Weevil.
Enterprise.—While the boll weevil re
duced the yield of cotton, below/a 50
per cent average, farmers are not dis
couraged, and they are meeting their
obligations without ascrificing their
property. The corn crop is the best in
Cleanliness Advocated.
Okolona.—Carefulness, cleanliness and
pride of home were emphasized in a
strong and common sense address by
Wallace A. Battle, principal of the Oko
lona Industrial School, before an assem
blage of negro farmers, students and
other citizens.
White Boy Pardoned.
Jackson. —Gov. Brewer lias pardoned
Frank Howell, a white boy, 10 years of
age. The governor discovered that the
hoy’s parents had died when he was a
baby, and his rearing had been entrusted
to an irate old uncle, whose cruelty to
the boy was known throughout George
county. One day the uncle gave the
boy a severe lashing, and ho still bears
the marks of the thrashing. The lad
brooded over what he considered unjust
punishment, and securing a gun, shot
and killed his relative.
Confederate Veteran Dead.
Jackson.—Thos, J, Love, a Confeder
ate veteran, who served from beginning
to the end of the Civil War, died at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. R,
Coleman, aged 80 years.
Issue Road Bonds.
Marks. —The board of supervisors of
Quitman county ordered an increase of
$25,000 road bonds. This is the sec
ond issue of this amount within the past
twelve months, and it will be divided
among the five supervisor’s beats.
[Slops Coughs - Cures Colds]
Claw Mi ani frwtiilf Uk
rrmmstm a Bnmriart growth.
XTovwv Vails to Bastqrw Qm
XUiv to its YouthXiUL Coloe.
(tm mtsmrmw lisf, usually tsoists owol-
J Hg aad short breath In a tow days and
entire relief In 16-46 days, trial treatment
Ora FUK. DE.fIBMNgSOKg. B^A.AtlaiU,fla
Corngh Syrup. Taates Ooo<L Vm E|l
la la tina Bold by Vrmcjcitta M
fnt pubife atitioieQg
host bidder fofßP*
hours at the A-- -
house in the toy
Miss, the follow? poe "
acres oft the Wt ■ „
I <|i- ami U acres
I ne qr of nw qr
I iut of se or of n
.. , stock,
1 ner ot sw qr or n<,i zes _
•>■> 'l' ! o U 18 Ka r ls '^ c
1 ’ 11 10 1 iVG ot
ty, .Miss. Said 1 steel—
.. . . ave a
satisfy a judging. a u
I'M 1 in favor tf n
against \V. H. '
Otis and T. F. (’
incut lias been

.Mjiis for av(
The judgment e a
cost to dale ait
The above sq
the property "L ets r.
oos and J. \\. n who
Clemons (col)} home
6th 1912. 1
W. A
-> man’s
measure.” *
“That’s true. Ha used to be a tail
Defining It.
“The slang the young girl of today
uses is a sort of a pigeon English,
isn't it?”
"No, it’s a sort of a chicken Eng
As a summer tonic there is no medicine
thatquite compares with OXIDINE. It not
only builds up the system, hut taken reg
ularly, prevents Malaria. Regular or Taste
less formula at Druggists. Adv.
Defending Mother.
“Papa, mamma says that one-half
the world doesn't know how the other
half lives?”
“Well, aha shouldn’t blame herself,
dear, it Isn’t her fault”
Misty Past
“I am afraid,” said Senator Sorg
hum, “that the altercation in which I
have become Involved must be more
or less obscure to the casual listener.”
“About all you have both said lately
U ‘You’re another.’ ”
“Yea. And wo have said It so often
that I am afraid nobody remembers ex
actly what either of us was accused
of being, in the first place.”
Floorwalker —How’s business been
today in that “Blond Hair Dye?”
Clerk —Fair.
Where Autos Are Barred.
Prince Edward island bars automo
biles, not because the islanders can
not afford the machines, but because
of accidents caused by the reckless
ness of drivers who brought In the
first cars. They caused many run
aways, and a few had tragic endings.
The legislature at once passed a law
barring autos from the Island. Some
of the leading cities have since en
deavored to have the enactment re
pealed, but the country Influence has
always been strong enough to over
come all such efforts.
Retiring Place.
“Where have you put your essays
on the dove of peace?”
“Ib the pigeon hole.”
I will not be concerned at other
men’s not knowing mo; I will be con
cerned at my own want of ability.—
ITCH Reb'md In 30 Minutes.
Woolford’s Sanitary Lotion for all kinds ol
contagious itch. At Druggists. Adv.
But a tip doesn’t always come to the
man who waits.
The readers of this paper are offered
a free sample of an honest cure for
Headaches, Biliousness, Constipation
Malaria and Indigestion which gives
prompt relief, going directly to the
seat of many 11ls —the liver. No nau
sea, no griping and no constipation
follow. It assists the liver to perform
Its functions naturally without any
tear-to-pieces effects. One pill before
retiring is a dose. You wake up well.
This remedy sells for 25 cents at your
druggist’s, but to prove its value to
you the Bond Pharmacy Company,
Little Rock, Ark., will mail a sample
to any address upon request.—Adv.
Cruel, Cruel Answer.
“See, darling!” and Mrs. Justwed
held up for her husband’s gaze three
mirrors arranged so as to give as
many reflections. “I can get a triple
view of myself.” “Humph!” gurgled
her brute of a man. struggling with
his collar. “You seem to be quite
popular with yourself!"—Judge.
Regular practicing physicians recommend
and prescribe OXIDINE for Malaria, be
cause it is n proven remedy by years of ex
perience. Keep a bottle in the medicine
chest and administer at first sign of Chills
and Fever. Adv.
Cold Reception.
“You found nobody at home you
"No; even the furnace had gone
and Is the finest kind of tonic.
“Your ‘Unbi-k’ acts like magic: 1 have
f;lven It to numerous people In my par
sh who were suffering with chills, ma
laria and fever. 1 recommend It to those
who are sufferers and in need of a good
tonic.” Rev. S. Szymanowski, St.
Stephen’s Church. Perth Amboy. N. J.
Elixir Ilnbek, HO cents, all druggists, or
liloczewskl & Cos., Washington, L.C. Adv.
Accounting for It.
"What makes Jaggs so chesty?”
“The only thing I can think of is
that he lives in a house with a swell
A great majority of summer ills are
due to Malaria in suppressed form. Las
situde and headaches are but two symp
toms. OXIDINE eradicates the Malaria
germ and tones up the entire system. Adv.
"Who wrote that story about Roose
velt’s return to the Outlook office?”
asked the managing editor.
"Billy Pennington,” replied the city
editor. “I thought It was a pretty
good story.”
“It was more than that. It was a
remarkable story. I think we ought
to raise Pennington’s salary. He
didn’t wind up by saying; ‘The
colonel then plunged into a mass of
correspondence.’ ”
"I’m sorry to have to tell you that
ho did I blue-penciled that part of
"Oh. pshaw! We’ll never be able
to make anything of that fellow”
Hyattsville, Md. —“My little boy was
taken with an itching on the scalp.
There was an ashy place on his head
about the size of a ten-cent piece, and
the hair was falling from this place
by the roots. In about ten days all
over his head were these ashy spots
which looked like ringworm, but were
porous-llke. The Itching and burning
made him scratch a great deal. His
head had gotten so that it was just a
mass of mattery little pimples all
heaped on each other, and when I took
off his night-cap, the hair and flesh
came off at the same time. I really
thought he would lose his whole scalp.
He couldn’t sleep for five weeks, It
would Itch and burn until I thought
he would go Into convulsions.
“I used different soaps and salves
to no satisfaction. Then I decided to
use the Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
Finally I noticed he began to sleep all
night. I used one cake of Cuticura
Soap and one box of Cuticura Oint
ment and he was entirely cured. He
has a better growth of hair now than
he had at first.” (Signed) Mrs. Ida
S. Johnson, Mar. 26, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card “Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston.”
“That wasn’t a bad epigram on the
magistrate’s part,” said the somewhat
educated tramp, who had been con
victed for vagrancy.
“What did he say?” asked the
tramp’s pal.
"Seven days,” came the reply.
"That ain’t no epigram, Is It?”
“I’m sure It is. I asked a parson
once what an epigram was, and he
says, ‘lt’s a short sentence that
sounds light, but gives you plenty to
think about.”
Th# Way.
“Come, my dear, let’s travel into
‘Well, mamma, can we travel on
the sleepers?”
Unworthy Competition,
American-made shoes compete In
parts of Russia with "American”
shoes made In Germany.
If your appetite is not what it should be
perhaps Malaria is developing. It affects
the whole system. OXIDINE will clear
away the germs, rid you of Malaria and
generally improve your condition. Adv.
It’s easier to persuade a man to
stand alone than It Is to induce him
to stand a loan.
I ißsmi wm
|£jjj For Infants and Children.
ini The Kind You Have
” Always Bought
| SSSgSS I Bears the A
Signature /Am
Ur Promotes Digestion,Cheerful- M m W*
fj ncssandßest.Conlains neither ryf
k l| Opium. Morphine nor Mineral wx #l\
to Not Narcotic |iutT
P",pf cfOU DrSAMVEimCffEX I A IT
|h' f\iny!tin Sfd - | iX V
, MxS—na - \ I W I
i 1 RtthtUt Stt/b • I ■Jk *
J{? A*ius,a. I IQ ■
& > A 4 n 1 In
fS HirmS'.d ■ 1 If ft ft * 111
nf. c i‘ , i rdS '‘?£ ) \\ w 1
Ijw tTinmryreen rfnvor- * P n■
A perfect Remedy for Constipa- /u z2| II CD
SJB lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, I ■ IV WWW
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- i ft/ _ _
fit® ness and LOSS OF SLEEP \ Lav 11 wq ■
Fac Simile Signature of IUI UV U I
|| Thirtv Ypars
The Centaur Company, I 1111 If luQlw
jfoi NEW VORK. *
Exact Copy of Wrapper. TNB osntaur company. *■* vowk city.
A scientist has discovered that the
onion Is a cure for love.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for Chlldrei
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
llou, allays pain.cures wind colic,23c a bottle. Adv.
Take all the swift advantage of the
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets cure consti
pation. Constipation is the cause of many
diseases. Cure the cause and you cure the
disease. Easy to take. Adv.
Method will teach you to win time.
Asa summer tonic there is no medicine
that quite compares with OXIDINE. It not
only builds up the system, but taken reg
ularly. prevents Malaria. Regular or Taste
less formula at Druggists. Adv.
Mind unemployed Is mind unenjoy
ed. —Bovee.
Talto the Old Standard GKOVK’B TASTKI.KSS
CUILL TONIC. You know what you are taking.
The formula Is plainly printed on every bottle,
showing It Is simply Quinine and Iron In a tasteless
form, and the most effectual form. For grown
people and children, U) cents. Adv.
Misleading Expression.
"That fellow yonder has a very va
cant look.”
"Yet I know he’s full.”
To prevent Malaria is far better than
to cure it. In malarial countries take a
dose of OXIDINE regularly one each week
and save yourself from Chills and Fever
and other malarial troubles. Adv.
It takes a romantic woman to ar
range for the marriage of her children
before they are born.
Public Ronliiucnihlioulcl bengalnM.lt, and we be-
Hcto It is, there can bo no reason why ladies should
have to suffer with headaches and neuralgia, es
pecially when Hunt’s Lightning Oil gives such
prompt relief. It is simply a question of getting the
ladies to try It. All druggists sell Hunt’s Lightning
Oil In 25c and 50e bottles. Adv.
Equivocal Reply.
A nonconformist clergman in Man
chester is chuckling over a letter he
recently received from the vicar ot
a certain parish. He had written to
the vicar asking for permission to con
duct a funeral in the churchyard.
“He Immediately sent me a most
courteous note,” the nonconformist
clergyman says; “but I could not help
noticing that It would be possible to
give to his word a sinister meaning.
The note ran: ’You will, both to
morrow and at any other time, be
most welcome in our churchyard.’ ”
London Tit-Bits.
New Things
formulas are giving
everyfarmers’ meeting '
subject should be J
the fertilizer formula
that will furnish a balanced ration to the crop and keep up the fertility
of the soil, lb do this the fertilizer should contain at least as much
as Phosphoric Acid. Our note book has condensed facts essential
m farmers’ meetings and plenty of space to record the new things
that you hear. Let us send one to you before your Institute meets.
A supply of these is furnished by request to every institute held in several states.
™ Fme’ g rif h to Dffi nd a Bupp y delive T red freeof cha rg e to every Institute, Grange
or Fanners Club Officer on request. It contains no advertising matter.
German Kali Works, Inc., 42 Broadway, New York
Block, CKicuo Wkitoey Bulk 8U,., N.w Orkuu Bok & Tnul *., S.ik
■ Save the time and expense of hauling J
I your com to the mill. Buy a MONARCH ♦*
I MILL and grind the meal for your own table.
I You are sure to have cleaner, fresher and
I more meal. Send today for a Monarch Mill, i;
For grinding Com Meal, all kinds of
mmmm feed, or Cracking Corn, etc., MON
JDf ARCH MILLS are the best. Onr
VVV 1 16-day free trial will prove It, State
kind and amount of power you
IIMHH have and ask for catalog
and further information.
Sprout, Waldron & Cos.,
—a. BOX 460, MUNCY. PA.
■ We tell you howj V 4.9 M
9 P*7 beat market price*.
|| Writ* for referenen and
■ Dealer, In Fur., Hide., ■§ IIWW YM
a Wool KnlnbliaedXSW. |T UIIJU
Japanese Water Flowers
The latest novelty imported from Japan
queer little vegetable whispn, which when pat
in water, unfold into many beautiful flower,
of various colors—a decided curiosity. Sena
10 cts. for sample package. Agents wanted.
Hartley Novelty (Jo., San Antonio, Texas.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
—act surely and * nrcn't
gently on the iT.Ci F!s*
liver. Cure V.T.XKF
Biliousness, ■ IVER
Head- jfIHR | PIUS,
ache, \\ ■■■■l
Dizzi- —*
ness, and Indigestion. They do their duty.
Genuine must bear Signature
If you feel “out of sorts"—“run flown" or “sot th
blues,"Bufferfrom kidney.bladder.nervous diseases,
chronic weaknesses, ulcers, skin eruptions,piles.*®.,
write for my FHKK book, it Is the most instructive
medical book ever written. It tells all about these
diseases and the remarkablocnreseffectedbvtheNew
French Remedy “THERA FI ON" No. 1, N0.2, No.S
and you can decide for yourself If itislho remedy for
your ailment. Don’t send a cent. It's absolutely
Fit KM. No“follow-up"clrculftrs. Dr.l.rClercMoa,
Cos.. Havers lock Kd. t Hampstead. London, Kn§,
DEFIANCE STARCH ® M,eßt to work with n*
ULnnnbt omnbn Bt archea clothes nlcui
W. N. U.. MEMPHIS, NO. 51-1912.

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