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Constipation Cured
Dr. King’s New Life Pills will
relieve constiption promptly and
get your bowels in healthy condi
tion again. John Supsic, of San
bury. Pa., says. “They are the
beat pills I ever used, and, I ad
vise everyone to use them for
constipation, indigestion and liv
er complaint.” Will help you.
Prices 25c. Recommended by
Mars Bros drug Cos.
Trespass Notice.
This is to warn all persons not to
trespass on the lands of the Deemer
Mfg. Cos. We do not wish to be harsh
but the cutting of our timber must
cease, or we will be compelled to
take steps to protect ourselves.
11-14 i3. Deemer Mfg. Cos.
There never was a time when
people appreciated the real mer
its of Chamberlains Cough Reme
dy more than now. This is
shown by the increase in sales
and voluntary testimonial from
persons who have been cured by
it. If yeu or your children are
troubled with a cough give it a
trial and become acquainted with
its good qualities. For sale by
all dealers.
My Stallion will be kept tins
season at *’T. A. Lowry's” resi
dence known as the Dewees old
store place. Fee $12.50.
Dr. J. W. Johnson.
It would surprise you to know
of the great good that is being
done by Chamberlain’s Tablets.
Darius Downey, of Newberg
Junction, N. B. f wriles, “My wife
has been using Chanberlain’s Tab
lets and finds them very effectual
and doing her lots of good.” If
you have any trouble with your
stomach or bowels give them a
trial. For sale by all dealers.
—# ■
Made A New Man Of Him.
“I was suffering from pain in my
stomach, head and back,’ writes H.
T. Alston, Baleigh, N. C., “and my
liver and kidneys did not work right,
but four bottles of Electric Bitters
made me feel like a new man."
* ■— >
Lame back usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles of the
back, for which you will find
nothing better thanChamberlan’s
Liniment. For sale by all deal
“After four in our family had died
of consumption 1 was taken with
a frightful cough and lung trouble,
but my life was saved anal gained
87 pounds through using
W. R. Patterson, Wellington, Tex.
Best Medicine for Golds
When a druggist recommends
a remedy for colds, throat and
lung troubles, you can feel sure
that he knows what he is talking
about. O Lower, Druggist, of
Marson, Ohio, writes of Dr,
King’s New Discovery: “I kuow
fSfc.-Kiuglfl-fifew Discovery is the
best throat and lung medicine I
sell. It cured ray wife of a se
vere bronchial cold after all oth
er remedies failed.” It will do
the same for you if you are suf
fering with a cold or any bron
chial, throat or lung cough. Keep
a bottle on hand all the time for
everyone in the family to use.
It is a home doctor. Price 500
and #I.OO. Guaranteed by Mars
Bros drug Cos.
To Care a Cold In One Day
#IMT*'HVSMOMO Quinine. It itops the
'£*ask Headache and worka off the Cold,
-temlsts refund money U it (alia to cure.
signature ott each box. 25c.
For the Weak and Nervous
Tired-out, weak, nervous men
and women would feel ambitious
energetic, full of life and always
have a good appetite, if they
would do the sensible thing for
health—take Eleetrie Ritters.
Nothing better for the stomach,
liver or kidneys. Thousands sa\
| they owe their lives to this won-
I derful home remedy. Mrs. 0
| Rhinevault, of Vestal Center, X.
iY. f says. “I regard Electric Bit
1 ters as one of the greatest of
i gifts. I can never forget what it
has done forme." Get a bottle
ycursrlf and see what a differ -
;ence it will make in your health.
| Only 500 and SI.OO. Recom
mended by Mars Bros drug Cos.
Typewriter ribbons mid
carbon paper kept in stock.
Neshoba Democrat.
Wonderful Skin Salve
Bueklen’s Arnica Salve i?
known everwhere a? the best
remedy made for ail diseases of
the skin, and also for burns,
bruises and boils Reduces inflam
mation and is soothing and heal
ing. J T Sossamau, publisher of
News, of Cornelius, X. C, writes
that one box helped his serions
skin ailment after other remedies
failed. Only 25c. Recommended
by Mars Bros drug Cos.
■ TRADE-MARKS Hi.d copyright® obtain*^ or ro 9
I description, for FREE SEARCH and report ou B
I P^Sdtni sump* 7,r NEW BOOKLET. I
■ full of patent information, it wili help 3ou to 9
I READ PACES n nd 12 Ufore applj-icg I
Seventh St., Washington. D. 0./
A man living at Auburn, New
York, had a severe attack of kid-
ney and bladder trouble. Being
a working man, not wanting to
lose time, he cured himself com
pletely by using Foley Kidney
Pills. A year later be says:-It
is a pleasure to ieport that the
cure was permanent.” His name
is J A Farmer. Irby drug Cos.
FOR SALE—Early Redfield
Beauty tomato plants, 75 coots
per 100 SO per thousand, cash
must accompany order.
B. B. Ferrell,
Newton, Miss.
Get your typewriter ribbon
and Carbon paper from Ne
shoba Democrat.
Poor appetite is a sure sign of
impaired digestion. A few doses
of Chamberlain’s Stomach and
Liver Tablets will strengthen
your digestion and improve your
appetite. Thousands have been
benefited by taking these Tablets.
Sold by all dealers.
Why be constipated when you
buy Liv-Ver-Lax at the Irby
Drug Cos. s?
Takes Druggist’s Advice With
Splendid Result.
If anyone should know the worth
of a medicine, it Is the retail druggist
who sells It over hia counter every
day in the week, and Is In a position
to know what remedy gives the best
t rS \ T Fl l nk H ' Uline . of Sand
Lake, N. Y., says; “For a number of
years I was a great sufferer from
bronchitis. Last July I had an attack
which was more severe than any and
my friends thought I could not recover
from it Then I was advised by my
giSt *? try Vinol - I did
with wonderful results. My cough
has left me; I have gained in weight
and appetite, and I am as strong as
hrnnJuH o aS \ 1 F^” 36 all who havo
bronchitis, chronic coughs, or who are
run down to try Vinol.”
“J 6 ! he comblne d action of the
medicine! curative elements of the
S?A r r ’ lthout the greasy oil,
®'. ( * e< t . b y the blood-making and
lron n^ot Crea l f!lS -.rF ropert,eß of tonic
Iron that makes Vinol so efficient
Remember, we guarantee Vinol
to do just what we Bay -
pay back your money If u does not
Irby Drug Cos., Philadelphia, Miss
A slight cold in a child or a
grown person holds possibilities
of a crave nature, Croup ma\
come on suddenly, bronchitis or
pneumonia may develop, severe
■ catarrhal troubles and consump
tion are possible results. Foley s
Honey and Tar compound nips a
co.d at the outset, cures croup
quickly, checks a deepseated
couch, and heals inflamed mem
branes. Irby drug Cos.
- ■■■ .-a <
Large sheets of Carbon for pat
Neshoba Democrat,
The great calamity in Omaha
was quickly over shadowed by the
terribly disastrous floods in Ohio
i Great suffering and sickness
' from colds and exposure result
ed. L, Poole, 2217 California St.
■Omaha, writes: —‘‘My daughter
had a very severe cough and cold
but Foley's Honey and Tar com
pound knocked it out in no time.’
Refusessubstitutes. Irby drug Cos.
The spring months often find a j
1 woman tired out, with pain in I
bark, hips and head, nervous and
: sleepless. Foley Kidney Pills
will quickly prove their worth
| and value as a healer of all kid -
| ney and bladder ailments and ir
| regularities. They are a splendid
remedy for rheumatism, clearing
! the uric acid from the joints and
sastem. Try them. Irby drug Cos.
■■ ■ 1
Music Box Free
On the 24th day of December we
j will give a $l5O Regina Music box
■ and 25 pieces of music to the holder
iof the lucky number. A numbered
i ticket will be given with every 25
cent purchase from now until Dec
| 24th.
Oue of the Banks has the lucky
number in a sealed envelop and we
are as ignorant of what the lucky
number is as you are.
We invite you to call and see this
valuable prize to be given away abso
lutely free.
The New Drug Store.
Calomel, Calomel, you can not
stay for Liv-Ver-Lax has shown
us an easier way, ask Irby Drug
Foley Kidney Pills repay your
confidence in their healing and
curative qualities. Any kidney
or bladder disease not beyond
the reach of medicine will yield
to their use. Mrs. Cordelia Cope
land, Ardeola. Mo., says, ‘T had
kidney and bladder trouble
for over a year and 5 bottles of
Foley Kidney Pills cured me,”
It is the same story from every
one who uses them. All say,
“they cured me.” Irby drug Cos.
Irby Drug Co’s is headquarters
for Liv-Ver Lax.
This Interests Every Woman
A family doctor said recently
that women come to him think
ing that they have female trouble,
but when he treats them for their
kidneys and bladder, they soon
recover. This is worth knowing
and also that Foley Kidney Pills
are the best and safest medicine
at such time. They are tonic in
action, quick in results. They
will help you. Irby drug Cos.
01) you calomel, get out of the
way and let Liv-Ver-Lax do the
work, purely vegetable, ask Irby
Drug Cos.
I fitoiits taken through Muxm A Cos mnoivo
jpedal notice, without charge, lu the ' reool7a
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I.aroont M.
eulatum of any aclenllUo Journal Terms 61 •
Professional Cards.
Hays Stable. Phone 97.
Philadelphia, Miss.
Newton, Mts. Philadelphia Mis*
Attorneys at Law
Philadelphia, Miss
Philadelphia, Miss.
Dental work at reasonable prices.
Attorney At Law
Office over Spivey-Ross Hdw, Cos.,
Philadelphia, Miss.
Earl S. Richardson Z. A. Brantley
Philadelphia, Miss. Louisville, Miss
Attorneys at Law.
Office over Bank ofjPhiladelphia.
Never retained in any case until fee
is paid or secured.
Only lawyer that has a complete
Abstract of Land Titles including
original entries from U. S. Gov. in
his office or access to one. Litiga
tion concerning land and the making
of abstracts and rendering opinions
as to the validity of titles given
special attention.
County Prosecuting Attorney
and Attorney at Law
Office over Hpives-Ro&s Hdw. Cos.
Philadelphia, Miss
Recognized agent before United
States Land Office at Jackson, Miss
Attorney at Law
and Solicitor in Chancery.
Will not be retained in any case
till fee is paid or arranged for.
Office over Spivev-Ross Hdw. Cos.
There are very few remedies
that gain the confidence of drug
gists as Dodson’s Liver Tone does.
New Drug Store sells it aid
backs up the sale of every bottle
with the money back guarantee
that the price will be refunded if
it fails to give complete satisfac
Dodson’s Liver Tone costs 50
cents a bottle. It is the safest
and best remedy for torpid liver,
constipation, biliousness, etc.,
that has ever been sold in this
city. It takes the place of dan
gerous calomel and does not lay
you up as a dose of calomel often
does. A bottle in the house is as
good as fifty cents in the bank.
If you or your family need a liv
er tonic you have the medicine
ready. It it fails you get your
money. If it fails you get your
money back.
Be sure you get Dodson’s Liver
Tone when you ask for it. There
are imitations of it that may dis
appoint you.
Spanish Peanuts Will
Pay Market Price.
Cole Bros Cos.
FOR SALE—Several good milk
cows. See me before buying.
Amos Posey. R. 4,
• -* r S -s^^B
I Dansby Has 111
' I
to Everything In The Jewelry Line I
it and uptodate. Prices cheap. 1
}{j Birthday, Wedding and gradual* I
to ing presents a specialty. Drop *
It in and view the nicest line of jew* I
elry ever seen here. I
to I
m B—B—mTHP*”' j: X CBK3L' TS , Ti
it W. M. I
it Jeweler and Optician I
vV(. I
jK-a• •*.•^-2^-ja ./me.
w •'S•'S r -15 Sl-'STSf s*'.?*-. iw
A Positive Hog Cholera Preventative
t, Wtemm&wAz i ■
I 1 ! ■
€ ■>'
;|1 P • :/* ALL tmfrmM&M* ' I f - |
- 6 ABSQii/T£Lr A $Af/ m
1 m/r m£ °'l
ll *4 I y
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” An ounce l
BAKEMCO will save a thousand or more pounds of pork. Order Vi,
.® nce an d dose your hogs. Don’t wait until they have the Cholera*
will not cure, but if given in time it prevents-
Threefoot Bros. & Cos., Meridian, MisM
Sole Agents for this section of Mississippi and part of Alabama.
Premiums Given Away. |
We will give 1000 pounds Laurel Plow Brand I
Fertilizer to the farmer making the largest yLld I
of cotton on one acre of land and 500 pounds ■ I
to the farmer making the 2nd largest yield, u6 ‘ ,aB
ing Laurel Plow Brand Fertilizer. The party I
winning the first prize cannot be a contestant.
for the 2nd prize, No liehl is to be consider® I
where less than one acre of land is involved.T&||jH
award to be made by a committee selected
the board of supervisors of Neshoba County. B
——munw ■ tr ■: &■ -■'T: .Ti; $|

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