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■m a—
We are representing several
Farm Loan Organizations. Il
you wish a loan on your farm we
are prepared to obtain same
promptly. We have in our pos
session the Byrd and King ab
stract Bonk and all original gov
enment maps and field notes.
We make a specialty of abstract
ing titles.
Hand and Unsafe!.!,
Office of the Neshoba Land Cos.
m 9 m — ■■■*
A special election to fill a va
concy in the membership of the
Boaid of Aldermen of the Town
of Philadelphia, caused by tlm
resignation of H. M. Paiker will
be held on the 17th day of June
T. N. Crocket
Albert Ross
Sam Turner
Elec. Coni|
BONDS Will pay Philadelphia
market price for your Liberty
H. G King
administrators hale
Htate Of Mississippi, Neshoba Cos.
By virtue of the authority vested
in me by a decree of the Chancery
Court of said County and state ren
dered on the 26th day of April 1919
and recorded in minute Book 6 page
306 of tiie records of the chancery
Court of said county and state, I will
on the 31st day of May 1919 within
legal hours in front of the North door
of the court house in the town of
Philadelphia, Miss offer for sale and
sell to the highest and best bidder
for cash the following lands belong
ing to the estate of A. M. Byrd, de
ceased, situated in said Neshoba Cos.
lo wit:-
N 1-2 of S 1-2 of N\V 1-4 of SW 1-4
Hoc. 19, T 11, R 12. 8 1-2 of NE 1-4
of 8W 1-4 86c. 19, T 11, R 12; N W
1-4 of 8E 1 4 and 2 acres on North,
side of 8W 1-4 of 8E 1-4 and 18 acres
on west end of HE 1.4 of SE 1-4 Bec.
16, Tll H 12; And the following de
scribed lands situated in the town of
Philadelphia Neshoba County, Miss
Lot 8 less 6 ft. on the north side
and lots 6, 6 & 7 in Block 26; Lots 1, 2
3& 4in Block 27; All of Block 47;
Lts 3&6 in Block 57; Lots 6 6 & 7
in Block 58; Lots 236 & 7 in block
67; Lot 11 in block 93; all in Herods
survey of said Town : and an undivi
ded 1-2 interest in bloc*s2o2 203 in
Htribling addition of said town. And
block l X” 113, in the A. J. Yates ad
dition of said town, blocks 4 6 & 6 in
the Kay addition of said town. Lot
1 in Block “D” in the South East Di
vision of said town.
And the f Rowing lands lying ami
being situated in Leake County
W 1-2 of N W 1-4 Hec.au, T 10, R 7
and 8E 1-4 of N W 1-4 Bec. 21 T 10 R
And the following lands in Harlson
County, Miss.
Lots 16 & 17 in ul~ck 8 the Galespie
addition to the town of Gulfport,
M iss
Witness my signature this the Ist
day of May 1919 (
H. A. Huston
Adm. of the estate of A.M.Byrd
It 1 ordered by the Election Com
inissiotiers of Neshoba ( ounly. Miss
that a special election be held on
June 10th 1919 for the purpose of as
certaining whether the qualified e
lectors of said Neshoba Cos, outside
of separate school districts, will au
thorize the Board of Hupervisors of
said county to levy an advalorum
school tux of five mills on all taxable
property outside of asperate school
districts instead of 1 1-2 mills as
heretofore, to be used in having (he
public schools of said county taught
for a period of five months as provi
ded by chapter 261 Heo. 4672 Laws
of Mississippi. Ordered this May
18th 1919.
8 H Stribling
J W Ray
J M Cooper
Election Commissioners
.. j ■ ■ m .
C’ause of Headache.
By knowing tbe cause, a disease
may often be avoided. This is
particularly true of headache.
The moat common cause of head
ach disordered siomach or
constipation, which may be cor.
rected by taking a few doses of
Oharoberland’a Tablets. Try it.
Udaoy others have obtained per
manent by taking these
Tablets. They are easy to take
n wi pit hi and gentle in effect.
Summer Hardware
Ice cream freezers, ice tea glass=
es. economy fruit jars, screen
wire, Dangler oil stoves, fishing
tackle, enamel tin and crockery
Civil Engineer, Architect and Surveyor
I make a specialty land surveying marking out your boundaries lines
and permanently establishing your corners; with every survey I give a
plan showing the inaasuremen's of the lines, their direction and the area
they enclose; this map is the key for your lawyer or chancery clerk to draw
your deed correctly
Land surveying; engineering; drainage; road or railway work I carry
out and make estimates on
I am making a special survey of 12000 acres in the Kentawka Drainage
District for the Neshoba Land Cos; if your land adjoins you can make a
special arrangement with me to have your corners permanently establish
ed and marked and your land placed on aspecial plan of Neshoba bounty
which will be recorded in the chancery clerks office: This map will be
come a permanent record
In'conneution with the drainage work I have iiad to make searches of
many deeds from this counties records ot 263 searched 126 have been found
to have their boundaries or areas incorrectly described the owners will
eventually be put to considerable expense in correcting their deeds
A POOR MAN buying land should above all things hare Ins deed be
yond dispute: Anyone who has a deed dated before Jan Ist 1919 can bring
it to me and I will examine it for description and area free of charge
When buying, selling or giving a trust deed be sure the description is
correct if you have not a correct oue or are in doubt bring it to me for a
small charge I will make you one
REMEMBER THIS; 1 shall not draw'the deed only give you a cor
rect description so that your lawyer or tire chancery clerk can draw it
My profession is a business, it is my asset in life therefore I do not give
it away if you deal with me you musfgef down to business; My price |ie
for the rich and the poor the same, it is just eiinply -a matter of business
with me.
THE POOR MAN can pay for his survey (n farm products animals or
other things it makes no difference with me do not let money stand in the
way if your corners have to be established
On an 8 year indenture of articles served under one of the greatest
firms of engineers and surveyors in the world, on a University course and
practical examinations in construction held under government supervision,
together with 21 years of practical experience carrying out contracts fm
railroads; drainage; tunneling through mountains; under rivers and uii
uer the sea; in sewerage; irrigation; resevoirs; canals; levee work alio
bridge construction
IN SURVEYING; laving out counfies, townships; sections and town
sites for the government, in surveying privately for the-reestablislilng 010
section lines; readjusting boundaries and resurveying cities for the the r
adjustment of deeds aiftl overlaps
When I have finally and permanently established your corners am
handed you a plat showing the length of lines, their direction and the area
enclosed by the lines; I stand pal pn my work and am prepared to go into
the lowest and the highest courts to prove (hojr correctness in other word
I challenge all comers to prove their incorrectness
rrro-Ts nothing to consult me.
By virtue of the authority vested
in me as trustee in a certain trust
deed executed by J, M. Kennedy on
May 8, 1913, to G. E. Wilson to secure
an indebtedness of Four Hnndrrd
Dollars, the same being due Novem.
ber Ist, 1913 and bearing interest at
the rate of six per cent per annum
from date, and being of record in the
Office of the Chancery Clerk of Ne
shoba county, Mississippi in book No
27 page 27. and default having been
made in the payment of said trust
deed therefore, I will on the 2nd
day of June, 1919, in front of the
north door of the court house h' the
Town of Philadelphia, Mississippi,
within legal hours offer for sale and
sell to the highest bidder lor cash
the following described pro perty to.
All that part of the W 1-2 of N. W
1.4 of N. W. 1-4 of Sec. 2, TlO, R 11
lying east of the present location of
Philadelphia and Dixon road; and
all that part of (ho N K, 1-4 of N. E.
1-4 Sec. 3, T 10 R II which lies east
or south-east of the present location
of the Philadelphia and Dixon road
containing fifteen acres more or less,
and all being In Neshoba county,
Raid sale will be made for the
purpose of~ paying the indehtednes
secured by said trust deed and cost of
I executing this.tPuifc
Witness my hand this April, 28th,
K K. Richardson, Trustee
Kora Silpra'n ■ Ankle.
A J so <u a< pos.'iMe after the
injury is receiver] tret a bottle of
Cl miierl lin’s Liniment and fol
-1 w the printed directions which
accompany the bottle.

Trespass N'tltc.
Tli is t war all rso not u>
irenp i o the ndt> oj the Oeemer
Mf<. We do not wish to be harsh
out the cutting of out timber must
cease, or fe will be compelled to
tke steps to protect oipntytlyes.
11-14 ill. Deemer Mfg. Cos.
“1 do heavy work, and that is a
strain on a man's kidneys.” Writes
Itert Dawson, Canton, 111. ‘‘My trou-
Mes started with severe, sharp pains
over my back. Thought a bottle of
Foley Kidney Pills,and before is was
gone, iry oains had entirely left me
‘They banish rheumatic pains, back
sic e, soreness, stiffness.
Sold Everywhere
Professional Cards.
Newton I
Attorneys at Law
orncE over mars BROTHERS;
Philadelphia, Miss
Attorneys at Law.
Philadelphia, Mitw.
Office In Hotel Bush building.
Never retained in any case until fe<
is paid; or secured.
Office over Mars Bros.
Only lawyer that has a complete
Abstract of Land Titles including
original entries from U. S. Gov. in
his office or access to one. Litiga
tion concerning land and the making
of abstracts and rendering opinions
as to the validity of titles given
special attention.
Attorney at Law
Ruih Hotel Building
Will practice in the courts of this
and adjoining counties
Attorney at Law
Handles all litigation, and onh
litigation, involving the LiW of
By virtue of the authority ves
led in i < trustee in a c.er
t on deed of trust appeari g "•
record in the offic.e of Chmcery
tUerk of. Ni shoha countv. Mis ,
in deed record book 31 at
123, executed by W M. May am.
wife, Mrs. C. M. May to secure a
certain indebtedness the Hen let
son Molpus Cos., and in which de
fault having been made in pa.v
raent of said indebtedness, soul
trust deed being now past dn
and payable, I lh* undersign •'
trustee will on tbe 24 b day id
May 1919, during leual hours •
front of the north door of th
courthouse in 'he town if I’hil •
delplna, offer for sale and sell I"
the highest bidder for cash lh
following described property t
<EI 4ofSE 14 Sec 29, Til, K
U E, containing 40 acres of land
more or less. All of said proper
ty being located in Neshoba C -
Said sale will be made for the
purpose of paying the indebted.
*ecnred by said trust and ed and
the cost of executing this trust.
Witness my hand this Apii
26th, 1919.
d. H. Hest t .Trn t
kTj I 3 I ■ • u lift’
B 8 1 For two generations the fiftl
HH Buffering women of Arnerl- gRH
{if c. partioularly of the South mi
HU —have found relief from Idm|
ffiil “woman’* ill*” through the ISI
Bli famous prescription of * ifl
| farpouii old BonUyaTti" doctor fiJml
HI Women know when they Jill
MN need e remedy for weeknese
and misery In body and jO
■ mind. Mother* know that (jn
NP| their young daughter*, at jral
I t h *f r,UCB ' *at or "and a M
I yoTJ mUA*vnraß. "jwrST { 1 ;
H Ce 2 u Telifri with pefaihd J
Ml period*, eerere backache end Bi
;?| petal ecrott my <Wi—■ 1 |K
■ •ff’SL PJ i d “* I ,nd
H period** WL
The Third Party.
“The pen la mightier than tbe
aword 1” “lan’t it about time the ink
got a little of the credit rWudga
Ugh! Calomel Sickens; Salivates!
Piease Try Dodson's Liver Tone
—” 4 —~
I am sincere! My medicine does not npset liver
and bowels so you lose a day ’s work,
• ,
Calomel loses you a day! You
know what calomel is. It’s mer
cury; quicksilver. Calomel is dan
gerous. It crashes inio sour bile
like dynamite, cramping and sick
ening you. Calomel attacks the
bones and should never be put into
your system. •
When you feel bilious, sluggish,
constipated and all knocked out and
believe you need a dose of dangerous
calomel just remember that your
Sajt 65 year Old Kentucky Lady, Who Tcils How She Wu Relief J
Alter a Few Dose* of Dhck-Draaght
Meadors villa, Ky.—Mrs. Cynthia
Higginbotham, of this town, nays; “At
ay age, which Is 66, the liver does
not act so well as when young. A few
years ago, my stomach was ail out of
fix. I was constipated, my liver
didn't act My digestion was bad, and
It took so little to upset me. My ap
petite was gone. I was very weak...
I decided I would give Black-
Draught a thorough trial as I knew it
was highly recommended for this
trouble. I began taking it I felt
better after a few doses. My appetite
Improved and 1 became stronger. My
bowels acted naturally and the least
trouble was soon righted with a few
Do Yon Enjoy l ift-?
A man in g> od physic *1 condi
tion is almost certain to enjoy life,
while (he b lions ml dy-ppptic
are despondent, do not enj >y their
m< als and feel imterable a good
sham of the ti ne Tins ill feel
ing is nearly always unnecessary.
A few loses of i ha in her lain's
Tablets to one up the stomach,
improve the digestion and ream
late the bowels is all that is need
ed. Try it.
■ •*. H
I Eczema, Tetter I
I TIONS attended by itch- H
mg, raw soreness and in- H
flammation causing deep- i
■ seated sores, usually may 1
I relieved 'by Q. B. i
1 First application stops the
■ itching, soothes and dis- I
■ infects.
■ -r- • -M- \ >
A clean liquid; evapor- I
U quickly; no grease to I
I soil clothes. Safe for chil- y
arenas well as adults. Ask i
K > HI
DO NT MISS THIS Cut out th
slip, enclose with 6c to Foley & Cos.,
2886 Sheffield Ave. Chicago, 111 , wri
ting your name and address clearly.
You will receive in return a trial
package containing Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound, for coughs, colds
and croup,
Poley Kidney fills and Foley Ca
thartic Tab
Hold Every whet e.
About Rheumatism,
Rheumatism causes more pain
ami suffering than any other dis
ease, for the reason that it is the
most common of all ihs, and it is
c raiulv gratifying to sufferers
t know that there is a reinedv
that will afford relief, ami make
rest and sleep possible. ’ It is
called Chnrnb* rlain’s Liniment
druggist sells for a few cents a large
bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone, which
is entirely vegetable and pleasant to
take and is a perfect substitute for
calomel. It ik guaranteed to start
your liver without stirring you up
inside, and can not salivate.*"
- Don’t take calomel! It makes you
sick the next day; it loses you a day’s
work. Dodson’s Liver Tone straight
ens yon right up and you feel great.
Give it to the children as well.
doses of Black-Draught."
Seventy years of successful use hat
me do Thedford’s Black-Draught a
standard, household remedy. Every
member, of every family, at times,
need the help that Black-Draught cau
give in cleansing tho system and re*
lleving the troubles that come from
constipation, Indigestion, lazy liver,
etc. You cannot keep well unless youi
stomach, liver and bowels are in good
working order. Keep them that way
Try Black-Draught, It acts promptly,
gently and In a natural way. If you
feel sluggish, take a dose tonight.
You will feel fresh tomorrow. Prlca
25c. a package —Cue cent a doe*
All druggists. J, fig
State ( f Mississippi,
Neshoba County.
By viitue of authority ves
ted in me bv a decree of tbeChancery
Court of Neshoba County, Missi-s
--ipi-i, rendered on the 6th day of No
vember 1917, in the case of Cynthia
Cl intnonset >1 verm-* W. H. Mars.
d‘fendent, at a ieunlar term <f said
court, for the sale of certain bindsde
sctibeci lit pm and !• cr-e, 1 the under
signed ap f cial commissioner, will on
tluV ll.th day of June h I ; within le
gal hours, n front of the north and -or
of the court house i> the town of
Philadelphia, S. sbobn Coumy, di-s
--.I iu public on cry i“ the
higliest/biddcr tor cash tint following
. .■ i.ribed in said decree us I -I*
wa to a it:
10 acres .< ff ttf tb'e \vm of in N
W 1-1 I A bl. 1-1 an I i-i .cro* oil of
east isid<- of N 15 1 I.d A W 1,4 an I
icres in the north east corner* of H IS
1.4 nf A \V 1.1 md 6 acres in N VV
corner of W 1.4 *>f N K 1-4, all in
eoiion 22, T 10, K 18, in Aedtoba Co
unty, Mississippi.
.-oni sale will be mads for division
if proceeds between W. H Mar< an I
!>e lo bs to sal 1 land n-un *1 in s ti 1
decree, acce ding to their leap criva
I will confer only such title as is
and in ttin as special commissioner,
wbicti is belh-v and to be good
Tnis tlie I3ta day of May. 19 9,
A K. Hip hour
Special Commissioner
It is ordered by the Election
Commissioners ol Neshoba County.
Miss that a special election be and
is hereby called, the same to be held
at Fusky in Provioence Consolidated
Reboot district in Neshoba County,
Miss, on said Tuesday 10th day of
June 1919 for the purpose of submit
ting to the qualified electors of the
said Providince CoosolM .ted Hcbopl
District the question of whether, or
not they will vote in s <l<| election to
authorize the Board of Hqperyiaors of
-aid Neshobi Cos nity. to (sup- bunds
of- f aid Consolidated ■'clpiol District
in'he -mnof five thousand do ft ire
for the purpose ot erecting a id equip
ping a school building and erecting
and building a teachej n.nn in
said const.lidateq scliool district as
provided by chapter 180 of the laws
of Mi-sissippi 14)i9.
It is further ordered tbit notice,,of
said election be given by publication
in the Nesnoba Democrat, a weekly
v ewapaper published at Pbjludel
phia in said -county and state and
having a general circulation In said
Consolidated school district, for 3
weeks next preceding tho date of
s lid special election.
Order and this May 12th 1916
H. H Htribling
J W Ray
J M Cooper
Election Commissioners

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