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Ho warn Williams, able editor of Mr. W. G. Pavltt, who will en
the Hattiesburg American, will tertalu ut the Fair along with
speak Thu rad ay afternoon, the picture show Wed. evening.
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Mwl ::: *' ,91
" *4--^-/,>'■■. Jjl
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Percy Bell of Greenville will speak Thursday afternoon.
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center remains to aid digestion,
brighten teeth and soothe mouth
and throat*
There are the other WRIQLEY
friends to choose
feltW WANfU
The Trlistee* of the Bloomn Con
solidated School District will receive
bide for the construction of a school
| bulldlrig in said dln-icf up until Fri
day August 4. 19*22 at 10 o'clock A M.
Hide imlist be sealed and a certified
check for 6 per cunt of bid submitted
with bid.
The said building to be built aceor
i ling to the pleas and spec idea lions
of lame now on file in ttie office of
■ the Comity Superintendent of Eduoa-
Itloa of Neshoba County. Bids may
Ibe mailed to J H J Lundy, Philadel
I pbia. Miss., Koote 1. The Hoard re
serves the right to reject any or ail
of said bids. This J uly Bth 1922,
I Board of Trustees of Bluomo Con
iaoiidated School, by J H j Lundy,
Secy. 8 32
I The Trustees of the Providence
I Consolidated School will receive seat
lad bids, for the transportation of pu
pils on the different Transportation'
Routes In said school district, up un
til August 4th 1922 at 2:30 P VI. A
description of each route is now on
file in the office of the County Super
intendent of Education, and also a
copy of the description is posted at
the Providence School Hou >e. The
Trustees reserve tile right to reject
any -rail of said bids.— R J Hrea
zeaie, Hecy Hoard of Trustees, H 0
Peebles, (Superintendent El. 8 3 2
Sealed bids will be received until
12 o’clock noon August 7th, 1922. same
being the Ar t Monday of said month,
by the Board of Supervisors of Ne
shoba County, Mississippi, for S4OOO
of Bardale consolidated school bonds
of said county. The bonds will not
be sold at less th in par and will bear
interest at a rate of 6 per cent per an
num, payable seini-uunuuliy. Both
principal and interest v ill be paya-'
hie at the office of the ('runty Treas
urer in Pul lade I phia, Mississippi, the
county seat of Neshoba county. The
Bends are dated August, Ist, 1922. in
terest payable semi-annually on the
Ist day of February and Ist day of
August. The bonds are payable in
20 years as provided by law.
Each Bond must be accompanied
by a certified check payable to J D
Pettey Clerk of the Board of Hyper
visors, for 6 per cent of the bid This
check Is to insure good faith on the
part of the bidder, and will bo for
feited by the bidder if be fails to ac
cept the bonds and delivet the money
to the County Treasurer. The right
s reserved to reject any and all bids.
This done by order of the Board J uiy
3,1922. J D Pettey, Clerk of the
Board of Supervisors of Neshoba Cos.,
Mississippi 83 2 '
Sealed bide will be received until
12 o'clock M. Aug. 7,1022, same being
the let Monday of said month, by the
Board of Supervisors of Neshoba
county, Mississippi, for S4OOO 00 of
Bioomo Consolidated School District
Bonds of said county. The bonds
will not be sold at lest than par and
will bear interest at the rate of 6 per
cent per annum, payable semi*annu
ally. Both principal and 'lnterest
will be payable at the office-of the
County Treasurer in Philadelphia,
Mississippi, the county seat of Nesho
ba county. The bonds are dated
duly Ist, 1923, interest payable semi
annually on the Ist day of January
and Ist day of July. The beads are
payable iu twenty years as provided,
by law.
Each bid must be accompanied by
a certified check payable to J 1) Pet
key, clerk of the Boahl Of Supervls
••is. for 6 per cent of the bid. This
cheek is to injure good faith on the
part of the bidder, and will be for*
felted by the bidder if be fails to ac
cept the bonds sod deliver the money
to the County Treasurer. The right
ia reserved to reject any and all bibs.
This dene by order of the Board
July 6th, 1922-J D Pettey, Clerk
of the Board of Supervisors of Ne
al üba county Mississippi 8 8 2
Io the Qualified Electors of the Ne
shoba Consolidated School Dis
trict of Neshoba County,
•* Mississippi:
Yon will take notice that pursuant
to an order passed by the Board of
Supervisor of Neshoba County, Mis*
sissippi at their regular July. 1928.
meeting tiirwill be an election
held at the Neshoba School -House
within the Neshoba Consolidated
School District in said county and
state on the 6th day of August, 1922.
for the purpose of submitting to the
qualified ebctors of said district the
question of whether or not they will
vote to authorise the said Board to
issue bonds of the snld district in the
snp of 12000 00 (or ti e puspose of
eonetrnotlof and equipping an adfdl*
tlou to the Neshoba School building
and oonetrndtlng and equipping a
teacher's hums and purchasing land
fc*r said te icher’s home In and for
•aid district. Wlines* our signatures
this the 10th day of July, 1988.
S H SiribUng. T N Crockett, Bleo
ition Commissioners 88 2

:; l ■. " y >t> . , •: vv. o 1
’ ■ ;■ - '
Dodee Brothers
=• ■; . ■ ■ . ' - ; .;>
You will realize, the moment you see this coupe, bow
perfectly it fulfills a very real need.
It was designed and built by Dodge Brothers in
response to that need—long-standing and often*
expressed by people in all parts of the world.
With Dodge Brothers chassis as a starting point, it
only remained to create a coupe body which would
unite the usual coupe refinements with greater light
ness, hardihood and economy.
- -
The world now knows how this was accomplished.
An entirely new precedent in closed car construction
was established. The body is built of steel.
f _
Moreover, the deep comfortable seat is upholstered
in genuine leather. The doors are exceptionally wide.
The rear compartment will hold a small steamer
trunk and other luggage. The enamel, baked on the
steel at high temperature is readily restored, after
hard usage, to its original lustre.
In every detail the car reflects the purpose of the
builders—to makeit a practical car of universal appeal.
Meridian, Miss. Phone 990
f i I * ■ v
* s * f .. ‘ \
*IOO in Prizes!
Juanita Flour Sw
Sack Sewing
Contest ■ , JiJSpf ■
The contest is on! All over this | I iff m\, y
district hundreds of women have I ' '
responded to our invitation to i j j
show us what practical, valuable / a j r' —
garments they can make from I -""SSL J 1 /. llm
empty Juanita Flour Sacks. / TA , I mJMgf
This is a contest of sewing skill and /o-o#ome**a\ / / wIwMJM
Ideas. You have just as much chance J— r \I / j/Mjmwk
to win a prize as anyone—may be more.' 1 /..#jMM M I
It won't cost you anything to try. In trying you if
will find out, as thousands have, what pretty, // Elj!-f\
practical things can be made out of the fine extra Jj Js ,1
heavy quality muslin cloth that Jqanita Flour / M
Sacks are made of. /j * vmS
Get Entry Blank from your grocer. /p g ! M ,
Why not go to your grocer today and get the ** If
entry blank of this Juanita Flour Sack Sewing "Tx Wff-
Contest? Remember, the prizes amount to
SIOO. They are certainly' worth trying for. I®|
This is a local contest for the people in this nmr
district only. Therefore you have a real chance iSm JR 1 _
of winning a prize if you enter it. -f-—;
Ydu can use Noxall or Buttercrust sacks, too.
Articles' or garments made from Noxall or
Buttercrust flour sacks will be accepted in this
3 • ***■•*.* ba,ia “ thin ' ! • made from <*** u,
If you want a sack free, we will send you a 24
pound empty sack if you will tell us the name
of your grocer. Or we will be glad to send you
- A( „ the big 98 pound sack which contains enough
, muslin to make anything, if you will
•end in stamps.
, 1 ' - W Milling Cm.. Mo.
‘■l „ _ ,
f-mpi This 32-Page Book IREK
tbdy Jl By all mr.ii. get U>i. Ixwk now. It contains 33 ff If |M|S I7 / f g**
JSlv y U JU\z/ cdlM
J *howia the may petty, poetic.) thing, that
WB .n r I y^n U Juanita Flour {• known all over the
B HglHk w- . y WttPt South for it. extra good baking rctulu.
C\ IBC* you wiUteUM groc”( who Butteretuot Flour it the Mime quality s.
M 1 Sciaft hidl? Juanita W “ a. but with l?.riMng
Com “c..***.:. -
THE COLE BROS. COMPANY, Philadelphia, Mlm.

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