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ByO. C. Roberts, Dixon, Miss,
The opponuniiies nr environments
of a farmer living in Neshoba Coun
ty are equal to, and in some Instan
ces far exceed some of the other
counties.in the hill district of Mis
It has been my pleasure to visit
in twenty five of our counties, and 1
am convinced, after close observa
tion, that none of these are superior
to Neshoba, when we take every
thing into consideration.
Every cuunty'aud ev>>ry state has
its natural advantages and disad
vantages. Neshoba county forms a
square of 24 miles, containing 88,
000 acres of land. A large percent
of this acreage is a sandy loam .soil,
with an ideal clay subsoil. This
soil whjch constitutes a large per
cent of each farm, as a rule, if
properly handled will produce maxi
mum crops. The possibilities of this
land are still hidden to a large ex
Mature has given us a long list of
plants that will grow and thrive on
Neshoba soil as soil-builders and
market crops.
Our rainfall and mild climate
make it possible to keep a crop
growing on our lands the entire
year. If we work our stock we
must feed them, and if we work our
laud we must feed it. A fat horse
and a rich acre of land are Just alike.
We keep them fat by giving them a
well balanced ratiou: Nowhere in
the south can a farm be bought for
less money, than in Neshoba Coun
ty. We also have many thousands
of acres of ceek and swamp lands,
now being drained, which will some
day in the near develop into a
great corn belt. Stock-raising can
also be made profitable by utilizing
our natural advantages. No county
in the state is ahead of us in the
poultry business. We have two rail
roads and one well equipped town to
handle our farm products, live stock
lumber and etc. We have schools
and churches in every rural com
munity, which are the two great
great agencies for developing a peo
ple to high ideals -and lofty aspira
tions. Our population of 22,000 has
a creditable i eoord for loyalty to the
laws of the land. I feel safe in stat
ing that 00 1-2 percent of our people
are law abiding citizens. 1 also (eel
that this same percent has respect
and regard for Christianity. To re
spent and honor Christianity and
obey the of ouf country, are
the two most important opportuni
ties existing in Neshoba County,
A mental and financial igiant,
though a moral wreck is aud will
always be. a failure. Consolidated
schools and good roads are both
valuable assets, aud lam proud to
state, are growing iu the minds of
the mass of people. It takes time to
bring these things up to their best.
1 feel that there is an under-current
drifting down the avenues of time
towards these valuable conditions.
Neshoba County has an abundance
of timber and good water, We also
have a splendid mail service carried
on daily by ten Post Offices and
nineteen rural routes. A net work
ot telephone lines reach every nook
and corner of the county. ,
Boiled down to its lowest analy
sis, w - have a good place iu which
to live.
• .
July 27, 1922
This Is an endorsement from friends
and neighbors of Mrs. J, E. Arnold,
who live in Union and have been
constantly iu touch with her life aud
work for several years.
We admire her attention to duty
and her skill as a missionary aud
know her to be of upright Christian
character aud worthy of any sacred
trust. She has proven faithful and
true as a cittzeu, well qualified aud
ready for service to her country dur
ing the period of war and also iu
times of peace. Endowed with mauy
qualifications being a student of
economics, national, and political
questions and tilled with a desire to
serve art best she may. She is well
educated, quick to action and al
ways lovable aud kind to everyone.
We most heartily endorse her a? be
ing especially fitted to grace the
halls of Congress ffom the Fifth Con
gressional District of Mississippi. ♦
Mrs. G. W. Todd, Chairman Lea
gue of WomewVoters, Newton Cos.,
M rs. Onus Wells, President League
of Wotaen Voters, Union Branch,
Uev. Q. 0. Parker, Pastor Baptist
Church. Rev. C. P. Thrallklll, Pastor
Presbyterian Church, Rev. I. A. Hall
ey, Baptlsf preacher, Mrs. Z. 0. Ha
gan, Vice Pres., Mrs. A C.Longiuo,
Asst. Secy., Mrs- J. M. Cole, Treat.,
Mrs. I. M. Gallospy, Georgle Row zee
Quills Dollar, Mrs. N, G. Graham,
Mm* E:*ltan McDonald, Mrs. D. D.
Nicholson. Mamie Ta.vlor, Mt*B. E, T
Jacob, Miss Annie (J. Jacob, Miss
Eva McLeiuore, Mm. Mali. McLe
more, Mrs. B. E. Tolbert, Mrs. C. A,
Holladay, Mrs. (i. F. Hays, Mrs. W.
U. Dufore, Mrs. R. A. Oliver, Mr*.
Laara C. Service, Mrs. C, (rews, Miss
Bessie Hansford, Mrs. J. S. Qrady,
Mrs. 8. C. Mabry, Mrs. W. A. Jack*
son, Mrs. Nettle Barfield, Mrs. C. P.
Tbratlkill, Mrs. J. R. Galloway, Mrs
R. L. Thompson, Mrs. K. R. Walk,
Mrs. W. W. Hester, Mrs. TC. Ragan
Mrs. W. C. Calvert, Mrs, G. 8. Wor-‘
then, Mrs. F. M. Hester, Mrs. H. R,
Sessions, Mrs. E. H. Collier, Mrs. 8.
P. Strlbltng, Mrs. 8. D. Whittle, Mrs.
Wiley Jenkins, Mrs. W. B. Carleton,
Mrs. J. J. Paschals. Mrs. Ham Hays,
Mrs. Ada Cooper, Mrs. T. C. Hester,
Mrs. W. G. Cook, Mrs. J. T. Service,
Mrs. W. F. Evans, Mrs. 8. P. Red.
Mrs. Irene Back waiter Rutledge,
Mrs. E. M. James, W. R. Moore,
Miss Ballle Red, W. N. McLemore,
Mrs. J. J. Speed, I. M. Gallaspy, Mrs
Ernest Tucker, W W Hester, Mrs 8
A. Pool, G W Todd, Mrs W A
James, J G Wilson, Mrs W L
Turner, 8 B Reid, Mrs W A Mc-
Mahan, W 8 Still, Mrs A A Nich
olson, J J Speedy Mrs Edna Hays,
J P McMahan, Mrs H L Majors,
D L Wells. Mrs W R Moore, J M
Cole, Mrs I A Halley, W R Rivers,
Mrs J P McMuhen, C H Hays, T M
Cooper, A I Buckwalter, W L Tur
ner, J W Barfield, A G Hester, T C
Ragan, L Q G Williams, C 8 Jenkins,
J T Hatterway, Willie Jenkins, O L
Walton, E C Cooper, Perry Stribltng
W E Cook, O A Strlbllug, W F Ev
ans, B E Tolbert, Dr Z C Hagan,
Prof B J Service, V C Rutledge, J T
Service, William P Cassel, J C Bish
op, G F Hays, E E Carleton, J 8
Grady, W A Jackson, RC Hays, R R
Walk, J 8 Taylor, T E Webb, 0 U
Smith, Frank Bunbin, Mrs O L
Smith, G 8 Wortben, Mrs Anna
Meador, R L Thompson, R W Mead
or, R F Williams, G M Smith, A C
Longlno, J B Ethridge, Dr W 8 Polk
A. T. Stovall, Receiver.
One and one-third fare for the round-trip, going Satur
day and Sunday, returning following Monday. Minimum
fare S(X cents.
For further information apply local Ticket Agent.
new tire prices
~lowot cost mileage ever known
The new bate Hue tire prices established by
Goodrich, effective July 20th, glue motorists a
definite guide to mt prices as Goodrich Tires
are the definite standard of Tire quality. They
know now they can buy die wary best tire —
the one quality Sttvertown—the the that has
always held its leadership because—it wears
longer, looks better, and because, mileage con
sidered, h costs less than any other tire at any
price. Dealers have been quick to point out to
theheustomers the big advantageand economy
of buying
Silvertown Cords
at such base line prices as theses
SEES B qgjy , BBE
30 x3* CL $13.50 34x 43. B. $3085
31x3.85 CL 15.95 32x4} *T 37.70
30x3}5.8. ... 15.95 33x4 * 3835
. 32x3} * 22.95 34x4 * 3930
31x4 * 26A5 35x4} * 40.70
32x4 " 29.15 33x5 * 46.95
33x4 * 3005 35x5 * 4930
New base line pneet ate aba effective ate
GcJriik Fabric TkZ
[•*SS a |
30x3“55* $935 H 32x4d&> $2130
, 30x3}*55* 1035 33x4 ” 2235
32x3f iASr 1330 H Mx4 * 2235
g|ji ytajp deafer, and piece poor NOVff
for tour Goodrich tbea r^g***— l **-
• *
Mm (1 M Smith, W RCarletoo, tt L
Majors, Ernest Tucker, W E A Cleve
laud, 8 C Cleveland, 8 C Mabry, N I
Strlblltut, E H Collier.
This advertisement Is paid for by
the Citizens of Union, Miss. c
Professional Cards.
ii hi. ■■-■■■ ~11 i.i —p ii. .1 ■ i ■ ii. i
Adjustments made and glasses
lilted. Philadelphia, Miss
J. R. Byrd J. L. Byrd
Attorneys at Law,
Philadelphia, Mississippi
Newton, Mississippi.
Office for the preeent at the
Court House.
And classes fitted. Office over
Mars Bros. Store. Office hoars 9
till 8 P. M. —J. U. McOloskey,
Optometrist, Phila. Miss. c
Dr. R. F. Hays Dr. M. S. Phillips
* Telephone Number 204
Physician and Surgeon
Room Residence with ball, east front
tour fireplaces, electic light, on half
acre lot in Philadelphia. See Cal
Stripling. 8 8 2 p
county Pair
$2.50 for the nicest Fire Screen 24
by 86 inches same to be his. VV, F.
♦1 60 in mdse, fur nicest center
cloth (Crocket)and *I.OO in mdse, for
2nd. M. F. Seward and son.
SI.OO in cash for best recitation by
girl nodes 12 years old. J. F. Wilson \
Let Us Do It
Our Shop is Clean
and Sanitary
Our Work the
Very Best.
Watch and Jewelry
to make the most deli*
cate repairs and adjust
Located in City Drue
We know what
you want; the
purest drugs.
You want your
properly filled.
You want only
expert hands to
fill your Doctor’s
That is why. we
maintain our
Drufc & Jewelry Store
Phone 168
Moving Office
Beginning August Ist
JV&y office will be in
the new Henson Block
with Felton Grubbs.
Salesman and Collector of
Sewing Machines
Philadelphia, Miss.
Kansas City
Beef Weekly >.
Only Best
Meats Handled.
A. H. Jordan. Mgr.
.' PHONE 130
Next session begins September 4, 1922.
Affiliated with the State Colleges and University.
Nine months session.
New Dormitory, twenty rooms, completed by Septem
ber first.
Five Year Course; One year sub-freshman (eighth
grade); and four years High School.
Faculty of Ten Specialists devoting entire time to
high school work, no public school connected.
Thorough Courses iu Spelling, Penmanship (Palmer
Method), English, History, Mathematics, Education, Civics,
Piano, Voice, Economics, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Type
writing, Office Training, Arithmetic, Sewing, Cutting and
Fitting, Cooking, Dietetics, Home Nursing, Hygiene, Phys
ics, Biology, Agriculture (Farm Accounting, Dairying, Ani
mal Husbandry, Horticulture, Soils, Farm Mechanics)
Commercial Department equipped with Typewriters,
Memeograph and othern office fixtures.
Home Economics laboratory well equipped with sewing
machines, cook stoves, dining room and kitchen utensils,
and other modern conveniences.
125 Acres of Land and improved implements for teach
ing Agriculture.
Pure Bred Jerseys, best dairy herd in this section of
Other Live Stock, including mules, hogs and poultry.
Physics and Biological Laboratories with complete ap
paratus for performing all experiments.
Library equipped with standard reference books and
supplied with local and metropolitan newspapers and many
of the best magazines. •
Buildings supplied with steam heat, deep well water,
and electric lights.
Good Board, averaging |11.27 per mouth last session.
Time is your most valuable asset. Spend yours in a
high school that is equipped to offer you the courses and
the attention that you need.
TRUCK owned by school will meet Neshoba County pu
pils at McLain.
ACT NOW. Secure your room reservation early by send
ing matriculation fee, of |1 00 to
I. E. PEEBLES, Supt.
Leakesville, Mississippi.
Just East of Philadelphia I
maintain a store selling gen*
era) merchandise. And pay
as much for chickens and
eggs as anybody.
If you have something to sell
WHY NOT take my money.
If you want to buy some
thing I can sell it. WHY NOT?
Floyd Henson
General Merchandise & Produce
Full Complete
Shoe Stock
With a newly stocked line of general merchandise
we can fill yourneedsat REASONABLE PRICES.
We especially caH your attention to our SHOE
, STOCK. We have a new' line of excellent shoos
at the RIGHT PRICE. Womens, Mens and
Childrens in all sizes; all leather, and at reason
able prices. If your SOULS are THIN SEE US.
T. Ml. Fulton
aon, miss.

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