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'■ * 1 1 ■
We have just received
a shipment of Orange
and Lemon Peel, Citron,
Candied Pineapple, Nuts
etc for your fruit cake.
We also have a few nice
fruit cakes baked by
National Biscuit Cos.
* Call early. Supplies are
New Coats and Wraps
These cool days turn
one’s thoughts to
COATS and WRAPS. s/\ Jlh\
The new modem out- I Ujlu\
er garments is charm- JLJI / ’ jfi VJ \
Our Coats are well h^BLVgjb 1 '
tailored from finequal- if V ' SAu
ity materials. Jyl
They are carefully ft || W
selected for your ap- ' n ||\
SEE THEM. ,T J I W Vr® n *‘
Office of Secretary of State
Jackson Miss., October 10, 1922.
the Constitution of the
At a regular session of ths legisla
ture of the state of Mississippi, held
in January. February, March and
April,l922,two concurrent resolutions
were adopted submitting to the quali
fied electors of the state for ratifica
tion or rejection at an election to
beheld on Tuesday after the first
Monday in November, 1922 being the
7th day of November 1922, which
amendments are in words and figures
following to wit;
A Concurrent Resolution to amend
Section 186 of the Constitution of
tbs State of Mississippi so as to
abolish the office of county treasuier
Section 1. Be it resolved by the
legislature' of the state of Mississippi
(8-8 of the member* of each House
concurring therein) that Section No.
186of the state of Mississippi be and
the same is hereby amended as fol
Section 186. There shall be a sfaer
riff, coroner, assessor and surveyor
for each scanty to be selected as else
where provided herein who shall
hold their office (or four years. The
•herrlff shall be Ineligible to imme
diately succeed himself in office.
The duties heretofore imposed on
the county treasurer shall be dis
charged by some person or persons
•elected ee required by law;'*
Sections. That this amendment
to the oontltntion be submitted to
the qualified electors by the state for
ratification or rejection at an elec-
tion to be held oa the first Tuesday
after the first Monday in November.
1922, In accordance with Section 278
of the Constitution of Mississippi,
Passed the Senate, January 27.
1922; January 80, 1922; February 1,
Passed the House of Representa
tives, March 22, 1922; March 28,1928;
March 24, 1922.
A Concurrent Resolution propoa
ing an amendment to Section 170 of
the State Constitution, prescribing
the jurisdiction of the boards of su
pervisors over roads, ferries and
Resolved by the legislature of the
state of Mississippi, two-thirds of
each House agreeing thereto, that the
following amendment to the state
constitution be submitted to the
qualified electors of the state fyr
ratification or rejection at an elec
tion to bs held on the first Tuesday
after the'first Monday in November,
1922, viz;
Amend Section 170 of the state
constitution so as to read as follows;
Each county shall be divided into
five districts, a resident freeholder
of each district shall be selected, in
the manner prescribed by law, and
the five so chosen shall constitute
the board of supervisors of the coun
ty, a majority of whom may trans
act business. The board of supervi
sors shall have full jurisdiction over
roads, ferries and bridges, to be ex
ercised in accordance with each reg
ulations as the legislature may pra.
•ortba,and perform such other duties
A* may be required by law; provided
however, that the legislature may
have the power to designate certain
highways as “state highways”-and
place such highways under the con
trol and supervision of the state
highway commission for construc
tion and maintenance.
The clerk of chancery court shall
be the clerk of the board of supervis
ors. Passed the House of Repye
Sentktlves, February I, 1922, Febru
ary 2,1922; February 3, 1922.
Passed the Senate, February 21,
1922; February 22, 1922; February 28,
Au t the same Is published and
will be submitted as required by
Section 273 of the State Constitution.
Given under my *hand and the
Gseat Seal of the State of Mississippi
.-ibis 10th day of October, 1922.
Joseph VV. Poiyer.
Secretary of State,
The Superintendents Peebles and
“Williams accompanied by Rov. Ar
nett visited us last week.
They urged cooperation, pointing
out clearly the factors that consti
tute the best school system.
The Parent Teacher's second meet
ing will tie held the 23th at 2 o,clock.
Miss Shellye Snow accompanied by
j her cousin. Miss Adelle stuart spent
the week end with homo folks.
Doss Fleming has purchased anew
. Charlie Stuart of Noxa pater was
home for a few days visit last week.
We are sorry to say that Jeff Sims
who has been confined to his bed lor
several weeks Is not any better.
The little daughter of S. E. Tew
who has suffered from an attack of
malaria is much better.
Thomas J. Breazeale of Luuiberioh
spent a few days with his aunt, Mrs*
B. A. Lane.
H. R. Willis of Providence isjuov-
Ing to our community. We welcome
him and family in our midst.
Prof. W. J. Houston and Mr. Louie
Walton spent the week end with
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robere Agent
a buy on the 22nd.
Will Ethridge and family visited in
the home of his father Saturday and
m m m
By virtue of the authority vested
in me as trustee in the trust deed
given by C. J. and M E Gipson to W
H Mars to secure certain indebted
ness mentioned therein /ind of re
•ord in Book 32 page 477 „of the re
cords of Neshoba County Miss, and
lelauitbeiaejliuwfckln the payment
if said Indebtedness, J will on Nov.
I6tb, 1022, at the north door of the
court bouse in Philadelphia Miss,
within legal hours sell to the high
est bidder for cash the following
land situated In Neshoba County
Mississippi to wit:
The se)£ of twj{ and of lees
the 21 acres sold to N L Parker on
Dso. 6, 1913) section 17, township 10,
range 12 and out of the proceeds pay
said indebtedness and the expense
of executing this trust.
" Witness niy hand Oct 23rd 1922
J C Strlbling, Trustee 11-92
To the teachers of Neshoba Coun
ty Public Schools.
All schools that have organised
a Parent Teachers’ Association,
please send me the names of your
president; and all who have not or.
gariized please do so at once.
There Is nothing that builds com
munities more than this organiza
Too will find all necessary litera
ture in Supt. Peebles office.
* — Mrs. W. D. Donald
County Chairman bf P, T. A. 1 o
The Board of Supervisors of Ne
Comity, Mississippi, will re
ceive sealed bide, addressed to the
Clerk of said Board a*
vUssisslppi, until 12 o'clock M., No
vember 6th, 1992, for $9000,00 of
bon’d* of the Neshoba Consolidated
sc h opr District, in Neshoba. County,
Mississippi, Said bonds are twenty
ia number, for SIOO,OO each and ma
tured the rate of fftOOO ’each year
in-ear 6 per cent interest annually
No bid will be received which bids
lets than par Value and accrued
interest; lor said bonds. Each bid
mbst be accompanied by certified
chock lor G percent of amount of bid
payable to undersigned. •* . >
This October 9th, 1922.
J D Petty Clerk Of Board of Su
of Neshoba Cotirity* Missis
•ippV) 1-2-28 .
'*!ii ’.%' i ‘
Tile'll tate of Mtsohisippl. . .■* ■
To Mr*. Velma Hicks. .
0 Addwaa, Good WLoe, La.
Yoaiare connuawded toappear be
fore JRu) Clmncery Court of the Con
oCTeshobft In said the
Pira^f6ody of November 1932 to
defen&sthe suit in saM courtrof W O
Htcidjftr divorce, wherein'y ou are a
defendant. This 30 dayofSeptem*
her 1922. S 1) PetteJi 6e*lt. '1026 2
Another week of fine weather and
1 feel that Mr. Farmer is utilizing
these days to a good advantage. A
few are making syrup.
Rev. Pearson of Clark Co'lege de
livered a splendid sermon at the Bap
tlst church last Sunday. He is a
young man and deserves a lot of
The patrons of our school, their
children and teachers were wonder
fully entertained last Thursday by
an address from Prof. Crawley and
D. E. McWilliams of Philadelphia.
Quite a few of our people attended
the Big Barbecue at Phila last Sat.
They report plenty to eat and well
entertained. We hope that the bit
ter School Week which ended at
Philadelphia Sat will do mucii and
lasting good. We hope to live to
see the day, when Neshoba Cos. will
be living up to its maximum poasibil
ites from every point of view. To do
this we must strive every dny our
level best to make that day count
for something.
We are too contented with our sur
roundings. We must push forward
to develop our selves spiritually,
mentally, physically and financially.
This attainment will place us four
square with the world.
Misses Eunice Roberts and Carrie
Mosely who are teaching in Buque
lena consolidated school visited
friends and homefolks Bat. and Bun.
Messrs Guy and Homer Kinerd of
Kemper Cos. visited C C Roberts last
Alton Williamson and Miss Beulah
Richardson of Route 1 were married
recently. We wish for them a long
and successful life.
225 pupils are enrolled in our school
this year.
Miss Annie Lois Lewis, who is at
tending school at Union, visited
home folks Bat. and Bun.
mm m m
State Of Mississippi,
Neshoba County,
By virtue of authority invested in
me by law I. M C Posey Sheriff and
Tax Collector in and for said eouuty
and state will, on the First Monday
in November 1922 same being the 6th
day of November 1922, offer for sale
and to the highest bidder for cash
the following described property to
wit; of SE34 less 2 acres Sec.
28, TlO, RIO, East.
20 acres NE# of Section 32, T
10, R 10 East; of SWJ{ Section 33
T 10, 1110 East.
The above described property be
ing levied on according to law Au
gust 29tb 1922 under execution, in
case Number 707, Issued by the Chan
cery of said County and State on
the 28th day of July 1922 In case of
Stokes V Roberson State Revenue
Agent vs A Dees Admr. Estate of W
J Bra,ntly deceased for the sum of
Forty Six Hundred Thirty Six and
14-100 dollars (4636.14) together with
cost of executing this execution to
the amount of Fifty two and 86 100
dollars ($62 36) making a total of
Forty Six Eighty Eight and 50-100
dollars (14688 50). Sigued by me
this the 2nd day of October 1922.
M C Posey, Sheriff and Tux Col
lector. io 26 2
Mississippi MADE'
OBswHßjMru. •
|f An ugly cut
I MENmopmjMl
I|||, , ■ln Season
On our counters you will find
delicacies in season.
Grapes, Apples, Pears, Oranges, and Lemons,
Cabbage, Celery, Tomatoes and head Let
tuce, Pickles, Pig-feet and Swiss Cheese.
Fruitcake Ingredients just received—Citron,
Oranges and Lemon Peel, Rasins, Nuts,
Mince Meat etc.
Put Variety on your table.
Trade with
The Estes Grocery
Philadelphia, Mississippi
• •
I '' ;ji
Kfe*--; W” ’"■'■■ : ”• ■■•’ r:^y*? :l wfg~r
Gloria Swanson m Trianglb 10 alK * Cents.
Station Content'
Biggest Comedy Hit of the Season.
Mack Sennett Comedy.
Chuck full of fun.
* *
Matinee at 2;30 10 and 20 cents
Evening performance 10 and 30 cents
On SAT. NOV. 4, the Big SPECIAL
featuring VERA GORDON.
ip w ■ ■ v Ww* B
, -W ”■'
!* *%> A* oowiwlas
22 “fpa* eja—* ll
Ton’s mis
I pg&XTSfeaa.’sa
-'*"" ■■■■■— "., +
Occasional Absence to Boat
For people to live happily together,
the mil secret It that they Shall Ml
live too much together—EagUah Prov

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