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Fellow Passenger Grew
'ITEW YORK. The small urchin
II climbed up the car steps and
wormed himself Into a seat beside the
Pusybody. The basket he was carry
ing the youngster fixed carefully be
tween hlB feet,; with several anxious
glances in the process. ,
"What have you in that basket my
boy?" asked the .neighbor, bending
over confidentially. "I noticed how
careful you were of It ' It must be
something quite valuable. Isn't it?"
"Ye're hep, old sport It's some
thin' that's worth a whole heap."
"Well, won't you tell me what It Is?"
"Not on yer life! Think I want to
get pinched?"
This was too much for the Busybody.
His curiosity, heretofore merely cas
ual, grew suddenly pointed, and he bit
"Well, sonny, I've a notion that if I
gave you a nickel you'd tell me what
you had in that basket"
"Make it a dime and I'll do It!"
whispered the boy. "Only ye've got
to promise not to give me away to
de cop."
Knitting Pastime of the
CLEVELAND, O. The gong at No.
2 engine house, Champlain avenue,
clanged insistently.
"Dear me, there must be a fire
somewhere, and just when I had these
wristlets almost finished," exclaimed
Austin Reddy, six foot and stalwart
fireman, laying aside his knitting with
an air of petulance and climbing Into
a rubber coat Reddy has the repu
tation of being one of the most agile
scrappers in the department.
Several other firemen laid aside
shawls which they were knitting,
supplanting the needles with axes as
they got aboard for the run. All of
which Is not a joke. The firemen of
Cleveland have the knitting craze,
and Instead of the hitherto customary
book, checker, domino or card game,
they while the time away making
shawls, coverlets and other dainty,
filmy, creamy nothings for their
wives, mothers or sweethearts.
Jake Abel, prominent member of
the Sisters' club at No. i, introduced
the fad in Cleveland. He had read of
firefighters In some western city tak
ing up knitting as a pastime. So he
got needles and yarn and learned all
the Intricate digital calisthenics nec
essary for knitting. One day he took
his place at the station with a frame
on which was a partly knitted shawl
of an exquisite baby blue hue.
He sat down and the needles began
Alarm Clocks Trap a Robber; Cause Conviction
CHICAGO. One alarm clock caused
the arrest of Paul Newman the
other day and another his conviction
and sentence to a year in the Bride
well. The restaurant of A. Covlllo, 620
West Madison street, had been robbed,
and Detectives Sullivan and O'Brien
had been detailed to find the thief. As
a. clew in their quest the detectives
wrote a list of the articles stolen and
they Included twoblarm clocks.
Several hours after they had started
on their thief hunt the detectives ap
proached Halsted and West Madison
streets. Suddenly they heard a long-drawn-out
but muffled sound.
v"ping-a-ling-a-llng," it started and
California Governor's Son
C AN FRANCISCO. "Jack" Johnson,
tJ as Hiram W. Johnson, Jr., son oi
the governor, Is popularly known.
took easy honors in a fistic encounter
the other day with a husky youngster
from Monterey in the wine room of
the St Francis hotel. Only one blow
was delivered, straight from the shoul
der, and James Reed waa stretched on
the floor, after which he was ejected
from the hotel.
According to the onlookers, Reed
walked into the hotel bar a little the
worse for wear. Johnson's perfectly
fitting checked suit and a red rose In
the lapel of his coat caught Reed's
roving eye. His remarks, addressed to
Johnson In an undertone, were not
complimentary either to the governor's
on nor to his apparel. The fact that
young Johnson was drinking seltzer
also annoyed Reed.
"If I were you," said Johnson, quiet
ly, "I would hesitate to make such re
mark." Thereupon Reed aimed a Vicious
kick, which struck Johnson Just above
Hideous Trousers.
Further, it is pointed out the trou
ser leg was draughty and cold, and at
the same time drags Itself into hid
eous contortions with every movement
of the leg. In ths nether garment of
celebrities distortions were described
sue restive of concertinas, corkscrews,
mid buckled tubes. Exchange.
Curious; Boy Made Dime
"Why, of course I'll promise."
The boy pocketed the cola. "Well,
sport, dey'e a baby In dere. I hooked
'lm, an' put 'im Inside when dey
wasn't nobody lookin'. Now I'll get a
reward tor retumln' "lm."
"Why, you young villain! Do you
mean to say you hare a baby In that
basket? Lying In that thing will kill
It Where did you get it?".
"Oh, I picked It up in front o' one
o dem big stores. It was all alone, so
I Jus' took it I guess It won't be
missed,' an' I wanted one, anyway."
"Not be missed t Bee here, yon
young blackguard! Do you mean to
say that its mother had deserted It?"
"Sure! Its mudder wasn't nowhere
"How old Is It?"
"Oh, a few months, I guess. Big
enough to squeal so I tied a rag
round Its mouf." .-
"Well, lift up the cover and let me
see how it looks.
"Hoi' on, o' top. Tou promised not
to give me away."
"Yes, but I didn't expect " and ha
lifted the cover and glanced at what
was underneath. Sitting up on an old
cloth was an Insignificant looking
yellow puppy.
The boy jumped up and grinned.
"Well, here's where I get off. Thanks
tor de dime. An' say, I'll tell ye one
ten times as good as that for a quar
ter. So long!"
Sixth City's Firemen
fire dept
to ay. His erstwhile "clubmates'
looked on In astonishment What was
the matter with Jake. Had he
turned suffragette?
"Won't you . have a cup .of tea,
Jake?" 'asked Captain Jeff era, polite
ly. Abel replied that he would not
but that would take something to
smoke. None dared to ask bla
about the shawl, which grew apace
under his nimble fingers.
"Making It for Hattie Matilda,"
volunteered Abel at last Hattie Ma
tilda Is the object of Abel's affections
the firemen know no more about
the affair, not even her last name, but
they have teased him about Hattie
Matilda for months. . -
"I think It's very sweet," said husky
Lieutenant McDowell, timidly. Then
they laughed until they wept, but end
ed by asking Abel to teach them. He
did, and now the penchant for knitting
is spreading.
continued for two minutes.
Newman, who was standing on the
corner, began to run when the alarm
went off. The detectives ran, too,
right after him.
"There's ournan," said Sullivan.
"Right," Bald O'Brien a few seconds
later when they had overtaken New
man and found the ringing alarm clock
in his pockety
Later in the morning Newman waa
arraigned before Municipal Judga Cav
erly. He evidently was considering a
plea of "not guilty," despite the find
ing of the clock in his pocket when
there was a disturbance In the court
room. '
',. "Ding-a-ling-a-ling," and bo on It
It was the second stolen clock. New
man looked perplexed, then downcast
He knew pleas of Innocence would
avail him nothing, so he stepped up
and received his sentence.
"One year In the bridewell and a fine
of $10 and costs," said the judge.
, Next time when Newman takes
clocks he will probably stop to see
whether the alarms are wound.
Has "The Wallop"
his knee. The latter retaliated with
a powerful blow, delivered by a mus
cular and trained arm. Reed, who is
(the larger man, was knocked com
pletely out and It took several minutes
of vigorous fanning and the applica
tion of wet towels to bring him back
to consciousness. He staggered to hii
feet was handed his hat by a bellboy
and escorted to the door, with a polits
Invitation to forget to return.
Johnson was congratulated by hli
friends on the way he held his tent
per, en the strength of his right ant
and on the nobby appearance of nil
checked suit
Popular Sun Bafh. -The
Bun bath Is Bald to be ao popu
lar at present In Germany that lr,
several cities one can buy a ticket for
a sun bath just as in America ont
buys a ticket for a bath in the surf
The sun bath ticket entitles the hold
er to a room for disrobing, a bathlna
suit and a "place la the sun."
California Lass Has Exciting Ex
perience While Photographing
Animals at Boulder, Colo.
Boulder, Colo. While attempting to
photograph animals in the zoo at
Chautauqua Park, Miss Myrtle Webb,
a beautiful society girl of Pasadena.
Cal., narrowly escaped being gored to
death by the large bull elk kept there,
which has been vicious of late owing
to the Iobs of its mate.
Miss Webb had the presence of
mind to run for a large tree near by,
and, being an athlete, was able to
climb beyond the reach of the mad
dened beast After Bhe had scratched
her hands and face and been badly
bruised about the body, Bhe succeeded
Was Able to Climb Beyond Its Reach.
in reaching a limb where she could
sit and wait for rescue.
She was in the act of photograph
ing the elk when it made r. rush for
her. - Realizing that escape by the
gate was impossible, she took the only
alternative and climbed the .tree.
Miss Webb was forced to remain in
her uncomfortable position nearly
three hours, when her cries were
heard by students, who managed to
coax the elk to the fence by throwing
hay Inside the inclosure. Miss Webb
then, as she explained later, "beat It"
as fast as she could for the gate.
Although nervous, Bhe remained
long enough to secure a good photo
of her enemy. When asked about
her experience, she said:
"I don't know how it all happened
I was bo excited. I guess I learned
art of tree climbing when pick
ing oranges in my father's grove,
where I was considered as good as the
men. Then I have always ridden
horses and enjoyed all outdoor sports
like swimming, tennis and goff."'
Wisconsin Woman Reunited With Par
ent Mourned as Lost In Iroquois
Theater Disaster,
Chicago. That truth Is stranger
than fiction was demonstrated once
more the other day when the story
came out of bow a family, disrupted
by the Iroquois theater fire nine
years ago, has become reunited at
rand Rapids, Wis.
The heroines of the romance are
Mrs. Ella Mayhew and her daughter.
Mrs. Sidney Burrows of West Grand
For nine years It had been believed
Mrs. Mayhew perished In the Iroquois
fire. On the day of the disaster Mrs.
Mayhew, or Mrs. Maxfleld, as her
name was at that time, attended the
matinee at the Iroquois theater with
a friend. When the fire broke out the
two became separated.
The friend escaped uninjured, but
no trace could be found of Mrs. Max-
field until a charred skeleton by
which lay' a ring bearing her Initials
was taken out of the fire ruins. She
was mourned as lost
Mrs. Maxfleld was not dead, how
ever. She was badly injured In the
fire and on escaping from the thea
ter was taken to a hospital where for
fourteen months her life hung by a
thread and her mind was a blank.
Upon her recovery she learned
that supposing her to be dead, her
husband had married again and her
only child, Mrs. Burrows, had chang
ed her residence.
Under the circumstances Mrs. Max-
field thought It best to conceal her
Identity under an assumed name. She
became connected as a nurse with
the hospital where she had been re
stored to health.
Her existence would probably nev
er have been discovered had it not
been for the settlement of an estate
In which she was interested. Her
real name was mentioned In the
newspapers and was seen by the
daughter. A long-distance telephone
call followed and the voice of the
mother answered Mrs. Burrows. The
mother went at once to Grand Rapids,
where she. and her daughter have
been reunited.
Appealed Case of 104 Defendants
Charged With Conspiracy to Kill
Governor General Begins.
Seoul, Korea. The new trial on
appeal of the 106 Koreans charged
with conspiracy In 1910 and 1911
against the life of Count Terau
ctal, Japanese governor ' general of
Korea, began hore
When proceedings opened 105 of
the accused were present the other
prisoner being 111.
About a dosen missionaries, a num
ber of the prisoners' relatives and
other spectators occupied the space
outside the bar.
At the first trial Baron Yin Chi Ho
and four others were sentenced te
terms of ten years and 101 prisoners
were sentenced to periods varying
from five to seven years.
Ars Richest Id Curativa Qualities
'uiuiu,ftDibEtijr and Ltruft Habit trottV
ed ai hoine or at Hanituriiim. Book on
si-bjpptfTfce. TlK. H. M WOOl I TV,
1 flLTUkBiillAMU M. AliUJlA, bLOJUsli
To care corttvenef s the medicln mart be
tore then purgative; K muit cufiiaia totilc.
wieniuvG ana HiiiHruc properties.
fwesese theee qualltfe. end speedily restore
to the bowels their natural peristaltic omiUoo
so essential to regularity.
UMtOoxhSjiaa. TM Qood.
la time. Bold hy Dracatite.
BronBon You're not looking well,
old fellow.
Woodson No, indeed. I'm always
feeling poorly before Christmas.
Muskogee, Okla. "For more than a
year I was afflicted with scalp disease.
There were large white flakes or
scales which caused the painful Itch
ing and my scratching would bring
blood and cause sores. My hair came
out in large quantities and what re
mained was thin, dry and lifeless. My
temples were completely bare. Dur
ing this time I tried everything that I
thought would help me but nothing
seemed to do any good. A friend ad
vised me to try Cuticura Soap and
"I bathed with Cuticura Soap and
applied Cuticura Ointment At the
end of about four weeks my scalp was
sound and well and my hair had thick
ened up and grown wonderfully in
such a short time." (Signed) Mrs.
D. W. McClellan, Dec. 16, 1911.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept L, Boston."
Adv. . .
Never Liked Oats.
Frenchmen have never liked oats;
doctors have urged them to try the
-national .rtisii of Jfta-fcffltch, but tVyl
have politely refused.
But one group of frenchmen could
not escape; this was a 'company of the
One Hundred , and Twenty-eighth In
fantry, whose captain insisted that
his men should eat oatmeal porridge
for a month. He had the oatmeal
toasted to improve the taste.
To their surprise, his men found that
after a month of maneuvers they did
not have a single man on the sick list
while other companies had as many
as a dozen. They have made up their
minds that oats are not so bad after
" No Longer Interested.
Theodore Lane, who resided at the
home of his parents, 7349 Holton ave
nue, had a toothache the other morn
ing. It was a bad toothache, too, and
Theodore let the neighborhood know
all about It But when hiB father got
home that evening (this is according
to his father) the boy was calm and
seemed at peace. 1 1 .
"Has your tooth stopped aching,
Teddy?" asked Theodore, Sr.
'I don't know," answered the
"Don't know? Why, what do you
"It's out." -Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Regular practicing phvsicians recommend
and prescribe OXIDINE for Malaria, be
cause it is a proven remedy by years of ex
perience. Keep a bottle in trie medicine
chest and administer at first sign of Chills
and Fever. Adv.
Looked Like a Strike.
Crimsonbeak Are you
strikes? .
YeaBt I certainly am. But how
much were you going to aBk me for?
Try Htoka- CAPUDINB. It's liquid pleas
ant to take effecta immediate (rood to prevent
Kick Heari&t-bea and Nerroua Headiwnes also.
Your money back if not satisfied. 10u.,Soc. and
bo:. M medicine store. Adv.
Knicker Very talkative, isn't she?
Bocker Yes; her father was a bar
ber and her mother was a woman.
A (Trent majority of summer ills are
due to Malaria in suppressed form. Las
situde and heartaches are but two symp
toms. OXIDINE eradicates the Malaris
germ and tones up the entire system. Adv.
Best Way.
"How can I float a loan'"
"Borrow from the men who are try
ing to get Into the swim."
All women are bora free and equal
but tljey don't look it at the bathing
Mrs. Wlaslow Soothing Syrup for Chlldrsa
teething, softens the ffuma, reduces tofiamnu
Uoa, alters pain. cures triad cxUa,t6ca bottluUl
Help comes to those who are willing
to pay for It ,
Give a baby a fall dinner pall and
room to kick and he will be happy.
yohui iiiQifOii i; c.i
tveoause of those
Doctor Are you anemic, PatT
Pat No, doctor Irish. Life.
Every mother knows that her own
child is superior to any other child
!x the neighborhood.
If your appetite is not what it shouM h
perhaps Malaria is developing. It alfecta
the whole ayetem. OXIDINE will clear
sway the serma, rid you of Malaria and
generally improve your condition. Adv.
haven't the heart to kiBB
He I
She Well, take mine. Ulk.
Tata td Old htuudard liUUVUn TAHTWI-h-M
rilll.!. IONIC. You know what you are taking.
Tbn formula ll plalolr prliru-d on ererr bottle.
rm. and the laiiKt etfectu&l form.
JTer grown
people od eullOroa. 6u eeata. Adv.
Way of Soma Ministers.
Bishop W. F. McDowell, Methodist,
Bays some ministers are like some
horses they'll work all right In the
lead but will balk when placed else
where. . As a summer tonic there is no medicine
that quite compares with OXIDIXE. It not
only builds up the system, but taken reg
ularly, prevents Malaria. Regular or Taste
less formula at Drut;nists. Adv.
She Believed Him.
She Do you love me more
ever, dear?
He Oh, yes, more than never, dar
ling. : .
This Year's Freeze,
Mrs. Yeast Going to bother putting
a new frieze around the apartment
this winter? v
Mr. Yeast Oh, no; I guess the Jan
itor will attend to that
Imnortant to Mothers)
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Same Thing.
"So you have given up getting mar
ried?" "Yes; and you have given up your
auto. What was the reason of that?"
"Cost of upkeep."
"That's what influenced me."
He Was Calling.
Friend What was the title of your
Poet "Oh, Give Me Back My
Friend And what did the editor
write to you?"
Poet "Take "em!" Mc'Call's Maga
zine. Deceased.
"Unfortunately the girl in the boat
with him when he rocked the boat did
not know how to swim."
"That was unfortunate."
"For him, yes. You see, she clawed
him under the surface and stood on
his face to keep her head above wa
ter." Neither Acceptable.
Pretty Daughter So you don't like
Her Father No; he appears to be
capable of nothing.
Pretty Daughter But what objec
tion have you to George?
Her Father-Mh, he's worse than
Jim. He strikes me as being capable
of anything. Stray Stories.
Locating the Fool.
A stout old gentleman was having
trouble with the telephone. He could
hear nothing but a confused Jumble
of sounds, and finally he became so
exasperated that he shouted into the
"Who's the blithering fool at the
end of this line?"
"He's not at this end," answered a
cool, feminine voice.
"My wife is the most economical
woma'n in the world," said Dubkins,
proudly. "Why, do you know, she's
even found a use for the smell of my
Great neavens you don t mean
it!" said Harkaway.
"Yes," said Dubkins. "She hangs
cheesecloth over the gasoline exhaust
and packs her furs in it to keep the
moths out during the summer."
Free View at the Lake.
"Finest and viewfulest place. Baths
and toilets on modernist principles.
The hotel not being adapted for health
resort of ills, is only preserved for
the sojourn of passengers, tourists
and sportsmen.
"Reputed excellent cooking. Noble,
real, well-lain wines, different beers.
The magnificent outlook is grandtous.
Daily six trains to all parts of the
globe. Free view at the lively lake."
From a foreign hotel guide.
This Is a Bird of a Story.
The pigeons of the stock exchange
are very much disturbed these days
while workmen are removing a coat of
gloom from the famous frieze near
their residence. Much of their time
thep spend flying to the windows of
J. P.' Morgan's office across the street
Yesterday at noon James J. Hill and
A. Barton Hepburn noticed them.
"Pigeons are active today," said Mr.
"Pigeons!" said Hilt They're not
pigeons, they're ravens bringing Mor
gan his dinner." New York World.
Neat Knock. .
Hobey Baker, the football star, was
lunching In his native Philadelphia.
A young girl, over her queer alliga
tor pear salad, mentioned the name
of a Princeton sophomore who had
played rather badly on his class team.
"He is an awfully nice boy," she
said. "What was it he played on the
eleven, Mr. Baker halfback. Quarter
back, fullback?"
The handsome and herculean "Ho
bey" smiled.
"I think he played drawback," he
! n
, f .
u.'.y, grimy, gray heirs, lie "LA
'I I If ?!!rif!f"M!ftmtniftniii""
r .-vl I ClH 'i hi, i , ,
, I!!,,!,! ll',,!', i
" J V1 a;1 'K hi I mil! 'i'H'i i' i " 1 1
Before we tell yon about the boy and his air rifle, we
want yon to hear about Liggett Myert Duke's Mixture
the tobacco that thousands of men 6nd "just right" for,
pipe the tobacco that makes "rolling" popular.
This favorite tobacco fa fine old Virginia and North
'Carolina bright leaf that has been thoroughly aged,
stemmed and then granulated. It has the true tobacco
taste, for the very simple reason that it is pure tobacco.
Pay what you will it is Impossible to get a purer or more
likeable smoke than Duke's Mixture. It is now a Liggett $ Mytrt
leader, and is unsurpassed in quality.
In every 4c sack there is one and a half ounces of splendid
tobacco and with each sack you get a book of cigarette papers
How the Boy Got ,HI Air Rifle
In every sack of iheLiggttt S jyrDuke's Mixture we now
pack a Free Present Coupon. The-e Coupons are good for all
kinds of useful articles something to please every member of
the family. There are skates, sleds, balls and bats, cameras, um
brellas, watches, fountain pens, pipes.
opera glasses, etc, etc
As a special offer, during Jan
uary and February only, we
will send you our new illus
trated catalogue of presents,
FREE. Just send us your name
and address on a postal.
Cbptms from Zhibs'i Mixture mttr he
assorted rtritk ton Iram HORSE SHOE.
CR ANGER TWIST, coupons from
IUUX KOSU'M-IM Oimle amt,
awl olker loft or coupons iimarf by ttu
Premium Dept. .
w .
, l sc Louis, mo. tU;;i
Orvllle Stoute Have I my slippers
or my shoes on, Maria?
Mrs.' Stoute Take 'em off and see
for yourself.
Lover's Unique Devotion.
An unusual manner in which a
lover's devotion was shown occurred
at Zurich, Switzerland, recently. A
cobbler, whose sweetheart died, ap
prenticed himself to a stone-cutter In
order to execute a fitting tribute to
her - memory, and after fourteen
months he waa able to carve a beau
tiful rose on a marble slab and write
beneath: "Such waa she." After it
had been erected over her grave he
returned to his first trade, and now
repairs shoes as before.
Sent Their Best Regarda.
Truth gives the following account
of "a voice" in the suffrage debate on
home rule in the house of commons:
"What message," barked Lord Rob
ert Cecil, with flashing eye and men
acing forefinger, "am 1 to take to the
women's suffrage meeting from the
house of commons?" "Give them our
ki -d regards," was the retort the
profundity of which completely took
the wind out of the sails of his lord
ship's eloquence.
Wives Who Pay Alimony.
(Are there abused husbands In these
United States? Here is the answer:
In this state more than 600 divorced
wives are paying alimony to weary
ex-mates; In Indiana, 450; in Ohio,
673; in Wisconsin, 566. Pennsylvania,
though the second state in population,
has only sixty uuch wives. Chicago
Her Dancing Nights.
"Is yonr wife fond of dancing?"
"Yes, especially the nights I pre
fer to stay at home." Detroit Free
As a summer tonic there is no medicine
that quite compares with OX1DIXK. It not
onlv builils up the srstem. but taken rejr
ularlv. prevents Malaria. Rejnilar or Taste
less formula at Druggists. Adv.
Cynicus Nonsense! Thieves
just as bad as other people. Life.
A little learning is not as dancemus
as the biK conceit that goes wuh it
thtvtt" K Ai t I
Pi M
HI 1 1 1 f 1 1 ! '
! I
I'm Glad
You Smoke
Duke's Mixture"
t j
I i
3000,., f
What Worried Her.
"You say your wife threw a plate at'
"Yes; It was a line china plate. It
broke against my head."
I wsls f II
fWbL sv&ZNri
Uirew ur-
"Yes, she appeared very sorry."
"Ah, Indeed. And what did shev
sayf" ,
"She said she was a fool not to cony
trol her temper."
"Good. And what else did she
""She said she didn't believe shex
could match that plate again If she
hunted the town through." Photo
She Was Anticipating.
"When he proposed to her
knocked him down."
"Gracious! What did he say ' to
"He yelled? Hold on! Hold on! We
ain't married yet!" Houston Post
Best Way to Find Out
He What would you say If I should
kiss you?
She Why ask for a mere guesa
when you can so easily get the exact
facts? Stray Stories.
Hicks' CAFTD1NE Is the best remerlr
no matter what causes them whether
from the heat, sitlins: In drausrhta, fever
ish condition, etc, 10c.. 26c and 60c,
bottle at ineujeine stores. Adv.
Negative Side.
"If I take the bone from your bull
dog, what remains 7"
"You won't." .
Best Kind.
"Do you like creepers about the
"Yea, If they're fat babies."
To prevent Malaria is far better tlian
to enre it. In malnrifll countries take a
dose of 0X11)1 XE mnilarlv one eich week
and save yourself fmm Chill and Fever
and other malarial troubles. Adv.
"People sometimes travel miles
their dreams."
"Do they do H on night mares?'
ITCH Relieved i 30 Nfirmte.
Wt?o!fot-ra Sauuary l.oiion itr all finds of
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