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True Democrat. (Paulding, Miss.) 1845-18??, December 24, 1845, Image 1

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1 TaT 'T
" IVti claim us largo a Charter as Ih'i Wiud,'io blow on tchom tea jikusc;'
"By 0. 0. Bogs.
Vol. 1 Ho. 27.
rve "
Decemiumi, 1343.
Tclluw-cUlzi'ns of the Srnate,
ami House of Jtrpreseilnt'frt:
It is to mo a source of unntlVctnl satis
faction to meet the Representatives of tin;
States and the people in CongTess nsscin
Mcd, as it will be to receive the nid of their
combined wisdom in the administration of
public affairs. In performing 1" i the lht
time, the duty imposed on me by the con
stitution, of giving to yon in(irrati u of
tlio state of the Union, and recommendicr
to your consideration such measures- a- n
my judgment are ii(-ccfsnry,1trihap:.vi:'at
lean congratulate yoil on l'w euo'ei'i! d
prosperity of our country. 'Under the
blessings of Divine Providence and t!i he
nign inlluenee of our to. u ins. tittr.ious, it
Hands before the world a N-ctaelo of na
tior.a! happiness.
With our iinei-ampled ndvnnoemenl h
all the elements of national gre'itttirs.;, the
att'ection of tho people is con I'm uied fort!;e
union of the Slates, end for the doctrines
of popular liberty, "which lie at the founda
tion of our government.
It becomes us, in humility, to make our
devout nclyiowlodgnictit to the Suproir
Jtuler of tho Universe, f.r tie' ineslimabh;
civil and r licr;ous blcsin-tjs with which we
.are fa ve red.
in callit::rtho ftttenlion of Congress to
our relations wii.'i fuciu Powers, I tun
gratified in ,o cUo to sta'e. that, thnreji
will; son!'.? ot them the re have existed since;
your last session serious causes of irri'ati.-:i
and misunderstanding, yet no actual hos
tilities have taken place. Adopting t!ie
maxim in tin; conduct of our 1 r : ir n a;'
airs, to "ask nothing that is no; njhr, a;;d
submit to nothing that is.wr
I cell luyauxioiis de-ire (." pre
vit!i nil nation-: hut. t;t li.v -.niC time, to
be prepare I t i p-f-i-t dc .:v si, n. and to
maintain all our just n-rhis.
In pursuance of (he joii.t resnlnuoii nf
( 'oiUM'ess, '-fur auut'vii! -r T-a:- to
Sell t-N"s" IttV pied. Ci' v-r o I1,,. I-;, id
I;iV 1 .March, 1 I"'. !(; (.1 t.i;: .: .!
:iisl and second s'i iioi.s 01 that n i. f ; -i .
10 the republic o Teas, as a:i ovci vi re, ;r
the pail of the United states, tar !,t r
inisiioii as a State into our Cm n. T!.t:i
flection I approved, and nci "r,;:!.: ! v tin?
liaise d'ai'aus the I. ailed '.si 'J'-.- 1 ,
n, under mar 1 w ;. oft!." ((::' d a! eeb,
lb 13, prciflitrii lie-.-r i-ec". ' ' K the I ".-O
lotion !'!' ih ; ;n c ; ta1.:- v oi th..l lepu! !;:.
The i-x.'CUtivc:;overnM!ei:,I the 'on 2a
niid t!;e jeop! l' 'i'exa.s in couvtMliau.
Iiavest;ec( sm veyl cuiupii d v. ii.'i I hi; t 1 u.s
and conditions of the j nut rcsoli;!.--!. A
constiiutiou fur the ;roernui.-ut of th?
.St to of 'l' xa-;, firun.d le a cdii vent ei f
depuM.s, is here w:l:i laid ' (:- U.m ,rr. :s.
Jtn weil l.i. own, a!so, that llie p"op!o of
Texas at the polis have accepted l! et. rius
of a.i.iexaii'Ui. and latiji d til ; con t;!uii n.
I counnuMlcl. t ("onirrc'-s the corrcs
jiond' t;ce bt tv en lie; ':' cn tary of .'ilate
and our cliared'iiiraii'ts i 1 Texas; and al
so the corresp'iud'.'uce of (lie latter v. kh lie;
authorities of Texas; to -vila r viil the
oliieial ducmucnts trantu it:id 1 y hu:i to
lus tAVti covi ; nii.i't.f.
The Ui ni s i.f anm ;..vi.'ti whu'i vcre
f ln ridby llie UuUul Man liaviu.' I feu
j ceepti d by T X.'.s, th- J id iie la.iii .!'.. til
parties is solcmniV pltoj- d to tie- c :i ; act
of their union, ot'iin rem dii" to cei
Fiunmato t!io event, but th p i- .--, ,,:
;ict by Uonros to admit tiir i ; ( '' v
as into tlio U. 110:1 iijun i 1 . 1 ; t i
witi'i ilia uritual States. Suo,.:
t xist why i!im slnuild Ix; don. (
period o t!ie sissiou. It wib ;i
tiiat, by tlio constitution ut "j : '
istuifT uovrnuiitnt iculy -. o t ;
I warily li.l ('o:i'f'' can "act J ' .a:
llio third Mtju !av of l'o- r,-. it i.; .:
the d iy appointed f r h ' lm.r lii ; iir t
iieiicrol cUclion. Va la. I day a nvcriiv?.-,
a ii r.tei;atit governor, nnJ l;h Iranchis
of the b-ri-jl iture, will le ihovii by the
people The Urcsid U 1 f Tiwns a ie
iiiircd. iui iii d.ately af: r the rcc ;j t f f
I'.cial infonnatiou tiiat tin; i,i v Mat' has
l.ecn ndiiiitttd into our Ui.i-ui by U'ti v
to ronvciie the lei,!a:i;re; and. upasi i's
meeting, tho tii.imr givcuiu;c;:t wi.l I .
stipcr.-ed. J. and l!ic State fovc ri.na r.i r-Puiz-d.-
tl'H'sticni th.cply interi.-:io to
Texas, in co:n:n-n with 1! c clhrr :
the extension .f our rtvenuj la as
juJiciil systan cverl.tr pVr.i.Jtun
tory, ns well a? vs asures 1 ( n Irrai ci.ar
rcttr, wiil claim the n 1 T y r.:M.l;o:i
Cvuzu sf; .'.i d, iLeiiT- rr, cuiy pri 1
ci,'Jof rr publican 2 .-vi ri.mcnt, she ;:'..t
to Lc reprtM ntul in that Un!y v. id. out r.n
le ccssary t!i.i.iy. I cauj t l tarn 'l!y
if commend r:c:.ij t r.c:i;i c:i th. 11.1p.or
tant n;lj ct.
As soon as t!.e net I - cJ.:i!i T "C" n a
State shall !? p tscJ, ihe tmioti of tl.? t vo
rrpr.Ll;cs vviil 1 2 c.-..l!iji wieJ ly t'.-.:r
on volii' i3iy c:r.s::.J.
Tl.is uc 1 n ct.r : .;: ry !,as j ,c;i
If w; consider tho extent of territory in
volved in tho annexation its prospective(
itiilueuceon America the- nicausby which
it lias been accomplished, Eprinin purely
from the choice of the people themselves
to share tin; bles;ius of our union, the
history of the woild may be challenged to
furnisii a parallel.
Tlie jurisdiction of the United States,
which at the formation of the federal con
stitution was bounded by the St. Mary's,
on the Atlantic, has passed Capes of Florida,
and been peacefully extended to the Del
file. In contemplatine tho grandeur of
ihi - e :.t, it is not to be (oiotten that the
r.'M.'lt was achieved in despite of the diplo
matic inteifer-mce of European monarch-ie--.
I'.veu France tho country which,
had been-our ancient el'y t!ic country
which lias a coiuiiMii interest with us in
m liutaiuiiiLT the f:eed ni of tin? seas the
country which, by the cession of Louisia
na, (it.-t opened to us access to the Qulfof
.Mexico the country with which we have
be l) cverv x- ar drnwinti more and t more
closely the bonds 0fiiucce.-s.sf1d comm-.-rte
most unexpectedly, and to our unfeigned
regret, took part hi an el fort to preve nt au
iifxatioti, and to im ose on ' Texas, i.s a
coudi'iou nflhr -::C'v'liiiiou of iiel" indepeU-
d"!ice by .Mryi.?o. t!:;.t she would never
j iin herscil to t!:e Unite,! Suites. Y e
'.nay rejoice that tLcti;vi-p;il .-.I'.d pervading
it ''"....." e.flhe ne'lieau IsitiCtlee OiVeli-
'-ovciiituent was
:a nt to (J'.'irat tne
'it ;,e!i interference,
;-. i ;;;;.: ; i .:.c. of the;
ive a .i 1 :.-.;! liit' r i 1 r
f. c'.i ve i' bn!;e. Frem
! a, 1 .ovelul a l,'!:; l.i'iy
:r. :it .c tuts end u.tri
vi upon this continent,
.y'e:; 01 sen "ovcrnmeni
ifmai to our r-a:1, and which
!r 1 m'ei-ter.-ne
, d int d v,i' t t'-nt n
e; . ; irit ' iil actuate
t e "r.is icr interests
d l''-t s'l" will never
n t tie , the has united
p'irpo.v. -sof H; ;t:t!i i.::d 1
a 11. 1 ii
a'.u t:i;.t tn? a.nr.i 1
people of i'eN as has
ence a pf areii:'
this e.a:cj "le. !
1 1 am I:
iu (
v vain 1;
v.i i. l ever pi
ar iti.'t that
wiiivll seems
will ever re dsf fir
Toward T 'Vi
n i"ra
a i
1 a . I
it' v,
t-i r
' I.,
ens constellation.
v o i'eit r-':atio:;ri
e i ,e,f
I leiis
V It'l Xiao. :!!;: V'lir . 1
no: ici 11 ? : ti.e fnte:i!i e cl.arac
1! cut u esjie tor.tltiv.do widi ail f-t''.i.Lru
i-Mtiet;-:. On the si t!i day of " arch last,
;,e .Ib.xlea'i .civoy fxtraojdlnrtry c.'.td min
ist. r p;.-..i;-Mti"iit:ary to the United States
a I'.roud t ret -st, 11 the ttrtm ot ins
. . I .. ., .1.,. m
OViMlonent, i.Z tlltJ.l II- j a-il l.siillbi'.l
p:ns, d by ('oul'P'ss, "fir the annevali-m
efTe-asto tie- United Sint'sf which lie
.hereto regard as a vi"',iiMii of the ri.:!i's
e M .vie 1. iiu'l. i.i c a'" ri if-- e.f it. he de-
,,;,!,,! ,J j.,. ; ,v.ni..N. lb' V. as ili!om!CJ
tleii 111 ' 1,
did f. t r
VI .Via
) e, M'lu nl "1 (.1
of at.1, of to
Uoit;d SMf
reselution as
it, .1 11 .-.'' 1 r -!i 1 1 i. ti v ifj-t ciM-eol olb nceto
his r.)vern-n"".i
r. wn i an i;: I ;
aile J itie." to M
j-. ir! e.f le r te:
.e.l.i'i.;-.!. 'i
it V.I the. S 'i
t il ea v
,f j ,r, aed
.irie'i ).; r'.
Ih.-V I p: '-
r o .lv t u n :i
.Mexico, or
.ublic ofTex-
t t!.-
.'.: nt !' rer, M'n:;' no
vi o. ; 1 c .fistitniiir; no
1 fv i-i ?'rfu! j-.tvereitity
1. 1 1 v ev 1 a -ir.d
.it c-l
ex' r
1 1
i ti:
.'!Cn"!lt j
Thit j
tlild ter
,...1 ah- (
;.; ;y- m. a. id sl.ertiy
( oauiry. Hr Uavoy j
-il v
1 1
II it wh
locf r
i uT S
:? r!v
:. 'vi d
ta; vi-
i:;tr,- v.K.ury :. 1 Miuit. r lh' jn;pot.-!it:.a-rv
t 'd'Mco w;i ref .s.'dail 1 fiicial inter
eo;;r! wiih 'hat tri verurn'-nt. and, oft-r
s -v- red i:i"ni!h. by the p rnn
oi" lii-i o wn " ve,r.TM',t:t. h-
Uoi'-vl S: ites. Ti. ll
ie a. I d pie.ua'ir uit-acai lis.' between tiie
. 1 caritfi .s wvi Niij e;j Jed.
,,,e ; i!.at t x " ;i a h.i , u ; it i ' r'Cer.l-
d an attitude oi hostility towards
returned to the
by t!iH ets of .Mex-
ihe Uii.l.-d s has been m-'iiUa
.ri 1 or rauic:u arr.ros, issuiti-j proclnma
t: iiiS, and avev.viiu the intention to make
war on the Ui.it e ! State", eitlier by t;u open
(bciar.- io.i, orb; t.iu!.:;: Texas. IJ.lh
liir :.iir.r'-s .1. 1 1 (':, v.-otion of the prop'o
i.r T.-v.s iaviie l t'.i Civcnim nt t: fci:d
an nr
d f. !i I l!e-:u r dn-t I
Toe moi 1 'Ut li e tr;.
and maintained it by her arms for more
than nine years. She has hatl an organiz
ed government in successful operation dur
itig that period. Her separate existence,
as an independent State, had been recog
nised by the United States and the princi
pal powers of Europe. Treaties of com
merce and navigation had been concluded
with her by different nations, and il had
become evident to the whole world that
any further attempt on the part of ftlcxico
to conejuer her, or overthrow her govern
ment; would be vain. Fven Mexico her
self had become satisfied of this fact; and
whilst the question of annexation was
pending before tjie people of Texas, during
the past summer, the government of Mex
ico, by a formal act, agreed to recognise
the independence of Texas, whether with
or without this condition, is conclusive a
eainrt Mexico. The independeucs' of
Te-;r.s is a fact conceded by Mexico herself,
and she had no riejit or authority to pros
cribe restrictions as to tho form of govern
ment which Texas nitght after wards choe.se
to ii'-SUUiC.
paid. Seventeen of these instalments re
main unpaid, seven of which are now due.
The claims which were left undecided
by the joint commission, amounting to
more than three million of dollars, togeth
er with other claims for spoliations on the
property of our citizens, were subsequently
presented to tho Mexican government for
payment, and were so fir recognised, that
u treaty, providing for their examination
and settlement by a joint commission, was
concluded and and signed at Mexico on the
20lli day of November, IS 13. This trea
ty was ratified by the U. States, with cer
tain amendments, to which no just excep
tion could hnvebcen taken; but it has not
yet received the ratification of the Mexican
government. Tu the mean time, our cit
izens who sulle-red ffreat losses, and some
of whom .have been reduced fioui afiliieuce
to bankruj'tcy, are without remedy, unless
their rights be enforced by thtir govern
ment. Such .'t continued and unprovoked
series of wrongs could never have been
tolerated by the United States, had they
been committed bv one of Furope. Mex-
IJut tliouirh Mexico cannot complain of jco was, however, a neighboring sister re
the United .Vates on account ot tiie-annexation
of Texas, it is to be regretted that se
rious causes of misiundi r.-tandir.g behveoii
the two countries continue to exist, grow
iugont of intredressed injuries iutl.icted 1 y
the Mexican authentic ; an J peopleon the
prisons and property of citizens of the Uni
ted State-, ihroiuh a long reri s of yean.
M;:;;:co Ins i,d;uitt. ,! t! : itijui ics, but has
ne;;-ee!':d and refii-. d to impair tiicm. Such
was th j character of the wrongs, and sucli
1 . ,
1 1 . e
ui na. a
and ilia I:
its r ) 'iite.li v" ode ix d to American
and til-; A;iieric.ii itjg by Mexico,
I e. , i i'i . :n,.vj nf rmtniim
1 luu.iriii n in 11 j ..i imi
ty l.etvri. e:i the tw o couutiii s
of the fifth of April, ls:3I, that they have
been r -peatedly bro;i.:ht to the notice of
Ooncrfss by tny pr.dece:-sort?. As early
as l h eighth February, 1S37, the president
of the United States declared, in a message
to Congress, that "the leiifjth of time since
same of the injuries have been committed,
the repeated and unavailing application
for redress', tin; wanton character of romo
of the outrages upon the persons and prop
eiiv of our ci'izeus. noon the oflieers and
ilagof tho United Siaks, iudeprndeiit of 1 if possible, to this state of things. With
public, which, f )llow.;nj our example, had
achieved her independence, and for w hose
success and prosperity aliour sympathies
weie early enlisted. The United States
were the fust to recognise her independ
ence, and to receive her info the fundy of
nations, and have ever bee.n desirous of
cultivating with her a good understand
ing. Wchave, therefore, borne tho re
peated wrongs she has committed, with
great path nee, in the hope tii at a returning
reuse of justi-'o would ultimately guide
her councils, no I that we might, if possi
ble, honorably avoid any hos,!e co!ii-:on
with her.
Without the previous authority of Con-press-,
the F-eciaive possessed no power
to adopt or enfuee adequate remcdi'.s ior
the injtiiies we had sulf.Ted.or to do' .more
than b" pn-pan-d to rejiel the threatened
aggression on the part of Mexico. AVer
cur army and navy had remained on the
frontier and coasts of .Mexico for many
weeks, without any ho.stile movement on
her ra;t, though her menaces weru contin
ued, I deemed it important to put an cn J,
iy iot a tiiat ter.iio.-y. l protect and
r: unresi attac k.
il ntui 'Xiii; jii, -
f, n 1 by ihc I
t y 4 x -, '
i,f o ;r o.r.i cii.tiy
lii .. ii . pie.
tii..;. 1-.. . 1. .. :.i d .t
, we re acc pted
i.i-. ; 1 f.'f a pail
.-. t 1 : . 1 ' : it c ur ti u t V
No f rn off
r sa
lias 1 tn ra. f 1 to rr
r xcr 1 1.r.s l.r.J 1,0 part 1:1 t!.c ry.
Iiacivwt sought U cxtei Jo .r P r:.
por-;crj.:cn l y cor pi or cur re;
i;.:.ut;:t!or. ccr a f'-hictai.t p- .-''
! i
was the d-'1aaf8 l.o.v:-: 1 1
t ": J; cf cur f
to t.c ;;rir.l rr:
I -
.If , !!.'
) o:
. iin-l d
Y r a ;
1 .
sipi?;rui 10
r a strou
ri i ti of Mex.ee, a,, j t one, ntiato
asi i&u. nt luiiil-ry l'rcc c.itli; western
f.'ji.ti'. r of Ti a- C.:r .-r:.,y v;.s ordered
to tae isit 1 1 '. c unify 1- :w ?.; ton
T-ineCi and the I)
any i n.. -.01 fit!.'
i.i '.l 1 e a t !
1 '
i ,Olt.
Il ,11
I ) It IM.
o .r ..r my
I. m tod
TeVV, i':
a.t r.r
I rlr. !
u .i'i the
a-.d 1 nvy
' -. 1 f..:ro'.v
w 1
r ,
recent insults to this government find peo
ple by tha bite Fxtraudiuary Mexican
minister, would justify in the e yes of nil
nations immediate war." lie did not, how
ever, recommend the rcsctt to this extreme
men -ure, which, he dec!;ired,'hould not be
used by just and generous nations, confi
ding in their strength for injuries commit
ted if it can be honorably avoide'd;" but in
a spirit of forbearance, proposed that uuo-
ther denMud he made on Mexico fir that
redress which had been to long and un
justly withheld. In I'ue.se views, commit
tees of the two Ileus's ri Congress, in re
ports mad.; t their re p ciive hod.es, con
curred. Since these j.cct-dipg. more
than ( igh't vars have elapsed, (luting
which, in addition to the wrongs then com
plained of, others of iin aggrava ;! char ic
tcr b.ave hcc-ti committed c 11 the persans
and property of our eiiiz u". A special
a : eit was s"i;t to Mexico in th fmuuiv rof
1 Vl wit!) full authority to nal.c nnod.rr
and tiual demand for redress. Th:- elemavl
w h made; the M-'Xicaii govcriimcnt pio
iuis"d t) i pair (he wrangs of which we
complained; and after much delay, a trea
ty of indemnity with tiiat view was con
cluded between the two powt rs on llth
April, 1S30, and was duly ratified by both
governments. IJy this treaty n joint com
mission was created to adjudicate and de
cide on the claim of American citizens on
the government of Mexico. The commis
sion was organized at Washington on the
day of August, 1!0. Their time
w.'.s limited to eighteen t-e.ontl.s; nt the r x
riratiouof which, they had adjudicated
and decided claims amounting llwo mil
lious twenty-six thousand one hundred
i.nd thirty nine eloilars and ixty eig!;l cts.
in favor of the U. States. Oftho!utt;r,lhe
Amci icnti commissioners had decidc-d in
favor c(out citizens, c!ains nnioutrirg trt
s 1 2.r27 S.wliich wre left unvote J ttpo:i
by the ttmpiro authorized by the treaty.
Sii.l f jrthcr claim', nt.icttntipg to between
three and four millions of dollars, w?re j
submitted to the hoard too Kite to be con- j
siJerrd. iti',1 were left imdi: posed rf. The '
sum rf i2:'S.,21 CS, d-cid d by th. j
bn;i:d. was a liquidated and escert.iined
debt tine ly Mesico to the claimants-,' and i
there wa- no ju:-lifi.ib!e re.-, on ford.'.iviiig , inniuur re to d; charge a. I c
its piyir.-u.t accoru.iig ii t..c ttnus rf th ;
treaty. Il was 1, t, haw v r, t o J. Mex
1:0 rppli d f;r P.rt. ;-r inJuIg- ncc; and, i i
that sj irit cl li-'cra'ity end fuLe-.rancc,
bii !i has cvei ir.rukrd the Lo'icy of the
this view, 1 caused steps lobe taken, in the
tnenth of Scj tetnber last, to ascertain dis
tinctly, and in an authentic form, what
the designs of the Mexican government
were; w he'herit was their intention to de
clare war, or inval'J Tea?, or v. he'.hcr
they were disposed to odjusd and fettle in
an amicable manner, the pending differ
cuces between the two countries. On the
ninth of November an olicial answer was
rece ired,that the Mexican government con
sented to renew the diplomatic relations
which had 1-ceni suspended in March last,
pud for that purpuoso were willing tone
credit a minister from the United States.
With a sincere desir to preserve peace,
and restore rc'ations of good understanding
bel'.vei u the p'. o republics, 1 waived all
ceremony as 10 the manner of renewing
diplomatic mtercmir-e between them: and,
I re sinning the initiative, 011 the HHh of
j Nowi'ber a distinguished citizen of I.ou
I isiana was nppoiu?i . I cp.vny extraordinary
j r.nJ ruin is.br p!cn;p"teii'ii4ry to Mexico.
; cl.v.tiej with full power; to adjust, and do-
liuitely Settle all pending difi't'ieticts 1 e
! twecu'the tTo cotmt.-ies, including those (if
j l ouulary between Mexico and the State; of
Texas. The minister appointed has ret
out on his mission, and isprohu'niy by this
time ncr.r the Mexican capital, lb; has
been instructed to bring the negotiation
with which he U charged to a conclusion
at the earliest practicable periodpwhich, it
ii expected, will be in time to n:ab!o me to
coianvmica'c the result to Congress during
the present srssien. Until that result is
known, I foibcnr to recommend to Con
gress Mich ulterior measures of redress
fr the rons ni: 1 injuiies we have so
! :;g borne, as it would Live b rn proper
to make had in r.Kh negotiation beet) in
stituted. Congress ni 'rroriiatcd, nt the ht ses-
i io;i, tho iiUin of two hundred and seventy
he asserts that he had not received a single
dollar in cash; but that he holds such secu
rities as varranted him at the time in giv
ing the r eceipt, and entertains no doubt uui
that he will eventually obtain the mouey.
As the.se instalments appear never to have
been actually paid by the government of
Mexico to the agent, and as that govern
ment 1 tas not therefore been released so as
to discharge the claim, I do not feel myself
warranted in directing payment to be made
to thrj claimants out of the Treasury.with
out further legislation. Their case is un
doubtedly, one of much hardship; and it
remains for Congress to decide whether
any, and what, relief ought to be granted
to them. Our minister to Mexico has been
Instructed to ascertain the facts of the case
from the Mexican government, in an au
thentic ana official form, and report the
result with as little delay as possible.
My attention was early directed to the
negotiation, which, on the fourth ot March
last, I found pending at "Washington be
tween the United States and Great Britain,
on the subject of the Oregon territory.
Three several attempts had been previous
ly made to settle the questions in dispute
between the two countries, by negotiation,
upon the principle of compromise, but each
had proved unsuccessful.
These negotiations took "place in London
in the ycarlSIS and 1S21; the two first
under the administration of Mr. Monroe,
and the last under that of Mr Adams. The
negotiation of ISIS, having failed to cc
cornplisii its object, resulted in the conven
lion of the 20ih Oct. of that year. By the
third article of that convention, it was
"agreed that any country that may bo
claimed by either party on ihe northwest
coast of America, westward of the Stony
mountains, shall, together with its harbors,
bays, and creeks, and the navigation of all
rivers within the same, bo free ntid open
for the term of ten years, to the ves
sels, citizens and subjects of the two pow
ers; it being well understood that this
agreement is not to be construed to the
prejudice of any claim which cither of the
two high contracting parties may have to
any part of the said country, nor shall it be
taken to affect the claims of any other Pow
er or State to any part of the Said country;
the only object of the high-contracting par
ties in that respect being, to prevent dis
putes and differences among themselves."
The negotiation of 1S21 was productive
of no result, and the convention of ISIS
was left unchanged.
The re e-'ti 'tiori of 1320, having also failed
to edict a;i adjustment by compromise', resulted
i7j the reinvention of August the Gih, 1S'27, fy
which it WiisnQrred to continue in force, foran
iii-.li f!niup 'rio.l. the provisions of the third ar
ticle of the convention of the 20th of Ocfjbrr,
Ulf nni it was further provided, lint "it shall
be competent, however, to either of the contract
ing parties, in cas:u either should think fit, at
aiiy lime nf'cr the 2'Jih OcL-brr, 1S23, cn giv
ing due notice cf twelve months to the other
contracting puty, to annul and abrogate this
convention; an J it slnlf, in .such case, be accord
ingly entirely annulled nnJ abrogated after the
expi'jliun cf th s iiJ term of notice." In these
attempts to aljnrt the cor.lro vcrsy, ihc parallel
of the 4'.H!i di greo of north latitude had been
oit. rtJ ry mo 1 nun &t ites 10 ureal urituin,
an! in those of ISIS and I82'i. with a further
concession ofihe free navigation of the Colum
bia river south of that latitu.le. The parallel
of the. 4eUh degrre, from the Ilorky Mountains
to it intrrs'ftion with the nDrtlicisirrnmost
hr tn -h of the Celunibia, tnl thence do wn the
r h in vl of 1'i.it rivrr 10 the km, had b n offered
by CrKit IJii'a'.i. with an nll.tion cf a final!
nVncheJ territory north oi the Columbia. Each
of th- se propositions hal been rejected by the
parties rrppe ctirtly.
In October. 1913, the Envoy Extraordinary
nn I Mii.ister I'lcnipetTitiary of tho U. States
in U ui Ian, was authorized to make a similar of-fe-r
to those rrnJe in ISIS cnJ 1S25. Thus
stood ihe'qurstion, when the negotiation was
s.Vrdy afterwards tr,in;rt rred to Washington ;
an I, on the tflvnty third of August, 1311, was
frm illy cp nrtl, under the direction of my Im
m di.to predecessor. Eike nil the previous
ncg.itii'.icns, it was bis-d upn principles of
"compromise," nuJ the arowed purport? of
tho parties w-;s. t3 treit of ihc respective
claims of ihr two co'inui-4 to the Orrri tT
ritry, wi;h tii" vi"w la r-.stiblish a pcrnwfKht
baundarr bttwen tlKm wcstwarJ of tie Hockv
Accord in.
five thousand daliais f r tho payment of
ibo April and July itrta! incuts of the Mes-
ican iiidemnitie s far C.w v ar 1 1 1: ' Trovi- j mjir.tain to the Pacific ocan"
ded it sh.il! I casccrtr.ine d to the satisfaction
of the American government thrl rad in
stalr.ii n; have be-eii paid by the Mexican
rrovcrnntent to t!? neut rppoiii!cel by the
L olled Stated to receive tho smr, lu Jucti
0:1 t!;-;
.1. t ...it
H i.'
..f w,. - J -, 1 J
-;:.y. E ;t lliy.Ji
:i jJaccd iM. a -i-
n:;l t'is'rg'.sof
rc :!.: d to f .r.ev.lt ni
r.-.-.i-t r::.'r-5 sh-
r v.c- I :v If th- .-r5-T
rr--:I'-vr. The r- !rs
. I . 1 1 . ! ; 1.0 ?zre" ive
c ir u "." "-r V aid r iva!
w , Ii s i :
l r , '
i;a ,
: .: A i.i.T
. I . a 1 . . .
en tj
r r' r .1 !..- r i -
f r :ers
rf ;!.e
r.i.ie J States t jwarJ t!
at t
t 12
r pi rt wx g-s'itcil; a:;d. on tlis Z J.i
r.mry, IS 13 a r.cw treaty was conclr.Jej.
Ey th:-, trc-ty it was p.-ovid. J, Ihr.t '.he ia
t te-ts Jue r l'.i2 awards in fv r of the
cla;;u u id r iha convention cf llt'i of
Apri', 12?: '.c Hd be faii 0:1 the.ih cf
Apr:', ISnj n.-.J thit " the principal rf
s.iid award-, and tho iutcrcst crismg there
on, shall be aid in five years, in equal in
st.i!irict,ts every three, months; the ssl
friii of fire ye .in I crrr,-,.enc' eti the SOJi
April, ISn. a arcsaii" The inter-st
J i.'O'i tN-?3Vi Apti!. ptid the thre
Lt-X cf the tweuty i.u:aUuui,.c, have lru
fv. on the twenty titt'i of Atut, l?H, the
untisa ptenipX'-ntiiry otT.-fd to din!-? tho
Orrji"n territory by t " frty ninth pirallel of
no-ti l.ttimli. f.o-.n ih Kockr me-unUms to
the piint of hs iut"rx!n with the northeast-rrr.-r.ot
branch nf the Columbii rivT, snJ
1'. n ln..-n I V. . . ! . a. I ... . 1 " . .
. . 1 1 . . -. 1 .'ii.'eivnii u.n uui iu i,r; ri, mj iw
Mi-vic-fi irnri-rn i.efsi ait tn,1 .i-r.i O ,, 1 . . ... "
' ' .' ' ' ' , free rmirven ol th" rim ta ly. rr i-tvei in
t.i i': .iitiiii ..i:..i. 'tii. n.t ..1 1 t. 1 .1- 1 . i i.i .1. - -
. ' C'"
I rttrsl Matrr.
- The it-e:t!o sra!" rf our relation
..IcMca Ii3i::ru.vid th-s s i .ject m intsc.i ; v-ne he prc?po-vd, in addition, to yield ta th
mystery. The f.rsl jiif. rro.at. on, in on an- 1 Unind St-it.s a dach'-d trrkarv. north t
thcr.tic l" ni:, f.c-.u the aci.t ct tlie United ' the Co '-nib j. vt .-nd nJonr ihe'lSeiris m
S ta 'es, 1 ppoi :iti"t i u-idtr the uJ;ns.ii;lrati':i t'.i .Strain ff Kuca, from Ejlunch'i hrSor in-
cfmy p:idi.cev.or wai rcjvtil nt t.he j clu.v, n Hnl s canal, an 4 to make fre tt
State Icpartrn',ntpa the ninth of Novem j lj'-"t d tv.-- nr.j port or p.s KtH rf
her hst. This iscoctniuctl in a Inter, da- j L,u; f-iy-ft ne d-jm- nLkh they tnirht
tJ tb3Kevcntcc:it'i rf(lct"ber, rkl drc:.vj 1 s ire. tuUtr cm . rvie, j j Kxf '4,1
br bun to one rdourctt.zeus then in Met- 'u-'r' :.e eic-pwa
u..i v, si 1 ,r litac t..j.-r wrsch
; i.-r? inn. ". i' n i i i- rivrr n U" rr.Jovf-3 in
a l..e j c-.tti-,:i liy I.m'i pirti-? th eo'fn'ry south f
. j this bee liWIon? to tho Ua"cd SLus, eni
WiI l ' tint riorih of it lo ("rrnt B.-ifia Atthetamn
nppcan l!.;it Vtr rzn? fn th" tnrrn'icth cf
Ser'rmSer. 11I. iv? n r-"-ri-t to ih
ir wi:!i llie vie'.v of hsvirT il rn.T-.tT'er tii. i .
ca'fd to that drnrtrr-rnt." Prom this it ! . f ani'- r) E..,srJ tr
i ly 1I2 Afi-r. ), r.'.A -n.ir t:i iSi
tr'.iry eif M'x co f ir the 0 1-e,;;it f t!..
i" liu.CiJ'il-
Aptil and July i is il
tj. In the i".:i.cCv34iiiaiiicatioa, however,
- t . . 1 T-i
I as 1 a s ci, ir

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