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Education of Farmers', Sons The
editor of the Southern Planter, in his September
number, has an article on the subject of a con
templated agricultural school, in a building
recently used for the " Collegiate Institute of
Buckingham," from which we make the sub
joined extracts. He thinks there would be
no doubt of "the success of a school properly
conducted," and then remarks: Properly con
ducted! But where is the school m America
that Is properly conducted ? We hope we will
not be considered universal fault finders, but
we are out of patience whenever we begin
to talk upon this subject of education. In Eu
rope the teacher's art is considered a most pro
found and difficult one, and those who arc de
signed for the profession are not only taught
,mhat they are to teach, but how they are to
teach. In our country, a broken down yankee
pedlar is considered good enough to superintend
the moral and mental training of the Virginia
youth. How often is it that the schoolmaster
to whom the moulding and fate of your Ja vorite
boy is entrusted, is hardly considered a fit visi
tor for your drawing room I You select you r,
merchant, your doctor, and your Jawyer with
caution and care; but what examination do you
make into the merits or capabilities of your
children's teacher? No I It is because ihe
same course was pursued with you that you are
pursuing towards with them. They are learn
ing nothing, and at school you learned nothing
which you remember, and consequently you
are no judge of the merits of your villacre
schoolmaster. If this were not so, never would
you run the fearful task of having the mind of
your child, which is but as clay in the potter's
hand, moulded as chance may dictate. We as
sert that there is a universal defect in our sys
tem of education, and we make no exception in
our higher schools and colleges. We will not
say -of the graduates of these latter, as Burns
did, that they 'go in stirks, and come out asses,'
but wa will say, they go in verv ignorant; and
come out generally very little better off , To
prove this true, take any seasoned, skilful, cle
ver, elderly gentleman, In any department of
science or art let him be one who has had th
irrntest advantages of educatiohrand ask him
for the useful practical purposes of life, what
he knew at twenty-one ; what portion of that
knowledge which he finds a daily use for now,
he had acquired when he had finished (God
save the mark) bis education? Take a young
man, about to enter upon the world, fresh from
the hands of his teacher, who had charge of
him for ten qr twelve years, during which time
he has had his soul almost diiven out of him
in the impotent effort to drive knowledge into
him; take him, wasted by restraint and confine
ment, and tell us for what of the active duties of
life he has been fused. What does he know
that is to be a source of either profit or pleasure
to him? Of course we speak geneially. Does
he not, if he is a youth of any sprightliness at
all, consider himself ; emancipated "from the
drudgery of learning, and does he not look at
a work of science as a galley-slave would at
an oar ? Does he not immediately begin, to
forget all that he has been so laboriously en
gaged in acquiring, and by the time be has be
come, what is called, a useful member of socie
ty, can he solve a proposition in Euclid, or ren
der a line in Homer, for the life of him? When
we see a school established upon other princi
ples; when we see the great object of the teach
er to be, to inspire an appreciation of learning;
when we see the acquisition of ideas a pleasure
and ft luxury, as it naturally is, instead of a bore
and drudgery, as It is generally made f when
we see boys -who are highly educated, posses
sing practical supen'ority in the walks of life,
ana retaining jt over tbone who are not.' then
shall we begin to valuta collegiate education..
A, Southern Vt ) Planted. .'
The Albany Citizen cites the folio win? case,
and says it may W relied upon as authentic,
.K:.h ;n.ititnitM tefTprdemain of this wid
spread, and dangerous piece of vihainj, more
thoroughly than any other we have heard of:
"A few weeks since, a gentleman nt the As-
m iiivu . . 14 tv " -- -j- . , , .
tor tiouse in new iwm uuaiu.j
gold watch, which was worth more to him than
it could be to any body else., He marvelled
much ut iu absence for he knew he had only
been in and out oflha office oud reading room ,
of that hotel since he noted the hoar by. In
the hope of recovering it, lie advertised bis lose,
and oScred a reward of ?0O: The same day
he received a note informing hiua that ha could
have his watch by calling at a certain hou in
an obscure part ofthe city. -After some hale
hesitation, he resolved to go. 'The watch waa
too valuable to be given op without at hast
this attempt ta recover it So he went. . Ilis
ca.ll at the door was promptly answered by a
very gentlemanly looking person, who io re
ply to his in enquiries, replied that he had to bra
poaecstioo the alvfcrtised wa'.cb, and that on
payment of OieoOercd te ward, he would deliver
it up. The loser promised to pay the f SO,
provided he was convinced that lh watcb was
his. It was exhibited, and the ge nvlernart re
cognized it at once, twid the reward, end tladly
cUccd the recovered. trca?nr in iu place iff tts
Vest pocket At ha turainf to go away,
he remarked, " - " , - J . '
"I am glad, as f oti may nipo, tn get roy
watch back a gainful I should rrallyj pleas
ed to know bow y cm took H from me. '
7ht I will inform yen," resJ.ly re plidtbe
pkk-poclet. -Do you rrnvrr.teT holdm?
.r.;mtrd ronvfrsatioi ii:b two fn'lerD-1
tha Aor House on lU raoming y:u lost
I do," replifl! tie Iw-r. ; -
"Well, do j 09 oot ! rrrswiriUr it a
llemm who fool clote f 4 ft bis wtpytr;
drew near, ai UWj :imi ia the d.coixrt
Very dtfunclly." refill, the ether, end
tho that he engsH m a wIiamKwamtM
rr ;-! " rr.r.', . n-Jf4 the uarrnr, ar.J do
roa not remember, t at he at fe t ra
earocOfa Uprxd joa two or hre uavn
the left breiut, thusV. (mhmg ibe &cum ta
uvea CD
word )
i -r t tswV rrxir viirL saw l.'
The rent I
but tr.e Jor a&i c
;r;r cm ti t rrz occsrwee,
tier B to sorva t f 1 '
Mthc tliaf iN rtwsra far m rrfevrry.
I Wbn the sdro In'.ftt ofih
f-Ln iKr,rd how U Iti or.ee lchnl iwm
, ,ul.. (,mVr lorn hm watch, .rVr Ung
EO. WOOD, thankful for the liberal pa
ir,. Ponded to him bv the people of
Eastern Mississippi, desires respectfully to son
cit their attention to his large and well selected
stock of Groceries, Tobaccos, Wines, Liquors,
&c. &c, which, for variety, quality, and prices,
cnunot be surpassed by any stock in the city.
He has, during the last summer given his per-
nnnl nttnhnn try the selection ol nis siocu. 01
Northern goods, and can assure his friends that
he has purchased his stock at such prices and
made such arrangements for future and constant
supplies, as will enable him to ofler stronger
inducements in prices than ever before. He
has made arrangements for supplies of V estern;
produce direct from the Western country, and
will be kept supplied with the best articles the
markets afford ; and he would take tins oppor-.'
tunity to repeat the assurances often made, that
he guarantees all goods sold by him te prove
equal to representations made and samples
shown, and pledges himself to make good all
deficiencies. It is his intention to keep a we i
assorted and seasonable stock in summer as wen
as winter ; and will give his personal attention
ta all orders with which he may be favored,
and trusts by his constant personal care and at
tpntinn to business, to receive a liberal share of
'the custom ofthe peopled Eastern Mississippi.
( ; Store, No. 74 Commerca-tren, otoohw. .
Dry Goods and Groceries.
rfflHE subscribers have a wellsclccttd stock
M. of DRY COODS, suited to the country
trade, to which they invite the attention of those
visiting the place for the purpose of purchasing
Goods,. , . .s .'
They also keep constantly ,ori hand, nnd for
sale at the lowest market "price, for cash or
cotton, TOliACCO, Salt, SugaCoffi c, Flour; ;
Whiskey, Bagging, Rope and Twine, and such
other articles as ure generally wanted by the:
Planter., ' '
"."Liberal Cash advances made on COTTON
shipped to their friends in New Orleans. -f :
:. .. J. p. JONES & Co.-
; Jackson, Mi. Dec. 1843. -.4 2G-tf '-
Livery Static,
JR. DERRYBERRY returns his thanks
to his friends, for the liberal patronage he
has received heretofore. He intends keeping
his stable well supplied with provender and at
tentive ostlers. He hopes to be able to render
satisfaction to all who may favor him with their
custom. His stable is en the right side of Stale -street,
between the Mansion House and Mr.
McNair's new brick building fronting the store
of Messrs. Hobson & Lamb, where be will al
ways be found. He will be pleased to attend to
all who may patronise his stable.
Jackson, Dec. 1813. '
THE partnership heretofore existing bc
. tween J.S. Hobson, B. F. II. Lamb,
S.'A. lleid and Asa Hartfield, in the town
of Paulding, under the style of Hobson &
Lamb, has this day been dissolved by mu
tual consent, (except' for the purpose of li-
2uidation,)-the several members of said
rm being authorized fo collect, either in
their own name, or in that of the partner
ship, all claims duo said firm, which may
have fallen into -their hands rcspccthely,
in the final settlement of said partnership.
BEN J. P. H. LAMB,. 4
: ". Oct. 10, 1815. ; -
CASH PAID for HIDES, delivered in
Paulding, by - -
Sept. 21, 18 15. , , 19-tt
Pauldlnjr Iioici,
, f, HAS just pmlerpne a
f V, J thorough repaired is now
( flllV open for the .reception ot
JIHIW- visitors. Tha 'proprie-
lrtr ili.-inkfiil to tho public
fr ilu.ir nast natronasre brstowned, will
endeavor to still merit tha same by assid
uous Attention to the comfort of his guests,
iti. tal.tft will Ihi fiimishcd with the test
th.it tha rnctrv affords, and his stable
wtjl be famished with provender and at
tcntive ostlers. - JESSE HYDL.
i May 11, 1813. . V llllL
IS prepared to do all work in his line t the
shortest notice, Viz; Jhuse Painiing, in all
its branches, fWA Painting fni Trimming,
Graining, ZUrlling., Glazing, lettering,
Coloring, Rrpairing; Ornimtntal Piinling,
of every dicription, Ac. Ac, on reasonable
' terns aa -. - .'
Orders left at this Office, ,wiU V attend!
to. JaylS,.lS45. . '
. B0B.XlBHiaH0U03,.
Wllrj llnibln,
Ea.it ti-lt Royal Sitett, (ffosUt the Tktatrt
btUw. St. ytUk.i'1 $r St." Limit Street a,
V 3IOHILI1;. '
jrSBoftrJ and Lodging p w'", 3 .
..'.. . dav," 'I 00
Frerntan C i:utr, . .
: Wirfthy Slzt a KyU St. uer tit
' flmvk Bas, Moltft Ala. . .
Au;.20,lgl5. - . - . W:'
.V 7 S(. Zikhad St. uj slaitt)
. . M021LC, Ala.
- Ic. 21, 1545. - ' T ' ,, 28 '
Peter Jinilgnn & Co.,
r " A V C rs?a h"-J themselves in Clat-
lorne Jir;t count v, with a well &e
J.x:ed stock ei DRY GOODS, and wf.I
crvc lir.ua to receive fresh snfphes from
MoSi'e reru'arly, if tusinesi will jusu.y,
which they will fell low for cash.
Jast 1
More New Goods !! I
HAVE iust received, and will be receiving
dlract from NEW YORK & BOSTON
one ofthe largest supplies ever offered in Last
Mississippi, consisting in part of -
I'm Isines, ilcpN Cashmeres,
3Iouslin dc Lttlns,
3000 yards New Calicoes, direct
from the Factories. t . ;
200 Hats and Cloth Caps, ,
Aiir and Otter Cap, , n
3000 yards psnoburgs, at 10 cents
per vard,-' .. - V
2000 yards Domestics, of all desenp-
lions, V " - , . j - -;,
Cloths andCassimeres, 1. (
200 Wool Shawls, assorted,"
Florence and chip Bonnets, .
J Hack Italian Silks,
Cloth and Tweed Coats v.. -Pants,
of all descriptions. , ;(
OH, Turpentine,
No,'C," Patent Medicines, &c.&c.
Hardware all kinds.
Ever offered in East Mississippi, -Saddles,
from $5 tn $20;4,-" r ' -Bridles,
assorted, Hi Idle Bits, &c.
trThp abovo larye and nequaue! assort
ment was bought with great care from the Ma-
nufrtcturers. We VV A Kit Art 1 our uooas
Fresh, and we bolitjve the i'iautcrs ot Jasper
will save money by calling and examining our
Stock. . -'KrtOA. SMU us.
Pauldin?, Dec. 17,1843. ... , 0-u
alt w rt 'yr. oaniiil utjn.,
j , v lav.- iiw'.
I V recently of Smith county, Mi.,
iV-'-ihavin!' moved to 'Jackson for
ihe purpose of keeping a
housa ol KxNTERTAlNMENT; ia now pre
pared to travellers and resident yonnsj men,
and will be prepared to entertain twenty mevi-
bers oj tht Legislature.
JThe house s situated near the south
west corner of Market square.
Jackson, Nov. 29, 1345. "
TT SHALL present my accounts against
11 the Estate of Jam :s M'Dauiel deceas
ed to the Probate Court of Newton comi
ty, for approval and allowance as Admin
istrator thereof! on the 4th Monday of Sep-
tembcr next. WM. M u.V- tt.b, .
An?. 37, 1315.
nr. K. I.. Sharman,
MAYING permanently locatwl nimseu in
the . town of l'.mldinsr. Jasper county.
eepectfully offers his professional services to
the public generally, as a
Practitioner of Medicine,
in nil the branches of the profession. Know
;t th nrrssiira ofthe bone and .sinew of the
country, (the farmers,) ha is willing to make
his charges in proporuon io me iiuiuhj
the times. Some of his chargea areas follows-
mileage, 50 cents per mile m the day, ana 91
at night; visit and prescription, $ I in thecopn-
try, and ijiintown; Ubstetncai cases irum jiu
to .'0 where manipulation alone is required,
Surgi'cat operations, $3 to $100; Luxations
and fractures of limbs, from $3 to frO.
' Tan Yard for Sale.
THE subscriber offers for sale, his tnn
yard, situated in Newton County, 3
miles from Gnrlandsville. The tan yard
is in T0od order, and containing 17 vats
and a rrood cast Mill. Also all otner neces
sary out buildings attached.
Oct, 23, 13 15. , 3-3t
J.GM'Alpia. ; Geo.W.Shelton.
DEcattra, Miiss'n,
A VP. nssociated themselves in the Prnc-
tice of their profession,- ana will auena 10
- - . ..,.. 1 .
them in th Circuit
Courts of Newton and' the adjacent countiis,
and also in the High Couria at Jackson.
Juno 15, Icto.
milE undersigned takes this method of
informing Ms menus anu cuM-num,
at he has recently made a lare addition
hi heretofore well snrnlied COFFEE
HOUSE BAR. of tha best LIQvuIlsi
tn hit found in' Netv Orleans cr .Mobile,
f consisting in part of French and old Peach
Brandy, Holland Gin, Host Mononjaiieia
Whisker. Brandy Cherries and 'Cherry
Brandy. Madeir. Sweet Malan, Porter,
Iw.z Cork Claret me, tlaspberry and
lmon Syrup, ar.i a pood supply of Cham
raii'na Cider, &c. &C' . - .
- Also a f.r.e article tf Spanish Cigars,
Chcwiti? and Sstokinj TbaccoJ '
- JuxiB lS'r 15 15. " " " . . " t Cin
-wa. H-mttut 4 ' - iso. ceoca
3iilli:r GOOCIL,
General Commlolort 3Icrcliaata
A'o. 77 ly Irn.f Virerf,
July 23, 1S45 ' llf
Ittomey Jf CoumeUor at Txixr.
Paulding 'Academy
T. B. SEAMAN, A. M., rnncipui
N this Institution instruction vil I be
rrivon ill tllO followinff studies:.'
ENGLisH-Orthography, Uend.nf, Pen
manship, Composition, Rhetoric, Lo
" ' mc, Grammar, Moral Philosophy.
Natural SciEXCKS-UUemisiry, iaiuia.
, .Pliilosophy, Astronomy.
Math em Af ics Aritlimeiic, Aigeui
ometry; Surveying:. hs
LTiw--CJrammar, Latin Lessons, Cifcsar,
' Virgil, Horace, Cicero, Ltvy. f :
CiiEEK-Graramar, Greek Header, Ora3ca
T Mnjora. - ' '
J "Terms as formerly. - " '
' An Assistant in the Primary Department
will soou he procured. -
r The Principal ,wi!I deliver Lectures on
the Natural Sciences aunng
Nov. 12, 1815.
Look Out Mississiyplans -Y
HERE you boy goods until you
ine the small stock goods jeep iir Hall- &
McKinstry's old store. : lis certain to toine,
and you will see w hat ybti w ill see. ' '.
Oct. 29, 1845. ' - ' ' 2' '.
Valuable Plantation for Sale. ,
WRII to sail hiv PLAN I'A'l IU.N se-
L veil miles East of Panldin?, .tojrether
with a small- stock- of 11UU3 atju i-ai-TLB..
This property is finely situated;
and the tract of land containing 720 acres,
is one level bodylyinar io section 27, town
ship three, range tltirteea cast, with 100
acres tinder good fence, and 80, acres m a
state of cultivation. .A beautiful cfqek runs
through excellent prairie land lyinu on one
sida and oak and hickory land yiaa, on
ih Athi Wii iriiare is on this tract
comfortable house to live in, and excollcut
well water to drink, and a fiue cane., pas--ture,
and the land also lies open to the best
range in the country. Auy one ptirclias
ingearly they con obtain corn sufficient tok
matitahi the plantation the ensuin? season.
For conditions of sa!a enquire of the. own-
Nov- 13, IS 15. . 22-2w .
AOniTiiIslmtor'4 "NMlfe.
WHEUEAS, tiie undersigned did at
the September term, A." D. IS 15, of
the Probate Court of Vcrry county, Mis
sissippi, obtain Letters of Administration
upon the Etatc of SAMUEL SLADE,
deceased, lato of said county, notice is
therefora given to all pcrsoiis indebted to
said estate to make immediate payment.
All persons having claims ngikist said as
late, will pleusp present them, du!y au
thenticated, within the time prescribed by
law. or they will he forever barred.
JOHN M1XON, Sen'r,
Ang'iaia,' Nov. I, IS 15. 25-0
S. L. Siuv i y" J. II. lllanks
MVVE formed a co piitiv rship intheprac
lieu of tho Liw. They will puiicln illy
attenl to business entrusted lo them 111 the C ir
cuit artl Prob ite Court3 of Landerdile, Chirk,
and the ndioining couniies, an J in &jp'rior
Ciiurts of Chancery ao4 Uign uoun m r.rn.is
and Appeats, in Jackson.
Auaress me nrm, . eimer ui i.niiui, uiuuw-
dulc County, or at Q-iitninn. Ulark Lounty.
of Mat ion, Miss.
of U titman Mss.
Oct. 20, 13 13. l 'f '
IFOUWAKN all persons Horn iru.nn? lor
a pro.nisjory note in.iJe by mo to N. jI Mj
f.ir fortv nine doll.irs. iriven some timo in
June last, and p.iyablu onthu 1st d iy ol IX cein-
ber next The cons: lention lor wnicn sun
note was trivrn having fail'd, I irr d. tenniucd
not to n.iv it un! ss comp il d ! v I
Oct. 15, 1813. -U?
Ijands! Lands!
THE subscriber, Lain agent or tho
owners of large tracts of cultivated
and uncultivated Lands in the. counties -f
Hinds," Rankin, Scott, Leake, Neshoba,
Newton, Laudcrdalp, Jasper, Clarke, Simp
son and Smith in Miss., and being biuisl
the owuer of mnch . -
ia several of thoso counties, will sell, or
lease for one or more years, in force's to
suit applicants, and upon the most reason
able term,, as to price and payments.
Most of said Lmd is of an excellent quali
ty, and much of U in a good conditiiu for
a crop next year. .
The subscriber jives this notice, thus
early, that persons wishing to purchase or
reut I ands nrny hava ample 'opportunity
to m-xke a full examination of them. A
fovv hundred sheep will be received iu ex
change for lauds. Emigrants and rulers
wanting lands upon liberal terms, will fiud
it for their interest t apply to "
Brandon, Rankin County.
' July 23, 1 S15. , 11 Gin
"iiTinviM.L & DAVIS,
Na. 21 Com mint ct " 1ft at lf , '
M Ob ilk, All i
Myg, 1S11. -y dT-tf
ji -r. Ti-irsuSi, t. Tnrtoa.
, So. 0 Commerce a id .V,'? .
a a kon & n 1 n 1 ; i n ot, " "
Vancff Mnple ntnl IJoiurtIe
tADirs axv ruiLcaiNs' sure.",
Vo 4 I, Dir-l. H t'i, MOBILE, AU.
" "jVtt t tf . '
ractor&.Commllon Merchant,
!. 31 Fr-r.t r.rt. Matitr, Ala
S XL 1?, 1 11 17 tf
J, iIcDugald Buekner,
Attorneys anr'xtormscllQrs at Law,
AVING latevv" "med a copartnership ia
tho Pract'V m wl6 taw, will attend t0
all business wm jPrn.1o their care.
AJdress Paulding;, Jasper county, Mm.
nay 13, 1845.
1 If
"A. II. Dawson,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lav.
ILL practice in me couns 01 int rut
Judicial District. Address, Da Kals,
Kemper county, Miss. '
may 13, 1845. I U
Jefferson M. Grayblll,
' , Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
AS retnovedlrom Columbus to Pauldinaf,
and announces that he will, fractica
Ijpxv in Jasper and the adjoining counties. H
will'also attend to tho Superior, Chancery nui
Federal courts ftt Jackson- ,
tnayjl, 1845. ' 1-tf
William T. Poue,
" : Attorney llnd Counsellor at Lavt,t
tWtIt practice in tho Courts of the fifth
Judicial District 3-Address Quitman,
. Sept, 3, 1845. " . 1-tf
J pavldix'o,' Jasper cob.ntt, uu:
'jnn 8 -; -
Attorney dud Counsellor at Lam,
Jan 13 V . ; PAUDjNO, Mm.
; Alonzo G. Blaycrs,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lmvt,
' TIalkioii, Smith Covntt, Miss.
; Jan. 29, 1S45. : - -
T f J.C.IIcIdelbcrff; .
-Attorney and Counscllov at Lav,
WILL practice in Jasper and the adjacent
counties. All business entrusted to his
mainsrc-ment, receive prompt attention.
M.y 10, 184:1. .. 1-tf
Hi L attend the courts in the I mil udi
ci il Hitstrict, and the ndjoining countits.
-ss. l'.iulJinj, Jasper county, mi.
15, l?ll. 43-tf
J. & S. A. i). S'VEVLV,
WILL utteiidtho courts iu the 5th Judicial
District, and tho adjoining countiis; also
the Sup.-rior Court of Chancery, und the llih
Court of Errors and Appeals, at Jackson.
AdJrcis, Marion, Mi
August 13, 1311. i if
Attorneys and Counsellors at Lev,
A V IN (J. formed a copartnership in ilia
practice wf the LAW, will punctually at
tend to all business committed to their care in
tho 5th nuJ Cth Judicial Districts, nnd in the
Hi'rh Court of Errors nnd Appeals and Court
of Chancery nt Jackson.
Address MarjoV, Lauderdale County,
Mississippi. - jan 1 tf
v W, A. THHK15LL,
Awrusta. MissLsiiii,
flLL atturid tho Courts in the Fifth J"d
ci;ib District, in the counties of Marion
and Hancock, mid the Hih Courts of the Stats
at Jackson. Having devoted his time duriny
tho last four or five years to the study of ll.s
LAND LAWS, and especially pf.lhosa rela
ting to Den ition and othor claims find to pre
cmpticn rights, he d.-i ms himself particularly
,ni .l,i d to ntt.n l to the PROSECVT10S
itifioni his position ready access to the Cs
vernrmnt Ihvords, infurmation will bo derived
from that source without additional expense t
claimants. Fus moderate if in advance or
properly f cured. May !., 1844.
Dr.Klrhartl II. Dorter.
ttitAS been at considcrahle expense a
jrouhlc to.ut'.e himself at Pauldiif
pcrmanciitly, fit t!e purpose of dcyotiu?
his luno cxchisively to tiie practice cf
RICKS. Ha feclsgratcfui for the liberal
patronage hitfierio bestowed on h'm, and
hopes by strict attention to his p. ession,
to merit and share the confidence of th
public. In all casts I will deduct one ih rl
ofthe regular fees if the cash is paid me tf
soon as the patient is discharged.
J'auIJiiiz, May, 11, 1S15. ML
Doctor W. II. Doiior
mm II lnf.ir.n r. anlnrnrrt
tho nuUic e- nerallr. that he will in f
ture devote bis time exclusively to the prscikt
Of , A
31ctllclnc &.'' .
Thew who live rerrote who desire h ttVt
c s, miyrtp.i1 to f.ud him in Paulding s
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