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True Democrat.
WEDNESDAY JAN. 14, 184(3
Notice. All persons indebted to this office
for Job Work, &c, during the late election
times, are requested to come forward and j ay
the same, as longer indulgence cannot bo given.
We shall be compelled to sue those who do
not comply with this request. II. M. liuc.ii
will receive and receipt for the same.
O. C. Dkase.
Jr3"The funeral sermon of the late Mal
colm McNeill, will be preached at Hickory
Grove church, in this county, on the Mb. Sab
bath in March next, ly the ltev. Duncan A.
The Election for Assessor of Jasper county,
is ordered to be held on the first Monday and
day following in February next.
Senatorial Election.
The Senatorial election is ever, and General
HENRY STUART FOOTE is elect, d, to
the Senate of the United Stat-s for six years,
his term beginning on the 4th of March, IS 17.
He received ninety-three votes, including every
democratic vote in the legislature, we believe.
the present senator, is elected to fill the unex
pired term, of the Hon. Robert J. Walker. Mr.
Chalmers received ninety-six votestwo or
three votes over the Democratic strencdi.
We will not indulge in a single feeling of
triumph, but merely say here, that those gentle
men are high among those of Mississippi's dis
tinguished sons, whom she delights to honor.
Reformer, Jan. 10.
Well, we are content, if we did not get our
first we did our second choice, for U. S. Sena
tor. Gen. Foote is a host of himself, and will
do the State infinite credit in the Senate of the
U. S. Foote and Speight will guard securely
the rights of Mississippi, and until the former
enters upon Lis term of office, our rights could
not be in better hands than Mr. Chalmers. The
last named gentleman is an accomplished scho
lar and a faithful exponent of democratic doc
trines. Governor's Message. We have received
the Governor's message toa late to publish it.
It is a worthy public document, and when we
are enabled next week to present it to our friends
we trust it will receive an attentive considera
tion. We hare no additional news from Washing
ton of importance. The Lill lor the proti cticn
of American citizt ns in Orecon v. ill certainly
pass, and the wise ones say, war will follow.
The Hon. James II. Gholson, formerly a
member of Congress, now cne of the Judges of
the Circuit Court of Virginia, arrived here on
Friday last, in fine health. He designs visit
ing Texas before he returns to Virginia.
Col. John J. McRae. We have received
information that this gentleman's name is like
ly to get beforo the Legislature for a seat in
the Senate of the United States. At least, our
informant states, that a petition is on foot in
Clark county, which contemplates the instruc
tion of Judge Moody to vote for Col. M'Raeto
fill that distinguished station. It has neither
astonished nor surprised us, for in these days
stranger things transpiro every now and then.
We like the Col., personally, will enough, and
admire his talents, which we have no hi silanry
in Baying, is something above mediocrity. Ibit
all things considered, the Senate of the U. S.
is no place for him.
We take pleasure in calling the attention of
oar readers to the card of Messrs. McDugalJ
& Buckner. Our young friend Buckner, it
will be seen, has removed to Hillsboro, Scott
county, where he will, we have no doubt, rea
lize the encouragement in the practice of his
profession, which his talents merit. The M.ijor
remains ia Paulding.
Mobile and Ntw Orleans nvrehsn,, and
all other persons cnga 7.1 in pubh. l i :inof.
will do will tJ adverse in the Trir Druo
cr at. It Las a very extra-ire ciieul.vicn,
and a large number of f. i nlj, who know c
don't publish cards for ''Cinckham."
Thi Militia- The constitution rcquirrj
the returns of all elections by the people, made
to the secretary of State, Ey the Militia laws
as thry now stand they are, so far as military
officers are concerned, made to the Adjutant
General This is a violation of the coiv-iiuj-tioo
and should be remedied.
Appeals from elections are to be made, for
protestation, ia ten days after an election to the
next office rs in grade above the one to be elect
ed Suppose the Major and Drigadur Gen 's
terra of cice expire at the same time, and an
election is ordered enJ the election for Cri -dicrGcoertl
was conducted fraudulently to
whom could an appeal U tak'i;? rif'j diys
frequently t Tap I k re the M ij r G nr rs.1 is
L J coram i?-iin arJ if the greau.4 poix ! ? v
patch was had, tie rrtj:r coukl not l rear
ed ly the Adjuunl General a J a corr.ir.ik.n
krwardfd in m J)i to as to mill a party
h-terr! io the Lhgad-r General's tlTLcn
to sp pal
W..'l the Lgi'Vare lork to tbc d'f"j rnd
correct 0n,J TL'.tre r 4 the .!y l-f--u
an lL B- .liua Law, I at so glarir that ib'j de-
rtt er-cI to'.ke asl trsndrn'ot I
Both houses of the Mississippi legislature
convened in the capitol yesterday, nt 11
o'clock. In the Senate, after eight ballot
ing, the Hon. George T. Swann, of
Rankin, was elected President, and on the
first ballot, Mr. Wilcox was re-elected
Secretary. Mr. Hudson was elected Door
keeper on the tccond balloting.
In the House, the 1 1. in. James Wiiit
fikld, of Lowndes, was elected Speaker
on the first ballot, and on the second ballot
ing, Mr. J. D. MoNTiiOMi.itv, of Lowndes,
was elected Clerk. E.S. Parish was elec
ted Door-keeper.
Both houses have elected able and ex
perienced presiding officers, whose prompt
ness and efficiency will promote the active
despatch of business. It is hardly neces
sary to add, that both aresteriingdetnocrats,
enjoying the confidence of their constitu
ency and the party at large in the Shite.
We perceive our old fiieiid Win. IJarksdalo,
Eso., of the Columbus Democrat, 1ms retired
from that paper. lie is a bold mi l fearless wri
ter, and a true democrat We regn t his with
drawal from the editorial corps. But there is
a bold soldier still athis post Mr. Henry Wor
thington, long known to the citizens of Missis
pi, is still presiding over that paper. May his
life be as long as it is useful.
Extract from a private letter, from a brother
to a distant sister.
If is too often the case, when friends are first
separated, their attachments give activity to cor
respondence and lengthy declarations of un
ceasing remembrance and love. But as time
speeds along on iron wings, the intervals be
tween their letters grow longer and longer, un
til at last they terminate. Still their minds turn
now and then to their once loved coirtsron
dent, and every tiuio wilhfredidetennina'.ioa to
renew their intellectual intercourse. The time
comes when, notwithstanding the oft repented
declarations of devotion, theyscarccly think of
their absent friend at all, and if they do, it is not
with that swett thought of ties that never break,
nud attachments that never end.
Am I a stranger, dear Caroline, that you
rcmemder me no more ?or have I i'.iil an abid
ing place in your alfectioi)s ? A sister's leve
bkss'd is ho who ibs'-ms it thrice Messed is
he who enjoys it. Thetho.ight that I have too
long slighted you, make? me. tremble an 1 doubt
my iititity to re s-euro your confidence. A
sister Low ver, who h;:s always excused my
ftuits and piaistd my fc.v virtues, will not now,
I am persuaded, disclaim a ripentnnt and re
turning brother. Yes, I nin sure, you will be,
to me still the confiding and forgiving spirit
that ministered to me so charitably in times
past Times, happy to you and inc.
I long once more to imbrace vou. Could
I but again sec you and your dear little chil
dren, my heart would bop with gladness. But
shall I ever see you and them again? Hea
ven appoint it Should I not, Providence bo
with you and them and bless you. Itseeais
that, if you and Mr. I), would move near me,
half of my bitterist trials would disapptar.
Your prattling buhes, tor whom I feel a deep
interest, would beguile the tedium of my leisure
hours and add a thousand little pleasures to a
life that continues, scarcely for nn object Tru
ly I love little cl.ilJu n, Lr cause I know their
love is spent-tin-iius and w ithout inter, ft. An l
if I love all, how much more should I love
yours, in whose veins kindred blood gives them
life. An l little J , w ho I hear is like me,
I would be di lighted, could I see him and teach
Lis little tongue to lisp the name of uncle.
The hour is late, yit I have not tjiiit my of
fice thoughts of you Lave oppressed my min i
for the last six hours. Something whispers
nr I shall never see you again, and prrhap
this it the List crmmunication ycu will ever
n-c( ive fn in your l i other, v. ho loves you with
ali of a brother's love. Why this distracting
thought I ho o-.v n. t My Lei It Ii is much im
proved f:r b ter tluii it h .s teen At ninny
years. Fortune is more kind to me than usual
although in tome things she Las always I ten
kind to me but Lrr admonitions have been
bem neglected, and I have abt:s'd her favors.
Foolishly I have spint her money, and spurned
her friendly salutations. Like the neglected
and abued wife, whose love is pure as enow,
and as lasticg as life, the still turns upon mc
with inviting smiPfl, and with outspread arms
to reclaim me as her own. Some persons are
too much the slaves of fortune. Iam her pro
digal son unbke the prodigal of olJ I have
wtct and come a thousand times, and as yet,
she bas never failed to kill the tilted calf arJ
feast roe upon all the soul dires upon earth.
yet my wayward rpirit finds do rest There is
an aching void within my heart that nothing
thatblcngstoordii.aryexistic.ee can liiL
It i. open the rrin ef fane
1 1 - h sl-ore t-II ine rit..incn it,
I is a to carve cn hrn st name,
fv A .n 1 ry can't raze upti ij
i.:zz hi the et'tnalrsys of bcht
If rij.i;l"', a t.Wissni tirrr es bright
FucL f.me is Ixyonlsll rmrital iToTt, hence
I nvj4 Ine i,nviOnord and ur.yjng" an hum
lie occupant of rar.h, and di? w ithout a ram.
J. P MoT"ritr.if r.l' r. r n 1 1-rt-
1 Cli-rk rf iL II lofcr. n.d Mr. FAfc"ti.J. r
kjr. The IVintir, as y t, la t,ot Uio
The stfam ship Acadia, arrived ut Bos
ton on the 10th December. The news
which it brought from E a rope is altogether
favorable so far ns the peace of the world
is concerned. The British press is moder
ate in its lone upon the Oregon question,
and t.
appears a vtieral impression in
favor !
ccepting the proposition of com-
ihcdOth parallel of north lati'udf)
as the
ttridary between the I ri t ii-! i rind
i possessions on the Pacific const.
It is su-Iosed that when the President's
xncssagi will have conveyed the intelli
gence that Mr. Polk, pursuing the course
of former administrations, had offered the
the compromise, puolic opinion in Eng
land will co!:d miii the course of their min
ister at Washington. There can be no
doubt that the rnKK tram-: doctrines of
the President's iiKssi-ge. will have a ten
dency to dispose England to pacific mea
sures. ;
The ship brought no other news of spe
cial interest. Mississijjia?i.
Wc have read with regret a Washington
letter inthe Vicksburg Smti.nl of the '.)a
inst., representing that the Secretory oftlm
Treasury is busily engaged in attempting
to control the election of a U. S. Senator
from this Sate. We give no credit to the
statement. Were Mr. Walker the arch
intriguer he is represented to be, be would
not be so simple as to undertake such a
game. We trust and believe the Ilepre
sentativesof the people have come together
with fixed resolutions to act the parts ex
pected of them by their constituency The
democracy here have before them bright
examples of harmonious action in other
Stat'.1, aud they will, we do not doubt, do
their duty. Mi.tissipjiai.
Selected Jor the True Vcmocsrt.
'Oh, thou invisible spirit odium; if thou had
no other mime by which to know thee, v. e
Viiouid call thee Devil." Shaksptare."
Let thy devotee extol thee,
And thy wondrous sum,
But the worst of names I'll call thee,
O, thou hydra, monster rum.
Pimple maker, visage bloater,
Health corrupter idlers mate,
Mischief-breeder, vice promoter,
Credit spoiler, di vii'3 biit.
Alms-house luiKler, pauper maker,
Tru.-t betrayer, sonow's soutce,
Pocket ( mjtier. aabbath Linker,
Conscience tntler, guilt's rt source.
Nerve mfiebler, system shall. rer,
Thiist inert user, vagrai.t l!ii f,
Co'.'h producer, treacVrous llulterer,
Mud U dauber, mock's relief.
Business hinderer, tpleea instiller,
Woe bt gettcr, fiiendhip's bane,
Anger hater, Bridewell filler,
Dtbt involver, topt r's chain.
Memory drowner, honor's wrickir,
Judgment waster, children's woe,
Fiend beginner, theft instiller,
Strife oltindlcr, nation's .oc.
Spenja bewrangler, head long tumbler;
Yitils turner, deadly fire,
Riot mover, firebrand flinger,
Discord kindler, misery's iire.
S.rse's robV.-r, wrath d-jpoilcr,
Stnn'h subduer, hideous foe,
Beasnn thw arti r, fraud contriver,
Monty waster, woman's woe.
Vile s?ducer, joy dispelier,
Peace difturber, blackguard's gutst,
II. t?es;.eilc-r, liver's s wilier,
Br.iin ti.sirucior, Lateful pist.
Uttt r.ince lc?'ler. y s in fl miT,
Stroncr rein's snr..v. !t r, f.ital dicp,
Ttim ilt raiier, vmorn f jjib r,
Wrath inkin ller, coward's prep.
Pain inflicti r, strnrh imi'ter,
lb art corrupter, fully's nuis-,
Se.-ret babbit r, It dy maimer,
Thrift difiatir, loathsome curse.
Wit d stroyer, y imp irer,
S:andal d .ib r, foul-mouth' J scourg",
Sinsis Hunter, youth msnarer,
Crime ivent r, ruin's verge.
Virtue blaster, base deceiver,
Bage displ.iyer, sot's delight,
Noise exciter, stomach braver,
Falsehood fpriade-r, scorpion's I ite.
Qiarrt 1-pl ittT, r3ge fr.kinll-r,
Giant conqueror, wasti ful sway,
Chin carbuncler, Jongue t nUrgrr,
Madiian's venture, death's broad way.
T4- pest scattt rrr, wisdom's crusher,
l: h,$ forerunner, htii's diie liink,
If. , nous murderer, windpipe Lishcr,
Drunkard's Lxigin, rrKataod drink.
Tif h'nd an I Lanl that thon-ft snl pennfd
the forrroing lit'?, tio t! tibt f. It the i.iLuu
sway of the demon of intt rBrancc.
Commutation. Gov. "Wrishl, f( New
York, lias committed to imprisonment for
li e, Van ?f-iiurjj and U'(.Viiner, who
wefo s.. ;.;r,cf d to defith fr the tnn'b r
rf deputy sbinffStef !e, during the an ii rent
disiarinccs io the state cf New York.
! H UIWIH1I W RJlja.tUllll
-',o:i; t1i- ilo-t.Mi ( 'n'li'ii r.
Being Saturday, and never having wit
nessed the ceremonies of the Jews in their
religious worship, I to-day took advantage
of the opportunity to gratify my curiosity.
In company with one who was also n stran
ger, 1 walked to the synagogue on Dim
street. The first thing'which we encoun
tered was a iule, that the men only should
enter on the lower floor, and the women go
into t!ip rnlleries. The person nt the door
very ilitely a-kid me to walk in, pointed
out a seal, and to'd mo to put on my licit
All the men had their inns on, noU-xcept-ing
the minister and his asistants; and the
former was distinguished by a hat, the rim
of which was turned up with a loop nt each
side; he wore a black, like our Christian
clergymen, and a white cravat; be was
light complexioned, large featured, with a
large sharp nose, and had, altogether, the
most intellectual face of any in the assem
bly. On u raised plattbrui ni the centre,
surrounded by a heavy mahogany railing,
on each coi n-r of which was an immense
catitllt; in a brass caudh'-stielc, stood at the
desk the minister and three assistants and
one other was sitting on a bench behind
them; one was reading wh-it np;-can d to
be short sentences, and occaMUi.iiy a.'.nth
c r won!.! j ..in in, and tin n tho wbnle l-nr
would sing ("it, ami then the wlftiecor-gi'?-giuieu
1 1 ! f re:-""in!: f iuging in a b ltd
veiee, ;e'i rr.t ' mu-i'Mliy, liv!.' or i nr
u.(;r.' syliab'.t s; !u :i the luinisier v. onlil
read or ehat.t. for the s. rvice was tdt con
ducted in lb biew. 1 suppose at any
it was to mean in. known inrgre. V.iwh
man in the n.-M nd ly wore a white, or a
dirty white, or a white slate-eoloud inaiitle
or shau . and they appeared to boot" diliir
i ient degrees; some of these mantles were
ib'cnrated at the t i.tls with black or bhvv
blaek stnpts, soui'timis tluee small, one
broad and then three other stripes; some
wt restiip. d w ith only one stripe, and seme
were striped with pule pink, some with
pale blue, and I noticed one whh a pale
yellow ai d a white satin stripe. Dining
the greater part of the sirvio; the nun
were p;:ssii g in anil out, taking -.F ih
inantie as they went out and iisiiii.iiig it
on tbiir n turn; and when it was put on, it
w.-.s gather, d up first in the two hands
held out at hngthand brought up to thy
hips, and thin thrown over the head en the
shotlldeis; some Wero worn gn'i.ertd up
like a tippet, anil sonic were spread open
down the back like a huge shawl. The
lower tl or had seats for ..I uut twohi'.ndn d
and fifty, under each of w hich wnsa box,
to which the owner had a key, in vbieh
wasket bis iiianth' and his books and
every s, ;.t was i;iiiu! en d. Tbee;!s vrei o
p.iuii !i nt In s wit.i I'oeks. I.Ko an e;.i t..:i-
lOIii (I Setn-f, I '.il sliit!" il, painted 10 itillta'..!
oa!;. and ibey w ere r.ii:.i d hi sti..ig!-t i'"W,
f.lir leep. on thiee sidi .. The f.iiuth sido
was mostly ocmpiid by a bai.'dsor..e cii
cular tcnip'e, tfi-ru t'oi' which w-s sup
p.ntnl b" six haiiil-i'iiie coliitum e! co;.'t
ed !.i aibie, or made hie.' those ill ihe B s
toii M. ie!i o.'s' I!eh;i! ge, of a lint -J com
position ai d of the s.-.tue e decs: coi the I p
cf the n upi"-f. r I cm c;:!! it Ly no :1a r
iiani.' w.e, in tl ctn're, a white s-pprc
tabht, with an inscription in goldm lle
bn:vv characters, in two columns or pig's,
supposi d to be the l' n Coiuiiiiii ('r.ient;
ihe tablet wan snpperttd on each sid by a
golden cornucopia rt versul, golden grapes
and other fruits falling through woik jvn
ncllcd, and the part directly ht fioi t was
hid by n white curtain, which extendi d
from "the top to the flour. The gallery
extended on three sidtsnlso; the front was
white, aud on the top rof the front was a
heavy mahogany bannister-railing, which
nInio1 entirely :xc!udd all i. w rf the
w.-'iii'-u then .io;n. An mid lb.- cr: are of
the temple, which was also white, w as an
inscription in goidui characters. Back of
the six columns, nil was enclosed by ma
hogany work. At intervals, on the front
of the galh iy, were large candle sticks, in
which was arandle; ni.d in the centie of
the west end was n clock. I tic whOiO
apcarance of the interior of the hous.. w s
imprt ssivr, hut plain and void of ornatM nf,
I'ther than I have mt iitiec d. The floor
was covert ! with a painnd iniji t. on
whic!, rnuid the ino.t of the s a's, ni.d in
tlif j-.-isv.,..; tithe door, was laid a thick
str iH' c.upi f, to prevent the noi-jofp -opb;
As l r the rrrviees t'icv were ns I hnvf
snid. in a I irei.-i ton:;:i ; ptI .'mviog no
c bviah.i.i, I can otily de.-ciib ih'- n as
I saw and heard. T'ii-re was one ninri
wh", ni"r- p i: iiruiarly thru lb: rest,
t iii- d t -s: t t!: ii;ini:.r: and oera
si.ei i:,e, s" n ro 't .itn ;rid.,-:iee w ou'd
nc-n i 1 1 Ihed. !;. toucli ths i-i:d of Lis
tnanfb' t ) t'i" scro'l whir.'i lay Ix fore the
miniver, and then ton:h it to bis lif. ; he
won d tiin'i.l'li: over n few weird,
and ass.n-.iiit would, with him, g through
a sort of question and answer, or the recita
tion of something ; the one prompting and
th" other repeating, and rcrasinr.ally the
wliol congreg itiri would j)in. Aloud
cnll was now and then nude, and ono and
another in different potts of the house,
wouid answer in nioriosylnbles. Uy-and by,
the priest had the whole reading or chant
ing to di I y himself. Theri a fat,
j .'.!y lookii g man on the fl or. on the b ft
of tli tb sk. who PTuivd to ,nrt n nri-ter
of cercmoiiiTS ; going on t "t'ie pl.-.tf. rm f i
say something to the ninii- fer. and i!n n to
srwak to the pTple in d'ibnut fr.rts i.f
the hall, and thi u Lac k to Ins r.-,t ngnni.
Ahersuch ceremony ns this for neatly
an hour, t!ie whole cengr-g I'inn r
an 1 facitl to th eMst, r p atirg in a lou-I
voice from the c t fro n mrnmrv, f r
ome n.iioit-. An r t'n. tb" s-croll ns
rolb-d, ai d lieJi-pand cort-ri w ith whu
run! n, the t;ick on w loch it ua r' l'.d
frcj.-ctirj at tjv J, f t--vi d i i by t o
1 like a round lull's-,
with 1 it! Io silver
ud jingling. Two
s the man I took to
ceded fo the temnle.
be the marshal,
drew aside the curtain, and pushed back
the mahogany floors, which 1 before spoke
of, and disclosed a sort of altar, on which'
stood npiighf, two other scrolls, also in
white muslin oud ornamented with the
silver bells. The two men placed them
selves on either side of the open door, and
the priest nnd assistants marched slowly
in procession from the platform to the tem
ple, two bearing the scroll and the priest
chanting from a book. During this pro
cession which lasted full ten minutes, the
audience siood, and ns the scroll was car
ried slow ly along, as many as could, reach
id out their mantle, and .touched the hetn
toil and then kissed the hein. The scroll
was deposited on the altar, the doors were
closed and thcaudienci; returned to their
ser.i.5 and the priest io the desk.
The semrts continued, the priest reading
for some minutes by himself, in a loud and
musical tone, nud ihe congregation sing
ing. T'.vo or tin- -j in turn went up to
the I 'rout of iii.' n.vnp'o ;.n 1 appeared to
make a '-river : the marshal then ascended
io in a.'al c:.!!ed out as if calling
r I; '
I as be tiid so, different peo-
i,M.. , i i.! s tn:i!ions answered all in
1 s. a M.i o!voi". and in monosvlable.
AlU-r :' so rod was dcnositeil in til ; temple
tli" door.-, of I'lesvtri gogu- wert! kept clos
o. I, and no one v. a- allowed Id go oil', until
the conclusion of the cer."i;.ouies, a fact
which 1 lc nnn d by answvritig a sign from
my c-unpimion in th-j gallery, that she
was' ready-to go ; n few moiiieiits earlier I
could have made my exit at pleasure, but
I was lorced to remain for nearly half nu
hour. I learned that similar rules were
not observed in regard to the females, who
did not seem to be taken much notice of,
nor were they apparently at all considered,
in the worship. 1 learned, also, from my
companion, who had not been prevented
by any pa; ,ienl ir regulations from cxerci
f iug ihe n,i!tir.i! cnrioMty of the sex and
piose; ipnve prerogative of talking, that a
po: lion of w i ia! v. e hid wi'nesed was a
pit liu.inarypt ttioiiofa marriage ceivoiony
that one o i'.i.-. o who . . '. t'; ; tl so.s of
the teLij le V. a li..
CO;, fit! .1. 11 of ,,'
In id; ,,ioo!;i that too
. r lev i s not to take
I lace, ucr is the brid ! to in ilc-! her appear
id., nor have any thing Io do with the
niatl. r, until the end o .-mother week. I.et
a w oman alone f ir liading out tilings. The
cereini nie- !eiug clesi d, the niuishal gavt)
lii'tice in IJoglitj'i, the shawls w.-r.' fV:id( d
up and d. pos.ted in each ont's box and
'.he colore;;, i'mii th-peise.l. J. II. B.
liuynrtuiu of V, ilai.-i t t H-iL'h.
An al ie .-nal luci.! arUele hi (.'I. ambers' lld
ii.l.uig .loi.ni:.!. ::; r piiinliug out very
sci.s.hlv the io re"-;iv not eiilv of li'.!;t at'.d
In a!, f lit also ol'lh. irceinii'g I y ladiation,
(which is caiied tirtiiiiiiuUoHt a IJ;v !f
v. o.d, s-i u inr r iy.) t tiie proper n.wi'i
a. .d health of pi in'.! and tM proceed j
ti.i. -:
"Tui't.hig l ew loiho nrn'ioal (Ciiiomy,
wc fill giowib, b. alii), lo.il ibfve'.o; ne nt
also cuiioiisly alb . !. il I v the .b-.-rre or
is(i;(. (.file M.'.tr u.fhiei ce. Dr. 1M
w.uils I .as show t tint if adp..li s be nour
ished w iih io; er fi.d, and e.-. oscd lo the
constantly inevil action o! water, (so
lln.t their t'oi:cLic..l respiration may be
m.iinta iH tl,) but are entirely deprivulof
light, tl.tir growth contiiiues, but their
tiirtainorphosiN into air breathing anima's
is arrested, and they remain in the form of
huge lndpo,Ys. lie also observes that per
sons who live in cares or cellars, or in very
iloik ; nd narro v streets-, ,-ire a 1 lo produce
I ! r I n ! 1 1 ci.i jr.;.; anl loot lue.i lio
wvtk i i minis aio li d it; todivase an l
ibfurnuty beyoiid wh it the simple close
in ss e f th : atm.'sj.'u re would bo lik' ly to
product. It fi ts been stated on the au
:hor;ty of .sir A. H'jln, that the cases of
disi jise on the dark fide efan extensive
I m; tack St. l'eteisbug, havebu nntiiforiuly
f ir m my y .us in the proportion of three
to one mi the si.Jo exp'sod to strong light,
l'urtht r, Dupuyiren r.-lal. s tin cai ofa
ia ly, w I t se nialadi. s I.., 1 b.lll d the skill
of several eminent p.Meii;iuiiers. This la
dy resi.J. J in a d u,c n o n (on which tiie
s'tuii'V. r s' one) in eticf the narrow
flu s e! r.-. js-. Am r a t ait ful rxannna
ti -n. Doj nytrt n v. as Je to refer her coui
pl .i'its t i ;: i.c ' li.ht, and riconi
nn nd' ti In r re:.n ,d!o a more expstd
s.tu iti ni. T;. s c'i ug was fillowtd by
i t b. ';. t.ei.
le-u'.t--; all her com
Tin more, thciefirr,
p'oiriis Vai .-i d
tl.-.t ai:it;,; 's i ro i x'1-. to the influence ot
li.ht, th" in r" f ee are they, in ordinary
ciicti!; st.mccs, tiom irregular nclion and
In another partr f the article, it is shown
tli.it In at and li .'.t alone, without the solar
ladi.-.lioi:, will not suflicc fur the health of
vi getabb s or animals; else the nrtifici d
fires and lustres of our nparmvmts would
havethatiffect: but they do not. An m-disfN-nsable
agent is actinism.
.Now, do not the foregoing facts prove
the nnhe.dthincss cf changing night into
day, as many of our fashionable and semi
f ishioM iblc and studious and psendo-stu-ilinis
ni-i! do? the tuihcnhhincss rf
wa-:itjgiii Ud tbl rigbtand bracing Lours
of Ue eailv morning, wh n Nature bids
j ns out of i! Mrs. d:gg!Hg, or wrdking. or
j ii.'n.g? D n I t ie 1 al. liihi-ss cf.! ik ret'tns
) uifid-l -'p .b't? I)i.iw.t-..:.t;.os.. c'i;tnm
,. -j lia-e w.u foa- I ' ,ii,!s, t' '.! flug-
' gard. an ! b t Aui.ti ni: 1 the I. sing mn,
i ,:o t! v ef vrd-r, .'.,,-ne thee
forih. il l.n y ca1 r t el "m tir f rt'i, to
iiihn! vrr- ng'.'i an I bmiih iri llirss I e'l
' and tiKst l'Uifi'iis hnurj if ihe day.
T'r ? , . - ; r - - - . 1 i's ? -
silver ornaments, si
dian pagoda of f mr
bells hanging do
men, one of who

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