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Government duric; the first forty years has
departed very for from the venerable cus-
torn yet in vogue in the Celestial Empire;
but the Globe is laboring to call us back, and
..the President is urging his great measure
, that-will complete the assimilation between
tbis nation and that.- Our Government, he
thinks is too complex. ; Hitherto there have
been too mn n y minds at work. 1 He thinks
the simple form of autocracy much better!
lhan a - turbulent democracy . - i ne sage
- adage, that too many cooks spoil the broth,"
has great weight with him ; so' he wants but
one cook (himself) and "a swarm of scullions,
(such as Blair, Kendall & Co. of the kitchen
cabinet). Willi such nn arrangement he
can' have bis broth to his mind, "in spile of
s lamentations here or elsewhere, and should
any refractory messmate grumble because
he and his scullions seized the best pieces in
the pot, he has only to order the latter to
- kick him out of the mess. This, is the "way
they do in China, and that has been for
borne years past, as fur as practicable, the
practice in our Government. -: ; , I
By the by, we are coming up, to the
Globe's great model faster than we had sup-
. posed. ' Only get rid of the Whig?, and get
ihe Sub-Treasury to work, nud the assimila
. tion will be perfect. ' True, China is called
a Despotism, and the United States a He
tKo sagacity to forcsse'por tbe power to !)
iay, ana in aenance qi the repeated expres
sions ofthe popular will, we have seen, nay
still behold, the arm of tho Executive exten
ded to force upon the country the odious
scheme of the Independed Treasury-the
most powerful engine of despotism and fruit,
ful source of further suffering and evil.". '
Robert J,. Walker says in' bis "vindica
tion, that ho is not indebted to -all: the
Banks in Mississippi the one-eighth of
$80,000. Wo don't like to tell Mr. Walker
that he has uttered, what; he Jtncic was n
falsehood, but we will thank him to tell, us
when and how, he paid a certain judgment
obtained by one of the Natchez Bunks list
spring, for the small, sum of Fifteen Thou
sand Dollars T -. " .
We Jrnow. that a certain bank in. Natchez
did abtaih a judgment against him at ihe
last tem of the Adams Circuit Court, for
that sum, and we -know also that that judg-
menV has not been paid. Will Mr. Walker
dare to deny thief We stand prepared to
prove it.- Vteksbnrg Whig.
Under the direction of Mr. Geo. Cheprian.
public ; but whalV in a . name ?
&c. ,f:iJ ' .
"A rose
We invite the attention of our renters to
the following eloquent and graphic descrip-.
tion of the Van Buren party, as we find
given in ihe address adopted by the Senato
rial" pistrict Convention' of Young Men,
held at Coxackie, N Yon the 14th ult., on
which occason upwards of ticelte hundred
delegates to the k;onvemion appearea ano
took part in the proceedings. The ollow
ins is a" brief extract from the address r -
"it is to principles and measures ofthe
eravrst moment, lellow. citizen, that, we
wh-h now to cn II your, attention. ', We are
arravrd iiffainst a wart v which arrogates to
irse'f the title of "democracy,'-' though" it has
rbr years so parted and is constantly sup
porting and justifying measures of deadliest
hostility to a( that, is implied 1y that term.
Dem icracy is opposed lo the concentration
.of power.'-, The whole tenor of our oppo
nent's policy is to extend and treng hen the
Executive arm.. Democracy demands a
prudent nnd economical " administrntiou.
They have lavishly and wantonly squandered
the 'public money, spending thirty millions
a vear where twelve once sufficed. De
mocracy requires on the -part "of public
functionaries, strict accountability and sub
mission to the power from which they re
reive their trusts. " They, defeated and con
demned again and again by the people of
New York, yet cling to the offices which
they themselves have declared belong .-of
right to the "victors." Democracy declares,
that.tiie will of the majority constitutionally
expressed, shall be supreme... -They have.
insultingly proclaimed that the pleasure of
the Executive shall be fulfilled, in dehwee
ofthe opposition and "fomentations" ofthe
people I, Democracy looks upon thcman.it
delights to honor, as but the servant ot the
people, and requires him in his intercourse
with them to be plain, unostentatious and
unpretending. They support a- "Chief,"
who treats his fellow citims as his subjects.
hwI surrounding himself with a body guard
nnd nssuinui" the state ot a Monarch, moves
among the people with all the trappings and
nazeantry of a.Royal progress. Democracy
is in favor of a- single presidential term of.
office fearing justly .the temptations which
might othorwise induce that high functionary
to use bis ''"power and patronage to subserve j
his own ambition instead of the interests of:
ihe people. They, with, that tenacity fur
office which lias ever characterized them,
are ready even to violate the Constitution
and to unite the purse with the sword in the
hands of the 'Executive, in order to effect
his re-election, - -Such,
fellow citizens, have been the pre
dominant characteristics of in party against
whom wC now invoke your aid to rescue our
rights and liberties, and to redeem the spirit
of. our free institutions. Such," whatever
heir professions, arc the features which
have marked their course. In the name of
Democracy, they have set at nought! every
ttairiotic consideration: in the name of De-
I w
mocracy, they huve swayed power and pa
fronaze .for 'their "own "private - and selfish
' ends. Thev have d'sregarded law, consti-
tutiooal restraint and the numic good. I hey
have rushed rapidly onward the advances of
organized corruption. I hey have disre
garded and broken every pledge to the peo-
nle. T-hev- have declared ' the President
should be ineligible to office for. a second
term, and are straining every nerve. for the
re-election, of Van Biren.l ! They, have un
blushingly avowed the most detestable prin
ciples jof action. They have prostituted
miblic duty to private interest and sordid
profit. They have instituted an utter and
intolerable proscription, oiscarding from
office the most honest and capable, and re
garding all thir.gs in the hands of those who
disregard the public welfare in scrambling
for. the spoils of victory. .They have estab
lished a system off party, tactics which
is the curse -of the politics of pur country,
and if unchecken, will work the ruin of its
destinies. In the name of Democracy, they
have transformed the features of our repub
lican institutions. That which the patriots of
former days, in the integrity of their hearts
declared to be impossible, they have pcrpe
t rated in the name of Democracy, and pros
trated personal independence and freedom
of optnioQ at the feet of Executive power.
, In the name of Democracy, we -have seen in
the violation of. the theory of bur govern
ment, the Executive interfering iwith the
Iiegislative department the will of tha Pr-
aident hy the disposal of officers ccr.trollinj
the a c tion of Congress i When ra.rwr;ei
and foly? duturbir by cyild cchemci and
mad experiments, the dencsl!s. r:!acf .Ik?
. "During the forty years preceding the in
augural ion of General Jackson', on the 4th
of March, 1829,. all the defalcation and losses
through public agents and "officers' of the
governinent, amounted jto a fraction less than
$250,000. -The losses since count up by
millions! Give us 40,000 Sub'Treasurers,
and where will be-the'money ofthe people?
N. Y.Whig. - - . -
- Right of Instruction . 'If is stated in
the Tenuessee papers', that neither Judse
White nor Mr. Foster will resign their seats
in the Senate. of the 'United States, until
thcyshairbe i-fficially instructed by the
Liccislature that their sentiments are not in
accordance with those of tha people. .With
the. most unparalleled impudence and inso
lence, the Washington Globe hag underta
ken to instruct Messrs. White and Foster
out of their seats! We have heard nothing
about the right of instruction from the Globe
for the last two or three 'years; nnd yet
Niles and' Smith of Connecticut,- Waif of
New Jersey, Wright of New York, Strange
qnd Brown of North Carolina, and Grundy
of Tennessee, have been all the while mis
representing their respective States! And
now, forsooth, the Globe would fain bully
and bluster the presenf Tennessee Senators
out of their places, before the assembling of
their Legislature j- JV. Y. Court SfEnq.. .
When we hear a man boasting of his "love
for the dear people," vve are strongly inclin
ed to suspect him of a love " for the-"dear
peoples". offices. -It .reminds us ofthe Irish
man who was about to marry a girl for her
property.' MYill you take this woman to be
your wedded wife T'.said the minister.'Yes,
your reverence, and the nagurs . too,'T said
Pat.1' Vickshurg Whig.
DiEDi--In Rodney,- on Tuesday, nighty
the? fifteenth, inst., Mr. John. Ritchie, a
native, of Scotland. - ' .
- We are authorized to announce Robert
II. BrcKNEK, Esq. of Clinton, as a candidate
for Charcellor of the State of Mississippi, at
the ensuing election. A, .
. Wc are authorized to announce George
Torrey, Esq., the present incumbent, as a
candidate for Sheriff of Jeffjrson county, at
the ensuing election. .....
We are authorized to announce Col. J. J,
Collier, the present ihnimhent- "TV
didate for Cleikrtfc-Ofrcuit Court ol Jet-
ferson county;5 at the ensuing election.
Benefit of Mrs.: G. Chapraaai
On Calur day Even ins1 next.
? ; will be presented, the Comedy oft
- .. ., n
He would be an Astroncmer.
Sir Credulous Testy, Mr. M'Kihbin: :
riotwell, . ,. . G. Chapman.
i " iia)'nes ,
Emily,, Mrs. G. Chapman.'
Comic Song,
Mr. G. Chapman.
Comic Song,'
The whole-, to conclude with
able Farce of
the 'Laugh'
-f .
OR ....
Tlic Wag of Windsar.
Deputy Bull, . Amateur.,
Beaiigard, ' Mr.' Haynes.
Duhbs, . . Amateur.
Lboney Mactwoltcr,.' : .-,-Fowler. "v , -Caleb
Quotem, ) ' nu ' -
.witliSingO - ') Chapman.
John Lump, M'Kihbin.
Grace Gaylove, Mrs. GChapmanl-
. Lucy, " - ' Amatucr. .
HVILL sell at the dusr jcf .tha Court
.Hsaii Fayette, ;
On Saturday t&e Qd of Not eriber. next,
between the hcurt cf 11 o'clock A. M. and
o'clock P. M under a deed of trut exe
cuted by TV II. Dugan' to me for,, the bene
fit of P. O. Hughes, the following property
to wit : A tract of land adjoining Fayette,
containing ".'.'.;"
t A bounded by land of Charjes Clark on the
north and east, and by the "Clawson Tract",
on. the -west -also, t
of tbo said -Clawson Tract" j being the
northern part thereof al?o,
Forty-eight & 16-100, Acres,
lying about half a Tnile west of Fayette, be-
-VJ. . mg the same on which is the ,
fjjfl'y Dwelling House,
f 'tm now occupied bv VVilliam U. Stur-
giss, adjoining said -Cla wson Tract ,n4-a Iso,
tne tollowing LOTS.with the BUILDINGS
thereon, in Fayette and Rodney, to wit:
No. "four in "square No. two, in . Rodney, on
which are tha buildings lately occupied by
T. II. Duggan & Co., as a store and ware
house, and Tots. No. ihree, four and five in
square sNo. two in -Fayette, -also, some
'Household Fthrnituri; &c ' , i 5 w
--Terms of Sale CaM. TTiepurchascr will
receive conveyance of such title as the sub
scriber has 'power by . said - deed of trust to
make, r?: r -
Oct. 9, 1839. . ts-75.
the day.
further particulars, see bills of
To the Editor of the Rodney Telegraph-
Dear Sir: I have received die following
anonymous letter: ; .'; ",' T
- - 'RODNEY, October 12th,1839.
Messrs. IIovevs : Tbis is to inform ron. that
the citizens of tbis place ate determined to bear
no longer with the illegal.manner.in which ydftf
are conducting your busines?, without eon?'
tiient, rand the evil. consequences resulting from
the traffic you have, kept up with negroes and
Indians, I shall just inform you, that unless you
regard the law after the Teceipt of this that
its penalties will be enforced for each violation.
Now although, I do not feel bound. to no '
tice every irresponsible menace with which
I may be visited, yet lest any person, (even
tne writer ot the above letter,) should sup
pose that I am disposed to violate the law, I
take a voluntary notice of this, -and deny
that I have acted with the least impropriety
in the premises. : ; . -
In-May last,! came to this place for. the
purpose of pursuing the humble vocation of
vender of confectionary, fruits, &c, and in
all the time that I have been engaged in bu
siness here, I have never, in a single in
stance, carried on any traffic whatever, with
negroes, without permission from their mas
ters. If i had done so, they would justly
have complained against me: hut so long, as
the. owners of slaves are satined, I know not
why others should compUin. All 1 ask is,
that I may not be annoyed so long as I obey
the-lawswhen I violate them, I am .willing
to suffer their penalties. .
' . ' L. B. HOVEY.
October 1G, 1839. ;.-
Bakery & Refectory.
TT B. HOVEY, keeps constantly on hand
at his Hrtkttrv &r Rfpptorv Maran
-- -- . r ' ' o i
We "ure authorized to announce JohS A. J ja Street,- Rodney, every variety of
HitniiuTtT. ns a candidate lor lax ionec i
7 . . T .
r Toft-nrson Coiintv. at the iNovemuer
election. '. .
&C. &.C.
W nrj mrthorized to announce Mr. Joiik
Terry," as candidate for Tax Collector of
hts county, at the next November election, j shortest notice.
7 October 1U, 183'J.
We are authorized to annaunce, 1dwk
McKey, as a candidate for Clerk ofthe Pro-1
bate and Criminal Courts of this, Countyi
&c. .
rrpIIE Oufcbcriber. have ' jusi'-fcceiyel
ca'ccr.3inmenr,n largs supply of ,j
BarrclTorlr aad iBadon;- j
warranted to ba & superior article, which
tbey will sell low only lor Cash'. 'l
Planter are invited to call 'nnd examine.
Tt U tz Q- M, BAYLY.
Oct 3 : ! 22-0w
TU EMAIN1NG in the Post O.Tif'e at Rod
ol lt October, ieC3,;nd if
not taken out before the 1st day of January
next, will be sent to the Generul Post U.cs
as dead letters. ' ' . .
Sheriffs Sale.
J Jefferson County. -
John A. Watkins, use dtc, ) i -
Henderson & HilL et.al.. i ' ; , , r
n- Jefferson Circuit ' Court! to -December
y-- Term 1839. ; .
Y virtue of the above writ of fieri fa-
D-: ciaa to me directed, I will ex nose at
public sale, before'the Court House door in
Payette , in said county, . ; , ;: - ' .
On Monday , the 21st;-day of October next,
Within the, hours prescribed bv law " for
ready cash the following slaves, to wit:
SALLY and ber two Children, !. ' ;
1 .The said slaves are levied on ns the nron-
erty of said defendant, to satisfy the above
stated execution and costs of suit. V f
v : GEO. TORREY, Sh'ff.
- ; By Wm. B. Taylor, d. s.
Oct. 2, 1839 r?KJ-ls prs fee. $5,00)
Valuable Gulf Hill Plantation
THE Undersigned having pur
chased .land, in Texas, and deter
mined to move to it as soon as pos-
. slbie, will Pell on better terms for
the purchaser, (than - has been sold near
Aggettj Tbos D
Anderson, E IV ,
Anderson, Mrs E W
Adams, fsaac
Br By, Richard
Beatty, Mrs ' ' "
Bools, Matthew
B iker, Thos F ' -Buck,SamlP"
Bagnell, Saml
Brown, Richard
.Brandon, Mm G .
Blanion, Benjamin
Butler, J. :'.
.Briscoe, Jolm .
Burt, Henry A
Beamis, JB
Baldwin, Hyrnm
Blackston, P M
Bradford Edmund "
Coleman, Asa
Coleman, Elirih '
Coleman, Isaiah
Long, Mira Joanna J
, Lott, John
. Lewis4 Lewis
Lee, Mrs Ann
McNear, Daniel
McGill, William
Montgomery, Andr
IVIontgomerv, Jnj
McKey, H J
McCaa, Wm B fe
Murdoch, John
McCaa, David
Miller, DJ
Morris, LB
. Martin, Wm
McKey, Samh
McLeod, Alex'r '
Ncvils, Mrs Ann :
. Nash, T M
Newman Alexv
Osteen, Thos J
Perry, James
Clarkson Miss Mary Perkins, Elihugh
Cowden, JnoJ Perkins, Caleb
Ciirroll, Stephen
Compton, Thos A
Clemmans Wm
Compton, W H
Compton, Benj
Coleman, Israel
Cole, Jas M :
Cahill, Dennis J
Corzine, John C
Clayton, Daniel
Patten, Thos M
Parker, FJ ,
Porter, Dr M
Perkics, Isaac .
Price Lewellen
Parker, Doct ,
Peers, J no W
Prentiss, David
Reaves, John
Roberts, WmG
Compton, Thos A . .Ricketts, R B
Davis, RG
Deming, Richard
Dixon, Robert
Disharoon, Wro -Davenport,
Elmore, Levi
Euben, Lilly
Ellis, BB
Farley, RB
Farley, Geo
Fry,Robt A
Fawn, MtssS -
Farnsworth, Alva
Gallney, Joshua ,
Garrett, Joseph
Green, F W
G reeves, Jon S
G illcrcaee, Wm -
Gibbons, Thos
Robb, S N
Riley, Louisa
Reese, Louisa, II
Shaw, Win
Spence, John
Sturt, Silas
Silman, Joel .l
Smith, Wm B . .
Skinner, Capt A '
Sturt, Thos H
ScoU, Mrs A
Sims, A B
Smith, W R
, Stent, Hezekiah R
Scott, R M . . 4s
Shaw, Mrs Margaret
Singleton, Wm G
. Saunders, Dr S . O
.Tullis, John
'Tjiiiis Bucbciiicsua
-'cd freer Do?tca, NeW Ycri crrhiladc
phin, tartd are now sopcnio3Bi hr;j
cnoice selection ot
suited to tbe presfent snd pKcfcitj tv
son, which they are tiflerinj ca ccc.-n.t:;
ting terms and respectfully invUaih-jricr
tomers and the public, to call ti'C2c;:
for themselves . , ' :t.:;
2ci&rtery anil Fancy Soapc
"f: FRESH supply, just received sad fc1
Mleby - -1
Aug. 19, 1839. ; C3
jKfV BARRELS FLOUR, (new Wheat)
Vr, jut received bv , -Sept.
25 D.& J. S. BONE.
a 1 jEratus.
A - .LARGE quantity, just received by
Aug. 19, 1839.
Liquors, Cordials, &c. .
Cognac Brandy, Rum, Holland Gin,
Maneira Wine, good old Port Wine,
Claret Wine, good Peach Brand y, j
Champagne Wine, Cherry Bounce, '
Cherries bottled, Sic . ⁣
A good assortment of Candy, ' ' ' V
Oranges and Lemons: Playing Cards;
Lot of good Cigars. , ' i '
0"Go6d Whiskey for sale by' the drink'.
or gallon. . ' ' ' 7 ' i
Sept 11, 1839. 7!-4t
Griffiing & Cawthers Texander, Mahala
Gold ing, John F
Hunt, David
Harris, Jas
Hackler, Wm
Harding, E W
Hart, OF
Boats and families supplied at all times.
Private and wedding parties, supplied at the
Rodney ,for the last ten years,)
V " V Tlid Tract ok' Land
whereon he now does and has resided for
many years past. The above tract isr six
miles from Rodney, contains - SEVEN
SS?lmSSSK 1 end the remain- Ireland, Stephen G
Ser set with the best pasture grass we have Johnson, VVm B
in this country.'. There is on the premises Johnson, Jas S .
a fine two story framed DWELLING with Jackson, Edw
eight rooms and six fire places. Also, all James Jhn D
other buildings necessary to such a dwelling,
with two first rate Cement Cisterns in the
yard. -There is also, a' good'. Gin, Barn,
(Quarter, and all other improvementa neces
sary -for a farm. : . ' 1; '
'.:.. . . - . . . - e
fj tie above tract anounas wim never uiu
James John G
James &. Baily
Judd, Mary, .
Killingworth, Jane
jvmg, way-rr -
3fr. Uroicn. :Please announce Mr. Geo.
H. Kmpfel, as a candidate for Tax Col
lector of Jefferson county. He will, .if
elected, discharge the duties of the office
nroniDtlv and faithfullv.' He will receive
I v
the support of t Maxy Voters.
" We aire authorised to announce C. T-
MILES, Esq., the present incumbent, as a
candidate for Clerk ofthe Probate and Crim
inal Courts of Jefferson county. . : :
As the letter above alluded to is address
ed to "Messrs. Hoveys," I take occasion to
say that I have no interest or concern in the
business to which the anonymous writer al
ludes. . 1 am a brick mason by trade, and
intend resuming my business so soon as my
health will permit. In NewYork, Hartford,
Fort Leavenworth, and.New' Orleans I am
known as such, and not as a violator ofthe
October 10, 1839. . - ,lt-76.
Administrator's Sale.:
rmURSUANT. to an order of t He honora-
r ble the Probate Court of Jefferson
in Springs, so that it wotdd be impossible 5mg
.:B:jv:5-...m 5B &oA nnantr ainffj'tv.
-,i f rh land, that wonld not contain wa- Korg,0 &i?Pne"
ler at all times sufficient for several hundred KngmY Cbas
Terry, Thos J
Trush, Henry -Travilia
n, John A
Treforo, James
Vaugban, Thos C
. Watson, Jas. Sr .
WyIie,JD ;
Woodruff, Ichabod
Warren,' J B ;
Williams, James
Wreeh, Louis II
Watkins, AH
Watson, Jas H -Warren,
Ym W
Warren, JB
Wilson, A H.
TTTlECEIVED on consignment, and Car
:lfn,sale by the subscriber, at the" store Oi 1
FLOUR. : "v1 ?-2
' ' - ' E. G. WOOD. :
June ll'rf.Y; rj. -5-6t '
JUST received, a superior article of
Ioston Soap and 'k V X
Sperm Candles. ,-. .,
Sept. 18, 1839.
; : Bacon:
l f? Casks Bacon, a superior, article, fo
tHK.sa-e by . ?
. . "HENRY & fcOYLE:
I June 171839.-:.,;' ;.
jFresh Medicines: ;
superior lot of Fresh Medirines, for
sale by '"' ' ' ' ': ' '
May 11, 1839 62ya v ?
Lmseys anrTi Jeans. ;. 5t
A Large supply of Kentucky , Ltnseys.
nnrl .Tpnne knlk rnareA n'nl Ana nri.
will be sold low for. cash or to punctual cas---
tomers, just received at the store of 'JIIUR
: fiQMiFor Sale.-:::
NITURE, for sale low: Apply to
' - . , . JNO..T
Rodney, Oct. 15,1839. :
Mattrasses ! Mattrasses !
June term, 1839, the. subscriber, as Admin
istrator of the estate of John Ducker, dec
late of said County, will sell on t ,
Tuesday, thk eighth day of October next,
the real estate.of said deceased, consisting
of a number of improved and unimproved
lots in the town of Rodney, Mississippi, qn a
redit of one and two years, the - purchaser
head of cattle. - j
" "The undersigned having witnessed the
consequences of others elearieg; the timber
away from their lines, he hasrarefully pre
served a sufficiency of good limber, on or
near every fwirt of the lines of fence, where
it may be wanted, to last fcr aMl ordinary
purposes of repair for thirty or forty years to
come.. LiiKe oiqert ptace m? u um,
has bid its full - share of sickness, perhaps
more, until the introduction cf Cistern 5Ya-
By W. Wood, AssV.
Oct.2, 1839 , : 22-3w
UarehaPs Sale. ;
Circuit Court,' United States To Novem-
" ; ? her Term, 1839.
: Cochran & Phillips, -1 - . j"
vs. . " I
ter pujt stop to it, and it is cow. as healthy Stewart & Smith, RobU V fi.fa. on bond.
A furmerdescriptnofthiplaceisdein- Knight.., r :-). -
eor UnnecesBarj, ,.- -f r ri .
wishing to purchase, will- ybw it for binv U'
Y virtue cf the above stated execution
to me directed, I shall expose ot pub
rniHK unders.gneav resnecuuiiy .o.oru,, d anJ a oved 8Ccurity.
.his friends and the. public in general, B & TFIOS Ar COMPTON. -
that he has on hand a lot of
Double & Single jaattr asses,
which he offers for sale low for Cask. ;
Rodney,Oct.9,1839. f-75.
County, Mississippi, granted at the regular 8eif. ich tan be done at oy titoe by call- jg-JV Qn Mond be of
. : m iu, ber next, tothe highest bidder, foe rerao
ossession w,ll be cjvca at fter , - f tfeVtowi, oV Rodoey-ihe sitstde
the present crop is rcdf certa.n con-
diuons most tavorawe to tne V Cottonsbed of larCe fuid conMnodioua sise
which will nepaae Known w u - the frobt onCanitnetw' street'- 60 feet, tnd
purchase. - ' Viwmi.wi runs back 240 feet. V' AVi v
Whoever reaUy wishes to buy U .11 The safcl prcperty having been levied on
has the lacans o rn.ung " V by me as the property of James M. KniSHt,
'LlJjrSSS andwillbe sild To satkfy the above stated
. Tr ;rrT"r;i ' executica acd all cccii, . ; v
W r.r;C Saletaulce i .ca bettrecn tho tof
'Groceries ;
TTU3T received a general assortment -of
.11 -t ..J r- ..vutntv which are "" ?
tJ JoTJic . .
'. OIL, :
; , , WOOD & . MARTIN.
fOc't.iieCO. . . , tf-75.
August 26, 1839.J.
njT-The above sale is - postponed until
Tuesday tkeXOth day of November next,
when in addition to the above, will be sold
shares ofstocfc in. the Rodney Steam Saw
Mill. THOS. A. COJUPTON, Adm'r, -
Rodney, Oct; 9, 1839. - ts-73.
Porlf and Bacon:
7TIIST received by the subscriber, and for
rj oIa Iaw for cash, at the store ofllUR-
TtAY GARNETT, n su p6y cf crsss acd
prime Pcsis and Bacos . ' .
Fancy Soaps.
countryhad fiwad thsir.caturri jca c ; X.lacauOTT .JDUU.r, d
four inserticss eaca, 4 forward account
wneo ii wm vo r- .
12 M. and 4 P.M.
WM. M. GWKJ, Marshal.
By Jonit Hu3TEs,'Deputy.'
Sep. 18 td ; ; Jor fea CO r
lUiaKZVDnrr TORACco, :
m XVGAIZ COFFEE, czd ;y r
IJ . ZZQfsAS3ES,bw
jpcLOrlcfX:- . .,-. ..,.:-r,.tfT75.-':
12 ; by ' 3 - , fJCIUJ A. V7AJIN3. -:
Oct: C, ICTD. f . i - v y tf-75.
THE subscribers tavo .ta tsd d h.r-c
supply ot lioots aca iocs, ccr:r.;nj;ia
part cf r ; . -I'.
s .Gsntlerneas1 fins calf ssvrsd v r .
Mens, Boys Ch:!Jlrm Kip do.
I Ladies Kid tad Prcir Clip.. U
(Cspt 18, 1CCP; rn;'i .V 73
Barrels Prime and Mess Pork
just received and for sale low'
for cash, by - y . - ;
June 17, 18i39. " ' r : -
June 2T, 1830. '
( Superfine-Cloths.
very superior lot tf Jiluo and Black
Cloths, juit received and lor jsale bv. .
; , New Flo.ur -
- . . . -. - - ,
DDLS, FLOUR, made of new wheat
-- 'Fofjtale by r-'- r -; ji '"-':
Sept. 25, 1849. ;
A SUPERIOR article, just received and
'(or salo Kir. ?. . ; i.'W--
Oct. 0,1839.-
riUST-Teceiyed a large supply ftcjeri
'Sept. n -r.w -iT '.-72.--
. Fc? iSale or to Rent, ;
rrpHE PLANTATION ;Ix;h3TiniresT
J-L. fr m Rodnpv. on the nnd tn rTat-r
This place ia well" Situated for a Tavern
stand. There are; on it -obJ Dwelling
House; Mill end Gin, negro quarters, Sta
bles, &c. &c. Nearly CCp trrti cf hod in
cultivation i a pasture fcr icc."i Persons
on the Messrs. Bjtrx at Rodsey, . ? i
. m JOHN p.aAMrar ;
rRpcVn YvXSS:.Titf
r:"rtjrcirtby - -
10 C3.Crrf
TT-;I3'Lt,nn::-:,J: '"t
1 y.-i'
6cio7l--x ... tJ prentiSs' Fancy Scsp,:ic!3 by I
. R. N. FETHEROTpri'H Ci CO.
ww ' uf-75. J iOct.t),l6C0. vr - , : tf-75.
1 -

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