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Vol. : ' IHpIcy, Mississippi, TSH5vIny Slomhiz, October 20, 1887.'
To titk People or Mississippi.
1 1 .... ...:n t. -..ii-.i :
,ovmbrr next you will be called upon, in
. . j'.Vfi number of "public agents, to elect
fir tW purpose f,f tweeting your buBuiese
'1(lppr69entinb'ou the (.'onjrrc of the United
' ': j"B'm 0n9 of the camlidiitSB for that Jrfgli
Important trust; and boii roieon und rustcm
.jie it incumbent on r. e in the position I occupy,
'irkefcnoWni.o.ymJ,iy l1(,,it'ical principles, eo
uw vsiamrja' M4.Tjiw?citT!uiTfji
of itsrsvciiuw. These ofliecB, 1 believe, can le jthe espcriwc cf tlio country Ijas been sufficient to Iqucst titat each Gentleman Will 6X-
f-UCC(!ffu!l V pCl'lbrined onlv hv a Xnlinn.-tl IVirk. 1 nreVH it 1.0 the sal ifiH Ion nf ihn rnmi Kfpt.t u-nl. '
. ' ' -------- - - lUIUJIJU. 1U1 J1I11131I1. U.3 IDtllylllll" 111 :
, .
15y tl'.oesyfiiiiiiKJDt of such an institution, our
currency would fooii become what it once wa.,
i -uuU. however, out cf respect for those who pretentions of whatever character, to .
differ from mo on this point, bo glad to see the Con- fJi0 nfTiro - ofCoiintV Trnflsnror If T
t!i'? best in tie world, Wit a gold and silver fi.-r a Istilut'ron bo amended as to leave no doubl upon the sliall Lc VOUT choice Gentlemen I '
o.i-., uia itbuus i iup.i iw.yj jianKS lor au local .suimna. u,., ,i t.i,., .i r.i.-
I hiive thui!, fellow citiztiis. franklv nivon von m-M. oil K ,li:., l li. T
i ' r. - - , llll U.I1 U U 11UUJJLV 411 III ill fl i 1 1 V LIIilL 1
purpiiBo-; a National lfank to check the und'H
actiu'i oi'tlie Hta(,e lianks
and to'nct as the agei-.tof
c collection and dinburfeuie
4 !.. ! T,. . 4. 1...1. : .
, lu irxuaaiiges,... vi.v. B)v.. uM i.aim rjucsnon & qucEiion upon iposscss and phall; lpel myself under
t5,e (Jovernmcnl in the jwbichiny orients, Mefaiborne and Cl.ol-JccuIiar bliiratHSflS to' - inv Yollmv
nt of its revenue; und n, entertain, I am informed opinions diabetri. cilizcns for a favor, wllieli nmst. nn-
ji '.. .., .p iinv bearin" cu the nrl ion of;
.ntatire. This duty I Mould have pcrior-f " " uvl"" "' .'- .i-im rv - ' " c"uum iUer all tllO Circumstances that SUf-
weincc but for indiBpSi,Hablo absence from I twice proven tons is ,,., W?l,r, and tully jHaceumy numuie pretentions m oppoPitionto round hQ SO disinterestedly beS
to wliicli I have j,,Ht returned. Though (l',l',ll,;Uo t0 tIl,; want8 of and the (io- tneirs. had it not been for tlio opinion which they t0WC(J . But if ut elcctC(, wil,
v'm'iu w; s before you at the recent election, 1 1 v'r'''I!mC'lfV and t e only one I believe fitted .to the j(m' re ktion to tin, all important object. I& not mino b0 done: for with the will
'n.; Iimnnnt Mrlif? 1 loft 1 !if Kt.it A t !l!Lt. a
l-,;as WI'H'J if;'""""- " - -
l-i toil, ntl.'l U"ia nrvt n-"
Viirc,ift)ic fact that Mien an election .you'd be hol-
S.tir iliva hnfnre It. neflirred . too bit a to
Lain communicated with you either personally or
; f letter.
!w HI row give you as r uccinctly as poFnblo
l.ii'iiofmy political views as I deem you wil! feci
! :.. I...
,iiv inicrohi in i- iii;v
TiicMuo t impertant question which now agi
::ipt';f! public mind arises out oftln distressed
iinditiim el tue cyiniiry. l o tno mnai exisi.enee
dfottliBtrees; lo the inter derangement or coin-
y. . i .i :.. 4 4i. .i:.,.!..4: t
.rri'fl. wri'itni anil uiiiwsiii, m iti" uihuuihwii hi
mly one I believe fitted .to the ,ow in relation tc tin, all important subject. !& not mino bo doncj for with the Wi
-.1 and geographical character , rtey are both gentlemen whose : personal qualifica of tJ,0 majority ghall bc content
itions to reprcsc; t the jieopli of Ji iswKsippi, no. one . J ,T,,n xv T, .JVlV
r.xr.4. n.,. Urwlnnl.t T1,n, ? A i I MU. . It All All .
pontic; J, eommcrci;:
of our country.
In the establishment cfa National Bank, we can can doubt. There is no personal rivalry in this
easily obviate the objectionable features which canvass it is as it ought to be, a question oUr
have been urged ligainft the charter of the old in
stitution. If, then, T am elected your Representative, I
shall vote for the immediate establishment of a
National Bank:
1st. For the purpose of furnishing the Govern
ment with a competent fiscal agent. 2d, Because
it will furnish a currency of equal and uniform va
In relation to other political questions. I do not
deem it necessary at present to go int,o detail. A
large portion of my fellow citizens know something
RipUyfOct. 17, 1837.
hie throughout the Union; 3d. Because it will i1 wil, however, state one or two points of my po-
restore the exchanges of the country, and relieve
The following ietter from captain
Mcintosh will explain the movements
of the U. S. ship St. Louis which now
of my political character, and I shall visit most of lies at anchor in the Hay.: AVe stated
the Counties before November, I shall have a bet- on Monday, that the Constellation
ter opportunity than the limits of this address will had sailed from Pensacola which
afford, of explaining my views on other matters, (proves to liaVG been an error. We
learn that it is the intention of cbril-
,0th tftc price and demand for labor; to the prcsti- j tlw community fr,un tho immcnce rriiices which
. . . t 1 , , 4 I
ation ot liusmcfs in tue meenr.nic arts; to tne
I'Wci'ion of property; to the universal distrust
,nd foreboding- which prevades the community in
cry part of the Union, all men hear witnes; on
Vm fnhiiTt there is but one nartv. ' the immedi-
te cms? of the evils above enumerated, le by all
nrrvtlv attributed to the uerangeinont ot the
irrcncv of the countrv. It seen
lilted that the only adequate remedy is a wsto
itiofi of the currencv to a soun ' ttate. The peo-
ik, !k to Congress for this restoration, and they
hand that it be speedily made.
love that not merely the best, but the only
node of restoring the currency of this country to a
wind condition, and keeping it so, is the cstahlish-
wnt of a National Bank. I believe wouo.nnot
'live a currency in the United .States adequate to
irryon the business of tho country, without such
n Institution. We certainly cannot have an cx-
usivc metalic currency, though there is a party
lio hold the proposition that we can. AU -wise
oliticians, however, repudiate the monstrous e b-
urditv. Kven the Globe denies that cither the
ministration or any prominent member of the
arty ever advanced so foolish a doctrine. In-
W, sensible; men all join in scouting it, and it is
now the peculiar property of th3 7oco Fucos. I
upon the theory of a currency purely metalic
a country like this, as one of the most unpleas-
t specimens of human cmbccility ever exhibited.
I believe tho 8tate Banks, alone, incapable of
furnishing; a sound currency. Having their origin
Nor different systems 'of legislation, with dis-
unilar charters totally powerless beyond the li-
s ol the State in which they originated, cadi
W'f to furnish as largo a portion as possible of
circulation of the country: tliose rival andhos
'irtitutions are continually pressing forth their
wt, until public confidence becomes shaken;
,r ,f!SUes an returned upon them, suspension of
Icie payments is the consequence, and seven
!'' irs cfpecuninry famine succeed the seven years
Ple"ty. The same course will then bo pursued
ga"i, and thus the countrv will bc alternately gor-
?ed antl Carved. With a NationnJ Bank in opc-
wn, such a state of things cannot occur. The
"oue issues of State institutions will bo immedi
alely tnrwn back, before they have reached an
furious accumulation; and the State Banks, kept
" continued and equal check by this great regula
itor' harmoniously perform their legitimate
Action of furnishing a currency for all the domes
.jw business of the State to which they respectively
,lonS. This is the extent to which State bank
m2 can bo carried, furnishing a local, but not a
Seral CUrrcncy Experience has shewn, and
asn demonstrates the inability of the State
io carry the exchanges of the country, and
'i UBt1tnno 4 .
are now made in the transmission of funds from one
Stale to another.' dth. Because it will keep in
check the State Banks, repress undue and inordi
nate issues of local paper, and by that means, in
all likelihood, prevent a recurrence to the desperate
remedy of suf pension of rpecie payments. There
is still another reason why I am in favor of a Na-
alsoto be ad- tional Bank, arising cut of the dcvelopcments every
day making in relation to a project, which, if car
ried into effect, will, I believe, prove fatal to the
liberties of the country. That project is the esta
blishment of a Treasury or Exchequer Bank, un
der the control of the Executive. The establish
ment of such an institution would give to the Pre
sident the control of tho currency of the country,
and enable him by the breatil of his nostrils to
nwse or depress the value of property anu the pri
ces of labor, a t any moment in any part of the U
nion. I am too much of a Democrat,' in the good old
meaning of the term, to bc willing to see such
power f placed in the hands of any President. I
would esteem the establishment of a standing ar
my of a hundred thousand soldiers, less dangerous
to the liberties of the country, than a Treasury,
Bank under the control of the Executive.
I believe if a National Bank is not established, j
litical creed:
I believa a tarifTheyond' what is necessary for
raising revenue, to bc unconstitutional.
On the subject of slavery, as it exist in the
by the laws both of God and man. I believe it to
he one of the best insitutior.s of ,he country, e
qually beneficial to tbe slave aild master. I deny
any power in Congress to abolish slavery in the
District of Columbia, or to agitate the subject at
all; and had I been a member of Congress at the
time, I would not have voted for Pinkney's reso
lution,. because I conceive it conceded too much.
I have been ten years a citizen of the State of i
Mississippi, and feel myself as much identified
with her interest and welfare as any member of the
Should I be elected one ofycur Representatives,
I will serve you independently and honestly
Yciir obedient servant,
Vicksbtrg, Avgt. 28, 1737.
mander Payne to drive "the gang on
siiorc whero they are to he met and
disposed cf by Major Hall and his
eomnnnv nf nrmnA vnlnnionrs
ooiieve it to be an institution sanctioned irni . .
ii.uiu is mm , vo uuiiK u, lair pros
pect of bringing these vagabonds and
outlaws to merited punishment, and
ridding our vicinity of their depreda
tions. ;
Untied States Frigate Con-)
Pcnsacola Bay, Aug. 26th 1837.)
My Dear Sir I have the pleas
ure to inform you that immediately
on receipt of your letter with the ac
companying papers I was directed
by Commodore Dallas to order the
United States ship Si Louis to Mo
bile Bay to aid the civil authorities in
bringing to punishment the individu
als complained of; and I have the
To the Citizens oj Tippah County. Jurthcr satisfaction to inform you that
Ll C4 T I 4? -L . .
Fellow Citizens:
tho St. Louis has at this moment a
next November Election. At the
commencement of the canvass I in
l -i l --I -.!! T -4 4!
n. Treasury Bank will be: and I have no doubt tended 10 Vlbll UieUlliereill puiUOIl,
that the true and only issue upon tbissubject which joftllO Couilty, that tho people might
can be fairly presented to the people of Mississip- jiiaVC an Opportunity of becoming ac
pi, is not Bank or no Bank, but National Bank or jquailltcd with me and that they might
Treasury Bank the People's Bank or the Pres.- be able tOJUUgC Oi my qualifications
dent's Bank. To this complexion must theques-,t6 fill the oifico to which I aspire: But
tion come at last. ' the hand of providence has disquali-
I never heard an objection to the old U. States fied 1110 to perform that duty:
Bank which cannot be easily obviated in charter- jFor the most part of last month I Was
ing anew one, except the constitutional objection, confined to IllV bed by a severe at
I know that lis honest polititions as any in tlic Jlack of feVCl', ffOill which I am VCt
country have denied the constitutional power of iscarcely recovered: By reason of the
Congress upon this subject. t I have myself, howe-1 consCqueilt debility of SO severe an
ver, always entertained a different opinion, and jattack, I shall, ill all probability, l.C
believe Congsess have under the present Constitu- unabl0 to cultivate any JUrthcr ac
tioii power to charter a Bank.
1st. Because I believe a Bank absolutely ne
cessary for a uniform collection and disbursement
of the public revenues. ,
2d. Congress has express power by the Consti
tution to regulate commerce . among the States;
and I believe a National Bank absolutely necessa
ry for the purposes of successful commerce among
the States. . ; s
All polititions admit that if a National Bank is
necessary to carry into effect an express constitu
quaintancc with the people of this
county before tho election.
Fellow Citizens: You will, I have
no doubt, pardoii mc for laying you
under any obligation to accept this
communication as an apology for not
making myself personally known to
each of you; than t' which, nothing
would have given me greater satis
faction. And Gentlemen let mc as
vnn tii n t nnf.liin or would have
tionalpower, it is constitutional to establish one. imducJod to'mako VOU a written
I do not believe tlia.t the word ..necessary as u; coimnunication on lho preset. OCCa
sed in the Cons itu ,on in rela ion to c.dontal , b
powers, was intended to preclude a choice of to which WC arc
means, uliu W impui uusuiuig ciiJyi wiuhjju ir- i
von if such a cbnstruction is tlic true ouc, I believe
Mv name has been an-'signal for pilot, and Commander Pay-
nounccd as a candidate, to fill the ne informs me ho will be ready to pro
offico of County Treasure at the cccd at early daylight to-morrow mor
With very great respect.
Your most obd't serv'f.
, Flag captain,
To John B.Hogan Esq.
Collector, Mobile.
MOBILE Aug. 25.
Land Pirates. We learn that a
gang of land pirates about 30 in
number has forsome time been prow
ling about in the vicinity of Fish Riv
er. They have within a few days,
broken open several houses abducted
a woman and her chiidren and com-
mittcd various depredations and out
rages. Tho citizens have armed
themselves and sent to Pcnsacola for
co-operation of a governmen t vessel
in driving the villiahs from their quar-,
ters. The gang ar6 in possession of .
a small schooner and by their con
duct seem to defy "opposition. Wo
hope they will be speedily and ef
fectually extirpated. -Mer. Adr, ,
Mr Van Burcn atributes the pe
cuniary distresses of tho country in
his mossajio to overtrading and tho
great firo in New York. "A moun
tain labored and brought forth a
mouse," but never before did a
mouse labor and bring forth a moun-
all alike liable.
-uuincagto act as the fiscal agents of the I venif such a construction is uictruc ouc, i ucuevv; , . , f i f roJt., ,
wameit, in the safe keeping and disbursement 'a National Baiik absolutely necessary, and I think 111 conclusion, tllCIl j 1 CAB but TC- t.Ull.
Vicl'sfturg lireisirr
It M
! t4

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